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Date Posted:06/14/2005 07:10:36Copy HTML

Hi All, I went to the beach yesterday, in the morning, had to work in the afternoon. Of course I wore my thong. I went to two different beaches (it was so windy that you had to be behind a wave break wall, and position as the changed as tide changed.

Saw about 15 girls and women aged between about 20 and 50 wearing g-strings. I have only seen 3 men this year wearing a thong in Brighton, 2 slightly older and one aged about 18!

Anyway, get down here and sun your bum. note, girls can wear a thong on any beach they wish, men can wear them by the West pier and into Hove, and past the Brighton pier and on to the marina.  Andrea
Anonymous #1

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:05/26/2003 01:41:57Copy HTML

You ask if Briton is thong frendly ? only for women not much for guys, Brtiton is still to old fashioned.

The best place for male thongers is studland in dorset by the nudist area other than that the guys get a poor deal.

to many rubber necks at brighton beach.

I hope this helps?

thonglover69 #2

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:10/22/2003 12:30:29Copy HTML

Hi,you are right about brighton been thong friendly for women,no way for men although i did see afew guys wearing thongs this summer on the nude part of the beach.which is where i was ,i prefer to go nude there,but find you are pushed to the faf end of the beach,where it is not very female friendly,its mostly gay guy trere                                                                                                          BRENDAN
Thong Kong #3

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/14/2005 08:45:22Copy HTML

Are you saying that BY LAW, women can wear thongs in places that men cannot!!? I can't possibly believe that.
matchingthongs #4

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/14/2005 05:47:58Copy HTML

There is no law in Britain covering the wearing of thongs. In law, any man or woman can wear a thong in public, anywhere, as long as it does not constitute "indecent exposure" which would mean the deliberate exposure of the erect penis (note that the law of "indecent exposure" only covers men!!)with the intention to shock, etc. It's what you do while wearing them that could get you into trouble; "disturbing the peace", which requires somebody to complain. If anybody complained about somebody wearing a thong the police would probably do nothing except check that nothing more was happening. Wearing a thong at any beach in the UK is perfectly legal, but self-censorship, current fashions and social pressures are the only restrictor. What is the position in other countries, such as Sweden; I suspect it's the same?

Let's hope that thong wearing will be more fashionable this summer; I suspect it will be here.

Certain places (hotels, pools, etc.) may have rules or regulations which may restrict them however.
nicthong #5

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/14/2005 05:48:46Copy HTML

@Bentonton: No, I think Andrea's simply suggesting that's where men tend to wear thongs and it's accepted, whereas women can freely wear thongs anywhere without worrying about it. Legally, both men and women can wear thongs on any beach in the UK.

@Andrea: Would love to get down there and join you but the travel time required makes it quite unlikely. You'll just have to make sure you enjoy it for the rest of us as well!

Ex_Member #6

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/15/2005 07:18:37Copy HTML

Where in Andrea's post is any reference to "THE LAW"? I took it that she was merely passing on her own observations for the benefit of others on this board but instead she gets jumped on with a silly question that I'm sure bentonton knows the answer to. My concern is that we should encourage all posters to this board especially female contributors who are in the minority. Such behaviour like yours could possibly dissuade other females from making a contribution and then you'd probably bemoan the fact that no females contribute to the board. Lighten up dude!
1woof #7

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/01/2005 01:16:17Copy HTML

Thanks Andrea, I've just moved to Sussex and was wondering exactly where men can go and thong without getting too much hassle. Now I know - you're a star!
AndreaDK #8

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:09/09/2005 05:07:22Copy HTML

Dear Thong kong,


of course men can legally wear thongs in exactly the same places that girls do - I just think you would be stupid to wear one in some paces, as there are some real "underclass" louts that will make your life a misery down here, whereas girls and women won't be unsafe!

cabecao28 #9

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:08/16/2006 07:12:30Copy HTML

