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Date Posted:02/21/2013 03:06:36Copy HTML

Are there any companies besides koala that make built in butt plug thongs?
wedgieme #1

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:02/23/2013 12:19:42Copy HTML

Ive being searching for one for a while now with no success. I occasionle wear butt plugs under thongs but i would love the security of knowing its not going to get sucked up their.
stanpuppy #2

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:02/23/2013 10:12:44Copy HTML

I'm not even sure why I am responding to this thread (bored on a saturday afternoon I guess), but why not just put a butt plug in and put your favorite thong over it?  Wouldnt that achieve the same effect?   (my apologies....I am not a butt plug expert)
1Tinysuit #3

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:02/25/2013 02:33:46Copy HTML

 Would have agree with Stanpuppy. Don't understand why you would need to have a thong with a built in. Just put one in and wear your thong over it. Have only seen them on the koala website. Just seems like it would make more sense to do it the other way.
Maxin #4

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:02/27/2013 03:16:36Copy HTML

 Gstringjoe, Koala used to make one  with a tiny,(breakaway straps) front and elasticated tiny rear, inside that rear are 2 elastic straps that you use to insert a butt plug. It is awesome to wear. Cant remember the name but check their site:: www.koalaswim.com
big daddy thong #5

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:02/27/2013 03:43:36Copy HTML

Koala is the only one that I'm aware of at the moment, try this one: Anal Exploration G-string.  however I have experimented using a clear butt plug with a circle base with my thong.  Clear or tranparent is the way to go in my opinion. you can wear it in public at the beach and no one but you knows. 
hotbunz1969 #6

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:02/28/2013 08:15:07Copy HTML

I'll comment on this thread but I think it also answers a point on the "Koala 'fearless thong' " thread 

For those of you who are wondering why not just wear a thong with a plug underneath, the suits from Koala with the built-in plug or ass-spark aren't quite the same as just wearing a suit over your plug, (although that is good too)   the design of these suits are integral to the plug/ring which  means it will not stay in place without them. The ass-spark or plug literally hold them in place!! I think for me it's the buzz of wearing them knowing the pouch and back strap are not connected by any material. 

I have been lucky enough to have a good few Koala suits bought for me, along with buying one or two myself, and among them are the  Explosive sex micro, Penetration bikini, Fearless thong & the Orgasm bikini, all are great suits, well made and fit like a glove, I have worn the Orgasm bikini to my GF's gym pool with no one knowing any different, it looks like a perfectly normal bikini with a full seat rear, yes it is a pouch design up front but nothing too OTT. Only you know the secret that is between your legs and the fact the front pouch and the rear seat of your bikini are not attached by any material or stitching! All I can say is swimming in this style is just awesome.......a real turn on. 

The Fearless, Penetration & Orgasm and from what I can make out their other suits in this style all are worn with either a nylon or steel ass-lock cockring, the front pouch is threaded through the ring and once in place cups under your balls, it can not slip off as the bottom of the pouch is passed through the rod that's part of the ass-spark, the back of the suit is held in exactly the same way, there is a loop that the rod passes through and there you go..... You are connected but not connected if you get my meaning, all you can see, and you have to have your legs well spread is the steel or nylon rod.

Hope that helps 

Cheers Paul 

shaved_thong_lover #7

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:03/30/2013 06:46:32Copy HTML

i wear one everyday at the gym or pool under my standard gstring and it works fine even up to a large and even at the beach.  i found no need for the koalas and i have a few that hold it but found my standard g strings and thongs work fine. your gluteal and sphincter muscles hold it in mainly

jockstrapbud #8

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/01/2013 11:15:30Copy HTML

I usually have one in on the weekends when I go out to the store, etc... sometimes with a thong, sometimes with just a jock, just depends on how the muscles are but mostly can hold it in just wearing a jock
HermesOrange #9

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/06/2013 03:58:29Copy HTML

 I wear plugs to the beach, either steel or silicone, and prefer to have easy access to it, without having it attached to my thong.  Most of my thongs have narrow straps that extend through my cheeks to the front, so it would only mean excess material if it had to latch the base of the plug.  It is just all around easier to have it separate from the thong.  You don't need the Koala edition for that.
shaved_thong_lover #10

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/06/2013 06:19:40Copy HTML

 i agree 100 percent. works better without anthing holding it in except a regulat thong/gstring
Rick24 #11

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/06/2013 06:41:44Copy HTML

You can buy a cockring with a butt plug. Keeps everything in place even when you are wearing nothing
Ex_Member #12

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/14/2013 03:11:12Copy HTML

I apologize if this is slightly off topic, butt does anyone think wearing a butt plug to a nude beach, while going completely nude, would be against the law? I suppose you'd have to check with local laws, butt I'm wondering if it would constitute lewd behavior? We see piercings and c-rings all the time. I'd like to know if actually having something obviously inserted would cross the line. Not really the sort of question you could call the local police station and ask...
JM_Runs #13

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/14/2013 04:36:33Copy HTML

I don't know if it is against the law, it may well be, but I do think it is highly inappropriate.  In the US nudists are a hounded group.  There are very very very few beaches where they may legally go nude. The problem is nude beaches often become magnets for gawkers or people intent on inappropriate public sex, or inappropriate public sexual displays.

