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sailor250 #251

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/05/2012 02:42:12Copy HTML

This trip to southbeach had some interesting ways people approached me for pictures.  First off most were women- maybe half with a guy and the rest guys with women, only once a group of guys from europe somewhere in speedos.

The most interesting was : I was walking down the beach and two couples were walking toward me, two slender girls in small bikinis in their late 20's pretty hot looking together up front.  I glanced ahead and saw them locked in on me as I approached one was just staring at my suit, the other looking me in the eye- we both had sunglasses on- I was wearing a contour pouch G string.  The one looking me in the eye deviates course, puts her arms straight out in front, and walks into me- we both stop she keeps looking me in the eyes and puts her hands on top my shoulders and says "You look fantastic can I get a picture"  The group stopped and the other girl took several photos with the camera while we had arms around one another.  The guys were just smiling, one said "you don't see those everyday"
JM_Runs #252

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/17/2012 05:37:17Copy HTML

My wife and I living in Virginina have trouble finding other couples that thong. We were at Grandview one day and my wife always going topless and me in my skimpy thong decided to walk down the beach. When doing so we found another couple tucked away in the bushes. Well the women was wearing a thong and had her top on and the man was wearing a bikini style speedo. I had my camera on me so i was taking pictures of my wife. We stop and spoke with the couple and it was there first time in the area. I asked both if it would be ok if i took a picture of them they were very nice and said sure as long as we took one with them. Well by the end of the day they moved to come lay next to us and Lisa the womens name ended up going topless with my wife the rest of the day. I think that people wearing the skimpest of swimwear do not mind if you take pictures of them as long as you ask and get there permission.
tanlines2thin #253

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/18/2012 02:24:22Copy HTML

when you're out in public - say a beach - nobody needs your permission to take your pix.......of course, it is a civilized courtesy to ask........however, if you're on private property - say a hotel, or your backyard - they are, to coin a phrase, 'invading your privacy' if they snap a shot without your permission.....
mack_back #254

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/18/2012 05:46:11Copy HTML

VaThonging: Don't believe people mind getting photo taken with group of people only if it's not your sole purpose being at the beach? One older guy wearing white socks, sandals and street clothes walked along the beach with a telephoto lens asking anyone attractive if he could snap few pictures of them. I saw many folk declining his request so when he approached me I said No!

I had an older woman with her older daughter asked me for picture of me completely nude. I think she felt awkward asking me, suspect it was her daughters idea. I didn't ask why they wanted a picture but took it as a complement, agreeing to their taking few snaps of me.
If opposite gender asks  me to pose for picture I think it it would be very impolite to turn down the request: Like someone holding out there hand to shake yours and you refusing.
RobinHood413 #255

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/21/2012 10:28:21Copy HTML

 I dont mind so much the people taking pictures, its how they do it. Im out on a public beach, so i know when i have on a skimpy thong, people are going to look. If i really didnt want my picture taken i wouldnt be there... I do tend to pose, somewhat, tho when i see them shooting me. Hey, if i am going to be in there vacation album, i want to look good :)  Quite a few will ask me to pose with them, both couples, and mostly married women LOL. Who am i to refuse? Havnt turned one down yet :)
ronbo #256

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/30/2012 01:55:15Copy HTML

My body has aged a little so it's not like I look like a greek god or anything but I'm still slim and fairly well proportioned and, like most thongers, have a little exhibitionist in me. Having spent many years thonging on various beaches I still get a kick out of those who take my picture.  There are basically 3 types of "picture takers", as many of you have described. The first are those women who covertly try to sneak pictures. Most of you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes you catch them out of the corner of your eye sneaking a picture, or when you turn around you notice someone who was shooting your backside. And the really sneaky ones will get a friend stationed between you and the picture taker, pretending to pose for a shot (you end up in the background) but the camera is clearly not pointed directly at that subject. Hilarious but I love it! The next type are those that just walk up and take your picture. They are open and overt about it and don't care if you are aware of what they are doing.  I've had a few women who, while I'm laying on my back on my beach towel, walk up to me, snap off a few shots, and walk away without saying a word. At least they are honest. Of course I am always flattered, and try to "pose" a little while pretending not to notice for those who are "sneaking". The 3rd kind, which I truly love, are those that ask if they can take my picture, and sometimes will ask me to turn around so they can get my ass, or if they can get a picture of them with me.  On occasion a woman will even ask if her husband/boyfriend can take our picture, or a whole group of 2 to 5 or 6 women will join in together with me for a picture on the beach.  Of course I always say yes; it is flattering, makes me feel sexy and good and excites me a little; some even comment to me that I'm "hot" or "sexy man" etc....I love it!!
sxmthonger #257

