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Grabeach #651

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/01/2018 09:04:51Copy HTML

Bren; Living in Australia’s other big city, I haven’t come across the sort of behaviour you mention for years. Ironically it was more common way back when there were actually a few more guys wearing thongs (actually g-strings) than there are now. I have a couple of suggestions why Melbourne could be a bit less ‘friendly’ than Sydney. I would be interested in Jh’s view on this; I trust he won’t jump down my throat on it. After all, you may have just been unlucky to strike a one-off occurrence.

1. You mentioned drunks. This brought to mind previous posts regarding alcohol on beaches. I recall you mentioning schoolies on the Gold Coast and I stated that if a big Esky full of beer arrived I didn’t hang around for the inevitable outcome. Following the infamous 2005 ‘riots’ at my local beachside suburb (won’t go into the causes, but alcohol was what turned it violent), there was a big crackdown on alcohol abuse at all Sydney beaches. I think this actually produced a positive change in attitude that persists to this day. Perhaps Melbourne has yet to come to grips with alcohol on beaches.

2. Historically Sydney has long been considered the most publicly gay of the Australian cities. While some may still associate brief swimwear with homosexuality, very few see this as a problem. At a Sydney pool recently, a guy was shouting at two males for having a very brief welcoming kiss. The lifeguards kicked out the guy doing the shouting! Maybe Melbourne lags slightly in this regard.
MarkThongLines #652

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/02/2018 08:29:06Copy HTML

Taking another long weekend to attend an appointment mid Monday morning, then have the afternoon to myself. So far there looks to be a break in the rain on Monday too. Think I might check out Nobbies if it’s not too crowded.
bbyrne78 #653

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/03/2018 03:29:41Copy HTML

@Grabeach - The day you mentioned is one of the darkest days in recent Australian history. I don't doubt alcohol had a lot to do with it, but it also highlights another problem in nearly all communities that is currently on the rise. I won't go into too many details, but some of the issues I experienced recently stem from the same issues that were at the root of that bad day.
From my last month in Melbourne, I would say that it is neither more or less gay friendly than Sydney. I just think that I ran into a overflow of @ssholes who had drunk probably a little too much and wanted to show off. It's just a shame that everyone within a 30 metre vicinity had to see including families and little kids.
Off to my fun shoot with a MM friend.
Love Bren
MarkThongLines #654

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/10/2018 01:03:04Copy HTML

It’s been a pretty successful week for beach thonging, getting to a few Newcastle beaches over four days.

My first thonging attempt at a mainstream public beach, heading to Nobbies on Monday. Was fairly deserted during the morning so I was able to walk most of the beach in my blue JS mini cheek trunks (covering a smaller thong with 1/2” straps). Once I set up at the lighthouse end of the beach I removed the JS shorts to tan. The sun was out, perfect temperature, but unfortunately it was too windy with sand blowing up. I lasted around 45min before deciding to check out my usual haunt.

So Glenrock/Burwood was the go-to for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I decided to set up closer to the rock face between the two beaches which meant that I would be closer to the usual path of people walking the length of the beach. The spot also was closer to one of the entries to the beach from the sand dunes, so needless to say, over the three days, I had heaps of people walking past in fairly close proximity.

Day one:
Encountered a guy who set himself up about 50m down from me. He was sunbathing and swimming nude, and appeared quite comfortable to walk back and forth past me numerous times. It became a little uncomfortable after a while, he seemed to be taking a bit too much interest in me. At one stage I rolled over to see him up in the sand dunes behind me looking down. I did my best to indicate that I was in no way interested. I guess because he was ‘caught out’ he decided to walk down and straight past me. As he did I saw that he was wearing a metal cockring, which he didn’t care to hide at all.

Not too long after, a young couple appeared, setting up about 40m north. It seemed that they had put their stuff down before seeing me, as the bloke looked a little uncomfortable. But after some conversation with his girlfriend who appeared to be urging him to just go for a swim, they settled in. I can only imaging his reaction if he knew about the naked guy to the south.

