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nospam_TN1 #451

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/25/2017 06:17:47Copy HTML

 It sounds like New Zealand has a rather untenable situation in which you have two contradictory scenarios:  (1) unauthorized photography is illegal, but (2) cameras on beaches are still legal. 

In reality, people use cameras for a lot of things, including the collection of evidence of a crime.  Problem is that if it's not legal to take pictures of people without permission, then how does one go about the process of proving photos were taken without permission?  Take pictures of people taking pictures of you?  Problem is that is also illegal.  In reality, the end result of this law is that instead of acting on CONCRETE AND SOLID EVIDENCE, like photos, cops will have to act on witness testimony, which is far less objective.  The end result of criminalizing photography in public settings is always a more intrusive government. 

Having small, nude areas where all electronic devices are prohibited would make sense.  Criminalizing photography in places where the use of cameras is dangerous and makes no sense.  Certainly, cameras might capture unflattering photos, but if you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have a whole lot to fear from them.
modelnude4u #452

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/01/2017 08:18:31Copy HTML

 I spend 5 hours last Saturday working as a nude model for a student film.  Very odd, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!   I got paid to pose naked in a variety of positions from non-erotic, to having fake blood poured all down my front while I lie on my back.  Try doing that without getting hard!  I was NOT successful, but I don't think they wanted me to be,  Hoping I get to do more of such wild sessions, but even more traditional art classes are a rush.
ARThongLover #453

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/01/2017 08:49:56Copy HTML

I quit being concerned about be photographed wearing a thong at the beach very soon after I started wearing them. I believe that I, like many other thongers, have a bit of an exibitionist streak and enjoy the attention. It has been very rare to spend a day at the beach without seeing my picture made, often multiple times and there is no telling how many have been made that I have not seen. When I see someone trying to do so, I will look away so they are more comfortable taking the picture and will even make sure I give them a good pose - like the time at South Beach where I took a couple of steps onto a sandbar and paused long enough for them to get a clear shot. :)
32189 #454

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/05/2017 03:33:52Copy HTML

I quit being concerned as well but not so much because of the exhibitionist in me but more for the fact that I cannot control what people do and I am not going to worry about it.  If they want to take my picture then that is their choice but I am going to do what I want to do regardless of who might be taking photos.  
JM_Runs #455

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/16/2017 05:21:18Copy HTML

The last time I went to Santa Monica beach I was at the northern-most section from the pier, near Sunset Blvd.  There is one last small parking area and a whole bunch of Volleyball courts.  This area, since it doesn't have much parking, is usually just people working out on the sand.  This time as I walked north, anyone walking south seemed to be caught off guard by my thong and took notice.  Of the 10 or so sets of couples and families I passed, half of them took a photo as soon as we crossed paths.  I would look over my shoulder at them and they would be looking back flat footed, framing up their cell phone pic.  I don't really care anymore, it was just clear they were not accustomed to seeing men in minimal swimwear.  Won't stop me from heading to that section again, not one bit.
The Swan #456

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/16/2017 03:08:45Copy HTML

 I was laying at the beach last weekend and four folks stopped to snap a cell phone photo. I remember now why I don't lay out on the weekends at the beach. I felt sorry for the photographers in that their lives are so boring they find my attire interesting enough to take a photo.
modelnude4u #457

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/12/2017 02:49:00Copy HTML

 I went to a local park today to lay out, in a thong of course!  I found a picnic table to lay on, about 150 feet from the road/parking, down a little hill.  Laid on my back for a while, then turned over.  Very little traffic on the road below, and nothing on the park side.  A few minutes later, a little white car pulled up next to my motorcycle.  I was laying on my front, with my feet facing them, so I couldn't see much of anything, plus they were quite a ways back, and still in the car.  After about 5 minutes, they pulled out, and I watched from them to emerge on the other end of the road through the park, but they never did.  After a few more minutes, I got bored, and decided to get somewhat dressed and get back on the bike.  As I'm pulling out, I see the little white car, parked just over the ridge, and 3 teenage girls with their phones out, heading up over the hill to where I was laying out!  I think they were going to sneak up to get a better angle and take some pics!  But I blew it by leaving early!  I almost stopped and asked them if that's what they were trying to do, because I would have been happy to pose for them, but figured it just wouldn't work out right, and headed home, feeling like I missed a great chance to show off.  I would certainly have waved them over if I saw them taking pics.  Another missed opportunity!
yummypie #458

