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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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poonster #51

Re:Beach vacations in Mexico

Date Posted:04/02/2018 03:00:51Copy HTML

 PDC was fine and we stayed in a resort so quite safe.We also took a trip to Xcaret, a local 'theme' park where there are tons of swimming/snorkling/etc. to be done. A lot of more locals visiting and to my surprise, almost everyone just walks around in their bathing suits and at least 20% of the girls are just in thongs all day long. Lots of eye candy. Of course, no men in thongs but a few square cuts and speedos (including me)
pkthong #52

Re:Beach vacations in Mexico

Date Posted:04/11/2018 02:17:39Copy HTML

 Wish me luck y’all! Wife and I will be attending a wedding in Riviera Maya. It will be mostly people in our age group, but the only people we know are the bride and groom. Will be at a boutique resort where B/G are staying. The bride is a good friend of ours since childhood, and she is well aware of my swimwear preferences. Although she’s not crazy about it, I told her that I will keep it “reasonable”. I found the perfect tan thru rio from skinz, hopefully won’t get too much ribbing.
pkthong #53

Re:Beach vacations in Mexico

Date Posted:04/17/2018 07:53:22Copy HTML

 Just got back from possibly the best destination wedding I’ve been to. We stayed in a small boutique hotel in Tulum. The whole place was occupied by friends of the B/G. All the guests were 30-50 age range. 3 days of almost non stop partying. I wore nu parr no tie nada in black the first day.I bought 5 of ‘em when they announced that they were going out of business.
I bought a new tan thru rio from Skinz which I really like. I wore a g string under it to maintain my tanline.Of course some of the guests had surprised looks, nothing terrible. It went better than I expected, no direct comments good or bad.
One other guest(female) wore a g string and she looked great, she was complimented by some of the other girls.
shoyupoke #54

Re:Beach vacations in Mexico

Date Posted:04/18/2018 04:36:36Copy HTML

 How did the tan thru work? Did you still get tanlines from the rio?
pkthong #55

Re:Beach vacations in Mexico

Date Posted:04/18/2018 06:04:56Copy HTML

 Surprisingly No! Prior to this trip I have used Kiniki tan thru micros and a g string underneath. The Kiniki is a little bigger and less flattering IMHO than the skinz rio and the Kiniki will leave an unwanted tan line if out in the sun too long.
I will keep using thi Skinz suit to see if the results ate consistent.
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