Day two:
The beach was a little more crowded. But once I had passed the Burwood entry, where most of the surfers come onto the beach, I decided to walk the remainder in my JS mini cheek shorts. I was able to get in about 2 1/2hrs sunning in. During the first half I had around 10 or so people walk by, one of which was a female around mid 30s who was doing laps of the beach. She was wearing a nicely cut cheeky bikini, she had a fair pace on but I guess you’d say she was ‘power-walking’ more that jogging.

What I didn’t notice until around her 5th or so lap is that the tide had been coming in, so by the time she was doing her final laps she was passing by only like 5m away. As she walked past on her way back up toward Merewether she commented on the weather, asking if I was enjoying it. I replied “couldn’t be a better day to be out” and hoped she enjoyed the rest of her day.

About half an hour before I was planning to leave the same guy from the day before appeared again. And again he continued to walk back and forth past me, making no efforts to hide his ogling. By this time I had had enough sun, so decided to leave.

Day three:
Only a couple of surfers when I arrived. This time as I passed the Burwood entry I stripped down to my thong to walk to my spot. In the distance I saw a beach walker heading toward me, I had considered putting on my coverup shorts but then recognized the pattern of movement from the day before. It was the same female doing laps of the beach again, so given the interaction we had had I just kept walking in my thong. We said "Hi" as we passed each other and kept on our way.

It was not long before a bloke, probably in his 50s, turned up from the sand dunes in a pair of black Speedos. He went for a swim, appearing from the water nude, walking back to his towel to sunbake. He was keeping a close eye on the beach to either direction, covering up as people approached.

When no one was around he’d go for a walk, towards the lagoon and then come back. He walked past me and up into the dunes, reappearing near his towel. He appeared to put his Speedos back on before walking back down to the water with his towel around his waist. As young guy walked past him looked to opened his towel, rewrapping himself as the young guy continued on his way. He then turned to walk back paste toward the dunes. As he did he removed his towel to reveal a grey-ish coloured thong, before disappearing up into the dunes.

I continued sunbaking for another hour or so, rolling over and onto my sides in an attempt to get as even a tan as I can. I was laying on my stomach reading my book when I heard someone walking behind me. I rolled over to see another guy, around the same age, walk past only about 1-2m away from me. He was wearing a singlet and what looked like a white thong. I only saw the back of him so it could have been the same guy for all I know changed into another thong. He continued walking up towards the Burwood entry, passing two surfers without any hesitation. Given this guy was pretty much the same age and approx build as the guy in the grey thong, I’m gonna assume it was the same bloke. Surely, having only seen one other guy thonging in a local beach (apart from myself) like a week ago, I’m not going to see two other male thongers on the same beach on the same day.

After packing up for the afternoon, and seeing there was no one around, I was able to walk the entire length of the beach in my thong confidently which was great.

This morning I took my daughter to Dudley beach. We headed to the rock pools to the northern end. I had hoped to get a bit of sun on the cheeks but there was a group of people fishing off the rocks. It also clouded over soon after so that was that.

Tomorrow, will hopefully have a window of time to get some backyard tanning in. Fingers crossed for an hour in the afternoon at the beach before back to work...
MarkThongLines #655

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/17/2018 11:23:31Copy HTML

Heard the first comment referring to my thonging at the beach today. I had been tanning at my usual beach (a fairly isolated stretch of sand) for about an hour as a young couple walked past. As they came by, around 10m away, the guy said to his girlfriend “it’s a dude... I guess if there’s somewhere to tan in a gstring it’s here. You’d still get some foot traffic though.” Initially I had expected that it was going to be a negative comment but ended up being relatively accepting.
Grabeach #656

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/17/2018 08:20:47Copy HTML

I'd still call that negative, though of the mild variety. He seems to be saying that a g-string on a guy is okay provided he can't be seen. He wouldn't have made the comment if you were wearing boardies, 'Speedos' or nothing for that matter.
Not uncommon for the male component of a young couple to say something to the female. Often a bit louder than normal conversation level. Maybe trying to show her how broadminded he is?
MarkThongLines #657

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/22/2018 08:59:18Copy HTML

Heading down to Burwood this afternoon to sun the buns. Should be there around 3:00ish if I can get away from work early.
dandyandy #658