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/12/2017 03:19:24Copy HTML

 I get photos taken of me fairly regularly on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. If I catch someone in the act I'll usually go up to them and ask if they want a better picture
modelnude4u #459

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/12/2017 10:20:48Copy HTML

 I've done that plenty too!  I usually ask if they got a good one, and they almost always say No, or I don't know, and I'll offer a little posing for them.  I love the attention, and almost anyone taking pics is up for it too.
svqergo1 #460

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/24/2017 06:55:31Copy HTML

I've caught someone taking pictures of me many times.  My favorite is when I was at Kualoa Regional Park on the island of Oahu.  A tour bus with about a dozen couples pulls up and one couple takes my picture with their phone on a selfie stick and their hands (one from each of them) making making a heart with me in the middle.  I'm hoping that's a treasured memory from their Hawaiian vacation.
modelnude4u #461

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/28/2017 06:41:28Copy HTML

 Took the motorcycle out for a ride yesterday, since the weather has been so nice here.  I had on some loose jeans, and very small cut bright blue thong underneath.  Between the sag of the jeans, and the pull up of my jacket, I was sharing a big proud whale tail with anyone behind me.  I've loved that game for a long time!  Anyway, at one point, I pulled in front of an SUV with a young female driver.  At the next light, I noticed her holding her phone up to the windshield, obviously getting a good shot or 3.  Any day I can clearly see a picture being taken of my ass, is a good day!
bmillerw #462

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/30/2017 08:27:06Copy HTML

 I've seen women taking pictures and/or making a video of me on several occasions. I take it as a compliment. I have never had anyone come up and ask. They just do it. Most of the time they try to be discreet about it. Sometimes they don't even try to be sneaky.  
tbck1000 #463

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:01/25/2018 05:47:10Copy HTML

I enjoy it for the most part, and it is often a good conversation starter. But the whole facial recognition thing scares me. I always wear a cap pulled way down and some big sunglasses. It may or may not work but I don’t necessarily want pics of myself in an extremely small suit to be posted and cross indexes against my social media profiles. LinkedIn ... Hello?
Last Summer I was at a hotel pool with one other woman there. She had her back to me but when I got out of the pool in my wet (sheer) thong she noticed. She not to subtly move directly across the pool from me and started taking snapshots and texting or posting. Pretty sure i got my cap on in time and it probably didn’t matter.  Of course I smiled at her stood up and turners around to adjust my chair before she was done!
Grabeach #464

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/02/2018 09:07:42Copy HTML

Interesting situation at one of the netted baths of a several km long Sydney bay side beach yesterday. There were about 100 people, mostly very diverse ethnic origin families, behind the netted area and several more mainly singles and couples spread out for about the next 50m probably avoiding the noise of the kids.  I had paid zero attention to what anyone was wearing and settled down about half way along the latter group.

After a while the woman furthest from the baths stood up in a hurry, at which point I couldn't help but notice she was topless and wearing a true g-string, either of which on its own is extremely rare on this beach, let alone the combination. She hurriedly put on a top and a string bikini bottom over the g and headed up to the beach entry ramp, where she spoke to a couple of policemen who apparently had just arrived. She went back to her towel and the police headed across the sand directly towards me.

Although I'm pretty laid back in such situations, I did wonder what was going on. Surely a t & g lady would not be complaining about a guy in a g. Correct, the police passed within a metre of me and continued on to address a large mixed family group. I couldn't hear what was being said, but there was a lot of gesturing. I suspected a language problem. I then went for a swim, but did notice that the ex g-string lady had wandered over and joined the discussion. By the time I got out of the water all was quite.

