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Spr String

Date Posted:07/22/2005 01:23:58Copy HTML

a big cooee to fellow thongers in Brisbane. i know its cold wet and winter, but im looking for some mates to storm the beaches with me and my WW wearing girlfriend come summer, Make a presence and thumb your nose at the dissapproving gold coast highschoolers. we can even arrange a time to visit Wet and Wild or even a relaxing BBQ at Southbank. l8r -Drew
oceanswimmer777 #1

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:07/29/2005 06:47:25Copy HTML

Mate I am on my way back to North Island NZ in a few daze.  I would love to connect you and your shela.  If things don't work out with me and my  GF in Europe I would like to be introduced to a nice Aussie Lass who is brave enough to wear WW's.  Personally I wear Dore microkinis as often as I can and where ever I can. Stings and thongs too.  I would enjoy the pleasure to meet like minded friends.  I have a free roundtrip air ticket from AirNZ that I an use to fly to BrizzE.  Cheers

marliho #2

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:09/25/2011 09:25:22Copy HTML

Hey all, I see this Brisbane, Australia thread has fallen into dis-use but thought now that the weather is warming with the spring equinox it may well be worth seeing if there are any thongers thinking of the beach, or maybe even someone with a backyard pool to host some thong parties.

I certainly hope so.

ciao, m
JM_Runs #3

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/22/2012 02:32:15Copy HTML

 Where do you fellow thongers go in Brisbane or Gold Coast?  I've been wearing thongs every day since I was a teenager, now early 30's, but have never been in public without pants over the top...  Maybe its time to spice things up!
rustathong #4

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/23/2012 01:51:34Copy HTML

 I go just north of the Sea World Resort. There is a beach access over the road. When you get to the beach just head north a littleIt's not to busy up that (south of the spit). Mainly dog walkers.Never had any bad comments from passers buy. You get the people who look & then afew Who have another look. Like I said no bad comments or experience's 
Happy Thonging. Just take your towel & enjoy the sun.
rustathong #5

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/27/2012 04:39:01Copy HTML

 What days do you mostly come to the beach to thong ? 
JM_Runs #6

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:04/10/2012 02:13:17Copy HTML

 i go during the week. usually Mondays. Across the road from sea world is where I went. But i'm liking fingal head now due to tje fact that the beach fully empties around 1 or 2 o'clock so can go nude.
rustathong #7

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:06/19/2012 12:38:17Copy HTML

 I am going down to Gold Coast this weekend and staying in a hotel.I will be going to the beach over from Sea World roller coaster. As long as the weather is like last weekend 23deg.Not bad for winter.
fordrs #8

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:06/20/2012 10:00:52Copy HTML

 im coming to brisbane in oct where are the good places to thong?
rustathong #9

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:11/18/2012 01:42:25Copy HTML

Are there any thongers left in the brisbane area ?We're do you go in Brisbane to enjoy the sun thonging these days ? As this thread does not get any use. Maybe we might see you down there if any exist !
firefly2010 #10

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:04/26/2013 12:22:11Copy HTML

I will be in brisbane next week. Where is the best plact to go?
austhong #11

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:04/28/2013 01:59:16Copy HTML

Everyone seems to say the spit, that is the southport spit on the gold coast
rustathong #12

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:11/09/2013 11:04:37Copy HTML

 Were are the thongers of brisbane & north NSW going this summer ?I have already been Byron Bay & then the next day up near maroochydore in the same weekend. I now have the wife out in her thong as well but only when lying on the towel not walking around yet. Meeting other thongers would be nice & especially a couple or female so my wife might get some more confidence to walk around. I say she looks amazing & suits them (which she does not just being biest). But to meet others with the same swim suit interest would be nice & reassuring for her. 
Thongmad #13

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:11/19/2013 09:10:57Copy HTML

Yes the Southport Spit on the GC is a good place!

Always seems to be thongers around the area over from the carpark opposite SeaWorld.

