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gman1970 #101

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/29/2008 11:30:25Copy HTML

Hi Thong_Peter, Thank you so much for your information. I am wondering if Andrew Boy Charlton pool is available for thonging? Do you know which public or resort pool is thong-friendly? Thank You
thong_peter #102

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/03/2008 12:08:38Copy HTML

 These days thongs are not so popular, and I don't get to the beach so often either. There are a few nude beaches where thongs are obviously OK (Google: sydney nude beaches).

Last summer I went to Tamarama a few times and wore a thong with no problem, but I didn't see others. I think there would be other places you could go too, especially mid week, and mostly those beaches closer to the city. Search back through this thread for ideas. Perhaps some others will reply with where they went thonging last summer.

I'm sure the major city hotels would accept a thong. There aren't really too many resorts in Sydney. You need to go out of the city a bit, but I'd guess that the ones which were not particualrly family oriented would accept it. Again, maybe others have a comment.

The weather has started to warm prematurely this summer, so maybe there'll be more chances soon. Unfortunately, the sea water is still really cold and will be for a few months yet, so I may be sunning myself but I think I'll restrict my swimming to the pool for a while.


adambrix #103

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/12/2008 09:39:06Copy HTML

Most of the Sydney eastern suburb and harbour beaches are fine for thonging. There will usually be at least a few girls in strings, with the occassional guy. I'd suggest Camp Cove, Coogee or Bondi. I've also been to Balmoral and Neilsen Park with no problems. Mid week is better as there are less tourists/families. I don't think Boy Charlton pool would be a great place for thongs.
bikiniman #104

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/02/2009 04:15:16Copy HTML

Hi to All Aussie G stringers, its been a while.I still get it out at Mindalong in Bunbury, Warnbro  and Swanbourne, hope to get up to swanny soon, always entertaining. I'm still one of the very few stringers in the southwest but I love the surprise element, I go up to the mainstream beaches in Perth and get very exposed. If your a West Aussie hope to see you soon and always come up and say Hullo.
JM_Runs #105

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/06/2009 07:32:36Copy HTML

Hi bikiniman
I hear the weather has been hot over your way the last few days. The east coast is getting scorched this week! (35+), so it's been great getting out thonging in my pool and local beach.
How's the thonging around the rest of the country, Australians?
adware1977 #106

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/06/2009 01:22:27Copy HTML

Hello Thongmad
It is winter were I live, in the united states.
So in our temp conversion you are around 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  Here it is  -13F, which is -25C for you.
Guts #107

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/23/2009 10:42:56Copy HTML

My wife, kids and I all went down to Byron Bay last weekend and spent the day on the beach. I was wearing my navy blue skinz thong all day. Had no bad comments at all. Didn't see anybody else thonging at all, not female or male. We were just north of the main beach and it was fairly busy all day. I did notice a couple of funny type looks but also noticed a few having a good look. All up it was fantastic day.

Tuesday I plan to go to Surfers and spend the day there thonging, this time I'll be by myself. Haven't yet decided exactly which beach I'll go. It will however be some where north of sufers main beach.
John Howard #108

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/25/2009 11:56:00Copy HTML

Went to the Gold Coast last year, and thonged by myself at Broadbeach (south of Surfers Paradise).  I was the only male thonger at the time, but no hassles and no worries at all.

I went to Black Rock beach here in Melbourne last week, with my two kids.  We set up the sun shade, and had a great time. We set up near the main stairs that come down, so almost everyone who came down to the beach could see what I was wearing.  A black Dore Low Cut thong.

I always avoid setting our things up far away from the main area of the beach.   I know some people like to go to hidden areas of the beach, but I have nothing to be ashamed of and prefer to blend with all the rest of beach goers (who were mainly adult couples and a few families with young kids like mine). 

