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ithongit #51

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/15/2010 04:35:37Copy HTML

BeachBum413's comment on men in the 1700's being the pretty one's seems to be correct.  I did a paper in high school about this, and the perception of "handsome men".  I concluded (right or wrong) that men are suppose to be the "pretty" sex.  Look at the animal world and in every other spieces, the male is the one with the most colorful plumage, neatest hair (as in lions), etc., etc.  I then pointed out that "handsome" men were often seen as those who have the best bodies, etc.   This may be part of the reason humans developed as fast as they did -- being more interested in the male as a fighter and hunter and the women as a mother.  Even before the 1700's men of influence often were presented as "pretty", by hair and elaborate clothing.  I took the assumtion a few steps further and pointed out that since the late 1960's the hippy movement let the men be pretty too, with long hair, colorful cloths, etc.  I also pointed out that the teen magazines usually followed the antics of the pretty boys.  But then sometime in the highschool or young adult period the young women become more interested in the "handsome" man than the "pretty" man.  My man, Randy, is a combination of both, I like to think.  Long curly hair, nice face, etc. being the pretty man part, nice body build and brains being the handsome man part.  Wearing thongs is part of his pretty man part I think.  Sometimes I wish he didn't have so many brains though.  Here it is, lunch time on April 15th, and he and Mark are trying to get Nikki's deductions figured out before the post office closes.  It's the same thing every year.  Nikki keeps everything in a shoe box and doesn't even crack it open until a day or so before taxes are due.

DavyJ #52

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/17/2010 01:05:46Copy HTML

"If you look at the numbers the folks from Sweden and the European countries that are more open have less teen pregnancy and other issues than we do here in the good old USA, partly by our Puritan attitudes and the idea that we must protect the kids - After all we all have buts. Just my 2 cents on this one."

Beach Bum:  Its a lot of people's 2 cents's.  And most European countries also have far lower rates of child abuse, rape and other croimes against women and children too.
The Swan #53

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/17/2010 01:47:19Copy HTML


I'm trucker who has been in plenty of truck stop bathrooms. I have no idea what you mean when you wrote about tapping your feet across truck stop bathrooms.
Ohiofunday #54

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/24/2010 11:58:54Copy HTML

 I have been going to CC for a number of years and have found that most people have generally been quite respectful only the occasional guy trying to get a cheap thrill! Most of these have been quit obvious. At times I have tried to go topless staying away from most, bust this usaually draws attention. But somedays have been great with a live and let live attitude.I agree with the rest of you that adults make a bigger deal out of a bare bottom than children do. Many times I have seen an adult letting thier children run around bare bottom and we think this is cute. Its all a up bringing thing when truthfully its not a big deal "Unless we make it one". Sometime I think if we where more open that we would have less problems, instead of more. The body is a beautiful thing "no matter age or size" if we would show each other respect instead of looking at one another as a object. This would be a better world!
tanwood #55

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/01/2010 02:16:27Copy HTML

 It is spelled...Caesar Creek......NOT Ceaser Creek.
ThonginMN #56

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/12/2010 03:36:26Copy HTML

 Thats too bad. Do you go topless as legally you can?
ithongit #57

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/27/2010 04:47:42Copy HTML

Went to Caeser Creek twice during this hot spell, once alone, once with Mark.  I wore a traditional thong the first day, not too skimpy but did go topfree.  Mark talked me into wearing a much skimpier g-string the second time I went, again topfree, but I made him wear one of Randy's g-string that covered very little more.  No issues on thonging or topfree beach use.  Nothing negative about Mark's g-string either.   People came and set up nearby, including families with children.  No hassles from the men, just some checking me out really good, but in 10 minutes the thrill was over and everyone took it easy.  An older teen/young adult woman who was alone ask about thongs and topfreedom.  She messed around with her top as if she was going to go topfree every now and then, but never did take it off while I was there.

The teen guy's board shorts seem to be getting shorter with many knee length or even shorter.  I didn't see a single pair of boxers poking out of any of the younger men's shorts either, although a few men in their mid to late 20's still wore their shorts with a sizable chunk of boxers showing.

