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JM_Runs #451

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/24/2015 06:54:51Copy HTML

 @Happy_Thonger: Where exactly is South beach? I generally go to Swanbourne but I sometimes think I would like a change. Apart from Swannie itself, none of the beaches on that particular strip of coast appear to be thong-friendly.
Grabeach #452

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/24/2015 08:28:32Copy HTML

"none of the beaches on that particular strip of coast appear to be thong-friendly"

Can depend on what is meant by 'thong friendly'. Is it that you will see others wearing thongs or that nobody cares if you do? The former is not that common, but the latter is true of most beaches in my part of the world.
Thongmad #453

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/25/2015 01:11:38Copy HTML

 True on nearly every beach all over Australia I think Gra. Certainly my experience.

I had a very similar experience to Happy_Thonger yesterday. I surfed at the local nude beach for a while (surfed nude). Now my thong tan line is fairly (Ok probably extremely) prominent. You can clearly see it from the same distance away as you could see a thong on me. When I got out of the water, an American tourist struck up a conversation with me - he was very taken by my car. We chatted about it and his travels around Aus, but he did not mention my thong tan at all. Might have something to do with the fact we were both totally naked...
The wind had changed and ruined the surf, so I had a walk along the beach in my black JS thong, and also the length of the adjacent textile (clothes NOT optional) beach as I usually do. Despite a bit of a crowd, I hardly got a second look let alone a comment of anyone.

Still wearing my JS, I drove around to another beach where the wind would be more favorable. Because this is definitely a textile beach, the thong had to stay on. Had a short surf here as well (thonged) and again a tourist couple (this time English) struck up conversation, this time about the beach and local area. No reference made to my thong this time either. She had a bikini on, string side bottom pulled right up into a thong, and he just shorts. My little JS didn't rate a mention.

This is tending to be the situation more often. I suspect maybe because so many females are now doing the cheeky/wedgie/thong thing to the beach now, that it is no longer such a shock. We can only hope I guess.
Grabeach #454

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/25/2015 08:31:36Copy HTML

Pertinent you should mention that area, Thongmad. Yesterday, as a shareholder in a property group, I received in the mail an offer for an Investor Discount Card for a dozen holiday parks, one of which is One Mile Beach HP. Worth following up, as I reckon that stretch of coast from One Mile Beach round to Shoal Bay is one of the most beautiful in NSW or at least was when I was last there about 20 years ago. Mind you it will have to be a fairly sizeable discount to tempt me to drive through all the traffic from the south side of Sydney to get there.

I was also reading up on the history of the council's 'investment' in the Samuria Beach Resort (ex Bardots). What a disaster!
05tiger #455

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/28/2015 12:22:46Copy HTML

 I agree with Grabeach ,  One Mile / Shoal Bay area is one of the best in NSW. My wife and I have spent the last 10 summer holidays there. We own a 4WD so we make the most of the beach access. (Saves walking.)

In January of this year we spent 10 or so days on Stockton Beach. Entering via Birubi headland. Everyday we would drive down the beach about 5 kms and find a nice private area.

My wife is a fan wicked weasel, but she is not a fan of me wearing g strings on more public beaches, but on Stockton beach I can wear what ever I like! 

My routine is to start by wearing a speedo with 2" side when driving to the beach in the car, as I hate dork shorts or cover ups.  When we arrive on Stockton beach my wife goes topless with wearing WW bottoms, and I would striped down to a Skins or Deejay G-string.

After spending many hours at the beach, swimming, beach walking and sun baking we would packed up and head back to our hotel.

When packing up, my wife always would put on her cover up over her bikini, but put my 2" speedo in the back of the car with all the towels, chairs and beach umbrella, and drive back to hotel in just my g-string.

On leaving the beach and entering the town of One Mile, we often stopped at the local shops to get fresh bread fresh bread from the bakery for lunch. As I was wearing a thong or G-String with no towel or shorts handy to cover me up, my wife would go to get the bread whilst I waited in the car.

One day, when we arrived out side the bakery my wife looked at me and stated , "we just need a loaf of bread". Knowing I was wearing a Deejay G-String and all my 'cover up gear' was in the back of the car, I thought for a second: Did she want me to be embarrassed as walk to the back of the car to put a towel round me, or was she daring me to go to the shops in just my g string? 

