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Date Posted:07/10/2006 09:57:55Copy HTML

I ran up to Caeser Creek last week and layed out for a couple of hours. Once I got there I noticed that there was nobody else in anything close to a thong. I found a quiet part of the beach and got to thongin.

There was a group of 20 somethings in the lake not too far away and they trying to figure out exactly what I was wearing. I guess they were not sure if it was a thong because an older lady (I assume it was someones mom) had a conversation with them and then came walking close to me. When she first saw me she said OH MY GOODNESS! She got about 20 yards and then turned around and went back. Then I heard her say "he is young and has the thong on". I was still on my back at the time.

After a while longer I flipped over and there were a few comments like "look at the guy in the thong" but nothing bad. Then a group of four people showed up at the beach and started a photo shoot of two women in bikinis. No thongs. They were there for about 45 min and left.

I was only there for about 2 hours so not much else happened. All in all it was a good experience. Too bad I could not have stayed a little longer. I was also hoping for at least one other thonger or at least some sting bikinis but nope.

They are tearing down the bathrooms so there is a lot of noise and the only place to go to the bathroom are port-a-johns. I am hoping for another opportunity soon.
ithongit #1

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/11/2006 05:42:50Copy HTML

I was at Ceaser's Creek late yesterday (Monday) and would agree with the noise and confusion caused by construction.  There were the usual scattering of men in thongs on the 'hill' but nobody else on the beach.  I layed out near two women in rio type suits.  They were with a young man in board shorts who I believe was a husband or close friend of one of the women.  All three were speaking French.  The ranger drove by while I was sunning my back side, and stopped and got out and this caused a lot of excitement with the French speaking group, but he walked right past me and went over and chewed someone with a dog out about letting the dog on the beach.  After the ranger left, one of the women came over and told me that she had been told that thongs were illegal everyplace in the USA and they were surprised that the ranger didn't hassle me.  I explained that at Ohio beaches, and many other places, thongs were perfectly okay.

As far as the construction goes, I ask about this a few weeks ago and was told that the restoorms are being 'downsized'.  (If you want to get answers about construciton, be a woman wearing a thong swimsuit and every construction worker on a job site is more than willing to talk to you!)  If you notice, the actual sinks and toilets, along with the supporting walls and ceiling are being preserved.  The contractor will be building new walls joining into these walls to make a very compact restroom complex.  Originally, in addition to the restrooms, there were showers and a huge opend air change area.  Park rangers got complaints about homosexual acts in the mens showers and change areas and men were sunbathing in the nude in the change area too, so the state stopped repairing these facilities and eventually, the showers and change areas were closed in the last few years.  There also were issues with the mortar used in some of the building's construction which resulted in bricks falling out and sections of walls falling down.  The current consruction has removed all the walls with questionable strength.


thongs rule #2

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/23/2006 02:02:31Copy HTML

This reply is for ithongit:

My wife and I were at Cesaers Creek in July and there weren't any folks thonging. We were a bit disapointed as we had travelled from Maine to go to this beach. We used to live in Ohio a few years ago and at that time I do remember people thonging, mostly men and very few women topless.

Maxtlatl #3

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/16/2007 04:01:50Copy HTML

In late April, a thong-wearer was arrested at Caesar Creek State Park in Ohio for public indecency. Here's the story as I got it.

The guy had just finished jogging along one of the trails in the park, went to Subway to pick up something to eat, and then returned to the main parking lot at Caesar Creek, changed into his thong, and sat down to eat his sub. While he was doing so, a park officer snuck up in the weeds, and then arrested him for public indecency, claiming that the officer had seen the thonger nude. According to the thonger, the only time he was nude was while he was in his beach cabana, changing into his thong. The thonger also said that his thong was one of those tan-through thongs, and was orange, so that the ranger may have mistaken the thong for flesh.

As far as we can tell, this may be the start of a coordinated campaign against thongers (and others). You need to keep in mind that Caesar Creek is quite close to Cincinnati, and there is a group there, called Citizens for Community Values that is going whole-hog on this. CCV is the group that got an anti-gay amendment to the Ohio Constitution passed a few years ago. They now have little old ladies, church ladies, taking cell phone pictures of people at the beach, and doing other things in an attempt to intimidate thongers.

