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Date Posted:05/23/2006 04:24:07Copy HTML

Hi. Anyone ever been thonging (or less) on Block Island? I went there last year and noticed a very secluded section without crowds by the bluffs. If you take the stairs down, it's way to the right, or you can traverse a pretty steep trail people have made. I noticed 2 nude guys I think.  I haven't been thonging anywhere yet, but would love to - or even nude. Tell me where the good places are. Thanks.
shs92645 #1

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:05/23/2006 07:46:13Copy HTML

You will always find either an occasional thonger on the state beach at Block Island as well as topless or nude by the bluffs near southeast lighthouse, however, it is a long way down and an even longer way up to that beach and the beach itself is rocky and the swimming dangerous.

Best place in Rhode Island is East Beach in Charlestown...there are numerous posts on here about it.  You can be guaranteed of a nice day there if the weather and the surf cooperate.

islandguy #2

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/08/2010 09:07:10Copy HTML

I'll be spending a week on Block Island beginning on Saturday, July 17.  My favorite beach is below Mohegan Bluffs.  You go down the stairs and walk to the right past the first promontory.  From there to the next boulder field is a clothing-optional beach, by years-long tradition.  Typically there is a range of people, from those wearing regular swimsuits to those wearing no swimsuits. Thong-wearers will feel very comfortable because everyone is intermingled.

Over the years, I've seen some days when everyone was nude and some days when no one was nude. Moreover, there can be a lot of variation in attire between the extremes.

Last year I didn't see many guys wearing thongs; among the twenty-something crowd, generally the guys were nude and the girls were topless and wearing thongs.  Who knows what this year's favored look might be.

The setting is spectacular, being at the foot of the cliffs.  However, there are no facilities and cell phones are out of range down there.
islandguy #3

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/26/2010 08:58:13Copy HTML

No thongs on Block Island last week.  At the clothing-optional beach below Mohegan Bluffs there were a few nudes and topless women almost every day, but the majority of people wore regular bathing suits - board shorts for the guys and string bikinis for the girls.  A few girls who looked to be 13-14 years old wore string bottoms that revealed a bit of the cheeks.  That was the closest anyone came to wearing a thong.  Frankly, I was surprised that the youngest teens were wearing the skimpiest bikinis.

On my last day, Saturday, the beach was the most crowded (25 - 30 people) and all except me were wearing conventional bathing suits.  Nevertheless, it was a very comfortable situation because the atmosphere was mellow and non-judgmental, as it always is.

On a couple of days, I spent an hour or two at the Town Beach before heading to the bluffs.  On each day I took a long walk and failed to see another person wearing a thong.  I sensed no consternation over my attire and, in fact, had a couple of complimentary experiences.  One was when a college-age guy came over, shook my hand, smiled politely, said hello, and walked back to his group of friends (male and female).  The message seemed to be "good for you for wearing a comfortable, functional bathing suit.  I'm stuck wearing board shorts due to peer pressure."

The other encounter happened when a I was returning to my blanket from a walk.  There was a group set up near my spot consisting of a woman with two school-aged kids and someone whom I took to be her mother.  As I passed by, the woman initiated a conversation with me.  Among other things, she mentioned that her husband wouldn't be arriving until the next day.  She prolonged the conversation for quite a while.  The look on the face of the woman's mother could have withered flowers 50 feet away.  I suspect that she was wondering why her married daughter was flirting with another man -- in front of her children, no less.  I like to think that the thong provided some of the attraction. When I noticed the ~9-year-old daughter checking me out, I decided it was time to say sayonara, so I made an excuse to leave the beach.  But if truth be told, I surely didn't mind the attention.
islandguy #4

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/24/2011 01:57:02Copy HTML

I spent yesterday naked on the beach at Mohegan Bluffs.  The beach where the stairs end was filled with twenty-somethings wearing bikinis or boardshorts according to gender.  The clothing-optional section beyond the promontory to the right featured 1) several groups consisting of 2 or 3 naked people, 2) one topfree woman with her naked boyfriend, and 3) several people wearing swimsuits.  Everyone coexisted amicably.

Kids are rare at this beach because the waves are very rough.  However, there was one family that caught my eye.  The parents were naked; one daughter about 14 or 15 was topfree and wearing a thong; and the other daughter about 12 or 13 was wearing a string-side thong bikini.  The tans on the girls made it obvious that they always wore thongs when sunbathing. Unfortunately no guys of any age were wearing thongs as far as I could see.

Late in the day I went to the town beach to swim in the gentler surf.  Even at 6 PM there were still quite a few people on the beach, so I had to wear a swimsuit.  I didn't notice anyone else in skimpy swimwear, but no one seemed to bat an eye at my thong.

I'm spending the week on Block Island, so I'll report on interesting swimwear sightings during the week in a later posting.
islandguy #5

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/31/2011 06:18:49Copy HTML

My vacation week was very enjoyable.  After the first day, I generally went to the town beach first thing in the morning, then to the clothing-optional section below Mohegan Bluffs, then back to the town beach late in the day.

At the town beach in the morning, I skinny-dipped, walked the beach nude, and sunbathed nude until about 9:30 when people began setting up for the day.  At that point I put on my American Flag g-string and went for long walks up and down the beach.  Almost everyone I passed greeted me with a cheery “good morning;” a small minority ignored me.  Each day I went into the beach pavilion to get a drink from the water fountain.  One morning, I had a chat with one of the lifeguards as she was getting ready for the day.

I didn’t see anyone else wearing a thong swimsuit, but everyone seemed to take mine in stride.  My wife suggested that people might assume that I’m gay and want to show that they are tolerant of such people.  Another thought is that showing the flag is such a strong positive that it trumps any negative feelings about the skimpiness of the swimsuit.