Hello everybody, I made my summer already!!! I was in brighton with my girlfriend and we worn thongs over there. first of all I only saw about 5 thongs that day. I was the only guy wearing one by the way. My girlfriend agreed I could use a conservative thong from hom with a 3 in wide straps...I wished use my g-string but she said it will be smaller thanher thong...We left the beach to eat something at ther pier, we didn't care about covering our butts because we were at the beach...nobody was with their swimsuits showing except us...It was terrific because everybody was looking at us - the only 2 people wearing a thongs in that crowded pier...she has a nice body, very confident....and my body is ok for my 37...many young people started to laugh and old ladies were saying - oh my god!!! I remember 5 teenagers laughing loud and sundenly they stopped to see or butts again, and I noticed one was trying to take some pics with her mobile, and I said - If you wanna do that go ahead, and she said no I'm not taking pics.....)she was blushed till her toes....)Later on I came alone to buy some drinks...and the people were more exciting about my bare butts....I walked all over that pier and streets full of confidence felling like a top model ... screamings, laughs and 'oh my god's'...worked as petrolto keepme on!!!My girlfriend enjoyed everything, and she added...'such a narrow minded people' we cannot use skimpy swimwear on these days??? and why a man can not tan his butt locks???Still getting some tanning when I standed up to do something, a young girls said to other mates...look a guy in a thong.... and her mate asked- where? and my girlfriend, about 30 feet from them, said - over here!!! (pointing at me) it was funny....We also asked some youths to take our picture close to the marina and they were fine with us, ans seemed to me if we break the ice they treat us as humans not aliens... and a guy around 16 said whem we left them....- you look nice with this thong!!! I think it was for both of us.....lolI wish came back there before summer fades out with a even smaller thong or g-string...More and more I consider myself a thonger, it's a pity I only started last year this feeling of freedom...hugs and kisses to all of you
BBooty #10

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/10/2010 10:32:28Copy HTML

i was in brighton today, weather has been bad for a while today, but i managed to thong for few hours, i was nearby the naturist beach and nobody paid much attention on me, only a group of 3 people(2 guys and 1 girl)was laughing at me for a while, but in the end i didn't give it much importance...see also few woman thonging around but any guy...
JM_Runs #11

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/12/2010 11:44:54Copy HTML

 I've seen quite a few women thong and topless on the main brighton beach and a few guys and quite a few girls thong on the nudist beach.

BBooty #12

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/13/2010 10:03:54Copy HTML

 ajsbuck if you was there on saturday one of the guy you saw must have been me...i will go back to brighton this weekend although the weather doesn't seems to be that nice...wish i could go to other beaches but coming from london and not having a car brighton is the most convenient place
AlanMartin #13

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:05/23/2012 07:08:53Copy HTML

I was on Brighton & Hove Seafront yesterday, plenty of girs in thongs, and today I suntanned in my thong.
Really many girls in thongs, and saw 3 men! Get on down here. 
AlanMartin #14

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/04/2012 06:05:32Copy HTML

Brighton and Hove in the UK is a great place to wear thongs - will provide report later, but saw this on a website today, something we see all the time:
AlanMartin #15

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/22/2012 05:55:12Copy HTML

Anna and I burnt our bums today in thongs on Hove beach, and a little in Brighton earlier.
Very high number of girls and women in thong bikinis, some topless, only a couple of men, but good atmosphere.
AlanMartin #16

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:08/18/2012 07:00:34Copy HTML

Fantastic day on the beach today. Incredible number of thongs where we were in Hove, then along to Brighton.
I even walked the length of the beach in my thong befoe going for a swim, first time for a long time.

We met up with our friend Andrea (she who's on this forum) who's here for a few weeks.
Lots of girls and women walking off the beach and into the cafes and bars wearing just their thong bikinis.
We went up to get some coffee in the town centre area and both Anna and Andrea didn't bother to cover up apart from putting bikini tops on and walked along the promenade from the West Pier and up to a cafe in their in thong bikinis when we went to fetch a coffee and again later to get a snack. Andrea even dared me to change into just a pair of speedos when I walked with them - Anna was a bit dubious, as she worried that people might accuse me of being exhibitionisr "parading in a speedo" as she put it, but Andrea calmed her and pointed out that a man walking the promenade in speedos was not such an attention grabber when he is accompanied by 2 girls baring their bums in thongs, Anna was still sceptical, but finally agreed - soss I did. No problems as plenty of men in speedos on the beach and even walking along the promenade. Only 2 other men in thongsMostly seemed to be Brazilians, Spanish and Eastern European walking around like this. usually August is not such a comfortable month for a man to wear a thong.
AndreaDK #17

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:08/23/2012 11:20:13Copy HTML

