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Date Posted:10/22/2004 02:06:21Copy HTML

Hi aussie thongers..... just wondering if there are any thongers friendly places around brisbane area?Just recently moved to brisbane so I don't know where the good beaches are to thong at etc...
Spr String #1

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:11/02/2004 01:45:02Copy HTML

certainly are mate.

but as of yet im still waiting for my gf to buy me my thong bathers.
after all i spend $80 getting her decked out in WW.

anyway, im sure most beaches would be perfectly fine to thong in, thats part of the excitement, so....

as soon as i get my HOM or whatever she has her eye on, we are heading down and spending a good long time trapseing up and down the QLD beaches.

weve even got plans to go camping up on the northern beaches these holidays.
cottong #2

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:11/25/2004 10:33:12Copy HTML

I live in Toowoomba (~120km inland from Brisbane) and still haven't really worn thongs in public yet. (Well most the time under clothing, but not yet just the thong.) I still have the "Toowoomba tan" which is pretty much white all over except my right (driving) arm. I would really like some tanlines but exposure to the sun when I was little means I have several moles.

I'm about to go to the Gold Coast for a few days holiday (at friend's house) but I don't think I'll be game enough to wear one on the beach there, especially with all the schoolies people around.
boatie #3

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:12/20/2004 12:29:01Copy HTML


Not really familiar with beaches in the Brisbane region , always avoided Brisneyland like the plague. Could anyone suggest some good spots in the Brisbane region. What's Deception bay like?

I've been to Caloundra , up to Noosa and through Rainbow beach to Fraser. When I've got time off we're thinking of heading to 1770 in February and maybe Byfield.


Spr String #4

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:12/20/2004 11:43:21Copy HTML

i spent all this weekend up on the beach camping near rainbow beach. my gf spent the whole time in her WW and i was there in my HOM thong, even waking around Rainbow Beach.

ill post some piccies later.
bunsqld #5

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:01/17/2005 09:36:19Copy HTML

You can wear thongs anywhere on gold coast or sunshine coast beaches, but these days I doubt you will find large numbers of other thong wearers male or female. Spots I have always been comfortable at are Noosa, Mooloolaba up north, or Main Beach (near Seaworld) on the Spit, or MIami beach or down around Kirra. I am not sure what Kirra is like these days with all the extra sand there from the Tweed River, though. Participation is typically a lot better outside of school holidays, too, of course.
kiwi_thonger27 #6

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:12/05/2006 03:15:03Copy HTML

I`m moving over to Brisbane in January with my gf.  We are both in our 20's and are from NZ. Of course we love to thong. Does anyone know any good places to thong or go nude near Brisbane. We wont have a car but will probably rent one at least one weekend to go up to Alexander nude beach in Noosa. Also can anyone recommend any good places to buy guys and girls thongs (underwear and swimwear) in Brisbane. Feel free to e-mail me.. Thanks


bunsqld #7

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:12/09/2006 04:06:56Copy HTML

For mens thongs in Brisbane, you can often find them in the new David Jones (HoM thongs).  On the gold coast there is a swimwear store just off the beach at surfers paradise that always has mens thongs.  For women's thongs I would recommend a trip to Byron Bay adn wicked weasel, or buy them on line.  Hope that helps.
kiwi_thonger27 #8

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:12/11/2006 04:04:54Copy HTML

Hey thanks for that, we will prob try and go to surfers as well as I have heard its possible to go nude there. Gf  has a few sexy ww bikini's already so i`m sure they will see the sun or at least the bottoms will (as i always convince her to remove her top..hehe).


Spr String #9

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:10/05/2007 12:31:27Copy HTML

GF has been begging to head out to the beach.

ok ok, get your ww on, ill put the soft top down and we'll go cruising down the gold coast.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:04/10/2012 02:04:34Copy HTML

 have worn a thong at southport spit. and headed to fingal head and wore a thong too, also went naked there as the beach got deserted in the arvo :-)
Surfers Paradise police state that there are no laws against thongs and g-strings, no matter how small, just as long as they cover the essentials its all good on any beach.
Thongmad #11

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:11/20/2012 10:53:05Copy HTML

G'day rusta

Last time I was in Brisbane, I thonged on a very busy Sunday afternoon at Southbank beach area.
There was hardly a square inch left on the sand, so I layed out on the grassy hill on the southern(?) side of the kiosk/resturant area. There were heaps of girls with really brief rio's, and a couple topless but face down, so I just thonged. I was in a 'don't care' mood, recovering from the night before, and just didn't take notice of the many stares I was getting. All good humoured though, and a group of two girls and a guy came over and set up no more than 2 metres away, so no one worried.

