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OS777 #51

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/09/2011 05:36:47Copy HTML

 I arrived at Barton Springs Pool at 3pm yesterday. Amazingly I found the closest parking space to the entrance.  I had brought a backpack of various thongs so I opted to wear my Waveline (Speedo style swimsuit). After an hour or so relaxing on the north side of the pool I went back to my car and dug out my new Jovana 4D microthong (1/4 inches sides) with the tiny T-back. After changing in the change room I found my way to the other size of the pool, up the steep slope (south side of the "Springs Pool") where I chilled out in the shade for the afternoon.  My suit is very very low in front and very narrow for the front pouch. I had shaved my lower region prior to going to the pool and the low cropped "Landing Strip" was quite obvious as it was visible 3/4 inch above the low front panel of my suit. I was not too close to others yet no one said a negative thing to me for the entire day. The pool closed at 10pm. I went swimming in my microthong a number of times. When wet the Jovana 4D absolutely conforms to the male anatomy.  I asked a lifeguard if it was legal to wear a thong and if being topless was acceptable.  She informed me that thongs were acceptable and as to being topless... she told me that since men are topless women can be also.  I had a great time there under the large shady trees and plan to revisit Barton Springs Pool (weather permitting) on each of my many visits to Austin. By the way no one says a thing to you other than teenage girls exclaiming Oh My God! The back of my thong was by far the smallest/thinist coverage anyone could ever attempt to pass off as a swim suit back panel.  Take an assortment of thongs with you on your next visit and be prepared to relocating to various places on the large lawns.
mrhb2008 #52

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/14/2011 02:01:45Copy HTML

 Looks like another schorcher!!  I'll probably head over there today after awhile.  I'll be on the upper slope across the Springs from the main entrance.  Say Howdy, if you want.
OS777 #53

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/23/2011 12:20:41Copy HTML

 Hi from the sunny drought ridden city of Austin, Texas.  I plan to chill out at Zilker Park next weekend, Aug 27,28, & maybe 29th, 2011.  Most likely wear some extreme Dore or Jovana 3D and 4D thongs on the south side of the pool area under the large trees.  Hit me back if you are going to be there that weekend.  Peace.
mrhb2008 #54

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/23/2011 01:49:40Copy HTML

 You'll probably see me on Sunday.  Will be my last weekend here and I want to get some more sun b4 heading home to L.A.I usually post up on top of the hill between the trees.  Going to wear Jade Muscleskins Torpedo.  See you there.
mrhb2008 #55

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/25/2011 02:07:51Copy HTML

 Won't be there on Sun.  Got an early parole and am on my way back to SoCal.  Have a good weekend.
OS777 #56

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/31/2011 11:20:18Copy HTML

 This place is the best. For $3 you can get a full day admission to this huge public pool (200 meters long, +30 meters wide). Fresh water from a natural spring that feeds the pool. Many local Austin residents as well as visitors visit Barton Springs Public Pool.  In the past two weeks I have visited 3 different times. Women are permitted to sunbathe as well as swim topless and thong swimwear is acceptable. I have worn a Dore 3D G-string for an entire day under the canopy of huge pecan trees on the southern side of the pool.  Another day and late into the evening (the pool is open until 10 pm nightly) I have worn a Jovana 4D thong with no problems. In fact one night recently a young woman wore a micro thong bikini and sat on the edge of the pool for a considerable amount of time.  There are plenty of lifeguards and tall bright lights that illuminate the wide sidewalk the surrounds the pool. The water is cool and refreshing. After 9 pm there is no entrance fee for use of the swimming pool so many local people come only at that time to swim for no entrance fee for one hour until the lifeguards inform the swimmers and visitors that the swimming pool and aquatic park are closed for the day. Barton Springs Pool is open all year long and for only $3 per day for youth and adults this is a fantastic bargain. 
OS777 #57

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:09/14/2011 06:08:27Copy HTML

 Is anyone going to Barton Spring on Thursday and Friday (morning)?  There are a few locals who visit but not sure if they are working then or students at UT.  I will be on the south side of the pool near the SW corner of the fenced in area chilling on a very large beach towel.  Hope everyone has a great week.  The water is a prefect temperature all year long in the pool. Public showers with fresh water to wash off. 
OS777 #58

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/03/2012 05:28:32Copy HTML

Barton Springs public pool in Zilker Park (central Austin) just south of the river. A large damned up creek 1000 Ft. long (320 m) and about 75 ft. wide (22 m)

Daily admission is $3 with very young kids and seniors over 62 only $1. Open all year long from early morning until 8:45 p.m. (20:45), closed until 9 p.m. (21:00) then open again for free to the public from 9 pm (21:00) until 10 p.m. (22:00).

