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Date Posted:02/10/2009 07:05:45Copy HTML

I'll be taking a trip later this year to Boston, and looking through all the posts so far, it seems that most of the good thong-friendly beaches are outside of the immediate Boston metro area. Since I won't have access to a car, I'm looking for beaches that are within reach of the T or possibly the commuter rail. Some of the easily accessible beaches I've found online include Revere Beach (Revere), Carson Beach (Boston), and Singing Beach (Manchester-by-the-Sea). Are these beaches thong-friendly? What other beaches are there close to the city where one can thong?
Pomegranates #1

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:03/10/2009 07:06:23Copy HTML

Personally, I would avoid thonging at Carson or Revere, as the macho townie types can be present in high numbers and you might field some uncomfortable comments, if that bothers you. I've never seen a thong at Singing Beach which is very much a family beach. I've gone VERY skimpy there but felt a bit out of place. No one ever said anything, tho.

I've thonged at Plum Island, a beautiful beach, but it's a couple miles from the commuter rail. Crane's beach is the best and most tolerant thonging beach around and it's a beautiful place. But like PI you have to take a bike or cab from the commuter rail. And be careful in July--the greenheads are brutal.

I've occasionally seen thongs in some of the parks in the city, (Esplanade and elsewhere). But these are the exceptions. I'd love to see more of them.
tnline #2

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:03/31/2009 04:33:40Copy HTML

I have worn a thong a few times at Singing Beach but I was away from the main beach area and it was a quiet weekday.  Have also worn a thong at Nahant Beach in Lynn.
kevinb959 #3

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:05/09/2009 11:23:00Copy HTML

I've never had problems thonging at Revere Beach. You won't find a lot of male thongers, maybe a few female thongers. And it is accessible by the T.

I've never been to any Boston beaches, and the previous poster hit the nail on the head about the "townies", but I have thonged along the Charles. You can always find a quiet spot along the river, but don't expect any thongers.
ithongit #4

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:04/28/2010 06:32:02Copy HTML

Revere Beach used to be quite thong tollerent.  Haven't been there for 10 years or so. You could get there on the subway, but better wear some shorts on the train.

ucstr8 #5

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:04/29/2010 10:06:28Copy HTML

A few years ago I saw some guys thonging at Singing Beach, they sat away from the crowds.  Saw many thongers at Cranes, but it's a matter of transportation getting there.
I haven't been to Carson in about a decade but before they cleaned it up I use to see a few guys thonging close to the old bandstand.
Along the Charles may be your best bet, there is a secluded area near the N.U. boathouse where I've seen guys in thongs and less sunning themselves, it's usually where I go if I want to lay out (usually au natrual).
kevinb959 #6

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:06/22/2010 07:52:57Copy HTML

Yes, I've thonged at Singing Beach, down the far north end. Never had any troubles. It is a beautiful beach, but small.
txflscorpio #7

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:06/27/2014 01:51:04Copy HTML

 In town for a few weeks; is there any place I can get to on the T to wear a thong, or even a small rio?
wearsthongs #8

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:06/27/2014 02:38:37Copy HTML

The T, not really.  You can take the commuter rail out to Ipswich and there is a bus to Crane beach on the weekends, or if you have a bike you can take the commuter rail to Newburyport and bike to Plum Island.  These are the only 2, and best 2, spots near boston IMO.
txflscorpio #9

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:06/27/2014 04:54:35Copy HTML

So Revere is out then :(.  So easy to get to. 
kevinb959 #10

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:06/27/2014 10:04:40Copy HTML

 I thong at Revere. I usually go to the South end. I'm probably the only male, but I don't encounter any issues.
kevinb959 #11

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:08/26/2018 10:46:55Copy HTML

I've been sunning myself along the Charles for the past couple of years. There is a little park at the intersection of Soldiers Field Road and Storrow Drive. I usually wear a jock now. I like the tanlines better. I've never had any problems. There aren't many other sunbathers, but there is a lot foot traffic. I'm fairly far away from the path. So if you're looking for peace and quiet, it's a great place.
ithongit #12

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:12/31/2018 07:34:12Copy HTML

The provided link is a bad copy of a audio visual production shown in Boston around 1975.  The production was called "Where's Boston" and featured Boston citizens, both famous and average talking about the city.  It consisted of a number of slide projectors showing programs with a sychronized sound.  The audiences were in the hundreds.  (This is an early projection attempt, but Dad says it was clear and very impressive at the huge theater built specifically for showing this presentation. In any event, at about time 36:15, they talk about going to the beach (one of Boston's several beaches) and wearing "fig leaves" which were g-string thong-like garments.  Dad says these were throw-away G-strings.   According to the presentation they were originally sold for 5 cents but were "now" (in the 1970's  when the film was made) 15 cents due to inflation.  (This would be about 70 cents in today's money.)  Men are shown in the presentation wearing them, and my Dad says nobody thought anything about wearing a "fig leaf" to the beach.  He frequented several of the beaches when he lived in Cambridge in the summer of 1975 and said up to half the men, of all ages and body-types wore the fig leaf swimwear.  Dad claims to be one of the first thongers, starting in the late 1960's.  He said these garments were surprisingly revieling, being made of fairly light-weight material and no elastic, so leg openings often showed what we now would say was a bit too much.   He said they reminded him of some type of light-weight diaper and would become a little opaque when wet, but not as much as today's shear when wet swimwear.  Like any G-string, the sides of the man's legs and entire bun area were exposed, and only a very narrow 3/8 inch (or about 8 mm) strap went up the rear.

Men would take the subway to the beach, buy a "fig leaf", put it on, spend the day in the sun and water, and then dry off, throw their swimsuits away, and put their street cloths back on for the trip home.  A few wore the more traditional thongs that were just starting to become available, but perhaps 25% were "fig leaf" wearers, another 5% commercial thong wearers, and the rest wore other swimwear or cut-off jeans. I assume "fig leaves" are no longer offered by the beach consession stands as they were back then -- but what would happen if they were?  And was this a practice of other places or just Boston.  It surprises me that this fashion was okay in the 1950's and later, even though Boston had the reputation of being very conservative.  At one time, "Banned in Boston" was common for movies and magazines that showed breasts or what we now would call PG sex scenes.  So what was it about "fig leaves" that made them an acceptable staple of a Boston man's wardrobe 50 years ago? The YouTube website is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK2H3NVp3BQ If anyone finds a clearer/better copy of this program/presentation please let me know. Traci

tbck1000 #13

Re:Beaches in the city of Boston

Date Posted:12/31/2018 02:20:29Copy HTML

Did women participate in this marvelous custom?
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