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bw_wentworth #201

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/28/2011 12:15:02Copy HTML

 I would like to second what Matt said on 15/10. I think a g-string day at Whiting beach which is right near the Taronga Zoo ferry would be perfect. let's do it soon. 
Depending on what happens on NYE, I might be out there on NYD. Please e-mail me if you want to join me. bw_wentworth@hotmail.com
matt476 #202

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/29/2011 03:17:09Copy HTML

 yep, new years day is looking good. lets go sunning !
kutag #203

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/05/2012 02:01:11Copy HTML

I'm from WA and over Christmas went down south 2hrs from Perth to Bunbury.
I went to the nude beach to work on my G String tan line,from 9 - 11.30am
it got too hot after that 37c,no need to be silly and burnt.The sea was like a
swimming pool so calm and flat.On Christmas and Boxing day as I took a dip
in my yellow G String a bonus,only 20mt out from the beach was a dolphin,
what a sight.Great holiday.

John Howard #204

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/09/2012 10:07:02Copy HTML

Has anybody tried the new suntan oil 'Ombra' sold by Aldi?   It's the best suntan oil I have ever tried!
Saw it a couple of weeks ago in the shelves at Aldi store;  Aldi is a German supermarket chain that has its own home brands and their prices are almost always lower than the big traditional supermarkets.
yeah, I bought a couple of bottles just to try.  I normally use "Reef" sun tan oil, 125ml, at a price of $10.00 per bottle.
since I used it for the first time, I really liked it.  It's less watery than Reef;  it's easier to spread on the skin,  the smell is quite nice, and the best of all:  it gives you the best 'shining' look  under the sun, it stands out so good, after coming from the water it stays on your skin, I could see how droplets formed on my arm chest and legs, the same look as my car has after I wax it.    The Reef suntan oil just almost vanished after a swim.
the other advantage was the tan it gives.  My skin become so dark after using it;  I only stayed at the beach for a bit more than 1hour,  and it looked so tanned.
Finally the price;  at only around $5.00 for a bottle of not 125ml but 200ml, I think it's a bargain.
I bought up for the whole summer and next summer too,  after seeing what happens with some Aldi lines which suddenly disappear from the racks forever, and seeing what happened here Down Under with the Maxx brand of g-strings for men  at Target (which was the best g-string underwear I've ever seen and so cheap), and it disappeared for good.
And I forgot something, it's SPF 15,  and it still tans!!..
teeback269 #205

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/10/2012 09:52:29Copy HTML

 Agree about Maxx brand at target ... bloody shame...Now about Aldi, the nearest one is 1000km away ... maybe one day ...Chris
thenextthong #206

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/16/2012 07:27:35Copy HTML

Since I've been fortunate to visit the beach so frequently I've been doing the super low budget tanning lotion.

Step 1: Home brand 30+ applied all over in the morning.
Step 2: Baby oil (also home brand) applied at the beach, 30+ reapplied to the face and sensitive areas throughout the day.

But now I'm curious about the Ombra, if it promotes a better tan.

I third missing Maxx. Great price, great quality, and they sold remarkably well too, at least in my area.
Thongmad #207

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/19/2012 08:22:03Copy HTML

Yes guys, I agree, the MAXX g-string was great. I need new ones now, and they no longer sell a thong or g-string at all in Target. Internet is now the only option.
I've always used Reef 15+ with good results, but it is $10+ for 125mL, and doesn't go far as it's quite thick. I'll get some of the Aldi stuff if possible this week. I did by a no-name brand by mistake once, from a Woolies supermarket, but it wasn't as good as Reef, and not nearly as discounted as the Aldi $5 option.
If you get a day organised, I'll try to be there if there is enough notice!
matt476 #208

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/19/2012 01:06:08Copy HTML

 ... went to whiting beach recently and i was about the only person there all day ! I may as well slipped out of the little G string and been completely nude and no-one would have noticed !
05tiger #209

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/31/2012 03:57:34Copy HTML

went to Reef beach this morning while the sun was out ,like Matt476 , the beach was pretty much vacant but made the most of it wearing my HOM thong.Enjoyed a nice beach walk and explored the rocks
rustathong #210

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/06/2012 11:59:44Copy HTML

Great thonging weather of late. Have been down sunning the buns between the spit & mains beaches.
Whent down to burleigh heads and unfortanantly no thonging, due to our company with us. But seen alot of RIO backs and thongs on females with the occasional topless bather.
Good weekened apart from not grtting my buns tanned
matt476 #211

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/12/2012 12:46:25Copy HTML

 wore the little see thru mesh adjustable bikini at camp cove last weekend and no-one seemed to mind ... just a few 'titters' from the young ladies nearby ... excellent !
Sydmixwrstlr #212

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/13/2012 08:41:04Copy HTML

matt476 #213

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/16/2012 03:07:25Copy HTML

 lol ! ' giggles ' and ' flashing their breasts ' if u like ...

