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Date Posted:02/09/2016 07:49:00Copy HTML

Buying underwear in Japan must be more fun! Just type t-back into Rakuten and it's page after page of interesting goods.http://global.rakuten.com/en/search/?sm=3&h=3&sid=adieu&tl=303991
Beached_Santa_Cruz #1

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:02/10/2016 01:14:32Copy HTML

 Wow! Some of them look pretty interesting.  If I didn't have so many already I'd be tempted to buy some.
SunnyP #2

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:02/13/2016 12:14:42Copy HTML

 I have bought quite a few from Japan even though they may not ship to the UK I use tenso.com to forward it to me as it's not too bad pricewise as long as you buy a few items, if you just buy 1-2 items it may cost more.
I've bought nearly all mine from rakuten but have tried other websites too with tenso and it works just as well, haven't yet bought from Turkey yet who make some amazing suits but they ship internationally anyway.
Anyway if anyone wants me to give some sites I've used a list on here or needs help with the process then let me know
prodgie #3

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:04/12/2016 04:56:26Copy HTML

Has anyone been able to order and ship internationally from this underwear shop online?
I like a lot that they have to offer but I tried ordering from the Japanese Rakuten site but they said they do not ship outside of Japan. I found the site on Amazon japan but unsure if they will ship thru this site internationaly. http://www.amazon.co.jp/s/ref=w_bl_sl_s_ap_web_352484011?ie=UTF8&node=352484011&field-brandtextbin=CREAL%28%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AC%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AB%29
tback #4

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:05/02/2016 08:46:16Copy HTML

 I have been buying from TXM.
I believe that they ship worldwide but beware of shipping rates, custom duties and sales taxes in your country.
TXM is quite efficient.
They offer great designs, super lightweight material but most of their underwear is very small and also the material has high eleasticity it is usually too small for European or US customers. Order the L and you will discover it is .... small ;)
prodgie #5

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:06/06/2016 06:01:36Copy HTML

 Hi fellow thongers,Just received a order with some TXM underwear and wanted to share my thoughts of these styles.This company really seems to be the authority on T-back and bikini underwear designed for asian men. Fortunately a lot of the styles are just fine for us folks with European background.Just note that I am about a 34-35" waist and in the past I usually ordered in size LL but on this order I ordered items that have a-lot of stretch and seemed to have good coverage. All of these styles are good for all day wear and should accommodate almost any size member.
Double string thong:http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=10568Very smooth and stretchy fabric. Very cool and dry's quickly. The fabric is pretty see thru so not really good for talking around with other people around.The front and crotch area are seamless and the elastic is covered and very smooth.
Classic style thong made of a soft Tencil fabric:http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=10636This fabric is wonderful for sleeping and four lounging around. Front is mostly seamless with just a small dart at the bottom. Fabric is very stretchy and feels like a combination between bamboo and cotton. But much more breathable than both. The red, black and navy fabrics are pretty much solid material so could be worn around the house without giving to much away. The lighter colours are s bit see thru.
Hi Cut G-String:http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11141Looks like a thong but with a g-string back. I am not a big g-string wearer but this one fit's a bit like the old Jockey thongs but in super stretchy smooth fabric. 
String side thong:http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11116Very basic thong and very slim fitting. Fit's well and very stretchy material.
String bikini:http://www.txm.co.jp/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11460Not a thong but it's nice to have alternatives for days you need something with a bit of rear coverage.Fabric is pretty sheer and very stretchy. Great string bikini for the summer but not suitable for wearing by itself in public.
Maxin #6

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:06/07/2016 04:05:23Copy HTML

 I agree Prodgi I am addicted to their suits and have modelled a few in my photos here. They do do L and some LL but I can also squeeze into their M size. Look forward to seeing you modelling your new undies!
J_R_365 #7

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:06/09/2016 12:49:40Copy HTML

 Has anyone done a direct comparison between the TXM and iSwim (Taiwan) suits? I have a suit from iSwim and it's very nice, but I am also interested in some of the TXM suits.
gnoht #8

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:06/10/2016 06:07:16Copy HTML

Bought TXM stuff before, the quality is good. The thing about stuff from Asia (I'm Asian btw) is that the size can be small, I'm a rather big sized Asian and even so some of the suits I bought are too tight to be comfortable. 