Around 10:30 I would go to Mohegan Bluffs.  There was at least one other naked person there every day, some days a topfree woman, but no one wearing a thong.  In fact the only thongs I saw all week were the ones worn by the teenage girls noted in my prior posting.

On a couple of days I put on my g-string and walked through the beach at the foot of the stairs.  This was filled mostly with teens and college-age kids.  I was pleasantly surprised and heartened by the fact that I never detected any negativity, not even muffled snickering as I passed by.  It could be because this generation of kids has been brought up to be respectful of people of all sexual orientations, and that they assume that a guy in a thong is gay.

Around 5:30 I would head back to the town beach.  On a couple of days, the crowds had thinned enough for me to skinny-dip. Otherwise, I wore my g-string.  I heard nothing, positive or negative, about my swimsuit when walking to the water and back. 

During the week I saw only a handful of guys in swimsuits briefer than board shorts.  One suit was very colorful and very brief, possibly a thong, but I couldn’t tell because the wearer was sitting on his towel.

The paucity of thongs and the general absence of skimpy swimsuits was not a surprise because Block Island is a “family” destination.  In previous years I had been reluctant to wear a thong on the town beach out of concern over negative reactions. Hence, the tolerance of a guy wearing a g-string is a very positive development.

islandguy #6

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/26/2012 03:48:48Copy HTML

All this week I’m on vacation on Block Island.  I’ve been spending a couple of hours in the mornings in a thong at the town beach, and then going nude on the clothing-optional beach below Mohegan Bluffs in the afternoons.  I’m having a wonderful time.

The town beach is a three-mile crescent frequented mostly by families.  I’ve seen a few men in swim briefs and a few women in cheeky bikinis, but no one in a thong.  When walking the beach or loitering around the pavilion after getting a drink from the water fountain I’ve been generally ignored.  However, during my walks, I’ve received a few cheery “hellos” from women as we passed, heard “oh my god” from a teenage boy, and heard some giggling from a group of teenage girls.  That is the sum of the reactions that I‘ve observed.  Other people less expressive might think my swimsuit strange, but I feel sorry for all of them in their excessive swimwear, especially guys wearing bulky board shorts weighed down with water.

The traditional clothing-optional stretch of beach below Mohegan Bluffs (down the stairs, to the right, past the promontory) is more heavily used by people in conventional swimsuits this year because of a change in the topography due to cliff erosion.  The beach now has a shelf of sand 5 feet higher than in recent years extending from the base of the cliffs 20 - 40 feet towards the ocean.  This has almost eliminated the barrier that the boulders made at the promontory, making it much easier and more inviting for people to cross over from the main beach.

Nudes and non-nudes have mingled harmoniously.  I’ve seen a few couples and a number of single men nude as well as some women topless.  There have been a few guys in swim briefs, but no one of either gender wearing a thong.  The amount of nudity tends to increase as the afternoon wears on, although the percentage of young adults who eventually remove their swimsuits seems much lower than in years gone by.

Surprisingly, a number of families with kids (ages 5 – 15) have set up on this section of the beach, although no one in the families was going nude.  One day there was a large group of adults (all in swimsuits) about 25 feet from me when a family with a 7-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl set up between me and them.  There was plenty of open space elsewhere along the beach, so why they choose that spot seemed strange.  The parents acted nonchalantly towards me.  I presume that the kids noticed me, but probably they didn’t really see me; they were too busy frolicking in the water, playing in the sand, etc.  Even at times like that when I was surrounded by clothed people, including kids, I didn’t do anything different than what I otherwise would do, including going back and forth to the water and walking up and down the beach.  It was very relaxing – and refreshing in more ways than one!

On a couple of days I wanted to make cell phone calls so I put my thong on, walked across the main beach , and climbed the 144 stairs to the top of the cliffs to get in range of the cell tower.  There was no negative reaction to my swimsuit, only a few positive exchanges that had nothing to do with what I was wearing.

People have commented in other threads that projecting self-confidence is a critical factor in how a person is perceived.  My body isn’t quite what it once was, but I feel as though what I’m wearing is sensible and practical and the kind of thing that most people should wear at the beach, if anything at all.  I feel comfortable with myself and act in a friendly manner, so I suspect that my demeanor contributes towards favorable or at least non-negative reactions.

Today it’s cloudy, cool, and breezy with thunderstorms forecast, but I’m hoping for a couple more days of beach weather before returning to the mainland.

SlidingG #7

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/26/2012 06:31:13Copy HTML

Great report, Islandguy, thanks for posting it.  The wife has been talking about getting over to Block Island sometime, now I'd really like to make it happen.  She doesn't climb well, so I might have to check out the bluffs myself.  That's okay, 'cuz then if I see others nude, I'll feel free to join them.
islandguy #8

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/22/2013 03:57:27Copy HTML

This week I’m on Block Island with my wife (not a beach person).  Saturday and Sunday were terrific beach days.  I went to the beach below Mohegan Bluffs on both afternoons.  The first promontory to the right has been flattened so there is no longer a natural barrier of any sort separating the traditional clothing-optional beach from the main beach.  Furthermore, the main beach has been truncated by a long stretch of rocks and stones.  As a result, people wearing conventional swimsuits walk over the rocks and congregate on the initial stretch of sandy beach in the clothing-optional area.

