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matt476 #351

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/21/2013 01:50:57Copy HTML

 ... finally got the 'balls' (literally) to wear the tanga land extra small tear drop string to a public beach a few weekends back ... wow ... what a fantastically small swimsuit ...

adambrix #352

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/23/2013 01:14:12Copy HTML

That is pretty bold. Which beach? What was the response? Pretty out there.
Gymbuff #353

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/25/2013 06:57:13Copy HTML

Heading up to Shoal/Nelson Bay area for a bit of a break. After all this rain I hope to get some sun next week!!
malagaguy #354

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/25/2013 01:53:00Copy HTML

Matt476Yep I just bought 3 of the men metallic triangle back strings. This fabric is just sensational and the fit perfect!  If you are large sized don't both!Andy
Thongmad #355

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/26/2013 04:12:26Copy HTML


Enjoy it mate! Beautiful area and gorgeous beaches - my home turf!

You'll get away with a thong/g anywhere you are comfortable enough (I'm sure you know how it works). Where in particular do you go?

Weather forecast is mixed, but it's a warmer time of year, so you should be OK!

JM_Runs #356

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:11/27/2013 09:41:41Copy HTML

 Has anybody been to Robe South Australia and gone to the main beach or long beach wearing their thong?
Gymbuff #357

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/03/2013 07:03:01Copy HTML

Had a great afternoon at Zenith beach (Shoal Bay). The weather has been perfect for getting some sun so I headed down to one side of the beach, where the rocks which provided just enough shelter from the wind. It's a great little secluded area, apart from a fisherman at the other end I was the only one there.Hopefully I'll get back there tomorrow, it's been too long since I last worked on a decent tan...
Tanlinelover #358

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/07/2013 10:45:16Copy HTML

 Went to Reef Beach today but there was no beach!  It seems the tides and surf have been exceptionally high so thonged up on the rocks for a while. I then headed to Forty Baskets beach (now 41 Baskets ;)) since some soft sand was there. Being a Saturday there were many children and BBqs so I opted for the speedo.   It was a perfect day so then headed to Manly beach and walked the entire length but not a single thonger to be found.  I will try a weekday next week since I'm Down Under for the month. Any suggestions from my Ozzy friends??
malagaguy #359

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/07/2013 11:18:01Copy HTML

I'm from the west but came across this map with links to all the beaches in Sydney. I see it includes the clothing optional one too.Seems to cover all the transport  and amenities as well. http://www.linkysbeachdays.com/_maps/thefullmap.html
adambrix #360

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/08/2013 10:44:09Copy HTML

Tanlinelover, try some other harbour beaches- Balmoral, Chinamans, Camp Cove. Coogee and Bondi can be worth a look. Depends on the day. Sometimes the weekdays are better as there are less families, gawkers etc.
Grabeach #361

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/08/2013 07:34:46Copy HTML


Manyof the small harbour beaches do tend to disappear around high tide. Not much we can do about that.
Thongs, even g-strings, are okay on virtually all Sydney beaches. They are just rarely seen. As a wild stab in the dark I'd say one in a hundred for the girls and one in a thousand for the guys. There's probably more chance of there being thongers on some of the well used beaches simply because there is a larger sample size to start with. Similarly, although the proportion mid week may be higher, I suspect absolute numbers will not. I'd certainly go along with the the harbour beaches mentioned by adambrix as being the best bet, and at least there will still be sand at high tide. Not so sure about spotting thongers on the large ocean beaches mentioned (Bondi and Coogee), because although with thousands of beachgoers there on a sunny day the odds are there will be thongers, they will be invisible in the crowd.
Tanlinelover #362

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/12/2013 02:45:35Copy HTML

Malagaguy - Thanks for the awesome Link.  The details are great! 
Adambrix - Thanks to you I hit Camp Cove and it was great! Not busy and with nice clean sand and water. Had a few compliments too so that always makes for a great day! Its proximity to Watson Bay was not just convenient but having Doyles seafood and bar next to the ferry was a real bonus. 
Grabeach- Checking tides now , great advice too.  I have free days next Monday/Tuesday so ready to explore more. 
Thongmad #363

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/14/2013 12:34:17Copy HTML

 Had an awesome day at One Mile/Samurai yesterday! 35degC sunny day, and surfed and walked the beach thonging all day.