I have seen them tanning and walking the beach around there, and even at the carpark shower!
toddnudist1983 #14

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:02/04/2014 11:16:15Copy HTML

I'm in Ipswich, so close enough to Brisbane. I only wear g-strings and thongs, don't own any other type of underwear or swimwear.
If anyone wants to chat shoot me a Private Message.
Hope to hear from you soon :-)
kimififi #15

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/18/2014 11:07:08Copy HTML

A-Bay in Noosa National Park - if anyone is keen :)Drop a line here if you head that way...
XChip #16

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/18/2014 01:39:27Copy HTML

 I'm waiting for the day when bodybuilding contests will admit male contestants in thongs and g strings.  In the meantime, I'm looking for a website or a group featuring pics of such men.  Anybody know of such?
JM_Runs #17

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/19/2014 02:53:02Copy HTML

Always wondered why the bodybuilders never competed in thongs or g-strings. The bodybuilding magazines from the 40's to the sixties often featured guys in posing straps, another word for g-strings. They work so hard to develop their muscles, you would think they would want to show off their hard as marble  asses.
rickvt #18

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/19/2014 07:31:50Copy HTML

     Any bodybuilding contests that are to be broadcast on American
television, either live or on tape, are unlikely to allow contestants to
wear thongs in the forseeable future. 

     Back in the 70's - 80's, a number of the televison talk shows, such
as Phil Donahue and others, occasionally did programs on male strippers
as the topic.  Many of the strippers got down to thong type "suits" at
the end of their routine.  The TV station or network might get a few
nastly letters or there might be a letter to the editor in the newspaper,
but there was usually no major protest.

     However, in more recent years, broadcast television will usually
pixilate rear views of both men and women in thongs in news stories
or other coverage, where thong type fashions are in evidence.  There
is the Parents Television Council, along with other similar organizations,
who will flood broadcasters with e-mails protesting any and all nudity,
including skimpy attire. 

     Of course, cable channels and YouTube seem not to have problems
with thong attire, but you won't see them on broadcast TV.
John Howard #19

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/22/2014 05:28:15Copy HTML

 the other day I spotted a bodybuilder walking down the beach wearing a pair of black board shorts....  he didn't look good because as many bodybuilders, he was not very tall and the board shorts made him look even shorter and did hide one of the most important body parts of his development, his thighs..
I don't understand this attitude, a medium to short guy with big muscle development on his thighs and glutes has only one style of swimwear that would enhance (and not go against) his fantastic muscle development:  a thong.
What sort of tan line would this guy get that afternoon, a straight horizontal line on the middle of his thighs....  Wouldn't that be something that spoils the looks of all his muscular development and his hard work.

Perhaps there is some kind of insecurity (I notice some bodybuilders are a bit insecure) or fear to be criticized,  or to look different to most beach bodybuilders on board shorts.....     but still it is something that puzzles me.     What's the point of working out so hard  at the gym, follow a dedicated and expensive diet, etc,  and then wrap all up putting on a pair of boring grandpa black shorts that makes him look even shorter and sometimes fatter,  like a Southamerican  'tamales' 

And regarding the bodybuilding competitions, the same.  Can't understand why at this time and age the glutes are considered a part of the body that needs to be covered up.   
sleazepig2 #20

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:03/23/2014 07:49:26Copy HTML

 I don't understand board shorts on any beach, let alone an Australian beach, home of the speedos.
I read a good while ago there was a body builder who always wore a thong, good on him. Remember the old pics of bodybuilders who only wore a string pouch, should bring them back.
ozthong #21

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:04/17/2014 11:01:14Copy HTML

Similar thing happened to a bodybuilder at my local pool. He jumped to the pool wearing shorts and swam 2 laps, then removed his shorts just wearing regular speedo probably realizing it is slowing his swim. Later on he went to the sauna but now wearing his shorts. Too much insecurity I guess.
rustathong #22

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:04/18/2014 12:25:12Copy HTML

 Hello fellow brisbane thongers. I have been thronging for a while but haven't seen to many other thongers out. Where is that you go ? I've been down Kirra & Rainbow bay lately with afew other spots around that area. Out again today & a good day for it. 
rustathong #23

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:09/21/2014 01:17:39Copy HTML

 Anyone ??? Surely I can't be the only one in Brisbane/ Gold Coast area that is on this site ? Or anyone that come over this way.  
SQRL #24

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:09/21/2014 10:58:24Copy HTML

 Hey hey
Hey rusta. I'm pretty sure I sent you a pm or replied to a similar post like this quite a while ago in regards to other people on the coast that enjoy the beach in a thong but never got a reply from you so I figured you were interested anymore. Anyway. Maybe you'll see this post this time and let me know :) pm or reply on here if you want
Cheers. Sqrl
Thongmad #25

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:09/23/2014 06:16:11Copy HTML

 I'll post when I do head up there, but that has become less frequent with work changing as most of us would know how that goes at the moment...
Weather here is now getting warm enough!
rustathong #26

