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teeback269 #51

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:10/07/2005 05:26:38Copy HTML

I was walking from the beach to my car last week, wearing only a string bikini (6mm side straps), a hat and sunglasses, when this couple asked me "Can we take your picture? You really look like a Queenslander". Of course I said yes and I asked them to explain. They were from Tasmania and had been holidaying in Queensland for two weeks, and hardly saw anyone on the beaches, and the people they saw were all dressed in shorts and tee shirts. To them I was dressed like they thought a local should be. That got me thinking, why do the local people go to the beach fully dressed? Does that happen to other parts of the world, or is it only here (in Queensland Australia)
Beachlover492000 #52

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/09/2005 10:34:22Copy HTML

Yesterday I went to Fort DeSoto Beach, which is near St. Petersburg, Florida. When I got to the beach I was surprised to find that they were using the beach rake and tractor to re-surface the unofficial thong beach, which is just to the south of an area called North beach. Usually they only resurface that beach a couple times a year in the spring and summer.

At about 10:30 I found out why they were working on the beach. A production crew arrived in several vehicles complete with a U-Haul trailer full of supplies. They quickly set up and started taking pictures, which included models posing with beach chairs, umbrellas, a sand castle and even a windsurfer. Since I was wearing a very tiny g-string, I moved up the beach a bit so that I would not spoil any of their shots by being in the background. A couple of my beach buddies commented about how much the ad agency would have pay them to get them pose in their thongs. Their going rate was $1,000, but I said that I'd do it for nothing.

Toward the end of the day, when it looked like things were wrapping up, I walked down and talked to the crew. They confirmed that they were shooting promotional pictures, and I headed back for my blanket. While I was walking back, one of the photographers came up on his ATV, and asked if me if I would pose for pictures. He said he really liked my suit, which was a very daring new g-string from Koala called "Secret Wish." The suit barely covers my private parts and nothing else. I posed for the shots; he showed them to me on his digital camera; and he thanked me.

I don't think that I will be appearing virtually naked on any billboards although that would be a thrill. The pictures were probably for the photographer's private collection. Still it was great to be asked, and fun to be standing in front of the camera as it was clicking away. I enjoyed the experience.

thongbutt1 #53

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/10/2005 01:03:08Copy HTML

yeah, i looked up your suit on their web site-geez, that's a wild one!  the closest i've come to that kind of suit is the undergear pocket thong in yellow- totally see thru when wet. didn't really understand how see thru it was going to be until i jumped in a hotel pool one day-holy moly....

i recently got videotaped by a young foreign couple at a hotel pool. they didn't ask!-just started shooting.  i couldn't really care less, i'm sure i'm not going to show up on the web or something....whatever gets them off....

Ex_Member #54

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/10/2005 02:48:18Copy HTML

I would be flattered if I thought someone wanted to take my picture because they found me attractive physically... but I think a lot of the time, people just want to take pictures out of mockery. Look at all the negative comments people post alongside any thong pictures they happen to take on their beach excursions.
Beachlover492000 #55

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/10/2005 10:24:36Copy HTML

Hi Skipper1,

Yea, "Secret Wish" is pretty daring, which part of what makes it so much fun. To use a little Trekie language, it's fun "to go where no man has gone before," including most thongers. I don't think that Koala will be selling Secret Wish for too long. Most guys don't want to be "marginalized." I was surprised, but the suit is really quite comfortable to wear.

I used to wear the pocket thong before I got hooked on Koala suits. One day back in 1997 I spotted a man on the beach who was wearing a suit that was really narrow at the top. I had thought that my suits were pretty daring until I saw his. I instroduced myself, and he introduced me to Koala. I've been getting more daring ever since. That first suti was called "Asia," which is quite tame by my current standards.

