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Date Posted:07/23/2003 01:13:13Copy HTML

Does anyone have any input on whether bermuda or any beaches there are micro-wear friendly? I assume bikinis are ok for men, but can ladies wear thongs or Gs there...? thinking of romantic vacation and bermuda comes up...if the beach scene can be sexy.
Slinggirl #1


Date Posted:07/26/2003 07:25:49Copy HTML

Bermuda is about the most conservative, wonderfully stuck up island in the Atlantic. If you go there for sexy , uninhibitted beaches, you will be very dissapointed. If you want beautiful beaches and a very Brittish good time, you will love it. Don't forget to pack a blazer because most restaurants require them for men in the evening.
Rover109 #2


Date Posted:07/27/2003 10:10:49Copy HTML

Bermuda is also cooler than you might think, also. We were there in May, which I admit is still early, but it was much too cool to go in the water. Ah, but the water was the nicest I've ever seen. But I loved Bermuda anyway, It was small enough to be digestible. And anyway, I'm finding hot weather harder to take. But who ever retires and moves north?

kgagne #3


Date Posted:08/12/2004 03:31:13Copy HTML

I have family that lives in Bermuda and have been there several times.  Once in a shop in Hamilton I saw a man;s thong swimsuit and the gal there told me that they were not legal on the public beaches.  I imagine that if someone does take offence and bobby shows up they will just warn you.  Now if you are able to go out on boat where what you like just be careful of the portguese man of wars.
gulfscuba #4


Date Posted:12/15/2004 11:44:42Copy HTML

For more info check out this link,


Bermuda is another one of those places that I have put on my "do not visit" list. No bare feet or chests in public? Are they f****ng kidding?

kgagne #5


Date Posted:01/02/2007 03:40:28Copy HTML

Slidding g what hotel did you stay at in Bermuda?  At the public beaches thongs are not permitted in Bermuda.
shs92645 #6


Date Posted:01/03/2007 05:52:43Copy HTML

I have seen an occasional thong on Bermuda beaches over the years, although certainly not numerous.  We even did a quick skinny-dip in one of the private little coves past the end of Horseshoe Bay...I think that the island of Bermuda, like everywhere else, has changed and is less formal than it used to be.  While it still reflects the British culture, it is not stuffy like years ago.  I know you go there often...I'm sure someone will let you know if there is a problem, but I wouldn't count on anyone being bothered.
kgagne #7


Date Posted:01/05/2007 01:38:38Copy HTML

I have family that lives in Bermuda and have been there several times.  In 1989 I found a shop that sould thongs and the lady at the counter informed me that they weren't allowed at the public beaches.  I have never seen anyone at the public beach wear one.  I'm sure as a tourist if an issue came up it would be a warning.  Some of the locals decry any decay in the morality  in Bermuda.  They wouldn't allow anything like hendo in the islands.
luvmyrio #8


Date Posted:06/03/2016 03:03:18Copy HTML

With the Zika Virus now hitting the Caribbean, we've decided to hit Bermuda this summer.  Has the situation changed re thongs for women and bikinis for men?  Thanks!
Blackphantom5 #9


Date Posted:01/16/2018 02:25:15Copy HTML

 Went last month for a long weekend. It was pretty cool being December and the beaches were dead except for a few people walking for exercise. Wife and I didn’t care it was cool the beaches were too amazing not to get in the water. Nobody around to see my thong so no problems. Peak season during the summer would be different bc I was told the main beaches are packed but there’s so many little coves I doubt you’d have a problem finding a secluded one. Id do it. The water was amazing. The people were friendly but it was a more expensive island. Jamming around the island on a scooter beach hopping with my wife was so much fun. Thonging on a pink sand beach with a cove to ourselves was just a topper. Great weekend. 
bubblebuttt #10


Date Posted:04/23/2018 12:52:02Copy HTML

 hey blackphantom, i'm going to bermuda next week. what other beaches did you go to that were deserted besides pink sand beach. also, you think it will be busy this time of year?
SlidingG #11


Date Posted:04/24/2018 02:25:15Copy HTML

We're headed there a week from today for 9 days.  Probably won't bother to pack a speedo, I always wear thongs and strings.  There will probably be a fair number of folks on the beaches, but few of the locals -- they typically wait for Bermuda Day, May 24th.

You're fine in thongs on Horseshoe Bay Beach.  My favorite for strings is Warwick Long Bay.
Bermuda is British, so bare buns are fine; bare boobs are not, alas.  Have fun.  
2xist #12


Date Posted:04/24/2018 04:35:16Copy HTML

 So it’s ok for guys to thong at horseshoe bay and Warwick beaches then??
Blackphantom5 #13


Date Posted:04/25/2018 01:05:39Copy HTML

 I’m sure you’ll be fine. Won’t get real busy til next month. Plenty of coves to call your own. Just go for a stroll and find one. 
2xist #14


Date Posted:04/25/2018 02:10:30Copy HTML

 I won’t be there until mid September... any place to thong neat st. George where the cruise ships dock please?
Blackphantom5 #15


