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RapidBlue #51

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/02/2015 02:46:28Copy HTML

 I as well prefer a thong to being nude. While nude on a clothing optional beach is find, I find I like the looks and attention I get when wearing a thong. And as 32189 said, I can go more places in a thong than I can naked. Besides, a thong give a pop of color and some definition to my body. Yes, I tend to be fairly exhbitionistic. I have always been the person on the beach in the smallest swimwear.
tanlines2thin #52

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/02/2015 11:39:06Copy HTML

for me, 'being more bold' is all a matter of where I am.....although showing off is in my blood, I have a fairly high regard of consideration for others, just as long as they do not try to put me in a square peg box........I cannot and will not suntan in anything other than some kind of semi-show-suit, meaning, I have to be showing-it to one degree or another........at my neighborhood pool - which is by far the most socially restrictive and peer pressure venue that I suntan at - I will go no more conservative than a rio or tanga back, very low pouch front, with no more than 1/2 inch sides.........for some, this is a risqué look, but for me, this is as reserve as I get, and so far, I have been able to gain acceptance because I actually really swim in the pool and I am sociable, friendly type.........naturally, I presume there is talk to ban my revealing attirre........nevertheless, I am simply not happy unless I get the max overall tan and - if the truth be told - I have to be showing that I am a totally shaven dude........when I am at a c/o beach or resort, everything is fair game for me, and I will sport myself out in the tiniest and most revealing G's.........then, at some point in time, I will step out of the suit and show whatever c&b gear I happen to be manned-up in........even at these c/o localities, and despite the fact that I am not on-the-make, I definitely get the vibe that my behavior is too much for some, while very cool from others.........it doesn't really matter all that much for me, since I am just being me........
bmicro #53

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/03/2015 12:57:45Copy HTML

For me, the key to being more bold is self-assurance and knowledge of the venue. I have described my progression from finding the tiniest bikini to race in swim meets to finding the smallest G-string to wear on the beach. This was a progression in my knowledge of the area. I am much less bold at a venue that I have no knowledge about than at one where I have a substantial knowledge of the limits.  
The second component relies on your being able to shed the need for the approval of everyone around you. If you NEED the approval of others, neither wearing minimal swimwear nor speaking your mind in public may be for you. That doesn't mean that you say to he// with the feelings of others, just that you will rationally analyze the situation and say and do what YOU know is appropriate, given your knowledge of the venue.
John Howard #54

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/04/2015 12:23:36Copy HTML

 Bmicro hit the nail about perhaps the main controversy and anxiety of some guys on this board......  you know you graduated from young boy thonger to adult thonger when you no longer NEED the approval.Personally I dont want thongs on men to become mainstream; i enjoy being blatantly different on the beach so i can show my individuality.
Grabeach #55

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/04/2015 06:35:00Copy HTML

Yea. I start to wonder what's wrong when what I like doing becomes mainstream, though obviously that's better than being some place where they stop you altogether.

I think the happy medium is where you can be an individual in what you wear, but nobody has an issue with it.
nadathing #56

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/04/2015 04:21:35Copy HTML

 Personally, I like to wear the smallest bikinis and thongs in public, and even see-through sometimes, but I'd prefer it if that was common place.  I think if it were, I'd probably go skimpier if possible, so I'd probably always be pushing the envelope, though it would not be as stark a contrast as it is with a bunch of dork-shorts around.
sexystring #57

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/29/2015 08:23:20Copy HTML

When I first started to become a bit more bold - I was just past high school, I was wearing a rather conservative thong under my board shorts.  after a while I became a bit more confident and started to take my shorts off while tanning at the beach...which turned into wearing thongs a bit more often.  I did try g's for a bit, but they're really not for me - my favorite to wear to the beach would be either a Joe Snyder bulge or the Prevail Sport latex look in black!
Kevorkian #58

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/31/2015 03:13:32Copy HTML

 I was a prude until 1995 when I decided to change the board shorts (which made me look skinny) for my father's old Brazilian speedo the last too days of my holidays. When I went into the water the speedo tended to wedge and reveal my whole buttocks and I realized I didn't care.  My mother told me that if she were I, she would wear a thong and therefore the next year I wore my first couple of thongs and the experience was wondrous (fortunately I bought thongs with the front big enough to cover an @@@@@@, what happened many times during my strolls across the beach out of my family view.  After that I have walked dressed only in my thong and trainers on street of London (in a gay parade) and in Barcelona streets (before the ban).
steampowered #59

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/31/2015 12:54:56Copy HTML

I am definitely feeling much more bold as time goes on.

