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Date Posted:05/16/2010 02:26:34Copy HTML

I've been thonging at Bird Island regularly for the past month without any issues. Bird Island is state owned property so state law presides, meaning full nudity is not allowed but thongs & g-strings are legal. I keep the NC supreme court decision handy in case anyone gives me a hassle.

Usually when I go there are a couple nudists hiding out in the dunes who wait until foot traffic is light before leaving their hiding place to take a dip in the ocean. I'm usually the only one in a thong and prefer to stay out of the dunes as one day I actually had a snake pass by me once, LOL. Also, I feel that hiding out while wearing a thong in a perfectly legal setting conveys a feeling that there's something wrong. So I stay out of the dunes on the beach but far back from the water. At low tide there's probably 50-60 yards at least between my blanket and the beach combers. At high tide very few people take the hike that far up the beach. In reality, nobody walking by seemed to care, just a few double-takes which is expected.

Today something very interesting happened. Around 2pm (low tide) a state police SUV took a ride down the beach all the way to the rocks. The sand at low tide is hard-packed so it's possible to drive a car on the beach (I usually ride a bike on the beach to Bird Island). I didn't even realize it until the police passed by, I was on my back reading. Looking at the tire tracks they passed no further than 25 feet, but never slowed down for a closer look or anything. They went all the way to the rocks, waited a minute and then drove back, again passing within 25 feet of where I was laying. On the way back they stopped along the edge of the dunes about 200 yards from where I was located. I know there were a few people in the dunes, but don't think anything happened.

Anyway, not sure if state police usually patrol the area or if there was a complaint this day. Whatever, I take it as validation that g-strings are OK on Bird Island. FYI, I was wearing an M46 roman g-string which is pretty skimpy. Overall I think Bird Island is the best option to wear thongs in the Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand area. Only drawback is the occasional gay cruiser that thinks a male in a thong must be gay (not true in my case). I just ignore & turn my head away.

lindros #1

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/25/2008 04:55:19Copy HTML

There is a difference between Sunset Beach and Bird Island, though you must first park and walk through Sunset Beach to get to Bird Island.

Sunset Beach has strict local ordinances prohibiting thong swimwear & there's plenty of beach patrollers on ATVs. So that's not a good idea.

However if you walk to the right far enough (~ 1 mile hike) ... after Sunset Beach turns into Bird Island (look for the signs), then thongs are legal. Bird Island is owned by the state of North Carolina, so state law applies. Thongs and topless are legal, full nudity is not legal. However, there is nobody of authority who would arrest you if in the state of full nudity. State police do not patrol Bird Island and the Sunset Beach patrols have no real authority to do anything on state-owned land. However, I'd recommend against full nudity anyway.

The one thing to be aware of are the snotty little tirds that comprise the "Bird Island Preservation Society" (BIPS). Otherwise known as the local Bible study club. One day I was wearing a thong and an old fart from the BIPS started yelling at me that Bird Island is NOT a nude beach. The folks at BIPS need to be educated that thongs and topless are legal on the beach under North Carolina state law.

All that said, there are a lot of (clothed) beach walkers that parade all the way till the rocks bringing their kids with them. Most of them are on vacation and don't know they could encounter an occasional thonger. There are also not many people thonging or going topless on Bird Island, most days there are none. You will likely stand out unless you hide away in the dunes. Sometimes the beach security on ATVs frequently drive past Sunset Beach onto part of Bird Island too. As such it's not the best environment in the world for a thonger, but it's probably the best shot in the Myrtle Beach area. Worth a try.
thonger2005 #2

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/26/2008 02:33:21Copy HTML

great info there lindros.

I am going down to Charleston SC in about 10 days and for the last 2 years I've been contemplating taking a day and headin up to check out Bird island and either thong or go nude, but I've been hearing the same story you told:

"not really the best for thongs or nude, and have to watch out for beach strollers or hide back in the dunes".

I figure wtf is the point of going nude at a beach if you cant actually roam around, walk back and forth to the water  and not worry.