For women and girls city law allows women to go topless in this city park/pool.

Plenty of free parking and large change rooms (without roofs). Showers are located in the central areas of the open areas within  the separate women's and men's change rooms. No hot water is provided.

Barton Springs (the swimming pool and pool environs) is quaint and sees the entire spectrum of locals and visitors to Austin, the capital city of Texas (1.75 million in greater Austin area).

I went yesterday afternoon from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. I wore a Jovana Very Low 3D thong (gold colored) for nearly 4 hours and not a cat call or murmur. I was on the south bank of the sloped pool area. The chrome C-ring I was wearing was quite obvious to anyone walking by or seeing it from afar since it rode higher than the low hung top of my thong. For my last hour I changed into a florescent yellow Jovana 4D thong. The backs of both of these thongs are small, not G-strings in thickness but only about 1/4 inch thick and there is very little material on the rear panel which constitutes the back triangle of material. Not a single comment and a few life guards saw what I wore during the day and did not consult me to change into something more conservative.

I spent my first four hours absorbed in reading a hardback book and I know my suit was the smallest suit or thong that any male was wearing at Barton Springs that day. Basically my Jovana 3D and 4D thongs only provide material to encapsulate my package with 1/4 straps that ride up to my Iliac crest (pelvis) and do not hide a single thing.  These thongs are smaller than Muscleskins Extreme poser thongs, which I have also worn at Barton Springs pool in past years.

For 5 hours at the park I was wearing the smallest thong with the least rear coverage of anyone.  I was not worried if I was permitted to wear such small  thongs. I never gave much thought as to what others would have thought.

There is a motto at Barton Springs, it is said that the soul of Austin is Barton Springs. I would recommend that if you are coming to visit Austin then plan to visit and stay for a few hours at Barton Springs and wear your most insanely small thongs or G-strings! 
OS777 #59

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:05/15/2012 03:54:25Copy HTML

Just finished a weekend long weekend at Dripping Springs, TEXAS (on private property).  It was a camp out in a large meadow with a damned up creek (still flowing with fresh rainwater) for the weekend of May 11- 13. I spend Saturday wearing Florescent Pink Jovana 3D thong and on Sunday wearing a Florescent Yellow 4D thong. Great weather and fun
Bunnyboy75 #60

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/08/2012 02:10:29Copy HTML

 Hi, I'll be in Austin, TX form Mon June 11 to Fri June 15 incl. and will try to go to the Barton Springs Pool, wearing thong or skimpy bikinis.
Any like minded persons are welcome to contact me.
thongtiger #61

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/11/2012 04:13:38Copy HTML

 Well I think Austin is going very conservative;  I was Barton Springs today and not a single thong.  Some men in speedos  but women all wearing skirts etc.   Austin is not the same anymore.  This town is gone. 
Bunnyboy75 #62

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/15/2012 02:32:19Copy HTML

Hi Thongtiger,
Not a single man in thong, not even you? Well what you write sounds discouraging to me. Maybe I better not go tomorrow afternoon. Wearing a regular speedo is not interesting to me, I do that all the time in French pools since there boardshorts are not allowed. (Does not mean I would wear a dorkshort even if I could). For barton spring the least would be a N2N pouch bikini with full back but sexy front.

