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Fitupnorth #301

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/16/2013 03:00:48Copy HTML

 I don't to the beach much but last time I was down in Florida I witnessed several men with cameras photographing the scenery. One in particular 50s mustaches dark shaded shirt on super giant lense on his  camera just taking all ladies pics not asking total blatant spying it was kinda uncomfortable knowing what he's was doing.  Unfortunately the voyers have technology on there side big time now.
bbyrne78 #302

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/17/2013 02:34:26Copy HTML

I hope you get the opportunity!!!
It's pretty much the same theme. Don't act like a weirdo, don't be sneaky, show some confidence and treat everyone with respect and you'll be amazed about the reaction and lack of controversy you will attract.
I have a client who had previously trained in MMA but in a twist of fate has injured himself at his construction job. Not only is he heavily tattooed, muscular but looks ever bit as mean as one would expect an MMA Fighter would be.
I have worked with him on a beach and in car parks. During these beach sessions, he'll wear an aussiebum speedo style suit. While on the beach he takes the time to wave and say hello to everyone, he'll crack a smile to passers by even though he is in a lot of pain.
I have seen young boys and girls wait for his workout/rehab session and run with him before and after the session. Not once have I seen a parent pull their kids away from talking to him or run with him. I guess because he is such a gentle and normal guy that people do not even notice his appearance or clothing?
mack_back #303

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/17/2013 05:54:27Copy HTML

Found that some females who are newbies at my local beach are afraid to take a picture of me. It was amusing to hear that she wants a full body shot of me but is scared to ask as it may come off as weird.  Yet she goes on describing how amazing this beach is and how she will not get any sleep tonight.  Yet I did not have the confidence to go up to her and ask if she wanted a photo of me. This is difficult for me, because I don't know what she may do with a photograph of me.
I know I have been photographed without my knowledge. People with smart phones are always doing something such as texting and while laying down on there backs can tilt the phone slightly and pull off few snaps without anyone being the wiser.  I notice more woman seem to do it. I have seen photos posted on blogs showing the nude beach I attend, and I have recognized some of the men in the pictures. Probably  pictures taken without there knowledge.  So if you believe nobody has taken a video or photo of us at some point i think your naive. Sooner or later it will happen and we have to accept it or deal with it. So is a brave soul is bold enough to pull out the big nikon camera and snap off dozens of pictures of me without my permission I can't be to upset.  There are more pictures out there then i ever could imagine.

One example in particular was a female trainer at my gym spotted me on the beach. Her boyfriend was instructed to film me while she started to walk off the beach hoping to see my reaction of to her being topless. That was my weirdest experience, she had to know I  knew her boyfriend was recording me.  It's not like i didn't see the video camera pointed at me.  I knew she is a nymphomaniac of sorts but didn't realize how much until i seen her smiling at me on the beach while having me recorded.  I suppose that is a compliment of sorts.
I feel i'm not afraid to pose with others nude if they asked to have a photo taken together. 
32189 #304

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/17/2013 05:11:10Copy HTML

Fitup, I see an older guy at my beach with a huge lens taking pics too.  I often wonder if he is zooming in on all the beach hotties. 
thenextthong #305

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/04/2013 08:58:40Copy HTML

It's happened to me a few times. Women semi-discretely pulling out their iPhones and pointing them in my direction (I say semi-discretely mainly because they don't bother to turn off the LED flash which is easily visible even on a sunny beach.)

Haven't found myself posted on flickr or anything, but I never really looked very hard, and my search skills are scratchy to say the least.
JM_Runs #306

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/10/2013 04:04:49Copy HTML

Something strange is going on. I have become braver during the last dozen years, running the main tourist section of beach instead of the more remote section down to the port, and during the cool months running during prime time instead of very early mornings.  I have been traversing the more public section of beach, month in, month out, year in, year out, and people take pictures.  Some times lots of people, some times just a few. 

So over time, one would think there would be more and more pictures appearing on the internet.  The reverse is true.  The ones that were out there are disappearing, and there can be years when no new ones appear at all. 

I think this is because people no longer post pictures on massive picture web sties like web shots, (now off the air).  Instead they post them to their face book profile, often with no more than a "Woop" for comment. If they had a friend in it they would tag the friend by name, but otherwise there are few text tags at all.   These pictures last about 24 hours, until the volume of comments drops off, and then they drop below the bottom of the Facebook page and out of sight. 