Actually saw and spoke with the guy I have mentioned seeing around earlier. He has no problem wearing his thong where ever he goes, and walked right through the crowded part of the beach, and up to the carpark/shop area. Very confident guy, and I'd say mid twenties. Good to see younger people thonging!

We chatted for a while at one stage, and it seems he has had many of the same experiences/reactions as most of us here, saying he gets a few comments occasionally, but generally nobody cares. He also said he wished he looked as good as I did in a thong, so I was feeling pretty good, seeing as though I'm 42, and that came from a 20-something!

I actually got two more compliments yesterday, both positives! The other was a lady walking in the opposite direction past me, she totally nude, in her later 50's, with a smoking-hot body that a lot of 20's would kill for! She said I had a great body, and thought my thong was cute. When I passed her again on the return walk, she said "Second time around, and that's still a great body!" Happy camper!!!

The other was at the car-wash. I got out and gave my 4WD a quick wash off with the pressure hose to get rid of the salt & sand, still in just my thong as I often do. A group of three young girls pulled into the bay beside me to wash their car, and all got out in just bikini's. (It is a real trend among younger girls around here to wear just their bikini around the streets in beach areas). Anyway one of them noticed me, and let out a bit of a surprised laugh, then bought it to the attention of her friends. One said out loud to me "I like your G-string!" in a really nice friendly matter, like she really meant it.
I just said "Thank you!" and kept on with the job. I think the tried to get a sneaky i-phone shot at one stage! I felt good about it though!

So it was a great day all over!
matt476 #364

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/18/2013 03:29:46Copy HTML

 ... i was so hungover i wore the tangaland microminimus down to the beach last weekend ... I did not think i would ever, ever wear that sort of knob-only covering swimsuit to the beach but i thought 'what the heck' ... he he a muslim family and the surf club guy on his quad bike went past and didn't bat an eyelid ... pity about the wind or i would have toasted my nuts a bit longer ...
JM_Runs #365

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/30/2013 04:43:00Copy HTML

 Bit of a mixed bag for beach weather in Sydney at the moment. Trying a single-sided thong for the first time today. Mainstream beach on the north side but found a quiet spot!
matt476 #366

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:12/31/2013 12:42:39Copy HTML

 copped a wolf whistle from a cutie with half her bum hanging out of her bikini wandering along the beach with her BF today whilst i was soaking up the sun in my fairly conservative little g-string ...  NYD should be good somewhere ...
JM_Runs #367

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/02/2014 07:04:14Copy HTML

 Tried Reef Beach today. Very disappointing.  Full with very conservative people. I had my single sider on.  Not a happy vibe. Bailed within 20 mins and went to manly
shireguy69 #368

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/02/2014 07:20:13Copy HTML

 weather permitting will spend the whole day thonging near the entrance on central coast sunday 5th.
Grabeach #369

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/02/2014 08:16:25Copy HTML


Reef has an interesting history. it was an unofficial nude beach for a long time. Back in the 70s? it was declared one of two official nude beachs in Sydney. Not a good choice, as from memory there was no parking area. The increase in traffic and some very poor behaviour off beach by some of the users really pissed off the local residents. Legal status was revoked and the locals 'reclaimed' the beach by giving anyone who wore less than ' standard' swimwear a hard time. Sounds like that hasn't changed. Reef is probably the last beach in Sydney I would wear a thong.

