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Date Posted:08/21/2009 12:56:55Copy HTML

Hi Everyone:
It's been almost 2 years now since I started my new company www.buffedbod.com.
My suits are being bought from guys all over the world with repeat orders.
I'm always adding new designs and I also have added my first major male model JOHN FERARRO.
Go and check him out and my newest products.
I just want everyone to know. 
I never changed any names. BUFFEDBOD is NOT! He Swimwear with a new name!
I run my company myself. Design and sew each item myself.
BUFFEDBOD is Ron Serfass. No one else.
Now. Go on to my new website and company and check out my stuff. If you liked my swimwear at He, you'll like my swimwear even better now.
I give great service, quality, and your orders will get to you.
Ron Serfass

undercover20 #1

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:08/25/2009 12:44:49Copy HTML

do you make thong bodysuits?
Buffedbod #2

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:08/26/2009 02:04:40Copy HTML

Hi Undercover20:
I have my patterns which I've designed, and samples made. Getting them photographed for my site. Hope to have them on in a week or two. Will also be adding all my underwear items, and workoutwear.
If you want to know about new items, fabrics and styles, sign up on my mailing list on the front page of my website.
That way you'll know when they are posted and for sale.

Ex_Member #3

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:10/05/2009 09:48:07Copy HTML

Awesome quality stuff!
Tanned Bum #4

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:02/14/2010 08:13:40Copy HTML

I went to Buffedbod's website and they have a Valentine's Day 40% off special.

Just bought 2 suits.
bodyphil #5

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:02/21/2010 05:39:41Copy HTML

I´ve ´bought three or four suits from this site, since I saw the entry on this board. I was satisfied with quality, price, delivery times in the extreme. In addition Ron will give you practical advice to get the fit and the look you´re looking for. So for example he told me not to order a size smaller in order to get a tighter fit, as it would look stupid on my waist, but instead suggested what pouch size and adjustments he should make too give me the look I want. I really appeciate that sort of service.
Buffedbod #6

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:02/22/2010 02:08:36Copy HTML

Check out my new website www.buffedbod.com.
Just to let everyone know. My site is in no way assocaited with HE Swimwear.
I design and make everything myself custom made. And I do make great thongs.
Check it out. I have a 30% discount if you buy 2 items.
Tanned Bum #7

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:03/13/2010 05:47:16Copy HTML

Have not had the time since I recieved my new suits from Ron to write my review.

I ordered the micro front thongs @ a 40% discount. Nice fitting suit well made. Kind of reminds me of Skinz quality and stitching. The pouch is comfortable and you are not all packed in. I can customize a thong with out paying top dollar for a thong. One of the thongs I ordered is black with royal blue inserts, where else can you get that? for <$20 shipped?

He is having a  30% sale + free shipping.

BTW I wear Joe Snyder, Skinz,Dore and now BuffedBods, Own N2n and Muscleskins,Speedo,HOM and a couple Ebay ones.

Buffedbod #8

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:09/04/2010 12:05:26Copy HTML

Hi guys:
Check out my newest thong call THE HOIST at www.buffedbod.com
It lifts and enhances your package.
I have a 25% discount right now also, so it's a great time to try it out.
Thongs will always be HOT!

Tanned Bum #9

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:10/31/2010 03:11:25Copy HTML

i just found out Buffedbod is having a 50% off 3 suit deal. Ends today.  Just ordered 3 new suits.
Tanned Bum #10

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:11/26/2010 05:06:41Copy HTML

Have been a little busy and have not had a chance to leave a post. I received my new suits from BuffedBod, 2 rio backs and 1 thong. When I ordered them I ask the rio be cut 1" smaller in width. Great suits when not in a thong enviroment. I have an upcoming cruise with 31 family members so I bought the rios to match my thongs and to wear as a cover up.