So even if people do snap a picture from a phone, and even if they do post it to the web, it is only exposed to their friends and people who follow them, and then only for a few hours, before it is swamped by the flow of new Facebook trivia and pictures of LOL cats.

I see lots of people taking the pictures.  When asked I have even posed with people. Does not bother me a bit.

Because of the number of pictures taken of me every week, I have always assumed that as time went by the number of pictures appearing on the web would go up.  I am amazed that the reverse is true. 

Frankly I am really puzzled that so few pictures of me have turned up, and the few that were posted have mostly disappeared again.  I have looked, and my search skills are quite good.  Once in a while others look too on my behalf too.  It has become a bit of a sport or competition to see if we can find any at all. They just are not out there.

We now live in little isolated information bubbles.  I don't watch Fox news, it makes my head explode, so I read more sane, informed and thoughtful blogs. The people who do watch fox news programing don't read the sort of blogs I do. The nation no longer watches the same national news at 6.  Even if we are not aware of it, we are all selecting our information streams.  You may be doing it with the TV remote, I may be doing it with the friends I chouse on Facebook and the links I choose to read. This is how we cope with too much information, by selecting what channels and streams we do or do not want to watch.

There may be, and probably are,  thousands and thousands of thong pictures on a site like Facebook, gazillions of Girls in thongs taking pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror to sent to their boyfriends.  But for the most part you can't find them because they are not tagged with the word thong, and even if they were you can't search across users profiles by picture tags. 

We are starting to wear virtual internet blinders.  The only thing you can see is your own friends, and maybe their friends if they link something.  This myopic view is rosy, because mostly our friends are on the same wave length, but it is still a limited and shuttered view.  We would not get to see any other starkly different opinions unless explained through stereotypes on TV sitcoms, or as talking heads on the news shows we choose not to watch, (because they make our heads explode!)

The result is we have incredibly myopic views of the world.  I will leave the social and political implications out of it for the time being, you can figure that out for yourselves.  From the perspective of worrying about pictures of you appearing on the internet, don't worry. 

Even with the explosion of cell phone cameras, the number of findable pictures of men in thongs does DOWN every year.  Even when doing general queries like "Thong Guy" on flickr or Google, the number of pictures that are not product sales shots or were not posed or posted by the person in the picture goes down every year. 

Unless you go to the beach with one of your own fiends, who knows you by name, AND they are facebook friends, AND they take your picture without asking AND uploaded it to facebook, AND then tag you by name, it is INCREDIBLY unlikely you, or anybody else will find pictures of you on the internet.

If course if you do something like run a highly photographed event like Bay to Beakers in a Borrat green thong then maybe you will be able to find a tagged picture of you, although looking it up by race bib number is probably going to be more successful.  If you want to get photographed in a thong run a big event like the Miami Marathon because we have a crew of a dozen professional photographers all over the course, attempting to shoot everyone at least half a dozen times, and half a dozen photo booths at the finish, and about 20 other media outlets with reporters and TV cameras.  Even so, if you were not wearing a numbered bib you would never find your photos in the sea of more than half a million still shots of the race, and that is just counting the pro-shots you can purchase later.

On the other hand, the number of women and men with the courage to post their own photos goes up.  There have always been many smiling girls and women proudly showing off their thongs.  Now we see men are becoming more confident with posting. 

How do I know the influx of men in thongs is mostly self posting of their own pictures and not sniper snaps? 

First:  They often say, "This is my blue thong" or "Here I am on x beach". That is a dead give away. 
Second:  The picture is often one of a set of shots of the same person taken on different days or wearing different thongs. 
Third:  It is likely the same profile has shots of the same person, even if not in a thong.
Fourth: When the first shot is a full back few and the second is the full front but without the head, this suggests self cropping. 

There are a LOT of sets of men, with full length back shots and head cropped front shots. 
I am starting to get a little worried about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Thongman.

