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Date Posted:05/25/2003 09:23:31Copy HTML

http://www.brigite.comThongs and g-strings designed and modeled by Brigite.
gator13fla #1

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:06/03/2003 02:00:01Copy HTML

Great looking French lady with some very nice women's suits,

The men's, however, look very large and not really my cup o' tea.


Anonymous #2

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:06/03/2003 06:37:04Copy HTML


Many of her designs are nice. I'd consider buying from her.

elp_gr #3

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:06/13/2003 01:19:48Copy HTML

I really like her "St. Tropez" g-string.
thereal_matt #4

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:02/24/2012 05:09:18Copy HTML

 As I was browsing websites for me and the wife I came across Brigite.com.  Call me old fashioned but I think the topless thong one-piece are really sexy.  My favorite is the Mono topless:


 I would love to see the wife in it.  There men's stuff is not really worth a look, my opinion.
thonger2005 #5

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:02/24/2012 07:18:44Copy HTML

 I agree thereal.....her mens stuff isnt all that, but I do like some of ther one pieces and see thrus. considered buying a couple of her one pieces for myself.
sxmthonger #6

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:02/25/2012 02:34:49Copy HTML

I've never bought from this site.  The stuff seems overpriced, IMO, and I don't find the fit of the men's suits very flattering.  I do like the fact that they have a "real" man modeling the suits, rather than some ripped, young model who'd probably never wear a thong in his real life.
kawasaki #7

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:02/25/2012 10:38:44Copy HTML

Nevertheless, I like the "azur sheer when wet white thong ;-)
12 wheels #8

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:04/27/2012 09:17:35Copy HTML

My wife owns a couple of Brigite's thongs & likes a lot of her styles - although I'm trying to get her into some more daring styles ;-).

Agreed - the mens' suits really aren't that great - wish that Brigite woud design some sexier things for the guys. Although I have to admit that it might be fun to get my wife & I a pair of matching "Borat/Borette" style slingshots to wear at least once!
rock1212 #9

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:10/07/2017 03:34:13Copy HTML

 The men's swimwear isn't anything I interested in, but she is beautiful! Her la Flamme suit that she models, she looks absolutely beautiful in it! 
rock_pile #10

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:10/08/2017 01:18:13Copy HTML

I've bought a few things (Borat, men's thing and a men's bikini) from this website.  The stuff isn't cheap but is quite sturdy.  If it matters the products are made in California.
The site has an area where customers can post pictures of themselves.  Imagine real, and some older people, wearing Brigite wear.
cats89 #11

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:10/27/2017 11:33:48Copy HTML

My wife has two St Raphael and they are fabulous in cut and quality - she loves them and they look fantastic! Gets many compliments.
messalina #12

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:11/12/2017 01:19:41Copy HTML

 The St Tropez one piece sheer thong is so hot in the lipstick color I will order one for this winters vacation so I can show off my bod while I still have one to show off. Hubby agrees. He teases me about being an exhibitionist. Do you think he is right? 
tiggerix #13

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:11/14/2017 02:05:47Copy HTML

 @messalina - nothing better than a bit of body confidence - go for it.
JM_Runs #14

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:11/14/2017 03:40:51Copy HTML

Nothing wrong with being a bit of an exhibitionist, so long as you don't do it in a creepy way.

Go for it. Be bold. Be confident. Lead the way and others may follow.
Ignore juvenile teenagers, or people who act like them.

"If we are not colorful, who the hell did the tourists come to see?"  - Pippa Fray

When you are very old you will regret the opportunities and liberties you did not take when younger.
Never again will you be as young as you are today, so go for it, full throttle.  Don't be shy, there is no point.

gw32 #15

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:11/15/2017 05:33:57Copy HTML

 @JM_Runs: Bravo! I totally agree. :-)
@Messalina: Yes, your hubby is probably right, and thats great. Go for it!
cats89 #16

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:03/21/2018 08:50:00Copy HTML

 Wife has two St Rafael one-piece. A nice sexy standard high-rise thong-cut suit. A traditional  one piece thong that is a good place to start.  She s moved on to more daring suits but we have only good things to say about these suits.
nospam_TN1 #17

Re:Brigite Wear

Date Posted:05/26/2018 08:39:15Copy HTML

 do their men's suits tend to run small, large, or as stated?
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