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/24/2018 06:45:11Copy HTML

 Went down to Bungan beach in Newport with my wife this afternoon .  Given the access topography it was very quiet.  Very steep access but great exercise.  Few bluebottles around too but managed to re-charge the thong tanline just with a couple of hours on the beach.  Didn't wear Jovana this time  just a Cover Male thong.  Did the job though.  Haven't been out for a month so was nice to have some quiet time with wife.  Her bikini choice somewhat less adventurous but that's her choice and she doesn't mind being with the only male in a thong on a beach.
straplesspouch #659

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/24/2018 10:55:04Copy HTML

On the Australia day holiday I was at the Gold Coast on a very quiet area of the beach. I don't like crowds. I had already been there for few hours with a family setting up close by shortly after I laid out. 
As usual I was wearing my baggie thong for the entire time, without issue. Lots of beach walkers passed by without issue, as usual. I wear a coloured c-ring at the base for colour contrast so people can see I'm not nude.
Police on these quad bikes had been travelling up and down the beach all day, I guess because it was a holiday.
Then the cops decided to stop. I knew I was complying with the relevant law. I keep the copy of the statute with me to produce if I am challenged. It was useful this time to have.
After showing the statute copy to the two cops they agreed. I think they already knew the law.
Anyway after a pointless conversation I was warned that there were people , hundreds of metres away that would probably come over and assault me because they wouldn't like my attire. In that event the cops would not assist.

Following that they just drove off.

bbyrne78 #660

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/24/2018 11:07:56Copy HTML

A few years ago I was visiting Steamer's Beach on the South Coast of NSW and since no one was within 100 metres of hubby and me, we stripped off. Before we knew it a couple of rangers had snuck up on us (never read a magazine and have your headphones on when you are sunbathing naked - lessons learned). They could not have been any cooler. One was a traditional owner of the land and the other was a newbie I would guess.
They said hello, told us we had to take any of the rubbish with us when we left and told us to keep off the fragile sea grass. They reminded me (hubby had quickly gotten his swim shorts on - I have no idea how he could do that so quickly) that I had to wear something on the walk back to the car because some of the people could get a shock. They said bye and rode off.
I guess I have been lucky not to get hassled in Australia by the police/rangers/council. 
Love Bren
Thongmad #661

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/26/2018 12:37:45Copy HTML

 The few encounters with authorities that I have had, have never been about what I was wearing, regardless of the beach I was on.
On Birubi, you need a pass issued by the local traditional landowners organisation. They will from time to time approach your vehicle to ensure you are complying with this. Of the four or five times they’ve ever done this to me, no mention of my thong wearing has ever happened. As several other Australian members of this board have said they also thong along this beach, I gather the Rangers have seen it all before. With over 30kms of beach, I’ve no doubt they also come across several people sunbaking naked as well.
Walking across the boardwalk at Bondi in front of a police car was also a non-event. I know they’ve seen it all before on that beach!
Grabeach #662

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/26/2018 09:42:23Copy HTML

In the 40 odd years I've been wearing g-strings on the beach, I've been approached three times by the police about what I was wearing. All were following complaints about me supposedly sunbathing nude. Not surprisingly, all were in the one season when I had replaced worn out straps with ultra thin 1 mm (1/32 inch) elastic. On each occasion, the police said something along the lines of, "I know you're not showing genitalia, but would you do us a favour and move further along the beach", each time they pointed in a particular direction. This indicated that there had been a single complaint and moving me out of range of the objector solved the 'problem'. This had me thinking that the objector was more worried about that I might be sunning nude, rather than that they could actually see genitals. Interesting.

There has also been three other occasions of mistaken identity / typecasting.
First was the police responding to a complaint that a guy who had actually been nude. I think he had left just before they had arrived. Rather amusingly they asked had I seen what he was wearing. I replied, "Yea, nothing".
Second was the police responding to a complaint about a guy supposedly taking photos of other people's children. They put two and two together, came up with five and approached me. Despite the fact that I did not have a camera or phone, they were actually getting a bit heavy. Fortunately, a woman (probably the one who had complained) told them they were talking to the wrong guy. By the way, they went through the guys camera and found that he had been taking photos of the scenery and the children were incidental.
Finally there was a National Parks ranger who was looking for a guy that had illegally ridden a jet ski into a crowded beach. Funny that of maybe 50 guys on the small beach, the ranger chose to approach me first.
John Howard #663