Thongmad #214

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/29/2012 10:57:53Copy HTML

Went to Samurai over the weekend, and saw the most thongers at once that I've seen for a long time!
One man walking the beach in a white, quite high style. Three women - two in black thongs, and one a pink g-string (looked like a Weasel). And me of course! It was the most I've seen in one day for ages!
On the Friday I was walking along One Mile as usual, and came across a young couple in the surf about half way down the beach. She had a beautiful little pinkish/magenta lacey triangle top and g-string bottom on. Looked just like a Weasel, too. I think they thought she was rather daring, but were pretty well amazed to see me walk by, not 20metres from them, in my blue Muscleskins! (He had long shorts on, of course...)
I kept walking up as far as I usually do, then turned to walk back. As I went back past them, they walked out of the water and we crossed paths, so we were about 2-3 metres apart this time. I stopped and asked her where she got her bikini, and told her how fabulous she looked. Also suggested she have a good look at the Wicked Weasel site, as I thought she'd like them. She was pretty chuffed with the compliment from a stranger I think!
I'm thinking from the numbers I've seen lately, and the trend towards less rear coverage in younger females' swimwear, we may just see a resurgence in the thong/g-string next summer in Australia...I sure hope so!
rustathong #215

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/01/2012 01:36:50Copy HTML

Whent to the beach surfing today & dared enuf to surf in only a thong.Over the road from Sea World  then went up the beach for some non water tanning.
Afew looks, no comment but a good free feeling day. could have been something to do withe dolpins i shared the waves with. no other people to close to me, about 20-30m away. Didnt see any other thongers about. But did notice how mainly females walking there dogs seem to find it a good place to stop just past you to turn around or stop and play or throw the stick/ball and spend some time there. Maybe just coincidence.
Take note next time & se what you think.
Thongmad #216

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/02/2012 11:03:38Copy HTML

Nothing like surfing in a thong to get that 'free' feeling...it's the best!
Sydmixwrstlr #217

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/04/2012 07:49:41Copy HTML

I hope so tooo Thong mad! Samurai is an awesome beach... I sunnned my buns with my gf at " Mindalong Beach "
boatie #218

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/09/2012 01:07:23Copy HTML

Haven't posted here for a while. Still quite warm in Queensland. Working in Tin Can Bay in two weeks and probably slip over to Rainbow Beach for a surf.
Working out on the water, so the uniform will probably consist of just a thong, a hat and sunscreen.
All my good old Aussie made thongs, spank, rochford expozay have worn out and I've been buying these US made thongs online, which are skimpier and comfortable but nowhere near the quality of the Aussie made stuff.
Thongmad #219

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/16/2012 11:05:02Copy HTML

Is Mindalong on the C/Coast?
Sydmixwrstlr #220

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/16/2012 11:08:04Copy HTML

No its WA thongmad..
bbyrne78 #221

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/17/2012 03:15:39Copy HTML

After many months working in the tsunami affected areas of Japan, my husband and I are very happy to be home. We did have a short break in Jervis Bay in NSW. Taking full advantage of the last few warm days of summer, I did get to spend a few days enjoying the white sand and very quiet Hyams Beach and Steamers Beach.
I did convince my husband to wear a thong and after some good natured ribbing from my girlfriends and their partners, all of them spent a few days in thongs.
Other than a couple of stares and stink eyes from some women in their 30s, our group had nothing but smiles, requests for photos and waves from the locals. There were a number of older locals wearing speedos who stopped by to say hello and were very friendly.
My girlfriends and I did spend all our time in Wicked Weasels (some for the very first time). A thoroughly enjoyable time, after some stressful but rewarding work overseas.
BTW I don't think I converted my husband or any of the men in our group but they did realize how much fun wearing a thong could be, especially with some very enthusiastic partners.
John Howard #222