PS: I think Reef has come up previously, so I've probably made similar comments before. Sorry for the repeat.
JM_Runs #370

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/03/2014 02:56:56Copy HTML

I think you just need to pick your day with Reef.  Holiday season maybe not the time.
Tried Camp Cove this morning. High tide was against me.  Lady Bay even worse.
Grabeach #371

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/03/2014 08:27:06Copy HTML

You can't take a trick. Yesterday's morning high tide was the biggest of the year. Camp Cove decades back, though narrow, was okay on high tide. Actually kinda nice if you were crammed in next to some topless lovely. Maybe less sand there all the time now, or perhaps a 2.04m tide was just too high. Always pays to check the tides when going to harbour beaches.
JM_Runs #372

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/04/2014 01:47:56Copy HTML

 And today Cobblers.  Wow, so many people.  I think I'm headed back more north, where there is a bit more space!
John Howard #373

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/04/2014 08:17:02Copy HTML

 I'm in Sydney for a short holiday with my family, and was wondering if 40 baskets would be a good choice to go to sunbake wearing a thong.... According to Showing22, the Reef might not be a good idea at this time of the year?  I think I can get there by foot 1 km from 40 baskets (15 min walk)... Went to a beach called Clontarf a couple of days ago with the in laws (a beyond dreadful experience with some of them bring nerdenthal troglodyte redneck) saw quite a few very attractive milfs most of them wearing bikinis, and a few dads wearing 5 cm speedos, I stripped to my speedos only to swim with my kids and nieces and then put on my dont rock the boat prudish board shorts.....Too many kids there too much of a family beach, I couldn't be less interested of ever going back to that beach.Tomorrow the in laws are flying out, and thought I could have a chance to thong before leaving town...I try to avoid crowded beaches like manly and bondi, only want a nice quiet beach where I can sunbake and swim wearing a thong.      It all depends if I can only go with my kids and wife, if we have to also take my nieces then I would hAve to forget about the thong and wear a normal rio, and ruin the thong tan line..  
JM_Runs #374

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/04/2014 09:29:50Copy HTML

 JH - 40 Baskets is the next beach along from Reef on the national park walking track. Although I haven't been to 40 baskets for a while, my guess is that at present it's not likely to have good thong vibe to it
JM_Runs #375

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/05/2014 06:03:58Copy HTML

 Another mixed bag today, cloudy and a couple of spots of rain to start today. Then the sun came out around midday but so did the wind. Went to Palmy first but too much sand was blowing. Watched the kitesurfers for a while and then down to Bilgola. Perfect. A few hours in an old speedo thong (although it may have been its last outing as the elastic has just about given up the ghost - like the one-sider probably only good for lying around in now).
bbyrne78 #376

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/05/2014 09:57:44Copy HTML

@ John Howard

About 2.5hrs south of Sydney is Jervis Bay and some of the most amazing beaches in Australia. While everyone goes to Greenpatch and Hyam's Beach (deservedly so, they are the two best beaches in the area), there are a couple more secluded beaches away from families like Steamers Beach (30mins hike through a national park) or Collingwood Beach (once away from Moona Moona Creek, the only people you need to worry about are the kite surfers).

Green Island and Lake Conjola. At low tide the Lake is pretty crowded, but if you swim out to Green Island, you might bump into a well known and very beautiful WW wearer who has been known to go out there for photoshoots.

Love Bren
John Howard #377

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/05/2014 08:40:06Copy HTML

 This is great information Bren, I will definitely try to stop at these beaches on my way back to Mel via merimbula whre we have booked 2 nights at a hotel near the beach.   Many thanks for this.
I got caught in too many long hours at work before planning this holiday and let the W organize the 2 week trip;  next time I will not let work get in the way and I will decide the destinations.
Bumping into that  WW beauty,  well, that could definitely be so inspiring and exciting!
jtanguy #378

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/06/2014 04:59:39Copy HTML

I'm visiting Australia in February 2014 - Can't wait!!Staying in Sydney - arriving Feb 3 and leaving Feb 10. Would be good to hang out with some other fellow local thongers while there.I've been reading some of the posts on here which have been helpful. Other stops will be - Cairns (Great Barrier Reef) Feb 10 to Feb 13Melborne, Feb 13 to Feb 17thHobart, Tasmania Feb 17 to Feb 20th.
Feel free to In box me if you have any personal suggestions or recommendations, etc.
Looking forward to my first visit to Australia.
Grabeach #379

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/07/2014 08:20:10Copy HTML

All the kids should be back in school at the end of January, so everywhere should be be less crowded. Around Sydney, popular ocean beaches such as Bondi, Coogee and Manly become bearable again! February, however, is school swimming carnival month, so most of the 50m pools are closed to the public during the day. Best to stick to the beaches and non 50m ocean and harbour pools.