Well, I though stuff it, I grabbed some money, opened the car door and headed for the bakery in just my Dee Jay G-string.

On entering a shop there was a several people in front of me.  I stood in the queue and waited until I was served. People came in behind me. Nobody said a thing.  After buying the bread I walked back to the car.  The shops were pretty busy as it was holiday time.

On arriving back at the car my wife had a smile on her face and said " I can't believe you just did that!"

It was one of the most bold things I have done, but also the most exhilarating!
John Howard #456

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/28/2015 01:34:00Copy HTML

 Well done tiger, thats a great story and very audacious to get out of the car to buy the bread just wearing a g;  this is one of the aspects that make wearing a thong so thrilling..... and hope it never becomes mainstteam, the fan would be over!
Agree with you a 5cm speedo or a rio bikini is my favourite cover up to wear on top of a thong when heading down the beach
Thongmad #457

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/01/2015 05:33:19Copy HTML

 Gra and 05tiger,
Hope I see you guys up there some day. Drop me a line when you are heading up.

Gra, One Mile to Samurai (legal nude beach) is a beautiful stretch of sand, and I'm sure you'll love it. I assume the accommodation would be in the park adjacent the beach. There are two - One Mile and Middle Rock. Inbox me and I can fill you in on whichever you like.
Yes, Bardot's was a fabulous idea, but a small market. Why pay to go there when the legal nude beach is right behind it? The walk from the resort to the beach wasn't that pleasant on a hot day, and meant covering up anyway! The local council's idea was executed all wrong I'm afraid...

05tiger, yes I have been into that same shop (in beside the newsagant I suspect?) and it was a fair chance it was a DeeJay thong I wore as well...
I went in and ordered a sandwich and got a drink after a surf, then headed back to Samurai for the afternoon. I also regularly stop the BP servo across the road and use their tyre inflator hoses after being on Samurai or Birubi in my 4WD. Of course you have to go in and donate the gold coin to the local surf lifesaving club for the use of it as well ;) 
There seem to be many people along that stretch of sand who like to go topless and/or wear a thong/g the further you go down the beach. I also will do it from time to time up at the surfclub end. Even swam between the flags on a crowded Sunday last year!

If you guys find the Southerly blows in and the open beaches are a bit windswept, go around and try Shoal Bay. It's on the inside of Port Stephens, and is very sheltered from any Southerly weather. Plenty of females getting skin out around there! I've walked the whole stretch a few times just thonged. Enjoy!!!
AussieExPoser #458

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/01/2015 09:40:58Copy HTML

 Cmon Thongmad,Grabeach, 05tiger,
When we gonna meet up ? Where ?
While the weather is still good eh

Just had a good day at the "Sydney Skinny" today at Cobblers
But would have preferred to have walked there and back in Joe Snyder Bulge !!

Thongmad #459

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/03/2015 12:07:34Copy HTML

 So why didn't you..? ;)Had other things on and was never going to make it there...try again next year I suppose!
AussieExPoser #460

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/05/2015 10:21:00Copy HTML

 Why didn't I ?
The skimpiest thing I saw on any male short of the beach was a pair of tight shorts on a young shaved asian guy whom I am sure everyone automatically classified as GAY.
I did walk back up from the beach in only some very short shorts. Shorter than his.
but by then the event was over and hardly anyone around.
JM_Runs #461

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/06/2015 04:00:07Copy HTML

 Hey Perth guys: I am heading down now (Fri 3/3) to spend the afternoon at Swanbourne. Feel free to come and say Hi. I'll be in the red Koala Tyrant thong.
JM_Runs #462

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/06/2015 06:22:35Copy HTML

 ^^ The afternoon was very pleasant. I managed to take a couple of self-pics which I have uploaded to this album:
AussieExPoser #463

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/08/2015 11:38:32Copy HTML

 Saw the pics. Great body !
Nice thong. Anyone else there wearing anything similar ?
Or all naked ?
John Howard #464

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/09/2015 02:52:15Copy HTML

Yep great bod Sweatyaussie not easy to be in such good shape it requires time and dedication to plan ahead meals and workouts, wearing a  g or thong is just the natural cossie to wear for a fit trained body.the best collateral benefit is a remarkable good health which hopefully will keep us strong and independent on the older years;  i see so many younger guys and girls with unhealthy lifestyles, they will soon become a burden for the health dept.  It would be good if govts rewarded healthy ifestyles with tax deductions or subsidised gym or swimming pool memberships, the same way they tax the price of alcohol and cigarretes.

