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OS777 #101

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/03/2019 03:18:13Copy HTML

April 2, 2019 Barton Springs Public Pool.  Nice sunny afternoon, warm, breezy. Today's visit was different from previous visits. Before leaving my vehicle I stuffed 3 swimsuits in a pocket of my walking shorts. Once in the men's change room I opted to wear the most Xtreme Dore VLC (very low cut) G-string. Tiny is an understatement of how small it was. The color is wine red and is basically a small pouch attached with 1/4 inch strings sides and a open delta/triangle string back (where the string sides and string that attaches the bottom of the ultra tiny front pouch to the intersecting strings on the back of the suit). It was a bold move on my part and undoubtedly a daring gutsy statement for anyone to wear at this public venue. Sure a few young women wear string thongs and G-strings on occasion to work on their suntans. There are a few old "geezers" that are overweight and very out of shape that wear G-strings and mingle with the young sunbathers. None of these 2 or 3 "geezers" is an impressive sight. For the past 5 years I have been lifting weights, losing body fat, and adding muscle mass. My physique is that of a middle weight bodybuilder. Do yourself and others a big favor. Make exercise and weightlifting a habit and lifestyle so people can acknowledge that a great looking physique needs a great looking swimsuit to accentuate the revised body. FIN

ithongit #102

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/03/2019 03:32:08Copy HTML

I have been to Hippy Hollow only a few times, and it does seem people, especially some of the men have plumped out some. My dad used to go there when he did work in the Houston area (a bit of a long drive) and this was decades ago. He has a theory about the overweight "geezers". A while back, this was the place to go. People sometimes skinny dipped and women were often topfree. I guess public nudity was never officially legal here, but the police and park rangers looked the other way when the "kids" chose to go nude. This was years ago. Things do change, and some of the men who are now out of shape are trying to relive their glory days. Some men still prefer minimal swimwear (Go for IT OS777), and some of the women wear thongs and go topfree. For those of us who prefer to wear less, the proportions of those who share our swimwear interest appear to be dropping. What he thinks has happened is that the old timers who used to show skin at Hippy Hollow in the late 1900's still want to go someplace they are familiar with and try to emulate the same feelings they had back in the old days. We see the same things happening in places closer to home. Yes, many of the old men are overweight or in some cases grossly over weight, and even in Ohio, there are some I don't feel comfortable looking at. My dad would probably be in that group if I didn't know him. To his credit, he lost about 25 pounds last year and has already lost about the same amount this year. He has a few beach friends who have complimented him on his weight loss, and this is encouraging him to loose more. I don't know if he would have taken on loosing weight the way he has if he was isolated away from others on the beach. The snickering and negative comments have actually motivated him to shed his excess weight. He can't do anything about his age since we all are getting older, but he can do something about his weight. I agree with most of what OS777 says about people getting fit again. It sounds like he is doing a good job with his own body. He deserves compliments left and right on his body building. But there are two minor points to also consider. First, remember that the things that make a body perfect are very subjective and change over time. Buddha is probably one of the most widely portrayed figures in today's culture, and he would be considered critically obese in today's world. Even the ideal female body has changed in Western cultures over the years. There have been periods when fat women were in vogue. At other times, women who are all skin and bones are popular. But today's look is more athletic and fit, and so it only makes sense to try to emulate it. But do encourage those people who are struggling with weight issues -- It will help them in so many ways. The
OS777 #103

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/04/2019 06:22:19Copy HTML

This may sound crazy but...  As I often write about Barton Springs Public Pool. It is part of the City of Austin, Texas Parks and Recreation department. It is a public park that requires payment to swim in. It isn't a clothing optional park/beach or nudist designation area. Families, children, adults of all ages visit it and there is no crime or weird stuff allowed to happen on the grounds. Nearly 50 years ago the city council passed ordinances that allowed women to enjoy a topless sunning/swimming environment devoid of idiot cops citing women for personal expression. Lifeguards, Austin City Police, and city park rangers regularly walk the grounds and ensure that visitors have a safe visit without pervs, idiots, or religious zelots from hassling park and pool patrons. Well, back to my introductory idea... I have a few new Joe Snyder string suspender G-string one piece suits that I have never worn. The current thought about one piece swimsuits on men may be the perfect opportunity to wear one of these Joe Snyder suspender G-string thongs to Barton Springs! No doubt it will be novel, and it may not be a first there. In my past 12 years of frequent visits I have never seen such a swimsuit worn there. If someone has to be the first, it might as well be me. Possibly in two days, Friday afternoon/evening I may venture to test the waters with my suspender G-string swim garment. FIN

tbck1000 #104

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/04/2019 10:15:06Copy HTML

Keep Austin weird.

