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JM_Runs #401

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/23/2015 07:35:53Copy HTML

Yes, we saw that one before. We are looking at a dead puffer fish that had washed up on the shore.
This is down between lifeguard towers #4 and #5, where the breach is wide and uncrowded.
Well south of the main spring break crowed, who would be up by lifeguard tower #7, in front of the strip of bars. 
JM_Runs #402

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/19/2015 06:45:53Copy HTML

This one is: https://twitter.com/hayley_shank/status/599732249295224832

Shot last Saturday afternoon.  Probably right Las Olas and A1A. 

Will be interesting to see what the twittersphere makes of this one.

So far it is been rather quiet.  Hope a few of you chime in. 

JM_Runs #403

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/26/2015 02:32:45Copy HTML

I thong very publicly and openly. Instead of just inhabiting one tiny piece of beach, run for miles up and down the beach.
I'm out there in the middle of the day, in the middle of the crowd, and normally running or walking, rather than laying down inconspicuously.
Mine home beach is a very public beach, with lots of camera toting tourists and lots of locals with smart phones. Yet even as I become more confident, - over time less and less pictures and up on the Internet. 

I spent two days of Memorial weekend on the beach. Hundreds of photographs were taken by strangers without asking. And many other people asked. I could not tell you how many groups of women asked to have their photograph taken with me, but it was quite literally dozens, everyday. 

So this morning I used google's image search for "thong lauderdale" and "thong memorial day", and restricted the date range to the last week. You would have thought a few of the hundreds of pictures would have turned up. Not one. 

I guess it is a sign that I am a bit vain, to google to see if pictures have surfaced....  I had wanted one to send to a friend who asked if I had a busy weekend. Even so, still amazed that so many pictures are taken, and virtually none are found. 

Partly this is explained by modern picture usage. When everyone can take a picture, and they cost $0, no one puts any effort into curating, tagging, and posting them on indexed image sites. Most never see the light of day, other than maybe a snap chat to a friend, or a face book post which quickly drops off everyone's feed, as new political posts, pictures of today's brunch, and new pictures of cats continue to roll in.  

Tangapreta #404

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/26/2015 05:56:59Copy HTML

mrhb2008 #405

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/06/2015 12:21:14Copy HTML

 Walking back to my truck in Venice/MDR today, I was wearing a Jovana 4D and noticed a lot of cel fones quickly raise up as I walked past.  But only 2 women intrigued me.  They were having a laugh and quickly taking shots of me walking by.  I made a hard right and walked up above them and just stood there.  As I did this, the blonde was shooting a foto of her friend in a goofy pose making sure I was in the back ground.  I walked up to them and asked if they wanted to really get a good close up.  I guess they were both embarassed because the blonde kept giggling and the other wouldn't look out from under her hat.  They declined even though I told them it would be no problem.  Their loss!!!
hotbunz1969 #406

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/06/2015 06:15:56Copy HTML

 Looking at your profile pictures Don and the way you fill out a suit, especially one like the Jovanna 4D I bet you made a good impression to everyone that saw you. I think I might even have been tempted to click off a shot or two. LOL

Good for you for wear such a suit so openly, the world needs more confident people such as yourself. 
mrhb2008 #407

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/06/2015 02:18:44Copy HTML

 Thanx hotbunz.  I've been wearing them for so long that I don't even think about it.  It is fun to get heads turning & shutters clicking!
mrhb2008 #408

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/09/2015 12:01:09Copy HTML

 So on Sunday I was out in the driveway washing the vehicles in a Skinz Roman and a car past by.  Didn't really give it a lot of thought because a lot of cars drive by, but this one turned around and slowed at my driveway.  I looked up to see a woman taking cel fotos.  1 or 2 max.  Then the driver leaned over and gave me a thumbs up!!!  Too damn funny.  Glad Thongs & G strings are still unusual and that I have the body to get positive reactions!!!
NudeNArizona #409

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/09/2015 12:35:03Copy HTML

 This past weekend while staying at a clothing optional resort I noticed that the only place that they even had a sign posted "No Photography" was inside the pool area, but the funny thing was most people had cell phones with them with nothing covering the camera.  So I asked the management about photography around the resort and they said it is nearly impossible to police it with all of the new tiny camera systems available, and they just tell guest that if you don't want to be photographed then don't go nude in public places, because it is going to happen, but they also said they ask guests to be respectful of others privacy and if the do catch someone sneaking pictures of other guest's they are kicked out immediately.

