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starkist #301

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/19/2013 03:06:00Copy HTML

 That affirmation is good news indeed!
straplesspouch #302

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/02/2013 02:46:48Copy HTML

I was north of main beach on Friday.  Guess what, as I was lying down a couple of quad bikes driven by uniformed police came past me.  Not just once but many times, back and forth.
I think they were there being trained to drive the quad bikes.
I was wearing my Dore very low cut aqua torpedo G-string.  While they could see me I was ignored.
Four police in total.
See the photos in my album.
One thing to note the recent rain has really ripped up the dunes and there has been a lot of erosion.  Just a couple of weeks ago it was in such a better state.
JM_Runs #303

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/18/2013 09:56:36Copy HTML

Anyone else head down to the Sydney Skinny at Cobblers on Sunday?
Thongmad #304

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:02/18/2013 10:46:26Copy HTML

Just found this now! I'll be there next year, and do the walk down to the beach in only a thong - in keeping with the spirit of the event, I think!
g_stringmelbboy #305

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/02/2013 11:04:09Copy HTML

 I will be on the Gold Coast in a few weeks. I gather that main beach and the spit are the most popular beaches for g-strings and topless? If the weather is bad are there any indoor pools or hotels where wearing a g-string is ok?
straplesspouch #306

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/03/2013 08:46:09Copy HTML

Not likely anywhere there.

March is usually dry but can be windy. So a good chance the rain will be gone.

As far as the main beach, or north of main beach, bring a ladder or at least a rope.  The beach erosion is extreme.
Thongmad #307

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/12/2013 05:41:26Copy HTML

Saw another guy in a thong at my local beach yesterday!
I was getting my gear on to go for a surf, and he walked up to his car in what looked to be an older yellow thong, very faded and see-thru, only carrying a towel - no shorts. Only saw him from behind, so not entirely sure how see-thru ;)

So I am NOT the only one!!!
Thongmad #308

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/22/2013 11:19:25Copy HTML

Saw him again today!
I didn't notice him on the beach, and I had returned to my car after a short surf. I had been for a surf in my Muscleskins 1" bikini, and had dried off and changed into my purple Muscleskins thong, and was packing my car/putting stuff away etc when he walked up through the carpark wearing only the yellow thong again, to his vehicle, which happened to be a few spaces away from mine and with no cars in between. I saw that he noticed me, and we acknowledged each other with a nod and a wave. He got in his car and left straight away, so I didn't get to chat with him. Maybe next time.
It would be really interesting for me to find out his experiences being in the same local area as me.
It was a great day to be at the beach today. 30degC and light breeze - just perfect. I ended up walking down from my car, through the crowd in just my thong, did a 2km walk down the beach, and came back and showered at the ammenities (next to the lifeguard area), bought a drink at the shop, and then back to my car, all in my Muscleskins thong - no cover-up. Beautiful day!
straplesspouch #309

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/23/2013 11:37:44Copy HTML

At the moment Woorim beach on Bribie Island can be recommended. 

I spent a very pleasant day there on Saturday 23. 

Unlike the Gold coast there is a beach you can get to even at high tide.

In low tide the beach is very wide and there is plenty of space.  Not many people about but that will change come the Easter long weekend .

I have posted images.
thenextthong #310

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:03/28/2013 08:23:38Copy HTML

I missed out on a lot of good thonging opportunities this past summer - just been too busy.

And now it's starting to get cooler, and the rain is busy replenishing the dams. Oh well, will give me time to hit the gym for next summer.
bbyrne78 #311

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/05/2013 02:29:30Copy HTML

I am in Western Australia for a short break before all my research papers are due and found myself in Broome. Cable beach is pretty amazing with clean sand and calm water, the only problem is that once in a while, a 4wd will tearing along the beach a little too closely which pretty much ruins the mood. I did get a chance to walk north along the beach to the nudist section of the beach. Maybe only a dozen people, probably locals and all older. A few waved but generally kept to themselves.
Off to another part of Broome before going home and finishing up this semester's work.
Microron #312