JM_Runs #465

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/09/2015 02:54:32Copy HTML

Didn't notice anyone else there in a thong that day.

Occasionally I see a guy in a thong there, but mostly you get two sorts: those who go naked, and those who wear the same as you would see at any other beach. Of course it's "clothing optional", not "compulsory nude", but it beats me why anyone who prefers to swim in dork shorts would bother making the trek up to that beach.

I wish I had the balls to "thong" at some of the other beaches, but I have not done so... however I have got to the stage where I will wear the thong in that "buffer zone" between the beach entrance and where the actual official C.O. beach starts.

@John Howard:
Yes I have often thought about the concept of the government providing monetary incentive for gym membership, and I know some health insurance funds do some kind of gym membership discount deals. I'm not sure how it would work though. Lots of people take out memberships (or get given them as a present) and never end up using them, or don't use them often enough... and just because they turn up doesn't mean they are putting in any real training effort, many of them are just going through the motions. At the other extreme you get the dedicated gym rats who aspire to be the next Mr Australia, and while I have tremendous admiration for those guys, at that level it's really about competition rather than health maintenance and I'm not sure their membership should be paid for out of the public purse. Maybe the answer is just plenty of public education of the right kind.
Happy_Thonger #466

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/10/2015 01:50:27Copy HTML

Sweaty Aussie, congrats man, you are in great nick. That takes dedication, commitment and consistency. Well done. Just by the by, I went for a good swim and short sunbake in my thong at Floreat beach today. No issue AT ALL. Wore some cheeky boy short style bather bottoms over the top to walk out onto the sand but after swimming, sunning and going for a short walk in just my thong, past quite a few other swimmers, and having had ZERO reaction from anyone, other than I noticed when I got up that a few girls had set up near me, all in very cheeky bikini bottoms and one who went topless as well -perhaps they felt comfortable next to the dude in the thong?? - I figured "to hell with it - what am I worried about?? Im being stupid. Be free, be yourself, be happy and just do what you want!" and when I was done just gather up my things and walked back down the beach, back up to the grassed area past the cafe, across the grass and had a shower in the change rooms, then out to my car in the car park to get my clothes and get changed and back into my suit and on with the day, all just in my thong carrying my gear i my hand and making no effort to cover anything up. Again, NO ONE battered an eye lid,commented, stared or gave a hoot. My conclusion - we all get caught up in our own heads and make mountains out of mole hills, or for that matter out of nothing at all. People seem to be a LOT more tolerant of others personal choices than we seem to expect sometimes. The live an let live principal seems to be alive and well. Being in a thong today seemed to make others more comfortable! What a nice surprise :) 
JM_Runs #467

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/10/2015 01:51:49Copy HTML

 Those guys who swim in dork shorts at nude beaches are only there to check out the women.
JM_Runs #468

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/10/2015 06:58:34Copy HTML

Thanks for that info, maybe I'll give Floreat a try next time.

I did some years ago see a guy in a thong at Scarborough, on a day when the beach was quite crowded, almost towel-to-towel. I saw these two guys walking onto the beach - I thought Wow, one of them is built like a brick proverbial, then I recognised him as a male stripper I had seen perform a couple of times. They set up on the sand, and then the muscular guy stripped off his shorts to reveal a thong, and they casually set about sunbathing and periodically going into the water. No doubt that guy would have got away with anything; no one was going to dare try poking fun at him and he had his mate for moral support anyway. The people who were surreptitiously staring were probably staring at his physique rather than his thong. That day is imprinted upon my memory.
Thongmad #469

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/11/2015 09:41:32Copy HTML

 Happy_Thonger, you are absolutely correct! 

The build-up and mountain we create in our own minds is usually way in excess of anything that could/would happen. Just enjoy yourself while you're still here, it's not like we really change anyone's lives by showing a bit of skin!