But I did see to young ladies late 20's early 30's who while trying to leave the resort sneak a few of me nude while walking my dogs as they drove by, then they couldn't figure how to get the gate open to leave, so I walked upto their car and they were immediately embarrassed but I just smiled and told them how to activate the gate and they started apologizing for sneaking the pics as they drove by . I told them I was flattered and that if I didn't want my picture taken I wouldn't walk around nude, but also told them if they wanted a picture of me all they had to do was ask
briankay #410

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/20/2015 01:58:16Copy HTML

A few weeks ago I had the attention of a couple of young women, one fumbling wtih her phone camera. I assumed she took a pic or two. Probably didn't get much due to the distance. I ignored them but in retrospect I think maybe I should have acknowledged the situation and encouraged them to come over an talk.
JM_Runs #411

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/22/2015 05:33:59Copy HTML

 How would you have done that?
Grabeach #412

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/22/2015 10:27:41Copy HTML

I have always assumed that it happened, but the other day well and truly caught one of a pair of late teens taking a photo of me from about 15m away. It was done with an Ipad and no doubt whatsoever. It was an uncrowded beach and I’d turned around in a hurry and took them by surprise. Gave them a friendly wave, which resulted in girlish shrieks and the Ipad immediately being put into a beach bag. I resumed reading my book.

As I was leaving, I wandered over to them and asked the one with the Ipad whether she got any good photos of me. She went red in the face, then became a bit defensive and said no. I said it was a pity as I was interested in what one would actually see at that distance. The other girl at that point seemed to decide that I wasn’t going to bawl them out over it and became quite friendly. We chatted for a while, then I left.

I was quite disappointed that I didn’t get to see the image(s).
briankay #413

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/22/2015 11:01:42Copy HTML

"How would you have done that?"

It happened as I was standing up getting my stuff together to leave. So I think what I should have done is turned to face them, smiled, and struck a pose of some sort. Like setting my disassembled beach umbrella vertcially on the sand and semi leaning on it with one hand, and maybe taking my hat off and holding it in the other. IOW, let them know they were welcome to take a pic. And if they did, then motioning them over. If they didn't, ignore them and go about what I was doing.
ithongit #414

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/23/2015 03:31:56Copy HTML

 I don't really care -- one way or the other.  Randy doesn't either (he tried for years to be a Playgirl Guy Next Door).  But he does object to the idea people are sneaking pictures, so he asks them to send copies of the photos to him and gives them an e-mail address (he puts this on little cards and keeps some with us at all times.)  This is a "junk" email address he uses only for pictures.  

So far, after about 4 years of doing this (and perhaps 50 photographers and 30 sending pictures to him) only about 10 were good photos.  Most you could see "something" but it wasn't even clear that Randy was wearing a thong -- just a body in the distance.  People don't realize that a camera phone needs to be maybe 5 to 7 feet away to get a good full-body shot.  They are okay for selfies and taking pictures of huge vistas, but not too good for snapping thongers on the beach.
thongalactic #415

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/24/2015 11:57:24Copy HTML

As a straight guy, there's few reasons to feel good about catching someone taking my picture. Men do it for voyeuristic reasons; women do it to ridicule you—when she shows it to her friends or uploads it online. A lot of people here are motivated by the attention—good or bad. But that's not me. I'm more about a low-key, chill acceptance from people around me. Being treated like a spectacle is not low-key. Being treated like a spectacle is obviously going to happen given how few men wear thongs. But I don't like it.
briankay #416

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/25/2015 06:55:24Copy HTML

Besides the fact that wearing a thong attracts some usually minor attention, I don't see anyone in my area acting to attract attention. Concerning the board, I don't read much of that either. Most of the exhibitionists who used to post here are gone.

People take pictures because they want a visual record of a memory. No one except that person can say what kind of memory it is. Its not necessarily the negative side of spectacle.

Also, I don't know what being a straight male has to do with this. It seems your concerns could be mentioned by a person of any orientation.
thongalactic #417

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/26/2015 12:40:16Copy HTML

1. Exhibitionism: On the contrary, this board is strongly exhibitionist. I've written about how it's become a "dickboard" as opposed to a "thongboard." We'll agree to disagree.

2. Correct, briankay, we can't read minds. At any rate, there is a strong possibility that the girl takes the picture to ridicule the person. I'd say this is the most common reason. Why? We are subverting a gender norm: thongs are generally not considered acceptable swimwear on men. Online and in other media, far more people ridicule male thong wearers than support us. So the assumption is reasonable. 

3. Sexual orientation: I imagine I'd be flattered if a woman took my photo because she found me attractive. So, I wouldn't mind having my picture taken in that context. But, again, see point 2. It's not likely. So, personally, I lack a reason to feel good about catching someone taking my picture.
briankay #418

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/26/2015 05:36:43Copy HTML

There is exhibitionism here, I'm just saying its less than in the past. Several of us have talked down people pushing the limits on suits.

I don't let other people's views of me affect how I feel about myself. There are few people who don't laugh at or express disdain for people they don't know based on superficial observations.

You mention feeling flattered is a woman took a pic of you because she thought you were attractive. How about a man doing the same thing? My view? A compliment is a compliment. The origin doens't matter.