One thing you have done that I would never have the guts to do is to wear a thong or g-string at a hotel pool. I've done it at Carribean resorts, but never in the U.S.

thongbutt1 #56

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/11/2005 01:17:35Copy HTML

yeah, i bet it was a real turnon to get so much attention wearing such a tiny suit!  i always wear thongs and gstrings at hotel pools, but again it depends upon the situation. if there's no kids or prudes around, i'll definitely do it. it also depends upon what the management staff look like, as well.  if they're kind of uptight looking, i'll probably just wear a traditional thong, but 9 times out of 10 i'll wear the undergear pocket thong. i usually don't ask first anymore, it just brings on more questions and suspicion. i figure you should already know the answer to the question by "reading" them first. i'm very discreet and quiet about it, it's not exactly "boys gone wild" or anything....i'll also look around at the other pool guests, too.  you can tell who's cool with it or not.......i've probably thonged at hotels 50-60 times, never a problem.
Mako Hawaii #57

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/17/2005 01:38:52Copy HTML

A few year ago I was SCUBA diving in Guam and one afternoon I was laying out on the beach and I was aproached by a couple of Japanese tourist girls who wanted to pose with me while I was wearing my G-string. So I posed with them for the shots, then the next day I saw the same girls on the beach in thongs laying out...
mack_back #58

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/12/2005 03:57:05Copy HTML

This is a good post what we all get when you go to the beach. Personally i feel getting your picture taken with or without your permission is a reality of our digital cameras and internet age. Like it or not someone wants to use there camera still or video there going to do it. I seen over this past summer girls mostly shooting with video and digital still cameras of men wearing thongs at the beach. Most woman who do it watch when the mans back is turned then shoot laughing to ones friend, showing among themselves how the picture looks. Luckly most of the shots taken at the beach are from woman not men ( woman photographers taking photos of men in thongs) which in my view is better then the alternative.
 Having my photo taken by a group of young woman with a cell phone cameras was not what i cared for, but i knew that the photo quality would not be particularly good at the distance they shot from.  Laying out on the beach in front of the shore makes me a target, with the young ladies looking at the water with me between the two. As i role to my side looking away from the shore towards the girls it makes them feel uncomfortable. So bodly the one young lady takes her cell phone lifts it up to directly aiming towards me. After taking a few photos they show each one how it turned out, laughing ang gigling as if they got away with something.  My intial reaction was to take out my camera and take one directly at them, tit for tat so to speak. After complitating of what just happened and there reaction i had thought of various senerios of me taking action.
One: being going over asking on how well the picture of me turned out. Two: going over to them and asking to see the photo and then throwing the cameraphone in the water like a rock. Only thing i did was to be angry and lay on my back. Neither of the senerios would be good one i would have gave them a closer and better quality image and would be to comfrontational. Looking at the one who calmly took the pictures was not about to be intimidated of me only make me look ridiculous to her friends ( know the type of personality). Also the girls were not to healthy looking being a gentleman would not want to say how the looked. Later as the left i felt pity for them. 
After knowing that this thing was not going to be a one time thing it leaves me with two alternatives: 1. Dress in larger briefs to the beach. 2. Don't go to a public beach. Only one of these things i did, so wore a larger bikini to the beach leaving me with a larger tan line that didn't want.
 I just didn't want the hassle of being photographed and finding myself on some website. Trouble is most of the world views thongs only for woman. Even in Brazil where woman wear tangas feel thats its uncomfortable but make there bodies look better. When i heard a sexy Rio woman when asked, (younger man speaking) "how would i look in one of these thongs", her reaction was WHAT! with a confused look as she could not understand english. (This was at a bikini shop in Rio with thongs.)
max77056 #59

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/12/2005 12:18:01Copy HTML

hey alll...I just wanted to chime in on this topic......I LOVE it when someone wants to take my picture. I consider it the highest form of flattery. I was at the Glen Ivy Spa in Corona (see thread for Inland Areas to Thong) in September and wore my thong the entire day with a couple of hundred people around. The place is adults only (no one under 16) so they are liberal in the dress code. Anyway, I was in the floating pool on my float buns up in the late afternoon trying to get the last of the sun and I pulled up next to a jolly Brittish woman.  I said hello and she said "please dont move, my girlfriend is taking your picture". I said "cool"  and proceded to show off my back & backside for the camera as eveyone one around noticed and laughed at what what going on. The lady said "thanks for being such a great sport". What's cool about that is when they go home they are going to show it around and people will see that confident American men were thongs! 