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/30/2012 02:30:04Copy HTML

Unfortunately, I work in a career in which having a picture of me posted on the internet in a thong, or even a Speedo, would be very potentially damaging, so I do not  like or appreciate having my picture taken.  It's unfortunate that an article of clothing can carry such a stigma and that people can be so ignorant, but it happens.  When I get home from vacation, I always hop on the photo sharing sites and look to see if anyone has posted me so I can ask for it to be removed.  Although I've seen people snap my photo before, none have turned up yet, so I guess I either got deleted or someone is enjoying them privately.  I will agree that it is flattering and a slight turn-on to know that someone wants your picture.
kohler1977 #258

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/31/2012 11:07:41Copy HTML

I am in the same predicament as sx. My profession does not allow them to post any pictures, however in my mind what I do on spring break or summer does not reflect in my mind the dedication to the students .
newlynymphos #259

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/10/2012 09:56:49Copy HTML

 Sharon, you're a girl after my own heart! People want to take pics, in my G-string, Rio, or nude, take as many as you'd like! If you want those pics "spiced" up, I'm down with that too!
mack_back #260

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/16/2012 12:22:39Copy HTML

So finally i experienced being photographed blatantly with a camera iphone at Sand Key park beach.Was lovely warm Friday sunny day i had on my Muscleskins 1/4" side triangle back thong. As i air dried standing near my towel from my swim i noticed three woman armed with there phones in hand. Two of which had on one piece swimsuits little heavy set while third woman was skinny in white bikini. As i bent over facing the water putting on my hat and sunglasses i looked up hearing one of the woman in the group say, "Don't!", then i looked up and the bikini clad 40 something woman had her iphone aimed at me as she walked closer. Wasn't expecting getting photographed but the woman said to her friends while she held up her phone at me, "i don't care, what he thinks". Then they all smiled, giggling while walking towards the rocks on the north side. I was surprised the woman wanted photo of me from the front only. Thought of asking her while they walked away if she got a good shot, smiling but my surprise of what just happened i let it go. So i began to think they will be coming back soon from the rocky end seeing them there. So i got in the water knowing they will make a second pass back. Soon enough i had my back towards them and the same woman took photos walking from the backside. I heard the other woman laugh, chuckle and i turned towards them as they were walking away. The bikini woman taking they photos or video was looking at her work and i just knew she caught me again. I began to stare back at her, she smilling looking over her shoulder couple times stumbling along the sand knowing, i knew she wanted the pictures of me. Purposely i went to the water knowing she couldn't resist not taking bum shot of me. As i looked upon her in disbelief i began to think she looked very familiar to me because i know two married woman like her, the one who took the photos.
Only thing is these woman wanted a photo of me but were to afraid to ask or just thought i was to weird to get to know. Felt bit perturbed from the snap photo thinking the photo or video might not look that great.Just earlier as i was in the water couple other heavy set woman had a camera and were giggling hoping to get a photo of me if i got out of the water. They began to walk stop waiting for me to get closer but they didn't want to linger making it obvious to me. Had feeling with there big smiles if i got out of the water they might of had the nerve to ask to pose for picture for them. 
sxythng #261

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/17/2012 02:55:47Copy HTML

today i was on the beach enjoying the sun wearing my black bowtie g string, one of my favorites.  i had a spot to myself so i thought, so i turned over to get some sun on my butt.  after about thirty minutes, i went into my bag to get some lotion (as my butt started to get a bit burned)and noticed that there were a group of people laying immediately behind me, i assume to be looking at me as there were plenty of other places for them to lay out.   i then started applying some oil to my backside, when i saw one of the boys getting his camera out and taking a picture of my butt.  we made eye contact, smiled at each other, and he took his picture.  shortly afterwards, he then came up to me as i think he was embarrased.  we chatted for a few minutes, and as he left, he asked if he could take another picture, and i said it was ok.   i thought it was so cute.   
BarelyCovered #262

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/17/2012 07:07:54Copy HTML

 Great stories all!
I wonder sometime how I will react when I see somebody taking a picture, one good thing is not to overreact  and start to make a scene. Just smiling :) would be the best solution, but I don´t want me to be an attraction or some kind of "freak show" for people around. 
ithongit #263

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/18/2012 03:03:04Copy HTML

 People often tell me I can see more than one side of most issues.  Perhaps this is true some of the time, and when I do see two or more apparently conflicting viewpoints, I sometimes get confused.  This topic is one of those cases.  Perhaps it is just me, but I look at the "being photographed" issues in at least three different ways -- with no clear resolution.