Girls/women wore their now traditional string bikinis and one piece suits.  Very few were all that skimpy.  There was a couple laying out near the right side of the beach when I walked in the first day.  The woman had on a fairly skimpy bikini, with small front.  The two were laying on their backs.  The man had his hand stuffed down into her bikini bottom.  His thumb and pinky fingers were pushed out the sides by the legs, but the other three fingers were totally covered by the suit and apparently visiting what my great aunt used to call "the Hawaiian Islands".  When I returned after a few hours, the guy still had his hand in the same place.  Nobody was spread out close, but I thought the couple was a little too chummy for a family beach.

There are no trash cans at the beach or dumpsters in the parking lot.  This is one of those "budget cuts" I guess.  Trash was accumulating in the sand, along the walks, and in the areas where trash cans used to be.  They have a sign asking people to carry out their trash, but obviously, some are not doing so.  There does not seem to be any organized or unorganized attempt to clean up in the beach area.  Mark says someone told him if it got really bad, the health department can be called, and the health inspector can shut the beach down.  We will start taking a garbage bag and some of those rubber gloves like doctors wear with us and cart some of the other people's junk out, even though we are not required to do so.  Maybe others will see us and help clean up and/or at least take their own trash out with them.  Helping keep the beach clean should help the image of thongers.  Please help if you can when you visit Caeser Creek.

Sproket560 #58

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/27/2010 03:36:21Copy HTML


Thanks for your updates on Caeser Creek. I am new to this board and new to Ohio, never been to CC, and plan on going there several times per week throughout the summer (I am a triathlete and from what I've heard CC is a popular place for open water swimmers to workout). If I see a woman in a thong collecting trash I'll come over and say hi :)
thongman8 #59

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/27/2010 05:10:56Copy HTML

 Hey Traci,

Great report.

I have a few questions.

What area do most people use to thong?  I would think that it would be, if you standing in the parking lot looking at the water, to the left, up on the slight slope?

The park rangers were ok with the G-string?

I'd love to make it up there sometime this summer and wear a thong/g-string.  I've never done it so it would be a big change for me to do this.  I  am basically an exhibitionist so wearing a g-string out in public would be great!  It would be nice if I knew someone from this board would be there too.  Kind of like a partner in crime so to speak. 

DavyJ #60

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/28/2010 12:41:09Copy HTML

I stay to the left, as thongman suggested, but usually set up on the beach as I like to go in the water.  Many people however, do go up on the hill on the left side, perhaps because it is a bit more private there.
hulksmith #61

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/28/2010 05:30:14Copy HTML

 Weather pending, we are going to try and get there early on Sunday.
ithongit #62

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/29/2010 08:50:15Copy HTML

Hunter aka Thongman8 -- I hate to admit it but I am now a thirty something person, and have thonged at Caeser Creek over half those years.  The area you describe to the left from the parking lot is also known as "the hill".  It has been popular with thongers the entire time I have been going there.  There is a preception that "the hill" is where gay men go, and while some on the men on "the hill" might be gay, there are a lot of straight people, single men, single women, and couples who use this area. 

This area does give a person a little bit of privacy since it is out of the way.  It also has the advantage of being a place where a person can not be "snuck up" on since it takes a bit of time for a person on foot to get close.  Some people opt for setting up in the center of the grassy squares between the sidewalks, which provides privacy in the sense that it is almost impossible for someone walking by on the sidewalks to see anything from the sidewalks.  Others simply set up on or near the sidewalks towards the extreme left side of the area.  This works good as long as the person approaching is not on roller blades or in a patrol car.  There are several men who regularly "thong" here wearing snap side or other easy release thongs, or simply slip them off for maximum sun exposure.  If I happen to wander past them, they often make no attempt to cover the family jewels.  One not only shows off his equipment, but makes sure he is "standing at attention" when I go by.

I believe the human body is beautiful, and for some reason, probably because I am a woman, I find the male body especially beautiful, and when the man is "ready for action" I find his body to be that much more beautiful.  That said, I am worried that a ranger or sheriff deputy will catch one of these men who choose to use the park in the buff, and the action will reflect badly on all thongers.