I can actually get away with this down in Charleston. (in only a couple of areas)

I think I'lll check out this area on Google Earth.


I checked out Bird Island on Google Earth and someone has posted a couple of pictures taken back in 2007 of Bird Island, and it shows quite a few boats anchored just off the beach in about waist deep water ith a yellow and white jetski and lots of people on the beach. There is also a pic of the rock jetty.

To me, it looks kinda busy for nude or thongin. Unless you hit it during ther week when everyone is at work.
lindros #3

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/26/2008 04:26:48Copy HTML

If you are beyond the rock jetty where the inlet is with all the boats then you are too far west. The prime area for thonging/nuding on Bird Island is just east of that between the rocks and Sunset Beach. That area is secluded from the boats and jet skis.
Hamletray #4

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:07/02/2008 09:22:08Copy HTML

My wife and I just spent an afternoon and a whole day on Bird Island. I wore a speedo with about 1" straps on the sides and my wife wore a WW bikini and a very revealing one piece. She enjoyed and I did about playing in the waves and if her top got misplaces from the waves she didin't worry about having to hurry and fix it. A few times she didn't it at all and just let her boobs hang out. Foot traffic was pretty heavy in the morning but after lunch the traffic was less. My wife pulled my speedo into thong type one time while on my stomach and got a few double takes. I did have a thong with me but there were some guys, the police I guess on ATV riding up and down the beach. I knew they couldn't really say anything but I just didn't want to take the chance. Maybe next time we will walk a little further down the beach.
Popeye1 #5

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:07/03/2008 09:50:06Copy HTML

If your wife was thonging and the cops didn't say anything, why would you worry about wearing a thong yourself? The worst that will happen is they'll tell you both to cover up. The best that will happen is you'll finally get to experience thonging in the open and gain confidence. Pretty soon that speedo will feel like board shorts and you'll be a confirmed thonger. Take the plunge. Peace Popeye
lindros #6

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/17/2010 02:24:08Copy HTML

Was at Bird Island again today, and a police SUV did drive out all the way to the rocks this afternoon at low tide. That's two days in a row. Not sure if it's due to it being the weekend or if this will be a daily occurrence. Also, this was a Brunswick County police vehicle not the state police.

Like yesterday I was wearing just a Skinz Roman g-string. The officer drove right past me and stopped about 100 yards away where a woman was sunbathing topless, quite discreetly I might add. Having seen her on a couple of other occasions I know she always covers up when people walk by. However, the officer came up quickly and caught her by surprise. Anyway, the officer just gave a warning to her and re-emphasized Bird Island is not a nude beach.

The positive side is that this is two occasions the police passed close by me and didn't say anything about wearing a g-string. Of course thongs are legal on North Carolina land, but I'm not 100% sure that all police officers know that.
dfwsandman #7

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/17/2010 02:49:28Copy HTML

Are overzealous law enforcement officers just an American phenomenon or do Europeans and Australians suffer from the breast police as well?
DavyJ #8

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/18/2010 01:50:34Copy HTML

Interesting, that the law was ok with your thong but not the topless woman.  Of course Bird Island is not a nude beach but she was not nude, only topless.  Seems to me that if thongs are ok, topless should be as well.  However, I have been other places where it was the same.
lindros #9

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/18/2010 04:57:26Copy HTML

DavyJ: The ruling from the North Carolina Supreme Court (NC vs. Fly) stated that "private parts" included organs used for sex & excretion. The court didn't address whether women's breasts are included in said organs. There is language in the current statute that says it's OK for a woman to breast-feed an infant. However, that would seem to imply the legislators intended to make other breast exposure illegal under the code.