Chris_P_Bacon #105

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/04/2019 01:22:05Copy HTML

@os777 And this is why we can't have nice things. All your going to do is ruin things for everyone else. I've been to Zilker/BartonSprings twice. I'd like to go back some day. Don't ruin this place for others.
tbck1000 #106

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/04/2019 01:56:34Copy HTML

When in doubt, McGregor Park (Hippie Hollow) is a good place to go nude or wear extremely minimal swimwear.
OS777 #107

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/04/2019 11:58:58Copy HTML

Chris Bacon, You need a time machine and travel back 50 years and convince Austin City Council members to not allow Barton Springs and city parks visitors from enjoying a day of sunning or swimming. Possibly your provincial views do not coincidence with the wishes of Austin residents and Zilker visitors. Whatever you believe is proper is schewed  to a Victorian view of "what is proper." Best you consider visiting Barton Springs pool and assess the situation on the ground not from your desktop monitor. You will see that I am not that unique. Your views are in alignment with religious conservatives (possibly zelots?). You have no understanding of the "vibe" of the uniqueness that personifies Austin. University of Texas students as well as multi-generational and multi-cultural mixs of highly educated and intelligent peoples cast their votes with their pocketbooks. It is a very concious decision to enter the ground of the pool and you are not forced to pay and enter if the vibe is not to your liking. Stated again... I'm not the first person to wear a G-string, and I won't not be the last. If the park staff finds my attire to be inappropriate I will change into another swimwear costume. As of yet that has never happened. I have never heard any negative comments. I mind my on business and spend my time on my blanket reading and swimming. I don't travel about chastising others for their swim attire. I have been visiting Barton Springs for a number of years and never has the staff brought it to my attention that I was inappropriately attired or offensive to other visitors. From the gest of your comment you may be the first seen adressed to me to correct and conform to a set of standards that not in line with local mores and conventions. Again I urge you visit Barton Springs pool and better inform yourself as to the paradigm that that place is recognized for. If I wished to expose my self as a nudist or extreme exhibitionist I would visit and frequent Hippie Hollow, which I am not and do not do. Good luck on you future visit to Barton Springs pool.  Enjoy it. FIN

tswim #108

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/05/2019 02:44:20Copy HTML


I understand where you are coming from and you make some points that are based in some generalities for the Austin area.  I would like to point out one important concept.  You may not have intended to come accross a certain way but this was my take on your comments.

Be very careful about trying to place people into nice and tidy catagories.  This is exactly what people on either side of the extremes do.  Its especially ironic when people identify as far left, progressive, open minded or whatever but are quick to critize and ostricize those whose belief systems dont match thiers.  This is no different than the hiprocracy seen many times on the conservative side of the spectrum.  An example of this was outrage over Chick fil a being associated with traditional family values organizations.  This is America, land of freedom.  The same rights apply to all people.  And CFA is a private company so their owners are entitled to think and run it how they want.  No need to be upset.  Just dont eat there if it really bothers you.  Anyway just an example.

To bring it a little closer to home.  Know that many people are religious AND very well educated and vise versa.  Sure there are extremist who give it a bad rap just like extreme liberal politians who come up with dumb ideas about abolishing airplane, motor vehicle and ship travel because they are not mass transit and use fossil fuels.  Also, just because someone is educated, lives in a liberal city like Austin or is a college student does not mean they are exempt from being judgemental or that they wont call the police on you because in their uniformed opinion, they think you are doing something illegal.  Someone can have every doctoral degree a university offers and still not know the penal code.  Not everyone who lives in Austin is liberal, "progressive" or well educated either.

