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Date Posted:06/05/2004 11:49:29Copy HTML

Anyone know of any beaches near (within 30 minutes or so) Wilmington, Delaware? Or, if no beaches, any other area suitable for thong wearing?
Beachlover492000 #1

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/06/2004 09:52:12Copy HTML

From what I know of Delaware its statutes are very conservative and against the law to thong there. I have seen women wear things on the north side of the cannal at Indian River Inlet, but as we all know there is a double standard when it comes to ladies and thngs. The rangers at the Delaware seashore are young and aggressive, and I would not want to tangle with them.

There may be some deserted beaches up and down the Delaware Bay and river, but I don't know much about them. At any rate it would be hard to relax because you have to be on the lookout in case someone sees you and decides to report you. I just would not find that pleasant.  And the more widespread use of 4 wheel drive vehicles has cut down on the number of deserted beaches no matter how far you walk.

I'm sorry I can't be more positive, but Delaware is not a great thong place.

TJ-22 #2

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/17/2004 02:00:06Copy HTML

Officially, thonging is illegal at Delaware state parks and state beaches, but legal (though rare) otherwise.  About a year and a half ago, on another thong website (which no longer exists), someone posted a link to the website maintained by the Rehoboth Beach Patrol.  The site includes a Q&A column operated by the captain of the beach patrol.  The link was to a question from two years ago about thonging.  The captain answered that some thongs were legal but others were too small to be legal - yet offered no specifics on where the line gets drawn.  My interpretation: they'd rather not have to deal with the thong issue at all (genuine crimes take real priority), but if someone complains about a nearby thonger, they will ask the person to put on more clothing because they want to protect their "family resort" reputation.  Since then, I have seen a Rehoboth patrolman walk right past two women sunning in their thongs without saying anything, so clearly this report is correct.  I have also seen two men thonging at the south end (among the gay crowd), but not on the main central part of the beach (where the women thongers were).  I have also seen a few men wear thongs at the Gordon's Pond area just north of Rehoboth, but got the impression that they were being cautious in case a park ranger showed up (the park service's website has the no-thong rule posted), as this was within Cape Henlopen State Park.  I know Rehoboth is much more than 30 minutes from Wilmington, but I suspect that the rest of the state probably treats thongs in the same way (except where the park service is in control).


ctmonline #3

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:12/02/2004 07:10:33Copy HTML

I would forget about Delaware if I were you, drive down to Assatague Island Sate Park in Ocean City, unless you want a ticket from the Delaware Park Rangers.
Ex_Member #4

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:12/05/2004 08:57:43Copy HTML

I have been to Rehoboth a couple times over the past few years and I have only seen no men and one girl in a thong.  It was not a real skimpy thong if that makes sense.  She was on the main beach at Rehoboth off the boardwalk.
alltan64 #5

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/15/2005 09:52:37Copy HTML

 I have thonged at Cape Henilopin a few times. Just have to be carefull and gauge your neibors. I have seen a woman topless also ,rolled over as I was approaching her. I do not think I would nudity there.
mfuehr #6

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:02/11/2006 02:33:12Copy HTML

Does anyone know whether or not it is legal to wear thong suits on Rehoboth Beach, or any beach in Delaware for that matter?

thonginthesun #7

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:02/11/2006 05:09:00Copy HTML

I picked up the following by googling "public decency statutes + Delaware." This was on a Nudist webpage. It appears that, to be illegal and subject to fine, the buttocks must "cause affront or alarm." Hmmm...now I wonder what that means. Are my buttocks alarming? Perhaps someone with more experience closer to the scene could let us know what this means in practice.


11 Sec 764
2d degree

By a male for exposure of genitals or buttocks and by a female for exposure of genitals, buttocks or breast when likely to cause affront or alarm.
30 days, $575
11 Sec 765
1st degree
If exposure above to person less than 16 years old and which conduct likely to cause affront or alarm.
1 Yr, $2300
mfuehr #8

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:02/12/2006 01:30:04Copy HTML

LOL!  Thanks for that!  I did a search for Rehoboth and it turned up nothing.  I thought I had asked the question before! 
TJ-22 #9

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:02/12/2006 08:34:18Copy HTML

My knowledge (and experience) at Rehoboth falls into two categories: the city itself (the beaches along the one-mile boardwalk) and the state park beaches (mostly the Gordon's pond area of Cape Henlopen State Park, one mile north of Rehoboth). 