Below is the actual summary from the Chief Justice in this regard:

"We have already concluded that the phrase “private parts” includes the external organs of sex and excretion. On the facts of this case, it is unnecessary for us to determine what, if any, other parts of the female or male anatomy may be included within the phrase “private parts,” as used in N.C.G.S. § 14-190.9, in light of the legislature’s expressed preference for an “expansive” interpretation. However, given the posture of this case, we think it wise to note our agreement with the conclusion of the majority below that buttocks are not private parts within the meaning of the statute. To hold that buttocks are private parts would make criminals of all North Carolinians who appear in public wearing “thong” or “g-string” bikinis or other such skimpy attire during our torrid summer months. Our beaches, lakes, and resort areas are often teeming with such scantily clad vacationers. We simply do not believe that our legislature sought to discourage a practice so commonly engaged in by so many of our people when it enacted N.C.G.S. § 14-190.9. To make such attire criminal by an overly expansive reading of the term “private parts” was not, we are convinced, the intent of our legislature. The difference, however, between defendant’s conduct and someone wearing a bikini is that the former is a clear-cut violation of recognized boundaries of decency, which the statute was intended to address, whereas the latter is a matter of taste, which we do not believe our legislators intended to make criminal."
DavyJ #10

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/18/2010 05:30:41Copy HTML

Well, I am certainly not a lawyer, but it doesn't sound like breasts are "private parts" according to this judge.  They aren't used for "sex & excretion", which seems to be his criteria.  I also like his final sentence which makes a clear distinction between behavior and what one is wearing.  To me that is what should count; the law should address indecent behavior and forget about what one is or is not wearing.
dfwsandman #11

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/18/2010 09:41:57Copy HTML

Trying to figure out what is allowed and not allowed when it comes to tiny thongs and also when it comes to women going topfree is really difficult and in my opinion, futile. While we may come close to figuring out what one state law says regarding "private parts" another state will interpret it differently.

Even if we understand what is currently allowed in certain beach or lake locations you still run the risk of Barney Fife law enforcement like Eimeo did on SoBe. I ask, who would ask Eimeo to cover up? Have you seen her topless? Go ahead and cover up Michelangelo's David while you're at it.

The best advice I've seen here is from several different members who suggested several things.
Contact them - call or email them that you will be wearing a thong and if they have any policy specifically against it
Start modest - at locations where you're new start modest and work down to itsy bitsy
Pair up - thonging with a partner is better and thonging in a group is most secure 
Thong meekly - follow any managers/rangers/officers request to cover up, you're in the right but no need to be confrontational, that is, be both free and fine-free to thong another day 

thongman8 #12

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/20/2010 07:59:06Copy HTML

 HEy, i have a question about the southern tip of NC, near Bird's Island.  If you travel south from Wilmington as far as you can go, there is a ferry and a jetty that runs out across the east side of the Cape Fear River.  It looks like you can walk out the jetty to a rather deserted and secluded beach.  on Google earth it looks like it. 

Is that part of Bird Island? 

Has anyone ever gone out there? 

If so, what is the thonging like there?
lindros #13

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/21/2010 07:06:35Copy HTML

Thongman:  That is not part of Bird Island. Looks like you're referring to either Caswell Beach or Bald Head Island. Bird Island is much farther SW, past Ocean Isle Beach and next to Sunset Beach. FYI, I've worn a thong on Caswell Beach near the Fort area where there are no homes and far from beachwalkers without an issue. However I believe they do have an ordinance against exposure of buttocks. That's why I like Bird Island ... state land = no local ordinances.
thongman8 #14

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/24/2010 12:16:33Copy HTML

 Thanks Lindros.

We will be moving to the Charlotte area in a few months.  When I was a kid, my family vacationed in Kure Beach.  We always went down to the jetty to fish and it looked like a fun place to go visit and pretty secluded.  After we move, I plan on taking my family there to enjoy the beach like I did as a kid.  I'm sure we will visit the jetty and walk out to the end where it meet up with the shore again.  That beach looks great when you look at it on Google earth.  I need to look up Bird Island again.  I thought it was close.

lindros #15

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/28/2010 01:29:07Copy HTML

JB:  I assume you mean Crown Reef Hotel near Myrtle Beach Intl Airport? If so then it would take roughly 50-60 minutes to get to Bird Island. It takes me about 30-35 minutes from the Barefoot area in North Myrtle and the airport is about another 20-25 minutes from North Myrtle.
Ex_Member #16