Besides, if there are 100 people nearby, one takes a pic, and one giggles, well, so what? 98 people are OK with the situation. That makes the pic taker and the giggler the weirdos, not me.
JM_Runs #419

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/26/2015 03:43:04Copy HTML

The picture-taking kind of depends on the circumstances.  I don't have much problem with people who either (a) politely ask, or (b) take photos discretely and without loud commentary.  Those people are making a memory as briankay says.  As long as (a) and (b) are met, I don't care who takes the photos.  I have a much lower tolerance for people who make it obvious, take dozens of photos, and add loud commentary.  Those people are doing it to ridicule me/us.  That is rude no matter what the subject is wearing.
JM_Runs #420

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/26/2015 05:06:12Copy HTML

 In reply to the comment that "As a straight guy, there's few reasons to feel good about catching someone taking my picture. Men do it for voyeuristic reasons; women do it to ridicule you"

That seems like a rather persecuted world view.  I am a straight guy too - But I don't think that has anything to do with why people take pictures, they don't know if I am gay or straight.  

I think most women take pictures because they like what they see, and sometimes even share the picture with their friends to say "See what you are missing." 

Most men don't take pictures for voyeuristic reasons.  Most men are straight, not interested from a sexual point of view, and would be mortified if their friends thought they were taking pictures of guys for voyeuristic reasons - And most gay men have learned to be rather discreet. 

I think people take pictures because they like what they see, or it's something that makes them smile, or for some reason it gives them delight. A tremendous number of the people who come up and ask to take my picture complement me on my swimsuit, or my courage.  The women often say they like what they see. The guys often ask where they can get one, or what happens if I get an errection, or just "Can I have a photo with you" with a big friendly smile on their face. 

Last night I was in the bicycle bar, after the monthly CM ride, and one of the very pretty young women said, "I think I know you from the beach. I wanted to come and talk to you but I did not know you." Now we have met I expect she will say HI next time she sees me on the beach. She is Russian, so the protocols are a little different.  

Most people are kind and not out to make fun of you.  I enjoy people seeing that thongs are normal on the beach, and I don't mind them taking photos if they find that an interesting fact that men some wear thongs in Fort Lauderdale. I like it when people come up and ask to have a photo taken with me, and can't count the hundreds of people who have. I think most are not at all malicious. 
SlidingG #421

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/27/2015 01:53:46Copy HTML

Can't think of a better person than you, JM, to promote a positive image of thong wearers, both one's self-image and their public image.  After all, a positive self-image goes a long way to encouraging a positive public image, where people see and admire your healthy interactions with all kinds of folks, both themselves and others.  I.e., an upbeat thong ambassador, spreading the message we're normal, and we're nice, even if our swimwear choice is a bit unique.  If being a willing photo model helps that effort, I'm for it, and won't hesitate to follow your example.   
thongalactic #422

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/27/2015 06:33:32Copy HTML

1. So, how do you explain the difference between (1) women in general and (2) women who take pictures (of men in thongs)? We all know women generally find men in thongs unattractive. What makes the picture-taking group so much more accepting? How are they any different? It's wishful thinking on your part. And not realistic.

2. Some of your examples: I can't really speak to your experiences—you're the judge on that; not me. But the way you describe "'Can I have a photo with you' with a big friendly smile on their face." I mean, it sounds like they think you're a joke. They may "like" what they see, but their enjoyment is probably *at* your expense. It doesn't have to be malicious—it can be merely jokey. To be honest, you sound basically okay with that. I'm not a psychologist, but I think you and others here are perhaps blinded to this: you all seem to enjoy the attention either way. That's not me.

3. No one should tell another person what they should feel. Sorry guys, I'm pretty indifferent when a guy photographs me. It doesn't do much for me. YMMV. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
bmicro #423

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/27/2015 12:44:38Copy HTML

 If you don’t like having your picture taken or even just attracting attention, you shouldn’t appear in public wearing something unusual.This can be a thong on the beach or the bright red pants, bright blue shirt and a white jacket that I saw on a guy at an art exhibit last week.

I have not found any reliable evidence to support the statement that “women generally don’t find men in thongs attractive”. Additionally,I really don’t care about “women in general”. The only one whose opinion really matters to me is my wife, who likes me in thongs.