JayByrd #63

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/16/2012 01:00:21Copy HTML

My wife and I were in Austin last autumn.  We met up with another couple at Barton Springs pool one evening.  The ladies both went topfree with full bikini bottoms. I wore a thong while the other guy had a g-string on.   We saw a few other topfree women and some guys in minimal swimwear. 
Just another data point
thongtiger #64

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/16/2012 12:28:12Copy HTML

Good to hear some positive feed back.  A few weeks ago I went to Bull Creek in Austin and wore a speedo T-Back.  The creeks were pretty crowded No bothered or cared a few stares.  It was fun.  But I am just wondering is it Illegal to wear a thong at public places in Austin.  I know I was wearing a thong at my apt. pool and a lady (extremely large lady) complained and I was asked by security to leave and wear shorts even though the signs at the pool said "proper swimwear only"  The security guard told me that proper swim wear needs to be shorts.   I was really hacked off. I took a photo of "bertha" that complained cant wait to upload it to show the world that a big fat ass can really ruin someones fun time.   Any other places in the mighty Austin were one can thong and not be bothered.
OS777 #65

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/18/2012 11:40:50Copy HTML

The city of Austin allow topless woman's attire ... to sun and swim topless at Barton Springs.  Don't take my word, call Barton Springs and you will get the same message. 

The argument long ago was why do women have to wear tops and men don't? Well the matter was settled and topless is legal in city parks and on the river that flows through the middle of Austin.

As for myself. At times I wear some very tiny very extreme Dore 3D G-strings or thongs. I don't make an issue of it. I just bring a large beach towel to lay on under the shade of the large pecan trees on the south bank of the dammed up creek.  The creek is the headwaters are Barton Springs, and flows into the backed up shallow swimming river. There it is 1000 feet long and 100 feet wide of crystal clear spring water to swim in.

There are plenty of people there during the hot summer months. Often there are +3000 visitors daily for the fee of only $3 for the entire day. After 9pm the fee is waived and is free swimming until 10pm. The families are gone by mid evening so at times I wear some amazingly tiny G-strings or thong along the entire length of the wide sidewalls that follow the width (approx. 100 feet) for about 600 feet in length on both sides. I don't bother visiting the shallow end of the pool where it is for kiddies and very very shallow. I see others visiting and sunning in G-strings during the mid-day.

OS777 #66

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/21/2013 07:04:47Copy HTML

Another great day at Barton Springs Pool, yesterday June 20th, 2013. The pool is always closed on Thursdays from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm to allow staff to clean the pool properties as well as work on cleaning debris and vegetation on the limestone bottom of the 1000 ft. long by 90 ft. wide spring feed pool.  The water is clear fresh water from a spring a short distant from the pool. When the pool opened to the public at 7pm I payed my $3 entrance fee went to the men's change room and changed into a Jovana florescent chartreuse (neon yellow) 3D thong that would be better described as a 1/4 inch string thong with the back panel nearly to small to be called a 'thong back.' For the three hours that remained of that day I laid out on a large beach towel and read a book. As it became dark the light around the pool were turned on and illuminated the entire perimeter of the pool deck. I left my spot under the massive towering pecan trees and set up on the edge of the 24 inch tall cement retaining wall that borders the 10 ft. wide cement sidewalk that surrounds the pool. The mesquites were making a class act meal of me so I opted to take the plunge into the 70F water. It was shockingly nice to hit the water for the first time this year at Barton Springs. I was wearing the smallest suit of any of the pool visitors of that day but during the earlier evening hours I saw a number of young and middle aged women wearing bikini bottoms as well as string tops and bottoms. Austin... an oasis in the middle of hot state.
OS777 #67

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/27/2013 06:10:11Copy HTML

 Yesterday, June 26th, 2013 I once again visited Barton Springs Pool and wore my Jovana 3D thong. Without question I wore the only string thong in the whole place.  After reading for a few hours I decided to walking down the grassy south side of the enclosed park. At pool's edge I dove later swimming around for 20 minutes or so. After that swim I walked back to my towel to continue reading. I never gave a thought to worry about my attire. I was there to enjoy the day and not concern myself others.
dudemanbro #68

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:02/25/2014 06:58:35Copy HTML

 I'll be heading to Austin for my first time in a couple of weeks for the massive SXSW music festival. I'll have a day off during the fest and am hoping to go to Barton Springs. Has anybody been there recently? Any thong or speedo sightings? Any observable changing of attitudes about them? Does Barton Springs get particularly crazy and crowded during SXSW, or does it stay mostly a destination for locals?
OS777 #69