Issue one -- On the one hand, I believe that having someone take a picture without asking is at the least rude or simply bad behavior on their part.  It does not matter what you are wearing or where you are at.  Obviously, in some situations, you are "asking" to have your picture taken.  For example, if you get tickets right behind the players bench on the mid-court line at a basketball game, you might expect to be photographed quite often without anyone bothering to ask you for permission.  Disney resorts regularly include notices to the effect that promotional or other filming may happen in certain areas and those wishing not to appear in publicity or other footage should avoid these areas.  On the other hand, alone on a day-hike in a secluded public park, you might reasonably expect some privacy.  The people who witness newsworthy events are often unwillingly photographed and even identified to the public (for example the photos and movies of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas).  Of course this would have been a news event even if  Kennedy had not been shot -- but it probably would have been just another in a long line of campaign events that might have had some short-term local interest but would have soon been forgotten except by a very few Dallas residents.  But now the pictures of those watching the motorcade in Daley Plaza are objects of major interest to many people.  So it is impossible to know when getting photographed in public might be seen by others, or in very rare events, seen by great numbers of others.   I believe the rules should be different if the photography happens on private property where the photographer has to go on a roof or trespass or do something else extreme to get the picture. I can see an almost illegal aspect when this happens.  So I have decided that if I go to a PUBLIC beach or other public area, or an area which can be seen from a public area easily, and if I choose to wear a thong, that I do not have the right to expect not to have my picture taken -- even if the person taking the picture is doing so in bad tastes.  So at the beach, I don't make a scene if someone wants to take my picture -- even if they fail to ask first.  Now if anyone ever ventured onto our private property, found their way around the buildings, and into my back yard and then choose to shoot pictures of me in a thong, even if it was the same one I wore at the beach, I would be very pissed.

Issue two --  I do not feel I have as many social hang-ups as some people might, and actually have an exhibitionist side that comes out now and then.  This part of me LIKES being photographed.  It is to me a compliment when someone wants to immortalize my image for whatever personal reason they might have.  Again, the other hand pulls my judgement a different way -- I feel it is not fair to post my picture (even if taken in a public place) on social media or websites without my permission, or to publish them or make money.  I don't like the idea that somebody could be using my image to make money, engage in criminal activities, or whatever without me even knowing what is going on.  Do I really want to appear in something akin to a "girls gone wild" video about female thongers and let someone else make a bundle of money using my image without my permission.  (Nikki, my sister, is a part-time professional photographer -- mostly weddings and such -- but she always gets release forms signed by people she gets in pictures she might send out for publication.  There are those who take pictures for publication who say "if you are in a public place, you have no rights to withhold your image from publication".  Court cases seem to go both ways on this one, from what she has told me.)

Issue three -- I believe that thong swimwear (and topfree beach use by women) are not morally wrong.  Therefore, if I am in a place where thongs are legal why should I be ashamed to be seen (or photographed) in one?  Wouldn't this be hypocritical?  I do not agree with some that only people with ideal body types should thong or that only women should thong but not men.  While some thongers may not want to see a "fat old geezer" in a thong, wouldn't their complaint be no different than a person who is not into thongs objecting to thong wears in general since they do not conform to the complainer's idea of what is and what is not appropriate.    Acceptance is wonderful -  Tolerance is almost as good.  I would rather go to a beach where everyone is only tolerant than a beach were all but one person fully accepts my thong wearing, and the one hold-out wants to make a scene.

swimbabe #264

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/14/2012 08:00:18Copy HTML

I have just arrived back in Mallorca for the summer season working at the Jetski rental.  We had a staff picture taken yesterday and the boss ( my friends husband ) insisted that we wear what we would normally wear at work. In my case it is a g-string, but i did wear a cut off t-shirt for modesty in the photo !  Follow my blog over the summer to read about my thonging fun.
modelnude4u #265

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/16/2012 09:12:54Copy HTML

 I love being photographed, and seek out opportunities for someone to get a good shot.  I love riding my motorcycle with a nice whale tail visible when my shirt flips up.  There must be well over 100 pics out there of my butt, but I've never been able to find one by searching online, no matter what combo of keywords, or where I search.
JM_Runs #266

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/17/2012 05:45:38Copy HTML

RE:  People take pictures, but they don't appear on line.  I find that almost none of the pictures people take show up on line.  If I run down the city beach in a thong, some where along the route someone will take a picture.  Some days, when the beach is crowded, lots, some days just one or two. After over 10 years, about 150 days a year, running 5 miles or more each time, only a very few pictures of me have turned up on the web. I can count them on one hand. All but one is too faint to identify me, and unless you know me well most people would miss the last one.
JM_Runs #267

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/03/2012 07:57:33Copy HTML

I contend that only one in a million pictures ever make it to the internet, unless you take them and post them there yourself.  I have been running up and down Fort Lauderdale beach in a thong for many years and thousands of beach miles.  The beach is a busy city beach, with lots of people on sunny days, both on the beach or strolling along the side walk. 

Almost every run I notice somebody taking my picture, some times a few, some times a lot.  What surprises me is how very very VERY few ever end up on an internet picture sharing website, even though I am out there week after week, year after year.  I guess there are thousands of pictures of me, yet only about five have ever surfaced, and only in one of them can you tell it is me (if you know me), and that one was not shot on the beach!  The few shot on the beach are so far away, and shot from the rear, they could be just about anybody.  At this time I think there are only two pictures of me on the beach in a thong, and zero that would identify me, not that I care if they did.