We played with this special tennis ball that bounces in the water, at waist level or below.  Nobody said anything.  I felt very comfortable and had a great time. O

nly a group of three young people (2 guys and a girl, the perfect combination for a moron coward hero to try to impress the girl by trying to 'ridicule' a person wearing a thong like me.  He needs to impress the girl, and the backup to protect him is  his friend).  I was sunbaking with my two boys and heard this guy laughing out loud when he walked past me.   Kept an eye on him so I could recognize him later. 

20 minutes later I stood up and spotted where they were, not very far away from us.  Told my boys to stay in the sun shade, and went for a walk along the beach up to where they were swimming.  Went in the water, and made eye contact with him.  I said "G'day mate",  and he replied back 'hi'.   I smiled at the girl and she smiled back to me.  I swam next to them for about 5 minutes and came out and walked back along the beach, only wearing my thong.  Not one word from anyone. I think he was only a young pussycat.
JM_Runs #109

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/27/2009 07:42:29Copy HTML


In Surfers, I've been to Main Beach (which is a fair way north of Cavill Ave, nearly to the Spit turn-off) opposite the caravan park. You walk through a short grassy park section, and over to the sand, about 100m south of the surf club. If you turn to your right when you come onto the sand, you'll probably find a thonger or two there (if they're out, that is). It's a small stretch with no buildings between the sand and the road (rare in Surfers) and a few regulars go there to escape crowds a bit (as much as you can up there!)
Otherwise, if the wind picks up too much, there's the protected beaches on the inside of the Spit. Look for the carparks up past Seaworld on the left hand side of the road. Calm waters and protected from the afternoon winds. I've seen other thongers here too,and even two nude photo shoots!
Gotta love Byron, too!
Guts #110

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/27/2009 11:35:47Copy HTML

Didn't end up going to the beach today as it was raining plus I was busy with other stuff.
Will get there before summer ends tho.
Thanks for the heads up thongmad, sounds like about where I had in mind anyway.
JM_Runs #111

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/02/2009 07:28:04Copy HTML

I too have recently decided I won't be posting any more - too much else to do. I'll be deleting my profile and account.
Everything I've ever posted IS fact, and I'll always wear thongs.

If you ever see my name of 'Thongmad' here or anywhere else, it isn't me...

See ya

A big thanks JM - it's been like therapy sometimes!
John Howard #112

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/02/2009 10:07:06Copy HTML

Yep, not everyone is fair dinkum here unfortunately...
Your contributions were highly appreciated, hopefully one day you will come back.
All the best...

John Howard
JM_Runs #113

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/23/2009 02:50:16Copy HTML

I'm back in Sydney for my regular sojurn down-under and have noticed that there is a bit of a renaissance in thong-wearing here. For a few years, the fashion seemed to be going away from wearing a thong but the heatwave that has just hit Sydney has brought them back.  I've spotted quite a number of thong-wearers out on the mainstream beaches.  And I haven't seen or heard anyone complain!
maxpower1980 #114

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/10/2009 10:50:50Copy HTML

Went to black rock on sunday, very few people there i was the only one in a thong, one other guy was in a rio. have the usual thongers found a better location?
g_stringmelbboy #115

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/11/2009 03:20:19Copy HTML

There are heaps of better beaches for thong wearing in Melbourne than black rock.
maxpower1980 #116

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/11/2009 09:56:52Copy HTML

any recomendations
g_stringmelbboy #117

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/11/2009 10:05:07Copy HTML

Yes, if we are talking Melbourne metro area inside the bay. Anywhere between Port melb lifesaving and South melb are good, always a few topless girls and few g-string wearers(male and female). St kilda, mainbeach if you have the courage a very busy open beach always a heap of topless girls. Armstrong st wich is a few hundred meters to the west of st kilda main beach is a great spot. Sandridge Port melb is a big gay beach. Everywhere from Elwood to Frankston seem to be more family orientated beaches where it is rare to even see a topless girl.Now for places outside the metro area.
Sunnyside Mt eliza(just past frankston) is a great nude beach. Werribe south has a nude beach, but dont bother the beach is crappy and used as a gay cruising area. Pt impossible down at Torquay is an awesome nude beach if you have the time to get down there(1.5hours from melb).