I sunned for a bit longer then dressed to leave. I was curious to know what it was all about, so detoured and politely asked the lady what the problem had been. She explained, in a somewhat forthright manner, that one of the guys in the family group had earlier been hanging about near her and taking photos of her "arse and tits", so she called the police. She said that they had made the guy delete the pictures and hopefully managed to explain that you can't do that here. She then proceeded to almost lecture me on women's rights to wear next to nothing without being harassed. I replied, "Take it easy, you're preaching to the converted", while simultaneously showing what I was wearing under my shorts.  I shot up in her estimation from that point on. She said that she was short sighted, so hadn't noticed before what I was wearing.

Points I took away from this were:-
1. I still don't know what the exact legal situation is concerning photos, but if someone clearly oversteps what is likely a somewhat vague line, the police will react to a complaint.
2. As I've always stated, Aussie police aren't interested in arresting people on the beach and will caution where they can.
3. One wonders what the woman in the family group thought of the guy taking photos of a t & g woman.
4. The police didn't give two hoots that I was wearing a fully minimised (Skinz M1R2) g-string.
5. Unwittingly, I've made an interesting new friend.
visa0061 #465

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/05/2018 07:55:58Copy HTML

 Grabeach - That is actually super encouraging to hear. It is good that they are enforcing this. This is probably one of the reasons women don't thong and/or go topless as much as they would.  It's an understandable thing to have attention drawn to you. However, taking a picture is where the line gets crossed.  My GF's number one concern is that someone will take a picture and it gets passed around the internet. 
NudeNArizona #466

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/05/2018 08:43:43Copy HTML

 Shortly after moving into our house in Arizona we had a neighbor who called the sheriffs department about our nude sunbathing and swimming and he informed them he had photos to prove it. when the sheriff showed up at our house we were both out by our pool so we never heard him knocking but he heard our music playing out back. So he walked around to our privacy gate and announced who he was we both wrapped towels around us and went to see why he was here. Then when he realized we had a 6’ block fence and we had taken reasonable actions to not draw attention to ourselves he said we had done nothing wrong, but when he found out the neighbor had climbed up on his roof to peep into our yard and took unsolicited photos of us he ask if we would like to press charges against him, which we did not but requested he hand over his flash drive and wipe his. computer and that if they were ever found online we would press charges
32189 #467

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/08/2018 04:38:31Copy HTML

I personally do not mind have pics taken of me.  I welcome it and always hope some people might see.  
I am not doing anything wrong wearing my thong in public so if take some pics for whatever reason that is fine with me. 
mack_back #468

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/28/2018 09:14:26Copy HTML

 Find is so amusing when someone decides they really really need to take  a nude photo of you without asking yet snaps away but apologizes for taking it... Lol... She takes it anyways doesn't care if you consent to it or not... 

Watch this lady fast forward at minute mark 2:22 of the link below. She made numerous casual strolls with her phone by couldn't get a satisfactory focused photo.  So she decided on another different beach approach exactly knowing where her destination will lead, to stop and get a proper picture without even asking.  


Or these sweet honey's finding it disgusting  buns up yet stop and lurk shooting themselves right in front. 
John Howard #469

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/29/2018 04:41:44Copy HTML

 I think I wouldn't enjoy sunbaking naked on a c/o beach where everybody is wearing board shorts or pretty conservative bikinis (girls) and I'm the only one in the nude;    but that's just me.
Were there more people enjoying the beach naked?
Yeah it's funny how some girls don't hesitate to take a shot,  but always not on their own,  perhaps being in a group give them that extra confidence.   What's the name of that beach?    It seems that the regulars to that beach have never seen a naked guy,  or a naked  6" + guy,   I actually prefer to lay down on my back at the 6 o'clock position,  12 o'clock shows more and it's more prone to become a boner, which I prefer to avoid....  And when lying down on the tummy, it has to be 6 oclock otherwise it's not comfortable.
The girls taking shots while walking along with a male companion, that's  not very flattering to their men egos (lol)