Still more amazing is sites like youtube appear to have zero video of me running in a thong, although I see lots of people shooting video.  There is only one video of me in a thong, but in that I am riding my bicycle going to the beach, and wearing a tank top, and it is shot from so far away, or with so little resolution, that you can't see what I am wearing.  The enthusiastic comment on the audio by the guy shooting the video, is "How great is that?  Oh god that's great !"  He knows what he is looking at, and I know because I know that is me, but, it is shot from so far away that you can't see if I am wearing a thong or shorts. I only know it is me because I know exactly where that was shot, and how I ride a bike, and what I wear when bicycling to the beach.  

Based on my experience, and we are talking about a very large sample size, literally thousands of pictures over many years, the probability of that picture making it to the internet is around 0.0001 percent.

If a picture of you is posted the probability that anyone will be personally identify you from the picture, not a picture of an anonymous backside, is even less than that, a lot less. In my case zero percent. Not one of the pictures people have taken of me on the beach, in a thong, and then later posted to the web have ever shown my face.

So if you don't want your pictures on the internet the solution is simple, don't post them.  But don't worry about others taking your picture. If they do take your picture they will probably be too far away and they are probably shooting the rear and not the front, so they will not have your face at all.  The probability they will later post the picture is almost nil, zero, zilch.
mack_back #268

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/04/2012 01:03:41Copy HTML

Jm_Runs makes a good point and is right as usual. Also internet giants like bing, google are trying to clean up the semi-nude pictures which we easily found years ago. Even this board asks all of us to remove our avatar because of semi nude or suggestive pictures.  Before facebook and email file size limitations people had only choice to post videos on youtube or some free unregistered picture forum for thousands to view.
 Youtube having to register to see video of some semi nude individual makes it not ideal or convenient place to upload files for friends to watch these days. 
With the mobile smart phone craze technology getting better people take pictures or video instantly sending them to there boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends directly making light of what they witnessed and share with others without mass amount of people all to see clicking on some free picture forum.
If someone wants to photograph me nude on the beach i'm honored that they find me incredible enough to want one. Being careful to make sure there in the photo as well is important. Many females don't know or have the ability to crop themselves out of the picture with me thus they maybe shy to share photos to everyone if they took a solo shot of me. Lot of explaining to friends of them being topless or me having my arm around there waist sometimes is not something young females want to share with mom or dad or siblings  and prospective boyfriend.
Jm_Runs you need to be aware most of photos that are posted are in registered XXX forum sites that you or me never heard of or partake in there specific sexual fetishes. Believing that you see none of you maybe a mistake that your not aware of. Rule of thumb is if you look terrible that people laugh at your most likely be seen somewhere. If your incredibly attractive also your likeness will be surely posted somewhere as well. If your neither here or there in looks department your most likely forgotten and no where to be seen.

What i hate most is when female walks up to me which looks like she wants to talk within my arms length and holds her phone up, taking a picture of me looking in shock, off guard with my mouth open that she dared to do it. For one thing it is terrible likeness and not at all flattering photo of me. All that the female wanted is close up of my string thong bikini. Rather she have a full body shot that has some sort of perspective.With some videos and photos of me taken over the years not as many JM_Run has gotten but i to see none of me but i stopped looking or caring. When i did look to see if someone posted pictures of me i noticed female relatives of mine topless and nude. Even photos of people i know took me a while to compare files of photos i had to make a certain id it was truly her.... Mind you i'm pessimistic and doubt sometimes what i see. Nobody was more surprised when i discovered certainly that female relatives like to tan nude, guess it runs in the family, Lol... Suppose it's worse when someone who i known for many years see's me nude on the beach but pretends not knowing you or seeing you. Very awkward behavior especially when seeing them days later in another surroundings and you know and they know but nothing is said about it... Only bigger grin, bitting lips and smiles. Not looking me in the eye because they can't or wouldn't be able not to laugh..

JM_Runs #269

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/16/2012 08:47:53Copy HTML

There is another photo of me has surfaced. http://www.flickr.com/photos/9773231@N08/726841063/ 

Yet again you cannot tell who it is. I am sure some old girlfriends who know me well, know my body and my bicycle and where I lock it up could identify me. - But if they know that much they already know I wear a thong at the beach, have gone to the beach with me in a thong and locked their bike up with mine.

I am not personally identifiable in any of the photos of me on the beach. This is because most snapshots are too far away, or from the rear, or both. Other snaps are too fuzzy, shaky or just very low resolution when zoomed.

After 12 to 15 years of running down the beach in a thong, several days a week, past literately hundreds of thousands of tourists, only a handful of pictures of me have ever surfaced on the web.  Considering the vast number of snap shots people have taken this surprises me.

What does not surprised me is that unless the thonger is posing for a photo, it is very unlikely that a snap shot will show enough of the face to personally identify them. 

If you are worried about a picture containing your face just wear a cap so your face is in the shade. That's not why I wear a running cap, I wear a cap so my nose and face do not burn.

mack_back #270

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/16/2012 09:54:04Copy HTML

Jm-runs: Glad to know how you look like, we look similar, just i have darker tan and more toned body. Do you remember the time someone took the shot of you?Pretty brazen wearing just a thong adjacent to the beach. Nice bike full suspension? Doesn't look like a hardtail, personally i prefer road bike with faster speed then your mtb.
Don't tell me you ride with just a thong along the way home?