Uni students are still on holidays, so expect a fair number of 18 to 25 year olds on the beaches. That increases the chances of seeing female thong wearers on any beach. I would expect some of those mentioned by Adambrix, such as Balmoral and Camp Cove, to be almost certainties. Guys in thongs are a different ball game (pun not intended). If you only go to the  beach a few times, odds are you won't see any. If you decide to wear a thong on any Sydney beach you'll probably raise a few eyebrows, but that's about it. We're pretty tolerant here with regard to what people wear.

Sydney has over a hundred beaches, so it's difficult to be an expert on all areas. If you can nominate the part of Sydney where you're staying, somebody may be able to give individual beach suggestions.
John Howard #380

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/07/2014 09:59:51Copy HTML

 Thanks Showing22, it's good to be able to get good advice from other thongers who understand what we want....
We drove last Sunday up to palm beach, couldn't find parking so we ended up at Whale beach at the left end....Kids didn't enjoy it that much because it was a bit rough for them;  I was ok cause I'm more used to rough surf, just had to check that my new MS half inch posed thong in mallard colour was still on every time I body surfed a wave.....By the way, I'm quite happy with the material of my recently purchased muscleskins thongs, I notice they are not as stretchy as in the past, but the fit is very ok, I reckon it helps the fact that I have stripped off fat on my mid section lately, and don't get any straps cutting on my skin actually I have developed an Adonis belt with 4 thick veins coming down the abdominals that end up hiding under my thong, like the looks and I definitely will buy again from Jupiter in the future. It wasn't bad the atmosphere at Whale beach for a male thonger, I got some attention from a few ladies around us, the only down side is I got a parking fine as I didn't realize there was a meter, I know the parking inspector would have enjoyed giving a ticket to a VIC number plate

John Howard #381

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/09/2014 10:42:25Copy HTML

 I said chau to Sydney last Tuesday morning.   It's coastline and seaside must be one of the most beautiful in the world.  I wrapped it up well by having A swim at cobblers beach at middle head.  I was lucky enough kids nor W didn't want to go for a swim, so I ventured to find a nudist local beach.My sat navigator guided me there perfectly only19 min from balgowlah where I was staying.  It was a hot and sunny day. - arrived at 1.30pm.  I knew obelisk beach is predominantly gay and cobblers not.  I got confused in the beginning and followed tracks towards obelisk, a bit hard to walk through rocks and branches of trees. Lucky I bumper into a guy wandering around the bushes wearing only his speedos. He gave me directions on how to go back to the parking area and go to cobblers beach.There is a ramp like road that goes down to the beach, it was packed and people already enjoying the sun on the lawn area before the sand.I was surprised of how small it was the beach; however the atmosphere was fantastic.  Found a spot empty coincidentally next to a good looking lady wearing a WW bottom and no top on, her partner was a late 50s guy with white hair and un-toned skin wearing a thick gold chain...  He must have a very attractive personality , to have such cute company.I decided to keep on my thong for the first hour cause I haven't developed a tan line yet.  I would take it off after then to enjoy the sun naked as almost everyone else.  I could feel a lot of attention from a few people (most people must be regulars who know each other) and obviously because I was wearing a g and not naked. After the hour passed I stripped off my MS poser and walked to have a swim.  It feels good to have both worlds, and after a big loss in body fat my privates look really well hung especially under the sun, the blood and veins in that area do love the sun I bet you.In summary I did like cobblers a lot, great to sunbake next to similar minded people. I'll miss ya Sydney!

thenextthong #382

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/10/2014 10:02:54Copy HTML

 I spent my Christmas and New Years at Noosa, and I didn't actually do any thonging at all, thanks to the unofficial but very excellent nude beach.