It may seems small compared to many on here, but in locker rooms I no longer care who sees me put thong underwear on, no matter how brightly coloured.
I'm also getting outdoors more, albeit in often fairly secluded spots where not many people pass (not always though). But i'm now feeling relaxed there and can enjoy the sun, rather than jumping at any sound i hear.
NudeNArizona #60

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:01/31/2015 01:40:57Copy HTML

 My boldness came from growing up in a rural area, and being the youngest child in the family.  Since my youngest older sibling is 8 yrs older than I  from the time I was a small child I pretty much could wear anything or nothing while playing in the sprinkler in the yard. As I grew older my older brothers were already out of the house and I pretty much grew up as an only child and with no neighbors for at least a mile and we live up a dirt road where you could here someone coming a mile away my parent never had an issue if I sunbathed nude in the yard as a teenager. And growing up on a big farm we had lots of place to sunbath, and as I started to have friends come over I would usually play off my nude sunbathing as "who is going to see me anyway" and "if they do, I gave them what they came for"

So, if the late 80's I went away from home and now was no longer allowed the freedom of being nude whenever I cared outside this led my to buying my first real swimsuit, and at the time Speedo's were still quite common so I bought a Speedo.  This was fine but I didn't really like it because my tan butt and groin were now pale instead of an all over tan that I had always had.  Then when I was around 21 I had a gf who was quite liberal who love being nude as much as I did decided to buy a white Ujena G-string for our trip to the beach and when we went to the beach the first day I envied her freedom and her ability to tan her butt and I couldn't. So that afternoon while looking thru beach-shops we found a man's white thong in a novelty package with a little whistle hanging in the front, so we bought it. When we got back to the room I cut off the whistle so it would look more like a swimsuit than a bachelor gift.

The next day we both wore our White G-strings on the beach and to our surprise we had many positive comments from fellow beach goers, but my thong being of the underwear type was not build to endure the current of the waves and I was constantly adjusting it, where my gf's being a swimsuit stayed on as expected so when we returned from our trip I found Frederick's sold lycra G-strings for men and they seemed to be what I was looking for. So from then on when I would sunbath alone at my apartment pool I wore my G-strings and since the neighbors knew me it wasn't an issue going from a Speedo also considering this was now the late 80's and early 90's and thong on 20 somethings was quite popular.

But, as I said above my first thong being white along with my gf's transparency was something we had no real issues with except that when it was sheer the pubic hair showed thru the fabric and dulled the appearance, so we both decided to shave our pubes for a better look. Which in those days was not even popular with the porn industry yet, so we did get a few stares and even more questions. Then as life would have it I had the opportunity to transfer overseas to Germany and I did so in June of 1994.  Shortly after arriving we found a place to live and when me moved in we also found the local community pool and not far from us was a lake.  So our first opportunity to visit the lake we went, and when we arrived we immediately felt at home because the people there were dressed from conservative swimwear, to bikini's, to bikini bottom and topless, to thongs, G-strings, to nude.  So we could wear a much or as little as we pleased, and on our first visit we had our G-strings on under our clothes. So after finding our spot to set-up we both undressed down to our G-strings, this was my gf's first time topless in a public setting and she loved it. We layed out in the sun for an hour or so before going into the water to cool off and when we got back to our towel my gf said since I'm already 99% naked and wearing this wet g-string I might as well be 100% and she removed her bottoms, so not to be outdone I removed mine as well!!  It was so great to feel the freedom of being nude in the sun again. the only difference was we were now in a country where we didn't speak the language which did make conversation difficult, because since we were both completely shaved this brought lots of attention and many questions from our new found beach friends. Some of the conversations were positive since back then in Germany many of the older naturalist saw our shaved pubes as being offensive and attention getting, while many of the younger people found us to be trend setting and bold, because on this particular day WE were the only smoothies on the beach, but that didn't last for long.  Because as time went on and we would walk to the lake every afternoon we noticed more and more of our fellow beach goers showing up with less and less pubic hair and the most interesting thing was that we gained more friends everyday.