JM_Runs #271

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/16/2012 10:09:03Copy HTML

Great picture my friend. I would be proud to have a picture of me where I looked that great posted on the internet.
JM_Runs #272

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/16/2012 11:35:26Copy HTML

Most of my other bikes are hard tail. Yes I ride to the beach and back, in a thong.

There is a grainy video of me on my bike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKOJy3IFfKQ on youtube, not that you can tell who it is, for it was again shot from the rear.  From the video you cannot really tell if the rider is wearing a thong or not, you have to rely on the rather delighted commentary of the person shooting the video.
odie77301 #273

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/17/2012 02:07:27Copy HTML

 JM, I would of never thought it was you in a million years... You look incredible my dear friend . That's what I worry about when I see people with camera's and phones out.  Finding pics of me on public sites... 
nospam_TN1 #274

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/17/2012 04:19:02Copy HTML

When I run on the beach in a thong, I don't worry too much about someone snapping candid photos of me, but I do almost always wear a hat and sunglasses just in case they are posted and seen by people I know at work, etc.  Given the large number of photos online and the small chance that (1) someone will get an identifiable one of me, (2) they will post it on a public site where it will be viewed by many people and (3) someone I know will find it and make an issue of it, I believe my hat and sunglasses are sufficient enough precautions.  The point is that all three of those things must happen in order to create a problem.
bbyrne78 #275

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/17/2012 08:01:18Copy HTML

 Looking good JM. I'll run or ride with you anytime.
bbyrne78 #276

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/17/2012 10:19:54Copy HTML

I had a couple of issues with weirdos a few years ago, where someone posted photos of me walking back from the water to my sun shelter and included the location and time. Although that was okay, I had then found out that the guy also took photos of my car, licence plate and where I lived.
I might have said this before, I am cool with people taking my photo, I am cool with wearing a thong bikini. What I am not cool with is people finding out where I live or work, showing up and sending me stuff through the emails and the like.
What are the odds of someone doing something? Slim but not zero. As much as I hate those shots they are out there on the web and I can still find them online if I can be bothered.
Grabeach #277

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/17/2012 01:19:37Copy HTML

Only picture of me I know of on the internet is Google Earth. For years I have occasionally cleaned the pool of an elderly neighbour of mine and usually go for a swim and lie in the sun afterwards. As she never users the pool and her family rarely visits, I have no doubt the image is me. It was a bit strange when I first came across it. Although it is impossible to identify me or what I am wearing, I guess if the neighbours or her family checked out Google Earth they would figure it out.

My neighbour isn't worried about what I wear or don't wear, so there's a good chance I was 'photographed' nude. Didn't catch them doing it though!

JM_Runs #278

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/18/2012 04:48:55Copy HTML

Thanks for the kind comments on the picture.  I sort of expect people on this board to support of thonging, but was surprised to find the comments on flickr, which come from all over the internet, are equally supportive. This I did not expect. 

bbyrne, Sorry to hear about your stalker. In the US we have recently past a number of new laws to deal with such a situation.  It is a shame some men are too persistent and pests, gives the rest a bad name.
JM_Runs #279

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/21/2012 03:23:56Copy HTML

 I clicked through to see the photo again, and noticed a number of newer comments, probably left by members of this board. Then I noticed something I had missed the first time:  Under the photo it said " 38 other people added this photo to their favorites".  I clicked on the '38' and this linked to the list of people who had added it as a favorite.  By each name there is a link to 'their favorites' and clicking it brought up the first page of that persons fav pictures. 

I have discovered most people marking that picture as a favorite are people who's favorites are mostly pictures of men in thongs. I am secure enough in my own sexuality that it does not worry me that most of the fans of the picture appear to be gay men.  If you are looking for pictures of men in thongs, on beaches or else where, these people have created collections for you. Just click through to the list of people who have added the picture to their favorites and you can see their collections.   I looked at a couple of them and one had included another flickr picture of me out running that I did not know about:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/amandastewart/6266616550/  by a user who has two photos of me, this is the other http://www.flickr.com/photos/amandastewart/6314946817/

As with the other photos you can't identify me unless you are me, or know the nude me well, or already know me from the beach.  Yet more examples of the fact that most people, when photographing a man in a thong, take the rear shot from which the thonger is not recognizable.
bikinicouple #280

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/14/2012 11:41:56Copy HTML

 Whenever we catch someone taking our pictures we'll smile and wave, and then approach them and ask them to take a picture with our camera too!  You get to meet some interesting people that way
32189 #281

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/15/2012 05:13:28Copy HTML

i think it would be very exciting to have someone take my picture while thonging but on the other hand, it has not happened to me yet and i think that i would feel weird.  i like that you approach the people and have them take a pic with your cam.  someday i hope to be that brave!
mack_back #282

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Funny time on the beach seen a pasty white guy untoned wearing g-string and was asked by couple to take a shot of the three of them together in the water.  Then the g-string guy got his camera and flotation tube and asked for one of the couple to photograph him in the water.  The female was laughed and told her boyfriend to return the favor.

