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There is a small town in the panhandle of West Virginia called Berkeley Hot Springs.  They do have a springs, but it is more a warm springs than a hot springs.  There is a State Park right in the center of town at the springs.  They also have a public swimiing pool (no thongs permitted) adjacent to the springs.  Down the road is another State Park "Cacapon State Park" that has a summer swimming lake with food stand and life guards.  Technically No Thongs, but the management, mostly college aged people, either don't care or don't know the rules.

The big thing at the park in town is a building with "Roman Baths".  These are opened most daylight hours, and sometimes even longer.  You rent a room with a huge spa or hot-tub llike pool about 3-4 feet deep and maybe 15 by 8 feet in size.  Mixed groups of men and women can use the Roman baths since they permit such use.  You rent the Roman Bath for anyplace from 30 minutes to hours -- by the half hour.  They will fill the pool with hot spring water (additionally heated) and bring you pitchers of ice-cold drinking water.  You can wear whatever you want.  Each tub is emptied, cleaned and disinfected before it is re-used.  While they tend to let the water gardually cool as you are there, you can ask them to warm it up a bit.  They do have some maximum they will go to.

While not specifically a thonging place, and not quite a traditional hot-springs, the place is a nice stop to and from the Baltimore/Washington area to the west.  It is about 2-hours from either place.  I always try to stop here when I am in the area, and in the winter it is a really nice break from te cold, ice, and snow.  Reservations are not required, but if you don't have one, you might not be able to get a room/roman bath since they are quite popular.  Reservations are accepted well in advance, but usually you can get in with a week or so notice.

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