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/28/2018 11:40:25Copy HTML

 Hi Bren, always heard of Mt Martha beach but never been to, is it a sort of thong friendly beach?I usually thong at St Kilda, Middle Park and South and Port Melbourne beach, Seaford beach near Frankston on the weekends....Also at c /o Sunnyside  beach a bit south of Mt Martha, but since i had a negative experience down there last year , i have not been very keen to go back, some gay guys a bit over the top dont undrrstand no means no intetested;   well thats how some girls might feel when they have unwanted attention.  I reckon that unless you have company of someone of the opposite sex as a beach buddy unfortunately you wont enjoy the beach, sad
Dont blame tbe double or triple takes you got at MM, WW is a fantastic brand for girls, but the combination of that plus a body that can pull it off has become like something from another planet;   there is on one hand this neo prudish fashion on girls to avoid g's unddrwear section of the stores mostly sell granny undereear as the fashion now dictates, on the other hand unhealthy unfit bodies are now praised and regarded as role models and something to be proud of, look at what hapenned to the grid girls at Formula 1 they got sacked for being fit and beautiful.Anyway it must be so refreshing to see a WW wearing healthy fit woman on the beach these days!Cheers
bbyrne78 #664

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/01/2018 03:10:48Copy HTML

Mt Martha is a nice quiet beach whether the only risk are dogs running off the lead. The water is average and the recent rain in Melbourne really washed a lot of debris into the water. Hubby and I were lucky to find a spot where there wasn't a lot of stuff floating in the water. To be fair, the spot is a little average given what I am used to at Kingscliff, Byron Bay or Fingals Point. 
I think the more affluent beachgoers couldn't care less but I did feel like a bit of a curiosity. Not in a freak show way. 

I have to disagree on the topic of Grid Girls or Brolly Babes. I did that job for a a year in Japan and a two years in Australia. That and promo modelling is a pretty terrible way to make a living and I can say there were more than a few events where I really didn't feel safe at all. I am actually glad that they are banning it. There were better and healthier ways for me to make slightly above minimum wage than being a promo model. 

The only thing I ever got out of it was an insight into how the fashion and beauty industry operated and I knew that I didn't want any part of it. 

Love Bren
MarkThongLines #665

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/01/2018 12:03:34Copy HTML

Heading up to Brisbane for an extended weekend, is anyone able to give suggestions for thong friendly locations to grab some sun?
Thongmad #666

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/02/2018 11:44:28Copy HTML

 Not much beach-wise up there. Southbank is the only option near the city (the fake beach/pool setup over the river).If you want to buy a thong or two, visit Nira at her Boobah/Sunbabe shop, also on the south side of the river.

If you want a proper beach, head to Surfers/Gold Coast area.
bbyrne78 #667

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/02/2018 09:54:39Copy HTML

@Mark - I support Thongmad's suggestion of going down to the GC or Coolangatta. It's a bit of a drive but infinitely more fun and enjoyable. My bias is legitimate. The sand at the Tweed Shire is much better than anything in or around Brisbane.
Love Bren
MarkThongLines #668

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/10/2018 05:15:39Copy HTML

Planning a day down at Birdie beach on Monday, though may also check out Ghosties on a recent recommendation.Weather is supposed to be pretty good. Anyone keen?
dandyandy #669

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/19/2018 12:52:40Copy HTML

 Busy day at Birdie Beach yesterday.  Had to park up the hill and around the corner being closest spot as I didn't get there until lunchtime.  Spent pretty much all of the time nude.  If you walk towards the far north end around the rocks, as the tide goes out there's lots of shallow bathing pools to just lie in.  I did have my 4D micro that I put on for a while before leaving (saving genitals from getting over exposed to the  sun) and walked back to the car wearing just this.  Being such a relaxed beach it's no big deal and barely anyone takes any notice.  Except for the guy in a car who drove past, turned around and watched me from distance as I got dressed by my car.  Creepy.  Always one I guess.
AussieExPoser #670

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/19/2018 10:01:22Copy HTML

Birdie can get quite crowded car park wise. I often go by motorcycle to avoid parking problems. 
Beats me why National Parks don’t designate All the beach nude since it’s so popular. I’ll bet if all those using it petitioned them they would have to bend to public pressure. They are after all public servants. 
On the issue of going to and from the car park I always wear Just a thong. IMHO it’s just stupid to have a nude beach and require people to wear clothes from car to beach and then carry them around all day just to wear back to their cars. 
Thongmad #671

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/28/2018 04:30:03Copy HTML

 Easter weekend looks like being perfect weather for the beach.

