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Date Posted:02/11/2015 07:38:28Copy HTML

Looking for advice on the best display suit.  I own a koala suit that separates anatomy nicely.  I'm looking into a display suit.  Can anyone recommend a suit that keeps a guy's package displayed proudly.  My issue would be shrinkage, I am of average size.  Looking at suits that have adjustable c-rings, some with metal rings built in, etc.  does anyone have suggestions for what flatters well, stays in place, etc.  brands or models are fine.  Thanks! 
leo40 #1

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:02/12/2015 03:43:54Copy HTML

For extreme suits, my fav is www.tangaland24.de from Germany.  I always wear one of their penis rings at my nudist club, and they also have lots of barely covering and not-covering cloth suits as well.  There is some time delay with shipping all the way from Germany, but it's worth the wait.  My current fav for just barely covering is the "stringless pouch" style, which Tangaland has, but FACEBULK ebay store from China also has, at a much more favorable price.  Again there is the shipping time wait.
thonger_in_oz #2

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:02/13/2015 05:20:41Copy HTML

koala swim has an amazing collection of suits, check them out!!!  stiff sentence is one of my favourites. keeps everything in place snugly without a problem
bmicro #3

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:02/13/2015 02:42:31Copy HTML

Try crochetswimwear on ebay. She has a number of shaft (or cigar) suits, some with no ball cover. They are great and the crochet knit expands or shrinks to continue to fit if shrinkage occurs. She will make anything that you like. You can see many of her cigar suits on my flickr site bmicro2000
Ex_Member #4

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:02/14/2015 12:21:04Copy HTML

 Try Fireboy's thongs with sheaths, they have a good range.
Uncljohn2 #5

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:02/21/2015 10:40:55Copy HTML

 maybe it was just luck, but my Dubio Intruder in sheer mesh holds me outward even when cold water or whatever makes for shrinkage.  not inexpensive but very high quality
aunaturel #6

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:04/24/2015 12:02:10Copy HTML

 I'll enthusiastically agree that the crochet suits from Slinky Swimwear on eBay are fantastic.  Talk about exposed!  The lady is named Jeanette and she won't do a suit until she gets ALL your necessary measurements.  Even her "standard" styles are completely personalized to you.  If you're into more orthodox fabrics, try Frisky Business, also on eBay.Once again, she'll make anything you desire.
Thongzo #7

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:04/25/2015 03:21:30Copy HTML

Damn, that German site has some great stuff, for both buys and girls. May have to get one! Koala looks ok but it's always been a bit too raunchy for me. I want things I can wear to work under slacks or jeans, Some of their stuff looks a bit...uncomfortable.  
butterball21044 #8

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:04/25/2015 03:00:30Copy HTML

 Both Slinky and Frisky offer great and fast service in the U.S. Highly recommend. See image for Slinky custom G-string, slightly see-thru.
miller64 #9

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/17/2015 02:07:41Copy HTML

 I'm wearing a shaft and ball gstring today that is black and really soft nylon fabric - it feels great under my jeans but is very hard to get my faccid shaft back into place after I use the bathroom - anyone else have that problem too ?
sailor250 #10

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/18/2015 12:40:36Copy HTML

 to resuit up just invert the shaft sleeve with your index finger and thumb, then grab your head with these fingers and pull it into the sleeve, shake it shake it and it's all back in place!!
leo40 #11

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/20/2015 12:18:45Copy HTML

I have just tried out a style of shaft suit I'd never seen before.  It's from e-bay store BRIEF LAB, and it's called "Men's Sheath W/ Ring": $9.99. It is a close fitting, swimwear material, closed end shaft sleeve with an elastic ring at the base to go around your bare balls.  I would rather the sleeve be a bit bigger around to get into more easily, and a longer ring to go around the whole package base rather just balls from the bottom of the sheath.   But as it is it's a nice, less-than a bathing suit bathing suit, and I'll be wearing it (pool parties, mostly).
sailor250 #12

