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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:02/02/2016 10:55:26Copy HTML

After walking Delray beach early afternoon I took a jaunt to nearby Boca Raton's south beach. Oh my!! After entering the beach I turned left toward the volleyball court and nearly every girl was in a thong. It's not as big of a beach as Delray and there aren't that many visitors but the thong ratio was very high in this section and the girls were beautiful. There is a high resolution web cam for this beach (search this forum for the link). However the area where the girls wore the things was just north of the pavilion out of camera range. I'd have no issues wearing a thong on this beach and highly recommend this beach over Delray any day.
lindros #1

Re:Boca Raton

Date Posted:04/07/2016 12:03:45Copy HTML

Hung out at Boca Raton's South Beach park today. No issues at all wearing a semi-sheer unlined g-string. I set up north of the pavilion and volleyball court. In my section I didn't see any other thongs but there were about 6 girls wearing very cheeky rio type suits and there was one woman who improvised a thong out of her standard bikini bottom. Back in front of the pavilion in mid afternoon there were 3-4 ladies in thongs. This seems to be a very thong tolerant beach that doesn't get crowded. I may go here again tomorrow or try another area beach.
sailor250 #2

Re:Boca Raton

Date Posted:04/07/2016 12:58:49Copy HTML

 Oh yeah look at this!
sarasotajt #3

Re:Boca Raton

Date Posted:04/08/2016 01:06:52Copy HTML

 I believe this is the view south of that beach access:

I've monitored this cam occasionally over the past several months and yes, I commonly see female thongers when the weather is sunny and warm.
lindros #4

Re:Boca Raton

Date Posted:04/08/2016 10:32:29Copy HTML

Today I visited another Boca beach ... Spanish River park, which is a couple miles north of South Beach park mentioned in the previous posts.

Spanish River park is a bigger beach, much longer and wider and it's not heavily populated. I set up at 9am 100 yards away from the north entrance among the lounge chairs set out by the town. I had no issues wearing a g-string today. The lifeguards know they are legal. The crowd at this beach is mostly older people or families, and the swimwear was conservative. I didn't see any other thongs, but I didn't hear any rude comments my way. So it's a decent beach if you want quiet.

I stayed till 2pm and then went to Boca south beach. Even though the beach is small, I counted about 12 true thongs and probably at least a dozen Rios. These were mostly to the north of the pavilion by the volleyball court outside of the range of the web cam, though there were a few thongs south of the pavilion too. I even saw one girl in a thong walk to her car parked on the street a couple blocks away as I arrived.

The girls wearing the thongs were mostly college age girls, and were very beautiful as a whole. The problem is close to them are dozens of muscle head jocks trying to impress them with their athletic ability, of course all of them wearing board shorts. So I'm not sure whether a guy in a thong would work where the girls and immature guys hang out, guess it depends on your comfort level. I thonged about 75 yards farther north without issue yesterday and also think that just south of the pavilion to the right of the pipes would work too.
sailor250 #5

Re:Boca Raton

Date Posted:03/07/2019 11:06:00Copy HTML

While in Florida got to take a trip up and down the intracoastal waterway on a windy Sunday from Palm Beach to Ft Lauderdale in some friend's boat. The group was somewhat conservative so mesh bikini for me, others in shorts and bikinis. Well I was surprised by the thong count on the water!! It seemed like at least every other boat had a thong clad girl or two. Sometimes when traffic was heavy I had a TIV of over 5! That's up there with SouthBeach TIV thongs in view- where I had a new high this trip- 21 lasses asses in view at one time- 360 degrees of tanning asses!! So around Boca was the highest concentration of the hottest women! I saw all ages- 14 to 70 in thongs! No one seemed to be shy- like trying to hide, some riding on the gunwhale with their leg over the side--- nice view from behind!
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