As far as tangers and sheriffs not hastling thongers, nobody I know has ever had a problem with their thongs, g-strings, or women who choose to go topfree.  The law enforcement lets you be.  This is assuming that you wear a suit which is not too extreme, or which is not a color that might be mistaken for nude.  There have been years however when one or more of these officials played little games with thongers.  These included parking their cars as close to the thongers as possible and sitting there for an extended period as if they were waiting for the thonger to do something wrong, or following the thongers as they left the beach to see what car they came in.

Randy, Mark, Nikki, and I use the actual beach instead of "the hill" most of the time.  Usually we go towards the left side, but sometimes set up in the center or even the right side depending on where other people are sitting, if there are flocks of birds (Canadian Geese) around, and where the sand looks good.

winebob #63

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/29/2010 01:08:59Copy HTML

I have not been to Caeser Creek beach.  When you say left side is that facing the water?

I plan on laying out on the SAND part of the beach.

I wear thong and no problem laying out. 

Do they  have snack stands or vending machines for water?

Want to go Tuesday of next week if weather is good.

thongman8 #64

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/30/2010 01:02:54Copy HTML

 Thanks Traci,

I was there today, around 2:30 or so.  I saw one lady in a thong and what I thought was one topless lady, but, she was wearing a small top that from a distance looked like she didn't have anything on.

The one thonger I saw, got up and walked to the beach were I was standing with my 3 yr old daughter.  A she approached, I introduced myself and asked if she knew about this board or the one at runboard.  She didn't but asked what they were.  After I explained it to her, she wanted to look us up and join.  We probably talked for 30 minutes or so and she was very friendly.  We exchanged e-mail addresses and plan on meeting there sometime this summer.  BTW, she was unaware that she could go topfree there and was worried about being in a thong,  I assured her that it was perfectly legal and that she should look us up and read all about this thread.

Gotta go, my 1 yrs old is climbing a chair.
Mary0826 #65

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/30/2010 04:32:10Copy HTML

I have only been to Caesar Creek twice this year.  I was alone, and walked from the parking lot down to the right side of the beach were most of the people seemed to be the first time.  I ask a woman with kids from high school to lower elementary school with her if I could wear a g-string or go topless.  She said something like "sure if you want to."   She said this about as emotional as she might answer a question about where the restroom were.  I then ask her if there was a part of the beach where thongers and topless women was more common and she said many of the men went to the left end of the beach, but women tended to spread out wherever they wanted.  I ask her if I could set up near her and she said if she felt there was something wrong with thonging or topless beach use, she certainly wouldn't spend her time at the Ceaser Creek and that it was okay with her. 

After I stripped down to jusut my bottom g-string and was topless I asked some of the other people around if they had any problems with me thonging or shirtless and everyone said they were okay with what I wasn't wearing. 

I did get some people cruising my me a little later and checking me out, , mostly men but some women to. 

When I was laying down nobody said anything. Later, when I went swimming in the water a couple of people came to me and complimented me on going topfree and wearing a minimal g-string.  The women said stuff like they wished they had the bodys to wear something like me, or that they would wear less if there boyfriends or husbands would let them.  This really made me mad that they had to do what some men told them to do!  The men also made pleasant comments, saying I had a nice body, saying they wished I would come back again,  saying they enjoyed looking at me and stuff like that. 

Two men ask if they could take my pictures, one from the front and the toher man from the back side. 

The oldest son of the woman I first ask about thonging and going topless, who was 15 and would be turning 16 in August, ask to move his towel to next to me.  I let him. I also let him put my suntan lotion on my back and bottom.  He really enjoyed this, and we chatted a long time.  He really isn't that younger than me and we share a lot of music and things and we have both birthdays in August. 

A couple of his friends (boy friends) came along and they just about flipped that he was laying out with a young women in a barely there g-string and that I was topless too.  They joined us and there were four men and me. 

They all had on board shorts.  One of them said he had his high school speedo team swimwear that he had to wear on the swim team in the car and he thought he would change into it if it was okay with me.  Naturally I said it was okay and that I wished more men, especially the young men would wear smaller swimwear on the beach.  He headed back to his car and came abck a little later. 