It's located in the national park, and the best route to get there requires a 2.4km hike through the bushlands, which in and of itself was good since its a great workout and I challenged myself to do it faster every time I went. The beach itself, Alexandria Bay, is reasonably sized, most of the nude sunbathing and swimming occurs on the southern end. Due to its remote location there are no lifeguards, only random patrols throughout the day, I've heard there have been a few drownings but as long as you're a strong swimmer and careful you should be fine.

There was nothing better than spending the day getting an all over tan and swimming in the clear blue water. In terms of other beachgoers, it was mostly older couples, with a few younger women who kept their bottoms on. When I was lying on my stomach, I did get checked out by a topless young Asian girl who was there with her speedo wearing boyfriend/husband.

Other than the bay, ideal areas for thonging would be anywhere along Sunshine Beach and south of there, but I couldn't recommend Noosa beach, which is located next to the main street and is very popular and very crowded because of its calm waters which make for ideal swimming. If you end up at Noosa beach because of family or friends, pack your boardies!

Since there is still one and a half months of summer remaining, it would be nice to get in some more beach time, except that the weather in south east Queensland has been MISERABLE for the past week and looks to stay that way for some time. Plus Gold Coast beaches are becoming police states, not that you couldn't wear a thong there, just that it's nice to be able to do so without the boys in blue in their little buggys driving past every so often.
matt476 #383

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/10/2014 02:05:03Copy HTML

You've had to pick the days for beachgoing again this summer in NSW, whilst better than the last few La Nina summers its usually been cloudy with chance of thunderstorms or windy as hell .. been discreetly trying to get an hour or two in here and there when the chance arises. Sunny and 28 degrees on Saturday and I'm just contemplating which Sydney beach to go to.

I was disappointed to read an article in the paper that young ladies are tending to keep their tops on these days, unlike their mothers during the 80's and 90's, although they do tend to wear incredibly short shorts with bum cheeks slightly hanging out just walking around town so things aren't too bad. I do like the trend for chicks wearing revealing sporty little 'g-string singlets' tho ... don't mind having a look at ladies with plenty of shoulder and back showing.

I don't think the world is ready for the barely there little pieces of fabric i've been wearing in public but fairly secluded places recently, fortunately I've just re-discovered the patterned mesh string that appears opaque from a distance but is actually quite see and tan thru up close which I've had for a few years but got buried in the swimsuit drawer. Wore it the other day during my lunch break I slipped down to the local beach, a few people around, a couple of ladies walked close by for a look and a fat chick sniffed at me (probably jealous) ... I think I'll be having a quick clipper and shave in the morning, slip into the mesh g-string and see where I end up sunning. Low Tide is around 11 so any harbour beaches should be cool.

Agree with the comments on Reef Beach ... full of kayakers in full body lycra (... and they think I'M unusual in a little mesh cossie ???

I prefer Camp Cove mid-week as it is more family oriented on weekends.

Bondi is full of dick heads. Haven't been there for years. And they approach from all directions.

Coogee could be an option, get lost amongst the tourists at the north end.

Balmoral and Chinamans cost me extra coz I don't have an e-tag to get through the tunnel. Could get an all day public transport ticket and take a six pack of beers in the cooler.

Wouldn't bother trying Manly.

Glamarama - theres a thought. Haven't been there for ages.

Lady Bay and Obelisk ... 95 % blokes doesn't do much for me.

Never tried Cobblers, but looks and sounds a bit cramped.

Mebbe Little Congwong, although I believe its very popular on weekends and being unofficial the cops have busted the place previously. But the highest ratio of naked ladies I have ever seen.

Haven't tried Jibbon beach yet, but the National Park fee is a bit steep.

Werrong beach is good, you could do back flips naked and there would be no-one to notice, so not such a good place for an optic, and the thought that you've got to slug it out up a 400 m high cliff to get back out.