On Saturday, there were two nude couples farther down the beach.  I set up just beyond the regular crowd and went nude.  Plenty of people saw me when I went in the water and for walks.  On one walk I encountered a couple of women around 30 years old wearing string bikinis who stopped to ask whether this was a nude beach.  I said that it was actually clothing-optional; otherwise they would be out of compliance!  !  One of the women had a nose ring and various interesting tattoos, so I figured that she was not tightly bound by social conventions.  We bantered for a while and I asked her to take some pictures of me with my camera, which she happily did.  Prompted by some good-natured goading, she took her top off, but that’s as far as she went before her friend got her to resume their walk.

On Sunday, there was one nude guy and a young couple of note, she in a thong bikini and he in a square cut.   The nude guy was far down the beach but walked close to the crowd to go swimming.  The young couple were in the middle of the people wearing conventional swimsuits.  I got there early enough to stake out a spot that ended up with clothed people on both sides of me.  The good news is that I never detected any concern over my nudity.  The bad news is that on one was inspired to remove part or all of her/his swimsuit.

Around 5:30 PM on both days, I went to the town beach so I could swim in the calmer water.  The beach was nearly empty in the area of the volleyball net about 100 yards to the left of the pavilion.  On Saturday the only people around were a couple of women with a metal detector.  They had their heads in the sand, figuratively speaking, so I felt comfortable going nude.  On Sunday, there was a woman in a bikini sitting with a dog and there were a few people walking the beach, so I wore a g-string.  I chatted with the dog woman briefly.  She was not fazed by my skimpy swimsuit.

Today, Monday, is cloudy and cooler, so not a good beach day.  I’ll report later on my nude/thong experiences during the remainder of the week.
islandguy #9

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/25/2013 06:28:57Copy HTML

It cleared up Monday afternoon and so I was able to spend a few hours on the beach below Mohegan Bluffs.  I saw one topless woman with her husband, no other minimal swimwear.  Tuesday’s weather was similar.  The only noteworthy swimwear was a square cut worn by a guy with his wife.

Wednesday was totally different.  It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day.  I went to the town beach from 9 to 10 AM for a walk in a g-string.  The tide was very high and there were few people on the beach.  There was no discernible reaction to my swimsuit.  I got to the beach below Mohegan Bluffs by 10:30.  There were only two people there – husband and wife in board shorts and bikini on the first dry patch of sand.  I set up 25 feet from them and got naked.  The woman removed her top soon afterwards, and later both took their bottoms off.   The beach gradually filled as the tide ebbed.  Everyone else wore regular swimsuits.

I had two interesting experiences.  One time when I was standing near the shoreline, three girls roughly 6 – 10 years old came running over to check me out.  Their parents made no effort to rein them in.  Later the mother apologized saying she hoped that the kids had not annoyed me.  I didn’t mind and said that I was impressed that she was not paranoid about her kids seeing naked people.  She said that while she hadn’t realized that the beach was so care-free, she figured it wouldn’t be bad if kids saw nudity in a casual, non-threatening environment.  We talked about swimwear styles and attitudes.  One thing I asked was why parents make their daughters wear bikini tops as soon as they’re out of diapers even tough most state laws require female breasts to be covered only after age 10.  She said it came down to peer pressure – parental peer pressure.  She said that her daughters complained about wearing tops when boys didn’t have to!

The other notable experience took place in the afternoon.  A group of 15-20 college kids set up about 25 feet from me (opposite side from the nude couple).  They were all in bikinis and board shorts.  Late in the day, one of the girls came over and asked me to take a picture of their whole group with her iPhone camera.  I said I would if someone took a picture with me in it with my camera.  After I took the picture of them, I gave my camera to one of the guys, and the girls (9 of them) posed with me.  I ended up with a couple of good photos.  I noticed that one of the other guys was also taking pictures with the iPhone camera.

One of the girls asked me if I were a nudist.  I don’t think of myself like that and didn’t want to let her label me as a way to rationalize my lack of clothing.  I said that I don’t like to wear clothing when I don’t have to, that it’s more comfortable that way, and that I don’t like wet cloth clinging to my body.  She chimed in, “and getting sand in your suit.  It’s great that you’re secure enough in your own skin to do this.”  I said that it’s fun and that she should try it.  She said that she doubted that she would ever go nude.

I had thought that the college kids were oblivious to my presence, so I was really flattered when one of the hottest girls (they were all really hot!) asked for help.  Who knows what they’ll do with the pictures.  If anyone sees a picture of a naked middle-aged guy standing with 9 “bikini babes” on the beach, let me know!
islandguy #10

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/28/2013 05:28:17Copy HTML

Thursday and Friday were cloudy, cool, and rainy.  Summer as it should be returned on Saturday.  Lots of day-trippers came over from the mainland, so the beaches got crowded.  After checking out of our accommodations at 9 AM, I took a long walk in a g-string on the main town beach.  There were no noticeable reactions, even when I went to the pavilion for a drink.

I proceeded to the beach below Mohegan Bluffs shortly after 10 AM and got naked.  There were only two people there at that time.  I set up in the same spot as on Wednesday, less than 100 yards from where the smooth sand begins.  By 1 PM there were people all around.  Most wore regular swimsuits.  However, there were four topless women with their boyfriends.  One wore a regular bikini bottom, two wore thongs, and one wore a g-string.  Also, there were three nude couples, one nude man by himself, and one nude woman by herself.

The nude woman was quite a distance down the beach – actually past the next promontory.  I came upon her on a long walk. I interrupted her boogie-boarding and we ended up having a great conversation.  She was very affable, and we made an immediate connection.  It was largely due to the fact that we are both totally blasé about being nude at the beach.  It also happens that she is a medical school student at the Ivy League university where I did my graduate work.