Then the son of the lady I first asked about wearing thongs said something about he would like to try a thong if he had one.  I remembered that my boyfriend had left a yellow speedo thong  I bought on the internet in the car and that he had never worn or even tried on yet.  I oftered to get it for him if it was the right size and if it was okayed by his mom.  The size was right and his mom said she didn't see any thing wrong with him wearing a thong too, but she would tell his dad. He thought about it for a minute or two then he said that was okay but he wanted to be the one to tell his dad.  She said that that was okay too as long as his dad knew he wore a thong on the beach.

So we went back to my car and I got the suit out of the trunk and he hid beside the car and put it on.  We walked back down to the water again.  I has put my top back on when I went to walked up to the car, but took it off when I got to my car and left it in there - so I had to go topless the rest of the day.

We went back to the beack and none of his friends said anything negative about him wearing a thong. Only things like cool and to ask him how it felts,  stuff like that. 

His mom said she wanted to get a picture of him in his first beach thong to show his dad.  He was a little resistant at first but let her take pictures when me and his other friends stood with him.  We swam together, layed out by the sand and had a good time for another two hours or so. 

I had to leave since I had a 90 minute drive back home and needed to get going.  I let him keep the thong.

When I went back a few days ago he was there with the same his friends. Two now wore speedos and he was still wearing my thong even though he didn't know I was coming by that day.  His mom wasn't there, but they had a few girls along. The girls told me that the boys, my thonger friend and his speedo friends, were wearing too little and a thong might be okay at home for getting sun, or if you had a pool at home, but at the beach which was pubic so men should have board shorts on. They thougth that he was only wearing it as a dare and that his friends in speedos were on a dare too.  The girls said that they wouldn't want to see them dressed this way all the time.  I told them to get their act together and enjoy their male friends wearing so little and that it was brave of them to do so. That it was practical not to wear shorts that suck up gallons of water and practical for sunning too. 

Why do most young women not want to see their boyfriends in thongs or speedos?  Is it just what peer pressures says they should like? Or is it because they think they might think they were gay?
The Swan #66

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/01/2010 06:37:25Copy HTML

I have been out to Caesar Creek a couple times this year. No problems thonging. It looks to me like some one might be stealing the sand from the beach. I can't be sure, but the amount of sand on the beach looks alot less than last year. I too noticed the amount of trash on the beach and will pick up some trash the next time I go.

I've been going out there since about 1974 and the slow decline in the park the last 5 years saddens me. I've been helping on my own maintain the little miami bike trail and just found out there is a group that helps maintain the trail. Maybe I ought to start a friends of Caesar Creek group.
Sproket560 #67

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/01/2010 08:22:20Copy HTML

Speaking of the trail, is there an easy way to get from Caesar Creek beach to the Little Miami Trail?
ithongit #68

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/02/2010 02:48:55Copy HTML

Mary --

Your assumption is that most young women don't want to see their young men in speedos, thongs, or other minimal swimwear.  I think this is not generally true, but a widely held misconception.  Even you say the girls you met said speedos are okay for sunning or a private pool.  This means they don't mind seeing it.  Instead it is that they don't want others to see their boyfriends in minimal swimwear, or they don't want others to question why they would have a boyfriend or husband who would dress that way.  The fact that speedos and thongs are okay in a more private setting  implies that they approve of the look, but are scared what others might think (maybe they are thinking the word "gay"?)

My personnal observations mostly from when Randy wears thongs, but also with a few other men, has been that alone, or maybe in groups up to three, on a less crowded beach where others are unlikely to hear a comment, young women will compliment thonging men.  I know that Randy may be non-typical since he has great confidence and also the type body that lets him model and perform exotic performances at women's parties.  But I have seen these same smaller groups of women in the same beach setting compliment less than ideal looking thonging men, often asking about the legality, where thongs can be bought, and stating that they would like to see their husbands or boyfriends thong too. 

But add a few more young women to the group, or have the smaller group be withing earshot of others and the "eew" and "disgusting" type comments are what the women say.  Is it because these women are afraid to admit they like men in thongs to others?  Is it because they don't want to be associated with the wrong sort of man?  Is it just peer pressure that women can not admit they like looking at a normal man and enjoying the view?