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/06/2013 05:10:12Copy HTML

Wreck Beach is Vancouver's official clothing optional beach. It is well known internationally and often brings tourists to the beach - some will shed their clothes and stay awhile. Vancouver gets a large number of Asian visitors to Wreck Beach. They will arrive by tour bus often descend the stairs en mass to the main part of the beach  and will take pictures without asking permission. They get only a few minutes of voyeurism before the regulars direct them to leave. The behaviour of large tour groups seems to be similar at many international  destinations... arrive en mass... take pictures furiously  and snicker amongst themselves until the locals drive them away!  It seems that if you are in a large group..  and the more foreign the locals appear to you.. the greater the 'group permission'  to treat the locals with disrespect and derision. Just a sad commentary on human nature.
matt476 #313

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/26/2013 10:09:30Copy HTML

 end of another summer. got out in the string a few times, but not enough. roll on summer 2014. I expect to be back at local sydney beaches almost wearing some insanely tiny little cossies next year ...!
matt476 #314

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/26/2013 10:15:08Copy HTML

 he he ... I think my most daring incident this year was wearing a see through mesh micro bikini for a swim right next to the manly ferry terminal when it was packed ... people everywhere ... there were teenagers laughing very loudly at me but thats part of the buzz ...

matt476 #315

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/26/2013 10:18:00Copy HTML

 ... I bet I had the smallest swimming costume on the beach. nyah nyah nyah ...

Thongmad #316

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:05/29/2013 04:14:20Copy HTML

I'm thinking I'll do the nude swim in the national park down that way next Feb. (Can't think exactly where it's held) It's an official organised charity event, but you can only strip off at the water's edge. My plan is to walk down the pathway to the beach in a thong, then drop it to do the swim, and put it back on to return to the car.
JM_Runs #317

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/04/2013 11:24:25Copy HTML

Thongmad - the beach you are thinking of is Cobblers Beach at Mosman
Thongmad #318

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/13/2013 07:34:26Copy HTML

Yep, it's called the Sydney Skinny, and is on around 24th(?) Feb next year!
matt476 #319

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/14/2013 04:46:37Copy HTML

 ... I found a post on the web where an unnamed chick said she saw a guy in "the smallest thong she had ever seen" at Camp Cove back in 2008 ... that could only have been me in the little micro adjustable i was wearing back then !

Grabeach #320

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/14/2013 10:14:01Copy HTML

I remember that post on btopfree. The chick's name was bondijules (spelling?). She and several other female names disappeared off that board at the same time - some wondered if they were all the same person! I think she was genuine as she had a fair bit of local knowledge of a number of Eastern Suburbs beaches. She was a 40 something who after a divorce had got back into shape at the gym and had started wearing a g-string on the beach for the first time. I think she mentioned that she was also a member here for a while.
Thongmad #321

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:06/15/2013 12:51:25Copy HTML


still pops up from time-to-time
rustathong #322

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/11/2013 01:14:43Copy HTML

 With such a beautiful day in sunny windless  QLD surely there must more than myself going to the beach to enjoy the rays ? North Kirra anyone ?
JM_Runs #323

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/12/2013 02:53:52Copy HTML

Was a great winters day in Sydney to get out in the sun
Grabeach #324

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/13/2013 06:44:09Copy HTML

Here in Sydney, there are quite a few days in mid-winter when the temp is 20C plus. There are also many near deserted beaches and uncrowded heated (26C) outdoor pools that are sheltered from the wind. In some parts of the world the beaches and pools would be packed in such conditions. We don't appreciate how lucky we are.
Thongmad #325

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/14/2013 12:31:23Copy HTML

It's been magnificent along the northern coastline of NSW the past few days.

Surfed north of Byron Bay yesterday, and then had a short swim at the main beach in front of the pub - all in a thong of course!

Hopefully will get another surf in tomorrow, probably somewhere between Coff's and Foster...
thenextthong #326

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/26/2013 07:24:20Copy HTML

Fully agree that the weather has been fantastic as of late, considering the time of year.