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/21/2015 01:22:11Copy HTML

 I have had one similar to this one custom made a few years ago.  I had mine made with the elastic ring attachment at the top sides with the loop going around the balls , forming a vertical ring instead of your suit's horizontal ring on the bottom.  I have some suits with this sort of ring, I call it a sac ring, because it keeps the suit on but doesn't provide lift like a complete ring , essentially  an elastic c@ckring.  Mine gets a little life, but lift depends on the length of sheath relative to the length of the ah, contents.  There's a tipping point when lift turns into lift off the shaft! Anyway it's been pointed out to me this suit gives me the coveted "condom tanline"- that's one sign of a really fun vacation!!You could wear another separate c@ckring to cinch up the ballz while in the sac ring.  Mix it up with a contraption like the Good Devil strung up cockring set- a slingshot cockring! I've paired mine up similarly and gotten a great deal of sway and bounce if you know what I mean!
Darkgroove #13

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/26/2015 04:11:30Copy HTML

 I love Dore's and Koala's shaft suits.  Not for everyday use but it's a guilty pleasure for a great sensual tanning session.  Have also wear it with leather chaps at fetish parties and it was a blast!
qpro4inc #14

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/26/2015 06:52:56Copy HTML

Try this site:http://slipworld.h.fc2.com/MEO/CW/index-CW.html
Really exotic stuff!
Darkgroove #15

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/26/2015 06:59:55Copy HTML

 really nice stuff bit seem to be chinese copies of stuff from other designers.  I see some stuff from Koala Swim that I have.  Really erotic gears by the way!
Ex_Member #16

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/28/2015 04:41:59Copy HTML

 That's erotic. That's porn.
NudeNArizona #17

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/29/2015 07:17:24Copy HTML

 Well if you want shaft exposure, I have a few of these and they are great for exposure 


I have also worn then on secluded non-nude beaches and roll over when beach walkers are near with no problems
Darkgroove #18

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/29/2015 04:27:24Copy HTML

 check my images where there is a pic with a blue wetlook Koala's shaftsuit!
GAGUY30013 #19

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/29/2015 04:41:50Copy HTML

 I have been curious about this style, so what keeps the shaft part filled all day?  I mean do you have to be erect all the time?
Darkgroove #20

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/29/2015 06:12:20Copy HTML

No, but you can help yourself by using a cockring that will project your tool into the fabric... but the look is amazing with an engorged penis...
tanlines2thin #21

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:07/29/2015 08:05:27Copy HTML

 shaft suits are very cool........I'm definitely very into showing my shaft in a very sexy shaft suit.......since they are arguably borderline socially acceptable, I don't get much chance to wear them much at all anymore, since I now hang out in prud-ville.......I was really hoping to make 'da splash' simply to sport a shaft suit, and of course, stepping out of it........jovanna has more shaft suits than anyone.......dore might have a few left over from the glory days
NudeNArizona #22

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/01/2015 07:37:23Copy HTML

 I am not sure how other interpret "shaft display suit" but when I read this I immediately think of full exposure suits especially when you preface it with "extreme" I don't think of 3D suits as Dore used to call them. My shaft display suits are full exposure illegal on non-nude beaches, but may get away with on secluded beaches exposure suits. I will say the suit listed below IS THE MOST EXTREME SHAFT DISPLAY SUIT, though it is probably too much exposure for most, I have worn this successfully without incident, and surprisingly encouragement many weekends on local beaches when I lived in Hawaii

hotbunz1969 #23

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/01/2015 05:38:56Copy HTML

 WOW......Now that's what I call a, full on "shaft display suit" NudeNArizona!!! I take my hat off to you for wearing that on a non C/O beach. 

I've probably worn some of the most revealing, most tiny suits that are available out there in my time but I'm not sure I'd  class this as a true thong/g-string swim/tanning suit. 
The "bungee" as this suit clearly is (and yes I own 3) makes no attempt at giving the wearer any sort of coverage at all, thus I class it more as an accentuater, much like a c-ring, than as a swim/tanning suit. That said, it CERTINLY displays the shaft VERY well! :-) 

Yes, I'm a bit of a show off, however, I'm in no way a naturalist, so for me it's all about keeping myself covered, (we'll just about!!!), all the while giving a good display! I love to wear @@@@@@ sleeve or bulge enhancing suits when it's appropriate, even better, tiny one-sided suits that outline my equipment perfectly, for me this suit doesn't fall into the 'shaft display' category more the just "display" category.