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:02/25/2014 03:16:40Copy HTML

 SXSW is located at a number of locations throughout Austin. Zelker Park is where the main body of performances occur.  One only take a towel and swimsuit to enjoy Barton Spring a 4 minute walk away on the south side of Barton Springs Road.  SXSW is on the opposite side of the road. Arrive early to find a paid parking spot where you can stash your valuables as you visit both venues. The weather at times may be rainy but not cold.  Bring a coat an umbrella just in case...
dudemanbro #70

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:03/21/2014 06:54:36Copy HTML

I visited Austin last week for my first time, as a performer at the South By Southwest music festival, and spent an hour or so at Barton Springs on the week's one hot, sunny day. I have never thonged in a crowded area like Barton Springs Pool before, so I wore my thong under some shorts and went into the experience without 100% confidence that I was actually going to strip down. My shorts were still shorter than most of the other guys' there anyway (the ones on the left in this picture: http://www.wendyshow.com/wp-content/uploads/SwimwearMen5164.jpg), so I already felt like I was going against the grain a bit.

Unfortunately, much of the grassy area for sunbathing around the pool was closed down for construction work, causing the areas that were open to be much more crowded than I imagine they usually are. I found a spot to lay down and kept my shorts on, feeling self-conscious of being so close to so many people, including families with little kids. I enjoyed my time at the pool in my shorts, getting some reading done and swimming in the cold-but-therapeutic water. 

Realizing I had to leave soon to get to my gig at the festival, something inside me told me I had to expose the thong, just to prove to myself that I could do it. I nonchalantly found another, slightly-less-crowded spot and, attempting something resembling nonchalance, took off the shorts to reveal my Cover Male pouch enhancing thong (which made me even more self-conscious... I'd rather not wear a pouch-enhancing thong in public but it's the only swim thong I own). I did feel extremely self-conscious for the 5-or-so minutes I lay there, but did my best to look natural, reading my book and trying not to look around at my surroundings too much. After my self-imposed dare had been met, I put the shorts back on and packed up. I didn't receive any comments or observable dirty looks, but I admit the sight of a guy stripping down for 5 minutes and then abruptly packing up and leaving probably appears moderately absurd to bystanders.

All in all, I don't really regret keeping the shorts on for most of my time there. I like the idea of thonging, but I would rather do it in a more open area where I could feel like I had more personal space. I'm glad I proved to myself that I could do it but I think, from here on out, I won't bring the thong along to super-crowded beaches and pools.

As far as a report on everyone else's swimwear that day: I saw one other guy, also around my age (mid-20s) wearing trunks as short as mine, and maybe a couple of older fellas in speedos. I also did see one older, overweight man in a thong, which was interesting but kind of sad -- he seemed very self conscious of his situation, sitting up straight, covering up his crotch with a book, covering his backside with a towel, and constantly looking around at his surroundings to see if people were staring. I found myself wondering why he would go to the trouble of wearing extreme swimwear in public if he wasn't going to at least attempt to feel comfortable in his skin.
thong_jock #71

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:03/22/2014 04:14:08Copy HTML

 Good for you for thonging there dudemanbro. I'm like you, I much prefer a more secluded setting for wearing my swim thongs. I've worn them on busy beaches a couple times and it was like the minute I dropped my shorts, everyone seemed to stop talking and doing what they were doing and turned and stared. It was probably my imagination though! LOL!
mrhb2008 #72

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/02/2014 12:25:00Copy HTML

 A friend of mine posted a foto on facebook with the caption "Thong wearing senior cyclist - keeping Austin weird."  Comments were 1/2 good and 1/2 bad.  Interesting.
OS777 #73

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:05/27/2014 12:07:17Copy HTML

 Barton Springs is still going through a major construction remodel. This does not effect visitors! This means the grass areas where visitors sit or plant their towels is limited to the area near the temporary entrance (west end if the building complex).For 3 afternoons last week (May 10-20) I enjoyed perfect weather and temperatures. On my first visit I wore a new AussieBum squarecut. The following day I dawned a small Skinz low cut black bikini. The last afternoon I wore my very tiny yellow Jovana 3D thong. I received no negative comments. Barton Springs is the best public swimming hole in the USA!!!
OS777 #74