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/08/2010 01:05:51Copy HTML

I just got back from myrtle beach. I went to bird island, which I heard about it on this forum.  It was a little difficult to find because you can't drive to it.
I did finally find it and got to thong there on Saturday.  We stayed for five hours. I laid out and swam in the ocean. I walked around a little but mostly laid around in my thong. My wife took pics and I have put them in my profile.
I had a lot of fun just being relaxed. Several people walk right by me. Some looked and some didn't, but no one made a big deal and that made it more comfortable. 
The code enforcement drove right by me about 10 feet away at least four times. It seemed they did not think of stopping or saying anything.  First time it was a woman, then a few hours later it was a man.  They were both riding on 4-wheelers. 
I thonged about 100 yards past the bird island sign that is on the beach.  I didn't go up all the way and I did not see any other thongers.
I loved the feeling of freedom you get from being in a thong at the beach and not having to hide, or anyone say anything negative.  I guess the locals are used to it.
The only bad thing was I stayed to long and got sunburn on my butt which has never happened to me before, even when thonging in Mexico.  This is the only place I have thonged in the states and I will definetly go back!
lindros #17

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/13/2010 12:35:07Copy HTML

CR:  Glad to hear you had a positive experience at Bird Island. I've been going there 2-3 times per week for the past two months and have not heard one negative comment. Even had the courage a few times to take a walk to the mailbox to leave a message with the Kindred Spirit, passing by a couple people in the process with no issues. I think you're right that everybody's used to it & nobody really cares. Clearly for anyone staying in the Myrtle Beach / Grand Strand area Bird Island is highly recommended and very thong friendly.

FYI, I usually go a bit further down than where you stayed, between the mailbox and the rock jetty. The Sunset Beach patrols usually go to where the tall dunes begin and then turn around. I don't know why they go that far, since Bird Island begins way before that, as they don't have authority outside of Sunset Beach. But anyway if you do go a bit farther down you don't even have to worry about the 4-wheelers.
Ex_Member #18

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/13/2010 12:51:40Copy HTML

lindros how far from the sign does the island go?
lindros #19

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/13/2010 02:50:28Copy HTML

From the first sign that says welcome to Bird Island all the way to the rock jetty I'd say is about 1.0 to 1.5 miles.
Ex_Member #20

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/13/2010 06:28:37Copy HTML

thanks lindros i guess u must live there that must be nice. what do u mean by the mailbox? i think that beach is alot nicer than myrtle i think its like a different world the beach is cleaner and not many seashells to walk on which is good. but next time i think i will take a umbrella or something.
lindros #21

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/14/2010 02:07:22Copy HTML

The mailbox is located farther down from where you were in the dunes next to the flag. In the mailbox are pens and notebooks where visitors write whatever they want and address it to "Dear Kindred Spirit". Some people write down prayers, some write down their experiences, some write whatever they are feeling.

I should have brought along an umbrella today as well. I got sunburned despite using generous sunblock and spending much of the time in the water.
lindros #22

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/14/2010 09:32:11Copy HTML

Had an absolutely MISERABLE day today at Bird Island. However it's not the reason you'd think. There were flies all over the place ... mean, nasty, biting flies. Thought I had the whole place to myself, but after a few minutes it was obvious why. At any one moment there were at least a half-dozen flies chomping at my flesh. They were so aggressive they followed me on the 2 mile bike ride back to mainland at full speed (I could actually see them flying with me as fast as I was riding!). I couldn't get back fast enough as I probably got bit a couple dozen times. There was even one stuck on my leg when I got home! Good thing I pack Benadryl whenever going to the beach. Definitely helped the itching.

