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Date Posted:07/07/2014 06:01:53Copy HTML

Describe your experience with increased boldness with thong wearing.  I am sure that we all start out a shy and progress into being more comfortable and seemingly more bold than the day we started.  When I began wearing thongs on the beach I felt that everyone was staring at me.  I could not tan with my cheeks up and if someone would come by I would either turnover or drag a towel over me.  It was a very new and challenging time.  I progressed past that after sometime to the point where I tan freely cheeks up or down.  I am at the point now where I can stand up and put on sunblock or adjust my towel for the most part without caring who is around.  That is kind of where I am now.  What is your story?
thongerinME #1

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 09:54:36Copy HTML

 The first time I got the nerve to walk down to water and get in was amazing. I timed it so that other people near me were also doing the same thing. The more I did this the more comfortable I bead walking in my thong. You are right about the adjusting of the towel and applying sunscreen as well. I figure that if I have been at the beach for a while, everyone around me has already seen me. It is normal to have to do these things. If I make it a big deal and try to do it in some bizarre way, I only draw more attention to myself. I would say my boldness is just becoming more comfortable with myself.
showoffmark #2

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 10:47:04Copy HTML

 I became bold with thongs when I was on vacation a few years ago. I was in Aruba and finally had the nerve to forget it was anything than another swimsuit. I had been to South Beach several times before but would not get up and go into the ocean. Even after seeing several other fellows go ahead of me. My other pictures are of me at practically empty pools. This past trip to Chicago, I had no qualms about walking around the beach to say hello to a few people and ask a fellow thonger to shoot a few pictures of me along the shore. I know I don't have the best thong body in the world, but I really find all over sun bathing very relaxing. Yesterday I laid out on our back deck and didn't worry which if any of our neighbors could see. The question becomes, will I do this when my sister in law and her family visit next week. 
Sharon73 #3

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 01:42:08Copy HTML

 I have been growing more bold in my thong by also being topless at the beach.  I lay on my back in my thong topless but haven't walked around yet.  Got quite a few passers by to look at me and found it to be very exciting
RapidBlue #4

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 02:21:46Copy HTML

 Over the years I have see myself growing increasingly bold. I started with going from Speedo suits to Brazilian backs to Rio back to now thongs. At first I was literally cramming myself into small suit which had no room for the goods. Then I found pouch enhancement suits. No more cramming, more comfort, and a great show. I added a c-ring. The other day I was on a small beach, set up and stripped to my thong. There was not much room for space and as the day went on I had many people close by. I was on full display for anyone who happened to look. Getting in and out of the water had many eyes focused on me. The rangers saw me and said nothing (nor did they even come close). Got a nice package comment (again) form a woman. It was quite exciting to be on such a small beach with so many people so close by. There were no other thongs, but had a few women showing plenty of cheek. 
Chantelle4both #5

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 02:45:03Copy HTML

I agree with you! My experiences of wearing a thong at the beach at the pool has come by baby steps. I remember the first time I wore "just" a speedo at the beach and how strange and exciting it was. 
20897 #6

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 04:22:38Copy HTML

My progress of being more bold has been the same. I have gone from wearing a speedo on my swim team to wearing thongs on the beach and now only wearing G-strings all the time. As the years have gone by, I have become more comfortable not to let any comments bother me and just have a good time. My wife has added some rhinestone bling to a lot of my G-strings and they are now my favorite suits to wear at the beach and at the gym swimming laps.

Because the gym was quiet this weekend, I did not bother putting a cover up on after swimming laps in my bling G-string. I used the sauna, steam, and hot tub for another hour.  In the locker room, I am not concerned of what others think of my G-string tan line or underwear.

mack_back #7

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 05:06:13Copy HTML

 My boldness comes without giving a f#%ck. If people stare because i just arrived are only curious and intrigued. If the moment comes when i strip off to my thong seeing peoples reactions. If people are blasey about it than everything is fine. If they overreact imature behavior errupts i know i can't be bold better off leaving or be surrounded with them and uncomfortable.
Always have internal conversation telling myself. I'm a nudist while being nude everywhere is not appropriate or ideal.  So whenever i choose minimal swimwear, i see someone overreact to my boldness, i know it's a lot more modest then being nude. Always chuckle at the shocked prudish stares what i wear. Them thinking this thong is racey they never seen me nude. 
Although their are levels of thong swimwear styles. Some can look like a speedo from the front and nobody cares. While other string bulge thongs can easily get reactions that truly your wearing provocative attire seeing me from the  front. 
Think in a positive manner picking the color or style of a thong for the most shocking reactions. If they stare looking upon me from every angle until they look at my backside and laugh or chuckle. It is expected while they don't see a thong male ever. Try not to react to their reactions only do what i would do if i had on  dork shorts. 
Yes thongs are unusual and many are surprised at a male wearing one. So expected reactions from people come with the territory. 
As long as nobody in authority tells you to leave or wear something else everything should be fine. Complaints bound to happen and  immature  behavior will pursue your thong wearing habits everywhere. Just have to find a way to deal with it. 

tanlines2thin #8

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 08:45:56Copy HTML

being socially bold in a thong or Gee is a blancing act between desire and stupidity.........in a clothing-op or outta-the-way place, you can feed both your desire and be stupid at the same time, which is great.........by stupid, I mean, not giving a crap about anyone or anything.......sooooooooo, that being said, at a public consumption beach or pool, ya can't be too stupid and just think of yourself, unless you're just itching for issues........of course, my motto is to always go for maximum exposure and minimal concealment...........just ask the folks at my neighborhood pool  
Grabeach #9