Thonged on Newcastle beach again today, but right up the North end among all the serious sun tanning people in front of the Lifeguard building. Actually saw another guy in a string-sided bikini today - definitely not the norm for this beach. Plenty of cheeky stuff on show, and a few string sides. One other Goth-looking female (a Goth with a tan! Figure that one out...) wearing a rather unusual bikini - black lining with mesh inserts, and some solid black material in strategically placed areas - it was very small in the top, and something like a rio-come-thong in the rear, with the front of the pants being WW small...not a WW bikini however, but revealing all the same.

Now if I can sort out how to load pics into my profile, I'll put up the one where I came across a WW shoot happening on the beach at Byron Bay last week. I got the photographer to take a snap on my iPhone of me with the model from behind, both of us in thongs! True story!
AussieExPoser #470

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/12/2015 10:59:45Copy HTML

 Where is this "Floreat beach" of which you speak ?
JM_Runs #471

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/12/2015 12:59:55Copy HTML

AussieExPoser #472

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/12/2015 09:24:12Copy HTML

 Thanks Sweaty,
Just a bit far for me (3910km) :)
Happy_Thonger #473

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/13/2015 10:45:34Copy HTML

:-) Well if you ever find yourself over this way, you know a good beach worth checking out.  Another good one that Ive enjoyed thonging at is South Beach:   https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/South+Beach/@-32.0776401,115.7530894,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x2a32a18917cc398f:0x1d04f0b643db4460
animal88 #474

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/19/2015 01:25:54Copy HTML

I'll be comin to Aussie on the 30th a week in Perth then a week in Melbourne any recommendations on where me and the Mrs could get our thongs on?
JM_Runs #475

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/19/2015 03:47:50Copy HTML

Just read the earlier posts in this thread. :)

Best of luck with the weather - summer is gone but you can still get nice warm sunny days in March and April.
JM_Runs #476

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/25/2015 05:37:09Copy HTML

 Encouraged by comments in this thread, I "took the plunge" today and wore a thong at South Beach!

It was quite unplanned. After a long morning dental appointment, I was at a loose end for the rest of the day and decided to go to Fremantle, browse some shops that I like to go to whenever I am there, and just wander. It was quite warm in the sun; I rather fancied a dip in the ocean but I had not brought any "gear" and I was just wearing a thong as underwear. It's one of the those thongs that could be underwear or swimwear, i.e. not transparent when wet.

I recalled the mention on this board of South beach, which I had neve visited, and decided I would give it a try. I don't want to make a big deal of my thonging experience there; there were very few people on the beach, and I picked a spot a fair way away from anyone else, just for my first time. I also only stayed long enough to get wet and then get dry, as the wind was pretty fierce. Still, I did make sure to stand up and show to anyone who cared to look that I was in minimal attire! Next time I may be a little bolder and do it somewhere where there's more people.

I have also got to the stage where, when I go to Swanbourne, I will walk from the beach entrance all the way to the "clothing optional" section in a thong rather than keeping the shorts on until I reach the "nude bathing permitted" sign. Sometimes I wil strip to thong in that paved area where the barbecues are before I actually move onto the beach - it all depends on how many people are in that area, and on my impression of what kind of people they are.
gstringman01 #477

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/27/2015 07:09:12Copy HTML

Hi fellow thongers,
I'm heading to Adelaide over Easter and if the weather is warm enough I'm hoping to head to the beach in my thong. I don't know the area that well however. Anyone know of, or have been to any good beaches for thonging in the area? Most of the talk here seems to be around NSW, QLD and VIC, I haven't seen mention of SA, but I may be looking in the wrong places. I'll take any suggestions 😉
Grabeach #478

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/27/2015 07:57:50Copy HTML

NSW, Vic and Qld have 77% of Aust population, so are going to have most of the thongers. I don't recall ever seeing a board member from SA.

I gather Adelaide is a bit more conservative than Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Notwithstanding, when I was there in the early 90s I swam a couple of times at moderately crowded beaches in a g-string. I just wandered down to two beaches that were near where I was staying. Taxing the memory a bit, but I don't recall it being different to Sydney beaches ie. most looked, maybe a couple of initial comments from teenagers trying to impress their friends, nobody really cared.
John Howard #479

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/28/2015 01:45:16Copy HTML

 Gra you have a good point,  Adelaide seems to be a bit more conservative than the other eastern states capital cities.