Astoundingly, she readily agreed to pose for full frontal nude pictures taken by a stranger whom she had just met!  What a delightful experience for me!  It’s amazing in itself that an attractive young woman would go nude by herself at the beach.  By the way, there was no sexual element to our connection.  I’m happily married and she has a partner.  I just really enjoy the company of bright women who are mellow and comfortable with themselves.  God knows what she saw in me!

Later I got my picture taken with another group of young adults.  Like the picture on Wednesday, there are 9 people besides me in it. In this case, there were 4 girls and 5 guys.  It was a group of about 15 mostly Latino people in their mid-twenties.  They had set up about 20 feet from my spot and were enthralled by what they considered to be my brazenness.  I was the only nude person right in the middle of the mostly-clothed people.  The other nudes were farther down the beach.  As far as swimwear goes, all of the guys in the group but one wore board shorts; the exception wore an Aussiebum square cut.  The girls all wore string bikinis, most with Rio back bottoms.

It was a wonderful day and a week that left good memories, with pictures as proof – pictures that will remain private as far as I'm concerned.
islandguy #11

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/13/2013 11:51:03Copy HTML

On Sunday my wife and I took a day trip to Block Island.  We got the 9 AM hi-speed ferry from Point Judith and arrived in BI shortly after 9:30.  My wife did some bike riding while I went to the beach below Mohegan Bluffs. Taxis (they’re vans) are always lined up near the street on the right after you exit the ferry.  The cost to Mohegan Bluffs is $15 for one person, $16 for two, plus tip.  Ask the driver for his business card so you can call later to get picked up.  If you want to save money, walk back.   The views are amazing and it’s mostly downhill.  Walking would probably take half an hour or more.

On the clothing optional section of the beach, there were about 50 people, 20% nude plus a few topless women.  There was one woman wearing a thong bikini.  Most people wore conventional swimsuits, although I noticed that all of the young women’s string bikini bottoms exposed 1-2 inches of their cheeks.  It seems that bikini bottoms have been getting skimpier in recent years.

As usual, nudes were mixed in with people wearing swimsuits.  I was one of the first arrivals and set up about 100 feet past the promontory and got naked.  Soon a m/f couple set up 20 feet to my left with the woman going topless.  Later a young couple set up an equal distance to my right, and the girl got naked.  She was stunning:  tall, blond, with an even, all-over, golden tan on a completely smooth body that had a fashion model’s physique.  Her boyfriend kept his board shorts on.  Eventually I went over and talked to them.  I told him that his girlfriend was gorgeous and that he was a lucky guy.  When I told her that she looked great and had an awesome body, she blushed.  She looked to be about 19 years old.

Later a couple of families with a total of five teenage girls set up nearby.  The parents sat all together in chairs by themselves while the girls sunbathed in their bikinis.  After a while the girls disappeared down the far end of the beach.  I came upon them when I took a walk and found them lying on the sand.  All of them had removed their tops, and two had taken their bottoms off as well.  I said hi and made some positive comments.  Then I asked why they hadn’t taken their swimsuits off where they originally were.  They said that their parents wouldn’t go for it.  It turns out that they never asked, just assumed.  I told them that they might be surprised and that their parents might very well agree especially since they could keep an eye on them.  I also suggested a fall-back, compromise proposal:  thong swimsuits.  They seemed somewhat uneasy talking to me, so I didn’t linger, but I felt as though I gave them some things to think about.

I met up with my wife back in town and we had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the harbor.  We took the 8:15 ferry back just as the sun was setting.  It was a picture-perfect day.
islandguy #12

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/26/2013 03:17:42Copy HTML

My wife and I took another day trip to Block Island yesterday.  While she went bike riding I went to the de facto clothing-optional beach below Mohegan Bluffs (at the bottom of the stairs walk to the  right and go past the first promontory).  I was the only nude.  About half a dozen women were topless, and several other women wore bikinis with Rio bottoms.  Everyone else wore conservative swimsuits.  The number of people on the beach was fewer than 50.

A family with two kids - girl 9, boy 6 - set up near me and one of the topless women.  It was refreshing to know that the parents had no qualms about what their kids would see.  The kids hardly glanced at me; they were too busy playing.  It gives the lie to "protecting the children" from seeing  people not wearing standard swimsuits.

Late in the day my wife joined me and went topless.  For a woman who is not a beach person, this was noteworthy.  We'll see if it happens again.
islandguy #13

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:09/12/2013 01:26:40Copy HTML

Wednesday was an unusually hot day for this time of year, so I took the day off to go to the beach.  I caught the 9 AM ferry and went to the clothing-optional area below Mohegan Bluffs (at the bottom of the stairs to the right and past the first promontory).  I spent several hours nude at the beach.  There were only 15-20 people there coming and going during the day.  Most were middle-aged couples in conservative swimwear.  However, there was one naked m/f couple around thirty years old who stayed for a couple of hours.

I was surprised that more people didn’t get away from the 90 degree heat on the mainland.  I took the last ferry back at 6:30 PM after experiencing a gorgeous day.
nudesunbather #14

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/02/2014 09:05:27Copy HTML

I was at the Clothing optional beach on Bloak Island on Sundat, June 2, 2014. Only about 6 people were on the beach. 2 men were nude, one m/f couple were both nude and one female was topless while her boyfirnd had on a swimsuit. The water was too cold but the sun was warm. Hope to see others there soon.
islandguy #15

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/03/2014 03:20:16Copy HTML

Nudesunbather, how was the wind?  I love this beach because it is truly clothing-optional by common practice and ignored by the authorities, but I went to Ogunquit Beach in Maine on Monday instead because I was concerned that Block Island’s cooler temperatures and stronger winds would make for uncomfortable conditions.