Each to their own I guess. 
Cheers Paul 

2xist #24

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/01/2015 06:29:23Copy HTML

 i love these... have an aqua colored one... :)
NudeNArizona #25

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/01/2015 09:19:34Copy HTML


When I refer to non-nude beaches I am not talking about heavily populated beaches I am referring to the lesser know local beaches where tourist don't normally go.

I also am a bit of a show off, but I am a nudist by heart and when I wear a G-string it is usually because I cannot be nude and as for the display part of the suit and being completely exposed I am fine with those aspects, and I too own a few Bunn-G's but find this way more comfortable to wear.

As for wearing a full display suit on non C/O beaches we usually go to the end of the beach where most people don't venture and if we see someone walking our way we will usually just roll over to our fronts giving the appearance of a G-string to the casual observer.. Now for the more regular beach walkers and we do see a few we will either just smile and say Hi! or just ignore them because we went to the same beach spot for 6 years and got to know who was who.  But on occasion we have had casual observers who once they realized we were wearing G-strings decided to set up on our end of the beach, most were either fellow G-string wearers who had heard about our secret little beach and wanted to participate or were voyeur types who just wanted to look. Which neither usually cared we were wearing display suits, and many times would come up to us to ask where we bought them.

Once we were laying down on our fronts and a couple of ladies were walking down the beach and we didn't really pay any attention to them then they must have looked real close because they came up behind us and asked my wife if her peek-a-boo bottom was comfortable and my wife a little shock said yes but how could you tell what suit it was? And the one said because how you are laying from the beach I could see the straps and then flesh in between... A little while later they returned to our area and both were wearing G-strings and asked if we mined if they set up next to us because there is more safety in numbers when wearing minimal swimwear.. We said sure but warned them of my display suit and they said no problem we wouldn't care if you were nude... I little while later we went into the water to cool off and appon walking back they smiled and said I didn't realize it was that much of a display suit,,, you are basically nude!!
hotbunz1969 #26

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/28/2015 11:31:29Copy HTML

 I have just taken delivery of my most recent order of 4 suits I placed with Tendenze, bought for an upcoming holiday to Tenerife. 
For the most part, and also to replace some worn out suits, I stuck with what I knew and liked. Knowing from past experience I would be totally comfortable in wearing this style poolside at the hotel complex I ordered 3 'Louis' thongs (2 white, 1 yellow)  but to mix things up a bit and after looking through Tendenze's catalogue I also decided to order their 'Joker' thong. 

They do not advertised or promote the 'Joker' as a display suit in any way, but OMG let me tell you, this is one SERIOUS all displaying suit! 

The ultra narrow front is designed for the shaft to be worn pointing straight up in the 12 o'clock position, your balls comfortably cradled in a small pouch below, the material (what there is of it!!) is ultra thin and lightweight but also very stretchy and accommodating! I bought the white version but I'll guarantee you should be under no illusion, this suit is very sheer even when dry if bought in the lighter colours. 
With the way this suit is designed to be worn, plus ultra skimpy thus displaying the male form to its best, it has just fast tracked its way into my top 5 favourite suits....... 

Thank goodness I have time to order some other colours before I go away, I have a feeling this suit will be competing for my wearing attention alongside my one-siders and slingshots while I'm away! 
A VERY hot little suit! 

Cheers Paul 

XChip #27

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/29/2015 12:23:50Copy HTML

 Paul, can you throw us a link to the joker suit?

hotbunz1969 #28

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/29/2015 03:25:14Copy HTML

  Right here for you XChip. 


As this is my first suit in this cut from Tendenze I can't comment on all of their colour options for this design, the white Silkskin that I ordered is however fairly sheer even when dry, and certainly doesn't offer too much modesty when wet! 