Sorry to some of you that dont like attention or being photographed. It's like someone saying "I want to wear a bikini but I dont want people to notice or stare". Then cover up and dont wear a bikini! That's not the style for you. Wear dork shorts like the rest of the world.  

thongbutt1 #60

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/12/2005 11:54:15Copy HTML

i've never had anyone come up and ask to take a picture, although i'm sure people have taken them before.  i wouldn't have any problem if they wanted to, as long as they weren't a freak or something.....hell, i would probably even pose for them!
solargod #61

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:01/26/2006 10:31:29Copy HTML

A couple of years ago, I was at Diamond Head Beach laying on the sand wearing an aqua blue thong.  There were several other guys, perhaps 12 or so, some in thongs, some in g-strings, and a couple of guys nude.  A guy wearing a t-shirt and a towel wrapped around his waist kept walking by, slowly, staring at the beach goers.  I noticed that he had a small camera that he was trying to conceal and when he went behind the rocks, he would start taking pictures.  Not sure if he was photograghing me or not since there were some really good looking guys there that would make for a better fantasy after he got home.  It was somewhat disturbing to me that he was invading our privacy.  I was there because it was fairly private, a place where I could wear a thong and be amonst others wearing the same.  Obviously if I wanted to be photograghed I would have gone to Waikiki Beach and be around a thousand other people.  I later noticed that he took off his towel and he also was wearing a thong.  Anyway, no one including myself said anything to him...we just let it pass.  It wasn't that big a deal but I would have rather he not been photograghing the beach goers.  So far, I haven't seen my picture on the web.
Bunsrae #62

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:01/27/2006 02:43:31Copy HTML

Beaches are public places--fair game for photography. Can't stop them, but you can certainly give them your 2 cents.
Maxtlatl #63

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:01/27/2006 01:30:48Copy HTML

As you say, beaches are public property, so they theoretically have the right to be taking pictures there. The best solution I've found is to take out my own camera and start taking pictures of the picture-taker. For some reason, that always makes them leave. Heh, heh.

Let me clarify that I'm only talking about the pervs who hide in the bushes or dunes. For those who ask, or who are open about it, great!
ARThongLover #64

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/06/2006 11:11:03Copy HTML

I, for one, do not care if someone takes my picture at the beach. I  have seen many women, and even a few men snapping photos of me in my thong. Only once has someone asked for permission. If I spot them and they try to hide their camera, I'll even make it easier for them by looking the other way and making sure they have a good view. I am not ashamed of the fact that I wear a thong at the beach and do not try to hide it. I consider it most flattering that someone would want to have my picture in their vacation album.

I have had some people sneak my picture from a long distance with a telephoto lens and some brazenly take my picture from just a few feet away. Either way, I enjoy the attention. It makes a 40+ year old person like me feel pretty darn good about himself!

jn9195 #65

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/10/2006 01:11:52Copy HTML

200 yards??   How would you know that those two women were sneaking a picture of you from that distance?   Did you have binoculars, did they as well? 

I have 20/20 vision.... well, 200 yards is a LONG way



bmicro #66

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/13/2006 10:18:07Copy HTML

The posters who point out that anyone is fair game on a public beach are correct. I live in South Beach and have gotten used to noticing people take pictures of me as I walk or run by. I get asked to pose with someone (usually High School or college aged girls) a few times a month in the season.

My greatest shock, however, was finding pictures of me in a very brief g-string with monofilament line as strings, making me appear nude from most angles, taken by the beach cam that used to be active on the beach. You never know where the camera might be, so why not have fun and agree to the polite requests? They have certainly resulted in a number of  very enjoyable conversations and have made a man in his 50's feel good.

Ex_Member #67

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/13/2006 04:26:44Copy HTML

I'd take it as a great compliment if someone asked me if they could take my picture. If or when it happens I shall do as the rest of you do and respond in a positive and cheerful manner and feel really pleased about it. But until then ......................
Beachlover492000 #68

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/14/2006 02:25:03Copy HTML

About a week ago I broke one of my cardinal rules and walked up to a more populated part of the beach with a friend. The conversation was good, and my friend is known for his daring walks. I decided that "When in Rome do as the Romens do," and did not turn back when I started to get nervous. .

We passed a number of women and several of them were diving into their beach bags to get their cameras. I heard one say, "Darn, they got passed me! before I could get a good shot!" Normally I would have stopped and let her take her picture, but since I was with a friend in "the forbidden zone" I let it pass.

The remarkable thing is that both of us are shall we say "older." Yet here are ladies very much interested in snapping our pictures. I'm surprised that more of you guys have not been as for photoes or had someone snap some shots without your approval. It's happened to me countless of times.