There is another story that they arrested a high school girl jogging along the path. Supposedly, she was wearing short shorts without underwear, and the arresting officer claimed that a small kid on a trike could have looked up and seen something.

Anyways, this is a situation folks ought to be aware of. It would probably be a good idea not to thong alone! You want witnesses around to be able to testify that you were always legal.
The Swan #4

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/17/2007 10:29:53Copy HTML

Thanks for posting this.  A cop hiding in the weeds? I hope he got a few ticks.

I'll be asking a cop if it is OK to thong from now on. I heard a story last year where a cop actually stepped in between a redneck and a thonger. When the redneck threatened the thonger the cop sent the redneck packing.

Over the years it appears those who tan on the "Hill" have less trouble than those who tan on the beach.

The Swan #5

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/27/2007 03:21:29Copy HTML

I spent some time at Caesar Creek this week...

On the beach: I saw a woman put on a robe then take off her swim suit while  still wearing the robe. She then proceeded to do a flash dance for the people she was with. I witnessed a group of young adults wrap towels around themselves, whip off their swim wear from under their towels, then put on their street clothes under their towels. I saw a group of young adult women swimming in shorts and t-shirts. Upon their getting ready to leave they pulled off the shorts and underwear with their t-shirts almost covering them and put on their jeans. This is just stuff I saw walking by the beach as I don't layout on the beach. Nobody batted an eye at any of these antics because it goes on all the time. It's a beach for crying at  loud.

 I hope these two who got arrested get a jury trial and make the jurors spend a day at the beach. They'll see how lame this arresting Ranger was.

Note that  as I always do, I went to the rest room changing area to change into and out of  my swimwear.

DavyJ #6

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/04/2007 12:50:10Copy HTML

I will be at Caesars Creek later this month and would greatly appreciate any updates from any of you "regulars".  I have thonged there many times in the past without an major problems (a few minor ones, to be sure, but no big deal).  However, I have heard that things may be worse this year than in the past, and wanted to be sure I wouldn't run into any trouble.  I will be there on a week day.  Is that any different than weekends?

The Swan #7

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/23/2007 01:51:56Copy HTML

Usually the crowds are a little lighter on the weekdays. What is known as "the hill" is fairly relaxed place to thong. If you go early in the morning you shoulld not have any problem. I'm usually done tanning by 1:00pm have yet to encounter a problem.

DavyJ #8

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/25/2007 09:28:31Copy HTML

That is what I would have guessed (about weekday vs weekend).  I did make it there last week (during the week), but not until after 5:00.  The beach was not too crowded, and I had no trouble thonging in the beach area (I always go a bit left of the "main" area so I am not right opposite the beach house/concession area) to avoid the bigger crowds.

It was a cooler than normal day, and I was there late, so I had no problems.  I am not sure how it would be on a hot day during "prime time".

thonged21 #9

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/13/2007 09:46:04Copy HTML

Anyone been to Caesars Creek Lately?  We went this weekend and were the only ones in thongs. A couple of weeks ago there were several people in thongs and at least one other women i saw that was topless. I love Caesars creek and have never had any problems. Does anyone know a popular day for thongers?  We usually go on Sundays.
The Swan #10

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/29/2007 01:32:29Copy HTML

It's hit or miss. Sunday and Saturday are the most popular. I was there Monday no problems, however I was the only one.
The Swan #11

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/28/2007 01:31:05Copy HTML

I was out at Caesar's Creek this week end and was talking to a topless women who said the cops are now asking that you don't walk around in a thong. The cops think it is  OK to lay out and tan topless or in a thong but get complaints if folks are walking around in thongs. She said the cops are directing thongers and topless folks who ask, to use "The Hill" to layout. It did not stop us from walking to the beach and swimming in our  thongs. But when we packed up, we covered up to walk to the parking lot. I don't mind as it seems a small price to pay to get some sun on our buns.

Maxtlatl #12

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:11/01/2007 10:43:39Copy HTML

I want to alert folks to a court case that was recently decided here in Ohio. The ruling itself is here. It's a PDF.