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/06/2014 02:48:14Copy HTML

 Howdy! Greeting from Texas. Next week June 11, 2014 unti 16 June, 2014 I will be visiting Barton Springs pool on most afternoons. Feel free to say Howdy to me as I read and relax under the huge pecan trees. Topless is promitted there. Plastic water bottles but no soft drinks or food is permitted. I will be wearing a very small Jovana thong or bikini. Come join me but please do not wear board shorts.  Thanks
OS777 #75

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/13/2014 03:16:26Copy HTML

 Wednesday, June 11, 2014.  Yep. I was there at Barton Springs wearing a very small black Skinz bikini. I was located 1 meter away from the concrete stairs that lead down the grassy slope to the concrete sidewalk that borders the pool. Hot, humid, but shady. 4 hours there.
OS777 #76

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/23/2014 03:53:08Copy HTML

 Howdy from the Lone Star State. Despite ongoing renovations to the grounds surrounding Barton Springs Pool activities seem likely to be finished in the near future. The firm establishment of the sodded grass, which was brought in and placed a few weeks ago, seems to be the last item of business. I have frequented the "Pool" quite a bit in past weeks. Larger lawn spaces have been opened for visitors to expose their skin to direct sunlight and its premature skin damage as well as cancers. Only yesterday I spent a quiet cloudy afternoon reading under a huge shady tree for a few hours. Later as I went for a walk around the pool on its wide concrete sidewalk I was informed by a lifeguard that a large grassy area was now open on the south slope of the pool. I quickly gathered my things and relocated to the southwest inner corner of the enclosed park. There I Iayed out my towel, seated myself, and broke out my book. Few people were nearby me. I shed my walking shorts ... thus leaving me clothed in only the smallest of visual impediments... my tiny neon yellow Jovana 3D string thong. I continued my reading for a few hours then packed and returned to the other side of this dammed up creek. I found an unoccupied spot immediately off of the wide sidewalk where I left my things along with my street clothes and wearing only my string thong climbed down a ladder into the clear cool refreshing spring fed pool. I swam a considerable distance in the 20 or so minutes that I embraced Mother Nature. Of course as I exited the water it was apparent that my swimwear was quite transparent.
OS777 #77

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:07/02/2014 03:50:10Copy HTML

 This has been a great summer at Barton Springs! I have consistantly worn a tiny Skinz bikini as well as my Jovana 3D string thong at this public pool. I invite other guys to quit worrying about what others may think of them. At my age why should I either entertain worries or fear of others or doubts as to my self? Only very immature or insecure persons are governed by baseless fears!
OS777 #78

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:07/23/2014 08:52:15Copy HTML

 "There's got to be a limit!"Yep, I heard those exact words directed at what I was wearing at Barton Springs pool yesterday afternoon.Today's visit promted me to not just lay on my towel for most of the afternoon. I was only wearing my neon yellow Jovana 3D string thong and being so hot even in the shade, I decided I would venture into the "unwashed masses." My suit was absolutely the smallest thong a person wear and be acceptably clothed at this pubic swimming pool.As always I gave myself permission to wear what I like rather than cower in fear and wear swim attire most commonly found there.I heard more than a few gasps as I walked down the south embankment. All construction on the facility and grounds is now complete.One late teen dude made the afore mentioned remark as I walked on the east concrete walkway (top of the dam). I gave no response. I did not give a second thought as to my swimsuit. The predicided selection of the string thong is permitted so I exercised this option. Austin's motto is "Keep Austin Weird." I was not weird but just a little extremely dressed for a fun afternoon in the cool waters. No negative comments were further stated.  Fin.
OS777 #79

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:07/25/2014 12:49:38Copy HTML