So many choices, we are very lucky to live here where we can enjoy the sun in whichever casual way we choose. Happy New Year to all thongers, g-stringers, topless chicks, bikini babes, nudists and other relaxed people out there, If I see your healthily tanned brown bums and boosies I know you're having fun. Slap on plenty of SPF 0 Reef Oil and enjoy! And don't forget the regular skin cancer checks, may the Melanoma not be with you!
matt476 #384

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/12/2014 01:39:42Copy HTML

Ended up at Camp Cove on Saturday. Fantastic. I was the only G-string wearer that I could see but heaps of half-arsed little bikinis everywhere that hopefully will get smaller and turn into thongs over the next few seasons ... and a nice young lady who walked along the beach, made a bee line straight towards me and set up camp a couple of metres away had the largest brownest natural boobs I have seen for a while. I saw her approaching with those gorgeous boobs strapped up in an orange bikini top and was hoping she would get them out. She kept her top on for the first hour or so then discarded it and I couldn't help but sneak a peek every now and then. Absolutely stunning. A very sturdily built girl with Beautiful DD (or larger?) puppies with dollar-sized nipples and a coffee brown tan ... she obviously loves the sun as much as I do. The mesh string I was wearing I realised is slightly more transparent than I remember and I thought 'OMG, I'm virtually naked and no-one seems to give a shit' and the four pommy chicks (all slightly plump and kept their tops on, but they still insist on wearing the same little bikinis as skinnier girls which makes me smile) that set up in front of me kept on looking at my cossie with big smiles on their faces whilst fiddling with their phones ... I think they could see through the flimsy fabric of my mesh g-string from the angle they were on ... four pommy chicks , two pommy blokes and the two blokes started rubbing sun cream on each other! Go figure?! There's no way anyone could think I'm weird when you see that happening.  Must be a Euro thing. A husband/wife/kid group set up within reaching distance as the place was fairly packed and I heard the woman say to her hubby when they got there 'do you want to move?' to which he said 'no, it's okay' and they didn't ... she had a great bikini bridge happening and i swear she was leaning towards me whilst hubby took the kid for a swim so I could get a good look through the gap between her bikini and her hips. Didn't hear any negative comments whatsoever. For the benefit of discretion I slipped the speedos on over the G-string several times on and went for swims and that seemed to get a very positive response from those nearby, I guess I was showing that I wear the string for tanning but wear a speedo for swimming.  Actually all the ladies nearby seemed to love giving me great views of their cleavage, seemingly bowing towards me and letting their boobs swing and giving me a fantastic view whilst they squeezed the water out of their hair. And the half dozen late teenage (i.e. they looked about 18) chicks with the little bikinis that let more bum hang out than there is fabric about 5 meters away were just sensational. Overall rating: Fantastic.
Grabeach #385

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/12/2014 09:21:46Copy HTML

Your description of Camp Cove seems much as I remember it on weekends back in the mid eighties, though g-strings were more common back then. Camp Cove was one of those beaches where it was sufficiently crowded that it was okay to throw your towel down next to some topless lovely and have no one bat an eyelid. There's a pool I currently go to where the grassed area also gets fairly crowded and it's always interesting to observe the dynamics of where people arriving set up. Seems more related to individual personalities, rather than to any age or gender grouping.

Regarding your previous post:-

It seems windier now than years ago, though if your in the Eastern Suburbs, at any given time it should be sheltered at either the coast or harbour beaches, as they face in different directions.

It's pretty well accepted that both male and female swimwear in Australia hit their minimum about 20 to 25 years back. Back then topless women, and to a lesser extent g-strings, could be seen on virtually any beach. Nielsen Park and Redleaf are two more that come to mind. In view of this, it was actually surprising how quickly the scene then changed. Will be interesting whether the girls ever return to the same level of brevity on the beach. Off the beach, as you say, dress is pretty liberal, especially among the mid teens. One good sign this season is that for the first time I've noticed the occasional late teen sunning in a thong in a high traffic area of a couple of the suburban pools.