I will be in the Port Stephens area, thongs at the ready.

What's everyone else up to?
dandyandy #672

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/29/2018 12:18:28Copy HTML

 Tempted to head up the coast tomorrow albeit wondering about traffic.  Wife taking kids to Easter show so have most of the day to myself.  If anyone wants company to chat sandpaper etc.  just shout out and I may brave potential traffic.  Otherwise enjoy your weekend folks.
chickenleg #673

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/02/2018 08:30:32Copy HTML

Hi folks, heading over to the Gold Coast with the family in May this year and was wondering what the scene was like at the moment. Staying at the Crowne Plaza Surfer's Paradise and will be using public transport.
MarkThongLines #674

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/05/2018 01:47:07Copy HTML

Did anyone happen to get out to enjoy the weather over the Easter long weekend?
The weather in Newcastle was perfect for working on the tan. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get out to the beach, between family catch ups, but got in a few relaxing hours in the backyard across the four days.
From what I can see we are expecting clear skies and temps in the late 20s so I plan to make up for it this weekend and hit the beach on both days. Make the most of it while we still have the sun and the heat.

I did get down to Birdie Beach again a few weeks back, and had a good few hours at the northern end. The beach wasn’t too crowded when I arrived but but the weather was great. I found a good spot roughly in the middle of the co section, went for a quick dip before setting myself up. As I read a book for the next half an hour or so a steady stream of people began to arrive, spreading themselves out across the area. Plenty of people walking past but all pretty relaxed, mostly people keeping to themselves. Having had a few good experiences now at Birdie I was feeling a little more adventurous, deciding to wear a cring with my blue JS bulge thong. My intent wasn’t to draw attention, I just like the profile and additional feeling of support it provides with the suit. Nobody batted an eyelid either way, so it was an enjoyable experience. After an hour I sat up to have a bit of a look around, enjoy the atmosphere and reapply my tanning oil. While doing this a guy in his 30s approached to ask how far south the co section of the beach went. While he seemed pretty comfortable apparently his girlfriend preferred less crowded areas. We talked for a bit, turned out to be on holiday from Germany, before he headed off. I spent the rest of my time there enjoying my book before walking back down the beach and to my car, not feeling the need to cover up like I usually would.Having another enjoyable day there, I just wish it was a little closer to home...
dandyandy #675

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/05/2018 02:10:34Copy HTML

 Weather was great.  Was going to head to Birdie on the Easter Friday but was just too bushed from a busy week at work so lounged about at home doing pretty much nothing.  Headed up to Shelly Beach at Bateau Bay on Sunday afternoon with the familly.  I wasn't really sunbathing at all.  Just had a bit of a stroll up the beach, some lunch at the SLSC and a snooze.  Great beach for the family and pretty tepid waves.  The kids had a ball and were almost comatose on the way home so job done.  Probably not the standard thonging beach that I'd go to as extremely family but wouldn't really worry if I wanted to.  Plenty of space there of course if you want to find a quieter spot away from the main throng.
Have to say Birdie is a very relaxed beach having been there twice.  No issues or the sense of feeling uncomfortable either time.  A quintessential CO beach where you can wear whatever you want it seems.  I've worn thong and gone nude each time.  A couple of guys next to me last time had one nude and one in board shorts last time I was there.  Anything goes I guess except families as it certainly appears to be an adults only place from my experience.  Did burn my feet to a crisp because I was walking from up the hill barefoot.  Dumb thing to do and put a dampener a bit so I must remember my thongs (the feet version) in future.
Not sure if I'll have time much now.  Kids winter sports kick off this week so Saturday is always out and that might be the better of the two days.  May need to wait until we go away to Hamilton Island in September.  Wonder if I can alter the thong quota there for men.. :)  Hmm.
Grabeach #676

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/05/2018 09:04:09Copy HTML

"Wonder if I can alter the thong quota for men .. :)"

You certainly will - infinitely. From zero to one!