In it, a topless woman was arrested and charged, not with public indecency, but with disorderly conduct. I think we're all aware that there have been Ohio court rulings that toplessness is not public indecency, and that has opened up the usage of Alum Creek and Caesar Creek to use by a few topless women. This new case is a worrisome development.

It's even more worrisome because of exactly what she was charged with. She was charged with the part of the disorderly conduct statute that forbids "physically offensive" conduct. Of course, mere toplessness is not "physical" anything, yet she was charged, convicted, and the conviction upheld. This is really scary. And if a bare breast is "physically offensive", there is nothing to stop a creative prosecutor from deciding that a bare but is also physically offensive, and charging any of us. By the way, I only became aware of this case a few days after oral argument for the appeal, from an article in a newspaper, and long after it was way too late to try to help out the defense lawyer. As far as I can tell, all he did was argue equal protection.

What I'm afraid will happen is that prosecutors throughout the rest of Ohio, and particularly the Caesar Creek area prosecutors who are always looking for a reason to try to shut down the toplessness at Caesar Creek, will use this ruling to start arresting based on disorderly conduct. If that happens, at a minimum, please try to let me know about it, so we can all try to do what we can to keep such a tactic from spreading throughout the state. Unfortunately, organizations like the Naturist Action Committee don't have a lot of money, and cannot afford to defend somebody, but they do have very good informational resources, and can also provide information on strategies that should help.

This case is a bad development for the state, and we all need to keep on top of it.

The Swan #13

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/09/2008 03:16:34Copy HTML

I was out at Ceasar Creek today, last Friday and last Thursday. The beach is under about 12 feet of water so the the Rangers have closed the road at the Ranger Station Driveway. We were able to park at the Ranger Station and walk down to the beach or ride a bicycle down to the beach. We could lay out in the grass. If the Rangers catch someone swimming they make them get out of the water. It did not appear to me that they are issuing tickets to the swimmers. The Rangers and Sheriffs are visiting frequently so if you are swimming for any length of time you will get caught. It looks like the water has dropped about 2 feet in 48 hours. I'm guessing sometime late next week things will be back to normal.
ithongit #14

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/26/2008 05:06:06Copy HTML

As of last weekend (June 21-22) the water levels were down, the beach was groomed, and people were back again.  The only water left is the gully between the beach sidewalk and the hill leading up to the parking lot.  A lot of people took off across the grass like normal and then did a last-minute detour when they discovered that the gully had over a foot of water.  As usual, I was the only thonger on the beach, most others were men and on the hill, but there were no problems.

Dad found some old home movies of Ceasar's Creek from the late 1970's and the place is packed.  He said it was like this every weekend for year after year.  He speculates that there are fewer people now because (1) Families used to go places together (2) Not as much air conditioning or home pools (3) Not as many community pools (4) No waterparks (Private or city run) (5) Gas costs (6) Many apartments and condos did not have pools.  He also said you never saw a Canadian Goose at Ceasar's Creek, only a few ducks and a few sea gulls.  In the movies, the parking lot was full, there were four or five more rows of parking than there are now, and there were at least 5 lifeguards in those little chairs.  Nobody in the movies were wearing thongs, but a lot of the guys were wearing what we now would call racing speedo suits.  Others were wearing cut-offs with a minimal inseam.  The men's trunks were skimpier than most men's boxer shorts are today, but the women's string bikini's could be worn on today's beaches and nobody would know they were 30 years old.
The Swan #15

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/28/2008 03:46:54Copy HTML

Thanks for the memories ithongit. I've been going out to Caesar's Creek since the late 70's. I also witnessed the changes you described. I think this year more than recent years I've seen a much more relaxed attitude towards thonging and toplessness. As an example I recently went for a swim and a young woman was teasing her husband about how he should get a suit like mine. I went over and talked to them. The conversation was very relaxed and natural. The husband was saying  he was thinking about getting a thong suit. The young woman actually had some thong suits but did not think anyone else would be wearing one, so she left them at home. She said she would wear one next time. I talked some more with them. Her husband and I assured her it was OK to take off her top. When she did that another older lady laying out about 20 feet away was with her family, and was obviously listening to us took off her top. It put a smile on my face to see this type of acceptance on the beach.
ithongit #16