In the city itself, women will occasionally wear thongs near the center of the beach (the most crowded part), generally "classic" thongs (not strings).  The ones I have seen were sunbathing, not parading around or otherwise being obvious.  The city's beach patrol website discourages thongs (see my entry above) without being absolute about it.  On one occasion, I saw a beach patrol officer on the boardwalk look directly at a thonging sunbather, pause, then keep on walking, without taking action.  I have no doubt that the beach patrol prefers not to worry about thongers, but they will step in if they get complaints.  I have also seen thongers among the gay men at the south end of the boardwalk (including one who was indeed parading around), but I have never seen a beach patrol officer visit that end of the beach (though I rarely visit there myself).  The lesson here, I think, is that you can wear a thong, but stay low-key at all times.

At Gordon's Pond, the state park regulation banning thongs applies (and it is very clear).  I have seen thongers here, too, but they always looked wary, as if they were expecting to cover up because a park ranger was coming in five minutes.  The park rangers do indeed visit on weekends (when it is most crowded), but I cannot say if they come by on weekdays, since I have never visited on a weekday.   Overall, you can get away with thonging at Rehoboth, but it might not be a relaxing experience.

Ex_Member #10

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:02/23/2006 09:30:12Copy HTML

I have been to rehoboth a few time and have only seen one young woman wearing a classic thong.  She didnt have a problem.



thongguy99 #11

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:07/18/2008 02:23:42Copy HTML

Thonged at south end of boardwalk in 2008 with no problems. Asked Beach Patrol and they said thongs were not illegal
JM_Runs #12

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:07/02/2009 02:28:38Copy HTML

 just go south a few miles to any beach in maryland, or join us at thong beach on assateague island, md   
rickvt #13

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:07/02/2009 12:33:40Copy HTML

   I posted this in the News section, but it did not show up. 
According to the article referenced below, thongs are illegal
in the entire state of Delaware.  It even sounds like they
don't want any speedo wearers to be seen.


thongguy99 #14

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:07/10/2009 10:13:36Copy HTML

I saw the article in one of the local papers last week when I was in the Lewes Rehoboth area. I had checked with the Rehoboth Beach beach patrol in 2008 (see my post above) and at that time thongs were OK on Rehoboth Beach beach, but not the state park. The article lumps the three beach areas together: Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, which are side by side, and Bethany Beach. Each beach has its own rules and regs. I be in Rehoboth next week and will recheck the status of thongs.
TJ-22 #15

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/03/2010 03:11:04Copy HTML

Today there was a curious story about police being called in to handle a complaint that two women near the south end at Rehoboth were going topless -- only it turned out to be two transgendered men.  Here is the link:

The enlightening item here is that it spells out the local ordinance for proper attire:  "A male is guilty of indecent exposure if he exposes his genitals or buttocks under circumstances which he knows his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to another person."  (For females it reads the same, except it adds that breasts must be covered.)  Everything after the word "buttocks" would seem to be unnecessary, if the law were designed to clearly prevent thonging.  Either the writer of this ordinance was trying to offer an out for someone trying to (for example) change clothes discreetly in a personal emergency, or he was trying to give police the opportunity to exercise some judgment.  And as I noted above (in earlier postings), I have indeed seen the police (or beach patrol) exercise the judgment to ignore thongers, both men and women, who were being tactful and did not happen to be causing anxiety to the person on the next towel.  So do your thonging respectfully, and you will probably have no problem.  
JM_Runs #16

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/02/2014 06:04:30Copy HTML

 So I read about a lot of gay men wearing thongs in Rehoboth and not being hassled by the police.  I was wondering if that means I'll be able to wear a thong bikini there without any trouble as well.  If so, which part of the beach should I go to in order to do so.  Anyone know?
ondaspot #17

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/03/2014 07:17:21Copy HTML

 Poodle beach
Beachlover492000 #18

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/23/2016 06:46:42Copy HTML

 So far I know it's still illegal to wear thongs on Delaware beaches, but I was surprised at what I saw on my last visit. A fair number of young women are wearing bikinis that show a quarter to half of their butt. I even saw a very small suit on a Rehoboth beach lifeguard. About half of her butt was bare. The female lifeguards now wear smalll bright orange bikinis. I even saw a lady wearing a semithong without a coverup at a book store in Bethany Beach. No one seemed to phased by it. Perhaps things are changing in a small way.
thongalactic #19

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:03/24/2017 04:21:25Copy HTML

What's up with Delaware? As of 2017, just four states ban thongs statewide: Delaware, Indiana, Tennessee, and Utah.