Another thing that was interesting was that in this particular village of maybe 100 homes the beach that when we first arrived had maybe 40 visitors now had 1000 visitors on the weekends, not sure if word got around but we did get popular and always had friends around us wanting to improve the English. One day while talking with a nice couple they asked us why we decided to move to the village and I explained it was because of my work, and they asked how I liked Germany and the usual questions of small talk, but the one thing I said Is that we loved being able to come to the lake and sunbath nude, this is when they informed us not only the lake!  So I asked what do you mean? And the lady said you can be nude pretty much where ever you want to be within reason. To which I could not understand, so she explained. If you want to be nude in your garden that is fine, if you want to walk nude thru the forest this is normal, and if you go to the local swimming pool you can, but if you use the sauna you MUST be nude. She even told us that if we are walking or riding our bikes from our apartment which was down a residential street that was fine to if we were coming to the lake to be nude.

That was music to our ears!! So I asked where is it not ok to be nude and she said in places of business where you eat/drink on public highways, stores the normal places you would expect.  So from that day on we would just get up on the weekend take a shower grab out towels and beach bag and walk down our street to the lake!! Even though most of the others we would see going to the beach dressed no one cared that we would walk there nude thru the village, and as time went on people would even smile and say hello. Another thing that was interesting was that very few Americans visited the lake and of those who did most did not visit nude, and with our acceptance of European nudity everyone in the village was very accepting of us. Over the three years there in Germany we became very comfortable with our social nudity, and for three and a half summers we never wore swimsuits either at the lake or the local swimming pool which we visited in the cooler months. We also lived our lives at home nude which we loved and was quite enjoyable the only time we dressed was when we worked or left the village.  Our neighbors often would introduce us as the American nudist, and our landlord commented that of all his prior tenants we were his favorites because we didn't run his electric bill up washing clothes all the time and we saved him lots of money on water as well. I also thought it was interesting because by the time we were leaving probably 90% of the women in the village under 40 were shaved when you saw them at the lake and many of the villagers now walked nude to the lake. But we had to come back to the states after 3 yrs but this time we moved to the Fl. keys.

While in the Keys we quickly found where we could go nude, but in our pool in our apartment complex you had to wear swimwear, and after 3yrs of going nude we didn't want to wear anything in the sun. So, this is when we started finding the most minimal swimsuits we could find. Even though the neighbor were as accepting as the Germans most had no complaints about our g-strings at the community pool. After a few apartments opened up from people moving my girlfriend and I talked a few of our friends to move into our complex. With more friends in the complex and the pool was off of our back patio my gf now felt more comfortable about going topless by the pool and nude on our patio.  Next word got out about our complex allowing thongs by the pool and a few of my friends knew some of the local strippers who moved in next to us and shared a patio with us. And after they moved in others moved into the complex so by the time we left there it was not uncommon to see naked girls laying by the pool everyday during the week when kids were in school and most day workers worked, and the most MINIMAL G-string on the weekends.

So after living these experiences in life I have found that if you are confident you don't have as much problems with others accepting your choice of swimwear, and I have always been respectful of others but I don't change for anyone.  I have on many occasions while traveling been to hotels where if you asked if thongs were allowed they would have said NO, but if you just go and use the pool like it is normal MOST will not say a word and if they do the most I have ever had them say is that if guests complain they will have to ask me to cover up.
iowaboi65 #61

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:02/02/2015 11:45:38Copy HTML

I ware thongs under my bike shorts, mostly to hold things up and in place. Never did i think that in Iowa a thong on a guy would be accepted at a beach so i bought a rio or half back suit and would wear it while alone or just a few others were there. Always with a pair of cover up shorts that were tear away Velcro at the waist to put on if needed.