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/02/2008 11:55:37Copy HTML

Mr. Swan --

I've seen this before -- women playing follow the leader.  It happens with me and Nikki a lot.  We will arrive at the beach and decide to go topfree and the next thing you know, other women do the same.  I just think a lot of women would love the chance to go topfree, but are scared to try or think it is against the law.  A lot of times Nikki and I have noticed that it is after the park patrols go by and Nikki and I DON'T get into trouble or get harrased by the rangers, so the other women figure it must be okay.  The funny thing is that often a ranger will park near us, and start walking towards us, and we know people are thinking "Those topless women are going to get into trouble," but then the ranger just passes by us and is really after the people with the dog, or the booze, or the blow-up beach toys.  These are things they will approach people with doing, not wearing thongs or women going topfree.

The second thing is what I call the magic of a man in a thong.  I see it all the time with Randy.  He will stop to chat with some cute little thing, (or not so cute older woman) and the next thing he knows, the woman is taking her top off.  There is no discussion of the legalities, there is no request to do it, the women just see a cute man in a thong, exposing his buns to to world and they decide to "join" in the game of showing a little more skin.  Randy is so calm and nonchalaunt about wearing his thongs in public, and I think the women pick up on these "vibes" and see how relaxed and free he is so they decide to show a little more skin too.  Maybe you share the "magic" Randy has and breakdown the women's inhibitions just like Randy.

The Swan #17

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/03/2008 11:41:51Copy HTML


The same "magic' thing happens with me as it does with Randy. It all about attitude, just as you mentioned. A few years ago I was a wearing the same suit as another guy. The other guy was walking around being a bit of a cad. I went for a swim. When I was coming out of the water two young women sat up from their sunning. When I came out of the water one of the women said "There's another one." the other young woman said "But at least he isn't a pervert."  I went over and had a chat, the next thing I know I'm laying out with them, they have their tops off, and their suits hiked up like a thong.

I'm wearing the same suit, I'm about the same age, but the difference in me and the other guy is pure attitude.
ohiothonger #18

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/05/2008 01:41:37Copy HTML

I too have had the "magic" happen, both when I thong and when I have not been thonging.  I think "The Swan" is right in that a lot of it is in the attitude, but I also think that a man who has a healty attitude AND wears a minimal swimsuit is even more likely to have women take their tops off. 

Women seem even more inclined to go topfree if I get the chance to mention that it is legal.  Often, women make comments or ask me things about my thongs, saying things like "I like your swimsuit, but is it legal." or something like that.  When I say it is I usually mention that (at least in Ohio Parks) women can go topfree too.  About half the women say they didn't know topfreedom was legal, and one out of four women upon hearing this admit they would like to go topfree, but they often say they are shy or too scared to do it at that time.  Occationally, upon hearing that topfreedom is legal, a women will just take her top off.

I think that attitude is the main thing, a man in a thong is an extra push that he is okay and that more exposure is permitted, and re-enforcement that topfreedom is legal helps some women feel more comfortable to take their tops off.
DavyJ #19

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/16/2008 03:28:43Copy HTML

Made it up to Caesars Creek yesterday afternoon.  There was only one other guy somewhat hidden up on the hill; nobody else on the beach.  Since it was late when I got there I made a point of keeping a low profile.  (If I get there very early, I tend to be less concerned, as I figure anybody that doesn't want to be near me can simply set up elsewhere, but when I set up near other people already there I tend to be more cautious.)  I usually set up well to the left of the main area near the changing rooms to avoid the bigger crowds.  I also put on shorts and t-shirt any time I walked the beach or went to the restroom, etc.  I had no problems all afternoon; several people noticed and smiled, but that was all.  I did lie on my back the entire time, as the beach was somewhat crowded. 

The only significant reaction was from two 13 or 14 year olds.  They were way down at the left where the boats dock.  In due course they and their parents walked up the beach.  The mother just smiled at me, but the girls were laughing and snickering, obviously about me.  Shortly after they returned to their original palce the two girls came up the beach and set down not too far from me, but not close enough so I could hear anything.  But it was obvious they were still looking at me and laughing.  In due course one of them started fiddling with her camera.  I waited for ever to see what would happen next, which was nothing.  Eventually I decided I had to get into the water, so I just got up and went in.  When I glanced over their way, they had both split and were running back to their place, still giggling.  Presumably once they got their picture they were happy. 