Had a great weekend on Main Beach, Gold Coast. Didn't thong it though, wanted to try out my new Aussiebums, which were fantastic.
matt476 #327

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/29/2013 01:11:45Copy HTML

... still winter and 1 day of UV 5 chalked up already ... had the little g-string scrunched up really small and geez the sun felt nice ... 27 degrees tomorrow (August ?) ... I'm gonna sun my nuts somewhere I haven't been before tomorrow ...

matt476 #328

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/30/2013 05:34:43Copy HTML

 What a great day! Went to Little Congwong Beach for the first time to get some sun and check out what it is like ... took the precaution of wearing my smallest little g-string as I'd heard that it is not an official nude beach but immediately took it off when I saw most people were nude. Also a few swimsuited people there ... probably about 30 nude and 10 wearing cossies, but an interesting mix of more the designer style boy leg and high hip swimsuits rather than just ordinary speedos and no daggy board shorts to be seen. No other g-strings however but would definately not be out of place there. I get the feeling there was a strong gay community and there were absolutely no hassles whatsoever. Mainly men there of course, although did see one nude older woman and the rather (I thought) unusual sight of a fully clothed fairly attractive young lady - I'd say around 20 - laying around talking with her fully naked father like it was the most normal thing in the world, who had come along and set up about 2 metres away from me whilst I was sprawled on my back oblivious to anything but the warmth of the sun on my entire body (except the hat over my face). Slipped into a little adjustable swimsuit (with sliding panels and half back which shortly wedgied nicely of course) for the walk back around the rocks and along the main beach to the car park ... all this and it's still Winter !

Grabeach #329

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/30/2013 01:24:06Copy HTML

Little Congwong has been an unofficial nude beach for decades, long before it became part of Botany Bay National Park. There were instances of the police making arrests or warning nudists to cover up as it was not an official nude beach. From memory this was due initially to complaints about unsavioury behaviour. Unfortunately those behaving poorly had no clothes on, so the inevitable conclusions were drawn. The last arrests I heard about were in 2010 which started pro and anti nude beach media campaigns. Seems to have quitened down the past couple of seasons, so it's probably okay.
Used to go there quite a bit in the early 90s. Was a nice beach, being sheltered from the summer north easters, but tended to suffer on crowded weekends. The beach would almost disappear on a high tide and there weren't any toilet facilities.
matt476 #330

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/31/2013 12:54:37Copy HTML

 ... sounds like the perfect place to try to wear my new little tangaland g-strings when they turn up .. I've been experimenting with some 'balls out' designs but feel they are still a little risque for 'normal' beaches ... I'm going to try the 'small teardop' and 'half bag' (they look normal if you keep your legs crossed) styles at Camp Cove early this summer ... while its still unpatrolled and no-one really gives a shit anyways ...

Grabeach #331

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:08/31/2013 09:38:31Copy HTML

Legal wise, minimal, but still covering the bits, g-strings can be worn on just about any Sydney beach. If something can't be worn mid summer on Bondi, then the odds are it won't pass muster on any but the most hard to find out of the way beaches, which are likely to be nude tolerant anyway.

Every time I've been to Camp Cove, admittedly rarely in recent years, there have been lots of people walking along the beach. I don't think it's the beach to wear a "look normal if you keep your legs crossed" style. There were, and probably still are, a few influencial residents in that area, and all it takes is a couple of complaints and g's may be banned. This actually happened there back in the 80s. Topless was okay, but all thongs were banned for a while. Rather ironic in that the Telegaph when reporting it ran a rear view photo of the back of two women in g's standing against the railing above the beach. Never found out what instigated the ban, but I could take a good guess. Camp Cove obviously reverted back to 'normal' after a period, where, as you say, things are pretty easy going. I'd hate this to change.

Honestly, for "half bag" type suits, I'd suggest a beach that didn't have access at both ends and wasn't part of what appears to be a well used recreational / tourist walk to South Head!
JM_Runs #332

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/01/2013 05:13:42Copy HTML

 I tend to agree with Grabeach. If you have to hide your suit or keep your legs crossed then you are using the wrong suit for the beach. Wear something that you can wear in public with confidence.  Wear a thong with enough coverage you can boldly stand up and walk around no matter who is there.

Suspicious ducking and diving behavior makes it look like you have something to hide and makes you look guilty.
adambrix #333

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/02/2013 11:05:54Copy HTML

I think the "balls out" designs are going a bit far for Camp Cove.

I've worn all manner of tiny g-strings- Koala envy unclipped, sheer micro strings and suspender strings at Camp Cove and other popular Sydney beaches, but I think the balls-out design would only give people reason to get offended.

On one occassion I was in an unclipped Envy (so it looks just like a pouch) at Camp Cove and the lifeguard came and set up very nearby (his normal spot I presume) and there was no problem. Lying face down with the straps unclipped it looks like you have nothing on (I wore this at Bondi and Coogee too). I'd clip the sides back on to go for a swim. I have worn this suit several times when the beach was pretty full.