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/07/2014 09:52:31Copy HTML

Being more bold was a matter of where I sunned rather than what I wore. My first thong type cossie was a minimal g-string so no progression possible there. However I started wearing it at sparsely populated out of the way harbour beaches, then less crowded parts of popular ocean beaches, then the crowded swimming sections of any beach and finally at suburban Olympic pools.
lcp84047 #10

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/08/2014 01:11:00Copy HTML

 I only recently wore a thong in public. On a cruise, I didn't have the guts to wear one on the boat, but I wore one on the beach (although down a ways away from most people) at Half Moon Cay, then at dusk in Aruba. Next was my experiences (documented elsewhere on the board) in Daytona/Ormond Beach.  Sadly, I can't wear them legally anywhere in Utah, so the most I've worn here is a "speedo" like this: http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/UnderGear/MA965_OA_C13?$dwpp$. I'm really needing another vacation somewhere so I can wear them - I miss it.
Thongmad #11

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/08/2014 06:40:47Copy HTML

 As a very small kid, I grew up in an era of 'speedos' being the majority wear for men in Australia (the 70's). During school the peer influence dictates that shorts (albeit short shorts) were the thing to wear. I always reverted to my briefs when in the pool at home.
Then I started surfing, and the tribe dictates strongly that boardshorts (back then, still short) were the only acceptable thing.
Whenever I was alone or in a very uncrowded situation, I'd still revert to briefs, getting smaller and smaller as I could. The 80's trend at the time even gave us higher waisted, thin sided briefs anyway, so I loved them! I wore them on the beach whenever I felt confident enough.
The latter half of the 80's saw the introduction of thongs for mass consumption in Australia (primarily for women) and then the trend for male thongs as well. I was instantly attracted to them, and got one as soon as I was able (without anyone knowing, of course!). It was a black Speedo thong.
I can't remember the exact experience of the very first time I wore it at the beach, but I got increasingly frustrated at not really having the nerve to do it anytime, anywhere on the beach.
Eventually as more people seen me on the beach, the more I would wear it. I always wish now that I had a lot more nerve back then, and did it more often. I was a teenager with a great body and long blonde hair, and could have gotten away with it easily! The one time I really would have liked to was when I went to 'Wet-n-Wild' on the Gold Coast, but only wore a rio. Oh well.
I rarely wear anything else when tanning these days, even on crowded beaches. I still feel some initial anticipation in some cases, but get over that soon enough. Never enough to stop me, as I usually guage a the situation pretty well.
I'm now become confident/bold enough to wear them in all sorts of situations such as a car washing and going into a beachside shop etc, and sometimes my lap swimming in an Olympic pool.
So from being a very nervous teenager, to a 99.9% thong wearer, I've come a long way!
bbyrne78 #12

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/08/2014 09:35:34Copy HTML

@ Thongmad I really like this post for a single reason

The issue isn't really about being bold per se, but about wearing a thong for the first time and not getting a hard time because of it. It is amazing how much of a difference a small compliment, thumbs up, smile or support goes when someone is trying to do something for the first time.

I am lucky enough to see it most days with people I am training to lose weight or those who are rehabbing injuries, a small pat on the back, encouragement or a fist pump gives people wings.

When at the beach, I go out of my way to smile and say hello to everyone near me. I may have mentioned that just saying hello and waving to people gives them the confidence and push through. This applies to people running marathons, lifting weights or wearing bikinis and thong bikinis for the first time.

We should all take a chill pill and instead of hiding in the dunes and bushes, we should be going about our business. it is my experience that we'll get less hassles that way.

Kudos Thongmad.

Love Bren
thong_jock #13

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/08/2014 02:02:24Copy HTML

I started out just wearing thong swimwear at secluded or gay beaches, then progressed to more crowded clothing optional beaches and now wear them at busy public beaches on some occasions too. I also have worn them to hotel pools. For me it's about the vibe of the place. If I don't feel comfortable baring my ass in one of my skimpy muscleskins, I'll wear a speedo bikini style suit...usually a small sided one that's closer to a posing suit than a regular speedo. I love my tanlines and am not keen on messing them up. The only time I EVER wear shorts are around co-workers and my sister. That's my limit. :-)
richard12181970 #14

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/08/2014 02:30:57Copy HTML

Having more confidence is a good thing, and I have become more comfortable if not more confident wearing a thong at the beach.  I like quieter beaches which means I lay out away from others or on more secluded beaches.  I do feel that since I'm on a less populated beach, I have more confidence to walk around and go for a swim.  One place I have become more confident is tanning on the dock (pier) at the lake cabin in northern Wisconsin (USA).
BarelyCovered #15

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/08/2014 05:55:28Copy HTML

This year I could finally take a girlfriend to my mums house in Germany, we live in Sweden.
Both my mum and gf know I wear thongs. My mum doesn´t mind that I wear thongs as swimwear and underwear. When she comment, is about how good/sexy they are. And my girlfriend say that I look good in them :) But I don´t like to wear thongs around other men.

So last week me and my gf went to the local beach, she wore "Serial" from a-s-s.ch, and I a blue thong from jp-beach.de or my red joe snyder bulge thong. You can see me wearing both in my gallery.

We went to the beach four times and most of them were near other people. When alone I usually pick more secluded places at this lake but with her it was easier to choose more crowded places. Some things happened during our beach visits that I am proud of and that makes me more confident.

Me, my gf and my mum went to the beach around 4 pm to relax. After one hour my mums husband came to us after work. This scared me a bit. But I tried to play cool and every thing went by. I wasn´t that comfortable about the situation but nothing happened but it would be interesting to know what his thoughts were.