One morning i was stopped by a friend to chat while i was biking. She mentioned she thought she could see thong vpl, on what she said was a cute ass. Immediate ego boost. When i said yeah and pulled the back down to show her,  her nipples went erect. She noticed the slight tan line from the other suit. The conversation ending with both of admitting to be somewhat exhibitionist. So i started wearing thongs under my shorts and would thong while alone but put shorts on when others arrived.

One time a was waring a thong and fell asleep in morning sun. I was woken up by womans voices. I heard "If he has got on what I think he does I'm going to the car and jill myself off". I looked around. There were only me and the two women I heard.  I stood up and walked into the water up to my waist.
To my surprise whe i turned around the one woman had a towel around her waist and I think she had her hand on her pussy. This made me semi hard so i went down in the water and adjusted myself. When i got out I walked up to two wide eyed women and said hope you dont mind, i dont like tan lines. Both reassured me it was fine they thought it was sexy and loved how my thong "fit my body so well".  

They asked me to join them. When i returned with my stuff they had made room between them for me. They mentioned how i didnt have pubic hair sticking out all over.  I told them i shaved even pulled top down just a bit to show. Both were mmm very nice and what a turn on it was, and how they wished thier hubbies would at least trim. Spent a lot of time appliny oil and adjusting my suit.

We got together a few more times that summer each time they got a tad bolder. I was wearing suits that would go a bit see thru when wet. One of the last days i dared them to skinny dip with me. Naturally i had to go first. I stood and slowly peeled down as i walked to the water to hoots and cheers. I was nude my first time at a public beach. They joined me in the water and took thier suits off and held them up above the water.

We got out, me still nude, one put her suit back on and the other remained topless. We sat on our towels and they begged me to stay nude. I did but said they had to help me oil up. Closest I ever to a threesome, two women rubbing oil on me. 

Since that day i sunbathe in the skimpiest or semi see thru suits i can find. Never did see them after that summer but still have those days etched in my mind!!
RapidBlue #62

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:04/15/2015 10:09:44Copy HTML

 I did something this past weekend that I have never done.mmwent to an erotic arts festival. Ok so far no real big deal for me. The entire week end I walked around in a tight shirt and a bright colored thong. In fro of everyone all day and all night for two full days. Some people were fully dressed. Others were in fetish wear and I and several women were in a thong. I got comments about being the best dressed to having the biggest balls to lots of great comments about my thong and my buns. This was the most reassuring self confidence building thong wearing weekend of my life. 
Thongzo #63

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:04/18/2015 01:51:41Copy HTML

 Boldest thing I ever did in a thong was when my wife and I were with another couple in Mexico. We were all on the beach laying out, drinking beer and the women kept commenting that the men all wore board shorts while the women were in bikinis and thongs. Finally my wife asked (in front of the other couple) if I was going to wear my thong. The other wife quickly joined in and said she knew all about my thongs - that she has bonded with my wife, who told her I'm into them. So the next day I wore a thong under my suit and as soon as we got to the beach, I stripped down to nothing but my smallest JASZ black string.
The two gals I was with loved it (the other husband cracked a few jokes but he was ok with it)....going on beach walks with them was by far the boldest and most liberating thing I've done. Walking a large, crowded beach in a thong with two attractive babes on either side, supporting me and rooting for me was such a great feeling. I even let the other wife snap a few pics of me. The gals wouldn't let me cover up. Every time I tried to put my shorts on to go get a drink, or go for a swim they insisted I stay in my thong, which I did. Thonged a total of three days with them. It was one of the best weeks ever. I have some pics of the experience in my profile. And it gave me a great thong tan line!!
jprob50 #64

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:04/19/2015 02:26:48Copy HTML

Thongzo, that sounds like  great experience with some great friends. May I ask, where is Mexico were you ?
Thongzo #65

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:04/19/2015 06:33:45Copy HTML

This was at Isla Mujeres, right off Cancun. We were at an all inclusive resort. Pretty secluded location - there were other resorts next to us but not crowded. The four of us swam nude one night at the beach right in front of our hotel. It was awesome. 
JayByrd #66

