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Date Posted:07/28/2005 05:46:38Copy HTML

What you wear,which beaches etc you go to, what you get up to etc etcIt was 23 C and perfectly clear all day in Newcastle today. Summer is coming, and my new house will be ready, complete with pool!Spring is sprung!
oceanswimmer777 #1

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:07/30/2005 11:31:05Copy HTML

Where in Qld or NSW can a single bloke G-srring enjoy your state and meet other like mined folks.  Are there any gals who wear their WW knickers and connect with a foreigner (Kiwi/Yank) sort of dude.  Cheers
Oz_Thong_Boi #2

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/02/2005 08:46:29Copy HTML

As soon as summer hits i plan on going down to Coogee beach here in sydney to sun my buns
Spr String #3

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/09/2005 11:33:13Copy HTML

oceanswimmer777, when the sun starts to come out a little more you can bet me and my girl (in her WW's) will be hitting the gold coast beaches. email me and we'll stay in contact.

ive even swam at Southbank in my thong and while the teenage girls had a bit of a squeal, noone really cared.

some of the QLD guys want to visit Wet and Wild in early summer, a bit of a thong invasion one day. it'll be tops, i may even bring a female friend as well as my girl. both in WW's!

as for what i'll be wearing, well ive still got my black HOM ussac string i got last summer, but that is now sitting beside a shiny new HOM plume string.
fantastic service from Alex at Justhom.com, i cant stress this enough.

ill post later once i remember the names of the beaches i visit.
straplesspouch #4

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/11/2005 09:43:41Copy HTML

Pumpkin Thongs,

Before going to WetnWild you'd be wise to contact them on their policy about swimwear.  Their web site statement seems to indicate it would be ok but it may not be.  I'd be curious to know if they'll accept thong only women (i.e. topless).



ozthong #5

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/14/2005 02:12:45Copy HTML

The only place I've tried to wear a g-string / thong in Melbourne is at the South Melbourne beach near the dunes. There would always be other male thongers out there when I go there to sunbake.

I've also tried the far end of Main Beach when on holiday at the Gold Coast. Also discovered a nude area near the dunes at the end of Main Beach. First time to sunbake naked and feels great. There are also other male thongers in the area and some naked ones.

gstring_swimmer #6

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/14/2005 08:54:32Copy HTML

i always go down to port melbourne beach every summer and wear my thongs... other guys and girls thonging to. whats black rock like gonna try it out this summer heard its a great place to tan?

melbourne guys go to siren doll in collingwood on johstone street it has a huge range of sexy underwear and swimwear brought a sky blue thong a month back cant wait to wear it.

Spr String #7

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/04/2005 05:41:09Copy HTML

ive called them and they iterated what was in their FAQ, you can wear whatever swimwear you are comfortable in, i expect this is limited to above what is classed as indecent exposure, but hey, what he said.

id thing its safe to assume no explicit exposure of genitalia, but anything up to and including sheer thongs/topless should be fine.
JM_Runs #8

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/05/2005 03:33:53Copy HTML

Regarding a trip to WetnWild:

I suspect that thongs would be OK but the above suggestion that "anything up to and including sheer thongs/topless" would be wrong.

Often you can get away with very clingy suits but 'sheer' is not normally considered decent, especially for men.  For a water park visit I suggest that both men and women wear suits that at least start out as NOT sheer. Often clingy when wet is going to pass muster, but sheer when wet will probably be a problem, more so for men.

You want to enjoy your day, not be constantly worrying about what authorities are looking and thinking of your suits. Go small and colorful and leave it at that.

Remember that modern digital cameras tend to make suits look even more sheer than they appear to the naked eye. So what looks ok to you, looking down, may appear to be totally obscene when viewed horizontally with a digital camera on zoom.

You want to open the venue up for thonging, not create "the president" that then spurres a new rule banning thongs.

Go in something that you can wear confidently. Not a suit where you will be glancing furtively about checking for the disapproving looks from the staff or the long arm of the law. There is nothing like a CONFIDANT thonger to make other people stop and admire you.

straplesspouch #9

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/10/2005 08:32:28Copy HTML

WetnWild response:

I emailed them specifically about wearing a g-string or thong or women being topless. Management said it is NOT permitted indicating it was a family venue.  They indicated that the FAQ was alluding to whether or not you wear something over your conventional swimwear.

I hope this clarifies the situation.