So Bravo to the men with the courage to post thong pictures of themselves on the web.  To the rest of you, don't worry about the sniper snaps, they will only be exposed to the persons personal Facebook friends for about a day, before they vanish into the digital ticker tape waste basket.
ShadowT #307

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/10/2013 12:38:19Copy HTML

I don't know if anybody has ever taken a photo of me, but I have been thinking the same thing concerning the evolution of photo sharing.  I would agree that these candid type shots are far more likely to end up on Facebook where they'll quickly shuffle into near non existence in a short time. 
PabloThongs #308

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/12/2013 04:21:52Copy HTML

Wanted to share this recent experience. Here in NJ the early spring weather got downright hot, it went into the 80s two days this second week of April. I went to a large and popular public park in suburban Philadelphia. I was thonging on my lounge chair, and noticed two younger women on a picnic blanket maybe 100 yards away having lunch. When no one else seemed to be near me, I stood up next to my chair with my butt pointed directly at the women to give them a show. A glance over my shoulder revealed that I definitely had their attention. A minute later they had cell phones up taking pictures of me.

I saw later that they peeled off their clothes down to bikini swimsuits, so after a while I stowed the chair back in the car, slid on some shorts, and walked with my backpack on (but no shirt) in their general direction. As I passed them, I gave one of them a glancing smile, and she said, "Hi!"  I immediately stopped and began to chat them up. After a few minutes I asked if I could lay down next to them. A few minutes later - with no warning and with utter nonchalance - I casually slid off my shorts to sun next to them in my white Skinz thong. I never laid on my stomach to show off my butt (I guess I do have SOME sense of propriety), but I gave them plenty of skin to look at.

For me it was really incredible to have the guts to do that with women I had never met - in a public park, no less. But since I had caught them taking pictures of me, it gave me the guts to be more ballsy and push the envelope with them. It was definitely liberating! 

Unfortunately, stripping to my thong was the only fun part of being with them, as the conversation with them was unbearably inane.   
mrhb2008 #309

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/12/2013 04:02:50Copy HTML

 I was in North Hermosa yesterday & 2 attractive blondes walking near the water stopped and made an obvious show of pulling out their iPhones to snap a few of my backside.  I waved but apparantly they didn't see me waving.  Thongers, this will happen once in awhile, so just grin and bare it!
JM_Runs #310

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/22/2013 03:01:45Copy HTML

Well after 12 years of running down the beach in a thong, someone actually got a video of me and posted it to the web. (Forwarded to me by a board member who is amazingly good at finding such things.)


( Update: I have updated the video link to one with just include the short of me running past.)

That should put an end to the people who say I don't run down the beach in a thong. Even though it is a high quality video, unless you know me you can't tell who is in that video.

Yet again it goes to show my contention that almost all photos, and now videos, are rear shots. After all, they are taking a picture of your thong, that calls for a rear shot.  It is very unlikely your rear will ever be recognized on the web, unless the viewer person already knows you and can distinguish your bottom from all others !   

There are just so many pictures of men in thongs on the web, not unless someone knows you, knows you thong and knows where and how you thong, are you very unlikely to be identified.  Even then,when it comes down to it, who cares ?  It is time thongers came out of the closet. 
JM_Runs #311

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/22/2013 04:26:36Copy HTML

JM - Awesome, I never doubted you for a minute. The girls are cute. How the hell do you run in that heavy deep sand. On the west coast we have much finer soft sand that is not so deep. Your legs must burn after a run! G
thonger_in_oz #312

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/22/2013 07:25:19Copy HTML

JM, you didnt stop to help the nice young lass get a thong of her own!!!! ;)
JM_Runs #313

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:04/22/2013 03:35:57Copy HTML

I went back and have now examined the video more closely.  Now having the ability to freeze the frames, I can say with more certainty:

This video was shot during the winter season,  based on the angle of sun and my shadow. 
In the summer the shadow would be almost exactly East West.  I guess it was shot around 9:30  to 10:30 am. The beach in that section runs North South, the angle of my shadow is around 45 degrees to the direction of the beach and the direction of my travel.  Probably around last February - based on the length of my hair.  Since October I have been growing it out like Sampson.

It does give a good idea of what running on Fort Lauderdale beach is like.  The sand is soft, I prefer it that way, less injury, especially when I trip over my own feet and land face first because I was ogling some babe. 