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:04/19/2015 07:30:31Copy HTML

I'm trying to push myself to wear thongs in more public venues, which usually means the beach. Today we went to Haulover and did the nude thing. Since the north parking lot is closed for construction we had to use the same lot as the clothing compulsive beach. I wore a Joe Snyder under my shorts. After parking the car I thought what the hell, why not just wear my thong and tee shirt to the beach. So off came the shorts. I have to admit my heart rate was faster than normal walking to the nude section of the beach.
But you know what? No body laughed (out loud) or pointed at me. 
When it came time to leave, as we dressed, I noticed a few women calling their husbands/boy friends attention to the fact I was wearing a thong. No idea if it was good or bad... but I really could care less at that point. 
JM_Runs #67

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:04/19/2015 08:55:14Copy HTML

When women call their husband or boyfriend's attention to me it is normally to say something like "You should wear a suit like that!" or "If I get you one of those would you wear it for me?"
I find the women, especially here in South Florida, to be very accepting of a guy in a thong.
GAGUY30013 #68

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:05/12/2015 12:57:42Copy HTML

 I (with help of my girlfriend and her friend) am trying to be much more bold. As I stated in other posts that I mowed the grass and washed my vehicle in a thong, over the weekend.  Guess it really helped to have two women in the yard with me while doing all of this (one in a thong and one in a skimpy tanga back) . Got a few horn blows, and a lovely compliment from a woman that stopped to take pictures. 
Yesterday afterwork, I decided to put on a rio back bikini and go pull weeds from the flower bed out front of the house, full view from the street. Again got a few horn blows, and one comment from a redneck asshole, that screamed you look hot princess, as he rode by. I shrugged it off and continued about my business. 
I am getting there! 
thongerfan #69

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:05/18/2015 02:41:57Copy HTML

 While I live far from the beach nor do I have the time to go on vacation, I make use of the facilities around me. I go thonging at a bathhouse gym spa called Flex. It use to be really bad but they improve recently. While most of the guys are cruising, I get to work out in the gym in just a thong without having to worry about anyone and those that see me don't give me hell for it and leave me be. Also they have a sun dec soo it's really great to lay out on a sunny day.
JM_Runs #70

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:05/24/2015 05:23:45Copy HTML

After many years of thronging on my home beach I am pretty bold.  Strangers come to town and find a quiet bit of beach and thong timidly, whereas I tend run down the beach in the middle of the day, on a crowded weekend, and then often walk back through the more dense parts of the beach to visit friends or just hang out and make new friends. 

However, I do put on a lose mesh running top when going for coffee across the road, and/or a pair of shorts if going to eat at some of the beach front restaurants.

This weened was extra mad. Saturdays are always a little more rowdy, but yesterday was Memorial Day Saturday.  They closed down the road and setup stages for bands at Las Olas and Sebastian.  In between they had tents for crafts, foods and a good scattering of classic cars. On the beach sand they had bounce houses, slides, sandcastle and hula hoop competitions. Not to mention part of the beach taped off for the sky-divers to land. You have the picture, the beach, road and sidewalks were turned into a Memorial Day carnival.

After my run I walked back North again. A group of beach friends called me over and offered a beer.  I thanked them, said not now, but would take them up on the offer later, when I come back by.

When I did return they were gone, but I ended up talking to two women setup right beside them.  Turned out they were a rather fun mother and daughter. The mother is local but her daughter was just down from NY for a visit. They fed me a few beers and cold ripe lychees.

A little later the mother needed to charge her phone, so we could talk to one of the daughters friends who was trying to find us. We walked up to the road and through the tents and throngs of people.  We saw some electrical outlets on a pole right at the Rock Bar. There was already another women there charging her phone.  If I had a cover up I would have slipped it on before going in, but it was down on my bicycle some blocks away. So being bold I just walked through in with this pretty women at my side. We just walked up and added her phone to the electrical outlets. This was right in the center of the outdoor seating, in the middle of the walkway where people are always going in or out, and with all the tables on each side filled, and a line of people waiting for tables.