Seriously, assuming your going in school holidays, I would expect the mainstream island resorts to be overrun with young families. The daughters would likely be too young for cheekies, let alone thongs. A great place for young families, but increases the chances of a 'think of the children' response. Haven't been there myself, but way back when we took the kids to popular resorts, I lived in an Alphamoda Skyros (a briefer Speedo-like style), and was still the odd man out.
dandyandy #677

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/06/2018 01:44:01Copy HTML

 We went a few years back and it was all ages.  Will probably pack a Rio/Brazilian style back style too which will still raise eyebrows no doubt.  And yes we'll be going 2 days before holidays start so going to be kid central.
MarkThongLines #678

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/08/2018 02:19:35Copy HTML

We were looking at Hamilton Island for a holiday in September but have decided to head to the Cook Islands where I’m hoping for many thonging opportunities. I’d be keen to hear how your trip goes.
I got out yesterday for a bit of sun at Burwood. It was significantly more ‘crowded’ than usual, with close to 30 odd surfers up at the north end. The swell was looking pretty good so I could see why. There were quite a few young females scattered along the beach which upped the usual level of exposed cheekage. I assumed that most were likely to be the surfers’ girlfriends as most had additional towels/belongings beside them. Still made for a good perv as I made my way down the beach. A pretty relaxing time there overall, plenty of foot traffic and passerby, everyone out enjoying this great weather.
Thongmad #679

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/08/2018 11:26:38Copy HTML

 I’ll be off to Birubi this afternoon for a surf and a walk down the beach. Weather looks great, but it will no doubt start cooling off before too long.
AussieExPoser #680

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/09/2018 12:12:49Copy HTML

 I'm in Newcastle for the next week or more.
Don't have a vehicle to come up to Birubi today though :(
But can make arrangements other days ?
Spr String #681

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/09/2018 08:07:42Copy HTML

 Can confirm Kambah Beach and Pine Island in Canberra are thong friendly.Gf has worn her WW exclusively and I have been in a JS all summer. 
Thongmad #682

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/10/2018 02:58:46Copy HTML

Later in the week I may be around. Working in Sydney today and Wed/Thursday, but see what Friday brings.
The weather is supposed to warm back ip by then :)
AussieExPoser #683

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/10/2018 11:00:39Copy HTML

 Keep me posted please. My daughter is moving house on the weekend so unlikely to get away but might manage Friday. 
MarkThongLines #684

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/12/2018 01:35:59Copy HTML

I’ve got a half day at work this coming Monday so plan to get in a few hours at the beach from around 12:30ish.From what I can see it’s gonna be clear skies...
AussieExPoser #685

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/12/2018 08:28:32Copy HTML

 Which beach Mark ?
MarkThongLines #686

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/13/2018 12:47:39Copy HTML

 Probably looking at Dudley, Burwood or Glenrock. Seeing I only have a few hours I thought I’d stay local to get the most time in th sun.
Where have you been going while in Newcastle?
AussieExPoser #687

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/13/2018 01:10:51Copy HTML

Burwood is good but the treatment works entry being closed on weekends makes it difficult to access so I would go for Dudley beach to the south. The far north end is commonly nude but I have even seen women sunbathing nude just near the north access steps. Morning is best but for me as I have a commitment at 2pm. Any chance of a lift from Merewether?

bbyrne78 #688

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/16/2018 12:23:33Copy HTML

Yesterday at Fingal Head there must have been 40 or 50 women in cheeky bikinis and thongs. The group also had about 30 or so guys wearing a massive range of swimwear from board shorts to swim briefs. All were visitors in town for the Commonwealth Games. It won't surprise me if a few stay on in Byron Bay or Ballina for the next few days. Weather is going to be perfect.
Love Bren
MarkThongLines #689