SolarOne #470

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/29/2018 06:03:07Copy HTML

 @John, a known and legal clothing optional beach that doesn't have nude people on it? Sure if you are the first one to arrive is seems a bit sketchy to be the first one nude if you know nothing about the beach more than you read online. If you been before, it's amazing to be the first and nude, that's crazy freedom. Often anywhere nudity is outdoors and if there's some hiding spots, that's often where you'll find the clothed gawkers. The board shorts bunch might pass though the section, but it's not like they are going to stay around, IMO. Every nude beach/park I've been to it's heavily the majority nude, with some female exceptions and those wearing a shirt for sun protection but bottom-free. With the questionable beaches, that have no legal standing, then you could have that issue.
mack_back #471

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/29/2018 07:35:07Copy HTML

JH sometimes being nude you got to enjoy others reactions whomever you may encounter.  It's fascinating how people react to us nudist day after day when laying out. Such a rush that others stare finding it amusing but in reality admire the bravery and boldness of letting everything being uncovered. Many will take a memory of there vacations and remember the naked dude they walked by in passing overreacting to it.  Being on the best beaches in Spain Cali Conta, Platja de Comte, Cali d'hort Playa d'en Bossa, Es Codar. Many can't complain as in North America, hey buddy put on some clothes because it's all legal, some may not like it but nothing they can do to stop it only walk away. In truth ladies love it but often try to surpress there biological desires. 
 Nine seconds in check out the overreaction  from this lady.  

Sometimes people stare to much getting annoying you gotta flip over.
navythong #472

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/29/2018 01:50:21Copy HTML

The guy in these video's is obvious wanting to be seen and waiting how the people passing by will react on his nudity.
He choose a spot close to the water where lots of people are passing by.
I think this guy must be a exhibitionist. If you are showing yourself in this way, I can understand people start taking pictures.
If one is sunbathing on a spot where only occasionally people pass by and being photograhed I think it's not done.
By choosing a spot 'in the picture' you are 'asking' to be photographed.
GroundLevel #473

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/29/2018 05:37:06Copy HTML

I agree NavyThong. He's deliberately exposing his testicles for maximum exposure in an area with a lot of traffic. 

My favorite part is when that attractive female walks past him as if he doesn't exist! She's doing her own thing. 
NudeNArizona #474

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/29/2018 07:24:12Copy HTML

 NavyThong,  If the man in the video is at a legal nude beach and everyone walking by is clothed it isn't his fault, he has every right to lay out where he want and why should he hide among other nudist's it he's legal? I have done the same thing on beaches that were clothing optional and others wore clothing.
navythong #475

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/30/2018 04:44:49Copy HTML

Hi NudeNArizona, sure that guy has the right to lay out on this beach (if it is a nude beach) where he likes.
And yes, in that case he's perfectly legal. But result of his choice is that he attracts a lot off attention. Which also can mean that people will take pictures more often. Maybe he doesn't mind or maybe he even likes being photographed. For me it is no problem that he choose a spot nearby the passing people.
Just because this topic is about 'being photographed', I wanted to state that if you lay out in a spot like in the video, it is more likely you get pictured.

yummypie #476

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/01/2018 12:15:37Copy HTML

 Man what beach is that it looks great
NudeNArizona #477

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/01/2018 12:39:22Copy HTML

 Navy thong, I agree with you on that if you put yourself in that situation expect people to take your photo don’t be surprised when they do. I also believe this guy is wanting the attention and as long as it isn’t illegal there is nothing wrong with it. I personally have been in situations while wearing a very tiny baggie while it was legal it was nowhere near what others were wearing and have had people walk by and take my picture, I may not have been right at the entrance to the beach but I also didn’t hide up in the dunes, but that is sometimes the price you have to pay if you want to wear minimal swimwear on public beaches.
modelnude4u #478