I don't consider any of this to be a problem as no one complained, but I guess it shows that most people at Caesar's Creek still have not seen anybody in a thong before, at least not on the beach.  Hopefully that will change eventually.
JM_Runs #20

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/17/2008 09:09:52Copy HTML

Maybe the teens, after seeing you will be emboldened to get thong swimsuits of their own.  You appear to be are having a good influence, they are obviously intrested.
DavyJ #21

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/19/2008 01:53:59Copy HTML


One can surely hope so, but I wouldn't hold your breath.  This is Ohio, after all, not Florida.  But one can still hope.  I made it out there again, today, but only for an hour or so as I had a busy schedule.  Pretty much the same scene as before.  But a good day, as there were no complaints (and the beach was even more crowded than last time, probably because it was a lot hotter).
hulksmith #22

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/22/2008 10:48:55Copy HTML

 my wife and I have been to CC a few times this year, she routinely lays out topless, never any issues.

we'll be back up this week, always a nice time.
hulksmith #23

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/22/2008 10:57:52Copy HTML

 oh, I should add, that she wants to wear a thong, but since we live in Cincinnati (basically) she can't find any.

any ideas?
The Swan #24

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/23/2008 02:15:30Copy HTML

You could order the thongs online. See the other topics of this board for companies annd manufacturers.
I've talked to a few women over the years who were just laying out in their thong underwear. I think thong underwear for women is available at most stores that sell women's underwear. There is not much difference between some thong underwear and a thong swimsuit. At Caesar Creek I really don't think any one much cares what women wear, as long as their womanhood is covered.
hulksmith #25

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/23/2008 02:39:13Copy HTML

 thanks, I'll suggest that to her.

The Swan #26

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/25/2008 02:47:32Copy HTML

I've been to to Caesar Creek a few times in the past couple of weeks. The beach is sparsely populated. Twice in the past week I've laid out and there have been only three other people on the whole beach.
Maxtlatl #27

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/25/2008 05:03:34Copy HTML

Alum Creek is equally empty (but on a 3000 ft. beach, instead of Caesar Creek's 1300 ft. beach).

Yes, it normally empties out this time of year as kids go back to school. But the weather is still absolutely delightful.

But the parks seem to be getting used less and less. On top of that, the budget crunch in Ohio means that there are all sorts of personnel cutbacks. There are no longer lifeguards (or their towers). In some ways the fewer people is good, in that those who might complain about brief swimwear are no longer even there to see it.
hulksmith #28

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/25/2008 10:01:12Copy HTML

 we just wish more people would come out, truth is, it's a little awkward to be the only thong'd or topless gal on the beach.
The Swan #29

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/02/2008 11:28:54Copy HTML

I used to think it was awkard but I don't worry about it any more. Case in point. Recently I was laying out when a couple of women who were middle aged and normal sized, walked their dogs over near me. These women who were dressed in long denim shorts and t-shirts stood near me having their dogs fetch things out of the water. They were so close I was able to talk with them. So wanting to stretch my legs a bit I stood up and started talking to them. The younger of the two ladies started complaining about her shorts being wet. I suggested she take them off. She balked at first but the older lady gave her some encouragement. When the younger one complained about somone seeing her bare butt. I reminded her what I was wearing wearing and the only other person on beach was over 500 feet away. So she removed her shorts and we all got to see her bare butt. lol!

When they eventually walked off, the younger lady tucked her shorts into her dog's harness like a cape.
It seems some folks just need to feel safe. Maybe being the only one out there will encourage others.
DavyJ #30

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:03/06/2009 02:25:10Copy HTML

Yes, it is true that most people need lots of encouragement, and I always feel that it is our job to give it to them, even if it may feel awkward.  But sometimes that can be difficult.  A couple of years ago I was sunning myself at Caesars Creek in my thong when two teenage girls set up not too far away.  They were both fully dressed in jeans and big baggy t-shirts.  They noticed me right away as I could hear them commenting.  I couldn't here everything they said, but eventually it sounded like they were debating whether to take their jeans and t-shirts off.  It was quite hot out and they must have been uncomfortable being fully dressed; presumably they didn't have any swim suits with them.

