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Date Posted:02/28/2019 05:57:44Copy HTML

We were watching TV and a buick commerical came on.  Now I tend to ignore commercials, but Frank usually keeps an eye on them.  Frank says "I never thought I would see a cheeky in a Buick commercial.  We rewound the commerical, and sure enough, at about 6 seconds in, the image is changed to one of two young female surfers carrying their boards to a red convertable.  At they walk away from the camera (and towards the car) their Cheeky bikini bottoms are clearly visible.  Both appear to be black and perhaps even the same brand.  Both suits show about half their buns.  The scene is fast, and if you look at it, but with a little trial and error, you can stop it and check out what Buick is showing.  The best view of how accepted cheeky swimwear has become is at about 8 seconds, with both girls bare buns in full view.

The commercial is called "Mistaken Identity" and is available on YouTube at the address:


We assume that stoggy old Buick, in order to avoid vanishing like Oldsmobile did, is trying to upgrade their image to appeal to the younger set.  The cheeky swimsuits are about the half-way point in what most women wear at the beach.  Certainly not a thong, but also not a traditional bikini either.  So we also assume that Buick probably didn't want to go so far that they got a lot of complaints about the swimwear.  But at the same time, showing a modern, fashionable image will help them get their message accross -- that Buick makes more than the predictable sedans like they used to.  

ithongit #1

Re:Buick Commercial Features Cheeky Women's Swimwear

Date Posted:03/10/2019 07:15:57Copy HTML

They seem to be trying hard to make Buick a car for young Americans. They have the connection to sports (surfing), the cute girls showing skin (half-exposed buns), and the implication that Buicks are not what they used to be. Who would have thought this would happen to an entire line of established GM cars?
Martylouie #2

Re:Buick Commercial Features Cheeky Women's Swimwear

Date Posted:03/11/2019 12:57:58Copy HTML

GM tried to Retarget one of their brands before. Anybody remember “It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile!”? Anybody remember Oldsmobile?
Mary0826 #3

Re:Buick Commercial Features Cheeky Women's Swimwear

Date Posted:03/11/2019 09:43:12Copy HTML

My father still has one he keeps in the barn. Many for Oldsmobile are the same between Chevy, Buick, Olds. Another GM loss was Saturn -- a great idea for a car, with lots of cars built, but fewer common parts. Their advertising often included the phrase "A different type of car company". For a while, they were more or less run independently from GM and even had their own retail outlets. One of the neat things was that the body was made from dent resistant plastic panels, and originally GM planned to sell updated body panels which could be changes simply by unbolting the old panels and installing the new model year panels. The idea never made it because GM realize that they would make more money on a whole new car than they did on side panel swap. They also forgot that the chassis and frame work inevitably changes every few years to permit the use of newer technologies and (usually) to make the cars bigger and bigger. There was also Saab, which were made in Europe and had a long standing as good cars compared to some of the other European brands. Then there was Hummer, which originally was a military vehicle hardly anyone could afford and which got bad gas mileage. They brought out the Hummer II which was smaller, slightly more efficient and had some common body looks, but it was still to expensive and still a gas guzzler for most people and gas was almost twice as expensive as it is now. There were talks about giving up on the Chevy Corvette, but they still make it since it has a small but loyal following. Another brand they dumped was Pontiac. My first car was a mid-engine Pontiac Fiero. It was fun to drive, was very sporty, but it was not very quick mostly because the engine was good for great gas mileage, but not for performance. Now it is in the barn and Brad and Frank have taken the engine and transmission out and are substituting a newer Chevy small block V8 which will produce about 380 HP which will make the car very quick even with an additional 100 lb of weight mostly from the engine and transmission being larger and better performers. They are also beefing up the front end for better collision protection and have installed a roll over frame as an additional safety item.'' .
johny_b #4

Re:Buick Commercial Features Cheeky Women's Swimwear

Date Posted:03/11/2019 04:01:48Copy HTML

i seen that commercial on tv, went faster then it came on. i think the cheeky bottoms scene is cool but, in away, i think buick realized what they filmed and pulled it. it is a good way to help people with accepting cheeky bottoms but only for women, put a good looking guy in there wearing the same shirt and bottoms or even a plain speedo bottom and you would see buick sales plummit and law suits begun. no offence.
Mary0826 #5

Re:Buick Commercial Features Cheeky Women's Swimwear

Date Posted:03/20/2019 05:16:05Copy HTML

I think if the commercial has been "pulled" it is simply due to the advertising cycles. Cars and other major advertisers keep changing things to surprise viewers who might spend a moment watching the commercial instead of doing something else. Only a really good ad -- one that people talk about for weeks or months on end is likely to stay. The whole Buick commercial group (and there were several others besides the cheeky swimwear one) about Buick being something different and a good choice for young people has disappeared as well. In fact, I have not seen any national Buick commercials for several weeks now. Often commercial campaigns are tied into particular events. The Super Bowl is an example, but there are others, like TV awards shows (Oscars), other sports (Tennis tournaments and Baseball playoff games) etc. The overall commercial does not linger on the swimwear, but used the swimsuits as a supporting element in an almost subliminal way. The overall look of the commercial seems to be "Healthy, beautiful, active young women own Buicks. Had men been included, they almost certainly would have had 6-pack muscles and gone shirtless. If you see yourself at this type person, a Buick would be a perfect car for you. Remember that Buicks have a reputation for being something stodgy but successful old people drove.
CKWonderer #6

Re:Buick Commercial Features Cheeky Women's Swimwear

Date Posted:03/20/2019 10:51:24Copy HTML

I’d like to see a Corona beer commercial with the bikini girls showing some cheeks and asking “Where to find your beach.” I keep looking every time they go turn around and walk down the beach but never seen more than a traditional Bikini bottom. Maybe sometime soon?
MNluvthongs #7

Re:Buick Commercial Features Cheeky Women's Swimwear

Date Posted:05/20/2019 03:42:30Copy HTML

Noticed that too. Boy shorts I think they are called.
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