Maybe ten or more years back things may have been different.  In my observations Australia is becoming more conservative and the "family values" theme getting applied is a reflection of this.  Not that this is a bad thing however there should be places and venues that cater for adults (in other words  minors are excluded) then the "family values" justification is simply invalid.

In a place like Queensland which has generally been viewed by people in the southern states as more conservative (I didn't use the term narrow minded) and with it's low population I don't think such venues are going to exist, if at all, for a very long time.


cottong #10

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/17/2005 12:54:35Copy HTML

I'll be on the Gold Coast again in a few weeks time, hopefully to break out the HOM USSAC, otherwise it'll definately be standard Speedos at the most I'll be wearing. We tend to go to Southport or Burley, avoiding the touristy areas like Surfers.
Spr String #11

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/18/2005 04:14:22Copy HTML


bugger, now we have conflicting reports.

i might go there by myself or with gf and 'test the waters'

if i get asked to leave, WnW will be declared Thong Unfriendly.
boatie #12

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/18/2005 11:09:41Copy HTML


 Fraser Island (my front garden)is on the agenda , just gotta watch we don't get run over by eco-tourists. Also go to places like Rainbow beach, Seventeen Seventy and Sunny coast.  I'll wear my expozay or spank thongs.

Startin to heat up here already , in another month it'll be 30 degrees every day.

Ex_Member #13

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/19/2005 06:20:16Copy HTML


were'd you get the spank thongs? What are they like? I haven't even seen spank briefs for years!

I spent yesterday (Monday) at my favourite beach down here (NSW) all day in my ozon thong. What a great day! And it's predicted to be 30 by Saturday. Don't wait another month to get out there!

boatie #14

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/19/2005 07:04:05Copy HTML


I bought 3 pairs of spank thongs when I lived up in North Queensland about 7 years ago. They were in the bargain bin at the front of a beachwear shop for $5 a pair. They're comfortable and don't have the bulky feel that hom or others have, bit higher cut. I haven't seen them anywhere else. The reason I remember the brand was because I used to race in spank speedos in a swimming club when I was a teenager. They've certainly lasted. Like many good Aussie companies they're probably out of business.

Coming from Newscastle. Do you ever get up to Seal rocks and surrounding areas much? Beautiful spot. I hope they leave it alone.


straplesspouch #15

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/19/2005 08:02:39Copy HTML

Pumpkin Thongs,

Maybe they were pulling your leg so to speak.   Anyway good luck and give us a report back on your experience.

I'll stick to the beach.


Ex_Member #16

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/20/2005 07:28:35Copy HTML


Yeah, being a surfer for the past 20 or so years, I've spent a bit of time up around Seal Rocks. It's pretty much untouched at the moment, but there's a few small signs of 'city-folk-invasion' happening, mostly around the lake areas though. Yagen is still a very special place for surfers, as is Treachery.

I spend a lot of time at Samurai beach near Anna Bay, in Port Stephens. I grew up surfing there, One Mile, and Birubi Beaches. I still take my wife and kids to Samurai most weekends in summer. We can drive our 4x4 on the beach and set up camp for the day. I was there on Monday, surfing and tanning all day. Just a great spot. Gets a little crowded in summer these days, but there's still enough room for everyone!

There's plenty of good little spots up & down the east coast of Australia, particularly NSW, as I'm sure you know if you know the area at all. I've been doing it for over 20 years, and still discovering new ones!

phat_ladee #17

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/23/2005 12:26:17Copy HTML

Gold Coast w/e 14-16 October Anyone interested in trying the Wet n Wild early summer thong session???

What have we got to lose, except some fun in the water park!




Gymbuff #18

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/28/2005 04:44:51Copy HTML

Let me know how you go in October...

I'm heading up that way in December, so would like to hear what the reaction was like.

Gymbuff #19

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/28/2005 04:49:57Copy HTML

The weather is heating up here in Newcastle. I've just moved up here from Sydney, and was wondering what local beaches (if any) one could get an all-over tan without causing too much fuss?
Ex_Member #20

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/28/2005 07:10:54Copy HTML

Around town it's a bit hard to find a place to go buff. If you go to the north end of Bar Beach, there is a small beach called Susan Gilmore. People don't generally go nude on the beach here, but if you walk north around the rock shelf, there are usually quite a few nudes around there. It's pretty much a gay hang-out a lot of times, I think, so if that's not your scene (even though you probably will not be bothered too much) look elsewhere.