So the male and g-string guy went into the water and the g-string guy posed some photos alone. Very funny to watch seeing this g-string male getting into position in various poses and the straight male shooting various shots.  Very funny to see and watch... seeing the guy in the g-string co-ordinating the photo shoot like he was about to be on the cover of MAXIM magazine for men...

After about 10 or 20 photos the boyfriend returned to his girl on the beach having enough taking photos of male in a g-string in a tire tube. Guess the g-string guy wanted the same look Christina Aguilera did in inner tube and thong. 
JM_Runs #283

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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I used to think of this as a pretty benign issue, but things are definitely different nowadays. One of the things that gave me ( and my former wife ) the confidence to beach in a thong/topfree was the attitude, “So what if other people see us, we’ll never see them again so who cares.”  However now with camera phones,  the internet, and social media being so prevalent, it’s not as easy as that.

On my recent Sobe trip, I was next to a woman with out her top when some voyeur came up, stood over her, and snapped a pic of her bare chest. There was no effort to be discrete, or anything. She was obviously offended, and sat right up to put her top back on. Moments later, there was a pic of me taken that I didn’t realize until I found it after a Google search. A crew from out of town thought to snap my pic, and broadcast to the world on their FB and Twitter how wrong they thought I was, and of course, many of their watchers piled on. ( http://instagram.com/p/Pct8o0AHeB

There’s some positive feedback for me as well, but the point remains that it’s not as “safe” as it used to be to remain anonymous, and give pause to whether I care to subject myself to that kind scrutiny.
JM_Runs #284

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 I agree, the proliferation of digital cameras means people are more likely to snap pictures. I totally understand how much you feel offended when someone posts a picture of you on the internet purely to ridicule you. As you say, some of the comments are negative and some are positive. It seemed about 1/2 and 1/2 to me.  I think you look good in the picture but can't add a positive comment because I am not an Instagram user.

On the other hand, your picture is a good example of the sorts of pictures people take of men in thongs, rear shots that normally don't show the persons face.  If you had not told us this was you, nobody would have known.

I totally agree, sneaking up and taking close up paparazzi type pictures of people sunning on the beach is just rude, but this is something we have to live with in the modern world.  Like you, once in a while I have noticed someone going down the beach taking zoom close up shots of every topless or thong wearing girl.  On occasion I have gone up to the picture stalker and told them their behavior was not appropriate or appreciated. This interaction gets interesting when I am wearing a thong, because they tend to turn the subject to how inappropriate my thong is, to which I reply that (a) it is sexist to be taking pictures of girls in thongs while complaining about guys in thongs, (b) men wearing thongs gives more women permission and courage for them to wear thongs too.  I suggest they ASK people before taking a picture of bums or tits. Although brazen when they march right up close to take a photo they are normally way too cowardly to actually ask.

Personally I have gotten quite accustomed to people taking my photo, it happens several times on every day I am at the beach. I will often wave and smile in their direction as I run past. As far as I know, absolutely NONE of the thousands of photos where I am smiling and waving at the camera have ever been posted to the web.  If one did it would not worry me. It is very unlikely that the person who took the picture knows my real name and can tag the picture in a way that it will be linked to me, and even if they did, it does not worry me. 

It helps that I don't lead a double life.  Many people who know me know I wear a thong on the beach.  Many  more people I know don't know that, because they have not seen me on the beach.  At one time I was a little worried people would think differently of me if they found out, but once over their initial surprise, they drop the subject and they act just the same to me.  Wearing a thong on the beach does not make me a card carrying communist.

In this modern digital world it becomes inevitable that there are pictures of us taken everywhere we go.  Surveillance pictures taken at the 7/11, the bank, the hospital, the shopping mall, the surf cam, etc.  Snapshots and video from phones being only a small part of the digital world.

Photos of men in thongs appear more and more so what, if anything, can we do we do about this? 
As we have seen, in almost all of them the subject is not identifiable, except where the subject was posing.  But if worried you will be identified from a picture wear a running cap with a peak.  (a) It is good for your eyes because it cuts down on sky glare, (b) the shade on your eyes, compared to the overall brightness of the beach, masks you as well as a batman mask.

Photos of men in thongs may be good for it may encourage others to thong too.  This is especially true when the picture gets as many or more positive comments than negative ones.  So we can all do are part by posting positive comments when we see pictures of men and women in thongs on general photo sites like Flickr and Webshots. That helps to change the public perception and dialog about men and women who wear thongs. It also encourages others to call out the negative comments as homophobia or religious intolerance.

The funny thing is today I saw no men in thongs on the beach, although I did see some women in thongs.  (It was an early Monday morning in the off off season).  Yet on the internet there are pictures of at least 30 different men in thongs on my short bit of beach.  Yes these are from days, weeks or months past, but right now, today, those photos on the internet tell others it's OK to thong. In some ways the proliferation of digital pictures on the internet, especially ones with a number of positive comments, helps build the perception that people in thongs are normal and if you visit the beach it would be a normal thing to see.