I spent alot of time thonging around Port melb lifesaving last year and never had a problem.
Good luck
adambrix #118

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/13/2009 08:03:57Copy HTML

Hey shownig22, which beaches have you recently been to in Sydney and noticed the thonging? Guys, girls, both? I am heading there again this summer and was planning on getting some micro suits on the beaches. Last summer there was an average amount, and a few pretty small suits at a few beaches.
Thongmad #119

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/20/2010 10:07:30Copy HTML

Back again...summer and thonging has just bought me back to the site again!

So what's been going on over summer, Australia? We've certainly had the weather to be out sunning your cheeks!
OS777 #120

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/26/2010 03:50:55Copy HTML

Crazy Yank Bloke here.  In May of 1999 I visited Sydney for two weeks. Yea, I was well aware it is winter season.  I had left Las Vegas a few weeks before on my 4-month long round-the-world holiday.  It was amusing that I would be wearing a tee-shirt and short (walking) pants as I left the YHI (Youth Hostel International) new high-rise for a day of tramping about the city.  Most locals were bundled up in wool clothes and I looked like I had just been dropped from Outback.  Having to make the most of my time I did my bit of sightseeing and spent a few days on the beach as Lady Jane nude beach.  I wore a few thongs and met few people (mid-winter).  Being that I came from Nevada and spring weather was just arriving ... coming to Sydney in winter was a perfect weather.  It felt like Mother Nature had turned on the air-con just for me.  For visitors from Europe and North America a vacation during the winters of Australia is a perfect time to see and avoid the local crowds during Aussie winters.  No crowds in central SYD or at the beaches.  Oxford St. and other local tourist haunts were not congested.  For foreign visitors please be prepared to visit with a copy of Lonely Planet to see and experience what you came to see.  Forget the canned package tour groups.  If you purchase your Lonely Planet guide to whatever country you are going to visit... you will see more and have a much more enjoyable holiday.  I never payed more than $20 per nite in any hostel or hotel in my 4 month long holiday that took me around the world to 17 countries.  Using research aids such as this website, your payed YHI membership card and a clear head you you can have an inexpensive event packed vacation.  FYI I used www.airtreks.com to acquire my $3000 (USA) round the world air tickets and reservations.  You need to do your homework and check to see if you need to apply for visas for countries you plan to visit. I missed the opportunity to visit India because I assumed I could get a visa in flight from that Hell hole called Singapore.  Aeroflot (Russian airline) would not allow me passage to India because I lacked a visa to visit.  Always do your homework and plan your route and have enough cash to get there and back home.  Yes, I will be back to AUS again and this time it will be 3 to 6 months of visiting as much of the east coast and the SE country cities and beaches as well.  Cheers.
notherbigr #121

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/26/2010 02:41:47Copy HTML

I also did the long-term budget travel thing through Asia/Australia and definately the Lonely Planet is one of the worst guides you can use.  The only thing it is useful for are the maps, which are great, and to find out where exactly NOT to go.  This is especially true for restaurant listings.  If you want fight the crowds of euro backpackers to eat bad food then pick something from the LP listings.  The same goes for hotel/motel/hostel listings.  Bah, awful!  Truly.

You are much, much better off getting a Frommers, Fodors Michelin, Rough Guide and then picking from the budget listings in them, especially true for lodging listings. 