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/17/2012 09:29:38Copy HTML

 welcome back home bbyrne, and yes I also feel very happy whenever I come back home from overseas, only when we travel outside Australia we can comprehend the greatness and privilege of being a resident of the Great Southern Land.
great story, to convince you b/f and their mates to wear thongs on the beach;  I'm sure they enjoyed the freedom of wearing something so tiny in public, even better than budgie smugglers!
I hope you took photos, understand you would prefer not to share them with strangers, but would be priceless for you and your friends as reminder of the great time spent at Hyams and Steamers Beach....especially when all the guys were wearing thongs and the girls WWs....   I reckon the positive reactions you experienced were because Aussie people traditionally like the sun and the beach wearing as little as possible, no wonder brands like Speedo and Wicked Weasel were born here.    And yes, it should have been very easy to smile and be friendly to a small crowd of young men and women, all wearing thongs on the beach enjoying the sun and the surf.
Are these beaches north Sydney, i.e. Newcastle area?  or are they located closer to the border with QLD?     I have great references of the beaches around the Newcastle area and north,  hopefully next year I could take my family to spend a few warmer days on the beaches over there.
bbyrne78 #223

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/17/2012 09:14:57Copy HTML

 Thank you JH. It is wonderful to be home. Hyams and Steamers beach are located in Shoalhaven which is 90 minutes south of Sydney. As a longtime resident of the Coffs Coast, I have to say that the beaches are much nicer and more quiet than those north of Newcastle.
Since coming home I take the time to say hello and welcome our Japanese visitors. They are the worlds most resilient, friendly and wonderful people. My husband was a volunteer lifesaver and he would say that the only people that thanked him after pulling them out of the water were the Japanese.
matt476 #224

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/18/2012 01:51:08Copy HTML

... apart from starting the war in the pacific with their power hungry greed for domination, and despite their continued slaughter of innocent mammals casually crusing the oceans as they have done for a long time before homo sapiens evovled, the japs really are lovely deep down!
 ... if they'd just get around in little lap laps like they made the blokes at Changi or the Burma railway do, the whole world would be a better place !
JM_Runs #225

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/18/2012 06:55:22Copy HTML

Matt476, I don't think there's a need for that type of talk here.  People and cultures do change, as I've seen for myself.  If you look at any nation that's been a major power at some point in history there are dark times and inexcusable acts, but I think over the last 100 years -- and especially after WWII -- many advanced nations have seen the light that peace is more productive than war.  The Japanese and Germans were very recent imperialist cultures, but obviously those countries have changed and have become, in large part, pacifist.

If you are threatened by imperialist cultures, please don't only highlight the Japanese.  Over the centuries China, Greece, parts of Central America, Portugal, parts of South America, Britain, Spain, Germany, parts of India, Russia, Egypt, Sweden, the U.S., Norway, parts of Korea, Mongolia, parts of Africa, Italy, and many, many other nations and regions have been responsible for heinous crimes against humanity.  Luckily, many of those nations/cultures realize that, although they can't change history, they can work for a better world today.

There are still many troubled and contentious nations and areas now, but fortunately, I think, there's a growing number of nations and peoples that realize the destructiveness of war and the advantages of peace...and democracy.

I'm American but of Irish stock.  If the Irish I know can work on problems with the Brits, I know that something has to be going right. ;o)

And remember that an individual from a particular country is not necessarily totally representative of his nation's government.  I learned that lesson in the 1970s when I first started touring Europe.

Sorry to be brutal with these comments, but I gauge any particular person I meet with how they treat me and everyone around me.  If they prove me wrong, I ditch them.  Otherwise, I don't care about their background or political beliefs.  I try to be open-minded on this point. 

Sydmixwrstlr #226

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/20/2012 07:32:35Copy HTML

Its good to see WA still has a summer so my gf and I can sun our buns in the middle of Autum ...Welcome back Bbyrne ;)
Thongmad #227

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/20/2012 09:36:33Copy HTML

Great work bbyrne78

After working in the aftermath of the Brisbane floods, I can only begin to image the devestation you encountered.