FYI, I live about halfway between Ogunquit and the Block Island Ferry dock in Galilee, RI.

nudesunbather #16

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/03/2014 08:55:34Copy HTML

Island guy, not much wind on the beach. However, up on Snake Hole Road, just a refreshing breeze.
As usual, the peopl on the beach are friendly. Hope to be there again this weekend.
nudesunbather #17

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/28/2014 11:57:57Copy HTML

Quiet day on the nude beach today. Just a few people there. Was there fromm 10 am til 2 pm. Very sunny, warm and a slight breeze.
wozzler #18

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/29/2014 03:49:44Copy HTML

I'm confused where the nude beach is.  I've been at the beach near Mohegan Bluffs and have seen nude sunbathers on some days but on others not, but I don't know about the other beach near Snake Hole Road.  Does that tend to be more nude use?  Are there days where there is nobody there? 
islandguy #19

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/29/2014 04:44:45Copy HTML

In my experience over several years the numbers of people nude, topless, or wearing thongs on these beaches can vary greatly from day to day.  There have been days when I was the only one nude, and there have been days when everyone was nude.

Usually there are considerably fewer people in the Snake Hole Road beach area than at the clothing optional section of beach below Mohegan Bluffs (a handful at the former versus up to a few dozen at the latter in July/August).  It is, therefore, likely that there will be days when nobody is at the Snake Hole Road beach area.  In fact I have observed this to be the case.  Nevertheless, it is difficult to predict what the situation might be on any given day.
wozzler #20

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/30/2014 03:25:32Copy HTML

Thank you.  If I can break away from work I might go there this week.  I just want to go to where nude use is accepted and I'm not offending anyone. 

islandguy #21

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/07/2014 03:16:23Copy HTML

Yesterday my wife and I took a day trip to Block Island.  I spent the afternoon at the beach below Mohegan Bluffs while she went riding her bike (she’s not a beach person) before we met up for dinner.

I set up about 200 yards past the first promontory to the right.  There were about 30-40 people on this stretch of beach.  Most were m/f couples in their twenties.  Some set up about 20 feet away from me on both sides.  I went nude, but saw no one in less than conservative swimwear until late in the afternoon when I saw a man farther down the beach sunbathing naked.

It was a beautiful day, though with a steady breeze, and the water was warm.  I was surprised at the gentleness of the surf, given that Hurricane Arthur had passed by two days earlier.

Many people walked past me while I was lying on my blanket, and I passed several others when walking up and down the beach.  Everyone ignored me.

Often at this beach late in the day, women will remove their tops or men and women will remove their swimsuits after they realize that it’s safe to be naked there.  However, that did not happen this time.

On one of my walks I walked far enough to see that there were a few people on the beach in the Snake Hole Road area, but I did not get close enough to be able to discern their swimwear or lack thereof.

The briefest swimsuit that I saw was on a teenage girl walking on the sidewalk downtown in Old Harbor.  She was wearing a bright, fire engine red, string bikini that exposed almost half of her buttocks.  She had a gorgeous tan and a shapely physique that was enhanced by such an attention-getting swimsuit.  She was walking with another girl who was wearing a bikini in a plainer style and color.  Traffic seemed to flow normally.
wozzler #22

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/11/2014 01:28:22Copy HTML

I went to Mohegan Bluffs today.

There were quite a few families there past the first promontary but they don't go much further than that.  I camped out past the big rock on that stretch of beach.

When the kids came by I covered up.  No judgement on my part towards anyone who feels comfortable nude in front of kids, I'm just not yet.  When adults came by I didn't care and just went about my business.

In the afternoon a topless women with her nude husband set up a little ways on one side of me and a nude guy on the other side.  At that point I felt totally free to walk up and down combing the beach or whatever.  I figure if anyone was offended by them then they were going to be ok passing by me.

I kind of wish more people joined in to go nude.  For me it takes the fun out of it if I'm worried about who I might offend.  I actually don't really understand why everyone is not into it.  You feel totally free.    

wozzler #23

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/11/2014 01:57:37Copy HTML

I was also womdering while on the beach why women don't all go topless when they are allowed to.  Bikini tops must be really uncomfortable and what is being revealed is skin thin anyway.  They are not hiding anything and are really nude already.  I understand more the taboo with males but for women there swimsuits leave nothing to the imagination. 

nudesunbather #24

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/13/2014 12:13:38Copy HTML

Nice day on the snake hoile road side og the nude beach. A gorgeous woman was there with her husban. SHe was also a bit on the friendly side from a  distance. Also went to the beach at Mihegan Blufss. No nude people or topless women there. Wass there from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.
Hope to be at the snake hole area of the nude beach next weekend. Also, the water was refreshing and sandy both in and out of the water.
nudesunbather #25

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/19/2014 11:50:22Copy HTML

Day started off cloudy on the nude beach bytr cleared up by about noontime. 2 couples where there, one couple was both nude and the other, the male was nude and the female was to-pledd. Both couples were friendly. Then went over to Mohegan Bluffs beach at about 2:30. No nudes there, But there was a ude amle and a nude couple on Vails beach. So I went nude there too and she lliked what she saw as se walked by me..  who will be there this week?
islandguy #26

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/20/2014 02:48:10Copy HTML

I spent yesterday (Saturday) afternoon nude on the beach below Mohegan Bluffs past the first promontory to the right of the stairs.  I set up abot 50 yards before the first huge boulder. There were people on both sides of me.  I was the only in anything less than conventional swimwear.  I walked back and forth to the next promontory a couple of times, passing several people along the way.  The only interactions with other beachgoers were friendly waves from a young m/f couple.

