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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:02/02/2019 01:24:48Copy HTML

How comes people have stronger opinions about wearing a thong when you got a bit of a belly? I like to wear thong underwear and swimwear but at 5’7” and 190lbs I have a bit of a belly. My belly is clearly above any swimsuit and is just as visible if I wear board shorts or trunks, but somehow a thong is not ok?

I was just wondering how you guys see that. 

JM_Runs #1


Date Posted:02/02/2019 04:30:02Copy HTML

Weight is not a good indicator of fitness or strength, you could be 190 and really ripped, but I suspect not, since you are worried about your belly. Unfortunately a belly over the top of a thong or shorts is not a good look. 

I don't know your age, but if you want to change your body shape try joining the Facebook group for Pathetic Triathlets. You will see some inspring people who decided to change, and some normall people just strugging.

Other than that, you need to develop a thick skin and just ignore other peoples issues. Just be who you are.  If they don't like the look that is their problem. What ever your shape, confidence is sexy and contagious. 

Grabeach #2


Date Posted:02/02/2019 09:30:14Copy HTML

wellfed; If you're a guy wearing a thong you're going to attract more attention simply because it's rare. People will therefore notice if you have a belly, tatoos, pale skin, advanced age etc. It's the same for a woman who's topless at a beach or pool where women rarely go topless. Add to this that people have been conditioned to expect those wearing skimpy swimwear to conform to society's idea of what is physically attractive. If you have the same belly and are wearing board shorts (or even Speedos at an Austalian Olympic pool) no one will notice. Every individual has to weigh up the pluses and minuses as it affects them when deciding what to wear.

32189 #3


Date Posted:02/03/2019 03:27:27Copy HTML

Well said Grabeach!
Napoleon44 #4


Date Posted:02/03/2019 04:04:45Copy HTML

Although I don’t have belly I think a thong looks fine on that build . I think most of us would want to be “perfect” specimens but so what if we are not . For what it’s worth if anything a thing to my mind looks possibly less good on a skinny beanpole type build but that’s not to say they shouldn’t wear thongs . Also women friends of mine do surprise me by what they find attractive in guys . Lots seem to like really chunky and over chunky builds ! Let’s encourage all body types to wear . Good luck to all .
mack_back #5


Date Posted:02/05/2019 12:17:48Copy HTML

People are getting larger, woman crave males to look brawnier having masculine brick shape maybe so they in comparison look smaller. When donning a thong it's often associated with accentuating ones shape. If females find brick shaped male attractive then wearing a thong is counterproductive.  Add to the fact many find thongs erotic piece of clothing, lingerie having a male viewed in public often is seen amusing or exhibitionist. Not everyone has perfect physique and a lot of criticism follows when one tends to show more skin. Only time thonging for male becomes after thought or attracts less attention is when you spread around that 190LBS leaving the weight hanging between your legs. In most cases none will notice your wearing a thong only amazed upon your big bulge. Only then people will understand why your wearing a thong to show off. 

SkimpyBather #6


Date Posted:02/06/2019 03:51:50Copy HTML

And then there a few of us guys with extra pounds who wear skimpy swimwear on fairly secluded beaches who just don't care what anyone thinks -- because we'd rather be laying out naked! Disclosure: I don't wear thongs much but I do have a lot of pouch bikinis from Skinzwear and N2N. And, hey, I'm working at the gym most days to improve the look too.
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