Randy has taken his exotic dancer business cards to the beach to hand out to women who he talks to and become interested in that service.  As an experiment, both he and I have handed these cards out to women in the general area and a few who pass by.  The whole tone of a man in a thong changes.  After a few minutes, there is a buzz amoung the women and some of the men -- "see the guy in the thong?  He is a stripper."  That makes his swimwear choice okay with almost everybody.  You said that the young women you saw thought the young man might be wearing the thong as a "dare".  This is sort of the same idea.  It is a reason the man is in the thong, so wearing a thong would be okay -- if it was a dare.  So why does a man have to be a stripper or wearing a thong on a dare to be accepted?  I think it unfortunately comes back down to the old, and too often sited reason used that men who wear thongs (or other minimal swimwear) are thought of by the public as being gay.  It's too bad young women are prepetuating this stereotype.  If they could just say "there's a guy in a thong" and not make associations about their sexual orientation or profession, they might see more men in thongs.

tbck1000 #69

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/02/2010 02:58:31Copy HTML

 Traci, you are on fire!
treasureisland #70

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/02/2010 10:57:44Copy HTML

Yes I second that, Traci you are on fire.
The Swan #71

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/02/2010 06:59:25Copy HTML


The quickest way I know to the trail from the park is to go west on SR73 about a mile or so. SR 73 curves to the left at a almost fork in the road (Corwin Road).  There's a sign from a meat processing store (Great meat at this place by the way.) Take the almost fork in the road to the right. Follow the road to the bottom of the hill past the cemetary on the left and into the village of Corwin. Just past the stop sign you'll cross the little miami bike trail. You can park to the left. Great food at the bike shop to the South (left) of the previously mentioned stop sign.
The Swan #72

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/10/2010 07:27:28Copy HTML

Was up at Caesar's Creek early in the week. No problems thonging.

No foot tappers in the bathroom. I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to get the final word on this foot tapping phenomena I hear so much about.
Sproket560 #73

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/11/2010 12:58:22Copy HTML

I was at CC twice this week, Tuesday evening and this evening, and didn't see any thongs or topless women. Still waiting to see my first thong / topless woman there :)

I'll be back up there again tomorrow.
The Swan #74

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/11/2010 12:52:18Copy HTML

Odds are against seeing a thong or topless womman there. Maybe 1 in 5 trips, some years maybe 1 in 10 trips.
thongman8 #75

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/15/2010 01:57:08Copy HTML

 The first time I saw anyone in a thong was two years ago.  It was a guy.  Last year, I was there twice and both times I saw guys wearing them.  This summer was the first time I saw a lady in a thong.  I could have swore I saw another lady topless on the same visit, but as I was walking out to find a spot, a group of two families set up there picnic right next to her and she seemed to have a top on after that.  So, I think she might have been, but wasn't positive.  

I spoke to the lady wearing the thong for about 30 minutes.  She said the she was unaware the topless was allowed there.  She is from Russia and was used to going topless at beaches and lakes but felt uncomfortable doing it there because she had never seen anyone else doing it. 

Like the Swan said, it seems it is becoming less and less frequent.

hulksmith #76

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/18/2010 07:28:50Copy HTML

 It is so rare, we usually see 1 or 2 guys and no gals.  Thongs or topless for that matter.  That's why we set up on the hill, being the only topless woman can be awkward.
DavyJ #77

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/28/2010 04:18:24Copy HTML

I have been out several times this year and also never seen any women thonging or topless.  And only once or twice was there even another man.  So, obviously, I am going on the wrong days.  And congratulations Mary on converting a younger guy into wearing thongs!  The posts on this thread show clearly that we thongers at Caesars Creek are very small in number and so we need all the converts we can get.
The Swan #78

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/21/2010 08:59:50Copy HTML

I been out to Caesar Creek a couple times recently. Someone is picking up the trash. No problem thonging.