Nudists have banded together to try and sell nudism as perfectly healthy family activity where nobody should be ashamed of their bodies, which is true. As part of that ethos they are trying very hard to split the connection between being nude and sex. 

Unfortunately the US has high numbers of people who consider any nudity as immoral, indecent and criminal. Just a picture of a nude person under 18 can land you in jail. Sexual activity, sexual displays or sex toys on a family nude beach only reinforces that assumption that nudity is a perverse sexual activity.  The same link between sex and bare bottoms that gets thongs banned in many places in the US.

So the Nudists at nude beaches try very hard to put out the message that the family nude beach is NOT an adult sex club. It is NOT a place for gay cruising and hookups. It is NOT appropriate to engauge in public sex acts. They do this BECAUSE complaints of public sex is exactly the reason most nude beaches, that were originally family friendly venues, eventually end up getting shut down.

On the very few remaining nude beaches the nudists, while trying to let people be people, try to keep public sex and public displays that are sexually related to a minimum.  At some beaches a few even volunteer to be beach Ambassadors to help educate people as to the correct etiquette. Almost all the problem is from men:  Inappropriate actives range from hovering over women, making inappropriate remarks or engaging in inappropriate sexual displays.

You can help keep nude beaches open by personally attempting to do everything in your power to create a family friendly atmosphere.  Bring the wife and kids, or at least work very hard to minimize sexual displays.

Remember nudism is a family activity, and there are kids around. Even if you don't see kids act as if kids were around.  A nude beach is NOT a bath house or adult club in Vegas. There are a lot of 'Adult' venues where more open displays of sexual activity, or sex toys are not only appropriate, but appropriated. A public nude beach is not one.

So when on a family nude beach please leave the sex toys at home.
thonger2005 #14

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/15/2013 02:58:51Copy HTML

 I have worn a buttplug both with and without a thong at Alum Creek in Ohio and recently at Haulover, but I didnt make it obvious at Haulover.

The day we were there it was fairly quiet on the southern end of the beach section.

At Alum  Creek, I didnt try to hide that I had one in but then again I knew the majority of the regular thongers there.

However I understand not causing issues with the other bach goers.
Ex_Member #15

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/15/2013 10:09:17Copy HTML

 Just wondering because I'd like to try it, provided its not illegal and no one would be offended.  Of course, I'd be discrete and not advertise the fact that I had it it.  But I tend to use plugs with larger bases so there's no chance of them slipping in, so it would likely be visible.
wearsthongs #16

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/16/2013 02:25:21Copy HTML

 I really think this topic is not suited for this board.
tangathong #17

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/16/2013 01:16:25Copy HTML

 I agree, this is a stupid topic for this board.
thong_jock #18

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/16/2013 01:49:50Copy HTML

 My personal opinion and I know there are a million on this board.

I think the reason for this site is to help support thongers in their desire to wear skimpy thong swimwear and underwear and provide a networking venue for thongers to communicate and get to together. We all would love thongs to be widely accepted and not such an issue with the world. Stuff like this just relegates thongs to the sexual and further entrenches the stigma that thongers are all perverts. Leave the butt plugs for the bedrooms and sex clubs. I'm all for sexual expression but seeing a thonger in public with a plug in their ass would only hurt our cause. Mr. Moderator, step in here if you disagree.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/16/2013 04:20:34Copy HTML

As an individual, I previously posted stating using one at a nudist beach is "Highly Inappropriate".  They were the words I used, and for the reason stated.  Real nudists are trying very hard to keep the few remaining nude beaches family friendly, to that end they work hard to tamp down any form of sexual activity or sexual displays.   

As a moderator I have to accept the reality that a few thongs do come with plugs. We allow subjects closely related to thongs and thonging, like shaving, piercings, short sorts and running tights.  Hopefully this thread has provided to those who wish to find such products the names of manufactures, and also allowed the rest of us to express how inappropriate and insensitive it is to wear one on a family nude beach.