It takes time to adapt to running in deep soft sand, and you are obviously an awful a lot slower than one would be on the road or hard sand. I tell people it is a completely different technique, starting from how from how you have to pick up your feet and plant them, landing on the balls of your feet not your heals.  
ministeve #314

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/01/2013 11:34:04Copy HTML

 On our last trip to the DR I recall a day when 2 young ladies who were from either Canada or US were snapping in our direction.  It was obvious they walked over by our loungers on purpose with a camera.  We were at the waters and one girl was snapping in our direction and not being that discreet about it.  The other was giggling.  We were both wearing thongs.  I waved to indicate I knew she was taking our photo but it did not seem to phase them.  I wonder if we're on someones facebook page.  If they asked for a picture we would have said ok, but to not ask seems so rude.  If my wife would have been topfree and the time at the time I would have had a different reaction.  I likely would have demonstrated the poor buoyancy of her camera.
rickl454 #315

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/03/2013 12:58:20Copy HTML

I'm not sure if this falls into the category of Urban Legend ot what. Once a petite older lady was lying in the sun, naked on Orient Beach, St. Martin. Some guy came over and started snapping pictures. She objected. He told her in no uncertain terms, and in language that should not be used in front a lady, that he was going to take all the pictures he felt like taking and to mind her own business. She persisted. He pointed out the fact that he was twice her size and half her age and what was she going to do about it .... Whereupon she used the skills she learned in earning her black belt in tae kwon do to knock the crap out of him. Then she took his camera, either a Nikon or a Canon, and threw it in Orient Bay.

I heard this story in 1990 and again in 1995 on Orient Beach, it may or may not be true. I hope it is.
bmicro #316

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/03/2013 02:27:43Copy HTML

Ministeve, While I agree that taking a picture without asking is very rude, I am surprised at your reference to a violent reaction to someone taking a picture of your topfree wife. In addition to the fact that folks have a legal right to take pictures in public areas and you should be prepared for this, such actions will certainly ruin both your and your wife's vacation as she will have to bail you out.  
stanpuppy #317

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/03/2013 07:17:40Copy HTML

i think it would actually be cool if someone took a topless pic of my wife....wouldnt bother me at all
bbyrne78 #318

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/05/2013 02:43:55Copy HTML

Yesterday, I was laying out in the clothed section of Cable beach with my husband and up drove a bunch of tourists from China. Most likely in town for a spot of pearl shopping and camel riding. About five older men broke away from the group and started snapping away with big zoom lenses.
They must have spotted me and started shooting like Fracesco Scavulllo. I got up, waved and walked closer throwing in a few poses for good measure. One of their wives must have spotted what I was doing and a few words shouted, all five sheepishly returned to the group. I waved them goodbye making sure they all saw that I was wearing a WW.
More polite than some, but not as nice as some others. At least they didn't snap away and then start calling me a $lut for wearing a bikini. Stay classy guys...
Grabeach #319

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/05/2013 10:04:20Copy HTML

Had to Google Scavulllo; learn something new everyday.
At least with the big cameras you know you're being photographed. With the phones, you're never sure what's happening. Long ceased to worry about having my photo taken, but it would be nice in the obvious cases where someone has found me 'interesting' (take this any way you want) enough to take my photo, that they would also like to talk to me.
BobR #320

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/18/2013 02:44:04Copy HTML

Yesterday I was at Bowditch Point Beach, on the north end of Estero Island, Fort Myers Beach. I go there often wearing an M1R2 Skinz g-string thong. When conditions are right, I usually swim about a half mile down the island and then walk back to my towel and chair. This time as I was entering the water about knee deep, I noticed two girls with a camera. (It must have been waterproof.) They were pointing the camera at each other, and then they pointed it at me. They seemed to be having a good time.
When I finished my swim and walked back, I sat down and started reading my Kindle when I noticed two girls approaching me from the direction I had come. They appeared to be about twenty-something and they were smiling. I thought, "Things are looking up."
Then they said, "We just saw you walking up the beach, and we wondered if we could take your picture. It is sort of a hobby we have to hang out at the beach and take pictures of men in 'Speedos', and you look good in yours." (I didn't correct her that it was a Skinz g-string and not a "Speedo".)
So I got up and obliged the girls, posing solo and with each girl. We talked for awhile, and then they went back down the beach.
This was unusual that I would experience two camera incidents in one day at the beach. I'll bet there aren't many 64 year old men who are asked to pose for a photo because they "look good in a Speedo".
dobbybeach #321