A group of young women were out swimming when I arrived one time. They swam over to where I was sunning. When they came out of the water, three of the four were wearing clothes, yoga pants and tank tops. I thought it was a bit odd as there were only a few of us on the beach they could of easily swam in their underwear. They walked back to their cars a few minutes before me. As I got closer I could see they were standing in the parking lot changing their clothes while drying off. I could not figure this out why swim in your clothes then go up to the parking lot and change clothes in the parking lot? If they were body shy as I first thought it would not have been so odd but they weren't body shy while changing their clothes. Normally I would have joked around with them for a bit asking why they were behaving this way but I ws in a hurry to get home so I just left. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
tanwood #79

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/25/2010 04:10:50Copy HTML

 I made a brief visit to Caesar Creek late Friday and was there again Saturday afternoon for 3 hrs.
Friday I walked the length of the beach to see if there were any thongers in the crowd (not!) before
taking up my spot at the top of the hill. Saturday, I arrived at 2 PM and stayed until a little after 5PM.
I did not see anyone wearing a thong but did not go down to the beach.

The sidewalk at the top of the hill was between me and the beach, so there is very little room left between
my spot and the bushes. However, what appeared to be a father and teen aged daughter, walked from the
parking lot to the far corner of the mowed area, passing between me and the bushes, instead of using the sidewalk.
Oh, did I mention that she was carrying a camera phone (aren't they all these days). The father gave me a look
of disgust (guess that's what you would call it). They walked up the trail and later reappeared down by the beach.

I hope to go back sometime this week, maybe Wednesday.
The Swan #80

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/07/2010 12:22:24Copy HTML

Was out there twice this week with no problems thonging. Saw a couple of guys thonging and one topless woman who was wearing a full coverage bikini that she hiked up into a rio style. One time I ended up talking to woman who was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  Here I am in a tiny thong and she is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She plopped down about 20 feet from me so I started talking to her. Chatted with her for about 45min. She went wading in her jeans. We both had to leave and so we ended the conversation.

This year I have witnessed a lot of shorts and t-shirts used as swim wear. I still see a lot of swim wear but it seems to me more folks are just swimming in their street clothes.

I think the Perseid meteor shower campout is this coming weekend on August 14th. We went last year it was pretty cool. I got to look through some high powered telescopes (I was wearing street clothes, not swimwear) at some constellations I had never seen before.
The Swan #81

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/11/2010 02:31:21Copy HTML

I was up at Caesar Creek the other morning really early. Two women were already out in the water doing some kind of water walking exercise routine. The way the were headed I thought their towels must be down at the other end of the beach as I did not see any gear near me. So. I layed out my towel and stripped down to my suit. I heard one the ladies point me out to the other lady. She siad, "That guy is wearing a g-string. At first I thought he was nude." The other lady turns and looks at me and says, "I wish he was." Then they both laughed . I was tempted but this is not a nude beach. So I passed the thought and stayed clothed without further discussion. I layed down and they restarted their water aerobics. Laying in the sun, a while later, I hear some discussions and the two ladies were talking with their husbands. "Good move" I thought, "To stay clothed."
The Swan #82

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/27/2010 12:27:57Copy HTML

Been up to the Lake, no problems thonging. More folks swimming in their street clothes. Very odd, to go swimming in jeans and t-shirts. They don't seem to mind what I'm wearing.

Some guy way down the beach was waving his arms around talking on his cell phone and looking at me. As he closed his phone he looked right at me pointed his phone at me and snapped it shut. "Oh I'm so scared." I thought, "Be a man and come over and say something." I kept waiting for the cops to show up but they never did.

More and more triathoners out there swimming.
Sproket560 #83

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/27/2010 03:04:19Copy HTML

Swan, were you out there last night? If so the triathloner in the white and black tri suit was me :)
The Swan #84

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/05/2010 12:14:11Copy HTML

Yep that was me. I thought you looked like you wanted to say something.

