<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:07/13/2012 03:52:22Copy HTML

New pics in profile!
DoreFan #1

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:07/13/2012 05:08:45Copy HTML

Nice WW!  
Ex_Member #2

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:07/13/2012 01:06:05Copy HTML

XXXcellent !!! Keep posting them ....love that body in those WW :)
njbob1949 #3

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:07/13/2012 01:12:12Copy HTML

 Beautiful pictures! Nice swimsuits on an outstanding body.
Snookie1 #4

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:07/14/2012 10:08:42Copy HTML

 Thanks for the compliments!!!  Just uploaded a few more.
Ex_Member #5

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:09/06/2012 04:27:38Copy HTML

 Uploaded some beach pics from Ocean City
BiLarry #6

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:09/07/2012 03:56:29Copy HTML

Very nice pictures Snookie1 Thank you for sharing
ministeve #7

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:09/08/2012 04:40:13Copy HTML

 Nice pics. You got to have a lot of guts to not only wear that but to share online too.  Do you get much reaction from the micro bottom or the transparent bottom?
SteveandCandy #8

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:09/09/2012 11:43:57Copy HTML

Thank you Snookie, we loved your pics. Beautiful!
Ex_Member #9

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:09/11/2012 12:29:42Copy HTML

Looking great Snookie, thanks again.
32189 #10

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:04/02/2014 07:38:28Copy HTML

I put up some new pics.  I created a new album called 2014 Thongs and updated my Fun pics album.  Check them out and let me know what you think!!
johny_b #11

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:04/02/2014 02:39:14Copy HTML

i finally got some new pics up in my profile also, i found that uploading from your android phone just won't work so i bought a notebook computer and to my surprise, i can upload now, spring is here so i will be uploading more when i go to the beach.
mack_back #12

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:08/15/2014 03:30:07Copy HTML

 Is it possible to upload pictures from mobile devices such as iphone. Either to my imagefolder or as attachment to send a message? 
RapidBlue #13

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:08/19/2014 10:36:14Copy HTML

 I have been able to up load photos to my image folder from my IPhone  with no problems. 
mack_back #14

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:08/19/2014 02:44:43Copy HTML

Used my older iPod that has operating system 4 and won't work. Updated to newer OS works fine thanks. Only reason not updating Iphone OS is, afraid it will slow it down. Only need a computer (waiting for Mac mini 2014 release) to upload music and sync my other pc's that broke, to newer iphone 5.

Now I just added an updated my image folder (nude beach) & (tights) with recent beach pics and gym selfie of me. In a muscleskins  poser thong and lululemon seamless crop II, purple tights a locker room mirror selfie. 

Some woman requested a picture at the beach all of a sudden dozens were shot together. Knew I look terrible but many can see after many months of in activity getting over a injury. No wonder I hate to see pics of myself or post them to my shame. Thanks.
whitebull #15

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:11/15/2014 03:50:32Copy HTML

 great pictures...glad to see your confidence 
pikeman #16

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:11/21/2014 06:38:51Copy HTML

 You look wonderful! Very nice pictures. The black/red g-string seems to enhance the line of your torso. The transparent one is very cool too.Bravo!
JM_Runs #17

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:11/22/2014 05:08:24Copy HTML

Mack, you look good in a thong.  Keep thonging with confidence.

Be Bold. - Ignore people who don't like thongs. - It is not your job to please everyone all the time.

You look good.  Walk tall.
mack_back #18

Re:Beach Pics

Date Posted:11/22/2014 07:13:28Copy HTML

Thanks, JM hesitate to reply, but some told me on my very last visit to the beach i showed great confidence walking along the shoreline in my muscleskins poser thong. 
While getting many intrigued questions about my poser thong during the summer and compliments. 

Although i don't believe a conservative textile beach would react to me the same as my local clothing optional beach i exclusively frequent. Took advice many years ago on this forum to find a better relaxed atmosphere to wear my swimwear. 

Yet i don't care to please others about my clothing but whenever people see someone different, they overeact which makes me uncomfortable. Tired hearing the same old commentary or vibe that comes when a male shows off all he can. At least c/o beach many can't be offended seeing me flaunt my bulge in a poser thong. In reality many people show up to lurk enjoying what i wear or show. Often wearing a thong rather laying nude makes woman inclined to ask for a photo. 

Although i wear a conservative thong to a gym pool in the summer months not to many complain. 
Had a moment in the gym locker room recently surrounded sitting on a bench. It seems many guys are curious what I wear under my crop tights. So i waited for many guys to leave but instead they kept hanging around me. So i finally took off my crop tights exposing my hot pink embossed Lululemon logo seamless athletic thong. The reaction from all was awhh, sniker giggles, then they all left instantly. Maybe they didn't care what they seen but it's their fault sticking around seeing me in a pink embossed female thong in the locker room.(thong looks like lace because of the stamped embossing logo along the material.) 
They all can think of me what they want i really don't care. Maybe next time they will all clear out faster in the locker room when i show up to change. 

As for being bold that gets me in trouble and people react poorly towards me because of it. Have to be careful picking my spots or pondering to eliminate it entirely because their is high price to pay. My definition of bold is pushing the limits of the way a male can dress. Never see another male wear what i do be it the beach, pool, gym or work. Only wear what i like not to prove anything to anyone. Yet my disregard to establish norms gets negative response in various locations i mentioned earlier. While overhearing negative chirping behind my back, such as did you notice what he wore the other day, lets put it this way, he's obviously got some sort of issues.. Or the sudden recognition it's him, with a sour puss wtf expressions. Or the uncontrolled constant belly laughter targeted upon me from incredibly attractive female, while i need to leave their presense for getting any sort of solitude from my unique clothing choices. So when you say don't pay attention to others difficult to do it when attractive woman is looking judging me negatively or not. 
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