Your listing of beaches is pretty close to where I used to go when I lived closer to the Eastern Suburbs and I wouldn't argue with many of your comments. I have on occasions revisted some of them when I've been in the area (rarely), but typically midweek non-summer, so not much happening. As well as pools all over the place, I also spend a bit of time on the stretch of beach along Botany Bay. Rarely see any thongs or women with their tops off these days, but it's pretty laid back and easy to park. I guess one's priorities change as one gets older.
JM_Runs #386

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/13/2014 12:51:06Copy HTML

 Great weekend for the beach.  Saturday had me on the manly stretch - quite few girls in thongs and topless, but didn't see any other guys.  Sunday I went up to Palmy and it was much the same.
matt476 #387

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/13/2014 11:25:38Copy HTML

 It's warming up on the East Coast over the next few days ... I can feel a sickie coming on ...

Thongmad #388

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/15/2014 12:44:59Copy HTML

 I again spent a few weeks over Christmas/New year at Port Macquarie (hope you all had a good one!)
The report would be the same as last year really, with a couple of notable exceptions.
There were girls (young and some older) in string and small-backed bikini's all over the place. As matt476 says, all shapes and sizes!I spotted three other males in g's/thongs in the two-and-a-half weeks. One probably a little younger than me (mid thirties?) in good shape. Only saw him once, not far from the patrolled area. One guy a bit older (mid fifties) appeared several times, and I saw him doing Tai-chi in his thong early on a couple of mornings. The other was obviously a body-builder (huge) who I saw only once when he set up near my wife and I.The only female I saw was in a very small tie-side purple G-string, and she set up close to me for three or four days running. She was young and stunning!!! All the other females seemed to wear the narrow butt bottoms, and pulled them up to tan.I spent every day tanning in a Skinzwear 1" thong (black 'ThinSknz' fabric) for at least a few hours. I was putting on the same in a 1" bikini to go for a swim, but even did without that and swam in just the thong several times. I think the regulars are quite used to me now, as I've been doing it for three years running.
Yes people look, but I observed a large percentage walk past me and don't even notice (80% or more).Attitude helps, as does being with my wife I think (she doesn't wear thongs these days, just a bikini)
Great Holiday. It's 35degC+ today, so I'm off to South Newcastle this afternoon for some sun and a swim. Thonged!
Thongmad #389

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/15/2014 10:32:21Copy HTML

 South Newcastle today was great!
Had a lovely compliment and a photo request (first one ever) from three young girls walking by in their bikinis (see relevant section in Personal Experiences)
It was a day that confirmed you can wear a thong where ever you have the confidence to do it!
JM_Runs #390

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/15/2014 02:43:37Copy HTML

 Yay !  Confindence ! If you can fake that, you've got it made! (To miss quote George Burns)
thenextthong #391

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/15/2014 10:35:33Copy HTML

 I am very envious of all this nice weather everyone has been having. The clouds seem to absolutely love south east Queensland. My suntan does not love the clouds. Well, silver lining, perhaps the weather will improve when the kids are back in school.
matt476 #392

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/18/2014 02:34:44Copy HTML


having worn nothing but mesh g-strings for the last few weeks, I am developing a rather serious tan .. might start applying SPF 8 Reef Oil soon, if u can still get it ...
John Howard #393

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/19/2014 03:19:42Copy HTML

 G'Day Thongmad,  
great report from your holiday up in that beautiful part of NSW,  I hope I can visit that area soon!!

This is Australia, and you are right mate, you can wear a thong wherever you want as long as you have the attitude to wear it, aka confidence!!!

It's interesting what you say about wearing a 1" bikini to get up to go for a swim, after sunbaking just wearing a thong.  I went through the same experience at a beach  around Merimbula called Short Point, in our way back to Mel via the beaches of South NSW.    My kids and I arrived by midday and because of them not be very used to swim in open ocean (unlike our Port Phillip Bay here in Mel),  I chose to set up near the "between the flags" area.   I didn't see any thong whatsoever,  only a couple of guys wearing speedos.     Don't know why, maybe because I am a tourist to this area, this was obviously a family beach with so many kids (and ironically young Mums and Dads wearing clownish cossies, don't know why for some to become a parent means wear almost grandpa's wardrobe),  I decided to wear a MS 1/2 inch lean back bikini over my MS 1/2 inch poser thong.   

