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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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The Gabe

Date Posted:03/09/2005 12:09:37Copy HTML

Just this past weekend I was watching The Discovery Channels marathon of The Great Biker Build-Off. They were running the third and final show in which Indian Larry appeared before his tragic death at a motorcycle show. During the long ride to the bike show where the two competitors bikes would be judged, they group decided to stop along the banks of the river for a swim. We didn't see much fottage of this, as Indian Larry went in nude, but what I did notice was the attire of one of his crew. He was a large man, like the stereotypical biker and was slowly moving along the top of the water, withhis back up.And I swear I sawa dark colored strip of material that looked like a thong around this man's waist. It couldn't have been anthing else. Even the big tough guys who ride can appreciate the comfort of a thong.I just thought a few of the member here would be interested in knowing that little tidbit.PS - Indian Larry won his last build-off.
sailor250 #1

Re:Bikers (motorcycle riders) do wear thongs

Date Posted:01/03/2014 03:11:42Copy HTML

 Here's a new bicyclist uniform for tour de france that will be see de ass!  Don't think he's got a thong on under there.http://au.sports.yahoo.com/news/article/-/20586639/tour-de-france-winner-chris-froome-models-see-through-lycra-racing-suit/
sailor250 #2

Re:Bikers (motorcycle riders) do wear thongs

Date Posted:04/07/2018 01:55:08Copy HTML

 Seems like Kinsey, swimwear blogger/traveller might have gotten fined for wearing a thong riding on a moped in the Phillipines
The Swan #3

Re:Bikers (motorcycle riders) do wear thongs

Date Posted:04/15/2018 06:07:48Copy HTML

I rode a motorbike for decades and  I used to work security at some local biker events. I'd say this qualifies me as being a biker. Therefore I can attest that yes some bikers wear thongs. Actually though a lot more bikers go commando than wear thongs. And IMHO a lot more men go commando than the women. The women I think, need a lot more absorptive properties in their garments than just jeans or thongs provide. Some types of motorbikes ain't called a "Milwaukee vibrator" for nothing...
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