I'll be on Block Island all week.  I plan to spend most of my beach time at Mohegan Bluffs, but I will be sure to take some walks along the shore to Vail Beach and the Snake Hole road area.
nudesunbather #27

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/26/2014 11:57:52Copy HTML

Nice day on the nude beach today. Atleast 12-15 people  were nude. This includes 3 couples. Water was refreshing and a bit of a breeze in the afternoon. Also wlked over to Vails and Mohegan Bluffs beach. There were only 2 men nuude there and I was the third. Also waked back nude until I cam onto Vaiils beach where it was croowded.
islandguy #28

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/28/2014 07:58:21Copy HTML

Last week was our vacation week on Block Island.  I spent most of my beach time nude on the beach below Mohegan Bluffs past the first promontory to the right.  I set up about 250 yards past the promontory.  Typically there were 25 – 50 people on that section of the beach.  Most set up between the promontory and my spot - although there were several people between me and the next promontory to the right.

Each day there were 1 or 2 naked men and 1 to 3 topless women.  I saw only one naked woman (with her naked husband) one day.  All of the men wearing swimsuits wore board shorts, some not quite reaching the knee!  Young women’s bikini bottoms were cheekier than last year; there were a few that exposed almost half of their butts!

Surprisingly, there were a few young children on the beach.  One older couple whom I’ve known for several years had their daughter and 6-year old granddaughter with them.  They had not been coming there for a few years because of the difficulty in getting up and down the cliffs with a little child.  Even though they never went nude, we always had friendly conversations.  They and their daughter had no concern about letting the child see a naked man.

On another day, a family with three kids (two girls and a boy) under the age of six set up very close to me.  The kids wore bathing suits, and the parents stayed in their shorts and t-shirts.  No one paid much attention to me, but I’m certain that they all saw me.  I walk back and forth to the water and up and down the beach often.

It was refreshing to see people with kids not making a big deal out of beach nudity.  That should be healthy in the long run.

On several days, I took long walks to the right along the shoreline.  Between the promontory to the right of where I was set up and the next promontory after that is Vail Beach.  There are three long staircases down to the beach from private homes.  There are typically three generations of people on the beach at the foot of these staircases – all wearing conservative swimsuits.  Even though all beaches in Rhode Island are public, these people like to think of Vail Beach as their private beach, and they might hassle you if you walk by naked or even in a g-string (it’s happened to me in years past, but I refuse to be intimidated).  One day I did see a topless woman with her boyfriend at the end of the beach nearest to where I was coming from.  In past years I have seen naked men and women at the far end.  It takes several minutes to walk from one end to the other.

Just beyond the far promontory is a trail that comes down from Snake Hole Road.  Walking farther to the right through lots of boulders, rocks, and stones for a few minutes leads to another long sandy stretch that is a de facto nude beach.  During the week there were 3 – 9 people (men and women) on this beach (which takes several minutes to walk from one end to the other) and all were nude.  On Saturday there were 10 -15 naked people. I spoke with one middle-aged couple who have been going to that stretch of beach for 10 years.  They professed their ardent love of it.  I do not especially care for it because it seems too isolated and a lonely place for someone by himself (my wife is not a beach person).  Going there also strikes me as unnecessary self-segregation.  I’d rather be where there are more than a handful of people even if most of them choose not to go nude or topless.  In fact, that’s why I like the beach that I spend most of my time on: it is truly clothing-optional (by general use, not legally - although I’ve never seen or heard of any issues with public officials in the 20+ years that I’ve been going there).

On my last day, Saturday, I met fellow board member nudesunbather.  Thanks for stopping by!  It was good to talk to a kindred spirit.

On a few of the mornings I went for walks from 8:30 and 9:30 on the town beach in my black, lined, sliding g-string.  There were only a handful of people on the beach along with several people walking dogs.  The briefest swimsuits I saw were a speedo on a guy cavorting in the water with his wife and a cheeky bikini on one of the female lifeguards.

80% of the people I passed on the beach gave me a cheery hello; the remainder ignored me except for two portly older gentlemen.  One day one said “entirely inappropriate” as we passed each other.  Another day, the other one said “nice trunks.”

At the end of my walks, I went to the pavilion to get a drink of water from the water fountain (unfortunately it was out of service at the end of the week).  I had brief chats with a male lifeguard and with the young man who was in charge of renting umbrellas and chairs.  I’ve added a couple of pictures of myself in front of the pavilion to the Adjustable G-String album in my Images section.

All in all, I had a very pleasant week on the beach.  It would have been nicer to see more people nude, topless, or wearing thong swimsuits on the beach below Mohegan Bluffs, but it’s still a very comfortable environment because on that stretch of beach no one cares what anyone else wears.
nudesunbather #29

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/02/2014 12:06:34Copy HTML

Not a busy day day on the nude nbeach there until early afternoon. Seen one female who was topless but decided to swim nude so I joined here. but I left shortly after that to get my taxi to the ferry. Only one nude couple on the far end of Vails beach but covered up for othhers when I returned fro Bluffs beach. No nudes or topless there.
nudesunbather #30

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/09/2014 12:31:53Copy HTML

Gorgeous day on the beach started out slow with only a coouple of people there but by noontime about 6 couples were there. About half of them had a topless female while the guy was nude and later in the afternoon a couple of nude couples appeared. Nothing too report on Vails or Mihegan Bluffs beach.
islandguy #31

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/10/2014 03:02:01Copy HTML

Saturday was a perfect summer day:  air temp near 80 F, water temp about 70 F, a cloudless sky, very low humidity, and just the slightest bit of a breeze.  I spent several hours nude on the beach past the first promontory to the right of the stairs at Mohegan Bluffs.  There were about 75 people there - the largest number I've seen this year.  There was a man naked with his wife and a topless woman with her boyfriend.  Most of the people were in the 21-35 years old age range.  Except for me and the man I mentioned, all of the guys wore board shorts.  Most of the women wore regular bikinis although there were a few with bottoms revealing as much as half of their butts.  No one appeared to pay attention to what others were or were not wearing.  I felt perfectly comfortable sunning and swimming in the midst of all the people as well as on my walks up and down the beach. 