One day later my and my gf went alone and picked a spot that was near a pathway. It was easy for people to see me wearing a thong. Personally I didn´t liked the spot but my gf insisted on it, she told me not to be so complicated :) Anyway. Time passed by as well as people. Some saw my thong some didn´t, even if the was only 2 meter between me and them. But then suddenly a group of guys (5-7 around 20yo) came in our direction and I panic´d a little. Should I hide my thong, should I put by shorts on and so one. But in the end I did nothing. I kept reading my magazine and the guys passed by. But of course they saw my thong and started to laugh. Actually no big deal but I didn´t expect something else either.

On our last day we went to a other part of the beach. This the I went in the water if her passing by another couple (the were nude) in my red thong. It was a little nervous but I tried not to think about it. A funny thing I noticed is how quickly people stops to look. In the beginning it is interesting but after a while people tend to look elsewhere, which is relieving.

I did a fun thing on our last trip to the lake. I strapped my thong on my backpack so it dangled freely. One girl that passed by on rollerblades noticed and told her bf. I was pretty hilarious. You watch my profile for that moment.

All in all I think I will be more bold when I go back to that lake. We will see how bold I will be here in sweden.

And one last thing, I don´t thong without my Ray Bans on. I feel more secure when I have them on :) 
Seam_Stress #16

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/08/2014 06:15:59Copy HTML

When I was younger, I always wanted to feel sexy the way women are allowed, even though that's never been "socially acceptable" for men.  It's one of the reasons I quickly adopted cycling tights when they came along in the 1980s, and I've been wearing them ever since - now only wearing catsuits or combined tight shirts and tight leggings for riding.  I was immediately attracted to the sight of women in thongs in the late 1980s/early 1990s, jealous of the fact that thongs were acceptable for women but not for men.  When I found men's thong underwear and swimsuits were available, I bought them.

Wearing them in public was another matter.  Small town, small mind, and where I lived there was no way I could wear them.  The first time I dared was in a nearby town's public pool in the middle of the day, when only adult women were around.  What a rush, but so few chances to do it.  I tried to find isolated places to tan in summer, but swimming was impossible until I moved to Kelowna in 1991. 

Once I started wearing thongs in Kelowna and Penticton where it's legal both in pools and on beaches, I quickly took to it as normal, and haven't been shy about wearing them since.  After I moved to Asia, there are only some places that allow thongs and I try to go on vacation there.  But unlike Canada or the US, briefs have always been the norm for men's swimsuits.  Thongs may not be legal in Taiwan, but I always push the limits on what's allowed - the tiniest side straps, the narrowest backs, push out fronts, mesh, etc.

I love staying in shape and still being able to wear them, showing off and feeling good about myself.  I still get a rush doing it, and don't care who sees me, even people I know.  The only limitation on what I wear are legal ones imposed by governments, not any worry about what others think.  If I do ever move back to Canada, I'm definitely moving back to Kelowna or Victoria.

Ex_Member #17

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/08/2014 11:27:28Copy HTML

BarelyCovered  - I feel the same way about wearing a small bikini around men - I don't like it.   I feel comfortable around women
Ex_Member #18

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/09/2014 12:36:54Copy HTML

 Can’t say I more bold now, been wearing thongs in public for over 25 years. Over time my pouches have become smaller and the straps thinner, it is hard to tell the difference between the thongs and g-strings except for the straps. Most of the thongs are unlined solid light colors that tend to be revealing and somewhat  transparent when wet - it not totally. I try to set up first not hiding, but not in the most crowded areas, where i can be seen, but not on top of others. Most of the time people choose to set up right beside me. Which isn't a problem with me, since they can tell I’m wearing a thong. If I am in the water when they set up and want to get out, I try not to expose myself, but sometimes I have no choice. Luckily the suits are thin and dry very quickly and there isn’t an issue. I usually go to Lake Lanier north of Atlanta. Have been going for over 20 years. Many park rangers have seen me and some even talk to me without problems. I am not there as an exhibitionist but to enjoy the sun and water.
This summer I have been going to nude pool parties or nude resorts most weekends. I want to have my first all over tan. I know its crazy!  Sunday I wanted to cool off. I went to the lake at a park I knew would be less crowded. When I reached the area I go to, I stripped down to my new tiny yellow GREGG thong. As I blew up my float several boaters watched. After an hour I changed int an equally small suit with sting  straps. A man and his 2 sons decide to fish not far from me. We chatted for a minute and he apologized for invading my space. A first! When the tress started blocking the sun. I moved to the other side of the park. I changed into my  new skinzwear M1R2 pouch g-string. ( http://www.skinzwear.com/product_detail.php?prodID=10058&name=Mens-G-String-Thong-Adjustable-Pouch-in-Blue-Barbed).  This tiny suit has an adjustable pouch, but in all reality there is not much to adjust. It feels awesome. I set up in a grassy area and laid  ass up between near 2 girls and a young couple down by the water. 
By the time I was ready to go into the water the couple had left and a group of teenagers had replaced them. They had seen my ass before setting up, so I walked between them and got on my float. Even though the pouch was one of my smallest and the straps were more strings than straps, the suit is not transparent when wet and probably  revealed less than some of my thongs. I laid out face up for 30 minutes before  I turned over. One of the guys came close and we chatted.
There were no snickers or laughing. When I left they all said goodbye. I think I will go again this weekend.
Ex_Member #19