Perhaps the issue here is the demographic differences in the women and men who frequent South Florida beaches and those who frequent some other beaches and stimulate a fear of being laughed at. I suspect, however, that it is a difference in outlook. If someone tells me that they like what they see or compliments me on my choice of swimwear, I will take it at face value. Life is much more enjoyable that way.
JSJax #424

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/27/2015 08:49:34Copy HTML

As always, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.  This is overly generalized, but it seems to me like people willing to approach and initiate a conversation in order to get a picture are more likely to be appreciative/interested, or at least just looking to “capture a moment” without being judgmental.   Those who sneak pics from the sidelines seem more likely to be mocking the subject than those who approach, this may be the most common motivator but I’m sure it’s not the only one.  I’ve experienced the latter but not the former and it legitimately doesn’t bother me, it’s already been mentioned that it comes with the territory.  Whatever the motivation is I say go ahead and take your picture if that’s what you want to do, I’m not looking to change anyone’s mind on the subject and I’m certainly not going to spoil my afternoon by being confrontational.
In related news: the amateur photogs were out in force at Jax yesterday; I counted no less than four groups sneaking pictures on a relatively uncrowded section of the beach.  Most will “sneak up” behind me while I’m face-down with headphones in... I wonder how many think they’re getting away with it without me realizing?  One woman was much bolder, following closely behind me on my way to the water (Jax is known for its long walks from sand to ocean), snapping away the whole time.  I spun around once she was ankle-deep; hysterical to watch her fumble with her phone trying to disguise the fact that she was taking pictures. :)
briankay #425

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/28/2015 02:26:49Copy HTML

Nice story JSJax. Especially the spin around part.
thongalactic #426

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/28/2015 02:30:29Copy HTML

—Statistical evidence of general attitudes about thongs on men: I’m not sure there is any. So we can’t satisfy that burden-of-proof. At any rate, we can still make reasonable arguments from the evidence we do have. Things like AskWomen subreddit threads: http://bit.ly/1LWegi5, http://bit.ly/1iDEhLL, http://bit.ly/1MzoVC3. Or the absence of positive depictions in the media. No, this kind of evidence is not dispositive. But it would be illogical to disregard it.

—“If you don’t like having your picture taken or even just attracting attention, you shouldn’t appear in public wearing something unusual.” First, this is all-or-nothing, binary, black-and-white thinking. There are obviously different levels of negative attention on different beaches. Most accepting is a place like Gunnison. Least accepting is a super-crowded Jersey beach or two on a holiday. Most of us consider the level of negative attention we might receive when deciding where to wear a thong. So, your advice is not realistic. Second, even if there’s always an element of attracting attention, we don’t have to *like it;* we merely just have to accept it. I personally may not like having my picture taken, but I accept that it will happen.
tiggerix #427

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/28/2015 11:10:04Copy HTML

I guess if I am comfortable with what I am wearing on a public beach then I don't mind being photographed - I just hope they get the best side.  I have had people laugh or snigger and that seems to annoy my 'other half' more than me and is always something to take into account.  If she isn't happy then I am not going to be happy.

As for generalizations, I think it is true that most women (US, Aus and Western Europe) don't find thongs on men attractive.  Indications are that Eastern European may do.  That can change if the guy is in good shape and can "pull it off" (another topic!), or is elderly and women are not seeing a potential mating partner.

Pop psychology for the day?

NudeNArizona #428

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/29/2015 01:25:10Copy HTML

 I have always had the attitude that if you don't want your picture taken don't go out in public. I know most people will be courteous but there will always be voyeurs, and as technology progresses so will voyeurs.  I have noticed lately that even at nudist resorts the only place where you cannot have a camera is in the pool area, because they know they cannot control every phone on the property.
mack_back #429

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/29/2015 04:57:10Copy HTML

No offence but when someone believes the statement "if you don't want your picture taken don't go out in public" ridiculous. Sort of the same analogy some make of attractive woman wearing provocative clothing saying to her, expect to get sexual assaulted wearing this or that.
 Neither make sense nor do i believe are correct or justified. We expect to live our lives not harassing others in blatant ways of electronic recording devices at public and private property.

Only when person constantly videoing your every actions using some out of context circumstances as fuel to undermine someone's character.Find it impossible and nuisance that photographer does so just to intimidate another who understands the bigger picture reasoning why they are being recorded.  Often the photographer uses excuse to protect themselves and making others look uncharacteristic in their behaviour.
 Only avoiding the result of being recorded is to constantly flee from the photographer as your doing something wrong. Know someone who gets this treatment every time says a word or is in camera shot everything is being recorded. This is know way for person to be living their life constantly on edge worried they maybe used against them in some twisted flip manner resulting in loss and anguish. 
Hate  for the person who records someone only to intimidate only because they have contempt for them. Sad that it happens to famous people but that goes with the territory but ordinary single mom is uncalled for. 
briankay #430

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/29/2015 05:49:29Copy HTML

The comparison between taking a photo of someone in a thong and sexual assault is ludicrious. Besides, I doubt there is much if any correlation between revealing clothes and sexual assault. Anecdotal evidence suggests there is a strong connection between sexual assault and alcohol consumption, the perpetrator and victim knowing each other, and probably other things.

One person might like to have a photo of someone in a thong. The next person might like to have a photo of someone on a stand up paddle board. Or someone building an elaborate sand sculpture.

