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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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AlanMartin #51

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/11/2015 07:11:04Copy HTML

Brighton & Hove beaches can be funny - today, it was all large bikinis at King Alfred, but 9 out of about 11 girls all wearing thongs and G-strings on the beaches between Brunswick Square, Hove, Meeting Place Cafe, and Bandstand beach up to West Pier - all very close - it is a very tolerant part of the ebach, especially mid-week - I was the only man in  a thong though.but plenty of speedos
hotbunz1969 #52

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/11/2015 10:55:16Copy HTML

 Hey Alan, 
Good to hear you made it out today, sounds like you had a nice bit of eye candy to enjoy.... 9 out of 11 isn't bad!!! 
I too found this stretch of beach to be very tolerant on my recent visit, yes I had a few people snap a photo or two of me from the prom..... but who cares??!!! Had a really nice chilled day. 
I guess each day at any set location has a different make up of folk and what they are wearing where ever you go..... Sometimes your on your own.....sometimes your not!!! Be proud of what you wear is what I say. 

And yes, the couple I saw on Monday appear to be the same guy and girl as in the links you posted, he was wearing the same black thong, she was in what looked very much like a white WW 457. VERY hot couple. 

Will be back at 'King Alfred's' on the 18th, weather permitting! 

Cheers Paul 

AlanMartin #53

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/12/2015 11:04:10Copy HTML

 Hey Paul,
the 18th - I may be able to make, just a busy period.If you head to King Alfred and don't see fellow thong wearers, take a walk East to the Bandstand, but stop at the most "bare" beach - you are talking a 10 minute walk at most
hotbunz1969 #54

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/13/2015 05:01:04Copy HTML

 Hey Alan, 

With Accuweather forecasting good weather for the 18th I hope to make it to Brighton again on that day. I'll be in the area you describe so if you can make it look out for me, I'll be wearing a red one-sided suit. 
Cheers Paul 
mark_issac #55

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/13/2015 05:44:12Copy HTML

 I'm hoping to pop down on Sunday 28th (weather permitting!). Have only ever been to the main Brighton pier area so intrigued to try hove! 
rickvt #56

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:06/16/2015 10:05:52Copy HTML

Brighton Beach and six other UK beaches discussed in this nude beaches article.
beachthong34 #57

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:08/04/2015 06:00:45Copy HTML

 heading to Brighton nudist beach tomorrow. Not sure how great the weather is going to be but I'll give it a go!
iwearmensthongs #58

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:08/25/2015 02:35:09Copy HTML

i was just in brighton this past weekend. it was amazing. i was shocked by the small swim attire i was surrounded by. girls in thongs and even some topless. loads of guys with speedo style swim breifs. i went out with my swim briefs but took them off soon after i got a good vibe from the area. i was just to the right of the board walk with the carnival rides on it. i rocked my thong and sunned my buns. the water was pretty cold but i swam a little to cool off. nobody said anything to me so i was thrilled. tons of looks though but that doesnt bother me. i have a nice little thong tan line now. i want to go back and make it darker. lol. the rocks werent so bad. they suck to walk on but to lay on are quite nice. i really liked my time. maybe i could meet up with some of you other guys sometime and you can show me around. my wife had brought some of her girl friends with her and we all layed back and drank some beer. all i cared about was tanning though. i would reccomend going to any guy that wants to wear a thong. i had no problems. one guy was even walking around in a green borat thong taking pictures with people. lol.
bisley98 #59

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:08/25/2015 03:05:13Copy HTML

More or less anything goes at Brighton.  I have been on the beach in just a thong or sometimes g string many times, as you say a few looks but no comments.  GF often comes with me, usually in WW microminimus, which does little more than cover her slit, and topless.  Most girls are topless on the beach anyway.  See a lot of girls in just underwear, usually thong or g string knickers.  Best sighting ever was last summer, a girl (foreign language student I imagine) walking along the sea front (not on the actual beach) topless wearing just a pearl g string - which is a waistband not much thicker than a strand of cotton and a string of pearls as the g string part - comes down the front, just about covers the clit, sits on top of the slit then goes under and up the ass crack.  completely shaved smooth (as most are here), slim body, cute little tits with one pierced nip.  guys and girls were enjoying the view and she was enjoying the attention.  Not seen her again sadly.
hotbunz1969 #60

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:08/26/2015 11:33:03Copy HTML

 @ iwearmensthongs, 

I would be happy to meet up with you next time you are down at Brighton Beach to share a little tanning time with you, just let me know if your interested. 

I too was down there this weekend (22/08/15) but alas, not in the green Borat slingshot you saw, (way to tacky for me!!!) I did wear a blue  'Alter' single shoulder string slingshot for a while though, then changed into their 'Lateral Flash String'........ Had a great day. 

Gotta love the freedom of Brighton.....
Cheers Paul 
hotbunz1969 #61

Re:Brighton Beach UK

Date Posted:09/01/2018 03:31:19Copy HTML

With summer fast drawing to a close here in the Northen Hemisphere it looks like Sunday, 2 September 2018, might be one of the last chances we get to hit the beach to catch the last few rays of summer in a thong.

With sunshine forecast all day along the South Coast this Sunday I’ve decided to take the bull by its horns and shrink my tan line down to it’s absolute minimum on Brighton Beach.

Short notice I know, but if your in the area and fancy joining me drop me a PM or come and find me,,I’m sure I won’t be that hard to spot. I’ll be laid out in a tiny little black, right hip only, one-sided thong somewhere on the beach in front of the “King Alfred Hotel” Hove. Cheers Paul

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