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/09/2014 12:50:33Copy HTML

 Can’t say I more bold now, been wearing thongs in public for over 25 years. Over time my pouches have become smaller and the straps thinner, it is hard to tell the difference between the thongs and g-strings except for the straps. Most of the thongs are unlined solid light colors that tend to be revealing and somewhat  transparent when wet - it not totally. I try to set up first not hiding, but not in the most crowded areas, where i can be seen, but not on top of others. Most of the time people choose to set up right beside me. Which isn't a problem with me, since they can tell I’m wearing a thong. If I am in the water when they set up and want to get out, I try not to expose myself, but sometimes I have no choice. Luckily the suits are than and dry very quickly and there isn’t an issue. I usually go to Lake Lanier north of Atlanta. Have been going for over 20 years. Many park rangers have seen me and some even talk to me without problems. I am not there as an exhibitionist but to enjoy the sun and water.
This summer I have been going to nude pool parties or nude resorts most weekends. I want to have my first all over tan. I know its crazy!  Sunday I wanted to cool off. I went to the lake at a park I knew would be less crowded. When I reach the area I go to, I stripped down to my new tiny yellow GREGG thong. As I blew up my float several boaters watched. After an hour I changed int an equally small suit with just straps. A man and his 2 sons decide to fish not far from me. We chatted for a minute and he apologized for invading my space. A first! When the tress started blocking the sun. I moved to the other side of the park. I changed into 
my  new skinzwear M1R2 pouch g-string. ( http://www.skinzwear.com/product_detail.php?prodID=10058&name=Mens-G-String-Thong-Adjustable-Pouch-in-Blue-Barbed).  This tiny suit has an adjustable pouch, but in all reality there is not much to adjust. It feels awesome. I set up in a grassy area and laid  ass up between near 2 girls and a young couple down by the water. 
By the time I was ready to go into the water the couple had left and a group of teenagers had replaced them. They had seen my ass before setting up, so I walked between them and got on my float. Even though the pouch was one smallest and the straps were more strings than straps, the suit is not transparent when wet and probably  revealed less than some of my thongs. I laid out face up for 30 minutes before  I turned over. One of the guys came close and we chatted.
There were no snickers or laughing. When I left they all said goodbye. I think I will go again this weekend.
Dr S #20

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/09/2014 03:31:56Copy HTML

I went through a spell of increasing boldnees from my late teens through to my 30's, but for about he past 15 years little has changed.

I started to wear increasingly skimpy underwear aged about 18 (around 1986). I had several girlfriends who wore string-sided (tanga) briefs and liked the style. I started to occasionally wear womens, but they didn't fit too well. Several of the big stores (Debenhams first, then C&A followed by M&S) started selling mens tanga briefs and I sonn wore little else as underwear, the exception being if I had to use changing rooms for sports. I started buying mail order from amongst others Kiniki, who offered a wider range of styles and fabrics: including thongs.

I started to wear the occasional thong as underwear aged about 20 or 21 and was wearing brief bikini styles and tanga swimwear for holidays, with fairly basic bikini swimwear for lane swimming. As time went on and men's thongs became more widely available they became my sole choice of underwear, including for sport and under lycra shorts and tights I would wear to participate. I was aware this was now obvious to anyone who cared to notice or saw me changing. Around this time I also began trimming and shaving my body (underarms and chest initially, but then legs too).

In 1993 my girlfriend and I went to Tenerife on holiday. I had seen men wearing thongs on the beach on a previous visit, but hadn't had the nerve to try one, but took the step whilst sunbathing by the pool. I soon realised my shaving would need to include my bikini line! From there on thongs are what I have almost exclusively worn to the beach, and after our honeymoon 2 years later I raised more than a few eyebrows whilst changing and showering with colleagues at the gym. I had nice new thong tanlines and was shaved apart from a neat landing strip. At that time (1995) it was much less common than now, and I knew the gossip would be passed around work, but by that stage I didn't really care who knew.

I suppose now I am, if anything a little less bold. I still wear thong underwear, lycra and now have a full body wax. I wear thong swimsuits to the beach and pool on holiday, but day-to-day they are possibly a little less obvious than when I was younger..  
bmicro #21

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/09/2014 08:06:28Copy HTML

 As some have responded, I grew up when competitive swimmers wore speedos or similar bikinis and shorts were really short. On my HS swim team we were constantly searching for the smallest bikini that we could get away with so that we would have the least drag from the suit. I haven't changed that pursuit. It was easy for a gf to convince me to wear thongs and my "wear the least that is appropriate" philosophy continued. Every time I wear a smaller or more unusual suit I am somewhat nervous  for a brief while, until I get some exercise by walking a long way up the beach and get used to it.Of course, when at a beach that I am not used to, I spend a good bit of time figuring out what the rules and the "vibe" of the beach are so I can figure out what the limits are.
thongerfan #22

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/09/2014 11:38:18Copy HTML

 I haven't been wearing  thongs in public until a few years ago. I'd say I gotten over some of my shyness when I first started buying thongs in person at my local underwear stores. Most don't really care. I want to be more bold by wearing a thong around a crowded beach, which is something i never tried, but also at the same time, make sure that it's legal to wear one there because I don't want any lega trouble. Thing is I have to live near or travel to a beach first lol.
thonger525 #23

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/10/2014 12:07:42Copy HTML

 I went to sobe a couple weeks ago.  Knowing that men and women wear thongs there to the beach, I brought some thongs to wear on the beach.  At first I was nervous and laid out near a guy in a red g-string and a lady in a hot pink thong. Stayed on the beach for about 2 hours before getting lunch.  After I had checked in at the hotel and had lunch,  I went back out to the beach.  The temp was 92 degrees and very high humidity.  By the time I got on the beach I was already sweating. So I said f it and took off my shorts and shirt and walked the length of the beach in my red n2n thong.  After that I had no problems laying out in just my thong the entire rest of my trip.
mack_back #24

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/12/2014 12:20:36Copy HTML

 Wore my poser thong out in a park away from the clothing optional beach. When i walked off the beach nude i seen few people stare. While walking in the park going to the restroom not many people seen me. One chinese guy who couldn't speak english tried to compliment me but couldn't find the words for thong. He called it a smally. 