As for RTW tickets there is absolutely no reason anymore to pay airtreks to put together RTW tickets.  The Oneworld alliance now sells them over the internet.  Or consult the alliance forums at www.flyertalk.com for the most current information.  I have found that piecing together one way tickets is still the most flexible, cheapest way to get around the world...
OS777 #122

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/01/2010 11:06:56Copy HTML

 Hi notherbigr,

Airtreks helped me quite a bit during my 4 months away from the States as I visited 17 countries.  They arranged for my airtickets to be 'open jawed' easy to change dates of departure and itinerary.  I did not have to search endlessly for flights or connections.  I was given quite a bit of information about my requested cities when I talked to Edward, the definite guru of budget round the world travel. He wrote the book 'The Lonely Nomad' some years ago with his passion for travel he has worked for Airtreks for years helping world travelers to travel on a shoestring.  I have had extensive experience with Lonely Planet and found their oft revised guide books to be quite accurate and helpful  For the seasoned as well as less experienced traveler using more than one travel guide is a wise thing.  I found budget backpacker hostels to be accurately described as well as places to eat and places to see.  I am not sure about Rough Guide since I have not used it.  Airtreks made very little money on my 4 months of airtickets and helped me in Sydney, Moscow, and Zurich with my changes of air reservations.  My ATA hassle at La Guardia in NYC was resolved by Airtreks so I did get my $141 refund of air tickets.  Also Airtreks helped me get a total refund of my EuRail pass.  When you wing it by yourself you do not have a staff of travel experts to back you when you change your mind and you are out on the road.  You pay for what you get. I got more than a great number of airtickets.  I got the experience of travel experts.
For your information I am a very experience world traveler and my university education is Geograpahy/Travel Tourism.  Yes, I agree that there are additional travel guides other than Lonely Planet.  By you discounting the expert services of world travel agencies you must have some beef that you have not disclosed.  I think my $3000 (USA) was a great bargain along with the online assistance of travel agents back in the office in San Francisco.  Doing it all yourself is commendable.   Having trusted friends made my RTW holiday more than memorable.
notherbigr #123

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/02/2010 07:19:40Copy HTML

Hey buddy, definately if you think you are going to have some issues it helps to have someone knowledgable to advocate for you.  I would say that you were lucky to have received such excellent support but I don't really know a whole lot about Airtreks to say otherwise.  I was speaking more about RTW tickets in general and find that you can do better piecing them together as one-ways.  For $3,000 I could get around the world in business class!
Thongmad #124

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/06/2010 09:47:04Copy HTML

Sounds like an ad...
616 #125

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/07/2010 12:24:08Copy HTML

Thongmad, what does Airtreks go to do with thonging in australia?? hmmmm ........... no sun left :(
has anyone thonged in darwin? Novatel?
Thongmad #126

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/07/2010 09:06:53Copy HTML

Just watch over your shoulder for the crocs...
tiger1979 #127

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/06/2010 09:39:55Copy HTML

Hi fellow thongers, the temperature is heating up , time to get back to the beach in a thong , does anybody know wear I can buy a new thong in Sydney\
Thongmad #128

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/07/2010 05:35:01Copy HTML

Nowhere - like everywhere else in Australia.
Online seems to be the only option anymore.
teeback269 #129

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/07/2010 08:56:59Copy HTML

I don't know about Sydney but in the Cairns suburb of Trinity Beach there is a bikini shop and they will make anything to your own design. That's the only place I go for my swimwear when in Cairns (I'll be back there next week and will go place another order)
g_stringmelbboy #130

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/11/2010 09:09:50Copy HTML

First beach day of the season in melb yesterday (25 degrees)

Layed out at port melb life saving club in my white skinz roman thong. There were a couple topless girls and a girl who was not topless but was wearing a thong. All in all a good day, no one bothered me and my tan is already looking good.

Cant wait until the heat of summer hits.
adambrix #131

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/01/2010 12:43:18Copy HTML

There was a place on Oxford St called Daly Male which used to sell lycra moderate thongs, it was up on the eastern (flatter) part. One of the shops in lower Oxford St also used to sell some (Hom brand) I think. The "sex shops" also had lycra thongs and hot pants. There definitely was more variety a few years ago.
tiger1979 #132

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/01/2010 10:22:01Copy HTML

Enjoyed the hot day in Sydney last week , had the day off so I went to Chinamans beach , wearing my black HOM thong , there was another guy is a thong , great day , bring on summer   
matt476 #133