DavyJ #69

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/04/2006 03:37:38Copy HTML

I have had my picture taken, both surreptiously and by people who have asked first.  I personally think it is extremely rude for anyone to take anyone else's picture without asking first, thong or not, but, from a practical point, what can you do after the fact?  So I ignore it.  If I see someone obviously "setting up" to take my picture, I will usually turn in a way to minimize what they can see.

Now when someone asks first, it is a completely different matter.  If it is some obviously red-neck guy out for a good laugh, I will say no; if it is a pretty girl who asks in a flattering manner, well what else could I do but say yes.  One time 2 very pretty college-age girls told me I was "awesome" and asked if they could take my picture with one of them in it.  At age 54, there was no way I was going to turn down that offer.  They insisted on a variety of poses; all quite cozy with arms around each other, so I figured whatever happened to those pictures, I clearly got the better end of that deal.  So it all depends on the situation.

nakedotter #70

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/04/2006 06:36:05Copy HTML

Like most posters, in this thread, I am frequently photographed in my thong or other erotic wear (low rise, very short boxer briefs) - sometimes by request and sometimes not. But by the same token, I have complete strangers walk up to all the time to comment on my bowties. I just anything out of the ordinary that catches peoples attention.

JM_Runs #71

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/04/2006 08:14:21Copy HTML

I often get people pointing cameras at me. I run the length of the beach and then run back. Often, on the way back, they have their act together, but more common is to see a scramble for the bag.

I don't run that fast: The sand is soft and deep. But I do approach quietly, and the bubble of 'imitate awareness space' that surrounds people on the beach, is quite small. I'm quickly upon them, and passing, soon to be out of range. On the beach I cover 10 feet every second and probably pass at least 10 to 15 feet away from them.  Often they don't notice me until I am right in front, and don't notice I have a thong until I have passed by. It takes a few seconds for them to think of takeing a picture, and find the camera in the bag, aim and shoot.  In three seconds I am almost 40 feet away and disapearing fast, out of range for a good shot. The picture takers are rarely ready. They often have to scramble. 

Some times, if  they have seen me pass by before,  they get setup as I approch.  Often, like yesterday, you get a group of women who pose one or two of them between the group and the point where I will pass. The others in the party then wait to take pictures when I am running behind the posed women. This often happens with women only groups, or if it is a big multy generational family group, but almost never happens if the group is the same age and mixed.

Very rarely does anyone ask if they can take a picture. But then again it's difficult to ask anything of someone when they are running off into the distance.

Once in a while they do ask me to pose with them. Even though most don't ask, the least I can do is look their way and give a friendly smile as I go by.

But most of the time they are not ready, or to embarrassed to take the shot when I am right there. So I am sure I appear in a lot of ammeter snap shots, as an out of focus blurry smudge disappearing into the distance. It's telling that of all the shots that have turned up on the web not one shows me from the front.

Some times it's me who surprises the pro photo takers. I ran through a big (25 people) bikini modeling shoot last Wednesday. You know it's a big budget shoot when they have tents for shade, directors chairs, and both still and movie cams on tripods. Most photo shoots take a lot less than a dozen people, and clear out well before the sun gets too high. From that large group I did hear some one say "Now that's something you don't see everyday in Ohio!"

If there are pro's doing a shoot I do try to stay out of the shot lines, especially if they are shooting video. Even so, the models often give me a friendly wave. Once in a while there is a camera in the early morning for a live TV shot. (Weather channel roundup or ABC good morning type stuff.) It's just a fact of life that if you shoot from the side walk, right across the full width of the beach, there is no way I can avoid running through it.

Cameras are just a part of modern life. There are TV cams, beach cams, cctv, personal digital cams and even phone cams. Unless you go to some very out of the way places you are going to show up on some of them.


Beached_Santa_Cruz #72

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/13/2006 11:28:36Copy HTML

A couple of weeks ago I had a woman ask me if I'd mind if her husband took a picture of her with me in my thong. This was on the main beach in Santa Cruz. I was flattered and accepted. She seemed appreciative.

Two years ago I had two women take my picture in a sideless thong on the same beach. They asked first and wanted front and back shots of me lying down.

sailor250 #73

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/18/2006 05:38:26Copy HTML

Has anyone ever seen a candid picture or a posed picture taken  by someone else posted on a photo sharing website?  I've seen a couple of me online from South Beach.  I've seen some on some sites that are obviously taken to make fun of the wearer and comments are usually demeaning.  One of mine I found had some very positive comments from the female poster (college age girl) and another positive comment.