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/01/2018 01:05:36Copy HTML

 Especially now, with damn near everyone carrying a phone/camera with them at all times, you should expect to have your picture taken at any moment, even if you aren't doing anything out of the ordinary.  Myself, I live for those moments, and seek out the attention.  I'm retired, my wife knows of my swimwear choices, so I am not concerned.  I consider getting my picture taken the mark of a good day!
kiyoothong #479

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/01/2018 05:59:09Copy HTML

I've never been photographed before, but if I ever catch someone taking photos of me at the beach, I will just approach that person and ask if I could get the pictures too. It's just my way of giving him permission.
NudeNArizona #480

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/01/2018 08:48:50Copy HTML

 Kiyoothong, you are exactly correct everyone now has a camera with them and I am pretty sure if you go in public you have had your picture taken without knowing and I would even take it further by saying wearing minimal swimwear is probably a definite. I have seen at  clothing optional resorts the prohibit cameras around the pool  but outside of that area they advise you may be photographer an advise people of this. At one resort they had  CCTV all over the resort. So anyone walking outside of the pool area was subject to it, but it didn’t bother me. At the old Atlantic Shores Resort in Key West they had a live webcam set up and let people know they were being broadcast live on th internet
JM_Runs #481

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:07/03/2018 05:23:58Copy HTML

Most recently, at a hotel pool, a female guest snuck up behind me to take a picture while I was face down in my thong.  When I caught her via a reflection in a nearby window, she turned beat red and said, "I'm just so impressed with your tan."  Then she went on to say, "you're like a Sun God.". I wouldn't ever go that far but she really laid on the compliments while her husband was away at a spa treatment.
JM_Runs #482

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:07/03/2018 05:28:19Copy HTML

 Most recently, when a fellow hotel guest snuck up behind me to snap a cell phone photo, I let her know that I saw her.  In the future, if she just asked nicely, I let her know most men in thongs would have approved.  I was laying face down looking away from the pool and I saw her reflection in the window near me.  So I turned and asked, "excuse me, did you just snap a picture of my bathing suit?" She was embarrassed but recovered well by complementing my tan.
NudeNArizona #483

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:07/04/2018 02:22:19Copy HTML

 First_one_naked, I have had similar experiances, but instead of a hotel guest it was a hotel employee who I caught taking a picture of my ass then when I confronted her she said she was taking it to show a friend, well this was shocking but when I brought it up to management they were on my side since employees were not there to harass guests. I told them I understood their rules and that most guests didn’t wear G-strings and they assured me I was well within my right to wear what I was wearing and they would take care of the issue. But from that point on during my stay I was treated like royalty and never had another issue
JM_Runs #484

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:07/05/2018 05:15:29Copy HTML

 NudeNArizona, sure is a good thing you mentioned that photo to management. Really creepy situation if the tables were turned and a male employee was taking photos of female guests.  That would be considered unacceptable.
NudeNArizona #485

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:07/05/2018 12:17:35Copy HTML

 First_one_naked, contacting the management was the best thing, because I was staying at this hotel for a month and the incident happened the day I had arrived. When I checked in my room wasn’t ready yet and I was told it would be ready at 2:00 pm and I arrived around 12:00 so the girl who checked me in told me I would use the pool until my room was ready and they would come get me. So I ask where I could leave my bags and get changed. So the front desk girl saw me walking out to the pool area in my black Lycra G-string from the bathroom off the lobby because the pool towels were out by the pool. I’m sure that’s why she came out to sneak the pic but afterward having full permission from the hotel manager along with an apology this allowed me to wear some of my more risqué sheer and fishnet G-strings and even baggies were completely accepted though no one else followed suit to the level I did but a few ladies over the next week did scrunch their bottoms into a make shift thong along with un tying their bikini tops.
JM_Runs #486

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:07/05/2018 06:53:21Copy HTML

When you venture out in public you HAVE to expect everybody else will be carrying a smartphone. 