Grabeach #431

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/29/2015 10:08:06Copy HTML

A piece of advice given to me as a mid teen relating to general behaviour in public, was that if you had a problem with your name or a photo of yourself doing something appearing in the local newspaper, then you shouldn't be behaving in that manner. In effect, I was being told to let my own 'moral compass' be my guide. As adults we sub-consciously make a similar decision every time we step out in public. Wearing a thong at a beach or pool, means many of us will give it more active consideration.

A bit more complicated these days as there are obviously a lot more photo taking devices and publication is more likely to be somewhere on the web than in print. On the plus side there is also more tolerance of non-conformance behaviour in general. Maybe those who are undecided as to whether they should thong at any given location should compile a risk assessment matrix. On one axis list a range of likelihoods of a photo being taken and appearing somewhere on the web and on the other axis a range of consequences to you if it gets wide circulation. In one corner you end up with situations unlikely to occur and doesn't matter if it does, and in the opposite corner those that odds on will be recorded and are a real disaster for you if anyone found out.
underwater #432

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/30/2015 02:55:21Copy HTML

We just returned from a 5 week trip to St Martin during which I wore a g string most of the time other than my time at Orient beach. One day at the resort pool, I was getting in the water and my wife saw a mid 20's woman taking my picture with her phone. My wife said she would get a better picture if I were to pose for her and asked if she would like me to. She said yes and I got out of the pool and posed for several shots of me from several angles. BTW I'm 68 years old and don't care what others think about my choice of swimwear.
mrhb2008 #433

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/28/2016 10:23:35Copy HTML

 Here's a twist.  I was at MDR at the Ketch Tower on Friday wearing my new Jovana 4D.  Beach was pretty empty.  About 15 minutes after being there I noticed a man and a woman shooting photos north of me.  He was wearing black workout tights and she was getting close ups of his butt, front etc.  He then stripped down to a speedo styled suit for new shots.  After that he changed into a yellow bulge thong all the while she was shooting close ups of his package and butt.  I got curious and walked up the beach to have look.  Coming from the opposite direction were 2 teenaged boys who were very interested in the photo shoot and made a few comments.  In order to get him more aroused, she was rubbing her butt up against his package.  Can't say that I was offended by this, in fact I was hoping they would ask me to participate.  If the guy on the beach is member on this board, P.M. me.  I'd like to have yr photographer take some photos of me as well.  Mahalo!
Chrish217 #434

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:03/11/2016 06:42:05Copy HTML

 I take it as a compliment.  If I catch a gal snapping a pic and we may eye contact, I usually give her a big grin, sometimes a pose.
Last August, I was taking a morning walk in a tiny bikini that has slides in front and back.  I got warm and took a quick dip and when I came out there were a pair of gorgeous twins in matching small bikinis checking me out.I said good morning, and they said sorry for staring but we love your suit and your confidence!  They also said I was the finest thing they had seen on the beach that day (it was still pretty early in the day! Lol)
They both wanted pics with me and for one pic I turned to show my butt and slid my suit together in the back to thong width.  They ate it up! One turned around to show her butt too and scrunched her bikini into a thong for the last pic.They asked for me to come back to their place but since I am happily married, I thanked them for the compliment but politely declined.They were ok with that and told me what a lucky wife I have. They made my day. :)
tobias5711 #435

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/07/2016 08:48:43Copy HTML

 First pictures of me taken this season.  I was out at Lake Lanier today for 3 hours. I stood up to take a short walk and noticed a boat not far from the cove I  usually go to. The driver of the boat noticed me and started taking pictures. I didn't mind or think much of it because it happens all the time. I had to check my phone and when I looked up the boat had come very close to me so they all could get a better look. There were 3 college age guys and a girl. The guy who took the pictures started waving hello so I waved back. and continued my walk. They hung around until they got a good view of my ass also then waved and took off. I  was hoping they would have pulled into the cove so we could talk.  Maybe next time.
32189 #436

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/08/2016 02:00:06Copy HTML

I don't know about others on this board but I do not mind when people take my picture.  I really like it actually; it's kind of flattering to me.  Even though they are probably taking it to mock me or laugh with their friends.  I don't worry about that, I just like having my pic taken in my swimsuits.  
Yogaone #437

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/08/2016 04:10:59Copy HTML

 I agree with 32189-- If I was concerned about being photographed I would be uneasy about wearing minimal swimwear.
nz_thong #438