Given its coastal location, Delaware sticks out. 
whitebull #20

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:03/26/2017 05:35:34Copy HTML

 Try Cape Henelopin State Park when in DE
TJ-22 #21

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/12/2017 03:10:05Copy HTML

I was at Rehoboth Beach over the weekend, and I saw at least a half-dozen women wearing genuine thongs -- and that's IN ADDITION TO all of the various "half-back" or "cheeky" bottoms common today, which were numerous.  Three of these women were on the boardwalk, close to the center of town.  One was wearing a mesh cover-up that did just enough obscuring to not make the thong obvious, but the other two were very obvious.  I did also see Beach Patrol people, though not at the same moments.  The place was very crowded, and with plenty of families all around.

My thinking is that the line between a definite thong and a "cheeky" bottom has become so blurred that it is no longer easy for the Beach Patrol to draw a clear line.  Having said that, I'm sure there are swimsuits one could wear that would still trip that wire and perhaps draw a complaint -- but even then, you'd probably need to be strolling down the boardwalk to run any risk.  But overall, I'm more sure than ever that Rehoboth is fine for thonging in general.  And if you stay on your towel and keep to yourself, you could probably get away with most anything on.  And the Beach Patrol would be inclined to ignore the subject unless and until someone did complain. So go for it.
shoyupoke #22

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:06/26/2017 02:02:10Copy HTML

 I was at Rehoboth yesterday just down by the gazebo. Beautiful weather. I observed what TJ-22 noted above. Throughout the day I saw about 30-40 cheeky bottoms including two that were one piece suits that definitely rode up like a thong. There were about 10 proper thongs. 
A couple of girls were walking confidently the length of the beach with no issues. As I was leaving, there was a girl walking on the boardwalk wearing a t shirt and thong bottom. I was all smiles. 

Sadly, didn't see any thongs on guys. I wasn't in one either because I was working off a wicked farmers tan. 
Times are certainly changing at Rehoboth compared to years past in which I'd only see one or two thongs a day. 

JacksonP #23

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:09/29/2017 01:15:54Copy HTML

I wore one of these Skinz half-back rio bikinis (link below) at the North Shore of Rehoboth (which is part of Cape Henlopen State Park). A ranger drove by when I was playing volleyball with my friends, who said the ranger stared hard at the back of my suit (or my ass), but kept going. So I guess that one passes the test. 
Question is whether I could get away with the Skinz Cheekini, which is very cheeky but more than a thong:
shoyupoke #24

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:07/13/2018 02:43:42Copy HTML

 I was at Rehoboth on the 4th of July. Beach was packed. Very small proportion of thongs and cheeky bikinis. Saw a one piece thong though. 
TJ-22 #25

Re:Beaches in Delaware ( Rehoboth Bethany & Fenwik ) DE

Date Posted:08/07/2018 03:42:55Copy HTML

I was at Rehoboth Beach just recently, and I saw several thongs. One was a young woman who rode in on a bicycle with three friends; they got off on right on the side of the main street (the one lined with all of the parking spaces) and put their bikes on a bike rack right close to 1st St., and got off onto the sidewalk and headed toward the boardwalk -- and all she was wearing was a black thong bikini and footwear. Elsewhere, I saw probably every variation of cheeky and half-back bikini bottoms -- some that were shortened inward from both sides, while others were shortened upward from the bottom. These wearers were completely free to walk as they wished. So I think that the old Rehoboth ban on thongs is (unofficially) quite dead. And FYI, a store for gay men was carrying more thongs on the rack than I've ever seen (though still no more than about 10 in all). I think the brand name was Cocksox.
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