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/06/2010 10:55:52Copy HTML

 Not much sunbaking opportunity so far this summer in Sydney, only having been to the beach twice ... wore the old favourite blue adjustable g-string one day and my new little see-through black mesh g-string on another ... hope it gets sunnier sometime soon ...
rastus #134

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/11/2010 05:59:45Copy HTML

Well, it looks like the wife and I are heading to Sydney in Feb.  My wife wants to wear her WW's but wants to be on a beach where there are other thongers.  Suggestions?
beachfolks #135

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/11/2010 10:29:21Copy HTML

 We found thongers in the small minority in Sydney, likely we weren't at the right beaches though. Bondi was most interesting, some thongs and topless, but not many beachgoers in other than ordinary US beachwear. We found the Best beaches in and around Perth (Western Australia) and northern coast(Brisbane).
Thongmad #136

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/13/2010 12:32:41Copy HTML

Hot and humid on the east coast at the moment - just right for a thong!
Spent the last two afternoons on my local beach, sunning and walking in an OZON micro thong. Actually saw another guy yesterday who had a thong tan-line on the nudist beach. Funny, he seemed like he wanted to talk when he saw my thong, I'm sure, but just didn't know how to start the conversation. He seemded nervous to be seen in his thong for some reason. As I walked by him I said G'Day, and "Oh well, you've got to wear something over this side of the beach" (I was crossing the rocks to walk the textile side of the beach, and put on a g-string to do it). He put his thong on and started to come over too, but obviously wasn't ready to walk along the clothed section wearing so little. He had a defined tan, so obviously I'm not the only male on the east coast wearing a thong at the beach. Don't see many others, but occasionally someone shows up!
Spent all today working in my back yard, changing the sand in my pool filter. Spent the whole afternoon outside thonging. Makes working so much more bareable!
John Howard #137

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/13/2010 01:37:02Copy HTML

It's funny how it sometimes happens, you bump into another thonger at the beach and you feel like if you meet another 'brother' or 'sister'.   This guy might be a bit shy, perhaps he had a bad experience with cruisers or pervs who sometimes get mixed up and think that a guy wearing a thong wants to be hit or picked up.      I recall many times going through the same experience as you, and because I'm also so comfortable and used to wear only a thong when I go to  the beach, (the last time I wore a string bikini was 3 years ago when we went with my brother in law) whenever I see another thonger around me I try to say hello or show a friendly attitude.  (I obviously exclude from the norm any person that behaves in an unusual way)   But I understand that most of the times straight males are a bit hesitant to be too friendly to another male wearing only a thong.   But it's good to have your attitude, it breaks the ice and helps in the perception of male thongers being normal people like everyone else.
This reminds me of a guy I usually see when I go for a swim.  He behaves in a very unusual manner, and that's why I avoid saying hello to him.  This guy wears daggy polo shirt and shorts, and he cruises all the beach;  suddenly stops in  the dunes and strips to a g-string. to sunbake.   A few minutes later he puts on his shorts and goes for a swim.  Then he puts his top back and starts to walk again to another secluded spot.  He cruises, strips to his g, then gets dressed again to keep cruising and so on.    Don't know, he seems to be weird, and behaves in a manner like if wearing a g-string is something illegal or wrong.   If he sunbaked in the open beach and just went to the water wearing his thong and not putting on his shorts, I wouldn't feel that he is a bit strange.
Thongmad #138

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/18/2010 10:43:36Copy HTML

Yes it's amazing...it's not what you wear, but how you act when doing so that counts!
bbyrne78 #139

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/23/2010 12:36:24Copy HTML

My personal list of Aussie beaches are:

1 - Cable Beach, Western Australia - the best mix of privacy and conditions. The only problem I've ever experienced here is the bus loads of tourists which sometimes spoil the fun.

2 - Hyam's Beach, NSW - white sand and a long stretch of beach which almost guarantees privacy.