Was up at the lake this past week, no problems thonging. A hand full of thonging men, one topless women and a few more street clothes swimmers.
suzie_queue #85

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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My husband and I used to go to Caesar Creek quite regularly, me topless in a thong or g-string, he in a thong. I bought him some thong underwear, begged him to wear them and they are all he owns or wears now. I even got him to wear a thong at Caesar Creek. We didn't go sunning there this summer. We'd been up a time or two using the Mountain Bike trails and stopped by the beach afterward just to check it out. It seemed like a different place with a more "redneck" type of crowd so we didn't attempt sunning topless or in thongs because I was concerned my husband would end up in a fist-fight. Perhaps I was wrong. Maybe next summer we will be there again sunning oursleves.

--- Sue
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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I was up at Caesar Creek this past week, no problems thonging.

A few thongers on the beach and three thongers on "The Hill"  was more than one boater could take. After dropping anchor and looking at the thongers, then making a bunch of comments, I guess they could not "take it any more" and after about a half an hour motored off to somewhere else.

Sheriff came by one day and drove around making sure no one was nude. I waved at them and they waved back. Life is good.

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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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 We went to CC last Thursday and had a wonderful day! Saw a few thongers (all men) and I was able to go topless for a while. Had to many children and families show up and I always fell funny when I'm the only one who's topless. I was hoping someone else had showed up to pal with or just there for support. Well summer is over and I'll just have to wait till next year and try again, I did get a great tan this year. Well I'll keep posting off and on! Hopefully next year we can do it again.
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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I have been to Caesars Creek several times this summer and also noticed that there always seem to be many people there in the "street" clothes.  Sometimes they attempt to roll up their pants and wade in; sometimes they just get their clothes all wet.  In either case they look quite silly and can't be comfortable.  I will never understand why they don't simply take off their outer clothes and simply wade in in their underwear, but almost no one ever does.  One time 2 girls in jeans and t-shirts were obviously talking about me as I heard one of them say, "well if he can lay out like that, we can surely take our jeans off."  But neither of them did, or even took off their t-shirts.
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Was up at the Lake this past week. Some guy was out on his boat anchoring in front of me everyday I was up there. I don't go up there to look at a boat all day. So I end up moving up to "the hill", where a can see over his boat. Very annoying to have to do this. How many acres of lake and the only place he can anchor is front of me? What a cad!

Otherwise it is great, as almost no one is at the lake right now.
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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 We were there a couple of times when A guy in a small boat with a canvas top would either slow as he went by or would anchor in front of our sunbathing area. We could see he had a pair of binoculars trying to have a look. My husband would see him looking and gesture to him to let him know we knew what he was up to! We go to CC to enjoy ourselves, sunbath and enjoy the peace. The weird ones need to stay away "live and let live". So I know what you went through Swan!
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Hope to visit Caesar Creek Beach this year.  Sounds great and would like to checkout more places in Ohio.
I will be coming over from Indiana.   Most Indiana state parks are NOT friendly for us thongers.
Cant wait for hot weather.
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Look forward to spring and have a question for someone who spends their weekends at CC. My work schedule has changed and it looks like I will have some weekends off. I have spent alot of time there during the week, but its been yearS since I've spent the weekend. What is the weekend like? Is it crowded,noisey are more thongers or none at all. I would like to know if it will be a waste of time driving an hour and a half to get there,just to have to stay covered because of the type of crowd. Can anyone help me out!
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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I visited there a few times last summer.  All during a weekend.  It is crowded.  THongers are getting rarer and I haven't seen a topless lady there, ever. 

Have fun if you go.  Try to take a friend with you.  You won't feel as out of place being topless and/or thonging if there are two of you.
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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The beach is crowded with non thongers. You might see some thongers but I always assume I'm to be the only one there. On the weekends I usually go up on "The Hill".
Early in the morning you can layout anywhere, however around 10 the masses start pouring in. Early May is less crowded. The crowds build till mid July then start dwindling after Labor Day. Sunday evenings are also less crowded after dinner time. Saturday morning has a lot of tri-athoners in training swimming laps along the beach out in the no wake zone.
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Thanks Thongman,Swan........Looks like the backyard is the place I'll be! Maybe I'll try to find another place or try to do some weekdays if the boss will let me off! Love to hear from everyone and get their prespectives.
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Nikki and I stopped at Caesar Creek on the way back from Charleston WV yesterday.  We were not planning the stop, but with the temperatures into the 80's, we figured we would at least check out what was going along.  The parking lot was surprisingly busy, with a never ending stream of motorcyclists riding up and down the parking rows, but never getting their fat butts off their motorcycle seats.  When we got to the beach, most people were doing like us, wearing our street cloths and strolling around or sitting or laying out to read.  There were only about a half dozen women in any form of swimwear, and only one of these was even approaching "skimpy".  Many of the women who were wearing street cloths rolled up their t-shirts a bit to expose their always bulging midriffs.