This means if you are stupid, racist, or intresting someone will take your photo or catch you on video. Hopefully this leads to people being more civil in public. If you are a jackass in public you may be the next internet meme. 

Thongers have to expect the same lack of privacy in public. You wear a thong at a beach or hotel pool people will take pictures. You can't get upset. They are not invading your room or home, this is a public space. Moreso for hotels, that now have elevators and most public spaces covered by video.

It matters not if they are other members of the public, hotel employees, or public swimming pool staff. Just go out there, hold your head high, and thong with confidence. EXPECT people to take pictures, then you will not get your feathers ruffled when people do. 

Last night I was dancing wildly with half naked women. Phones were out and I am sure both pictures and video were taken. Sometimes I was asked to posed with people, mostly they just grabbed random shots. 

There is just so much picture and video content being produced. A lot just gets snapchatted and dies in minutes. There is so much new every day that even the good stuff dies a quick digital death because it is no longer current, the subject of today.  Do you sit down to read newspapers from last month? No, they are all thrown away as was the newspaper from every day but today.  The same is more true for uncurated digital content, it is just swamped by new pictures and video being created every day.

Even if I were to need to prove I was at that party, I suspect I could not find a single picture or video on the internet, not unless I was a personal friend of the person who took it, subscribed to the platform of their choice, was in their circle of friends to whom they published it, IF they did. Even though there were hundreds of millennials with their smartphones out most of the evening, and we were making a spectacle. 

Lycrafool #487

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/19/2018 03:55:39Copy HTML

@JM_Runs: The very fact that I do have to expect people to take photos of me is one of the main reasons I don't dare visiting a crowded beach in a thong, unless the atmosphere is openminded and there would be many thongers. Like previous posters in this thread I might on the one hand feel proud and hot and take it as a compliment. It would address my exhibitionist side. On the other hand, I have seen videos on You Tube where people ridicule and are disgusted by male thongers. And the videos spread. Someone might even recognise me, and the thing would be out where I never want it to be. Frankly, I would be ok with people taking photos and even uploading them on a voyeur page for the pleasure of voyeurs, IF there was a guarantee it would never spread. If some people like to look at me, no harm is done. But there is no such guarantee. They spread, and I'm simply to shy and scared of unpleasant social consequences. With that said, I had an experience the other day that was thrilling, which in a way may seem to contradict my point. I was tanning on a secluded cliff by the water, where people rarely come. I have been there a couple of times, and the last two times a woman about my age was sunbathing on a cliff 20 meters away at most. The first time, wearing a thong, I noticed she was looking my way right before diving into the water all nude. When she got up she hurried to cover herself, but only with a cheeky bikini bottom. While doing so, she turned her back to me, and pulled the bikini up so it looked like a thong. We looked at each other for a second, and went back to our business. After that there was lots of glancing both ways. She seemed to like being watched, and she was really checking me out. That happened the same way the next time I was there, only this time she was taking a LOT of selfies, and half of them turned with her back against me. I could see how she was positioning herself to "get me in the background"; at least it really looked that way, because I could see her phone over her shoulder all the time. It didn't bother me at all, despite what I just wrote above. Instead I thought it was exciting that she (seemingly) wanted me in her pictures. It didn't feel like a threat of ending up online, since she clearly just enjoyed looking at me. There was never a feeling of mocking or ridiculing. I guess I can live with, and even appreciate photos being taken if the vibe is right, but I really try to avoid larger groups of people. They tend to make fun of anything that's different in a way they would never do on their own. And if anyone of them would snap pictures of me... no way. I would dress up, ask them what they were going to do with the pictures, and leave for a more remote area.
Da6772 #488