I am religious, I go to Chuch and worship GOD.  I am certainly not stupid.   I am a police officer also.  I have been called a Nazi and a facist by many college students over the years that are getting thier so called degrees at the same univeristy I did.  I wear thongs, I wear them in public, I even frequent hippie hollow in the warmer months.  What does that say about me.  I dont fit into any of your nice catagories do I?  Many times we confuse "tolerance" with special interests.  You cant be tolerent or expect others to be tolerant if you are doing they same thing they are just from the opposite end of the spectrum.  Dont ever think for a second that educated people don't call the police all the time on matters that are not illegal or even a police matter at all, but we respond anyway cause we serve everyone, even the ignorant.

Take what Im saying with a grain of salt.  Im sure you have a great handle on the vibe at Barton Springs.  Im not saying you are completely wrong in your comments, but then again niether is Bacon.  You could go there for years with no problems.  But there could be others pushing the envelope too on days you may not be there and have no knowledge of.  They could be engaging in behaviors that cause the police to get called over and over.  One day just the sight of what you are wearing could get YOU lumped into an unfavorable catagory by a fellow progressive Austinite.  And regardless of how cool or liberal Austin is, make no mistake, that if there are complaints, things can and will change.  You are your own compass.  You may be wearing the swimwear of your choice just as a personal choice of expression.  But there could be others doing the same thing merely for shock value or one of these so called first amendment audits where people intentionly go out of thier way to get the police called on them and force a conflict where there should not be one.

Barton Springs aside, I do tend to agree that IN GENERAL, thong acceptance is far easier to get with thongs that ARE and LOOK like they were intended for swimming.  Something that looks like fetish wear, or exposes your balls if you make the wrong movement or twist your body will always bring more scrutiny.  Just a fact of life.  To each is own and I am actually really liked your post when you described your visit to the springs.  Just remember, just when you think you have people, or a group of people figured out, you will be suprised.

ATXThonger #109

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/12/2019 09:47:12Copy HTML

Hey y'all,

I just spent a lovely day at Barton Springs in a seafoam green desmitt suit. There was one other guy in a thong I noticed, a few in pretty brief bikinis, and a handful of squarecuts. The thongs on women were numerous and of all different styles and sizes which made me feel super comfortable. I definitely got a few chuckles and a "wow," mostly just when walking around the pool or to the water. I got there early and set up in an area by myself, but within an hour was surrounded by people. I love this pool and cannot recommend it more, but the water is very cold!

Instead of putting on my shorts for the walk back to where I'm staying I decided to be brave and keep everything in my backpack other than my shoes, a sun hat, sun glasses, and my headphones connected to my phone in my backpack. I walked out of the back parking lot, down the trail to the Zach theater, across the pedistrian bridge (where a homeless person did shout "queer" at me and "looks like we have another one"), past the power plant, up rio grande across 6th street to 11th, took a right to cross in front of the capital and over 35. Two cars honked at me and I saw them laughing in the car, a cyclist flashed me a huge smile and said "Yeh-haw!" I got a grin from a cop and several other passer-bys including two men around Hillside Pharmacy that just burst out laughing at each other. It was phenominal, so liberating. I litterally have never felt better walking in the city. Austin is so great I'd definitely like other cities to be as comfortable with people. 

I kind of hope I find a picture of myself up on social media so will be googling "thong" and "austin" a few times over the weekend! Let me know if you find one!

OS777 #110

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/14/2019 04:15:13Copy HTML

ATXthonger... Maybe you did see me (male thonger in a tiny turquoise string thong) at Barton Springs on Friday afternoon. Indeed I was wearing a uniquely 1/4 inch wide sides. I swam that afternoon and sat on the concrete edge of the south side of the pool. No complaints from lifeguards or visitors.
aussiesf86 #111

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:05/03/2019 10:55:20Copy HTML

So I will be on Austin for Memorial Day weekend Planning gstring pool days for Friday and Tuesday and naked Hippy Hollow days for sat and sun and mon. Never been there before and hope I don’t regret my long weekend destination choice. Hopefully some other members of the thong board will be out and about as I’m going alone and don’t know anyone out there
sailor250 #112

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:05/05/2019 07:32:58Copy HTML

Good luck on your plans. I've been in town three different weekend days and I'm zero for three during April and May this year planning to check out these places and it was nothing but thunderstorms and cool weather this Spring.
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