Keep the sex toys for real adult venues. Don't sexualize the nude beaches because the nudists are already trying very hard to keep them open and family friendly.  Places like Haulover are not adult entertainment venues, they are public beaches open to the public of ALL ages, that just happen to be cloths optional. If you would not do it in front of your mother or grandchildren you should not do it on a nude beach.
upthecrack #20

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/16/2013 05:24:34Copy HTML

Wearing and using are two different things.  I have seen women at Gunnison wearing the metal butt plugs with the jewel at the end.  I thought this was rather attractive.  They were not using it, just wearing it as any other accessory.  I would say this holds true for men also.  Buy the one with the jewel and call it fashion. Again, wearing and showing it off just like a piercing is one thing, using it in public for sexual gratification is a great way to get arrested.  The jewel is a good work around.  Just my opinion. 
Gstringjoe #21

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/16/2013 09:17:40Copy HTML

 As the OP of this topic I would like to address some of the comments.  I did not mention in the original post that I want this for a public beach.  I asked a question about a commercially available product with no mention to where I was using it.  I posted on this forum because it is related to the topic of thongs and thonging and figured the members here would have more incite than the members of the fishing forum of which I am also a member.  I do not intend to wear a plug at a public beach (or outside of my house for that matter)  I think some members are taking this the wrong way and remember that this site if for the free exchange of ideas and not condemning individuals.
JM_Runs #22

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/17/2013 12:13:51Copy HTML

The Orignal Poster's question was reasonable, that is why I left the thread open, even though people asked me to close or delete it.
To some extent the thread got sidetracked by some comments on wearing and display on a public nude beach, and how much sexual fun that could be. I and others thought such activity inappropriate on a public nude beach, based on the social customs and sensitive politics surrounding the few remaining public nude beaches. Our admonitions were not directed at the 'Original Poster' or his question about possible vendors, but at users plans for public play or display.

Sorry if I have been a bit terse, but under a lot of presume right now.  I may be more sane in a month.
turkishboy #23

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/17/2013 05:44:43Copy HTML

I agree as well, that this is not a topic for a thong wearers site. There are plenty of sites out there for this topic. Wearing a thong or g string should be a sensuous, not sexual experience. This just damages our 'cause'. We want to normalise thong wearing, not marginalise it.
b21 #24

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/18/2013 10:11:42Copy HTML

I agree with this, I think there is definitely a big enough stigma attached to thongs on beaches without people associating them with horny individuals getting their jollies in public.

Having said that, we on this board are all exhibitionists to some extent, (I sure am). We love being a bit naughty and going against the grain of social norms and if you can get away with wearing a butt plug under your thong without anyone noticing or rubbing it in people's faces, then I have no objections to that. If you make it obvious you have a giant plug up your a$$ and you're clearly getting your rocks off in a public place, you will only harm our cause and people will start associating thongs with seedy, creepy men - which we are not!

In the bedroom, under your clothes or in private, be as naughty as you want, we sure do! But when in public guys, lets keep it to the cool thongs and tanned a$$es, at least until we start seeing some acceptance.
Gstringjoe #25

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/20/2013 10:29:03Copy HTML

 Well said B21. Your last paragraph describes exactly why this question was posted 
kutag #26

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/20/2013 01:16:33Copy HTML

 Just like @@@@@@ rings are in G Strings so are Butt plugs,we may or not like them that is our choice. It's called free speech. Don't be a censor of this site,Just comment, as long as it's legal it's ok we are adults after all!. Enjoy your self and get a great tan line.Hi from Australia.
OS777 #27

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/20/2013 10:06:49Copy HTML

This is not the subject than needs attention on this message board. It is more an item for a gay message board, not for a general public message board that caters to others who have no interest in this matter. I think that enough has been made of this subject and that any other further comments should be deleted or referred to an appropriate website or message board that revolves around this subject material, not this message board. Maybe a poll should be conducted to see if there is a concurrence of this sentiment would be best to resolve this festering issue. Thanks OS777
Ex_Member #28

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/20/2013 11:36:01Copy HTML

 Thank you.  You hit the nail on the head succinctly. I was just asking a question and looking for experienced-advice, not trying to titilate anyone. Just want to know about other's experiences. Chill people.
John Howard #29