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/11/2013 10:53:20Copy HTML

Unusual you say?  I think many people are snapping pictures of me when i'm not looking.  I'm sure i see them doing it.  The one guy in a speedo last week layed  out about 20 feet from me and i saw him taking pictures of me.  I don't care as long as its anonymous.  Seeing anonymous pictures of people at at beaches in tiny suits is mainly what gave me the courage to wear smaller bathing suits.  Best thing about the beach!
Almost everyone has a camera phone.  I just still can't believe more people don't want to get into a tiny suit.  They just wanna take pictures of someone else they saw at the beach.  their loss.
JM_Runs #322

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/09/2013 04:34:54Copy HTML

 A regular member of this board, and internet genius, found on instagram another couple of pictures of me out running. http://instagram.com/p/SYzLXXMwZI/#

I also updated the link to the video mentioned in one of the above posts. https://vimeo.com/72081744

Hopefully this will open for more people and run smother and faster.
NcknameInUse #323

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/10/2013 12:09:20Copy HTML

 Virtually all my thonging is done on holiday, mostly because of our home weather being so cool. But even when it is warm at home I'll be nude in the garden.
I'm very disappointed that none of the pictures people have taken of me in thongs over the years have turned up on the Web. Well, not to my knowledge at least!
With the proliferation of phone camera phones it's not often a day goes by on holiday without someone openly taking my picture. If I spot them trying to get a shot without me knowing I'll go for a walk near them and smile so as they know it's ok. They can even talk to me if they like :)

As I've got older and bolder my suits have got briefer and I enjoy the attention more than ever. I'm now at the point where my suits can't get any smaller and remain legal on resort beaches or boat trips etc. So I let off steam by wearing them in more public places. That means more pictures than ever get taken.

JM_Runs #324

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/18/2013 03:51:24Copy HTML

The Vemeo stats say 84 people watched the video in the last week yet not one left a comment. A bit like this board, lots of people read, only a few post.
thong_jock #325

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/18/2013 03:41:36Copy HTML

 JM Runs...I just don't get it why the comments on the instagram are that it's funny. Is it her reaction that's supposed to be funny? It reminds me of those lame sitcoms where they pumped in canned laughter with every line of dialog. It is that as a fellow thonger the humor goes above my head? It is because I'm Canadian? No idea. I think u look great. :-)
JM_Runs #326

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/18/2013 10:19:16Copy HTML

 Maybe because I am not a smart phone user and do not have an instagram account I can only see the picture, tags and number of likes.  I can't see any comments.
Impish #327

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:08/22/2013 07:22:06Copy HTML

Photobucket comes up with a few including a thong wearing cyclist - http://media.photobucket.com/user/earcher1/media/thongman.jpg.html?filters[term]=man%20in%20thong&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=20
thong1 #328

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:10/02/2013 10:00:16Copy HTML

 I walked past a rather pretty local girl on the beach at San Sebastian de la Gomera, who was wearing a rather conservative bikini. As I did so, out came the iPhone when she saw the back of my Jovana swimstring. Whitebull, asking for a photo with your own camera is a great idea! Wish I'd thought of that.
jn9195 #329

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:10/03/2013 04:57:06Copy HTML

I was in North Miami for a few days around the 20th of September (2013).  It wasn't scorching hot so not very many were out on the beach at 10 AM.  It was warm and a little sunny, but not the perfect day I suppose.  Any day on the beach when it isn't cold is great to me.
I was wearing a Muscleskins thong... 3/8" sides, electric blue to be specific (that means blue with green lightning type of stuff on it).   I was in the water for a swim and came out of the water just before a young lady approached me, she was walking down the beach in her bikini and hat.  I walked up to take some trash to the container at the back edge of the beach.  When I turned back toward my towel, she was standing at the water with her phone out taking pictures of me.  She tried to act like she wasn't taking my picture and just started walking again.  About 30 or 40 minutes later, she was on her return trip and passed right by me as I was shaking the sand out of my towel.  I said Good Morning and she said hello and commented on the nearly empty beach.  we had a few more polite words...  so, I don't know if she was taking pictures to make fun of me or what... 

thong_jock #330

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:10/03/2013 05:50:24Copy HTML

 I see camera phones pointed my way all the time when thonging at the beach. I have no idea if the photographers like what they see and want something to enjoy, or if they are those 'look at the douche in the thong types'. I could care less. Free country and I love wearing skimpy thongs.
JM_Runs #331

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/23/2013 05:16:47Copy HTML

A diligent board member has managed to find some other pictures of me out running on the beach:


His skill of finding pictures is unsurpassed.