However I never forget that film "Maslin Beach" filmed in SA, which was filmed at a famous Adelaide nudist beach, no blurring of anything on this film as in most similar American movies.....

I love the Aussie way so relaxed and cool about showing a bit of skin!


Yep the South Australians tend to surprise in many ways.

gstringman01 #480

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/28/2015 02:20:20Copy HTML

Hi Grabeach,
Thanks for your response. I had considered population and conservatism, I guess I was holding out some hope there might be local thongers in the area ;-) Still, I won't be letting that stop me. I live in a very conservative part of rural VIC (conservative is the nice way of putting it). I thong here on the Murry River fairly regularly, but only ever discreetly.
Anyway, I found some older posts on here (2004) from a couple people saying they thonged at Port Willunga Beach, but I'm having trouble finding it's exact location in the map.
I think I might try Maslin Beach (I understand part of which is nude, not sure if a thong would be frowned upon?) but also some closer to the city (like Henley, Brighton and maybe even a quiet end (South?) of Glenelg beach). Bound to get some odd looks but I can live with that.
Any advice is welcome :-)
Grabeach #481

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/28/2015 09:01:42Copy HTML

Go to Google Maps and seach for Port Willunga. You should see the Port Willunga label at the northern end of the town (right next to the red 'A' marker). Zoom in and a block to the west of the 'A' you will see a car park next to the ocean. I'd be 99.99% certain this is the beach you're after.
JM_Runs #482

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/03/2015 07:52:30Copy HTML

  What are other Perth people's opinions of the setup at Swanbourne beach? I enjoy Swanbourne somewhat less than I used to a few years ago. Of course the "clothing optional" area is still there and still well patronised, but the area where you walk in from the south seems to be trying to deny the existence of that area. I think the revamping of what used to be the car park right near the beach has changed things. I'm not sorry that the car park is gone; the area looks much nicer now with lawns and barbecues, but it's become terribly "family friendly". A stranger turning up there would not know there was a nude beach there unless they had done their research. I used to like that basic little food and drink kiosk that was there, and the owners also used to drive up the beach in their 4WD (in the full Monty) selling drinks and snacks to anyone who could not be bothered walking all the way down to the shop. there seemed to be a kind of club of nude bathers; you would see the same faces hanging around the area near the boundary. there used to often be beach volleyball going on.

That community feeling seems to be gone now along with that rundown old kiosk. That upmarket "Naked Fig" restaurant (which I don't believe allows you to even sit down there in Speedos let alone in a thong or naked) used to have a kiosk of sorts at the side. I have not seen that kiosk open on any occasion in the past year. If I think I am going to get hungry or thirsty, I take my own food and drink down there now. What really irked me was when they removed the water fountain that used to be at the foot of the stairs leading to the upper level car park. Ever tried filling a plastic water container from a tap in a bathroom sink where the basin is not deep enough to fit the container under the tap? Of course if you are a dog, getting a drink of water there is the easiest thing in the world, but as a human I find I have to revert to using the taps attached to the outdoor showers. And that's another thing: since the demolition of the old changing rooms the only place to strip off and take a proper shower and change is in the toilets/showers attached to the Naked Fig. I always feel as though I am entering other people's social space when I am near that restaurant; there is no way I would walk between there and the beach in a thong, whereas I could imagine doing so with the old kiosk. Also I would guess those toilets/changing rooms  would be closed after hours.

This has turned into a bit of a rant hasn't it? I still go there, and i still enjoy myself once I get on the sand, but it seems somehow to have become sanitised. Sometimes I think local councils lose the plot. All some people (like myself) need when they go to the beach is a place to get a snack, a drink, go to the toilet, and to shower and change. We don't need a restaurant with waiters wearing white tuxedos and black aprons telling us to "Wait to be seated".
Grabeach #483

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/03/2015 10:19:01Copy HTML

Can't comment on Swanbourne, though I think I walked along the beach there decades back. However the demise of the beach kiosk is not confined to there.