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/21/2013 06:08:02Copy HTML

 I understand how you feel OS777 on saying that this thread belongs more to a gay message board.I don't share any interest on wearing a butt plug, let alone under a thong on a public beach.   This is only my personal opinion.
What worries me is that by cutting a thread we could be going against one of the most important freedoms in the western world, which is the freedom of speech.
Some of my comments about how SOME ultra feminists man-hater women might have influenced the current trends on society, of shame of young men on their own bodies, for example, have been offensive enough to the moderator, to  be edited or deleted.   But opinions about butt plugs being worn by men on public beaches are considered ok.
Freedom of speech should always prevail.  If I see a thread like this, on butt plugs worn by men, a topic for which I have the least interest whatsoever, I will just ignore it.  And only pay attention to the threads that interest me.  The same way, if anyone mentions anything not flattering about ultra feminism and how ultra feminism seems to be obsessed on men becoming inferior to women rather than equal, that opinion should just be respected, agreed, or disagreed, but not deleted.
For some strange reason, the world is becoming too precious, too delicate.   Everyone is starting to take offence on everything.  People are starting to be scared to have an opinion, if it goes against the current trends of social engineering.   I think some posts can be from trolls, who write outrageous things just to shock the other members of the board....    the best antidote to this is to just ignore it.    What trolls want is people to react, to get offended.
I would rather endure having to ignore threads on men wearing butt plugs under their thongs, or men asking advice on where  to buy g-strings for 8 or 10 years old, than to have the limited freedom of speech of a citizen of a totalitarian country like North Korea, China , Iran or Venezuela.
tanlines2thin #30

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/21/2013 10:49:51Copy HTML

how about we all just get back to having fun about thongs and G's......
kutag #31

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/21/2013 12:55:53Copy HTML

Well said John Howard. By the way thank God we got rid of you namesake in 2007 what an arse hole of a Prime Minister
OS777 #32

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/22/2013 07:19:16Copy HTML

Dear Mr. Howard,
Freedom of speech is not the matter in question. There seems to be some confusion to some members who think that their agenda will be promoted in the guise of questions about butt-plug supporter thongs when the matter is only about the adult toy that seems to have fixated in their mindset. It is the inappropriateness of the subject. This is not a gay message board. It is a message board that shares ideas and information about Thongs and related swim/poolwear. I suggested that this matter be  laid to rest but it seems others have agendas that seek to illuminate their cause...
JM_Runs #33

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/22/2013 03:24:41Copy HTML

As the MODERATOR, I explained my reasoning for keeping the thread open in one of the above posts.

Another reason for keeping this thread open is to keep the subject all in one place. 
If I close a contentious thread it tends to fragment and hijack other threads.

I think the thread has answered the original posters question on vendors,
and addressed a second question on appropriateness, or lack of it, on nude beaches.
The thread has allowed others to raise the alert as to the family nature of nude beaches,
and the hyper sensitivity needed to help keep the very few that remain open.

There was a little editing to remove some posts that added nothing to the discussion,
and a few edits to some posts to keep the subject on track,
so as not to open a Pandora's box of sexual exploration.

I think the subject has been well vented.
Even so, I don't want to close the thread because on general principles I try very hard never to do that.

In the same way I try very hard not to kick people of this board,
even when I fervently disagree with them and consider them a blithering semi-literate misogynistic idiot.
About the only thing people get kicked off for is outright spam.

Mostly our thong community as a whole, reads the posts,
considers the issue, and jumps in where needed to adjust peoples attitudes.

Sometimes I see a post and think, just wait, someone will set them straight.
Sometimes I feel compelled, as in individual, not the moderator, to add my two cents.

Where you see posts saying the post was deleted by the Aimoo Team,
that is not me killing of users, but automatic replacement messages generated when Aimoo deletes an account.
The account may have been deleted by the Aimoo system at the users own request,
or because Aimoo baned them for something done on another message board, not this one.
or because Aimoo band them because their profile picture was offensive.
We don't have profile pictures by each post, so that is not an issue on this board.

If deleting your account, please do not elect to remove your posts,
because it leaves the flow and logic of the discussion thread all akimbo.

Mostly my moderation consists of moving posts to the appropriate thread,
or delete new threads and ask the poster to repost in the existing thread on the subject.
With 10 years of histiry, 5,000 thread topics, and more than 45,000 posts this is a continual task.

Sometimes when moving a post that hits multiple subjects in six directions at once,
I move it to the most appropriate thread, and may remove some parts that are not on that topic,
just so it does not hijack that thread too.

Sometimes I merge threads, but this is a seriously real pain to do.
I appreciate it when the old time and experienced users jump in and keep others in line.
This helps a lot.

Keeping the discussions on topic,
and having a sane discussion not driven by 'Adult' sexual eagerness is difficult,
especially when most of the users are from English speaking countries where thongs and buttocks, have become sysnomus with sex.

I strive for this to be and intelligent user driven and user forum, not my personal blog.
Moderation is a bit of an art. Everyone has their own opinion, and I am pleased to see them expressing it.