Unfortunately I was a bit too far away to work my way into their conversation and I felt a bit awkward about getting up and approaching them.  I did hear one of them say to the other: "Well, if he can wear that we can certainly take our jeans off".  However, neither of them did, so they just sat there for a good while fully dressed.  Afterwards, I was kicking myself for not going over to them and assuring them that if they wanted to lay out in their underwear and bras they should certainly do so.

It is difficult for an older man to approach younger girls with such a suggestion without them getting the wrong idea, so I simply watched from a distance, smiled at them, but said nothing.  But I was annoyed at myself afterwards for not speaking up.
The Swan #31

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/06/2009 01:27:10Copy HTML

I've been out a few times this season. I noticed half the women laying out are wearing Rio cut bottoms. Not quite thongs ;-) Butt close.
DavyJ #32

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/30/2009 04:03:29Copy HTML

Made it out to Ceaser's Creek earlier this week.  Had a good time with no problems.  I have been there 3 times this year, and it seems like there have been less negative comments than I remember from, previous years (maybe its my memory, not sure).  As usual I set up quite a bit left so I was not in the main traffic area, but by midafternoon, the entire beach was quite crowded.  Only saw one other thonger, who left fairly soon after I arrived, but all in all had a good day.   

Anybody else been out this season?
The Swan #33

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/31/2009 09:36:08Copy HTML

I've been going out a few times a week. Either early morning or late evening. I've been swimming so I'm trying to avoid the crowds. I'm guessing folks have become used to thonged sunbathers and topless women. I've seen some of both. Some folks are getting pretty brazen. While sunning the other day I rolled over and a women had her bare butt pointed to me. She and her daughter were changing clothes right on the beach. No one said anything.

I was up at Alum Creek last weekend. I disappointed in the descrepancy between the Caesar Creek and Alum Creek. Caesar Creek is definately not getting the same funding that Alum Creek is getting. Alum Creek still has trash cans and the sand is clean. The beach at Caesar Creek right now is so littered with goose crap that I'm going to layout on the hill until the goose crap gets cleaned up.
DavyJ #34

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/01/2009 06:52:04Copy HTML

The Swan writes:  The beach at Caesar Creek right now is so littered with goose crap that I'm going to layout on the hill until the goose crap gets cleaned up.

How true!.  But I have this strange feeling that there is just as much goose crap up on the hill as on the beach; its just harder to see.  So I usually stick to the beach and try to find a clean spot.  At least there I can brush enough of it away to spread out my towel.
The Swan #35

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/02/2009 10:21:31Copy HTML

I was laying out on my stomach today and a State Naturalist came by. She said there was a overnight camp next Saturday night at Caesar Creek. She said it is the only time you can camp on the beach. The purpose is for a local Astronomy club to set up their telescopes and let folks look through them. She said they stay up all night. I did not think of this till later, however, if my memory serves correctly, the Persied(sp?) Meteor Shower is around this time of year. If it is, I'm guessing the camp out is related to viewing the meteor shower.

If we show up it'll be around 11:00 at night.

The beach looked pretty good.  I guess they dragged it for trash recently.

hulksmith #36

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/02/2009 11:49:44Copy HTML

 we haven't been for over a month, our somehwat limited experiences up at CC this summer have been disappointing in regards to toplessness, anyone else have a different take?
The Swan #37

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/03/2009 11:05:28Copy HTML

Most of the time, the topless women I see, are laying out during the week. I believe I've seen only two topless women laying out on the weekend. That was in the off times of morning and evening. In the approximately 25 times I've gone this summer, I remember seeing topless women 6 times.
Sharon73 #38

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/16/2009 03:14:08Copy HTML

One of them might have been me
hulksmith #39

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/24/2009 10:23:53Copy HTML

 we're going up on Monday, Labor Day, hoping to not be the only ones thonging/topless.
The Swan #40

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/25/2009 12:48:05Copy HTML

It's pretty relaxed at Caesar Creek lately. Three times I've layed out on the beach the past couple of weeks and families have set up within 30 feet of me on an almost empty beach. One pair of young ladies set up 15 feet from me and we were the only three people on the beach. They were wearing full bottomed one pieces and did not say a word about what I was wearing.