While going back to the beach seen a group of three clothed lurkers exiting. One man talking to another woman not paying attention. While one older late 40's woman suddenly noticed me saying to the others, "uhh! a banana hammock", while others looked upon me as i smirked looking upon the woman. She got everyones attention but they all looked straight ahead. Felt i should of said  something to the woman. Who looked like she didn't approve what she seen on the beach or  my poser thong. This is typical female who complains or ridicules guys like us on textile beach or pools. They find what we wear not appropiate or to her liking. While she was on my turf i felt i should of said. Honey why don't you like bananas? Probably would set me up for a smart remark and ridicule. Although i regret to "Andrew Dice Clay" rude comment towards her disapproved opinions of what i had on.  Was shaking my head why someone such a narrow mind decided to walk into the lions den of openess and tolerance. 

Ethan85 #25

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/12/2014 02:22:41Copy HTML

As a kid I always wore speedos, didn’t think anything of it.  Switched to shorts as a teenager, don’t exactly know why.  I didn’t swim or go to the beach much anyway.  Switched back to speedos in college when I started swimming laps--got a great tan at the outdoor pool (in California), and so started wearing them (increasingly brief) to the beach as well.  Occasionally I wore thong underwear, but never considered I’d wear a thong in public until last year when I moved cities and came across a beach where it is fairly common (you’ll see a handful of men in them everyday, and less often, women).  I didn’t really own any beach-appropriate thongs at the time (the ones I had were cotton) so purchased one for the beach and then a few more.  It was (and still is) a real rush to wear them.  A few days ago I had a great day because I felt bold enough to wear the tiniest g-string I own: http://gregghomme.com/112114-forplay-string.  I spent most of my time on a towel, but did get up and walk to a garbage can in a highly visible area, and then up and down a less crowded section of beach.  I also had a swim, entering the water with a speedo to cover me up, but then taking it off and exiting with just the g-string.  I overheard a few comments, nothing necessarily negative, more along the lines of wow, look how small that suit is!  Now I’m hoping that when I go back and wear a more standard thong (my favorite is http://www.gooddevil.com/underwear/mens-thongs/good-devil-zoom-thong-navy), I will feel much more comfortable to leave my towel and walk around the beach as if it's no big deal.  My main fear, though, is that I will run into someone from work, as the beach, although in a large city, is quite close to where I work.
Akshun #26

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/13/2014 12:32:59Copy HTML

 I applaude you guys. I don't think I could wear a thong with a bunch of people. I have an issue with wearing them around men as well. For now, I'll stick to my backyard, vacant beaches, and nude resorts in order to get the tan lines.
mack_back #27

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/13/2014 05:49:10Copy HTML

Had  interesting time at the C/O beach. Setup between two young couples who were fully clothed. I stripped down to my poser thong then nude rubbing oil over my entire body standing getting a lot of attention. 

Suddenly i seen a group of 10  teens, 18 or 19 year olds, walking over. They greeted the one couple beside me and they all decided  planning too join them. The guys had thoughts to move somewhere else on the beach because seeing me right next to them.
The girls emphatically said, "No Way! We are staying." Her friends agreed giggling.
The girls all setup their towels beside me, so close I could touch the closest one. So close that during the afternoon some girls were standing over me and their dripping wet hair, got me wet. 

The females wearing their string bikini's looking very lovely but prudish changing while covering with a towel.

I thought to have some fun, not leave for a more secluded spot.

I was wearing my isolation earbuds, not interested in hearing their conversation, but I did overhear some comments. As I laid on my towel some girls stared talking, they asked one another if they seen a guy wearing ring like that ever before. (I was wearing a gland metal chrome ring) They all answered never. This amused me.

While the afternoon progressed i decided to go off the beach using the restroom and park area, where is clothing mandatory.  So I walked naked towards the exit with my thong in hand.  While putting on my thong I heard laughter, from some woman in the park area, and squeals   as I walked confidently to the restroom in my thong.

While walking back on the C/O beach I saw a few woman smiling at me in the poser thong. So I wandered off to the textile beach adjacent to C\O beach. Not many people on the textile beach but as I walked along I saw woman smile and turn their heads as I walked passed their camp. While making back onto the C/O beach noticed similar looks from a clothed dork short wearing bikini clad people. 

Noticed only two woman in a thong, I usually notice anyone with a thong on. First woman in her early fourties was oblivious to everyone, did not seem to care what other people thought of her wearing it. She seemed focused with her husband and chatting.

Second was searching out for a male friend who was lost in the sea of towels and bodies. As she was walking towards his direction she made her way passed me.  She was staring at me as I lay on my towel buns up in my thong.  At first I thought she was only topless in a black string bikini bottom. Then as she passed I noticed yes she had on a triangle thong string that looked terrific, with a body to match. 