Also had a swim in a local olympic pool, lapping in a thong. No drama there either.
rustathong #12

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:04/17/2014 11:45:02Copy HTML

 I have been out a couple of weekends of late. Kirra beach, Rainbow bay & afew others. Only seen 1 other male out afew females. More in the small rio back lately & afew topless. But in whole not as many as I used to see. Are there any other locals out or all gone ?
straplesspouch #13

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:04/20/2014 08:59:04Copy HTML

It's all quite different to twenty five or more years ago.
Very much now seldomly seen .  Yesterday I did see one very attractive woman topless and in a g-string north of main beach and an older man a bit further south.
It not just the usual Queensland ignorance, conservatism and intolerance of these times but people equating nudity and near nudity to something bad such as being "gay" (god forbid!) or pedophilia.  
Happy_Thonger #14

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:04/21/2014 07:04:12Copy HTML

We just came back from holiday in QLD and I was surprised at how conservative all the guys were. It was long bordies all the way. I thonged it non the less and got a few looks, a few smiles but no flack. Go out with confidence and its amazing what you can pull off. Thonging it on the beach where is is uncommon is no different. For such a sunny and beach friendly part of the country you'd have thought that they would be more liberated and free, but no. Not the case. It surprised me. 
rustathong #15

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:06/08/2014 12:42:39Copy HTML

 Had a great day out on Friday. Went along the board walk looking at all the cars (cooly car show). Then went to rainbow bay & spent about 4hrs there in only a thong. Building sand castles & swimming with the kids. Had a few people set up near me & no bad comments at all. One lovely lady started conversation & watched us having a fun day. A mid 20 year lady also set up not far in a full cover bikini & read her book but then when turned over hiked up her bikini into a thong. Would like to think I helped with some of her bravery with me going about normal beach activities with no care. As we left we got a great big smile from the younger one with a pleasant hello & of course a hi back to be polite to other beach goers. Was a very good day as we are coming up to the cooler weather & less tanning opportunities. 
Ddwoods #16

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:10/12/2017 05:55:19Copy HTML

I love the Gold Coast beaches as I live in Brisbane, it is kind of close. 
I would like to do more sunbathing but due to living in a apartment block it Is kind of hard. Anyone from Brisbane got any advice?
Spr String #17

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:04/09/2018 08:12:44Copy HTML

 Southbank.Ive been catching rays up on the grass and on the sand many times. Noone cares. 
aussiesf86 #18

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:04/23/2018 03:53:20Copy HTML

 Hi Spr String.   Next trip home it will be time for a Brisbane stay again to catch up with friends.  Last few years it’s been Melbourne and sydney. Last time in Brisbane four years ago I chickened out on wearing thong/gstring at south bank.  So few speedos even..... wish it was more like Bondi where even lots of straight guys wear speedos.  
Are your suits more conservative thongs or skimpier g strings?  Do you spend more time on the sand or grass ? Even during school holidays you’ve had no problems?  
Do you go in the water in your thong or do you put a speedo type suit over it?  When I used to live in Brisbane in 1990/91 I would go to the two “gay” swimming pools and sun in a thong.  Then put a suit over the top for walking/swimming.  Never had problems but if anything when I’ve come home since then it seems like Brisbane is more conservative of anything.      Would love to hear more about your experiences.  Definitely want to get the courage up to thong it at south bank next trip homeseems
Spr String #19

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:06/05/2018 01:52:58Copy HTML

 I have a Joe Snyder Rio and an N2N bulge thong.I go from the change rooms out to the water and back in my thong. I swim in the beach and hard bottom pool. I avoid the kids areas. Gf wears a WW 449 and 491.
aussiesf86 #20

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:06/05/2018 08:39:48Copy HTML