Date Posted:04/25/2018 05:19:45Copy HTML

 Couldn’t tell ya. We hung out on the west and south coast. Takes too long on a scooter to get to st George. But a local did tell us to go to tobacco bay if we made it that far. Not specifically to thong but bc they have good drinks. If there’s booze around there’s skimpy clothing around. That’s been my experience during my short time on earth anyway. 
SlidingG #16


Date Posted:05/04/2018 10:43:29Copy HTML

Weather is incredible here in Bermuda right now.  But with cruise ships in, I'd avoid Horseshoe Bay.  It was a zoo, though I did swim at the far end, in my red Speedo thong.  Yesterday at Warwick Long Bay was delightful, wearing my red mesh tan-thru sliding g-string.  Light traffic, and no issues, felt very comfortable.

Were I based in St. George, I'd swim at Fort St. Catherine beach, in the red thong.  It's now public (formerly private), and lightly used, I hear.  Heck, you're just a guy in a speedo, albeit with a more rakish cut than the norm.  We're going there by ferry on Monday, back by bus (we're staying in Hamilton), so probably won't make it over to St. Catherine's, but I'll take my suit and towel just in case.  Have always wanted to try that beach out.  Good luck, and enjoy!

bubblebuttt #17


Date Posted:05/07/2018 01:00:24Copy HTML

Alright, so I spent couple days at Bermuda and I DID thong at Horseshoe bay and Warwick, but I have to say that I didn't feel comfortable at horseshoe at all compared to Warwick, which btw is a GEM! 
I thonged at Warwick my first day and VERY LITTLE traffic there, I was wearing a black G-String/Thong hybrid suit, I was able to get a nice tan and look sexy at the same time. didn't experience any issues at all. 
Next day I decided to be brave and head out to Horseshoe, I set up by the not so far end of the beach, took off my shorts and headed to the water, I got there around 8:50 am when people were just making their way into the beach. I was swimming and having a fantastic time. couple people started to see my bare buns through the water as the waves would subside, no one said anything or commented so I continued to swim for a bit more. Spent an extra 10-15 minutes in the water which was gorgeous to say the least and decided to lay on my towel. Made my way to my towel and laid on my stomach. Lo and behold the beach started to get more foot traffic which was fine as no one said anything or commented or even approached me. 

However, it was very apparent to me that I wasn't going to enjoy my time when a couple of Old White men "literally two of them" that were set up not too far from me and had a woman with them, started to take pictures of me while staring at me. I didn't feel comfortable. I decided to ignore them and continue to work on my tan. A couple minutes later, a group of old white folks walking towards where I was laying started laughing and subtlety point in my direction for others to see and laugh. At that point I just didn't feel comfortable and decided to head to Warwick. 

I decided to be very RACE specific not to be racist or anything but to point out the group that was mostly pointing and taking not-so-subtle pictures of my ass. Even though I was wearing a Speedo-like thong that was cute and conservative. A lot of people saw me in my thong, girls, women, couples, and no one seemed to care than those "old folks" which is kinda surprising. as I tend to experience the opposite. Either way I felt great and sexy in my thongs and felt so liberated to be able to enjoy my time in the water and on sand. 

I headed out to Warwick in the same thong and laid out on the sand, went in the water and no issues what-so-ever. Best thing about Warwick is that it is NEVER that busy compared to Horseshoe, at least in the two days I went. It seems that everyone likes going to horseshoe more, which is fine with me because Warwick is just as gorgeous.  

I would definitely suggest going to Warwick and enjoy your time there, and also there is a Cove right next to it that is very cute and has calm waters, and fish. You can just lay there and enjoy the sun. Although it is very small and can get crowded you'll still have a great time. I wish I could've went into the cove but didn't have time. And maybe if I had went with someone to horseshoe I would've felt differently or maybe wouldn't have been bothered and actually enjoyed my time. But there's always a next time.

Sliding G, Where were you?!?!?  I was JUST there from 5/2-5/4 and went to Warwick and Horseshoe bay.
SlidingG #18


Date Posted:05/08/2018 01:09:20Copy HTML

I was at Warwick on the 3rd and the 4th, each time for a couple hours in the afternoon.  But not at the West end, where the access road goes down to the beach and the calm, cute cove is just to the right; instead, I park my scooter in a small lot East of there just off South Road, and hike down a gully to the beach.  Even fewer people around there, and no comments on my red string.

Had a good swim at Elbow Beach today (in the red thong, too public for the string), after our trip by ferry to Dockyard and on to St. Georges, and a bus ride back to Hamilton.  Alas, leaving early in the morning, but already planning for next year.
John Howard #19


Date Posted:05/08/2018 03:28:52Copy HTML

 @ SlidingG,  sorry I'm not commenting on the topic here 'Bermuda', but on regards on wearing a red thong, I believe it's the best colour for a thong, male or female;   even a red pair of speedos or a string bikini looks best if it is red.    I believe that a red thong on a guy can look even more masculine than a black or navy blue;   there's something about red that says 'I'm bloody confident'.
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