I felt a little conspicuous just standing around in a thong, but since I was with an attractive woman and we had something to talk about and do was not that worried, although I did think that any minute now a server would come and tell us we needed shorts, shirts and shoes.  There was some good natured hopping and hollering from a nearby table of eight women, but other than that no problem. We probably spent 15 minutes standing around while we charged the phone, before a manager type came and told us, and the other women there charging her phone, that since we were not buying drinks he did not like us "vamping" his electricity. So we said we may be back later for drinks, and moved on up through the crowds to Beach Place , where we found some more outdoor outlets.

At Beach Place we found electrical outlets at the top of the main steps.  Just beyond that they had put a temporary barricade with a security guard, who was making everyone who passed him put on shirts and shoes. Since we were not going into the rear plaza, or up the stars, he did not bother us. Again we spent about 15 minutes hanging out while the phone charged. The top of the main entrance stairway at Beach Place, underneath the Hooters, is high traffic and not somewhere I would normally hang out, especially on a Memorial Day Saturday, when the place was mobbed. We got a lot of curious looks, but people saw the security guard who was standing about 20 feet away had no problem, so they had no problem either. Funny how that works.

After getting a couple of cokes from the CVS we walked back through the classic cars to the beach.

The daughter's friend managed to find us on the beach, and a little while later we packed up to take everything back to their car.  I helped the mother by dragging her cooler up the beach to the sidewalk, and them battling our way through the crowds passed the stage to get back to the parking lot.  The daughter and her friend were following along behind, apparently observing people's reactions to us as we went by.  They were much amused that people seemed very receptive to thongs, both the women and the men. 

A good day, but a bit more bold around the the restaurants, shops and street vendors than I am normally. It does help to have company. Looking forward to seeing my new friends again soon, well at least the mother, since the daughter has to fly back to NY tomorrow and I am busy doing other stuff today.

mack_back #71

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:05/24/2015 11:24:14Copy HTML

JM runs you can get away wearing a thong that many cannot. Helps you have accepting friends from the beach seeing you day after day. Bold the word you described yourself maybe now just your normal attire that you couldn't imagine not wearing a thong. 
Maybe I'll be getting in the same mindset as you. If you remember my initial posts years back timid afraid couldn't possibly wear that or this in public. Now I wear flamboyant clothing which I never dreamed I could wear in public.  Even notice woman couldn't be caught wearing what I do only because what others may think of them. So many woman follow my lead with baby steps which is amusing to watch knowing I was or is their inspiration. While difficult at first it becomes easier as the years pass wearing unconventional clothing. Now I couldn't go back wearing any mainstream clothes dork shorts or baggy pants. 
For whatever reason my mind gets use to my unique fashion sense and never reverts or questions what I wear. Helps when people who seen me for years begin to accept me or believe I enjoy shocking pedestrian folk who never seen a male wear clothing or flaunt his body off like me. In some ways we get away wearing less around people without reprocussion while others struggle wearing this or that for whatever reason. 
Do know when holiday weekends take effect people want to see the unexpected or be shocked at the legend of south FLA. 
tobias5711 #72

Re:Being more bold

Date Posted:07/27/2018 03:06:59Copy HTML

I was looking for the doing yard work in a thong thread, so I will post here and let JM move it if he wants.  (Modorator Note: Will move it when I find it.  Right now, without search, I am just as lost as you.)

If you have read my recent posts, you will know I have been wearing a thong or g-string on my front porch and in the front yard to do lawn work, as well as checking mail, getting trash to road etc. Many of my neighbor see me and wave and say hello even before I see them.

Yesterday the neighbor across the street, who is never home, was cutting his grass in his front yard. The trashcan had just emptied my can and I went to street to retrieve it in my thong. The driver of truck always waves. No different yesterday. The neighbor saw me and stared. I believe it was his first time really getting a good look at me in a thong. I wave and said hello, he did not respond. 