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/08/2016 07:57:33Copy HTML

I have caught people snapping a quick pic of me quite a lot, I'm guessing most of the photos are terrible blurs as they are taken is haste.  I have only found a few results online, no nasty comments.
Young women seem to be the boldest, some will just stand directly in front of me and point the camera, well if you find me that interesting I hope you enjoy the picture.  One young lady stood on the beach pointing her phone at me and following my movements with it, obviously taking a video, so I said "hi ya" and smiled, then just carried on about my business.
Recently, I took an early morning jog to a beautiful beach and tourist hot spot.  It was an absolutely gorgeous morning, clear sky and warm.  Right on sunrise, I arrived at the beach and it was bathed in that first golden light of the day.  I was confident I had the place to myself for a little while as I had run into the overnight cobwebs that appear across the walking track.  Nor were there any overnight campers on the beach or even fresh footprints.  I stripped down to a very minimal fluoro g-string and proceeded to explore the beach and enjoy the beauty of the place, I also had my camera with me.
I explored the beach, snapping photos, happy to have the place to myself and loving the sun.  I passed through a rock formation that split the beach in two, still no footprints on the sand, I had the world to myself, or so I thought.
Walking along the second half of the beach, about halfway along woman with a big camera and tripod appeared out of the bushes, she had been there very early to capture the sunrise on camera.  She spotted me, grabbed her camera off the tripod and snapped a pic of me.  Oh well, I'm caught...might as well just carry on and enjoy my morning.  I walked to the end of the beach, gave her plenty of space so I didn't interrupt her photography and took some photos of my own.  I noticed her camera was pointed at me several times.
I walked back along the beach, she had now positioned herself by the central rock formation that split the beach, I had no option but to walk toward her and her camera.  I walked past, said a friendly good morning and walked through the formation, stopping to take a couple of pictures looking back towards the beach.
Back on the first half of the beach, I was capturing a few more shots with my camera, then I hear her say "Excuse me" from behind.  I turn around, expecting a request to move aside so she can take a photo of the scenery or something.  However, she said "Hi, I was taking some photos when I noticed you walking through the gap,  I took a photo that I think will turn out really well, would you like a copy?"  "Sure!" I said, "may I see it now?" and she showed me her camera and a photo of me from behind, when I was walking back to the first half of the beach.  It is a great shot with the morning light etc,.
We chatted there for a while, she was a professional photographer and had arrived really early to set up before sunrise, I apologised if I had ruined any shots, she said that I hadn't  We exchanged email adresses so she could send me a copy of the photo.  While we were chatting, tourists had started to arrive, there I was, standing there in a minimal fluoro g-string having a friendly chat with an attractive female photographer who was comfortable with me that way.
More people arrived as we talked, they would stare at me and her, probably wondering if they had walked into a photo shoot or something.  I was loving every second of it, beautiful morning at a beautiful place, wearing what I wanted having a friendly chat with an attractive woman in front of everyone without a care in the world.  Before we parted, I handed her my camera and asked if she wouldn't mind snapping a pic of me, she agreed.
She has sent me a copy of the photo she showed me,  she has asked if she could sell the image on her website and she would keep me anonymous.  I haven't decided yet if I want this.
She has only shown me the one photo, however I know she took a lot more of me.  Perhaps they didn't turn out, perhaps she just kept them as a nice momento of that morning.
If you wear daring swimwear, expect someone to point a camera at you, just don't expect every instance to be good or bad, just enjoy yourself.

SlidingG #439

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/09/2016 06:16:47Copy HTML

Excellent report, nz-thong.  You're an exhibitionist in the best sense of the word -- exhibiting self-confidence with a casual air of nonchalance.  Which is what I try to do.  You spent the morning the way I often do here in sunny southwest Florida, wearing what I like and unconcerned who may see or what they may think.  Generally a Speedo thong, before daybreak with my mug of java, watching the clouds turn pink over the Gulf as the sun rises in the east, greeting the birds as they arrive, the turtle patrol, too, then taking a long swim (often with the dolphins) and strolling back.  All this at the foot of my street, a 5-minute bicycle ride away.  Life is good.

Photos?  Who knows, who cares.
32189 #440

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/14/2016 03:54:23Copy HTML

I found one photo on twitter that someone had taken of me.  The comments were basically neutral; no negative comments, no positive comments.  As far as picture taking goes, as JM has said many times, photos taken will get lost in the barrage of photos taken and posted online.  There are 1000s or probably 100s of thousands of posted taken each day and posted.  A pic that someone takes of me in a thong will be quickly buried in the vast sea of pictures posted.   
NudeNArizona #441

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:05/27/2016 10:34:45Copy HTML

 When I lived in Hawaii I would see all sorts of people walking the beach with camera's and I just got immune to the fact that if I wanted to wear a G-string I would more than likely be the subject of someone's holiday photo's! 
Yogaone #442

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:06/03/2016 12:32:40Copy HTML

 I actually think it would be cool to pose for pictures in minimal swimwear,  I put a blog post up to see if anyone wants a willing "model" in my area.Yogaone
thong1 #443