Welcome home!
Thongmad #228

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/13/2012 12:18:17Copy HTML

Easter weekend around a crowded Shoal Bay (Port Stephens) and I saw more thongs than I have for ages!
A beach walk each day revealed at least two women tanning in a thong somewhere along the beach, and not the same ones on any occasion! One of the women had a very small g-string on, and my mate thought she was naked! (Great butt, too!)
There were at least a dozen girls/young women in tanga style bottoms on the beach at all times for the four days I was there.
Having coffee at a local outdoor cafe, I noticed an asian girl wearing some especially small denim shorts - when I walked past her I then saw the WW tag on the side. She was sitting at a table facing away from me, and it was lovely watching her get up to leave! Don't think she had a Weasel bikini on at the time - she had a bright green tight mesh singlet over a small black bra (not a WW swim top) and didn't have the 'g' poking above the shorts. Also another great butt in a very public spot!
On the last day, I saw three girls, obviously Brazillian sisters, tanning on the grass adjacent the beach area with their family, all in Brazillian tanga-thong style bottoms. All had tops on, but the bottoms were great! No hang-ups at all from them!
There is definately a trend towards tanga style bottoms among the younger girls this year, and with Alana Blanchard getting heaps of publicity on TV during a recent surf contest in Newcastle for her swimwear, I'm hoping the thong/g trend might just catch on again next season - that seems to be where it's heading!!
matt476 #229

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/13/2012 01:00:12Copy HTML

sounds like a perfect werkend there thongmad ... ... end of another la nina summer here in australia ... i think i got out in the sun in the little g-string about half a dozen times this year .. mebbe next summer will be happier thonging ... i got a drawer full of little cossies i gotta try out ...

Thongmad #230

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/14/2012 03:32:19Copy HTML

Matt, the only thing better would have been if I could have worn my thong!
The Aussie Bums had to do for the weekend!

Tomorrow is looking good for Samurai - definately a thong day there!
rustathong #231

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/22/2012 03:02:34Copy HTML

 Another sunny day at the beach thonging. This time tried sumwhere new.Down near Kirra beach QLD. Just the same as any other day everyone busygoing about there day to semedly notice. Apart from 4 teenagers who walkedvery close. Only one said anything loud enough to hear "ways this guy up to" but that was it & no others joined in. 
Thongmad #232

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:04/27/2012 11:19:45Copy HTML

Hey rustathong

I'll be up that way Sunday week (6th May), and the one after that.

Keep an eye out - probably in my blue Muscleskins!
rustathong #233

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/03/2012 01:06:56Copy HTML

 Will do. Will hopefully be getting down that far on Sunday for a surf & then sum sun. As long as the weather behaves.  Here's hoping.
Thongmad #234

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/05/2012 07:35:18Copy HTML

I'm checking things over from Seaworld first tomorrow - offshore and 2-3ft - should be an uncrowded wave there somewhere!
Thongmad #235

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/08/2012 09:44:39Copy HTML

Great day Sunday, with long walks on the beach. Very crowded, so lots of looks and overheard comments.
Passed a lady who must have been in her 50's, who was wearing what I thought was a WW in black, but turned out to be another brand (I was close enough to see - about 2ft as we passed) and couldn't recognise the tag. She was wearing a black g-string with a quite narrow top. looked great, and she was perfectly confident!
Saw two other guys in thongs/g's.
Might go to Byron Bay next Sunday! Here's hoping for weather just as good!!!
Thongmad #236

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/15/2012 11:15:53Copy HTML

Another older lady walking the length of the beach in a small tanga/larger thong (which ever you want to call it) that was very low at the front, and a very small top. She was in full view of hundreds as she and hubby walked a long way down the main beach and back, then up and over the boardwalk at Southport surf club and back towards the resort, all without a cover-up.
They aren't in huge numbers, but they are still around!
bbyrne78 #237

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/15/2012 01:38:58Copy HTML

This last Sunday was perfect, 25 degrees, sunny and no wind. Casuarina Beach was relatively quiet, a mix of families, twentysomethings and older couples.
There was a stunning 40-something woman with her much younger male companion. She was wearing a tie sided thong bikini in a mint green which highlighted her tan perfectly. She had the attention of every male on the beach and a lot of the females. Confident in her skin, with a very fit and toned late-20s male companion wearing board shorts. She became my hero when a couple of my girlfriends and I whistled at him and she grabbed a big handful of his butt and patted it for good measure.
Lena my friend yelled out that he should be wearing an Aussiebum. She replied next time, and gave us all a wave.
A couple of university aged girls stopped by and asked where we got our bikinis. Not sure whether there will be two new wicked weasel wearers, but we didn't look too much out of place.
John Howard #238

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/19/2012 02:03:13Copy HTML

 a confident woman wearing a thong or a tanga suit on the beach,  let alone walking the length of the beach.... boy that is really hot to look at!
Good on ya guys you can still enjoy the sun and the beach up in Casuarina and Byron Bay.... it's all cold and miserable down here.
bbyrne78 #239

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/19/2012 03:48:01Copy HTML


Unfortunately last weekend was the last of the warm days until late September. A least you southerners (Melburnians I guess from your posts)  have a steady diet of Australian Rules Football, great coffee and real wood fire pizza to past the time during winter.

