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Date Posted:06/10/2003 10:22:23Copy HTML

I have tried at least 20 brands and styles.  I also have large equipment so fit is a problem, they are often too tight or my scrotum leaks out the side. 

CK's Seamless thong is great.  Very nice style and fit.  My favorite color is the Ocean.  They are available at Macys.com and a few stores.

ThongGuy808 #1

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:09/14/2004 04:20:33Copy HTML

i have a few pairs of these... they are very soft and comforatable, but the pouch is a bit big! you may want to get a size smaller than your usual... my only other complaint is that the material can get "pilly" if your watch/rings ever get caught on it

ilets #2

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:09/14/2004 09:33:19Copy HTML

CK seamless microfiber is my favorite.  Yes, the pouch is a bit large.  I have large equipment, Jockey brand is cut too small, and the extra room in this CK thong is great.  I don't leak out the sides.  Expensive, yes.  But its the only one that really fits for some.
Hydro-7 #3

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:09/20/2004 08:24:07Copy HTML

Are these the thongs that come with the red or blue CK waistband (I think these are cotton mesh, now that I think about it)? Or another style?
packiest #4

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:09/20/2004 10:34:57Copy HTML

I had a CK thong and I really didn't like it. The sides were cut wierd on it- didn't really hold me in all that well. Wasn't a snug enough fit.
clean_n_smooth #5

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:12/14/2008 11:29:39Copy HTML

I used to get mine from Von Maur's (don't know if I spelled it right) Or you can find just about anything on e-bay or other sites on the internet.
ilets #6

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:12/20/2008 06:14:55Copy HTML

CK foolishly discontinued that thong several years ago.  Best one ever made for large equipment.  They ought to bring it back.  Steel is terrible, tried one for 2 min and threw it out.
Thonged4Life #7

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:01/01/2009 03:18:44Copy HTML

Don't knock this untill you try it....
The CK womens microfiber seemless thong fit's the male anantomy nicley..  1 for $10 for 3 for $27 at Dillard's. They can also be founf at Amazon.com too..  I am a 33 1/2 waist and the Med fits great.  They are very stretchy.. Don't knock it till you try it..
prodgie #8

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:05/27/2009 03:04:50Copy HTML


I agree with Thonged4life. I use to buy the Mens seamless thong, finally a great thong, and liked them until they discontinued them. I asked a sales lady and she told me the sad news. However she told me to check out the one they make for the ladies "Calvin Klein#D2220".
So I found them and bought 3 of the thongs and a bikini in white, black, nude and blue bikini.
I found the black for some reason had the best support?
I liked them so much I went back for more and decided to try one a size smaller (I wear a medium and got a small).
For sports or working the small is actually better! No side gaping. However the medium is better for longing.
Any ways the best things about these thongs is no front or side seams (no one does this for mens thongs I have checked around), no cotton material at the crotch, narrow back strap, narrow waist bands and the most silky and strechy material you will ever try.
I have allways worn underwear made for men but this underwear from Calvin Klein for woman have fast become my fave!

Until CK makes this thong for men do what Thonged4Life said "don't knock them until you try them".
qwerty52 #9

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:06/04/2009 05:55:24Copy HTML

i found only this ebay shop who still sell the ck microfiber thong for men:
qwerty52 #10

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:06/05/2009 05:12:00Copy HTML

i purchased a pair from this seller and i think they are fake...
stringster #11

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:06/06/2009 12:39:16Copy HTML

they probably are. i bought a pair of these once, even though the picture looks authentic what you get is very different. i found the CK writing on the front was with ink, and would fade as you washed them. but the overall quality of the thong was generally OK, they were actually my favourites for a while! i no longer have them but want to buy them again (even if they're fakes!)
Snugenz #12

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:06/28/2009 08:01:49Copy HTML

I am also a 33 waist, but I don't feel like purchasing two sizes.  If you had to pick between small or medium, which would you choose, in terms of comfort, functionality, etc.  Is there no side gaping with both the small and the medium.  The reason I ask is because my most comfortable thong at the moment is the Jockey next to nothing thong, but unfortunately they were discontinued.  Also, are these CK thongs low rise?  Thank you for your help!
jrr #13

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:06/29/2009 11:20:29Copy HTML

The jockey thong is still advertised on their website. It is nice. 
Snugenz #14

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:06/30/2009 05:57:22Copy HTML

I just bought them in M and S, I will tell everyone the verdict.
prodgie #15

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:07/01/2009 10:27:02Copy HTML

Hi Snugenz
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Regarding the size on the CK thong I also wear a size 32-34 and find both the Medium and Small fit well. However I like the smaller size as the material is very stretchy and wraps around everything and gives very good support. All I was saying if you proffer a more relaxed fit the medium is good. As for the side gaping I don't have an issue but I suspect you will have less of this with the smaller size due to the snugger fit. Let us know how you find them :)
Snugenz #16