That way I could get both, sunbake on a thong and have fun with the kids in the surf.

I reckon it was a good decision,  I could notice so much attention on me when I was sunbaking on my towel wearing only the thong,  probably these were mostly locals who have not seen many males wearing a thong in the past.    If I stayed there longer, I mean 2 or 3 days, I would probably just worn the thong all the way even for swimming, by then the locals would know me better and realize I'm just a dad with his kids who looks after himself and likes to wear a thong, probably from crazy Syd or Mel, no biggy!!

Hey Thongmad you mention that you wore a Skinz thong,  I've never worn this brand,  how do you think it rates as compared to a Muscleskins thong.......    I've worn mostly Muscleskins lately and I'm curious to know how do they compare (I remembered you mentioned purchasing Muscleskins in the past).

cheers mate

matt476 #394

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/19/2014 09:40:46Copy HTML

 ... and a special thank-you to the cute little 20-something young thing that I saw scrunching her little black bikini bottom right up cute little arse whilst her boyfriend was out body boarding yesterday ... don't be afraid to lose the top too darling !
Grabeach #395

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/19/2014 06:58:12Copy HTML

Hey Matt,

Your post reminded me of a similar age young lady back in the mid 80s who rode a bodyboard wearing nothing but a g at the little reef on the north side of Glamarama. Must have been tough on her nips. Only probem for us dedicated bodysurfers was that when she turned up the reef got awfully crowded.

PS: http://meanjin.com.au/articles/post/glamarama/  is an interesting history of the suburb..
Sydmixwrstlr #396

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/20/2014 09:33:44Copy HTML

 Reeef beach was great on the weekend I got my nice golden brown tan,,My buns a nice and brown.. and nice healthy white tanline..
Thongmad #397

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/21/2014 04:29:30Copy HTML

John Howard,

I found my Muscleskins, even though I love the style and fit, would last no time whatsoever when they went anywhere near sunscreen or tanning oils. I know you aren't supposed to get it on them, but what chance have you got of avoiding it? The elastic in the seams lost all of it's elasticity very quickly, and made them stretch in a weird way, so they no longer fit.
I know the Skinzwear has the same issues depending on fabric choice, but they seem to last longer so far. I wore a 'ThinSkinz' thong every day for 14 days on holiday, and would apply Reef oil over my entire body before putting the thong on, so they definitely got well exposed to it. I think the secret it to wash them out in detergent after every use. They are not as taught as when I first got them, but are holding up well. I would have had to throw away the Muscleskins by now.
As far as style goes, the Skinz are definitely a little more conservative, but still unlined, so they don't hide too much. They also don't have a front or rear seam like the Muscleskins. I think I'll try a more standard lycra fabric next time to see how it lasts. The ThinSkinz is very nice to wear, however. The style, while being brief, isn't too 'showy' in the package area, so I am liking them. They don't come up too high either, so are a cross between a traditional thong design, but is a bit lower at the back and hips. I do like them!
Only problem with Skinz is the cost. They add up quickly, and then you get hit pretty well for postage. Add that to our ever falling dollar, and they ain't cheap...regardless, they are worth a try at least once ;)
Thongmad #398

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/21/2014 04:33:29Copy HTML

You can get Reef in SPF 30+, 15+ (I use this one), and 0. Haven't seen 8+ for years.
Woolworths stock it.
thonger_in_oz #399

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/28/2014 01:49:56Copy HTML

went down to Adelaide on the weekend and ejoyed the Sunday at West Side beach!!! great place to go thonging!!!
matt476 #400

Re:Beaches of Australia

Date Posted:01/31/2014 12:19:46Copy HTML

 yee hah ... been in the little mesh string for half an hour every day this week during lunch break ... saw a great young lady in a little 1/8 " thong ... covered with little hairline tatts which made me think 'wow, whis chick is comfy with her body' ...

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