He has a 25% sale going on now. I like the quality.
thongornude #11

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:12/03/2010 11:13:17Copy HTML

 How long did it take to get your order?  I took advantage of the same sale & am still waiting for the items to ship.
Sipper #12

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:12/09/2010 06:55:26Copy HTML

 Wow!  I'm bragging that I have a tailored g-string! The tailoring was done by buffedbod. The materials (Fabric SH009, supple dental floss waist surround) are of high quality.  The constructing is of the best quality and the fit is perfect--narrow, adjustable to an even smaller front, and comfortable crotch runner 3/4".  The sides hold the thing up and still have ample give to move them in any position for all-over tanning. The sheer fabric hides things except for very close examination.  I'm going to order another sheer one in another color. Thanks, Ron.
thongornude #13

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:12/10/2010 01:03:33Copy HTML

How long did it take you to get your order?  I've been waiting over a month for mine.
Sipper #14

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:12/10/2010 04:21:34Copy HTML

 I waited about a month.  Ron has a full time job and does this on the side.  Shoot him an email, because he is upgrading his fabric line now, too.  The g-string was worth waiting for.
thongornude #15

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:12/10/2010 06:23:28Copy HTML

That's cool, it sounds like the wait is worth it.  He should probably update his web site, it says "Delivery time is usually 7-10 business days. But I strive to have orders in the mail within 5 days if possible."  :-)
Buffedbod #16

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:12/19/2010 07:36:19Copy HTML

Hi Everyone:
I want to thank everyone who's patronized my website. And I know I sometimes get behind. But making everything myself does set me back, especially when I have my super discounts. This year my business has multiplied 7 times since last year at this time. I can't believe I made everything, and still worked another job. But that's soon to change.
I'm already cutting back on my daytime job to 2 days. Which is allowing me to spend most of my time working on my business.
And I know my site has been stating 7-10 business days, and maybe five. But I am about to explain to new customers that to keep my quality, keep my prices for custom made items great, and to give discounts on top of that, that they have to understand there may be a longer time frame for delivery. And as one of my customers said. Their order was well worth waiting for.
So if you order, please remember, I strive to get orders out Asap, BUT SOMETIMES, special sales do set me back a bit.
Well Hope everyone has a great holiday and a GREAT NEW YEAR. And be sure to check my site after the NEW YEAR FOR NEW ADDITIONS AND GREAT NEW PRINTS AND FABRICS. oh! and SUPER SPECIALS AS ALWAYS.!!!
tarzanbuns #17

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:12/30/2010 12:18:57Copy HTML

I have ordered 6 suits from Buffedbod, and all have fit like a glove.  I love that they are unlined and all show off my body to it's best.  You can see his suits on my Images in My Profile.  All of the images are of me in Ron's suits.  I have gotten many admiring glances and even a few comments from both men and women.  Because they are unlined the lighter colored suits are pretty transparent when wet, so if you are a bit more of an exhibitionist, like myself, you might want to order a few of them.  I have worn them to pool parties, my local beaches, and Carribean resort beaches.
wild_tiger33 #18

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:03/08/2011 05:32:30Copy HTML

 Just ordered a medium hoist thong from them. Took about 3 weeks for it to come in, so yeah better order ahead of time. the pouch was not as "lifting" as I though it was and It was kind of roomy. They should add a pouch size option. although they do have alot of print selection :).
gnoht #19

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:05/31/2011 10:52:50Copy HTML

 do you have a back view of http://www.buffedbod.com/Mens_G_String_Swimwear_p/swg001.htm ?
tomcat3 #20

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:08/04/2012 09:22:39Copy HTML

I have about a dozen Rio and custom suits made by Ron, great design, excellent fit and workmanship.

Strongly recommended.
Tanned Bum #21

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:12/31/2012 01:22:31Copy HTML

I placed an order with Ron and I emailed him to check on it. I explained I'm heading to FL at the end of the week. He replied he will finish them up and ship them out priority mail. Can't beat that service.
gocal #22

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:02/19/2013 02:37:02Copy HTML

 I really like the suits that I have purchased from BuffedBod.  They are well made and comfortable and bare all the rights places.  I highly recommend Ron.
Sipper #23

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:06/11/2014 04:04:35Copy HTML

I have several custom made g-strings made by buffedbod.  They are all that I ever wear.  4" across the top with dental floss sides and an ample crotch runner--1/2 to 3/4 inch.  Emai or call Ron and you will be satisfied that he will make you a g-string that you specify and will fit well and be comfortable enough for a full day at the beach.  Good luck!
gocal #24