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/20/2018 05:41:19Copy HTML

Lycrafool, You said, "I would be ok with people taking photos and even uploading them on a voyeur page for the pleasure of voyeurs". That kind of sounds like what the woman your age was doing, I agree, except she was the only voyeur who was going to see the photos. Well, I hope the photos were for her enjoyment only. I get the idea from your description of what happened, that she got a kick out of seeing someone else scantily clad. She did dive into the water nude, so she wasn't exactly shy around you. If I were in your shoes, and single, I would make some more visits on the same days that you saw her. Maybe she would make an effort to talk with you after a few more times. Your story just has such a romantic feeling to it. She's not shy about skinny dipping and taking selfies to include you. Maybe I've seen too many movies, but I'd be intrigued to find out what happened during future visits to the cliffs -- if and when that happened. If she dresses more slowly next time, I guess she trusts you or wants to get your attention. Plus, with all the back and forth glances that one day, well, my imagination is running wild. (I guess I'll send a separate post about being photographed, since I've blathered on quite a bit.)
Da6772 #489

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/20/2018 06:02:49Copy HTML

I've been photographed a few times, but the biggest deal was being videographed by a local news station. They were doing typical "day at the beach" shots and obviously noticed the people wearing thongs. Maria didn't want to watch the news story, in case her boyfriend saw her in it. (Don't worry. I behaved myself around her, despite discovering she was one-in-a-million. That's another story!) I watched that station's news that night and they lead the newscast with, "You won't believe what they're wearing at Edgewater Park" (Cleveland). They must have shown me five different times, along with the others who were wearing thongs. The funny thing was that they blurred out everyone's butt! Only in America. Thinking back, I don't remember seeing a shot of Maria. I can't believe such a knockout wouldn't be shown! (I wouldn't have put it past her to notice the camera pointed at me and not say anything about it.)
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Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Cool experience! I’d never dare to be on TV in my thong... And yes, I would return to that spot if only summer hadn’t suddenly vanished. I’m married, but we have an open relationship, and it would be exciting to explore this :) The weird thing is that the second time I saw her there, I parked my car and aimed for the path in the forest that leads to the spot. Suddenly I heard a noise, and she came right out through some bushes, where there were no road or visible path, right to where I always park my car. I smiled and said hi, she returned the hi and I walked away wondering what her deal was. I looked for an alternative place to tan this day, and she followed me from almost no distance! Then I went for my usual spot and she settled for the same one as the first time I saw her. It felt funny and just a little creepy at the same time. Was she stalking me? Had she been waiting for me to show up in the bushes every day? Don’t think so really, but I couldn’t help but thinking about it. Ok, sorry for the off topic, just a funny and weird situation I wanted to share :)
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Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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The news camera-person only took shots of the backs of the people, so you couldn't see faces, but it someone had a distinguishing tattoo, for example, that might ID the person. Back then, tattoos weren't nearly as popular. Oh, man. Yeah, she does sound like a stalker. Maybe keep a decent distance between you and her until she announces her intentions. (Unless there was no restroom around and she was "watering the bushes".) Did she swim nude the second time she was in her same spot? If so, did she rush to cover up again, or just put on her suit in a relaxed manner? (I'm wondering if those answers might give a hint as to what she really wants.) In any case, please keep us informed, if you don't mind. I'm curious about her behavior too.
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Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Well maybe she was just watering the bushes, and the timing was just a coincidence. She didn’t strike me as creepy the rest of the time, and she just seemed fairly relaxed about nudity, although she covered up the lower regions quickly when she came out of the water. I’m actually on the spot right now. Temperature is lower and this might be the last opportunity this year for me to be here. And people are back from their vacations so I do t expect to see her again, at least not this year. (I work the shift as a fire fighter which gives me a lot of time off on my own during the weeks when most people are working.) Peace!
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Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Lycrafool, Thanks for that story! I guess you'll have to see if she shows up at the same spot next year. I'm definitely intrigued about her, wondering if she has some "plan" or just likes others who wear little when sunbathing. The "watering the bushes" was the only thing I could think of to explain her seemingly odd behavior. But who really knows at this point. Well, it's something to think about during the cold weather! Take care and good luck next year!
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