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/10/2016 06:18:43Copy HTML

 When I was walking from the dive centre in Marina Veruda, to the showers, wearing just my Brigitewear Le Mans tanga thong, I went past the cafe bar there, which was quite busy. I heard three shutters snap for sure, and presumably there were several more. I was too far away to remonstrate, but took it in my stride. As ever, one expects that it will happen, when one is wearing revealing or unconventional swimwear, but it is out of line in my view to take pictures of someone in a state of undress without their permission. Although I expect it, I certainly don't do it myself!
mack_back #444

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/11/2016 06:31:23Copy HTML

Was standing in the shallows eating a snack. Woman in her early 30's with friends began to video me on her phone. Being on  a c/o beach wearing only my rings and comet dubio extreme g-string i noticed her pointing her phone at me from 20 feet away while her friends stepped aside. While i knew she was unmistakably videoing me i stood oblivious or so they all thought giggling at what their friend was getting away of doing. As i turned away walking along the shallows knee deep the woman was videoing her male friend or so it made it look. While i stood behind the male only couple feet to a foot away the woman on her phone began to shoot me in the background rather her friend babbling as a rouse. I started circling around the male entirely  like a shark for the fun of it. Yet the female pointing the phone was synchronized with my moves getting me in the shot, so obvious moving along side the male making sure i was always in the line of sight of her camera lens. So i smiled leaning in for the kill telling her, do i look good in the shot" trying to peek on her phone. She held it close to her chest covering up saying, "well hello", to you to". I nodded chuckling, thinking to myself okay she is denying the obvious videoing me entirely nude in the water for awhile. So we all three started conversation  about various things but they both told me i had nice body curious on how i achieved such an accomplishment. 
Didn't mention about the phone videoing seeing the female and her friends were clearly very pleased at what they were observing in front of their eyes. As i talked for hour with the phone shooting video woman i noticed a very attractive nude redhead model observing me on shore. We caught each other eye showing interest with each other while strolling the beach earlier in the afternoon, while she was with another male. She was waiting alone for me to finish the chat with the woman i caught videoing me as i shifted my eyes from one woman to her. While the conversation grew longer the hot redhead suddenly disappeared my only regret not cutting the conversation short with the pervy filming video phone female. As i concluded my chat with her i added, "enjoy the video" with a chuckle. She acted dumb hurrying off saying, what video...

beachlion #445

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/11/2016 08:43:00Copy HTML

 Yesterday, I was riding with the PNBR, the Philly Naked Bike Ride. I wore a neon green thong and I'm sure somebody took a picture of me. ;) I already found three videos with me in it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J36dgbxzKL4&ab_channel=ReginaMorozova  At 12:30 in the back with a black cap and a blue bike.
JSJax #446

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:09/13/2016 12:55:45Copy HTML

 Had a good experience at the beach today... an older couple (70s) set up not too far from me late in the afternoon.  The woman had her chair pointed toward me and noticed when I rolled onto my stomach, let out a loud "WOW" and gave a big smile and two thumbs up when I looked over. I went back to my business of doing nothing and noticed her taking tons of pictures and apprently texting them out... after a few minutes her male companion stripped to a Speedo (explains a lot) and went for a swim; I was in the mood to be social so I walked over, thanked her for the compliment and asked to see the pictures.  She admitted she was sending them out to her friends, but they were taken from way too far away to make anything out so I moved my setup over and let her take some close-ups.  She was nice enough to take a few with my phone as well, one of which has been uploaded to my aimoo profile.  We spent a half-hour or so making small talk and I left feeling like a million bucks.
nz_thong #447

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:01/30/2017 10:15:33Copy HTML

 I've just spent several weeks at the beach house.  So many people taking my picture I lost count, most of them young women with no negative comments so it doesn't bother me.
What did bother a bit me was very young girls with phone walking right up and taking photos, seemingly endorsed by their parents.  I just carried on about my business, I'm the one not breaking laws, they are.  One appeared to be sent back several times by the mother, the girl ended up walking circles around me snapping pictures while the mother watched.  Not cool to get your kids to do your dirty work.
visa0061 #448

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:01/30/2017 03:51:28Copy HTML

 I think the line of whats right/acceptable, realistic, and what each gender is willing to accept is very thin. In the age of camera phones so much is fair game. Before they existed, seeing a guy with a big bulky digital camera was pretty obvious. Now people hide it as something else. "Oh I was texting my friend" "Oh I was taking a panorama photo" etc.

My GF recently got into topfree. She is very attractive and has very large fake breasts. Recently in Miami she went topless around 15-16th. She asked well what if someone takes her picture? I said if it's blatant I will confront the person.

She was laying out topless in her micro G next to me on our beach loungers. Some kid was taking what appeared to be a panorama photo/video of our area. Nothing I can do. Was my GF (and I) in the picture? Probably. Was he taking a photo specifically of us? No. Did he want my GF with her boobs out in his picture? 100%.

Confronting the guy would have probably ended in an argument that would have accomplished nothing. I'm not really the guy you'd want to argue with either. Still, I know when to pick my battles. It's a Catch 22. She wants to feel free and sexy for me but doesn't want pics taken. Kind of a tough thing.