3 - Mystic's Beach NSW - I once spent two weeks in nothing but a WW with my girl friends and other than meeting a bunch of surfers who loved the view, no one noticed or gawked.

4 - Whitehaven Beach QLD - perfect postcard white sand. Always full of people, but move away from the tour groups and everyone leaves you alone. I spent four wonderful days here on a charter sail boat a few years ago and had the beach to myself between the 6pm to 11am every day.

5 - My local surf beach near Kingscliff, NSW - Protected by local surfers from gawkers and tourists, the sand has a baby powder consistency and deserted between 10am to 5pm.

bw_wentworth #140

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/05/2010 03:15:12Copy HTML

 I am the guy who often gets around these beaches in a blue g-string. I guess it is easier because they are both officially nude. I don't see many other thongers though. If anyone wants to hang out with a thong-obsessed guy, message me.
JM_Runs #141

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/06/2010 04:58:42Copy HTML

 Last week I wore my DeeJay thong Micro Bathers (blue) to North Wollongong beach a few times. Had a great time bouncing around in the surf with my butt exposed for all to see. No problems or negative comments (at least to me) and I think quite a few people noticed. Wollongong is not the most progressive town in Australia, but most people seemed not too bothered. I simply focused on enjoying the surf for a while, just like anyone else, and wasn't too concerned if others approved or not.
maxpower1980 #142

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/28/2010 06:16:21Copy HTML

Anyone in Melbourne thonging on a beach tomorrow, thinking port melb or blackrock
g_stringmelbboy #143

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/28/2010 09:44:00Copy HTML

def go to port have worn a G there a couple times this year. Always a few topless girls and thong wearers in between port melb lifesaving a south melb. Another good spot close by is Armstrong st west st kilda. Cant wait to get to the beach new years eve and day, weather looks great. May even try to get down to sunnyside. Has anyone been down there this year?
maxpower1980 #144

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/29/2010 06:32:27Copy HTML

today between Armstrong street and portmelb lifesaving club, only for men in thongs/gs and two women, also a handful of topless girls
soyouthong #145

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/29/2010 09:55:44Copy HTML

Does anyone know if thonging / g-stringing is allowed in beaches around Sydney? I live in mascot and plan to sun my butt at nearby beaches such as la parose, maroubra, coogee or brighton la-sands beach. I know they are nort officially nude beaches but is wearing thongs/g-strings allow?

I understand there was time when police and park rangers around la rarose beach.

Let me know. Thanks.
Sydmixwrstlr #146

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/31/2010 01:47:21Copy HTML

Hey Guys I have been a beach bum for a long while now, I have been thong tanning at beaches like shelly beach ( Manly) and now my local is Reef beach very nice beach to thong tan...I have had ex gfs who thong tanned with me but I still have female friends who I thong tan as well its just the timing is impossible to go together..Hope you guys n gals sun those buns safely
g_stringmelbboy #147

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/31/2010 06:42:40Copy HTML

Had a good day a port melb today, got there and set up in a spot by myself when a short time later two girls and a guy set up near me. To my delight when i turned around both girls who would have only beeen 20 or so had there tops off. Whent for a dip to get back and 1 of the girls had taken off her already small bikini bottoms to reveal a tiny black g-string. I am pretty sure she wasnt planning on wearing the g until she saw me in mine beacuse her bikini was really small to start with and the g was just a tiny thing she was probably wearing as underwear.
maxpower1980 #148

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/31/2010 08:16:46Copy HTML

wish i could have been there today, where abouts do you set up. is it in front of the dunes?
John Howard #149

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/31/2010 11:54:10Copy HTML

 I have seen the same happening to me, people who see other people confidently enjoying the beach wearing a thong, and they get encouraged to do the same.It really feels good to know that you caused the 'chain' reaction.
dragonnight #150

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/31/2010 11:28:57Copy HTML

I will be looking to thong this week after work. I will be the guy with very long black hair and in a black thong. Feel free to come up and say hi. Going to be across from Pickles St. Should be on the beach around 5:30pm
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