I was happy I wasn't being made fun of!

DavyJ #74

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/21/2006 05:28:06Copy HTML

I have had my picture taken on the sly, too; I think it just goes with the territory, particularly if you are the only one in a thong.  Personally, I think it is rude for anyone to take your picture without asking first, but I have learned to just laugh it off, as with all the camera phones out there, there is really little you can do.  What is really fun is when the girls ask you to pose with them for a picture; I always take advantage of this to the max, putting my arm arounf her, squeezing, etc. which usually makes them hysterical.

My funniest story is from years ago when I encountered a group of teenagers.  Two guys came over and said that several of the girls wanted their pictures taken with me; was that ok?  I said yes, and we went over to their area.  Well, this was a gag on the girls, all of whom promptly ran away.  So the boys ran after them, catching them, and dragging them over to where I was, while another boy snapped pictures.  I just stood laughing; it was funny watching their reactions.

max77056 #75

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/23/2006 05:22:45Copy HTML

yes sailor, if you go to webshots.com and type in 'thong man, thong guy', etc. you'll see various images that people have randomly posted. Some are cool, some are goofy, etc. 
bmicro #76

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/25/2006 03:57:38Copy HTML

Interesting site. Some of the picture labels and comments are favorable and some are express the prejudices of the commenter.

I found three pictures of me that some folks had taken. Luckily all the comments were nice or neutral. None of the shots were easy to identify.

Beachlover492000 #77

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:07/06/2006 10:30:29Copy HTML

The one picture of me that got the most public exposure was taken when I went to costume party fundraiser that a theater group hosted in Boston. I wore one my favorite costumes, an Indian loincloth. The costume is made of deerskin leather and has narrow flaps front and back. And yes I do wear a small bikini under it that covers the essentials. You be surprised at the number women who like to come up and lift a flap to see what's under it.

A reporter from The Boston Globe was there with a photographer. He interviewed me and asked if the photographer could take my picture. I took a little gulp and said, "Yes." The following Monday there I was on the second page of the Metro section. They had cropped the photo so that my mostly bare body did not show, but my picture was by far the largest in the layout. I was also mentioned in the text, "One celebrant dressed in body paint and very little else said..."

I guess I got a couple of me 15 minutes of fame.

Another time I earned a few more minutes of fame when I went to a fundraiser wearing the same costume. During the evening a crew video taped the event. The following year a couple people at the office told me that they had seen me on TV "almost naked." Sure enough the group had put together a TV commercial for that year's event. I guess a lot of men would have been embarrassed, but I was very proud of it.

ohiothonger #78

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:07/28/2006 11:20:01Copy HTML

Just a quick note --

My neighbor is a professional photographer and he has a lens that fits on his interchangable lens camera that looks like some type of very long telephoto lens but actually has a mirror in it so he can take pictures at a 90 degree angle.  He uses this to get candid shots of people since people sometimes act differently when they think a camera is pointing at them.  With a lens like this, a person can pretend to be taking a picture of a boat out on the water and in reality be getting a close-up of someone getting some sun on their buns.


ThongLoverOBX #79

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/02/2006 10:37:26Copy HTML

A couple of years ago while visiting the Outer Banks a woman took a picture of me coming out of the ocean with my bodyboard. I was wearing a semi-transparent green thong. I was surprised that she did this, but didn't care that much. Last year I was walking along Ocracoke wearing a black g-string when a family came down the beach with a camcorder. I suppose it was their daughter who pointed the cam at me as I walked by. I wouldn't have walked by them except for the fact that I had to pass them in order to go to my car.

redraider55 #80

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/07/2006 04:59:28Copy HTML

Anybody recognize the subject of these photos in Ft Lauderdale last week? Could they be of our fearless leader? I spotted them on Flickr today.