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:10/04/2014 06:04:42Copy HTML

 PM or post here me if anyone (M or F) is up this way or venturing towards the beach. I will try to get your message before it's too late as I don't frequent here as much as I could anymore. 
Thongmad #27

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:10/06/2014 09:26:35Copy HTML

 Definately will rusta, hope to be up there soon!
toddnudist1983 #28

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:10/24/2014 12:04:11Copy HTML

A little off subject but, Anyone know if you can wear only a thong or g-string in your own backyard legally?  I ask because i'm out at Ipswich ways and really want to now its warming up but a few neighbours can see into our yard easily.
John Howard #29

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:10/24/2014 01:28:33Copy HTML

 Don't know about QLD but here in VIC it is legal for a male or female to wear a thong at any public beach let alone in your backyard. ...
I spent 2 hours at St kilda beach the other day and nobody could care less about my MS thong.
However I have been told that some Queenslanders can be a bit conservative.
Thongmad #30

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:10/25/2014 05:06:03Copy HTML

 So I am lead to believe, the law in Australia states that your genitals must not be exposed.

It is therefore technically legal for a female to go out in public without clothes (genitals are on the inside of the body) but a male would have to be wearing a G-string or similar. This is from a well known nude-activist who says he has seen cases thrown out of court.

The question lies in whether or not you are acting in a lewd way (separate offence) which you could do with clothing on...

I have just spent the day working in my back yard on only a thong. No complaints/comments/etc from next door, and they see me regularly.
Go for it.
Thongmad #31

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:05/09/2015 12:21:59Copy HTML

 I am heading north for work next week, hoping it's warmer up there...

Will be around the Tweed/Goldy area maybe Wednesday arvo.

Anyone around, maybe the Spit or Byron?
Thongmad #32

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:05/11/2015 10:25:20Copy HTML

 Looks like I'll be around Tweed Heads for work on Wednesday, and hopefully finished by lunch.Hoping to bgo to either the Goldy Spit, or back down to Byron fr a beach walk or maybe a surf depending on conditions.Anyone around at this time?
Thongmad #33

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:05/11/2015 10:28:21Copy HTML

 I'm around Tweed Heads working and hope to be finished around lunch. I'm thinking either Goldy Spit or Byron for a beach walk or surf depending on conditions.Anyone else around?
Thongmad #34

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:05/11/2015 10:31:31Copy HTML

Should be around Wednesday as expected. Goldy Spit or Byron for a walk or surf.Anyone..?
Thongmad #35

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:05/12/2015 12:38:02Copy HTML

 Ok so Thursday looks better, and I'll have more time anyway. Probably check the spit early for a surf, and call into Byron later in the day.Anyone..?
Thongmad #36

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:05/14/2015 02:49:21Copy HTML

 Byron it is!I'll be there 1:30 or soSouth end of Main Beach
Thongmad #37

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:06/03/2015 11:38:06Copy HTML

 Going again next week - hope it's warm enough...
Thongmad #38

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:06/17/2015 08:36:03Copy HTML

 Was there last Thursday...no good for thonging, but the surf was great! Surfed in a rash shirt and Waveline bikini in the crowd, no problems!
gentlemannudist #39

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:02/21/2017 11:25:48Copy HTML

I was on the beach, over xmas-new year, 2016-2017, wearing my little blue with white stars & another older gentleman thonger sat in his chair nearby...I had to leave for an appointment & so missed the opportunity to chat. It's a real pity as there are not many of us open enough to thong on the beach & it would be good to have a thong buddy.

Let me know if you are an older thonger or enjoy the company of older thongers & we can make some plans to either hit the beach or a backyard pool.

If OK, I'll strip down nude but wear my thong to & from the beach or pool
aussiesf86 #40

Re:Brisbane, Australia - Contacts

Date Posted:04/23/2018 05:48:31Copy HTML

 It’s a ways off but next trip home will be in Brisbane for a week late January or early February.  Almost certainly home alone and would be nice to find fit thong mates to join me or meet up for sun at south bank or the spit.  Might also hit A-Bay or King beach for some naked sun.  
I also try to get naked sun at the spit but definitely will thong it from the car park to the beach and back and while swimming.  Be great to get a pic having a thong shower in the parking lot. 
Single gay guy here but also cool with open minded straight guys that want Beach company.    I know you’re all heading in to winter soon but I also wanted to get this chat stream running again.  
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