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/26/2018 03:44:44Copy HTML

 Opportunity knocked this morning, with a warmish weekend. Given I had done all I needed to around the house and yard I decided to head to the beach to get some sun. Pretty pleasant, about 22 degrees, no wind. I was beginning to worry the tanlines were going to fade....
thenextthong #690

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:07/25/2018 06:11:08Copy HTML

 It's been a while since I've posted, mostly because over the past few years I've been more into going to fully nude beaches as opposed to having a thong tan line. However, I have decided to purchase a couple of new thongs, seeing as there are more easily accessible textile beaches around me than official and unofficial nudist beaches.
I was up at Alexandria Bay at Noosa last Saturday. The weather was a chilly top of 19 degrees Celsius, but it was nice in the midday sun - perfect tanning weather since the sun is not too harsh on the skin. There were understandably not many people enjoying the beach that day. Late August is when things slowly start picking up again.
Ben_Jones83 #691

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/18/2018 09:37:32Copy HTML

I made it to Maroubra Beach on Tuesday this week with the little bit of warm weather around. There were only a handful of people on the beach & I laid out in my g-string for an hour or so & then walked back to the car park in just my g-string. Great start to season!
straplesspouch #692

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/19/2018 05:53:53Copy HTML

Gold coast on Saturday with the wind a bit strong and slightly chilly. Lying in a sheltered location it was nice with the sun very warm. A lot of walkers going past but few swimmers. Water temperature probably around 22 Centigrade. After packing up I did see one woman lying in a thong.
AussieExPoser #693

Re:Beaches of Australia

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Good to see your'e all getting out and about a bit even in winter. Some not far from me actually. My nearest beach is Evans Head but there are miles of great beaches along this stretch of coast. Much easier to access if you have a 4x4 because all of them are beach driveable. So anyone up this way give me a yell if you want to catch up. Anywhere from Yamba to Byron bay is pretty easy reach
kiwi_thonger27 #694

Re:Beaches of Australia

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Hi, am in Sunshine Coast at the moment. Gonna check out Alexandria beach later today or tomorrow and work on my thong tan line. Would be cool to have some company if anyone else around want to join me? Drop me a pm.
MarkThongLines #695

Re:Beaches of Australia

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What the bloody hell happened to Spring? We’ve had a full week of rain and it is set in for at least the next 4days. I’m putting my faith in the weather report, expecting the sun to return Friday/Saturday with temps in the late 20s. Fingers tightly crossed for some bun sunning ;)
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Re:Beaches of Australia

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so was anyone able to take advantage of the sunny Melbourne weather this weekend??
aeurope #697

Re:Beaches of Australia

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Not Melbourne, but I did in Adelaide.
MarkThongLines #698

Re:Beaches of Australia

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Getting to a top of 29 in Newcastle today. Time to finally get some exposure...

MarkThongLines #699

Re:Beaches of Australia

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Had a nice afternoon last Sunday, spending some time down at Dudley Beach in my JS bulge thong. Heading toward the northern end, there were a few small groups of people around. There was a family walking their dog, who I waited for to move on before setting up a space to enjoy the sun. Nearby there were two girls in their early twenties sunning topless and wearing cheeky cut bottoms and another young couple, the girl wearing a thong bikini and her boyfriend in speedo style briefs. I’m sure the guy was sunning himself in the nude but slipped on the trunks as I approached the area. I layed my towel about 20m or so away from them and stripped off to my thong. After a while the guy get up to go for a swim. On his way back I saw him looking over in my direction before returning to his girlfriend. I can’t say whether his seeing myself comfortably enjoying some sun in minimal attire had anything to do with it but he had decided to return to sun baking nude. It was perfect weather for it. Can’t wait to get back down there.
Thongmad #700

Re:Beaches of Australia

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Surfed at Manly yesterday in Budgy Smugglers. I’m amazed how popular they are down there now since the shop opened up a few blocks from the beachfront. Hopefully get an early one at Bondi tomorrow. Budgy’s at the most, but depending on crowd and conditions, I may well be up for a wave in my thong. ( I had Boobah make me one with a drawstring for just such occasions). I finally have had a few visits to my favourite stretch of sand recently. The Samurai nudist beach and the adjacent One Mile beach to enjoy a walk nude and in my thong. That’s living ;)
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