Dennis at Thong Beach #81

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/08/2006 04:55:56Copy HTML

Well, JM?  Based on your many posts, everything seems to point in your direction.  Is it time to 'fess up?

undercover20 #82

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/08/2006 08:29:28Copy HTML

Yep, today I was at the beach again, this is the first time I ever went in a G-String, and I actually did have someone taking a picture of me right in front of me.  It was a BodyAware Sizzling g-string, and you can kinda imagine how small that thing is to wear. I was kinda tempted to egg the guy on and ask him if he wanted me to pose for him. i could see him out of the bottom of my eye with a bunch of younger girls, and i popped up and I saw him swing his camera away. "Like I didn't see him", oh well.
JM_Runs #83

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/09/2006 12:50:16Copy HTML

Dennis, Yes you are right, the flickr pictures were me. Very recent pictures, after the new owners repainted the cafe It was all tropical beach and islands theme, but now it has urban burnt orange and brown walls.

Ran 5 miles, streched and then went to get  breakfast.
Dennis at Thong Beach #84

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/09/2006 02:27:02Copy HTML

Thanks, JM.  There's no way it could be anyone else.  Keep up the good work.  You're a credit to the cause.
Maxtlatl #85

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/09/2006 06:38:56Copy HTML

What is really sad are all the comments on how "gross" it is.

Ah, c'mon.
JM_Runs #86

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/09/2006 09:14:14Copy HTML

The photographer who was critical of the thong, now lives in Fort Lauderdale, but claims a home town of Viroqua WI. The best bit is she claims she shot the pictures when working out with the health Colonel on the beach. Maybe her negitve views on thongs are because she is fat, and would be one of the last people to wear a thong.

Some shots of herself, from her own collection: In the fist one she is the one on the left. > Link Ok so that one is a bit unfair, but I did not post them, she did! It's good that she has stared to work out with the colonel because she could look good if she took care of her figure. Obviously moving south and starting to workout has made a big improvement. Hope she keeps up with the Colonel Bob's Staturday class.

redraider55 #87

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/05/2006 05:30:23Copy HTML

I got photographed twice last Friday. Once with a lady on her camera phone and then a couple posing for shots with me in the immediate background.
JM_Runs #88

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/13/2006 04:21:35Copy HTML

I often notice people taking pictures.  Today, as I was running on the beach, I was hailed by a group of young people.   They asked if they could take my picture.  Turns out they were from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute and were out shooting for a project.   They asked me if I minded them taking pictures and then asked me to run by a second time.  After the shoot I talked with the girl for a while: About her major, photography and the problems with shooting B&W in strong sun.  Nice they asked.

socalthongman #89

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/13/2006 10:57:39Copy HTML

Just got back from a great day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, Corona, California.  Me and my friend were checking out two hot latina girls wearing very short box shorts which exposed a large amount of ass.  We were wearing our thongs and gstring when we decided to check out the scenery and try to start a conversation. 

They both complimented me on my gstring when I noticed they had two other friends behind where I was standing.  I noticed that the one was trying to get a picture of me without me knowing.  I felt honored and asked if she wanted a picture.  We ended up taking several pictures with the two latina girls and me and my friend.  Personally, I found it exciting to take pictures with two hot girls and me in my next-to-nothing gstring.  There is something about someone being appreciative  enough to want to take your picture.  We ended up connecting with them again later in the day for some great conversation, and the end of a great day.   

string king #90

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/13/2006 11:05:05Copy HTML

I think the photos of you on Flickr show that you are in shape and a very confident man. Good on you. - I know some day someone will post pictures of me on the web - I only hope they turn out half as good as the ones of you. God only knows how many pictures of me are out there. I have no problem posing for or with someone if they have the courtesy to just ask. I never try to hide - I don't have anything to be ashamed of- I catch people all the time with their cameras and camera phones with me in the background.

Keep on thonging - or in your case running

String King
bmicro #91

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/23/2006 07:12:13Copy HTML

I have found pictures on webshots of me but none on Flikr. Can anyone continue the list of web sites where these pictures taken of us might be posted?
clubthongs #92

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/03/2006 11:24:32Copy HTML

I found a photo of me awhile back on web shots http://www.clubthongs.com/images/sw2206.jpg before copying it over to my site.  It is definately me and the location is a local park that I frequent.  I don't have a clue as to who took the photo!
orlspeedo #93

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/07/2006 08:56:14Copy HTML

Who cares, you look great in it anyway!  When ya'll coming to thong with me in Orlando!
strepsils #94

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/07/2006 11:44:26Copy HTML

Here is a precautionary warning who dislike being photographed without your knowledge/permission.