I have been on the beach a few times in my month in Brighton - of course I wore my thong bikinis and topless when appropriate.
Brighton is still a perfect place for a girl to wear a thong and I think pretty OK for a man. I did hear a couple of negative comments, but directed at girls for showing too much of the skin - England is strange. I am going to guess that them same persons would have a problem with a man in a thong -  guess, no I'm sure. Ignore it, England is very diverse and therefore divided
Did not get as much beach time as before when I was  here, but that is because the weather has not been very nice most days.
It was great to meet up with AlanMartin and Anna, I told them about this board before. And Alan you are a brave man to follow my dare - as sad above, when Anna and me went to the cafes off the beach, we wore or thong bikinis (it's OK many others girls were), and Alan was putting on pants, but I insisted Alan only change t speedos and walk in them - brave for a man here, but not a problem today (is that correct, I mean last Saturday) because there were other men walking in speedos too.
Anyway, Brighton is always nice, if you are a girl, anywhere is normaly good, and a man, just follow the advices abocve and your time will be nice,
AlanMartin #18

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:04/25/2013 04:19:01Copy HTML

 Sun was out today, go a little time tanning. Saw 1 man and woman in thongs together in Hove, and 3 girls in Brighton, a couple who seemed to be wearing G-sting underwear, as weather came by surprise.
JoeSnyder #19

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:04/26/2013 10:02:56Copy HTML

Why does The Sun have to come out on a work day! I'll come down at the weekend next time we get some Sun.
AlanMartin #20

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:05/03/2013 06:54:39Copy HTML

Went tanning in the morning  for first time this year on beach by Brighton and Hove border.Saw one other man in a thong, and two mature women and four girls in thongs and G-strings :)
AlanMartin #21

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/06/2013 07:59:10Copy HTML

 Great day for thongs on Brighton & Hove beaches.
In the morning I was on Kemp Town beach (just west of the "Brighton Eye" big wheel), several girls in thongs including a couple of English!
After a work meeting, got an hour in Hove, many girls in thongs and ting G-strings = guessing most Eastern European and a few Latinas.
i got a good tan.

AlanMartin #22

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/07/2013 11:06:36Copy HTML

 Today and yesterday perfect atmosphere for wearing a thong.Was on the town centre beach this morning, usually not a good place for a man in a thong, especially at the weekend - no problem today walking about 30 metres to swim and then back.
Lots of thongs on Hove beaches, and saw both South American and Polish girls and women wearing thong bikinis walking on the Pier and along the top above the beach by the main road - still would not advise that for men, but makes a great atmosphere, if you can get down here (July is always more tolerant than August)
AlanMartin #23

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/09/2013 12:40:17Copy HTML

 Brilliant day today, went to beach 3 times in between work errands, all beaches full of many young girls and few women in thongs.
mainly South American, Spanish and Eastern European girls, but some English, and all happily walking up and down beach - well from top to water and a little around (it's stones, not sand, so not really anyone walking along the waters edge more than a 100 meters).

!swam a few times in my ergowear thong.
AlanMartin #24

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/13/2013 06:42:36Copy HTML

 Brighton and Hove were fantastic today. Saw two other men wearing thongs apart from myself.And must have been hundreds of women and girls, some even in tiny G-strings.
Several Polish and South American girls were walking along the promenade above Hove beach to go to the cafe of across the lawns to a ca wearing just  a thong bikini.
rled1982 #25

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/15/2013 05:16:02Copy HTML

 Proof of Alan's observations if any were needed:
http://metro.co.uk/2013/07/14/sweltering-summer-to-continue-as-temperatures-stay-at-30c-all-week-say-forecasters-3882500/ (see main pic)
Here is the pic original-sized:
JM_Runs #26

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/15/2013 05:31:01Copy HTML

Gee that is crazy packed full of people. I realize the picture was taken with a telephoto lens, which makes it look more crowded than it is, but even so, that is a lot of people for a pebble beach.
rled1982 #27

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/15/2013 06:42:33Copy HTML

 Yeah, a little too packed if you ask me, but a fantastic model nonetheless!
AlanMartin #28

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/15/2013 09:05:48Copy HTML

 Wow, great advert for Brighton.
But that is town centre beach
You only have to walk 10 minutes East or West to avoid the mass crowds, and see far more more thongs.
Was on beach this morning, saw a Polish family, mum, teenage daughter and 2 sons - daughter in thong, another man in a thong, and many girls.
And two English young girls from London came on beach just above, went into the water in their dresses, heard the black girl say I only have a thong on, then they came out, the white girl slipped next to me climbing up stones, said a sweet "hello", and then " you are wearing a thong!", and shouted to her friend "he's wearing a thong, so don't worry", got up, said  good bye and went 20 yards up the her towel. Her friend came out and took her wet dress off down to her thong  -nice. Then a friend came down and saw me and sat next to me - lovely Slovak girl, ex-student of my wife's, sadly not in thong (she has in the past), but still filled a small bikini perfectly.And a few girls walking Hove promenade in thong bikinis.
All on Brighton/Hove beach west of West Pier

rled1982 #29

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/15/2013 09:47:56Copy HTML

Sounds great Alan :)
You're very lucky that you can get down the beach so often!
AlanMartin #30