Also something is happening to bouys that mark the swimming area boaters are to stay out of. The bouys are disappearing. It now looks like boaters can come half way down the beach. It bugs me that boaters will buy these expensive boats then park them at the edge of beach all day with some kind of music I don't like blasting out. I'm thinking they got a whole lake, what do they have to come here for? Heck they can have a whole island to themselves with their own private beach. I don't get it.  Let's see haul your boat up to lake. Drop your boat in the water. Drive the boat over to the beach. Then sit around on the beach for five hours. Seems like a collassol waste of motor for both the truck that has to haul the boat up there and the motor in the boat.

I'm thinking the rangers ought to put the bouys back.
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 Right a letter to the park rangers at the park, and to the overall athority, like the State park supervisor if that is the person in charge.
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I made it out to Caesars Creek this past Saturday.  Even though it was Labor Day weekend, it was a bit cool so I didn't think the beach would be too crowded.  Wrong!  It was not "packed", but much more crowded than normal.  There weren't too many there when I arrived, but it did fill up later if the afternoon.  Surprise!  The park had cleaned up all the goose droppings that normally litter the beach and raked the sandy area, so it was actually quite nice.  I don't think I have seen the beach that clean in years.  There were also no geese around all day; maybe somebody went out hunting when nobody was looking.  (We can only hope!)  

Everybody was quite nice and there had been no issues for most of the day.  No rude comments or other obnoxious behavior.  And yes, Swan, there were many many boats anchored near the beach, but no loud obnoxious music.  There was one woman with several kids who had been eyeing me in a somewhat strange manner for some time, even though I had been there way before her and she never made any effort to move farther away.  I had seen her use her cell phone several times, but didn't think too much about it until, just as I was gathering up my stuff to leave a ranger's car pulled right up the sidewalk to the beach area where she was.  She went right over to the car and they had a long discussion which I was too far away to hear.  As I left, she seemed quite upset and was still eyeing me in that strange manner.  I did nod something of a "hello" to the ranger as I left, but he never responded.  I can only guess, but I will bet she had called the ranger on me and he had probably explained to her that I was perfectly ok, and that was absolutely not the answer she wanted.  I probably should have stuck around to see what was going to happen, but I was running late and didn't want to get delayed any further.  Hopefully he set her (and anyone else) straight on what was proper and what was not. 

Interesting that there are signs all over stating no pets are permitted, but everybody seemed to have their dog.  The rangers had been by several times throughout the day but they never as far as I could tell said anything to anyone.
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We love Ceasars Creek!
We didn't have much time to go till late in the summer. The last couple of times we went we saw a couple there and she was topfree, also several men in thongs.

My wife is still self conscience about wearing a thong and going topless there. She loves to do both, but tends to want to cover when some stranger is about. I've tried to tell her that its okay she has nothing to be shy about. We both are in our 50's, a few bulges here and there. But she still is not to bad to look at. I've noticed when other couples are around she feels more comfortable about getting the maximum sun exposure. Myself, I would prefer wearing nothing at all. (Not possible)

 I noticed several times when we there how peaceful it can be. On a few occasions I have found people with dogs being a problem, even so we will continue to go and  enjoy ourselves.  Can't wait till next year!

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Finally it is warm in Ohio after a really obnoxious winter!  Went up to Caesars Creek last week and had a good time.  The breeze was cool but the sun was hot so it was perfectly comfortable.  There were quite a few people there, but no one approached me and I only heard a few comments.  The beach area is still "goose-free", a nice surprise!  This is the third time I have been there (counting last fall) when there have been no geese.  Congratulations to whomever did whatever they did (like shoot them all?); you regulars will appreciate what I mean.  I am not sure if I wasjust being paranoid, but I had not been there 10 minutes when I spotted a ranger car driven up on the sidewalk right adjacent to the beach where I was.  He only lingered a few minutes and then left; I wonder if he had come in response to someone's call about me.  Unfortunately the thonging presence at Caesars Creek has been sporatic enough in the past few years that many (most?) people there have perhaps never seen anyone in a thong before.  Perhaps they feel obligated to call the rangers and complain; who knows, like I said perhaps I am simply being paranoid.  Maybe by the end of the summer we can change that.
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 I have been going to Caesar's Creek for several years and the number of people wearing thongs has dropped
off dramatically. Part of that is due to a few rednecks that try to intimidate thongers or topless women.
Last summer I got tired of the hassle after a confrontation with a father, who was walking up the hill toward
the parking lot with his son. I noticed the father staring, or glaring, at me all the way up the hill. I had just
arrived and was getting ready to take my t-shirt off when I noticed him. At first, I hesitated to take it off, but then decided that maybe he was looking at me so hard because he thought I wasn't wearing anything under the
shirt. Sometimes, from the rear, you can't tell if a person is wearing a thong or not. Therefore, I took it off
to show that I was "legal" and that is when the fun started. He continued with his son to the parking lot and
then returned to voice his displeasure with me. This is just one of several encounters that I have had over the years, and in mid summer I decided not to go back. I may try again this spring.