I was only guy in a thong, all the others were nude or clothed. At the C/O beach and the adjacent textile beach I think people expect freaks with unique clothes. Some people who visit come to be entertained, to see what normally couldn't be seen anywhere else.

beachlion #28

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/13/2014 10:02:19Copy HTML

 When I moved out of Holland in the summer of 2012 I had time to go to the beach between filling boxes and getting rid of stuff. When you know your beach and the sort of people there, you will know have far you can go in wearing strings. I wore quite small strings and thongs and they were most of the time white or in a light color. So every time I came out of the water the suits were quite see-thru. The boldest thing then was a teardrop model in white that became very see-thru. From the attention of the ladies around me I could figure that they did not objected at all.When I started wearing skimpy stuff almost 15 year ago I could not think of being so bold now.
32189 #29

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:09/13/2014 11:32:43Copy HTML

I have been having some good experiences laying out in my thong the last couple of days.  I sense that I am getting more bold because I feel so comfortable in my minimal swimsuit.  I am not trying to be bold as much as I am just enjoying myself and comfortable with what I am wearing.  I think my comfort shows in my body language and seems to put people at ease around me.  
People come and set up around me like no big deal.  It is apparent that I am wearing a thong but they still choose to set up by me.  I know there has been talk in other areas on this board about thonging and kids.  But I have parents set up by me with their kids and the kids do not even notice me.  So I have people with kids set up by me, single young women, boyfriend and girlfriends, families, whomever.  I just go about my business and get up when I need to throw something away or put more sunblock on.  
A step I am not at yet is getting up to go in the water with all of those people around.  I do go in the water when people are around but it has to be a smaller crowd and the right setting.  Someday I want to go in the water no matter the size or type of crowd.  
skelly24 #30

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/09/2014 01:04:19Copy HTML

when i do get a chance to thong... I am so much more bold than I was the very first time. I prefer nude beaches because i know that people expect to see nudity and or very little attire. I went with my girlfriend the first time and I had a pretty good time. we both wore thongs. She is now my wife and she did not enjoy the experience. I have been back a couple of times since then and now I dont even think twice about walking to the car inn a sting or thong. I love the freedom and air blowing all over my skin.
bmicro #31

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/10/2014 06:32:16Copy HTML

 As I explained above, I grew up as swimmer when wearing the briefest bikini was considered an advantage. I stuck with bikinis through the transition to "dork shorts" for guys. I could never understand why I would want to wear a swimsuit that would hold me back like that! In staying with bikinis, primarily speedos, I did endure some teasing from friends and a few comments. That made it easier when a gf convinced me to switch to thongs. I am convinced that I got more negative comments and fewer positive ones when wearing bikinis in a dork short environment than I get now wearing thongs and G-strings. I went from being behind the times to being bold and on the "forefront of fashion", as a few women have expressed.
epicinspeedo #32

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/13/2014 02:57:05Copy HTML

 Great topic!  I suppose my boldness comes once I am down on my area of the beach. I have the ability to go to a very quiet beach. I head past the mommies and kids to where it is quieter. Once there, I walk around the beach, get in the water, hell, even skip some stones...all in just my thong.   Having said that, no one knows me at the beach, so my resolution for summer 2015 will be to wear a speedo or less from the car all the way to the beach. I'll see how training in the off season goes. 
J_R_365 #33

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/13/2014 03:49:00Copy HTML

 I always used to wear Speedos, but got bothered by the cottontail the full seat gave me. To celebrate some significant weight loss a few years ago, I bought a couple of suits from Skinzwear, a rio and a string.

I had trouble working up the nerve to wear the string, until I visited a c/o beach (and loved it!). The next day I wore my string to the regular beach, and as I stripped down to my suit, I thought, "Hell, I spent all yesterday naked", and it all ceased to be an issue. Got some smiles from some other beach-goers, which gave me more encouragement. Now, it's like Mies van der Rohe - "Less is more".
pikeman #34

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/14/2014 02:16:43Copy HTML

 I had been wearing my thong in our back yard long enough to develop a nice tan and overcome the instant @@@@@@ problem when my work required me to go to San Jose CA. I used to live there and scheduled a weekend into the trip with the intention of going to the beach. As soon as I arrived Sat AM I headed for the coast and went to Rio Del Mar State beach. I walked down quite a bit and spread my towel in an empty area and pretty much had the entire beach to myself. It became one of those really nice warm days and the water beckoned. So off I went and spent enough time in the 60-ish waves to approach hypothermia. I thought a walk was in order. Along this stretch of coast you can walk for miles and I spent close to an hour walking south. But upon my return the beach had many more people and a lot of them were walking too. They were even pushing strollers along the hard-packed sand.  It worried me, but I was blessedly ignored! I noticed quite a few nubile topless women throwing frisbees and I think they served as a helpful distraction. I even got up the nerve to rinse off in the fresh water shower by the toilets. So it turned out to be an entirely stress-free experience. Baring my ass in public turned out to be a non-issue, and it made me much more confident about public exposure. God bless California!
RapidBlue #35

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/16/2014 07:16:53Copy HTML

 I always wore the smallest bikini brief I could find before making the jump to thongs. The first time I bared my buns in public I was nervous as hell, scared to. I was on a fairly uncrowned beach in Michigan where seeing anyone in a thong is a rare occurrence. Then I went to South Beach Miami and found some more comfort. I became more comfortable as the time passed. Even today when I go to a new beach I am a little nervous, especially here in the Great Lakes. It is alway a rush when I get smiles or others setting up near by to look. Now I walk in and out of the water with confidence while seeing the many eyes focused my way.
Thongmad #36

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/20/2014 09:49:26Copy HTML

 Had a couple of great walks along the beach this week!