 I forgot to mention that on my visit on July 22, 2014... After I arose from my towel a young couple took notice of my neon yellow Jovana 3D string thong. This is an insanely tiny thong, yet is permitted to be worn there at Barton Springs pool. Ok, back to my story. The young boyfriend asked if I would permit a photo of both of us together. His girlfriend chimed in if her boyfriend could be photographed checking out my package. We all laughed at that suggestion which did not happen. I posed with the young man and shortly thereafter with the girlfriend. They both were surprised when I informed them of my age. As I was showering in the men's change room I rinsed off my thong but forgot it on a clothes hook. I loved that shocking garment. Now I will have to buy a replacement as well as additional visual delights from www.jovanadesign.com 
OS777 #80

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/08/2014 05:29:44Copy HTML

 Earlier this week (Aug. 5th, 2014) I found my way to Barton Springs Pool. I went to my old haunt on the south bank of the pool to layout in the shade of the huge pecan trees. That day I wore a royal blue 1/2 inch sides MuscleSkins Extreme Poser thong.  No hassles from other Springs visitors or lifeguards that often walk the entire grounds. I got up from my towel to visit with a young couple. My tiny thong did not bother either of them.  Fin
darksmooth #81

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/11/2014 02:40:43Copy HTML

I finally made it to Barton Springs pool on Aug 4th.  I've got four pics in my profile under "Barton Springs 2014".  Awesome afternoon laying out in my Skinz skinny sided thong, walking down the hill through the dork shorted crowds and into the chilly waters.  Three girls, two together and one alone, showed up after me and happened to lay out topless fairly close to me.  One other guy tried out a string for a little while up in the shade away from the crowds.  There's not a better feeling than being in a family friendly environment and still being in a thong and topless friendly environment.  There's also something extra rewarding about being the only guy in a public crowd proudly displaying his thong clad ass cheeks and body to those who decide to remain half covered, on a 96 degree humid day.  
All in all, everyone was very nice and minded their own business.  I'm quite certain a few younger guys with their girls had a few fun comments and perhaps laughs at my expense, which I welcome.  But still they never were out of line.  The topless girl closest to me just gazed my way as I looked her way a good part of the time.  I felt a sense of "normalcy" between the topless girls and myself.  Or perhaps that was wishful thinking :).
I'll be back as soon as I get the opportunity.
OS777 #82

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:10/24/2014 01:39:33Copy HTML

 Back to the old swimming hole... Yesterday, Oct. 22, 2014 I found my way to Barton Springs for a few hours of "freedom of self-expression" wearing a very small and very low front cut Skinz bikini. After an hour of book reading I left my towel and book to walk down the south embankment of the pool grounds. For the past few months I have been visiting my local health club and lifting weights, and now manifest my muscular gains as well as a tight slim waist.  After the unhesitant plunge into the cool water I swam a hundred meters towards the shallow end and exited the pool via a concrete flight of stairs. There I engaged in casual conversations with fellow visitors, with neither of us paying attention to what we wore. I experienced no weird stares or comments as I walked a considerable distance about the sidewalks that surround the huge pool. Without a doubt Barton Springs is my favorite swimspot on this planet. Of course it is not a public nude venue, so this gives the opportunity for daring souls to wear exciting swimwear that challenges conservative mindsets! :)
OS777 #83

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:05/12/2015 08:00:42Copy HTML

There is another nearby public pool on the opposite side (north) of the Colorado River which bisects the city of Austin.  That other pool shares the same park rules as Barton Springs and is called Deep Eddy.

It has the same ultra low entrance fees as Barton Springs pool.  I visited it at mid-afternoon on this past Sunday.  It is more of a conventional Olympic pool but rather shallow for very young children.  Mostly the attraction of Deep Eddy Is the family emphasis on the grounds. Additionally there are six or so demarked/roped off lanes for lap swimmers.

On my visit I donned the black and white Dore Very Low Cut thong, which is shown in my photo album.  I did not hear a single negative comment about my attire as I journeyed from my shady location down onto the promenade and to the deep water section (adult) on the east side of the pool.  I was the only male wearing a thong (very thin and tiny) on this visit.
SolarOne #84

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:06/12/2015 06:06:27Copy HTML

I was looking over the restricted items, they include: Coolers, ice chests and thermal bags AND food. As I would arrive before 8am for free entry are they selling stuff there that that have these prohibitions? This really makes it a no go for me. And is there a charge for the areas to layout nude?