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/16/2013 09:40:02Copy HTML

 rled, just been lucky with a having a couple of hours free in the middle of the day.
The negative about Brighton can also be a positive - namely that the beach has stones (rocks in USA) instead of sand - it means yu can tan, swim, and then get dressed and go without any sand to wash off.
Superchicken23 #31

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/24/2013 11:29:48Copy HTML

Took the day off on Monday and went with my wife and 2-year-old to Brighton. Walked from the station and set up almost immediately upon reaching the beach, which had quite a lot of people on it (hottest day of the year) but wasn't what you'd call crowded (weekday). I love the place - everyone chilled, lots of spontaneous smiles, mix of younger and older. Beach always surprises me with how clean it is for such a weekend mecca. Kind of sexy as the British seaside goes, on the whole.  
There was the usual smattering of minimal swimwear - a g-string here, a thong there (both on girls), a topless lady, a guy with a speedo pushed up into a thong. No guys in thongs proper, which brings me to the rather shamefaced confession that I didn't wear one either. I'm just not quite in the shape where I feel my thongs or strings suit me, although not far off, so I just wore some trunks. In retrospect though, I suspect I probably should have given myself the benefit of the doubt - sure I'd have enjoyed it.
My wife wore a small black Brazilian and looked scorching. She's never worn any of the thong bikinis I've bought her (leap too far at present) but I suspect she will some time soon, especially if I keep thonging myself.
beachthong34 #32

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/24/2013 12:07:26Copy HTML

I was in Brighton last week and also saw a few thongs and G-strings on show but only on girls. There were quite a few topless too. Happy days!
JM_Runs #33

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:05/04/2014 06:17:54Copy HTML

I've seen several thong bikinis and girls topless in thongs on Brighton's Beaches. It's one of the most liberal in the UK and has a very European flavour.
Only seen guys in thongs on the nude beach though.
AlanMartin #34

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:05/16/2014 09:25:20Copy HTML

 First really sunny day of the season - saw 5 thongs on the beach - 3 girls by the Bandstand and Meeting Place beach (below Mercure Hotel), and a man and a woman in G-strings in Hove below "King Alfred"
bisley98 #35

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:05/22/2014 05:42:58Copy HTML

Was in Brighton yesterday.  Saw four thongs - all girls.  One was thong plus bikini top, one was thong and topless, one was g string (tiny!) and topless, one appeared to be white g string knickers and bra.  Interestingly, the girl in just bra and pants was walking along the sea front, rather than on the beach itself.
On the nudist beach, mainly guys, but saw 3  nude females. Scarily, all three (they were not together) had full bush of pubic hair.  Have I missed something - are pubes back in fashion?  PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me not!!!!
AlanMartin #36

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/06/2014 11:35:55Copy HTML

 First day on beach for me.Saw 2 other men in thongs, both in Hove, and about 15 girls and women, many topless, and few English too.
Was surprisingly empty for such a hot day - possibly the recession, and definitely tighter language student visas have reduced the foreign student population, which may be a negative for thong wearing.
Maxin #37

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/07/2014 03:35:06Copy HTML

 Good to hear guys in thongs at the beach in Hove. Is there a special section there for thonging and are g-strings acceptable. I wonder if we will have another hot day soon.!
straightsilver #38

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/10/2014 09:52:48Copy HTML

 So I have the day off tomorrow. I checked the weather forecast for tomorrow and it is supposed to be sunny and 25 degrees in Brighton. Might have to pop down from London for the day. Anyone keen to join?
AlanMartin #39

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/10/2014 10:34:28Copy HTML

 Strightsilver - I may be able to. Whereabouts would you go?
Maxim, for girls, any beach is good.For men, it varies, but avoid town centre beach (straight down from Station and east to Brighton Pier. Plus beach next to Brighton Pier is bad.
Otherwise Hove is really good, all the way up into brighton by Wst pier (the falling down one) and Kemp Town about 200 meters from Brighton Pier and east of it.
Can depend on who is on each beach. Language students usually equals thong  bikinis and good, plus real "Brighton" types are cool, often in thongs and topless.