 Thanks for the info Spr String.  I will go for it when I’m home in January.   Sounds like you haven’t had any problems.   Guessing you haven’t seen any other male thongers  there?  I will wear my jovanadesign 4D bulge thong(s) there.  Think I’ll save the gstrings for the Spit and the beach.   That might be pushing my luck at south bank.    I’ll be interested to see if Brissy is at all less conservative than last time there 5 years ago.   The looks I got in the queen street mall while I wore short sport shorts.... no different from footy shorts really.... and tees with the sides cut out....  I guess as a 45 year old male at the time..... the locals were a bit shocked to see someone my age dress that way... even though I was quite fit. Not sure that I’ll walk from the change rooms in just my thong.... I did that at bondi but at bondi there’s lots of skin on the ladies between thongs and topless and lots of straight guys in speedos.... but at south bank a guy in a speedo or Aussie bums is pretty rare. Here’s to staying fit over the next six months til I’m home...... so that I can comfortably thong on south bank and at least folks there won’t be able to deride me for the shape I’m in.    Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to run in to you and your girlfriend
Thongmad #21

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:06/21/2018 10:47:45Copy HTML

 Aussiesf86,I felt a bit like that at Southbank, but didn’t let it stop me. I tanned on the grass beside the kiosk area, and just slipped on a brief (same style and colour as my thong) to go up and buy a drink. Nobody said anything to me, but I got a lot of looks of course.I’m like you at Bondi, as I will go from my car to the beach in just my thong, taking no shorts or briefs with me at all. It’s nothing unusual around there!
aussiesf86 #22

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:06/22/2018 03:37:14Copy HTML

 Thanks for the input Thongmad.   How many years ago was that?   Did you go in the water in your thong or did you wear your brief for that?  Any comments or problems?   Plenty of the women are in very small bikinis there and that was last time I was there 5 years ago.  If the women can wear so little I’d hate for there to be a double standard for the guys.  Still a shame they’re so conservative.  One thing I liked about Bondi was the large number of straight males wearing speedos and the like.  Same at the  sydney pools.  Quite a few straight guys were sunning in speedos.  Why can’t all the Aussie guys chill out and be comfortable and confident with their sexuality and have it not be a “gay” thing to wear a speedo.  It will be interesting to see if there’s any change now that gay marriage is legal and the sky hasn’t fallen and the straight guys haven’t all been hit by gay guys.   Lol. 
Grabeach #23

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:06/23/2018 11:01:39Copy HTML

Aussiesf86; I've asked this of others before but never got an answer. How do you know that a guy is straight? I spend a lot of time at Sydney pools and can't tell. I've being laying next to what appeared to be a heterosexual male and female couple only to later discover (I think) that that the guy was gay. Often seen two guys together who exhibited what traditionally were considered gay characteristics, only to discover otherwise when their female partners arrived later. The only way I reckon you'd know is if you ask them, and even then you may not get a 'straight' answer!
Thongmad #24

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:06/27/2018 04:52:38Copy HTML

 At Southbank I did go for a dip in my thong, with no comments, but plenty of looks as you’d expect. I just covered up to go to the shop around kids etc, but probably didn’t need to as it was all the same people around me the whole time. I just put my brief on to return to my car as well (in the paid underground parking one street back). This was about three years ago.
At Bondi, I don’t cover up at all wherever I go. I swim, walk the beach, go to the kiosk/shops, all the normal beach stuff.
With Bondi, as it is with Manly and most Sydney beaches, you’ always see plenty of guys in Speedo’s, which is I think because of the Surf Lifesaving Club culture. These guys grew up around nearly everyone wearing them. There are dozens at Manly all the time. 
Just go for it.
aussiesf86 #25

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:06/27/2018 03:33:01Copy HTML

 Thanks for the info.   I will go for it so to speak. 
aussiesf86 #26

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:12/06/2018 06:12:00Copy HTML

Brisbane and Gold Coast January 2019. 19th to the 27th. Looking for mates to sun with in gstring at South Bank beach. Will also spend days out of town north and south at real beaches.... Last time home 5 years ago there was one other guy in a Speedo and another guy in Aussie bums. Now they gay marriage is legal it will be interesting to see if Queensland guys are less uptight and if there are more speedos to be seen in SEQ or if it’s just as conservative as last time I was home.
stypenz #27

Re:Brisbane Australia - Any beaches for thonging?

Date Posted:12/18/2018 12:34:04Copy HTML

I'll be visiting the area from the 4th Feb flying out back to New Zealand on the 15th of Feb. Planning to head up north to the Sunshine Coast before returning to visit Brisbane before flying home. Happy to meet up with follow thongers/g-stringers/nudists. Any recommendations on various beaches to try at the Sunshine Coast area aside from Alexandria Bay?
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