Goes to prove my point that almost nobody is taking pictures of our faces.

When I run I often see people with a phone, some who even look like they are getting ready to take a picture. Often when I get closer I see they are just using it as a phone, they are talking into it.  Sometimes I notice the flicks of their fingers, which suggests they are changing their music or just reading their email. It amazes me how many people are sitting on a beautiful beach but their mind is elsewhere in a digital morass.

If they do take a picture I don't care. I just hope I look good and not exhausted!
I am sure a few get some reasonable photos, but not very many. Probably only the people who ask!
SlidingG #332

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/23/2013 05:00:53Copy HTML

Great attitude, JM.  And you do look good, despite the knucklehead comments.  I've been asked a few times, gladly complied, but never saw the results.  Except for Bay-to-Breakers, which I ran in a thong in '09, I haven't found any thong-clad photos of me on the web (probably too old for people to care).  But I wouldn't care if I did -- I'm always decently dressed in a reasonably modest string, minding my own business and enjoying my day.  Bare butts and Florida sunshine go together, we know the score!  Happy to entertain the tourists, just keep your wise ass remarks to yourself.  End of story, thong on!  
pikeman #333

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:11/23/2013 09:20:13Copy HTML

 Recently I did a road-run in a thong. It was a goofy charity-type event and I thought "what-the-hell". The route sounded OK, sort of out-of-they-way. NOT! One side of he loop went down a heavily traveled street. There were some publicity photographers there and one got a pic of me followed by a car with a woman shooting away with her cell camera. I hope she was liking what she saw! Then there was this guy in a gas station who literally ran alongside me going on about wanting a pic for his wife. He got several I think.Pete
JM_Runs #334

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/19/2014 02:02:55Copy HTML

Although the video of me running down the beach that is on Vimeo.com is less than two seconds long it still gets several views every day.
That one copy on Viemo has now been seen about 1,000 times.  Sometimes I wonder if it is all people linking are from this message board or if there are more active links from somewhere else on the web.  If they are mostly all from here then it goes to support the idea that we have far more active readers than posters. Interestingly nobody has posted negative comments.

So much for 2 seconds on the internet. Real life is different. Yesterday I was out on the beach for 3 hours and tomorrow I will be out running again.
bbyrne78 #335

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/15/2014 09:14:32Copy HTML

Instagram is a real game changer. Whenever I am at the beach these days, I always make sure to check the various location hashtags to see if there are some photos of me, not because of vanity (maybe a little) but just out of some morbid curiosity.

Over the last dozen trips to my favourite beach and my local beach, I have seen a marked uptick in not only people hashtagging the location, but tagging photos of various beachgoers. I have featured in the last few, but as many have mentioned throughout this board, camera phones often have crappy results and even my own parents wouldn't be able to identify me or the photos have not been too flattering that if they had just spoken to me, I might have happily posed for a better result.

The one time someone (she was either a professional photographer or serious hobby shooter) asked me, I might have posed for a good 30 minutes (with my SO sniggering all the way). She emailed me for permission to use the photos in her portfolio afterwards and provided me with the highres post processed JPEGs which was really sweet.

NB it continues to amaze me that stupid and unnatural poses look so good in photos.

Love Bren 
JM_Runs #336

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/22/2014 11:45:50Copy HTML

Same very diligent member has found another picture of me on the beach.

I think this is a very recent picture. Taken at around 11am on the clear section of the beach in front of the jet ski rental. Anywhere else and there would have been lots more people at that time on a sunny day, but that section they keep clear so they can launch the jet skis.

I thong very prominently running the length of the beach while smiling and having fun.  Not exactly trying to hide. I will even stop to have my picture taken with a group if they ask nice. Even so, in 98 percent of the pictures I can't be identified, they only want a picture of my bum!

Goes to support the idea that even if someone is on the internet  "LOOKING for men in thongs" and KNOW what the person well enough to know what they look like when in a thong, the probability of being identified is still almost zero, because all they take a picture of is your backside!

If anyone else finds a picture they think might me me, please send me a link. 