At the very south end of this same stretch of sand, you will find Merewether Beach. From here you need to walk south past the Ocean Baths, past the headland rocks, and you reach Burwood Beach. Quite a few people go nude a bit further down the beach, but don't forget it's not an official nude beach. Very unlikely that there would be a problem, however.

A bit a of a drive south is Moonee Beach, accessed from the main beach at Catherine Hill Bay (go south past the coal loader). Plenty of nudes go there apparently. Further south is Birdie Beach, reached by turning off the Pacific Highway at Elizabeth Bay. The northern end is the nude area.

To the north, you could go to Samurai Beach at Anna Bay, near Nelson Bay in Port Stephens. It's an official nude beach (since 1974) and can be accessed by walking or by 4WD (permit required). I go here regularly with my family. Also there is Little Kingsley Beach, in Boat Harbour. You have to walk around the headland from Kingsley Beach to the south, and it's hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for. You probably won't see many people here, and the beach is only about 50m long. But beautiful.

These are a few places I know that you could go nude. There are plenty of places you could go in a g-string or thong, depending on you confidence levels!

It's a beautiful area, and you're hitting it at a great time of year. Welcome and enjoy!

Ex_Member #21

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/04/2005 12:46:00Copy HTML

Forgot, but the northern end of Dudley Beach is also nude
Ex_Member #22

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/04/2005 06:31:48Copy HTML

I'll more than likely be at Samurai Beach tommorrow (Thursday) if the weather is like it was today. I will be there in my 4WD, surfing and sunning in my thong. Can't wait!
Oz_Thong_Boi #23

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/05/2005 09:14:40Copy HTML

well its a beautiful day here in sydney, im off to Coogee beach to enjoy some time in the sun in my thong
Spr String #24

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/05/2005 11:35:18Copy HTML

Oh its wonderful. wonderful and hot in brisbane here. 36degrees today.

ive spoken to our neighbours and they have allowed us access to their pool at almost any time of the day.

finally i got to wear my podium string in the water for the first time. it is fantastic, the fit is perfect, feels great, looks stunning. and the neighbours dont seem to mind at all. i havnt made any attempt to cover up when walking from our house next door, so anyone in our street can watch... :P
i even managed to get some time lying in the sun in the backyard, time to get the tan back.

summer is going to be great.
gstring_swimmer #25

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/06/2005 08:19:40Copy HTML

hey started to get hot up in melbourne whens everyone gonna hit the beach... or has anyone got any private pools where thongers are welcome?
616 #26

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/20/2005 12:17:05Copy HTML

Way out west!

Over the past 3 days I have been sunning my buns at Swnbourne Beach(north section nude- in Perth), temps were getting up there at 22, 23 and 25C . Each day I wandered down about 10am and set up shop for a few hours, I wore my WW 449  for tanning and swimming. On the last day I got a bit braver, when returning to the car I had a shower, the ones u find at any beach with a short shower for washing sand off your feet, directly outside the surf club,. It was scary but no-one cared, when i got to the car I was changing/walking around in my thong and no-one commented which was an awesome thrill because 2 young women walked by and a car drove past. It was really confidence inspiring.

I also went to Rottnest 3 weeks a go and got 2-3 hours thonging in but there were heaps of kids around being school holidays

Oz_Thong_Boi #27

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/03/2005 06:21:51Copy HTML

So yesterday was a beautiful beautiful day here in Sydney.

So i put on my HOM thong and headed down to Coogee beach where the first thing i saw was about 1/2 dozen girls laying around in Thongs and a guy coming out of the water in a green HOM thong.

The most thongs i have ever seen on the beach.

It was great to see so many people in thongs. So i had no problems about lazing about in my thong and then getting up and going for a swim and walking the lenght of the beach to the showers to rinse off.