I finally wear a thong to my local lake, not on the beach though, I found a better spot. I am only seen by people using the loop around the lake. That's hardly anyone at high sun. No complaints or questionable things heard. I guess as long as I'm away from the 14-18yo kids and the half pants guys, things are A-ok.
poonster #85

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/19/2015 08:26:04Copy HTML

 I was in town for a day today and am spending a couple of hours here!Laying out at the far side by the pool - the water is cold and refreshing.
As I was scoping the place out I saw a tookess woman and likely a male thonger in a small gstring/pouch in the upper grassy area.
Pretty laid back attitude but I was still a bit apprehensive given it is still Texas...
OS777 #86

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/20/2015 04:30:54Copy HTML

 If you had read any of the many blogs of my countless visits to Barton Springs pool you would not have been surprised in the least.  You came unprepared.  I must have visited it over 10 times this summer wearing the smallest thong of anyone, on crowded weekends and quiet days. Seeing topless women is not unique unless you live in Saudi Arabia and make that sandbox your vacation place of choice...  The 'Springs' and Austin for that matter not places to squander you worries (apprehension).  There are many outdated perceptions of what Texas is.To all that... read my posts ... All are truthful and quite accurate.  You sound as if you are a tourist.  Don't worry most residents started their path to residence in like manner.
MeSoooQuiet #87

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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 I was in the San Antonio area on October 3rd visiting family and drove up to Austin to finally check out Barton Springs after hearing so much about it. I paid to enter and went into the open air locker rooms to change.  I had two suits with me a black speedo 1' solar and a N2N daredevil string bikini.  I decided to go with the speedo since I had no idea of what type of suits I would see on others.  I walked up and down the side walk along the pool trying to find a place to lay out.  I was starting to get disappointed that all I saw was the majority of people in regular full cut swimwear and shorts.  I passed the concrete wall along the sidewalk and looked up the hill and I saw a male thonger layed out in a black thong on his stomach with his buns tanning.  I had finally found my spot to lay out.  I layed out my stuff and a few minutes later  another older gentle man in a purple Joe Snyder thong with a peace symbol on the back came along.  I went for a short swim in the pool and the water was freezing.  I had to get going so went to the changing room to shower and change back.  There was a few guys just sitting around nude and letting the sun dry them off after showering.  There was one other guy that was doing some sort of martial arts routine in the grassy area nude.  I had a great time and next time will pack a thong to wear.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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 So does there continue to be much thonging action here?  It has been quite a while since I have gone and was curious.  I enjoy it more if there are others thonging.  I know I should care if I am the only one but it just makes me feel better to have a bit of "company".

Is it rude if someone else is thonging as I arrive to set up nearby and even strike up a conversation?  Seems like everyone I have seen thonging over the years just wants to be left alone.  Perhaps that is just my perception but it has kept me from saying, "Hey".
OS777 #89

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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 Yes.  Thonging and wearing G-strings are very common by all social strata at Barton Springs.  No one cares if you set your towel next to them.  No one is out to bother you and complain on what your swimwear is. Women topless of all ages are common sights.Young couples, co-eds, older married women wear what they wish.Guys who are brave enough to wear thongs or G-strings get no hassle from anyone.  Lifeguards and Austin police often walk the pool grounds and NEVER bother Sun worshippers.Your fears are totally unfounded.Go to enjoy.
barenow #90

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Thanks OS777.  You've taken me a step closer to taking the plunge so to speak.  Right now it appears the water levels are too high and it is too cold anyway.  I know if anyone from this board sees me there I would love for you to come up and say, "Hey" and hopefully join me in wearing a minimal suit.  Have to say Austin is such a wonderful place.  Once it warms up Barton Springs Pool here I come.
OS777 #91