If you want to see more young men and women wearing thongs on the beach,
try not to drive them away from the useful information in this forum by off color discussions.

I try to keep forum mostly PG, so that Aimoo does not shut us down,
and so that it is readable by the next generation of up-coming younger thongers.
I assume they will delve in and search, like we all do,
for subjects or locations that interest us, and mostly ignore the rest. 

Filtering out what you don't want to read or see is part of the internet experience.
We all do it every day when ignoring the adds surrounding the news we are reading.
I hope someone who does not want to read this thread will skip it.
Even so, I do try to keep all threads more or less PG.

Sometimes, if I have time and feel the post worthy, in my magazine editor mode,
I edit to add punctuation, fix spelling and add paragraph breaks. 
I will also do this to help clarify a post, especially if English is not the persons primary language.
Please don't rely on me to do this.
If you are a blithering idiot I will let your own worlds and punctuation frame your own arguments.
thenextthong #34

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:04/25/2013 08:06:31Copy HTML

 All politics aside - walking around with an object inserted into your rectum is a potential safety hazard. That's why it's so difficult to insert things in there in the first place, not what it's designed for.

Your rectum and prostate are very valuable lifelong assets - look after them!
argiethonger #35

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:12/20/2013 08:25:12Copy HTML

Though I partially agree this topic is kinda off the board, I like to be challenged and to be faced with things that make me think.

In particular, I can't agree with @thenextthong post. Very similar arguments are said against thong usage in general: that wearing thongs is unhealthy because it doesn't allow your back hole to "breathe" and that the fabric irritate and even worse, can create disease!
I must say I'm not a buttplug user nor I'm supporting them!

But if the purpose of this board is to encourage thong usage, to share experiences and to discuss the related topics, I don't see much trouble if some people want to combine using them with some other "things".
If we turn too "strict", we risk to start considering anything beyond simply walking in a thong on a beach as inadequate. For example if someone shares (s)he feels aroused when wearing a thong, or if someone wears a cockring to look bigger.

I hope to have added my 2 cents and haven't offended anyone! 

Seam_Stress #36

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:12/22/2013 04:34:25Copy HTML

I have no comment about sex toys, but I do have a comment about comments.

(1)  Only governments can censor.  Private entities can do whatever they like, including Aimoo shutting down this board if it violates their ToS.  The moderators are trying to prevent that.


(2) "JAQing off" in public is not a good idea.  There's asking questions, and there's attempting to provoke or push limits (and buttons).


argiethonger #37

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:12/22/2013 10:30:34Copy HTML

I don't understand what you meant, Seam_Stress
sethbrooks2 #38

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:03/21/2016 05:17:24Copy HTML

Id love to see underwear that rather than having a rear strap has just a loop to fit to a jewelled butt plug. Has anyone seen such items? I suggested it yo a sex toy website design a toy competition but herd nothing.
JM_Runs #39

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:03/21/2016 06:42:40Copy HTML

 It's not cheap, butt:
sethbrooks2 #40

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:03/21/2016 09:11:40Copy HTML

 i have seen them, that type of thing but not so fancy, and for men and women.
JM_Runs #41

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:03/21/2016 10:42:31Copy HTML

Yeah, I don't understand the ridiculous pricing.  Koala also makes some suits that incorporate plugs in some way.  If you're into plugs, check out Njoy.
thongboyuk #42

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:03/21/2016 12:24:31Copy HTML

 I haven't come across many thongs with a loop, however, there are quite a few butt plugs available which have a long narrow base to fit nicely under a thong strap instead of a round base. I have one and it works well. Also good if you plan on thonging in public but want to be discreet about the plug.
NudeNArizona #43

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:10/08/2018 06:50:20Copy HTML

Not a built in but a Princess Plug, We have a friend who we often see when we go to a nudist resort and I noticed this past weekend when we were walking over to our lounge chairs that she had something sparkle between her butt cheeks. Then later on while we were climbing out of the pool it was quite visible she was wearing a Princes Plug, so my wife ask her if it was comfortable and that if she had ever wore it before or if this was her first time. She said she has been wearing it quite frequently and has wore it sunbathing for the past month or so, but she did have a few people comment saying they thought it was inappropriate, and her answer was "it's really no different then some of the other body accessories others are wearing" pointing out nipple rings, PA's, VCH's, belly chains, and C-rings
teeback269 #44

Re:Built in butt plug

Date Posted:10/09/2018 09:17:13Copy HTML

I have been trying to find one with two plugs for my lady friend, one at the front, one at the back, so far no luck.
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