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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:07/10/2004 03:45:07Copy HTML

As most of you know, this board is supported by contributions. I charge no money and make no money for moderating the board. All your contributions to paying for hosting and running the message board.Amoo charges by page views. They pretend to be charging by months, but this is a farce for when the page views go over the limit we have to pay again.

It costs about $75 in donations for each 240,000 page views. We burn through that many page views every month.

As you have seen, when our page view balance goes negative the board loses it's graphics and loses it's other settings. For example you are limited as to how many threads you can see, and how many pages you can go back. There are other limitations too. Some of you may also experience annoying advertizing or pop-ups.

If we do not renew within a short time of the board going into dumb mode, Aimoo will delete the older message threads on this board. One of the good aspects of this board is the depth of resources contained in the older threads. By looking at the older messages it is possible to see what people have said about a beach or location going back several years in time.

This board has over 6,000 members.  A few of you have contributed to this board.  A big thank you to those that have contributed over the years.  For those of you who have not contributed it is time to stand up and start support this thong community. 

When many other thong wears message boards have gone by the wayside, either due to spam, lack of participation or lack of moderation, this community has grown and thrived.  Every day there are at least a dozen new posts and almost no spam at all.

So like cable television or NPR, if you want to continue to have an add free forum then you need to donate some money to keep it aflote.

Every bit helps. Take a look at the View Contributors button on the main page and you can see who has been helping out so far. Now it's your turn. Click on the link that says Make a donation Click here.

Note: If you don't want your name to appear on the list of contributors then try this trick a member came up with. Go to your profile page - change your first and last names to Mickey Mouse and email to [email protected] - then make the contribution. Afterwords you can change your name back and the donation will still show it came from Mickey Mouse.



Other Notices:

I will be very busy for the next few weeks, so please make the administration easy for me. You can do this in several ways:

  • Read before posting.
  • Before starting a new thread, search to see if an existing one exists about the place or subject. It takes a lot of work to move messages around and to join multiple threads together.
  • If you see a posting that is off color, in the wrong place, or is hijacking a thread then send me a Private Message, (a PM), with the info on what it is and how to find it. When you see a post that needs correction, moving or removal send me a PM. Tell me what section it's in, what the thread is called and who the name of the poster.

(Everyone should read the following list of guidelines before posting.)



Do try to post follow-ups to existing threads, rather than start a new ones.

Learn how to search and read the previous threads. It's likely that your question has been already asked and answered, or is under discussion in an existing thread.


Use the message board's Search menu option. Change the options for "Posted Date" to from the beginning, and press the button for Select all categories. This will search all the message titles. We have over 12,000 posts on the board in over 2,000 different discussion threads. So most subjects are already started.

You can also do a word search on a page using your browser, but it only searches the items on that page. Note that in most categories, like US beaches, there are multiple pages. Look at the bottom left and you will see links to the older threads Page: [1] 2 3


Reply to an existing thread by using the "POST REPLY'' and not the "new topic'' button.


We always welcome beach and resort reports, especially ones with directions and access information.


We don't allow emails in posts. Your profile is the place for that. We also don't allow web address except for:

  • Links to resorts or beaches in beach and locations section.
  • Links to news in the thong news section.
  • Links to other sites in the links to other thong sites section. That's where you post links to your thong site.
  • Links that have to do with the subject of the thread, for example a link to the maker.


    If you want to contact people, put your message it in the contacts section of the board. Be sure to put a location in the message title. When replying to a contact it may be best to use the Private Message button to send a PM to the person.


    Women are more than welcome. Because men in thongs need more support than women we have more men than women on the board. So when you see a women posting please put your eyes back in your head, and keep your comments polite and respectful. Please don't run them off by using the PM to hound them.

If people post inappropriate comments, or in the wrong place, or start a new thread when one already exists, please send me a Private Message with a link or the Forum, thread heading, message and poster. Thanks


That's part of our terms with Please keep all postings PG. Don't be surprised if the moderator has to edit some posts to keep it that way.

Thanks, and remember, this is a user supported board. Donations to the boards upkeep are always appreciated. We are charged by "page views" and burn through about $50 worth of them a month. I guess that''s the problem with being the best thong message board.


Setting up a user ID on is FREE. You don't need to take or pay for any of the additional services to have full access to this board. Click Here

You do need to put in a valid and real email address to get started. During the registration process you must put in your real email address so that you get you get the account setup link. Please select a sensible user name.

Once you are a member, you can go to your profile and uncheck the E-Mail and profile "Visibility" so that you remain anonymous. I recommend this because Google indexes profile pages.

To access this board you don't need to pay for any additional services. All you need is on of the free user accounts.

Any other money you pay during registration for upgraded features does NOT go to help the message board. Only donations through the donation link go to help with the operating costs. No they don't go to me, they go directly to an account at aimoo to pay for the monthly page views. So don't pay for upgraded services, create a free account and then make a donation through the donation link at the top of the board.

If you get restricted access messages, use the Sign Out option from the menu at the top right, clear your browsers cookies, then Sign back in.
Please cutback on starting new threads. Post replies to to existing threads on the subject.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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