So my attitude now is "Go ahead, take a picture, let your friends see that men wear thongs on this beach without fear, and you should expect to see men and/or women in thongs." 

I think the reason people are scared of people taking photos of them when wearing thongs is because they FEAR what people they know will say if, in the extraordinary extreme chance someone they already know finds out they wore a thong at the beach.

As we have seen though quite a large sample survey, 20,000 plus members of this board:
  • Snap shots of thongers tend to be of their rears, so almost never is a clearly identifiable face in the picture. Therefore the likelihood of a picture from which you can be identified is very slight.
  • The person posting the snap shot on the internet does not know the thongers name, so the picture is not tagged with your name, making it almost impossible to find amongst the billions of pictures on the internet. 
  • The more pictures of people in thongs that get to the internet, the less likely someone will be able to find a picture of you in a thong, even if they know or have herd you wear a thong at the beach.
  • Anecdotal evidence in the nine years and 40,000 postings on this message board suggests that most people are very afraid of what their family and friends will think when they find out, but almost universally, other than a bit of friendly ribbing, for almost everyone the feared negative reactions did not materialize when the person found out and often the result was the friend or family member turned out to be a supporter.

I think you are more likely to get struck by lightning than have all the unlikely probabilities aline to cause you social harm.  

On the other hand, if you pose for a picture taken by your fiend, and they post it to Facebook and tag it with your name, than you kind of brought it on your self.  You then have to ask your fiend to remove or un-tag the picture.

There again, there is a a picture of me on Facebook. It was one of the very few random pictures of me on the internet. It was anonymous until I decided to re-post it to Facebook and identify it as me, to my friends and followers. All the comments are positive, maybe because they are my friends.  I guess that is what being friends is all about.

JM_Runs #285

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Luv2bfitt, What a great picture! You certainly have a great body. I don't know you - but from the picture I wouldn't be able to identify you. If any of my pictures are posted by others, I hope they are that flattering. I know have had hundreds of pictures taken over the last 20 years, but have never had any that I can identify as me.
JM_Runs #286

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 I agree, Luv2bfitt looks good in the photo, and it is shot from behind so no one can identify him.  The negative comments are NOT a good representation of public opinion because the person who posted it tagged the picture with a bunch of negative tags used by people who only poke fun. When only broadcast to people who critique or make fun of others then one would expect a lot of negativity.  If tagged with more neutral or positive tags I think most of the responses would have been positive. Even so, there are a good number of positive mixed in.

We see the same effect on sites like Yahoo answers, where the exact same question posted in different Yahoo subject sections gets wildly differing comments, based on the type of  people who read questions in that section. The difference is attributable to who's attention you attract, for that is who is being ask for comments.  By tagging the picture with things like #fashionpolice the poster was eliciting snide comments. Even so, the picture got a good number of positive comments too.
modelnude4u #287

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 I've always enjoyed getting my picture taken in a thong, whether they come out and ask, or sneak it.  I never know if they thinks it's sexy, gross, funny, perverted, hot, etc, but I don't really care either.  Most often the picture takers seem to be having some kind of positive reaction so what the heck!  I'm not shy, or I wouldn't be out on the beach in a thong!
SlidingG #288

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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I once ran a 12k road race costumed as a swimmer, in red racing flats, swim cap and Speedo thong, with goggles around my neck.  It was captured in the official race photos (3 are posted in my profile pics), so when more turned up on Flickr, I was delighted, not chagrinned.  I was walking back along the course and had stopped to buy some ice cream from a vendor.  Felt great to spend most of the day strolling around in just a thong, even if I did look a bit silly.    
osceola89 #289

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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I have had numerous pictures taken over the last 20 years, but I have never seen on the internet.  I would like too.  Does not bother me
trapking #290

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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I have had my pic taken, mainly by young adults with loud cell phone cameras that caught my attention. I do not care if they end up on the internet but there are so many sites including facebook I would probably never know. It is not like they know me to tag my name to make it searchable.
JM_Runs #291

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 I am of the mindset that if you choose to wear G-strings or go nude on beaches resorts or any other place with people, cameras will be present and someone may be taking photos. So if you don't want to be surprised someday by seeing a photo of yourself somewhere then do go where you will be seen. I know my neighbor can see into my yard but that has t stopped me. We have even discussed it and she informed me she has seen us nude sunbathing and I asked if she was offended and she said "hell know" but it could happen and probably has
bmicro #292

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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I have had my picture taken by people asking to take my picture on a regular basis. When they ask to have a picture taken with them and I have a camera with me, I ask to have a picture taken with them with my camera as well. These are probably the only pictures that could be instantly recogniable by someone who knows me. I haven't found any of them posted where I could find them that retains the identification ability.
I know that there have beem many times as many pictures taken of me by folks that do not have the courage to ask. I have found about a dozen of then posted in various places. I can recognize them because I know the place and where I was, but I doubt that anyone else could recognize me.
Mako is right, it is going to happen, but the probability of someone recognizing you is rather small.
20897 #293