Keep warm, continue working out and have fun.

Love Bren
John Howard #240

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/26/2012 08:11:45Copy HTML

 thanks Bren,
 yeah southerners love Aussie rules, the competition goes until September;  the players wear sleeveless tops and in the older days, really short tight shorts, like Warwick Capper of St Kilda did, a bit of a chippendale's boy who liked to show off his bum in the ground with no shame....   he's older now,  he moved to QLD became a lolly pop man, even a porn actor;   but he's funny, driving to work I see panel advertisements of a budget chain of hotels that use his image saying "these hotels are like me, cheap and easy"......


It's always greener at the other side of the fence.isn't it... I love the sun so much, I would trade immediately  the coffee and the Aussie rules for 2 or 3 more months of sunbaking sun like you NSW central coast people do.....   
It's good to take the best of what life can give,  and the good thing of living in a place with 6 plus cold months, is that this encourages even more to be active at the gym, or go for walks, kick the ball with the kids.....  and in my case wearing compression gear keeps me warm and visually encourages me to train harder and be fitter.....  and be ready for October November to put on a thong again and lye down and let the sun massage my whole body to feel like a lizard.
c u Bren
Thong_Flasher #241

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/26/2012 11:32:17Copy HTML

 Might head out for some thonging tomorrow at Campbells Cove near Werribee.
Thongmad #242

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/01/2012 11:43:51Copy HTML

Yeah guys, it's back to winter reality for me too at home again in NSW...at least the surf is getting bigger and the crowds are getting thinner.

JH, Melbourne is the best city in Australia...apart from your weather!
Sydmixwrstlr #243

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/03/2012 06:40:16Copy HTML

Winter blues here.. Amazing I still have a thong tan!!!
rustathong #244

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/09/2012 02:02:40Copy HTML

 I'm hearing you there sydmixwrstlr. Winter blues all right. Better weather is on the forecast for next weekend But we know how the weather man can get it wrong all to often.Yes I agree. Amazing thong tan line still there and still so pronounced after only one summer for me.Bring on next summer and maybe more thongers at the beaches. Who knows may see some of you at the beach. Now the hard part too stay in shape over winter 😄
Sydmixwrstlr #245

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/11/2012 12:14:37Copy HTML

I hear you Rustathong, I keep fit by wrestling yes wrestling and no Im no preffesional just roll around with your mates male and female you would be suprised on the workout you get. Its the best cardio and great work out ever...
malagaguy #246

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/11/2012 01:46:34Copy HTML

Me I'm just an old F*rt from West OZ. 61 YO.We have the whole coastline in the west and to north of Perth where the sun shines a great deal of time, and there ain't many ppl around for say 200Km's.So the options are go nude - coz there's just nobody there - and who gives a F*** anyways.Yep we got Nude Swanie beach + Sunseekers + Appolo are just fine too.But some of us tho do have a wee bit of fashion sense!

A great thong or string in the right colour - yellow/hot pink always gets me great coments with a good tan - it lifts the soul!As I grey Nomad I head for Queensland in August where the sun promises to shine  FOREVER!
straightsilver #247

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:07/29/2012 10:31:58Copy HTML

Yeah I gotta admit, it's getting boring thonging around in the warmth of indoors, want to get out there and feel the sun on me.
Grabeach #248

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:07/30/2012 12:33:40Copy HTML

Been swimming at outdoor council Olympic pools this year. Some are open all year round and a couple of these are sheltered from the prevailing winds. While initially it's a bit chilly getting out of 26C heated water, once I'm dry it's pleasant to lie in the sun if the air temp is above about 18C. Sometimes I'm the only one there, but usuallu there's a few dedicated lap swimmers. Mostly they and the pool staff don't pay me any attention, though occasionally the latter will stop for a chat if they're bored. A couple of advantages at this time of the year are that if I doze off I don't have to worry about sunburn, and I don't have to get into a hot car to drive home.
straightsilver #249

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:07/30/2012 09:00:29Copy HTML

 Which pools do you go to? Don't they normally have a policy against wearing thong swimwear?
Sydmixwrstlr #250

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/01/2012 09:27:02Copy HTML

 I'm amazed through this chilly winter I still have thong tan line,,,
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