Now I need to figure out why today of all days the flies were out. I think it may have been because there was a light breeze off the dunes rather than a strong sea breeze. Hope that doesn't happen very often.
justinmichaels #23

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/17/2010 04:52:22Copy HTML

I plan to be out at Bird Island tomorrow.  Looks to be a hot breezy day,  9mph winds from the ocean in the forecast.
justinmichaels #24

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/24/2010 02:05:01Copy HTML

Made it out to Bird Island Tuesday evening, about 4:30 p.m. and stayed til 8:00 pm.  Once you got out of the family area of Sunset, not many people out.  Didn't see any other thongers out.  I did see one couple, woman in a rio back and man in speedos.  I was wearing a navy blue "modest" thong.
I don't really have my beach body back after sitting out of officiating this last basketball season,  but it was such a nice day I figured,  who cares.  The sun and light breeze felt great, swam a bit, and even took a stroll down to the rock jetty, receiving an approving smile and compliment from a lady picking up shells.
Great day!  Hope to see more of you out at Bird Island.
lindros #25

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/25/2010 02:23:42Copy HTML

I was at the Bird all day today from about 10am to 4:30pm. It was an absolutely perfect day. There were a few people there: no females which is surprising, a couple guys in speedos, me and one other in a thong. After 2pm everybody left but me. Had the whole place to myself for about 2 hours, I don't think there were more than a few beachwalkers either. I took a walk to the mailbox to leave a note for Kindred Spirit. Will be back Friday, looks like another great day.
sailor123 #26

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/25/2010 11:15:52Copy HTML

Bird Island sounds great.
Just want to know, are thongs permitted?   or do you cover up quick when someone comes?
I want to go someplace next week, wearing a thong and not to worry about the beach patrol.
Any other areas that are good. I live near New Bern.
lindros #27

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:06/26/2010 03:11:26Copy HTML

Sailor: You may be interested in the earlier posts on this thread which covers your question in detail. Bird Island is on state land, so state law applies. Thongs are legal. I do not cover up, roll over or do anything different when walkers go by. However, I also don't flaunt either.
lindros #28

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:07/05/2010 02:32:55Copy HTML

Another great day at Bird Island. Weather was perfect. I wore a skinz roman thong (really more like a g-string).

There were lots of beach walkers before noon, but after 1pm not so much. I didn't have any issues and didn't hear any negative comments.

Only bad part was I was the only one out there wearing minimal swimwear. Usually there are at least a few nudists hiding in the dunes but today I felt like I was like the only one which was odd because it was Independence Day!! What better way to celebrate your freedom! From about 3pm to 7pm I basically had the whole beach to myself.
Ex_Member #29

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:07/07/2010 02:37:44Copy HTML

lindros do u have any pics of u in ur thongs at bird island? if u want go to my profile u might reconize them i took them on past the bird island sign. i sure do love it there i will be going back in august probally maybe i will see u there. u can add me to friends if u want.
scncbeacher #30

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:07/27/2010 11:36:51Copy HTML

from the way everyone talks this place is is a outcast with the locals.  i went there this weekend with my wife we were both wearing thongs on the boat we went down the coastline (boy it was windy) and saw no one nude of in a thong.  from the way people in the area talk this place is like a party beach with 100's of nude people..  my wife was the only one i could see in a thong..    but the beach is great.  nothing but sand dunes and water.. 
DavyJ #31

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:08/15/2010 05:11:15Copy HTML

lindros:  It is definitely true that at any beach whenever the wind is blowing off the land there will be flies, mosquitos, and other insects, and when it is blowing off the ocean all will be well.  How bad the insects will be depends on what the vegetation is like immediately adjacent to the beach.  If the area near the beach is all built up you may not even notice the insects, but if it is wild country you can bet they will be bad.  Always good to check the local weather ahead of time.
lindros #32

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:08/16/2010 01:45:08Copy HTML

Definitely was a function of wind direction. The other day I was there early in the morning (before 9-10am) and the breeze was light and off the dunes. There were enough fly issues that I had to spend 1-2 hours in or at the very edge of the water. By 11am-12pm the sea-breeze kicked in and the flies were gone.
justinmichaels #33

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:09/26/2010 05:54:45Copy HTML