I have seen a few women there in completely sheer/fishnet suits on at least two occassions, which was cool. One woman (who was apparently a regular) would wear an open mesh suit and her peircing would be clear as day, and she'd lay right beside the path. Very sexy.

I'm sure a  confident woman could wear a single string front at Camp Cove with no problems (I'm yet to see one), but I think a "balls out" suit is too much for guys.

jacey66 #334

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/03/2013 01:42:19Copy HTML

 anyone knows if scarborough and cottesloe beaches in WA are thong friendly?
MrN #335

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/08/2013 01:43:13Copy HTML

 I wouldn't expect to see any guys at either beach, Scarborough would be particularly unwelcoming to guys.  Occasionally some girls at Cottesloe and North Cottesloe, but there is much sparcely populated sand around North Cott with 'secluded' pockets at the back of the beach between dunes and rocks. There is always the nude beach at Swanbourne just to the north.  If your going in summer be prepared to leave by noon as the daily coastal breeze is strong and picks up plenty of sand.  Cott is a beautiful beach however.
g_stringmelbboy #336

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/13/2013 11:50:08Copy HTML

 Does anyone have any reports from Byron bay? Thinking of spending a week or two up there. What is the scene like on the beach?
Thongmad #337

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/16/2013 11:33:41Copy HTML

Byron is fairly diverse. You'll see all types up there, and it's some of the best 'people watching' ever!

Main beach in front of the pub/surf club, right up to the point is fairly family-orientated. Heaps of travellers and surfers of all types and nationalities.
Sunset on a still evening finds the hoards gathering on the beachfront to watch the sun go down, with drums and chants in the background.
The atmosphere is relaxed and can be electric at the same time.
There are always lots of people on the beach and in the water, so if you wanted to thong or go skimpy you could, but expect the same reactions as most other Australian beaches. I swam her straight off the beachfront carpark in my thong just a few weeks ago, and people certainly did look twice, but absolutely no negativity came my way.

Going north the crowd thins a little, and there are several small 'beaches' in front of the waterfront homes. It is all really one stretch of sand, but cut at high tide by rocky outcrops put there to help slow the erosion. Plenty of family groups along here also, but I've seen my share of Wicked Weasels worn along this stretch too! There is a more out of the way area right up near the creek where you will start to see people going nude. I've walked this entire section in thongs many times - getting the usual looks, and a few compliments as well ;)

North of the creek is an official nude area, right up to the Tyaggerah(?) carpark. you can drive north of Byron on the highway and access this area by turning at the airfield and following the dirt road to the beach. You'll even see nudes in the carpark here! No need for modesty around this area!

Going back south there is Watego's (the BIG money area) and I don't think much in the way of thonging on that beach. WW does shoots there occasionally, I think to stir up the up-tight locals who like their bay to themselves...

Down past Broken Head (great surf spot) is King's Beach, accessed off a dirt road, and a steep walk down through sub-tropical forest. This is also a nude beach, but not sure if it's 'official'.

Byron is crowded all year round, but can be fun. Everyone goes there expecting it to be laid-back, so I think that helps the vibe of the place. It is full of tourists, and every socio-economic group you could think of - dirt poor drugged hippies(still in the 60's) to the mega-rich. That's why the people watching is so good!
I enjoy going there, and thong on all the beaches. I've only had one attempt at a nasty comment, when a drunk English tourist called out 'homo' from amongst his group of friends - I flipped him the bird, and they laughed at him ;) Never ever had a hassle other than that. Plenty of women in skimpy clothes/swimwear, and a few guys at times. I'll be back whenever I can!

Byron does have alcohol/drug issues, particularly very late at night, but so does many places. It is an easily accessible tourist town with it's own unique reputation after all. Don't let that put you off. Go and enjoy the whole of the north coast area - there are many beautiful spots!
g_stringmelbboy #338

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:09/27/2013 09:35:16Copy HTML

 Hey thanks for the advice thongmad.
matt476 #339

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/10/2013 02:08:07Copy HTML

 wore the standard skimpy g-string at the local beach last weekend. Several comments from the passers by (mostly happy young ladies) included 'nice ass' and 'OMD thats sooo small' ... he he