Several hours later I was on porch in a skinzwear white mesh stuffit g-string, when a policeman pulled up and came up to talk to me. He said they had several complaints from some of my neighbors with kids who were uncomfortable with what I wore. He immediately said what you have on is legal and okay. He used his hands to indicate his manhood saying as long as you are covered, you are legal. He asked if I had ID. I got up to get my wallet from inside. I was glad I had everything stuffed into the pouch, even though the outline of my manhood was clearly visible. The officer got a good look of my entire body. When I returned he repeatedI was legal and couldn't give me a ticket for indecent exposure. He asked if I could wear shorts on front porch to cover my ass to satisfy the neighbors. I did not promise anything. Another cop drove up to see if he was needed, and he was dismissed and he drove off.

The officer said they had to come out if they got complaints. He acted like it was more a problem for him than for me. He asked, if I ever got naked in front yard, stroked or masturbated in public, which is something I would never ever consider doing. He went to his car for 15 minutes, to do whatever he needed to do. I had put on a pair of very short shorts in the mean time. As he left, he told me twice more, I was legal and not breaking the law since my package was covered, but told me I had to live with my neighbors and maybe I should not have my ass exposed to them. I told him over the 30 years wearing a thong, kids have never been bothered. They look for a minute, then run off to play; its their parents which assume that  if you are wearing less than them you must be a pervert.

 As I write this I have on a new g-string with a pair of very short white nylon shorts that are split to the waist on my front porch. I have decided to be more careful when I stand or move around when sitting on porch in a g-string or thong when neighbors are out. And I will wear these shorts when doing yard work. At least for now. It sucks big time that one neighbor is so closed minded. I will try to talk to him when I see him. Wish the officer had given me the names of those who he claimed complained. I would go to them and talk to them nicely. I still plan on wearing thongs and g-strings on porch after dark and can't be seen well from the street.

BaltoBob #73

Re:Being more bold

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I have the same issue. Once the neighbors learn the police won't do anything, they stop calling them. Of course a passing car might call but, as the guy in AZ has posted, the police seldom respond. They might drive by just to make sure you're wearing something. My backyard is rather private, only visible from a couple second floor windows. Nobody has called the police (that I know of) in years. https://vimeo.com/231300919
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Just came back from Daytona Beach.  I am a straight male who wore a sheer white men's teardrop string for men from https://www.the-bikini.com/galleries-men-teardrop/.  It is see through when dry and basically invisible when wet.  I did go to areas on the beach where there were not a lot of families or children.  I laid out for several hours each day for 4 days.  I also went into the water to cool down as needed.  It was the most exhilarating experience to be practically naked on a public beach.  There were almost no issues with any passers-by or lifeguards.  However, on one day a car drove by on the beach and someone made a comment.  I just ignored it because I know thongs are legal in Volusia County, FL. (Sheer or PeekABoo thongs may be a different story...)  

When I went into the water, the others nearby in the water or on the beach did not even bat an eye.  On a different day, a couple at their car noticed me and the wife was either taking a picture or taking a video as I was coming out of the water.  I was basically completely exposed.  It did not phase me a bit.  At my stage in my life, I really don't care if someone can't handle seeing someone at the beach that is completely comfortable in their own skin.  In fact, as I was walking the beach in a bright yellow Cocksox CX02 Swim Brief https://www.cocksox.com/products/cx02-swim-brief, I was really tempted to ask any women who was alone, if I could join them to soak up the rays.  

I guess I could have went to Lot 4 at Apollo Beach in New Smyrna Beach, which is only one lot away from the nude beach (Lot 5), but what fun would it be to wear a string thong right next door to the nude beach?  As a side note:  When I was done thonging and I was ready to walk the beach, I stripped naked and put on my Cocksox CX02 Swim Brief, right out in the open.  I was practically naked as it was, what was a thin string and some sheer fabric hiding that no one couldn't already see.  Now, I didn't go strutting around like a peacock.  I just took off one suit and put on the other.  Now this was bold.  But once again, there were not too many people nearby, but just enough to notice if they were looking.

Long story short, I think I flirted on the extreme edge, but I enjoyed every single minute of it and got a great tan.  In the future, I hope to be able to share the same experience with a lovely lady who is comfortable in her own skin and does not have any hang-ups with a straight guy willing to wear a very minimal string thong at a public beach.  Life is not a dress rehearsal.  We only get one chance to experience what life has to offer.

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