It was a great day! Hope this summer brings many more like it!
Ex_Member #28

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/07/2005 05:18:44Copy HTML

Hi Thongers,

Spent last week soaking up the sun on the Gold Coast, always wearing only a thong at the beach. Walked along the beach each day, from Main Beach to Broadbeach, and stopped often for a swim at the different surf patrolled areas. Had no real problems, except for the usual nasty comments from the young men. Did not see a lot of other people wearing thongs, except on Saturday when I noticed 3 separate women walking the beach in their thong. (one was jogging and looked smoking hot).
Mainly wore my G-Force Swimmers from Deejay, http://www.deejay.com.au/proddetail.php?prod=6021 as these are very comfortable. Tried out my V-String from Dore a couple of times, which was more comfortable than I was expecting, but did make me feel a little exposed. I will need to wear it more often, until I feel more relaxed. http://www.doreg.biz/products/e091.htm (mine is in Burgundy)
I was expecting to see a lot more people enjoying the sun and surf in only their thong, and noticed a lot of people walk the beach fully dressed. I was also surprised by some of the snobbish and prudish attitudes from some of the classy dressed women walking the beach. Has the Gold Coast mainly turned conservative?
Anyway, I had a great time, and feel liberated and satisfied after spending all week on the beach in just a thong walking past several thousand people. Has anyone tried thonging at Bondi recently?

Keep on thonging, Stuart.
Oz_Thong_Boi #29

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/09/2005 06:25:25Copy HTML

Yes i have tried thonging at Bondi and have never had a problem
Ex_Member #30

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/10/2005 06:28:31Copy HTML


Yes, the rich prudish ones seem to be overly conservative, and when they and all their mates move in and buy all the best real estate, things go downhill for the rest of us (sorry to stereotype) Same thing happened at Nelson Bay...

The Gold Coast is always enjoyable, despite being so heavily populated. I actually think that's what gives it it's vibe. It is a place of diversity, and I've always found a very laid-back attitude for such a densely populated area.

The weather sounds as it's been good all over, and I've spent all of Wednesday and Friday afternoon on the beach in a deejay thong. Loved every second! Good thongs too! I've also had a pool put in, and so far haven't swam in anything else but thongs. I'm going to make it my personal rule that it's all I can wear no matter who is there! I even went for a dip in front of my mum the other day. She knows I wear thong undies, but has never seen me in them. Until now.

616 #31

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/14/2005 07:25:53Copy HTML

just head a quick story on JJJ radio  station about the new clothing optonal beaches to be establshed in Queensland, on the show a young couple were complaining about older people getting nude, but there was a mention "there is even a 60 year old man in a g-string here" on Alexander bay , one of us? --just 5 seconds of fame and it was noted
cottong #32

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/15/2005 09:48:42Copy HTML

Was that a news item or in Hack? If it was Hack, should be able to download the program in mp3 format - http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hack/default.htm
616 #33

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/15/2005 04:57:31Copy HTML

http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hack/notes/s1508295.htm It was on Hack download it and check it out
Spr String #34

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/22/2005 11:35:06Copy HTML

im going to be in the city this friday, if its hot i think ill go for a swim at southbank.
im also going down to southport monday-wednesday...
see what the schoolies think of me in my HOM podium string.
616 #35

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/22/2005 10:41:17Copy HTML

Can't wait to see how u go, be brave and fly the flag .  If someone could join Pumpkinthongs would be good. Good luck mate!
Spr String #36

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/05/2005 12:59:46Copy HTML

well that was uneventful.

i expected more of a response from citygoers and highschoolers.

while a few people looked and one batch of yobbos mentioned "put some pants on" everyone else took it in stride. some dude confidantly walking in a thong, ho hum.

could this be acceptance? i think it may be.

BTW, got my tan back. southport was awesome, stayed in the Aqualine Apartments, four star, absolutely wonderful, incredible view, pool, clean and comfortable apartments and a walk to Australia Fair.
Oz_Thong_Boi #37

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/07/2005 04:53:30Copy HTML

well its going to be a hot hot hot day here in sydney today, so im gunna be off to coogee beach this afternoon to tan in my thong

Ex_Member #38

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/09/2005 12:26:40Copy HTML

It's hot everywhere!

We've been in the mid-high 30's for over a week now. I've been out in the pool and on the beach every day.

Here's to a Merry X-mas and New Year etc etc to you all. I won't be on here much for about a month (holidays). Enjoy the silly season.

JM_Runs #39

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/17/2005 07:10:58Copy HTML

Hi Thongers,

Had to go to Sydney for work, but had some spare time to go to Manly.
parked around at Shelly beach, then headed off in just a thong and hat. Had a swim a Shelly beach, walked around the sea-side path to Manly beach (about 1km) walked along Manly beach all the way up to Queenscliff (1.5km), then had a swim in the pool there. It was great just wearing a thong all this time, and there were plenty off other people on the beach . Walked back the same way, and had a couple more dips along the way. There is a sea side cafe along the path between Shelly and Manly beaches, and I loved walking past all the customers with only minimal coverage.