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Ceaser's Creek had always drawn it's share of folks who just don't care that much for thongers.  I have noticed that you hear their comments more as the number of people on the beach keeps dropping.  On busy days, they may only feel comfortable saying their negative things on the way to/from the parking lot, on the "hill" etc. 

Ten years ago it seemed that those who wanted to complain about thongers tried to do it with an audience often at the busiest part of the beach on the busiest day.  Now they wait until their are few others around when they state their objections.  I don't know if this means that thongs are more acceptable, or if the other beach goers just don't want to hear any complaints.

I have had only a few incidences of anti-thong comments, but this might be partly because I am a woman.  I have seen more men in thongs being harrased than women.  The local new media (Cincy and Dayton) seem to have a feature story every day or two about some type of a deviate praying on children.  People see thongers -- especially male thongers -- and assume that they must be some type of deviate too.  Often the people have "small children" in tow or complain on behalf of other "small children" that are elsewhere on the beach or even who simply might be on the beach.  I'll bet that these people don't even use the V chip in their TV sets to restrict viewing of what they believe are inappropriate shows. . .
The children who were first "protected" from thongers by stricter laws, organized complaints, etc. are now getting to the age where their hormones are rushing and their bodies want to become sexually active.  I wonder if the attempts to shield them from thongers in their youth has prevented any of the problems kids this age face or if they actually are having more problems due in part to their parent's over protections.

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Amen Traci.  I am sure these "protected" children have just as many problems as other teenagers, maybe more as you noted.  When confronted by a security guard at Wet 'N Wild last fall who demanded that I change out of my thong because "we have to protect the kids" [or something like that] I reminded him that it was a school day.  [He was not amused.]  I would hope parents truly interested in "protecting" their kids would not allow them to skip school for a water park, but I guess that makes me a hopelessly old-fashioned "fogy".
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 The real question is what are we protecting the kids from? This excuse is used all of the time - sometimes called family friendly - but really it is the same thing. I don't think the kids really care one way or another it's the adults that are uncomfortable with it. It may be that the parent is jealous and wishes to have the courage or body to wear minimal swimwear. Part of the issue is body image and part of it is the media that says females are sex objects and guys are predators. There is no in between so hence we must protect the kids. It is also true that the gals can get away with more than the guys. I this this is related to the sex object thing that is put on the gals. It's interest that historically during the 1700's or so it was the guys that were the pretty one and were the sex objects. (Remember the cod pieces for the guys?)

If you look at the numbers the folks from Sweden and the European countries that are more open have less teen pregnancy and other issues than we do here in the good old USA, partly by our Puritan attitudes and the idea that we must protect the kids - After all we all have buts. Just my 2 cents on this one.
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tanwood:  The redneck crowd never really did "get" much of anything, like education, for starters.  They are numerous and they are exactly the same everywhere.  Second, some of them do enjoy ogling beautiful women.  What they ironically fail to realize, is that they themselves repulse women with their own bad manners and inability to keep their thoughts, if you can call them that, to themselves.  Any urge they get when staring at a beautiful woman is immediately and loudly translated to words, so everyone decides they are a jerk, which they are.  The irony is that they would get a lot more enjoyable scenery out of life if they would learn the art of applying duct tape tightly to their mouths.
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You are correct, sir!
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