First one was from a spot I have walked before - over from Seaworld on Southport Spit, Surfers Paradise QLD.
As usual I left my car in the carpark clad only in a thong (JS black thong) and a cap and sunglasses,walking North to the break wall. This time I also visited the kiosk near the pier and bought a bottle of water among a small crowd. No comments, but a nice happy smile from a young woman I had passed on the beach earlier.
I returned down the beach, and spoke to many more people than usual (some just a Hello, some a brief chat or pat a dog). I then decided to keep going South, all the way down to the main street area of Surfers Paradise (Cavill Avenue). Down here the beach is always heavily populated with tourists.
I took particular notice of reactions. Many couples/groups commented to themselves (never heard what any of them said due to the wind), many turned to look a second time as I passed (I looked around often to see), but nobody commented directly to me! I did not see one person look or comment in a negative way - in fact nearly every one had a smile on their face!
I felt confident the whole time :)

The second one was another route I have taken before, but extended this time. I started at North Belongil Beach, Byron Bay, and left the carpark in the same JS thong, hat, and sunglasses.
I walked South as I have before, and reached the break wall in front of the main part of Byron Bay township. This again is where the tourists gather in their thousands!
This time I crossed the rocks and walked all the way along Clarkes Beach to the end, known as The Pass. This passes the surf club and patrolled area of the beach, and the car park, grassed area, and hotel. Yes, it was packed with people as always.
The biggest reaction I got was from a group of 14-16 yo girls doing a beach run who came up behind me. I heard a few giggles etc as they approached, and when they passed one turned and yelled "I like your g-string!" and waved. I just smiled and waved back.
The walk down and back to my car got much the same reaction as my first walk.

Both of these walks were very enjoyable and I'll do them again when I can.

John Howard #37

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/22/2014 04:49:34Copy HTML

 Well done Thongmad!,  that's a long walk up to Cavill Ave;  did you go into the surf to cool down or just walked all the way,  it could take about half an hour to complete that walk, am I right?    
I reckon that the more often you do bold things like this, the stronger you get in the confidence department, and you won't chicken out at a new similar situations in the future.
Is the JS thong closer to the Olaf Benz (more conservative cut) or more like the Muscleskins Poser (that's the boldest I normally wear).... Also can remember some mixed reviews about the Joe snyder.....
was it a very sunny day?   actually it wouldn't make much difference, I bet you got the sharpest tan line from this walk.....  it's funny but for some reason the best tan is achieved from walking not necessarily lying down .
Thongmad #38

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:11/22/2014 05:52:23Copy HTML

Agreed, the tan you get from walking beside the waters edge is from sun and reflection, so it's fairly even.
Both of these walks were around an hour each way. On both days it wasn't so sunny to start with, just very humid, but the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly after 20-30 minutes. One of those days that you can burn quickly despite being overcast.

The JS is very similar to the Muscleskins Classic. It is brief and close fitting, but not a poser suit. I have an Olaf Benz and that is a totally different cut - more like a low-rise swimming brief in the front and a much wider sides and thong rear. I wore it to swim laps at the pool in Miami (Gold Coast that is, not USA).
My JS has been good so far (around 6 wears) but there is a thread or two coming loose now. Muscleskins are great, but I've always had trouble with the elastic in them - I think they don't like tanning oil at all. I know that's not recommended to get on your swimwear, but how do you avoid it???
Glasgow_Thong_Boy #39

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/10/2014 07:53:36Copy HTML

Being in Scotland I don't get the weather to thong at a beach.  We're currently being hit by a 'weather bomb' resulting in high winds, sleet, snow etc.  However I decided to 'be more bold' today and went shopping in loose-fitting trackies and a G-string (meaning that I'd whaletail easily).  I'm pretty sure a few people would have seen in when I was leaning over or sitting down.  At one point I couldn't get a changing room curtain completely shut so had to strip despite the gap.  The mirror was also on that side which means other shoppers wouldn't even need to look directly through the gap to see me.  Overall the shopping trip was only a little embarrassing but a good thrill as I rarely have my thongs on show anywhere public.

DesertThong #40

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/22/2014 12:28:27Copy HTML

For me, boldness comes with have a good even tan...it gives confidence. So, the later in the tanning season, the less worried I am about what people will say.
mack_back #41

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/22/2014 08:22:58Copy HTML

Don't use the word "sexy" often but i believe it's closer of being bold. Doesn't matter how you appear but not caring what others think or say about your body. That is the perfect definition of sexy which many may call bold or not ashamed of how they look. 
thonglife #42

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/26/2014 04:14:01Copy HTML

Over the years, I've graduated to wearing smaller and smaller swimwear at the beach and pool. 10+ years ago, I was content to wear short running shorts for tanning and swimming. I then started wearing traditional Speedos to expose more leg but keep my buns and package covered. I eventually moved onto briefer men's bikini style suits thinking there was no way I could publicly wear any less. A new girlfriend, now my wife, then suggested she would wear a thong bikini and go topless for me if I would wear a thong bikini as well.  As the summers passed, I was buying more and more swimwear, often thongs and even a couple g-strings. Over the past 3 years, I've become the fittest of my life and more confident in my body. With that, I wear tinier workout gear and g-string or thong swimwear with bulge enhancement designs, that are sometimes sheer. I love the feeling of being almost nude in public and showing off my body.
JM_Runs #43

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/26/2014 07:09:42Copy HTML

 thonglife, If there was a 'Like' button on here I would 'Like' that post.
thonglife #44

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/29/2014 04:40:41Copy HTML

 Thanks JM. I've been so inspired over the years by others. Happy to do the same.
jazzyfay #45