Enjoy Summer, Stuart.
Oz_Thong_Boi #40

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/26/2005 03:20:04Copy HTML

WOW sounds like u had fun, havent been to any beaches near manly in my thong yet, must try it

Going to byron bay for a week now, so will spend a lot of my time on and around the beach in nothing more than my Hom Ussac String
boatie #41

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/15/2006 08:09:39Copy HTML

I've been able to spend my lunch break on the beach in thong around Hervey Bay, as I work close to the water. I'm pretty much a full time thonger for the next few weeks. I'm actually amazed at the number other people in thongs, both men and women. I had the impression that Hervey Bay was dork short central where even the chicks wear the stupid things, so this was a pleasant surprise.


Ex_Member #42

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/16/2006 04:15:41Copy HTML


That surprises me a little too, having experienced Hervey Bay once, and thinking it was a little too tourist-orientated.

I've moved into my new house over christmas, and the kids and I are loving the pool! I've been in there in a thong every time except once, when a friend was over with her kids, but I still wore a rio. They're from Charters Towers, so I'm still sussing the outback attitudes on that one!

The beach has been great too, with a few good days surf, and plenty of hot ones for tanning. Seen a few thongs too, as you always do in tourist time around Nelson Bay.

Hope you're all enjoying summer!

Oz_Thong_Boi #43

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/09/2006 04:46:47Copy HTML

Spent yesterday at Coogee beach in Sydney wearing my thong all day, think i might head back again today.

Dint see anyone else wearing a thong yesterday, but i usually see another one or two people wearing thongs there
Gguy2262 #44

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/12/2006 06:34:20Copy HTML

I went over to Budgewoi Beach yesterday and found a spot on the sand about 500m away from the regular beachgoers, anyhow I laid out in my blue lycra swim G and soon after another couple parked themselves nearby, he was wearing ordinary speedo's whereas she stripped down to a white swim g and topless. I was confident enough to go in for a swim and so was she, but he just stayed on his towel in his regular speedo's the entire time ( about 1/2 hr ) .

As I was leaving, they gave me a polite wave and I returned it, turned around about 100m away and saw him going into the water nude, go figure ? Maybe he should get a thong and just relax.

Ex_Member #45

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/13/2006 06:11:18Copy HTML

The Central Coast is a good spot I've found. There are some nice beaches, and if you pick your spot right, it's as good as anywhere.

Have you ever been to Maitland Bay? It's a really pretty little bay, and a steep walk through national park to get there. Because a lot of people go nude down there, thongs are no problem. I usually walk from the carpark down to the beach in just my thong, and don't take anything else to wear. Just thong, hat, sunnies, towel, and drinks for the day. A great spot!

Oz_Thong_Boi #46

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/15/2006 06:08:58Copy HTML

my order of Joe Snyder thongs arrived just a few days a go and i have today off work, so i think im going to pop down to my fav spot on coogee beach and relax in the sun for a few hours
Gguy2262 #47

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/15/2006 01:59:50Copy HTML

I tried to find Maitland Bay but could'nt seem to. Do you start out at the Munmorah National Park Office ?  
Ex_Member #48

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/16/2006 03:30:01Copy HTML

There's a National Parks Office at the head of the track, just not sure which one. I'll post some directions later tonight.


The National Park is actually Bouddi National Park. It's on The Scenic Drive, SW of McMasters Beach. Killcare is further south west. Munmorah is way too far north. Birdie Beach is the nudist beach up that way, near Elizabeth Bay. I don't like it anywhere near as much as Maitland Bay, as the atmosphere is nowhere near as good. 

Good luck finding it. It is well worth it!

616 #49

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/26/2006 08:30:00Copy HTML

Guys for your info sbs has a movie from holland on saturday night 8/9:30pm called simon and has thongs in it from previews

summer is disappearing....fast............bummer

Ex_Member #50

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/26/2006 06:52:37Copy HTML

On Sunday I leave for two weeks in (hopefully) sunny Queensland. It's for work, but I'm hoping the weather's kind to me on my time off up there.

I'm only taking thongs and g's, and my surfboard. I'm hoping Byron might be nice too!

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