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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It was late Sunday afternoon when I arrived.  I had visited two days previous and wore a Dore 3D thong.  I wore it again today and never paid any attention to others as I left my blanket and walked down the steep grass slope to the pool' s sidewalk and then into the 68F cool water.  Since the air temp has been 94F the plastic sunglasses could not adjust to the cold water and cracked.  I climbed out near the very busy diving board and tossed my sunglasses into a nearby trashcan and returned back into the pool.  I never bothered to see what reaction any others may have had seeing that I am very muscular and lean and wearing the smallest swimsuit among many hundreds of visitors.  During late evening I went into the men's change room and replaced my black and white Skull and Crossbones Dore thong with a faded chartreuse yellow Dore 4D thong with 1/4 inch sides and an impossibly small triangle thong back.  This suit I have wore often over the past 10 years at public pools and beaches. Basically it is a G-string with an adequate pouch that can not cover the black rubber cockring which I always wear under any extremely  tiny swimsuit that I can barely squeeze into.  Four early 20's girls were laying out on their towels even though it as already past 9pm and the highly elevated floodlights somewhere illuminated the grass slopes of the park.  A guy can not wear a smaller suit than I had on last evening unless it was a super thin string posing strap.I never bothered to notice if any noticed my attire.  I was too busy trying to read the last of a paperback book I had started the day before.If I can be confident enough to wear those impossibly tiny suits at a very crowded and public of a place, anyone else can and should!
darksmooth #92

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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OS777, keep representing!  Maybe I'll run into you sometime at the Springs.
Reznor7 #93

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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 My girlfriend and I went to Barton springs pool this past Friday. I wore an American flag thong bathing suit when it was fully crowded. My GF wore a cute cheeky bathing suit and kept her top on. Lame. Her body her choice. Anyway it was the most crowded place I've ever worn a thong. She said I had girls walking up and taking pictures and staring at my butt, she says it's a bubble butt. I work out a lot and am very confident in the way I look wearing a thong so this whole trip was a thrill. I wore it all the way out to the parking lot with no towel. My girlfriend got caught behind me and she said she saw a 20 something girl Snapchat me walking and the caption said "that ass is poppin" such encouraging little thing. A girl on our way out said "y'all are too cute. She had been eyeing me in the pool when we were standing in a shallow area where my stuff was above water. Awesome exhibition afternoon. On to hippiehollow! 
MeSoooQuiet #94

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Thinking about heading there on Friday.  Maybe get some laps in early morning in a Sporti 1" brief then change into a black skinzwear stuff-it pouch thong.  Then maybe some nude sunbathing in the locker room.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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 Im unexpectedly in Austin for work this weekend. So Im  going to go to Barton Springs with my thong tomorrow whatever. I cant miss the oportunity.Any one else likely to be there. Is there a good spot or does in not matter where you go.I already drove past on the way to the hotel to mske sure I could find it.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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June 2, 2018.  Another great day on the lawn above the pool.  Always wearing a 3D thong for my visits there 1000s of visitors who never complain.  FIN
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Was there this past winter and while it was way too cold to swim, I did visit the small "museum" on the grounds.  It gives a short history of the place, and they even had a blurb about how topless sunbathing was legal there.  I don't think it mentioned thongs, but did note that skimpy swimwear was common and had been for years.  This was a welcome finding, as it is very rare for a place to advertise that skimpy swimwear is not only tolerated but actually commonplace.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Lots of visits to "The Springs" all year long. Not all days of winter are warm and sunny so visit with a fexible attitude. As long as it's not raining or too windy you can have a rewarding day away from the structure of the madness of city life. Topless, ultra tiny G-strings on women or 3-D thongs on men are acceptable to wearers and observers. The water is not cold. It is nearly a constant 67°F all year long. Pacific Ocean water is colder during winters. Public swimming pools are often more unhygienic compared to the ever gushing fresh water springs that feed Barton Springs pool. The idea is to come and chill while wearing what best expresses your preferences. Come visit and leave with great memories.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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 I haven’t been there since probably 2003 and it’s just up the road from me    I don’t remember it being very remarkable back then but I will admit the springs were very cool and refreshing    I think it maybe time to give it another try when it warms up and the sun finally comes out from hiding 

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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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We went there one evening in 2011 during a vacation/business trip. Went with local couple from the Hill Country Nudists. The ladies went top-free with full bikini bottoms. The other guy wore a g-string and I wore a thong. I would have worn a g that night, but being our first time there, I wasn't sure how accepting the environment would be. It was a great evening although that water was the coldest I ever intentionally swam in. There was definitely shrinkage happening that night. ;)
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