Cheers Paul 
XChip #29

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/30/2015 12:15:27Copy HTML

 Thanks, Paul.  Wow!!
Thongzo #30

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:08/30/2015 02:27:12Copy HTML

 Wow - that's a great suit!
sprockettooth #31

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:09/04/2015 02:04:12Copy HTML

 All shaft displays are extreme.  Love the suits!
qfrank #32

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:09/05/2015 03:00:58Copy HTML

Hey Hotbunz, thanks for introducing me to Tendenze. They have some amazing suits! How did you find the sizing? I have found that I'm best with one size smaller than suggested on  sizing charts eg. Skinzwear.The Tendenze Jorg suit looks great as well!Thx
hotbunz1969 #33

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:09/06/2015 07:49:28Copy HTML

 Hey qfrank, I have a 33in waist and find Tendenze's M fits me very nicely. The side strings don't bite in but the fit is snug. I wear a Skinz M as well if that helps? 

I too contemplated the 'Jorg' before placing my recent order, but decided the 'Joker' looked to have the smaller, narrower pouch and as that was what I was looking for I ordered that one. 

I might get it next time, along with the 'Logic' that has caught my eye, and will defiantly be my next purchase from them, I've just got to find somewhere I'll feel comfortable wearing such a suit! Not many places you can wear such a sheer shaft displaying suit such as that one! 

Regards Paul 
qfrank #34

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:09/06/2015 02:54:16Copy HTML

thanks Hotbunz. Agree with the comment on where to wear. Maybe just have to bite the bullet and be bold!
qfrank #35

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:09/26/2016 04:30:04Copy HTML

 Just got some new custom narrow g-strings from Val at her new store http://www.rubbertreelatex.com

Stretchy fabric that molds really well. She is very helpful when you want a custom design done and her prices are very good.

sailor250 #36

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:03/12/2018 01:12:20Copy HTML

 I've recently seen some "sheath" shaft only "baggies" on ebay.  So it's just a fabric or mesh condom shaped garment with some elastic at the opening!  So are these useful? I ask myself.  Well they don't cover like a baggie, they don't expose like a string suit-- but the mesh ones are tan thru and the solid ones would give a cool condom tanline?  Obviously only for clothing optional! https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Diner-Sheer-Mens-Pantyhose-Sheath/122411005351?epid=879259018&hash=item1c8043b5a7:m:mbD1tFXCHcKVtliuSBrcfDg  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Blue-light-Elsayx-Men-G-Strings-T-Back-Sheath-Underwear/123007172669?hash=item1ca3cc803d:g:4QMAAOSw4PRaoEz8  oh- then there's the open head kind??  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cheap-Mens-Lingerie-Lacework-Open-Penis-Cover-Sheath-Tights-Underwear-Briefs/372188065965?hash=item56a82330ad:m:myycmyZ7GM_IBiNH2TaUM5Q
leo40 #37

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:03/12/2018 08:41:12Copy HTML

 I wear the Jovanadesign "Shaft Ring with Diamante."  These are narrow decorative mid-shaft rings featuring Rhinestone decoration. Diamante is German for diamond, which these resemble.  Even get an occasional surprised double-take at my nudist club where body decoration is allowed.  Go to www.Jovanadesign.com and search "shaft rings".  Fairly inexpensive and quickly delivered from England.
bmicro #38

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:03/13/2018 06:03:35Copy HTML

 I like the crochet shaft suits from Slinky Swimwear on ebay. 
They are also available as shaft only suits or even shaft only baggies.
OS777 #39

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:03/14/2018 06:13:13Copy HTML

Xtreme???  Consider Dore Missile suits, TangaLand, DuBio if you want to talk extreme shaft suits.  Of course it is one thing to talk.  But walking the talk is a totally different issue.  Therein is the difference between boys and men.  Talk is not only cheap but free to those who care to listen.  Walking one's talk is far more challenging.  Never send a boy to do a man's job. My impression from reading ongoing threads of this nature is that most people are afraid of their own shadows.  Nearly always there is a prominent cloud of fear expressed in Board messages.  Self secure individuals need not seek out virtual social validation.  That should have been developed within thus no need to question one's own life and actions.  Fear is a lack of knowledge (as is ignorance).   Boldly pursuing your path in life is totally rewarding as opposed to cowering in fear of disapproval or rejection by others who neither know you or have any interest in you whatsoever.  Know thyself.  To thine own be true.
tbck1000 #40

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:11/08/2018 08:13:38Copy HTML

Informal survey question:

As you have become more experienced in wearing thong swimsuits, have you become more interested in wearing these extreme style suits? Or, less interested in wearing these extreme style suits?

mack_back #41

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:11/08/2018 09:33:58Copy HTML

Not really it might be fun but not practicle if referring to fabric condom style suits. My question how can someone be errect long enough to fill up the suit without touching oneself to display for others if your refering to be worn in public beach etc.. 