My most swum Sydney beach is several kms long. Spread along the beach there are large netted baths, three of which had a kiosk where you could buy drinks, chips, pies etc. You just rocked up to the counter in whatever you were wearing on the beach. Several years ago all three converted to outdoor sit down cafe / restaurants. If you want chips, the only way you'll get them is on a plate as part of a meal. You'll have to order them and they won't be cheap. As cycling attire is accepted, I can't be certain that you can't sit there in your swimmers, but I've yet to see anyone so clad. I suspect the beachgoers don't use the cafes much at all, most preferring to buy there drinks and snacks 'off beach' or like me bring them from home. The cafes are catering to the huge market that likes to do 'brunch' at a pleasant venue. Very few of these will even set foot on the sand.

The layout of the ammmenities hasn't changed much, the showers are outdoors next to the cafe and the toilets and change rooms indoors but separate from the cafe. One of the advantages of the eateries going upmarket is that they use the public toilets, so these have been modernised. I actually think having the showers separated is preferred as it reduces the humidity in the change room. While some may be deterred from showering in front of an audience, I find it can be amusing to observe the reaction (if any) from the diners to my showering in a g-string and towelling off before wandering up to the change room.
Thong_Flasher #484

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/09/2015 07:17:40Copy HTML

 Spent last Monday tanning and swimming at Indented Head and Portarlington near Geelong. Turned out to be a beautiful, one of the last for this time.
Had a lady smile and walk past with her dog, and an elderly couple setup near me. Both just looked and smiled as I swam in my pink thong swimsuit.
Thongmad #485

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/02/2015 12:08:50Copy HTML

 Three months since we've posted here!

Today reached 26degC+ around the Port Stephens area, cloudless blue sky, and light breezes. This is 2/3 of the way through Winter ;)
I enjoyed the day on the beach with my two teenage kids, surfing, sunbaking, and relaxing in my DeeJay royal blue thong. Bring on Summer!

You know, I went about my relaxing day without hesitation to wear my thong 100% of the time. A few looks I know for sure, but despite being near families, the older and younger generations, and groups of young 20's in 4wd's on the beach, there was never a hint of any hassles. I deflated the vehicle tyres, set up, swam, walked the sand, surfed, sun baked, and even re-inflated the tyres at a local service station, all in no more than sunglasses and my thong, with not a comment made to me at all. 

Just do it and enjoy!
AussieExPoser #486

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/03/2015 12:32:58Copy HTML

Yes it has been beautifully sunny lately but usually too Windy for the beach.
The air is still cold.
Were you are Samurai that day or somewhere else ?
Bring on Summer ASAP
aussieg #487

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/06/2015 03:55:51Copy HTML

 Hi any one interested in joining  me for some nice gstring  times in the port Macquarie  area love to meet fellow  thongers of any age
Thongmad #488

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/10/2015 08:26:42Copy HTML


I was at Buribi on that Sunday. I tend to go where the conditions are the best for surf on any given day ;)
We tend to drive onto the beach and head South just a little. We did drive back up to the point to buy lunch. Kids went up while I sun baked beside the truck. Great day!
aussieg #489

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/13/2015 03:59:14Copy HTML

 Spent sunday at shelly beach in a male power thong no one else thonging might have to join you samurai  thongers love to hear from u guys
Happy_Thonger #490

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/13/2015 01:41:41Copy HTML

Keep thonging! The more of us guys that do it the more "the norm" it will become. I've never had any issues on any Perth beaches last summer. In fact it was very liberating to find out just how little anyone else cared! Before doing it I had all sorts of preconceived notions as to how it may be received, and they were all wrong. I had thonged may time on holiday overseas, but its different when you do it in your own backyard where you are known and will be recognized. Now I just wish I had had the balls to do it more years ago! So now Im in training for the coming summer and hope to be back out again in my favorite swimwear. Cheers my thoning bruthers and sistas :)  Thong on! 
redhonda #491

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/01/2015 01:11:36Copy HTML

 WOW! went to Mindalong in WA last sunday, still August!!, just warm enough only me and a couple of nudes, wore a mesh leopard skin string that I got off a lady on e-bay, she advertises modal underwear for guys, I got 4 for about $16 bucks, you can wear them as undies or sunning and swimming , they dry out in notime and would be the most comfortable ones I have, looking forward to a long thong summer!!
Grabeach #492

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/02/2015 01:15:14Copy HTML

Been to Clovelly half a dozen times over winter. It is a beach at the end of a long bay, with both sides of the bay concrete. Nicer than it sounds. A few people were sunning on the sand, but more were on the concrete on the south west side. This aspect faces the sun and has protection from the prevailing winter winds. The concrete heats up in the morning, so is quite pleasant by midday. There is also a 25m pool set in the concrete.