AlanMartin #40

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/19/2014 10:18:24Copy HTML

 Brighton & Hove have been great the past week for thongs. So many thongs, G-strings and topless on women and girls, and even a few men apart from myself. Quite a few girls (Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Rusiian, Spanish, Itlaian, South American) walking along the promenade (boardwalk) in their thong - probably stil not advisable for a man :)
But great, if you can make it mid-week as a man, super, just chose your beach well, as  a girl, any time any beach
AlanMartin #41

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/29/2014 11:36:37Copy HTML

 TOday was fantastic, despite the rain in the morning.Only got two hours on the beach after lunch.I went to the Meeting Place Cafe beach, exactly on the border between Brighton and Hove.Settled by shoreline. Wore my thong - only man at that point, a few girls and women. A few too many "English" i.e. non-Brighton type families, so although a couple of Spanish girls went into water in their thongs, I changed into my speedos for swimming, but still very enjoyable. Then A young girl next to Me, when she saw my thong, turned her cheeky bikini into a thong.Then, because the morning was bad, beach stated filling up about 3pm (usually it quietens down then), and 2 English young girls, (one I see regularly in her thong and chat to), and an American young girl turned up, she said hi, they sat just beside me, and all stripped to thongs and G-strings.They went to the water and swam in their thongs, I went too.They then took photos of each other showing their bare bums on their phones.
The second time they went to swim, they invited me, and they  said "no don't change" as I pulled out my speedos, so I joined them in my thong. And of course other thong wearers came to sit near by.  Including 2 men - great :)Unusual to see English young girls in thong bikinis here, but not unusual to see adult English women, so a nice development. Anyway, at least weekdays, consistently a great beach.
Maxin #42

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:07/30/2014 08:06:37Copy HTML

 Good to read your report on Brighton/Hove beach. Shows that if one person dons a thong on an otherwise  thong free beach others will follow. Very brave of you. Tempted to come down and thong there too.
hotbunz1969 #43

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:04/09/2015 11:19:53Copy HTML

 With the weather forcast looking good for today, Friday 10/4/15, I was thinking I might make the trip to the beaches of Brighton/Hove, any good sightings in the area so far this year? 
Regards Paul 
AlanMartin #44

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:04/15/2015 11:10:45Copy HTML

 2015 first thongs of the summer :)
On Saturday out of back window saw my neighbours - mother and two teenage daughters in thong bikinis sunning in their backyard, father and son naked (another story as part Scandanavian) -I have tanned with them before, so not voyeur as they waved at me.
today Brighton Beach two girls in thong bikinis, one actually I think underwear - both Latinas, and both with men in small speedos
hotbunz1969 #45

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/06/2015 12:47:33Copy HTML

 With a day off on Monday, 08/06/2015, and the forecast looking good I'm thinking I might head down to the South Coast. 

Any info on good beaches and this years vibe down that way would be gratefully appreciated. 

Regards Paul 
AlanMartin #46

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/06/2015 08:20:03Copy HTML

 First time at beach since April - sunny and very windy, about 10  girls and women sunbathing and 4 men.7 of the girls in thongs or cheeky thongs, and 1 man apart from me.That is a really high for a Saturday.Paul, it was the beach directly below "The King Alfred" in Hove, East of the Lifeguard.
hotbunz1969 #47

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/06/2015 10:47:49Copy HTML

Hey, thanks for getting back to me Alan. Even with today's breezy weather it sounds like you got a little eye candy.... LOL 
If Monday's weather looks fair I'll take you up on your recommendation and make the trip down to that beach. If your around, be sure to say hello. 

Thanks, Paul 
hotbunz1969 #48

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/09/2015 06:21:49Copy HTML

 Just a quick update!!

Took your advice Alan and laid out just to the left (as you look out to sea) of The King Alfred yesterday. Nice relaxed vibe and not to busy. Couple of girls in 'cheeky' bikinis and one good looking couple in thongs. Will definitely use this beach again. Thanks 
Maxin #49

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/10/2015 02:35:18Copy HTML

 Useful update Hotbunz, must check it out.
AlanMartin #50

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/10/2015 11:45:32Copy HTML

 Hotbunz1969 _ I suspect the 2 ypung girls where from a local language school, and I wonder if the man and the adult woman were these two:https://www.flickr.com/photos/44381637@N06/8117412403/in/dateposted/
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