Micro Y string Bulge thong, poser from muscleskins, definately and erotic dubio extreme strings for the nude beach with c-rings are fun to wear. While keeping small Desmitt thong for the public pool.

RapidBlue #42

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:11/08/2018 10:02:59Copy HTML

Personally I have no interest in the extreme shaft display suits. They are not practical for most beaches or pools. I also am not one to be seen in shear fabric suits for the same reason. I do find an enhanced pouch suit to be practical for me. I like the room and the look. But, more than that just isn’t my thing.
sailor250 #43

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:11/08/2018 10:38:56Copy HTML

Oh yes. Over the years I have collected every possible style of suits and now have about every style of extreme /display/expose-your suits. Of course you have to wear them in the right places. I have exposure suits that position my C and B in about every possible way- up, down, out,over. I have them with waistbands with front and back slings with front slings with hip strings. They're not practical for places to be covered -of course. Butt for that I have more missiles that the US Air Force! , more torpedo styles than the Italian Navy! Here's the thing I'm almost always the only one around wearing this type of suit. If you want safety in numbers then bored shorts are for you!
J_R_365 #44

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:11/09/2018 04:14:04Copy HTML

I recently bought a few of : these from eBay seller elsayx. They have seprate (but connected) pouches for "Upstairs" and "Downstairs". The waist is quite a bit higher than I normally like, but it makes the "V" shape visually floe into the shaft pouch, highlighting it nicely.
elp_gr #45

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:02/03/2019 02:10:22Copy HTML

I don't know, perhaps you'd like to have a look at Dubio as well.
bmicro #46

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:02/03/2019 08:25:36Copy HTML

These have been just posted by slinky swimwear 

The "cigar pouch"

The "ladder suit" 

The "Top Hat" 

In order to get to these you have to go into ebay select the category "everything else" then select "adults only" then "clothing and accesories" then "intimate apparel"

You will not see them on the "regular" slinky swimwear site

leo40 #47

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:02/05/2019 01:04:42Copy HTML

My current favorite nudist club penis display is my "Cobra Glans Ring" from oxy-shop.com, also available from dhgate.com Oxy-shop has two styles of serpent rings and mine is the larger $24.90. It is of stainless steel and has a pleasant amount of swing weight. Gets an occasional double take, even at a nudist club.
J_R_365 #48

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:03/09/2019 08:43:38Copy HTML

The Slinky Swimwear stuff loos fantastic. But, if you want something a bit more frivilous, check out the  Kbitting and Design Etsy store.
sailor250 #49

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:03/10/2019 12:36:51Copy HTML

I've been meaning to ask about these crochet suits, especially the shaft sleeve kind- Are they comfortable? Is it itchy? Is it painful to wear under clothes. If you wear them outdoors are they ?hot/sweaty like wearing a sweater on the beach? If they get wet do they dry quickly? stretch out?? Seems it's not the ideal fabric for swimwear- though some sexy designs are possible- especially some of the wide net designs I've seen.
NudeNArizona #50

Re:Best 'extreme' shaft display suit.

Date Posted:03/11/2019 04:56:21Copy HTML

sailor250, To answer your questions, I have one of these crochet suits called a "cigar" and it is comfortable, not itchy because it isn't made of a wool type of yarn so you don't sweat in it either. Now as for drying it take longer than some other fabrics because mine of some sort of a cotton type of yarn and it does have a tenancy for the pouch to stretch but I have very thin corded elastic for the waist and rear string. Mine is also made of the large hole pattern which has almost 2"x2" wide net pattern that leave very little to the imagination when worn. I have wore it publicly on beaches and have caught some attention from people walking by along with a few comments from friends who have mentioned that I wouldn't be hiding much and I should just go nude.
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