As well as the regular swimmers, there are a number of locals and visitors who go for a quick dip or just laze about in the sun on the concrete.  This makes for an interesting mix and some novel dress selection by the females.  Things I've seen mid week so far include:-
1. A late 20s arriving dressed for winter, strip down to her what turned out to be sheer when wet undie bottoms only and take a dip. She then put her bra back on (why?) and sat / lay around to dry off.
2. A thirty something do about an hour of yoga in a bikini bottom (no top).
3. An early 20s removing her shoes and jeans to lay face down in a waist length sleeved top and very brief red thong panties.

Me just sunning in a g seemed rather conventional.

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Re:Beaches of Australia

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Hi All,         Weather is spectacular in Bunbury, I have retired and I am loving Mindalong beach, these days I wear my  Groovin bikinis down to the beach and then one of many G strings, still quiet but long weekend this week should bring out the crowd. I had about 40 strings that I no longer needed so I strung them along the south entry fence, what a splash of color, I had a heavy heart putting some up but all good G's need to be worn, many I had never used, hope to see some one enjoying them .                                                       I might venture up to Warnbro this weekend as there will a huge crowd, best time for showing out!!Cheers from Mindalong
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Re:Beaches of Australia

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 ... 33 degrees and sunny in Sydney tomorrow. I think I will have a full body shave early and head down to a harbour beach in the lee of the prevailing wind in the smallest g-string I can dig out of the drawer and get a start on the tan for the season ... armed with nothing more than bottles of Reef oil, water, beer and a grin ...
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Re:Beaches of Australia

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Good idea Matt, but for the wrong reason!

Aren't you on the south side of Sydney Harbour? It doesn't have any beaches in the lee of the predicted straight northerlies. Winds will be light, however, so still a good choice. Actually a light cooling breeze is probably a plus on a 33C day.

As I've got to drop my daughter at Sydney Uni at noon, adjacent Victoria Park Pool would be convenient, but parking mid week when uni is on is usually non-existent. A few other pools and myriad spots along Botany Bay on the way though, so I'll find somewhere.
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Re:Beaches of Australia

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 Spent Saturday at Birubi, beautiful day although the wind came up a little in the afternoon. We were a few kms down the beach, plenty of peoe around. Got the odd shout or whistle from people driving past, as they all have to drive slow on the sand and have plenty of time to notice that yes, that is a guy in a thong!Spent all day on Monday at Samurai, which was a perfect beach day. Very busy due to the public holiday, so plenty of nudes, plenty still clothed, and a sprinkle of girls in g-strings of different kinds, and me ;) I did plenty of surfing amongst a few others in the water, and chatted with a female surfer who seemed amused by my thong, but didn't directly mention it.Both days we went back to the car park at Birubi where my wife went and got drinks and ice creams while I pumped up the tyres on the 4x4, in just my thong. Well, I mixed in with the girls walking through the car park in theirs 
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Re:Beaches of Australia

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 Samurai today :)Should be good.
Thongmad #498

Re:Beaches of Australia

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 and it was!

Sunny, 30+degC, and light winds all day. Surfed, walked, sunned, had a beer ;), all thonged. 
Left the beach without putting any more on. Stopped for fuel and pumped my tyres back up at the BP servo (the two women behind the counter were a bit shocked but all smiles), washed the car at the local self serve car wash, and stopped at my usual little shop (pretty crowded on a sunny Sunday) for an ice cream. Plenty of looks and stares, but all with smiles on their faces!
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Re:Beaches of Australia

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 Hi Thongmad,
Now full time in residence up Byron way but would have loved to meet up at Samurai.
Saturday was an Awesome day at Evans Head.
Rode my motorbike to the beach in only thong and short shirt.
Big beach with plenty of people passing but nobody near me.
Just took it off and lay naked most of the time but put it on for a swim and up and down the beach.
Met and chatted with various people and not a word mentioned :)
We gotta catch up.
Thongmad #500

Re:Beaches of Australia

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 Yep, hoping there's a chance I'll get up that way in the next week or so for work. I only get a few hours at a time at best when it's a short trip.I will definitely look you up if it happens 
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