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/29/2014 03:13:46Copy HTML

 Ever since I started swimming at my new gym I have only worn speedo style suits for the first time in my life.  Over the last three months I have tried several different styles, some with bulge designs, others without, and have found that I enjoy the more minimal style.  I haven't gone to a thong yet as the rules strictly prohibit them, and there are a surprising amount of people in the pool at 5am.  I did have an interesting experience while wearing my most minimal JS bulge with a tanga back.  My swim time ran up against the beginning of a water aerobics class which usually fills the entire pool.  It just so happened that the instructor began to set up the equipment and remarked that I could stay in the swim lane until the pool filled up, and said I would be an early Christmas present for all the ladies.  It made me smile, and I continued doing laps as the ladies began to fill the pool.  About 10 minutes into the class the pool had nearly filled and I decided it was time to leave, and as I did, the instructor made sure all the ladies were facing me as I emerged.  Not a complaint from any of them!
mack_back #46

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/29/2014 06:38:02Copy HTML

Jazzyfay it's a progression wearing swimwear. Sounds familar to my pool where i mix it up wearing thongs and bikini bottoms. Lucky you have instructor who doesn't mind seeing a guy in minimal swimwear. The female pool aerobics instructor is hot wearing tights doing her sessions on the pool deck. When i wore a thong she didn't notice while the class was in session. Only later when i was leaving to the locker room she noticed trying to get my attention saying, sir, oh sir, excuse me sir while i ignored her. Believe she isn't fond seeing me in speedo briefs, or thong but her female aqua fit classs notice smiling, and preoccupied looking upon me walking on the pool deck. Believe the female instructor believes i want to show off to her class purposel and distrancting them. The instructor  often doesn't look my way when i shower in front of her class cooling off from the sauna next to the pool. She is very friendly towards others but ignores me purposely, only because i don't wear dork shorts. Guessing they all believe i'm exhibitionist trying to get their attention which isn't true. Just so happens i use the pool area facilities whirlpool, sauna, dry sauna while they begin their class. 

Often i try to ignore them all not making eye contact knowing the instructor believes i'm some weird perv. Only time i seen the instructor react when she noticed another instructor outside the pool windows looking in. She tried to communicate something to him getting his attention while the class was in session. She walked along the pool deck by the shower which i was finishing. Then i started to walk passed her into the change room and she noticed my thong. She shook her head twice in disbelief, puffed out air out of her lungs in a snort, huh! Confused stare shaking her head. Everytime i'm at the pool she ignores me not paying attention. Although i seen her get angry at other guys trying to use the pool when her class is in session. 
Although do notice some guys purposely flaunting themselves only wearing small towels or square cut briefs, very obvious what they are doing. One friend told me a guy actually took off his towel in the co-ed sauna. While my friend complained to the pool instructor during her session she told him i hope he has something under that towel. 

lindros #47

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:12/30/2014 04:40:51Copy HTML

Well, I wasn't going to reply to this thread, because I'm not sure how it would come across, but what the heck.

My thonging started around 1991 on a trip to Fort Myers where I saw a bunch of girls in g-strings & thongs, even a couple of guys, and the next day I was out there on the beach in a thong suit. So I didn't start with a gradual progression ... trunks >> speedo >> rio >> thong >> g-string. I just jumped into thongs right away then went quickly to g-strings.

However, my increasing boldness over time has come in one other way. Namely the progression from g-string to nude. For example, at my local beach I'm more willing to lay out naked a hundred yards south of the main section than wear a g-string right at the edge of the main section. After the day of tanning I'm more apt to rinse off nude at the outdoor shower than keep the g-string on. Yes people have walked by and haven't gotten any negative reactions so far. Oddly enough, if I'm wearing a g-string people are more apt to laugh or have a reaction but if I'm nude then that seems to get more "approval".

Also, when I vacation in Miami I'm now trying to find more opportunities to go skinny dipping in the hotel pools. I've done it in mornings just after sunrise and at night after sunset, regardless of whether the pool was empty or whether there were singles, couples or families in the pool, or whether others may be watching from the balcony. In Miami the guests at the hotels I stay at are 99% internationals who tend to tolerate nudity. Only once was I "busted", but the worker simply told me a bathing suit was required, not a big deal.

I'm not sure how healthy this habit is, or how long it will last. I don't like nudist resorts simply because there's more of a thrill being nude where it's considered taboo. It may be wrong, but at least I'm honest.
ozthong #48

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/01/2015 09:16:10Copy HTML

 When I was single, I started out wearing traditional speedos, but eventually it became smaller and skimpier as the years went on. Now that I'm married, I don't mind wearing see-thru when wet and pouch-enhanced thongs as long as there are no kids around. I also enjoy sunbaking naked on a deserted beach.
Tyr1957 #49

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/01/2015 10:11:39Copy HTML

To Lindros:
I think the reason why people are more inclined to laugh, when you are wearing a g-string, than when you are being nude, is that minimal swimwear draws the attention to what it conceals. When we are wearing thongs or g-strings, some people perceive it as an intentional act of showing off. And while that is perfectly ok for women, it is "funny" for a male.
Being nude, you are perceived as uninhibited. A person, who is content with your body, not afraid of showing your body to the world, but not seeking others attention.
I myself much prefer to wear a thong to being nude. I like the "play" and I am, I admit, a kind of exhibiotionist.   
32189 #50

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/02/2015 01:58:25Copy HTML

Tyr1957, I prefer wearing a thong to be completely nude also.  Nudity is cool but I find thong wearing more enjoyable.  And I can thong at more places than I can be nude.  I have come to terms with the fact that I am an exhibitionist also.  
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