I've tried teardrop g-string and it barely accommodates my flaccid privates, so I can't imagine how the well-endowed people are going to have it tucked in at all. 
maozer2003 #9

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:11/11/2016 06:38:49Copy HTML

 @J_R_365 you ask about comparing TXM with iSwim. I have bought from both companies. I have bought TXM from an online shop called sixlines, and they offer very few swimsuits, so I mainly bought underwear from them, whereas iSwim have loads of swimsuits. Their sizings are similar I would say (i.e. Asian sizing, so as a European small, I buy medium or large Asian). The iSwim swimsuits I've bought are very brief bikini cuts (not thongs) and sit very low at the back, so some crack is showing. I guess this wouldn't be a problem if you buy thongs from them. In terms of quality,  both companies are good. I think if you want a swim thong, iSwim is going to provide you with a lot more choice of styles & colours. (But if you just want underwear, I'd definitely recommend TXM - as mentioned previously on this thread, they often use very stretchy material which I personally like)
J_R_365 #10

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:11/13/2016 02:44:44Copy HTML

 Maozer -

Thanks  for the info. I wish TXM had better descriptions of their different fabrics. I once was able to view the Japanese part of their site, where they did have a page about the fabrics, which Google Translate gave some "interesting" renderings of, but now I can only see the English side. I also wish they showed their styles on human models, as some of the pouches look quite weird on those shapeless mannequins.

Hmm, I remember back in the 1970s, when women were increasingly going bra-less, and mannequins started having nipple molded into them. There should be "Anatomically Accurate" male mannequins, too.
maozer2003 #11

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:11/14/2016 01:01:39Copy HTML

 @J_R_365 - If you want to see TXM on a human model, check out this Japanese online shop, it sells many TXM designs & every garment is photographed from several angles on a real human model:http://sixlines.co.jp/takeonht/undwer/eng/undertop.htm
turnej #12

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:11/26/2016 02:21:55Copy HTML

Purchased five thongs from TXM in Japan (mostly cotton for everyday wear) ordered them on Sunday and they arrived within four days! Super quick delivery. The quality overall and stitching is superb and they fit very well - I looked for the 'L' or 'M' size and if even if the 'material extend' was normal I made a purchase. When I get some time I will post some pics on here for you to see.

leo40 #13

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:11/27/2016 01:15:40Copy HTML

A thong from China, but labeled "Japanese Style" is my skimpiest of all.  Sold by ebay store swirlfashion and others, these are so narrow as to be shaft-only coverage, and that rather incomplete.  However, unlike other Japanese partial coverage suits, these are comfortable to wear and stay in place in the pool.  Insufficient cloth for the public beach, though.
jkhud15 #14

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:12/06/2016 05:35:37Copy HTML

 Leo40, can you tell me what the product number of the thong that you bought from the eBay store "swirlfashion" that is very narrow so that it is barely a shaft only suit? And/or where I can exactly find it on their site and/or can you post a pic of it either by itself or on you so I know that I am buying the correct thong?  I am looking exactly for a very,very narrow thong/g-string and this might be what I am looking for.  I am looking to buy it right away. Thanks.
jkhud15 #15

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:01/09/2017 05:20:23Copy HTML

I am looking for a very narrow thong that barely covers the shaft when it is pointed straight up. Maybe shows a little of the side of the shaft on both sides peeking out. I am looking for a front width of about 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" wide or so the total length of the shaft with a pouch for the boys. The fabric to be very stretchable to allow for growth and see thru and soft. Would be nice to have it in a gstring design but a thong will do. Leo40 mentioned a narrow suit by swirlfashion but I have yet been able to find it. Thanks for any help you might give me. 
SunnyP #16

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:11/27/2018 08:26:36Copy HTML

Look at some of my many shop links here: http://thongboard.aimoo.com/topic/list/Creal-399131-7361-1

007KWOK #17

Re:Buying underwear in Japan is more fun

Date Posted:12/27/2018 03:17:59Copy HTML

If you have chance to go to Japan, you will see their mainstream department stores actually carry TXM thongs and other brands. It would be indeed very fun shopping there.
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