The Mainlander Chinese (from China) are the far most sickening group of people which I have came across. They take as much pictures as they could and "splash" it all over the net. In certain extend, they can be very nasty people.

Just beware of Mainlander Chinese tourists when you are in thong.


tylerthorpe #95

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/22/2006 11:30:09Copy HTML

Yeah I too have found a picture of myself in a thong sunning on a beach in coastal North Carolina. It was posted onto webshots a few months ago and was taken one day when i was there in August. I was on a pretty secluded area of the beach. There were people near by but it was far from crowded. I never even knew anyone got close enough to take a picture. However it was clearly me in my black speedo thong sunning. The caption left was very complimentary. All it said was "Cute butt."It has since been removed or at least i can't find it when i search for it. I know when i was in waikiki beach a few years ago wearing a red thong i had my picture snapped but i have never seen that one surface. I'm sure it will if i ever run for a political office. LOL. I was out at Myrtle beach in June and had some weird man checking me out as i was sunning in a private area. I know on this board a lot of people say it is against the law there to thong, I have never had a problem. The guy was snapping pictures of the ocean and scenary. I'm sure he ws trying to get a couple of me. I actually looked at webshots and flickr seeing if he may have posted it. However i never found anything. There is this one picture that i found when i typed "Myrtle beach thong" in the search. Here is the link. I was wondering if it may be any of you guys on this board? It obviously looks like it was taken without this guy knowing. I know there a lot of people around the Carolinas on this board and wanted to give you a heads up incase it is you and you wanted to request that the publisher remove it. Her comments are flattering. If it was me i'd not have a problem with a pretty girl publishing my picture on line saying i have a nice ass. LOL

modelnude4u #96

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/29/2006 03:00:57Copy HTML

I've been photographed on several occasions that I know of, one of those specifically asked to pose with someone for the picture.  Usually it's the sneaky shots others have mentioned above.

I've always taken it as a compliment, regardless of their motivation for the shot.

I've always liked being seen, and what better way to spread the images about!?

Popeye1 #97

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/29/2006 07:12:28Copy HTML

People are always taking photos of one of us or both, although i'd guess that they take more photos of Olive's sweet ass than mine. since we wear thongs at many areas that don't normally see thongs people seem to feel the need to preserve the moment. We dont mind at all and as a matter of fact we actually like it most of the time. Popeye
easy-goes #98

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:12/30/2006 04:13:40Copy HTML

Reply to : modelnude4u

 A few years ago I was at the beach lying on my back in a minimal g-string when I noticed a guy kept walking past me, circling around, sitting down nearby and getting up and sitting elsewhere nearby - altogether very unusual behaviour that got me a bit worried. Finally he came over and very politely excused his behaviour explaining he was an art student and would I mind if he sketched me. I could see no reason why not and I was relieved to hear his explanation. So, I said yes, lay back and continued dozing. After about 10 min he said he had finished and showed me his work. I was very flattered as his sketch of only a few lines had captured how I  would like to think  I looked. He thanked me very much and went.

modelnude4u #99

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:01/10/2007 05:39:30Copy HTML

As my handle suggests, I model nude for art classes at times.  I've always gotten comments on the thong tan lines, which of course are very obvious when your nude.  I don't know if I enjoy the controlled serious environment of the art class, or the freedom of the beach scene better.

I'm heading off to Miami Beach in two weeks so hopefully I'll be the subject of a few more pictures!

thonglife #100

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:01/21/2007 07:19:08Copy HTML

My first total thonging experience was a couple years ago at Fort Desoto beach. I spent the entire day in a new Skinz skinny side thong which is pretty skimpy, especially for a rookie. As the day went on, I grew more bold and took walks to the water and down the beach to the trash can. As the tide went out, I moved my stuff closer to the water and eventually ended up 10 feet or so from the path that people walked up and down the beach. At one point, I awoke from a nap and a couple of ladies were walking towards me , one had a camera and was taking my picture. I think she was more embarrassed than me, haha.

Last year at SoBe, we were surrounded by women on the beach at our private hotel and most had cameras. Of course, so did I. I took several dozen pics of ladies in thongs as they walked by or tanned nearby. I guess my use of the camera encouraged the ladies to do the same as both I and my gf caught ladies taking my picture when they didn't think I was looking, lol.
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