In the afternoon I took a walk through Vail Beach over to Snake Hole Road Beach.  There was a naked young couple in the center of Vail Beach - far away from the staircases at each end.  On Snake Hole Road Beach I counted eleven people, all of whom appeared to be naked except one woman in a bikini.

My wife and I had dinner at Ballard's on the patio right next to the beach.  Ballard's is a favorite of young single people.  There were several young women on the beach wearing tiny bikinis that exposed 1/3 to 1/2 of their bottoms.  All of the guys had on knee-length board shorts.

The island was loaded with day trippers like us.  A taxi driver I spoke with said that it was the busiest day of the summer by far.  The forecast for Sunday and Monday is for more of the same weather.
nudesunbather #32

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/16/2014 12:02:07Copy HTML

Very quiet day on the beach today. Only abiout 6 people sunbatthing nude foor an hour or two. Windy and high tide made it difficult to appreciate the water.
bear_collector #33

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/17/2014 04:53:40Copy HTML

 I am going to making a day trip to Block island.  how long a walk is it from mohegan Bluff to vail beach and snake hole road beach.  Is is a walk you can do without a suit a suit or is it better to be in a thong.
nudesunbather #34

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/17/2014 10:15:13Copy HTML

From the Mohegan Bluffs Beach to the nude beach past snake hole road is about a 25 minute walk and carry a bathing suit just in case. I will propably be on the nude beach past Snake Hole Road on this Friday. Will you be by your self or with a woman?
islandguy #35

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/27/2014 08:32:50Copy HTML

On Tuesday I took a trip to Block Island and spent most of the day nude on the beach past the first promontory to the right of the stairs at Mohegan Bluffs.  There were 40 - 50 people there, all in regular swimsuits except for one naked m/f couple and a topless woman in a group of four women.  Some of the young women wore cheeky bikinis, but none was particularly noteworthy.  All of the guys' swimsuits were board shorts.  The air temperature was near 80 F and the water temp must have been 70 +/-.

One couple near me asked me to take pictures of them with their camera just before they left the beach.  They seemed oblivious to my birthday suit.  On one of my walks, a pair of young women walking towards me flashed big smiles and we said hi to each other.  I did not have any interaction with the nude couple.

I took a walk across Vail Beach but didn't get as far as the nude beach below the cliffs along Snake Hole Road.  No one on Vail Beach complained about my lack of a swimsuit.

The island was not crowded, even though it was a gorgeous summer day, because the new school year has already begun in many communities in Rhode Island and nearby states.
nudesunbather #36

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/29/2014 07:06:03Copy HTML

Going over to Block Island tomorrow (Sat. 8/30/2014). who will be there? I am taking the 9;00 AM high speed.
nudesunbather #37

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/31/2014 12:15:25Copy HTML

Gorgeous day on Block Island today. Only a couple of nude people on the nude beach past Snake Hole Road. Wlalked to Bluffs beach at 2:45 pm. no nudes or topless women there. However, one topless woman on the beach between Vails and Bluffs beacj with her male firne. Walked there nude and back nude without a problem. Gave water to a small dog and ask iif the female owner minded if I was nude and she said that was fine with her.
nudesunbather #38

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:09/28/2014 02:22:21Copy HTML

Gorgeous day at the beach yesterday. About 6-8 people there (All nude). wentr over to Bluffs beach (No nudes or topless). A couple of nudes at Mansion Beach and at Vails late afternoon.
islandguy #39

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:05/18/2015 01:48:33Copy HTML

My wife and I are staying on Block Island this week.  Yesterday was like a mid-summer's day:  temp in the low 70s, bright sun, no clouds. The wind was light in the AM and almost dead calm in the PM.

I spent several hours nude on my favorite stretch of beach below Mohegan Bluffs past the first promontory to the right.  I was the only one lying on the beach.  A few couples walked by dressed in long pants and long-sleeved shirts, one also wearing a sweatshirt!  In spite of their inappropriate attire, I refrained from disparaging comments and gave everyone a smile and a wave.  When I left late in the afternoon, I wore a sheer g-string on the walk back to the car.  I didn't encounter anyone until I reached the parking lot where I exchanged pleasantries with a young couple and their pre-school daughter.

It's overcast and in the mid-50s today, and the forecast for the week is not too promising for beach weather.  Yesterday provided an unexpected bonus for this early in the season, so I won't be greedy.  I'll get to do biking, hiking, and other things with my wife (who is not a beach person).
nudesunbather #40

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:05/30/2015 12:33:07Copy HTML

Gorgeous day on the island today. Was nude on both the Black rock Beach and Vails Beach. No topless or nude women to report. 
nudesunbather #41

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/20/2015 12:48:58Copy HTML

 Nice day on the beaches today. Not too many people there. Just a few people sunbathing nude at Black Rock ONLY. Only one couple nude and a couple of males scattered there.
nudesunbather #42

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/20/2015 11:52:43Copy HTML

Gorgeous day today on Black rock beach up until about 2:30.Was with a female friend or mine and there were about twice as many ppeople (both men and women) sunbathing nude..
islandguy #43

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:06/25/2015 11:33:51Copy HTML

The weather was great yesterday.  I spent the day sunbathing and walking nude on the beach below Mohegan Bluffs past the first promontory to the right.  I set up a couple of hundred yards further to the right.  There were about 30 people on the beach, almost all college students in small groups.  One group of 6 girls set up 20 feet from me.
Most of the girls wore cheeky bikinis.  The guys wore board shorts, many of which were shorter than knee-length.  There were 2 topless young women with their boyfriends.  The college kids departed around 2:30 undoubtedly to get ready for their food service jobs.