My observation is most men don't seem to care about being photographed. I wear euro small shorts (no thongs/bikinis) and I've caught women taking pics. I have a pretty fit/ripped body so I am assuming that's why. I don't personally care. Most men on here don't seem to care either.

Women, not so much. Not that I can really blame them. They spend most of their lives being catcalled and hassled. Us men seem to like the attention haha.

The only solution to the problem is make thongs the norm. People take pics now because it's all "OH WOW LOOK AT THAT CHICK'S OR GUY'S BUTT!!!" If it becomes common place, the novelty will wear off and people will be less inclined to snap photos. For women it's a lot better. At our home in NY/NJ, cheeky bikinis are the norm and thongs for women aren't too uncommon. Men, well, that's a long way off. 
modelnude4u #449

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/24/2017 03:06:42Copy HTML

 I've always wanted to be the subject in the pictures of others, so when I wear my thong in public, I'm hoping someone will see me, and see it as something they want to keep a memory of!  I only posed for a few this last trip to Miami, but I'm sure I had many more taken without my knowledge.  I put a lot of miles of walking in, with very little clothing!
Mary0826 #450

Re:Being photographed - catching someone taking pictures - photos

Date Posted:02/24/2017 07:30:36Copy HTML

 Last summer, my work took me all over the US and I went to local parks and beaches and swam in many motel and hotel pools.  The whole summer, I was ask four times by someone if they could take my picture, twice at the beach near my home, once at a beach in Florida, and once at a hotel pool.  I am sure that many more pictures were taken, and in most cases it was very obvious.  I really don't mind because I have a philosophy that if I go to a public place, like a public park or beach, that I loose my rights to control others taking my picture.  At my local beach and the one in Florida, I was topfree as well as wearing some pretty tiny thongs.  At the hotel pool, I did have a top on, but it was just a wet t-shirt.  The people who ask in Florida and at the hotel both had foreign accents, the one in FLA was from Quebec, and the other one was speaking either German or some similar language.  At the local beach, one person was male, and the other female and both were probably in High School.  The female told me she wanted a picture to prove to her parents that women did go topfree, and she took a lot of time aligning the picture so the location was obvious.  She said she wanted to go topfree and her boyfriend wanted her to do that too, but her parents wouldn't let her go topless unless she could prove to them that other women did the same.  A couple of months later, I ran into her again, and this time she too went topfree and her boyfriend and her joined me (he wore some tiny Speedo like things.)  I don't know if she would have ask unless she wanted me to stand up and move around a bit to take her picture with identifiable lakeshore and boat docking area in view.  The foreigners were just being polite, I suspect.  The male also took a lot of time getting the shots lined up and took about a dozen in all. I moved into several positions for him. He said he was going to put the best ones in his photo portfolio and wanted to go to Ohio State and study Photography. He was very pleasant and I hope he got in and that I had somehow helped.

The other hundred or so people with various types of cameras did all types of things. Some were sneaky, and tried to act like they were taking pictures of seagulls or whatever. Several times, I had father type men with small kids, and they would set up near men and as the kids played in or near the water, the men would take pictures, but I always was in the foreground and just a tiny tilt of the camera away from being the true subject of his picture taking. Why would people do this? Use their children (or kids they were entrusted to take care of) in a sneaky way to take pictures of women? I can't believe I was the first time they did this. The most creative sneaky way was this guy who had some sort of a bull dog or something like that with a sort of smashed in face.  Anyway, the dog played Frisbee and was going out in the water to get the toy, and was very well behaved.  Sometimes the dog would run around the other people on the beach with the Frisbee in his mouth and then go back to the man.  This went on for fifteen or twenty minutes and after sitting up and watching for a while, I laid back down and got back to my reading. The dog was passing me when I heard the man whistle, sort of a two-tone whistle like they use in old war movies when people go on a Navy boat.  Anyway, the dog was real near me and when he whistled, the dog did the fastest turn-around I have ever seen and comes over to me and drops the Frisbee right next to me then sits there. The man comes over and apologized and said the dog just wanted to play with me, and if I wanted I could throw the Frisbee for the dog for a while. I have my own dog, who I could not travel with and missed playing with my dog and so I accepted and stood up and played with the dog for a while.  As I played I glanced back at the man and he is taking pictures of me playing with the dog and when I caught him he said he was just taking pictures of the dogs new friend (me) because he warmed up to me so quickly. Later, when I got back home, I told my husband about what happened and he said the guy must have trained the dog to do this, and the funny whistle I heard with his command to go to the nearest person (or maybe nearest woman) to 'invite' them to play, then he would use the dog's supposed affection as a way to get near the woman he picked out and talk to her, get her picture, or whatever.  Even with a smart dog, I think this would have taken a lot of work to train.
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