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:06/11/2014 04:52:37Copy HTML

These are the only suits I wear.  I have the rio back, 1/2 inch sides with small pouch and they are very comfortable and well made.   If you are interested you should check out his selection. 
Matt37 #25

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:06/11/2014 08:58:09Copy HTML

Wow. I'd not heard of this guy until I saw this thread. I just ordered a custom-made thong swimsuit from him. I'm anxious to get it, though it says his current turaround time is 3 weeks.
outside_time #26

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:06/18/2014 05:34:18Copy HTML

I actually have a collection of his stuff.  It's simply my favorite.  BTW, if you haven't tried his "hoist" design...you gotta.  Amazing feeling.
Matt37 #27

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:07/14/2014 08:15:15Copy HTML

I got my new thong swimsuit from BuffedBod today. It is extremely well made - probably the best quality thong I've ever bought.  I'm going to have to decide what color combinations I want now and get another couple of the suits.

Not the best pic, but you get the idea:  http://imgur.com/8HtvkgX

showoffmark #28

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:07/15/2014 11:03:57Copy HTML

 Nice looking suit. Sorry you did not show the back. It appears to be a regular speedo style from the front. 
Matt37 #29

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:07/15/2014 03:44:03Copy HTML

It's a little less substantive up front than the Speedo thongs were (I used to own two of those). And the back is just a basic thong back. Hopefully the sun will cooperate and I'll get to wear it out to the beach tomorrow. I'll get a decent back shot and put it up if I can.
glam82 #30

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:11/25/2015 12:04:04Copy HTML

 Had to revive this thead. Just ordered 2 suits and they were perfect.
kai028 #31

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:07/10/2016 11:31:34Copy HTML

 I just received four suits from Buffedbod.com. As with every suit I've received from Ron there, they are truly outstanding. The workmanship is top-notch, the fabrics are the most comfortable swimsuit fabrics I've ever worn, and you can customize your suits to virtually anything you want. I paid for an expedited order and Ron shipped me my suits within only three days.
If you haven't tried Buffedbod, give him a try. You'll be happy you did!
Chris_P_Bacon #32

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:07/10/2016 11:42:12Copy HTML

 It's nice to hear.  Thank you.  I've been waiting almost (close to) two months now for an order from BeachNDance.  While BuffedBod may be far more expensive (clearly), it's nice to know that he apparently cares about his customers.  That's value added to me, Thanks!
RapidBlue #33

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:08/09/2018 09:02:52Copy HTML

I just received 4 new suits from BuffedBod. Ron’s craftsmanship is exceptional. I love the suits. The hoist suit fits like a glove. I am extremely pleased with his work and quality. My only drawback is the length of time it has taken to have my order filled. This was my 3rd order. Each and every time it has taken 2 months to get the order filled, then only after I ask about the order. I love his work and the suits. I just wish the turnaround time was a couple weeks shorter.
32189 #34

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:08/12/2018 02:21:12Copy HTML

I have ordered a few swimsuits from BuffedBod and I like them as well. The turnaround was long but not as long as you experienced and I also did not have to follow up with him. I would get my order in 4-6 weeks. It sounds like a one man crew so unfortunately it takes longer.
bmicro #35

Re:BuffedBod.com - Custom Thong maker

Date Posted:10/01/2018 09:58:06Copy HTML

Finally a custom maker that has excellent products, customer service and stands behind his work. I was so impressed by his first two that I ordered two more on his clearance sale. When I got the suits he included a note that he couldn't include a drawstring due to running out of the fabric that I ordered (on clearance). He said that he would re-make with a new 2018 fabric if I wasn't satisfied. Even though the suit was excellent, I needed a drawstring for swimming and diving. When I told him that he had me pick a fabric and told me that he would have a replacement in less than a week. After fighting (and losing) with Jupiter at Muscleskins over his changes in sizing resulting in useless suits, Ron's approach to customer service is awesome!! The quality of his products alone is worth the wait.
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