Grabeach #340

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/10/2013 10:18:18Copy HTML

Hey Matt, you seem to attract a lot of attention. Good to see it's the positive type. Hardly anyone ever says anything when I'm wearing something similar on the beach. Maybe us older guys are off the radar for the " happy young ladies", or maybe my hearing is not so good anymore!
JM_Runs #341

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/11/2013 04:07:33Copy HTML

" wore the standard skimpy g-string at the local beach last weekend "

matt476 #342

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/11/2013 01:44:39Copy HTML


... the greatest surprise came when a group of about two dozen youths ... approximately 18 males and half a dozen females ... approached ... i heard one bloke say 'look, theres another one!' ... at that point i think i heard a chick say '.. nice bum !' ...

matt476 #343

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/11/2013 01:48:23Copy HTML

 lol no it wasn't Coogee, although no doubt i will try to get there this summer ... I;m a local anywhere ...

Thongmad #344

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/29/2013 07:35:03Copy HTML

Who else is noticing a genuine up-turn in the wearing of thongs on their local beaches???

I've been spending a lot more time working in the beach areas around Newcastle, and have seen a thong on nearly every occasion that I've looked! Perhaps a consequence of the beautiful weather we have had, and a progression of the tanga styles which have become more and more popular.

The current trend is to walk to-and-from the beach in just bikini's, not covered up :)

I am still doing my bit for the guys!!!
Stoppz #345

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/29/2013 11:04:49Copy HTML

Damn Thongmad,

Seems like you have better luck than me!
I just spent a few days in Newcastle and didn't see one thong. I wasn't game enough to thong it up without at least another thonger and settled for a cheeky mini boxer.
Well, until I found a secluded part of the beach that is :)
Grabeach #346

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/29/2013 08:01:05Copy HTML

Stoppz, perhaps unwittingly you've hit the nail on the head. You didn't see any other thongers, so went to a secluded part of the beach, hence the next person coming along wouldn't see any thongers either!

Occasionally while exploring a 'new' beach I've come across a thonger sunning in out of the way spots that few would stumble on. Perhaps there are more of us out there than we realise. Interestingly, though not surprisingly, it is invariably guys in these places. I suspect for them privacy is paramount, whereas the girls are more worried about being harassed or worse, so will gravitate towards more populated areas.
JM_Runs #347

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/29/2013 10:04:41Copy HTML

I agree Thongmad, there is in an increase in the number of women wearing thongs/g-strings on the beaches this summer.

In the immortal words of Monty Burns ....   excellent
Thongmad #348

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:10/30/2013 11:03:20Copy HTML


Definitely seen quite a few lately...one girl in particular I think had to be Brazillian, right down to her G-string and all. She was straight out in front of the Lifeguard building!
Down the southern end is usually quieter, and I have thonged there a few times over the years. It tends to be a place that I surf at, but don't spend a great deal of time on the sand.
The day before a girl in a beautiful little black number walked up through the carpark near the ocean baths, right up to the shop, in a small triangle top and a string-side bottom, the rear being a small triangle half way up her butt - I guess a tanga that bordered on a thong!
Not to mention the one showering in Nobby's carpark area in a full-on thong.

Greta looking summer coming up ;)
bbyrne78 #349

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/18/2013 03:11:16Copy HTML

@ Thongmad

I was at a surf shop recently and noticed that a large number of bikinis currently on sale feature scrunch/half back styles. I bought a few suits out of curiosity - Beach Riot, Luska,  and Stone Fox. These are easily available and can be bought at most swimwear stores.

The Stone Fox suits are quite cute and are like the WW surf shorts. I would definitely recommend them. I have the Harlowe style in mint green and Hudson bottoms in mint green. I also have the tucker set and the mason set.

All look like a thong when worn in real life situations.

They are highly recommended.

Love Bren
Thongmad #350

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/19/2013 08:46:07Copy HTML

Definitely the case Bren,

I have seen quite a few of the scrunch bottoms on the beach, in varying sizes. Some might as well be a thong, as you say. And yes, they are super-cute!

Also saw two girls on Thursday in something like WW shorts, but definitely bikini bottoms with rear seams. They show about half-cheek, which is very popular right now also. There was a group of three nearby in Brazillian style tanga's as well. two with string sides. This is a lot more than previous years, so I am expecting to see a lot more of the same, and more thongs as well :) 

A couple of days of rain and cooler weather here right now, but a good weekend is forecast.
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