The thonger and nudists were out in force at Bird Island yesterday.  Several male thongers, 1 woman in what looked like a rio, 1 topless.  Several nude dudes up in the dunes as well.  I think they had a lookout posted with binoculars.  I found a nice quiet spot and got some good sun in my Papi modern stretch thong.  Great day at the beach.
lindros #34

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:09/26/2010 08:01:32Copy HTML

Hey I was there yesterday too. Lots of people out in full force. Three husband/wife couples, one of them kept their suits on all day, one went nude much of the time, and the 3rd couple went in & out of their suits depending on the beach walkers. It was a great day overall except the surf started getting choppy late in the afternoon &  couldn't get that much time in the water.
lindros #35

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:04/25/2011 06:00:16Copy HTML

I was there yesterday (Sunday). Weather was perfect, the ocean is warm enough for a quick swim or to cool off, and there were no "cruisers" in search of a hook-up. There were only about a handful of people hanging out, one husband/wife couple in thongs, myself, and a couple other guys closer to the rock jetty who appeared fully clothed. There may have been a couple others hiding in the dunes. The passers-by don't really care ... those who are locals expect to see some skin, the tourists are a bit surprised but otherwise don't care since the location is remote away from the crowd.
wetbikini2 #36

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:04/28/2011 11:36:59Copy HTML

 Where is Bird Island.  Is it accessible by car or ferry?  Any hotels?  I am near Atlantic Beach and have the week of May 8th off.  I am looking for some place to go for a few days without driving 12 hrs.  Or does anyone have any other suggestions?  
lindros #37

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:04/29/2011 12:30:05Copy HTML

Do you live in Atlantic Beach NC or SC? There are two of them! The one in SC is only 40 minutes from Bird Island, but the one in NC will be much farther so Topsail Beach may be a better option in that case.

To get to Bird Island first go to Sunset Beach and park in one of the nearby lots. Once on Sunset beach go right (west) for about 2 miles. You'll see signs along the edge of the dunes where Bird Island begins. The traditional nude/thong area is between the mailbox (look for the American flag) and the rock jetty, although you can legally wear a thong anywhere on Bird Island (which starts just before the high dunes begins). Sunset Beach has local ordinances against exposure of the buttocks so no thongs there.

There is no ferry, just park and hike (or you can rent a bike and ride on the beach as long as it's not near high tide).

wetbikini2 #38

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:04/29/2011 07:31:36Copy HTML

 Lindros,Thanks for the info.  I am near Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach NC.  I have heard Topsail is decent do you have any suggestions on where to go there? 
lindros #39

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:04/30/2011 10:20:00Copy HTML

I was at Bird Island again today.

The Good:  Great weather, light foot traffic (nobody cared anyway), and as a bonus a nice young lady (in her 20s?) sunbathed totally nude nearby the whole time I was there. There was also a naturist family that stopped by briefly, the husband skinny dipped along with one of his kids but the wife remained clothed. They didn't stay long.

The Bad:  Some rather rotund ugly guy sneaked in back of me to stare and snap some pictures.

The Ugly:  Two creepy guys at the end of the day stalked the girl that was hanging out, continuing to walk by her blanket repeatedly. She was oblivious to what was going on. The two guys then started having oral sex right on the edge of the beach when I was in the water. I indicated to them with pointing gestures to take the act elsewhere and they left.
lindros #40

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/01/2011 10:30:53Copy HTML

Well I was at Bird Island again today and it was outstanding. The weather again was nice although some clouds rolled in by late afternoon to block the sun.

The young lady that was here yesterday returned with her boyfriend today. There was also a husband/wife couple a bit farther down, but that was it!!!

There was very little foot traffic today, in fact by early afternoon the beach was so empty I took off the thong and just went nude the rest of the afternoon. There were no gawkers and no pervs either, so it was just a great relaxing day.

thonglife #41

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/12/2011 01:56:58Copy HTML

Bird Island sounds like a great place other than the two mile walk to get there. Not that I have a problem with walking or running but I don't feel like traveling that far just to lay out in a thong; especially if weirdos cruise there and could potentially mess up a visit.
lindros #42

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

Date Posted:05/31/2011 09:12:08Copy HTML

Well I finally made it back from my SW Florida vacation and ended up spending Memorial Day on Bird Island which is only 30 minutes from where I live.