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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I have also had my picture taken many times at the beach. Alot of them were without being asked, but the people that do ask are so happy when I tell them to take as many as they like. The last time I was at my local beach in Santa Cruz, I noticed a lady about 20 feet from me was trying so hard to get a good photo with her phone. When I got up to go to the water, she was so happy and snapped 6 or 8 photos.  
kmackhard #294

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Hi there have had many pics taken of me and also taken with other ladies with me in the pictures. I rather enjoy it and if I see somebody trying to take a picture I will usually pose for them. Lets face it isn;t that the reason we wear these suits? I think so. Ialso post my own pics. on wifelovers.com. I posted today on guys pics under the name +++++sexy beach stud++++++ let me know if you like.  Also added some pictures to my aimoo account here.                                 Cheers Kmack
kmackhard #295

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Hi again also added some pictures to my aimoo account here would love some feedback
                  Thanks and best of the season to everyone Kmack
JM_Runs #296

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Thanks to the user who found and sent me the picture on Instagram.  I don't have a smart phone so don't have the app and therefore am not a member of that service.

In 1012, total pictures taken when I am on the beach, thousands.  In 2012 only two turned up on the internet, of which only one was actually taken during this last year.

In the last dozen years, gazillions of pictures later only two or three are personally identifiable, IF you already know me from the beach, and IF you recognize my body.  Mostly they are shot from behind and far away, so while you can tell there is a man in a thong, you can't tell who. 
JM_Runs #297

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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I have noticed a new phenomenon:  People take pictures and post them to the internet, but they only last a couple of days before disappearing.

At one time, when people wanted to share pictures on the internet they posted them to photo sharing websites flickr or WebShots where they lasted for months or years.  Over the years people have sent me links to pictures they find of me running or bicycling in a thong, often taken and posted to the internet several years before. 

Even though the number and quality of digital cameras has exploded, and every cell phone now has a camera, the number of new pictures of me in a thong has steadily decreased, from a few to almost none.

Recently a picture of me turned up on a friends Facebook page.  It got a handful of comments but within a couple of days disappeared, pushed down by the latest news and chatter.  What would once have stayed for ever on a photo sharing site is now quickly discarded as old news.

This trend of posting pictures to social media sites takes the photo posting traffic away from traditional photo websites, like WebShots, which have effectively been closed down. 

You should not worry that pictures of you in a thong will come back to haunt the internet for years. More likely you should worry that your 15 minutes of fame is ephemeral and not even fame: The pictures are not tagged and shared with the whole internet but only visible to their close circle of friends and odd followers. The picture of you is fast forgotten, swamped by the rising tide of today's 5 billion cat videos, which displace yesterdays beach shot.

The picture of me on my friends Facebook page got about six comments, and lasted almost 12 hours, before the comments stopped and it disappeared of the bottoms of everyone's pages. Upstaged by the stream of new pictures and posts.  The unflattering picture was transient and quickly cleared from our pages and consciousness. 

It is probably not indexed for posterity by google or other search spiders because most social media sites block search engine robots, and even if someone tags a facebook photo with another users name the picture is not taged with a name but a symbolic link, thus defeating third party spiders.

Now that most people post interesting pictures to the very transient pages on social media sites, places where stream of consciousness prevails and yesterdays photos die quick, photos of me, or of you, fast become nothing ore than ephemeral memories.

UPDATE:  The same cleaver user who found the photo on Instagram has found a couple more.  One was old but one was a recent composition of three shots that were better than the average distant fuzzy distant shot.  Like most other pictures they were rear shots and unless you already know my body I am not identifiable.
JM_Runs #298

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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message deleted
bbyrne78 #299

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Related to the post about photos in Singapore and in full support of the line taken by JM, there is nothing wrong with someone taking your photo. However, I think it is common courtesy (something that is disappearing very quickly in our modern society) that if you are going to take a photo of me, come and say hi to me first.
Firstly, it allows me or my friends to see whether you are a weirdo or not. Secondly, it allows the photo to be a good one.
I holidayed in Jervis Bay over the new year and spent a few days laying out on the white sand in a bikini with my friends.
One day, a couple of men started snapping photos of us from about 20m away. Once I noticed, I ran into the water getting my sheer bikini wet and ran up to them. "Do you want a photo with me?" I asked. They ran off. 
Confusing behaviour, because who wouldn't want to be in a photo with at least one girl wearing a see-thru WW bikini?
SlidingG #300

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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That's rich, bbyrne78, a thumbs-up on you.  I'd love to try it here in Naples with some of the 'ladies' sneaking snaps of me in my g-string.  It wouldn't get sheer when wet, but it's pretty small, and adjustable, so it'd be fun to confront them, with the pouch scrunched tight.  And hope they didn't run off!
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