Funny thing is, I often have to rely on things like the buildings in the background, the trees, beach furniture, the thong, hat or shoes, or sometimes just the texture of the beach to figure out if it is me or not. There are a lot of similar men who look a lot alike from a distance, from the rear.  I often see pictures where I think, that could be me but I don't own that hat, or there are mountains in the background, so can't be me.

sleazepig2 #337

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 Just jealous mate, if it was a woman, they wouldn't have even bothered looking.
Sybok #338

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 Wow man, you really keep in shape! 
bbyrne78 #339

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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You look great!

Love Bren
JM_Runs #340

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Looking in the mirror this morning, thought "Boy you are looking old!"
I tried smiling. That smoothed out or drew tight the age lines in my face.
Note to self, smile when you meet people so they don't think you are 100.
   Vanity is a bitch.
Grabeach #341

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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They're getting closer!

I had previously noticed I was on Google Earth sunning beside my neighbours pool. Only for the reasons noted could I even tell it was me (see post 08/17/12). Recently however I came across a blog that has stories and photos about Sydney swimming pools. While ploughing through old posts I came across one that had me in two of the photos. Even though the blog was undated, it was midweek at a pool I don't use that often, so I was able to put a date to it. The photos were general ones of the pool taken from about 30 and 50 metres away. If anyone looked closely they could tell my swimwear was minimal, but as I was wearing a straw hat shading my face, identification was impossible. Not that this would have bothered me, I actually commented on the blog that I was in the photos.

I did find it encouraging that the blogger did not make any remark at all about a guy in a g-string. It would not be something you see everyday at a Council run pool. The fact that I did not notice anyone taking photos on that day had me wondering whether they also took some 'not for publication' close-ups as well, or for that matter whether there are a stack of photos of me sitting in private collections.
JM_Runs #342

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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I suspect not.  I think they were just taking general pictures of a pool and you happened to be in them by accident.  Understand that to most people a guy in a thong is not very thrilling. Based on the fact that they did not comment, and did not single you out for an individual photo they probably did not notice at all.
Or maybe they are secret thong supporters. Silently slipping pictures of thongers into the mix of ordinary pictures, where adults won't notice but the next generation of teenage girls might. (The boys won't notice, they long ago discovered internet porn.)
thongersc #343

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 https://twitter.com/justhetruthh/status/447456539063123968 here's a pic someone took of me on the beach. Lol. 
johny_b #344

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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i have never had anyone take my photo while im in a thong bathing suit, but i wouldn't mind if someone did.
AlanMartin #345

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 I know I have been photo'd several times, both without and without my wife and/ or friends.
But found first ever photo of me on Facebook and Instagram. 
https://www.flickr.com/photos/47235711@N00/13626187694/ I am sad to say most of the comments on her facebook page from Brazilians were not positive, especially from girls, though a couple were nice.
pkthong #346

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 @Alan: The photo is not flattering IMHO, but there are only three comments and they all seem positive. Are there other comments that we are not able to see?
 Good on you for thronging with pride, I just wish she could have taken a better pic.
AlanMartin #347

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 pkthong - not a great photo, absolutely agree. Maybe if she had asked, and not just snapped it quickly - she was wearing the most micro of thongs herself - the facebook comments were not so open-minded - google translator had them as "f*** a man in a thong" etc - a couple were OK
JM_Runs #348

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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Most of the people hunting the internet for pictures tagged with "thong" are bored teenage boys.
If you are expecting good complements from that demographic you are fishing in the wrong pond.

Still, I find the comments of today's youth are not that harsh.
Here is another picture of me running that turned up last week.


44 have allready added it to their favorites.

Happy_Thonger #349

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 JM_Runs, I think you have exactly the right attitude to this and that you make very good, very valid points. Its interesting how few images there are on the net of men in thongs on the beach. As you say there may be a few on personal FB pages these days but very little on more open and public sites. Either way I have the same attitude as you - who cares! Take a pic if you want and show it to as meany people as you like. It will just put the idea of doing it in more guys heads and we will hopefully see more people doing what they want and enjoying the freedom of self expression.
RapidBlue #350

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

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 I was at the beach near my house the other day. I was wearing one of my pouch enhancement thongs (dark blue). Two young women decided to set up fairly close. The next thing I saw was both of them pointing their phones at me snapping photos. The woman in a purple bikini couldn't keep her eyes off me. Every time if looked up she was staring strait at me. Then she would grab her phone and take another few pictures. I smiled at them and they buried their heads in their towels. 
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