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:07/11/2009 07:44:47Copy HTML

 So I just got the CK thongs today.  Just thought I'd let everyone know, they are fantastic.  Best thong I have owned yet in every regard.  Also ordered a Pikante scottish thong, it's not too too bad, but I'd definitely size up.  I digress.  Don't be afraid to buy these just because of the female underwear stigma, there are no markings on it that state it's for women, and it doesn't display women sizes.  I like both the small and the medium. Thanks for the help!
prodgie #17

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:07/14/2009 04:46:14Copy HTML

I am happy you enjoy them as much as I do Snugenz. Might sound a bit strange saying that but I personally think everyone needs to try these! Well worth a few dollars. You will find the front area will develop a shape after a couple of days of wearing and washing. You may also want to take the tag out of the back. It's fairly easy to do.
Anyways Enjoy!
Thonged4Life #18

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:07/20/2009 02:21:22Copy HTML

WOW, I haven't visited this "board" in a while and I'm suprised to actually see one of my suggestions going so well. As prodgie said they have nothing on them whatsoever that says womens on them. And besides everyone knows Calvin Klein makes FASHION underwear, and in some places fashion is more open then others, so the name on the waistband doesn't give away the women's part of it either. I'm currenly up to a 34 1/2 waist and the MED still fits great. No gapping, & Up :-)  And I also have noticed that the black ones tend to offer the most support ( this has been the case with other brands i have tried as well, (International Male and VS) Just want to reccomend you air dry them, less pilling. But if you tumble dry thats ok too, I still have the first pair i ever bought, they are very well made and hold their elasticity well.  If your big into different colors, the department store will carry different colors at different times of the year.. I have seen the following colors: Black, White, Red, Pink,Purple,Nude, White, and a Green similar to the shading on this website.   So you have options..  Enjoy your purchases guys and keep the open mind.... You already have an open mind if your wearing a thong in the first place :-)
mack_back #19

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:11/21/2009 05:56:43Copy HTML

Bought the Calvin Klein women's thong with your suggestions and found it works out well, very surprisingly.

Needed a thong to wear under my workout tights with no front seam. This one is the best i worn, tried VS body low rise no seam with a bit of gapping also bought the VS Supermodel body thong with no seam really nice but got a size to big so everything is not held in place.
Only problem with the Calvin Klein thong is the leg seam shows through a bit under my tights in the front other then that, nice work. 
Maybe buying another CK thong in black small size works well. Seen other CK thongs, Calvin Klein Underwear Signature Logo Thong on bloomingdale's website in other colors bowtie blue (navy), sugar plum (lite blue) i guess there cotton thongs maybe not as good as the lycra CK thong.

Looking for a g-string no front seam anyone tried La Perla G-string it was 3 time 2008 undies winner for favourite g-string?

prodgie #20

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:02/04/2018 04:52:00Copy HTML

 Hi Thongers. It’s been awhile since I picked up a thong not for guys since a lot of options are out but I happen to come Accross this woman’s athletic thong made with a soft and stretchy seamless process. They have  a wide front and they looked pretty unisex so had to pick up a pair to try out while visiting the states. They are a lot like the Jockey seamless for men but I have to say they fit better and feel a lot nicer. They also breath and don’t hold sweat. I got a Large and have a 34” waist. They seem to fit well but you could go one more size up. https://www.target.com/p/women-s-seamless-2pack-thong-c9-champion-174/-/A-52312379#lnk=sametab
LVER18 #21

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:03/08/2018 03:48:44Copy HTML

 @prodgie: I’m a 32” waist and usually wear size Large since I like to have a lot of room in the front pouch. I’m large in the front, so I need large pouches so that stuff doesn’t leak out on the sides. I own a lot of Jockey Seamless thongs for men, and I absolutely love them. Are the ones you talking about really similar to the Jockey ones? I’ve always found that women’s thongs don’t fit since they are not made for our anatomy, but they really do look similar to the Jockey Seamless thongs for men in terms of shape, size, cut, etc.Let me know!
prodgie #22

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:03/09/2018 03:30:10Copy HTML

Hi LEVR18,
Well as you said they are for woman originally so have a fairly flat front. However they seem to actually ya e a bit of a front curve to them and with the front being so wide and the material being so stretchy they could act well as a thong for men. I can’t comment if you have big equipment as I don’t have massive equipment as you describe. However the price is so good you could go for it and if they don’t fit hand them off to your lady. I do want to say it’s surprising how unisex they look on. 
JM_Runs #23

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:05/29/2018 12:20:37Copy HTML

Try seamless thong for men: 


JM_Runs #24

Re:Seamless thongs are great

Date Posted:01/28/2019 09:52:53Copy HTML

Brave Person brand, seamless (meaning welded not stitched).  High waist. Choice of colors.   $3.89 with fee shipping. Chinese sizing runs small, size up two sizes.


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