I'm looking forward to July 18 when my vacation week starts.  I'll be able to be on this spectacular stretch of clothing-optional beach every day!
islandguy #44

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/08/2015 02:25:16Copy HTML

Two days ago I took another day trip to Block Island.  As usual I spent the day naked on the beach below Mohegan Bluffs about a hundred yards beyond the first promontory to the right.  Among the 30 or so people on the beach were a nude m/f couple, a topless woman with her boyfriend, and a woman in a thong bikini with her husband and two-year-old daughter.  The mom spent a good deal of time topless as well.

There was some nice wave action, and the water was refreshing though noticeably warmer than it has been.
nudesunbather #45

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/12/2015 12:16:55Copy HTML

Gorgeouus day at Black Rock beach. About ten people sunbathing nude (2 couples and the rest were men(each man by them self. Walked over to Vails, Mansion and Bluffs beach. Bluff beach was too crowded and no topless or nudes there. However,,  one nude male on Mansion beach. So I walked back nude for while. Will be at Block rock beach tomorrow. Who else will be there?
nudesunbather #46

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/13/2015 12:21:24Copy HTML

Awesmme day on the nude beach on Block Island. Weather was warm and sunny with a slight breeze and about 15-20 people sunbathing nude there. Hope to be back next weekend.
nudesunbather #47

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/19/2015 12:08:36Copy HTML

Didn't stop drizzling until about noontime today. Just a few of us nude on the beach. No nudes or topless women on Bluffs beach or Mansion or even Vails.
nudesunbather #48

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/24/2015 11:58:53Copy HTML

Awesome day on the beach at Black rock. about 15 people there. All nude except for one female.She was with her hubby and their very young daughter. Both hubby and the daughter were nude. Only one nude male on the beach next to Bluffs beach.

islandguy #49

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:07/26/2015 08:07:02Copy HTML

This past Wednesday through Saturday the weather was fabulous on Block Island.  I spent much of the week nude as usual on the beach below Mohegan Bluffs past the first promontory to the right.  This is traditionally a clothing-optional beach.  Every day, there were a few nudes and topless women among the 30 - 60 beachgoers. Almost all nudes were m/f couples.  One of them had a topless teenage daughter in a very cheeky bottom.

The other topless women were with their husbands/boyfriends.  Some of them wore true thong swimsuits.  On Wednesday and Thursday there were small groups of college kids self-segregated by gender.  All of the girls wore bikinis. Each of the girls' swimsuit bottoms exposed at least some of her butt, and among each group there was always one whose swimsuit bottom covered less than half of her butt.  All of the guys had board shorts on.

One group of college girls happened to be taking pictures of themselves when I was walking by one time.  I offered to take a group photo.  After I did, a couple of them asked me to pose with them.  I always carry my camera in case such a situation arises, so I now have some nice photos of me nude with each arm around a hot, young bikini babe.

One day I took a walk to the nude beach below Snake Hole Road.  There were two nude m/f couples and four single nude men.  On the way, I saw a topless young woman in a thong with her boyfriend on the intervening beach, Vail Beach.

On my way out late Thursday afternoon, I passed two topless women (with their boyfriends) on the main beach below the stairs.  I don't think I've ever seen topless women there.

I took a number of walks wearing a g-string along beaches where nudity would be inappropriate.  One was the beach right below Mohegan Bluffs at the foot of the stairs.  I generally went in early afternoon.  One day, I climbed up the stairs to get in cell phone range to check for messages. The other beach where I wore the g-string swimsuit was the town beach.  I did this either before 10 AM or after 5 PM.  Although I was the only guy wearing a swimsuit remotely as small as mine, I detected no adverse reaction at any time.  In fact, at the town beach when I went to the pavilion to get a drink of water, the young woman behind the snack bar smiled and the lifeguards I passed acknowledged my hello as I walked by.

All in all, it was an excellent week!
islandguy #50

Re:Block Island - Rhode Island

Date Posted:08/06/2015 01:55:14Copy HTML

Yesterday was a great day for thongs or less at the traditional clothing-optional beach below Mohegan Bluffs. The were two women wearing thong bikinis, one topless woman with her naked husband, a nude m/f couple, and a group consisting of two nude m/f couples. These people were among the thirty or so people on the beach for most of the day.

At one point there was a group of about twenty teenagers apparently from a camp who stayed for about two hours at the end of the beach nearest the promontory separating the clothing-optional section from the main beach.  None of them ventured along the beach to where the people in minimal or no swimwear were situated.

At midday I put on a thong to walk over to the main beach and up the staircase so I could check phone messages and email (the high cliffs block cell phone reception).  I passed dozens of people, but no one blinked an eye at my attire even though virtually everyone on the beach was wearing a conservative swimsuit or was in shorts and t-shirts walking down the stairs and milling around in the parking lot.

By the way, the work to install wind turbines offshore is visible from the beach.  The foundations for two of the five turbines have already been installed.  Standing on the beach, look to 10 o'clock on an imaginary clockface to see them sticking slightly above the waterline a few miles out (best seen at low tide).  Barges with cranes will also be in the area when work is actively being performed.  This will be the first offshore wind farm in the country when it goes live next year.
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