It was a great relaxing day and I was surprised there weren't more thongers/nudists around. At the end of the day I took a short walk and actually saw a nice young lady sunbathing topless on the other end of the beach. As I was cleaning up getting ready to leave she had already left walking down the beach, but I was able to catch up on my bicycle and talk with her a bit.

After coming back from SW Florida, it made me realize how nice Bird Island actually is (no offense to those from Caspersen, Siesta, Venice, etc). The beach at low tide is nearly 75-100 yards wide, and there are no homes or condos in sight, just natural dunes. Bird Island sort of reminds me of Bowman's beach in Sanibel except you can ride your bike on the beach at Bird Island and the beach is wider. However, admittedly the shelling is better at Bowman's and the Gulf water is easier for swimming.

Bird Island is great for thonging (perfectly legal) especially in the afternoon hours. In the 8am-11am time range there are a lot of joggers & beach walkers going for their morning exercise whereupon it may seem uncomfortable to wear a thong. However by late morning and definitely by afternoon that crowd leaves during the heat of the day and what's left is paradise. Last year just about every other day a Brunswick county police car would drive by. However this year I haven't seen any patrols at all. I highly recommend.
scncbeacher #43

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

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i was their on sunday.  not able to thong due to the company i had on the boat with us.  wind was blowing like crazy. walked north on the beach saw one guy in a black bikini.  and two more not sure what they had on.  they were located right around the turtle nest..  anyway  had a great time otherwise.  
Tanitall #44

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

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 Went yesterday wearing my new g-string from Bikini Beach Swimwear. Good fit and covered the essentials when necessary, but enjoyed the beach fully nude most of the day. Light textile foot traffic all day. Many others were there enjoying the sun and surf wearing anything from speedo's, to thongs, to g-strings , to nothing at all. Mostly guys there, but did observe one couple sunbathing nude closer to the jetty and a girl topless in a g-string walking the beach shelling. Fantastic day until the storms rolled in later in the afternoon.
Ex_Member #45

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

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 Hey Tanitall,
I noticed in your photos there is a sign that says no nudity allowed on Sunset Beach.  Where is that sign, is that a recent picture or an old one.  It's been a while since we've been down to Bird Island, but we've been going for a few years now and I don't remember that.
lindros #46

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

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That's an old sign. There are other signs now upon entering Bird Island that go over the description of Bird Island and the rules, the pertinent one of which says that decency is goverened by the laws of North Carolina.
Tanitall #47

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

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 Yes, that picture was taken back in 2001 when the island was privately owned. Nudity was pretty much the norm on the island back then. No hassles, relaxed atmosphere, everyone pitched in and kept the place clean. It's still a beautiful place to spend the day, but we do miss those days. Time moves on.
Martylouie #48

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

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It is starting to warm up enough to use Bird Island for minimal or no swimwear!   I will start heading out to Bird Island when ever I can.  I will admit I do not thong.   Just like there are some folks that look good in hats,  there are others (like me) that no hat will look good on,  thongs and I do not work.   Nude and small briefs for me.   Anyway,  I like the area between the mailbox and the large NC Coastal Reserve sign (now hidden behind a dune).  Say hey if you see me.   BTW- I'm straight, so save the offers.
lindros #49

Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

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Hey MartyLouie, good luck at the Bird this summer. I moved south to Florida but might pop back there for a week this summer. 
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Re:Bird Island, NC (near Sunset Beach)

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 Heading to Bird Island/Sunset Beach for a long weekend June 15-18. 

I've got my Brazilian Cover Male Bikini in Royal Blue which turns into a thong if you make any slight movement!  My wife will hopefully be sporting some Wicked Weasels, although sometimes she doesn't get as excited about thonging at the beach as I do.
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