I only saw about four men who were wearing swimwear, all board shorts.  They had at least 4 inches of boxer underwear sticking out the tops, and in one case, close to a foot.  Another man wore "shorts" that came down within about 6 inches of the ground.  The inseam hung well below his knees, and he had to take funny little steps because his pants were so low.  It was amazing to see these "macho" men coming down from the parking lot, then suddenly stop dead in their tracks when they had a 18 inch wide drainage ditch filled with water to cross.  Very few of them attempted to jump across the water (something Nikki and I and most every person under 18 did with ease).  It was even funnier when they stripped off their shirts to go for a swim and turned back the moment their toes touched the cold water.  What did they expect?  Warm bath water?  It's been into the 40's at night, and only the 50's or 60's most days, and there is no way the water would be warm, even after a day of sunshine and warmer than normal temperatures.

I didn't see any signs about a Red Neck convention, but that seemed to be who was there yesterday.  I should have been tipped off by the higher than normal ratio of pickup trucks with oversized tires,stainless steel bed liners, gun racks (some complete with shot guns or rifles) in the back windows, and exposed oversized exhaust systems.  This seemed to be the pseudo well-off Red Necks.  Having enough money to waste on inefficient showy cars.  Maybe what they say is right.  A man with a fancy car is trying to make up for inequities in his manhood?  I will never know, since there wasn't a single man wearing anything that approached what might be called tight clothing.

When we got out of my Jeep, one of these trucks pulled up in a nearby spot and two huge dogs jumped out the back.  The owners didn't seem at all interested in controlling them, and they proceeded to run around without leashes.  One knocked over a little kid on the beach.  The other tried to hump every other dog (male or female) it encountered.  A few times I thought a dog fight was going to happen, but it didn't.  The owners would call out "come here" or yell "he's friendly, he won't bite", but there was obviously no real attempt to control the dogs or help the people and kids the dogs were terrifing.

Another guy, walking back to the parking lot from the beach area with a male companion told us in a disgusted voice we shouldn't leave home without a bras (we were wearing t-shirts, but were braless).  A little later we were walking back towards the car and a couple which was walking by approached us.  The man said "How's it going?" in a friendly way.  His wife immediately slapped him on the face and told him he shouldn't look at other women.

We had spent Saturday in Charleston with friends, which I would have expected to be a more Red Neck area, and never heard a comment on our outfits, which if anything were just as skimpy.  In fact, we did some thonging at the motel and also on the river on a boat our friends co-own.  Nikki even shed her top for a while when boating, without anybody on any of the other boats or on shore saying anything negative.  

With the exception of being braless, we were dressed no differently than any other woman at the beach, and our T-shirts were not super see-thru or cropped off or anything else that I would expect might cause people to be offended.  (Nobody except Nikki and I seem the least bit offended by the man wearing the shirt that read "I make the Fu***ng rules because I've got a Dick". On the other hand, very few of these men or women were anywhere close to fit.  Most appeared to be clinically obese -- some well over 300 pounds -- and many could barely waddle up the hill to the parking lot without getting out of breath. 

The negative comments and jokes were not limited to Nikki and me.  As we walked along the sidewalk near the beach, the group ahead of us would call out to any foreign-looking people to "go back to Japan" or "go back to Mexico" or "Get the Hell out of MY country."  There was a man I guess was in his 40's laying out getting some sun wearing cutoff jeans.  They certainly were not all that skimpy, with an inseam of maybe 6 inches long.  These bigots called out to him, telling him he was wearing "women's shorts" and that they didn't want to see him back if he kept dressing so much like a homosexual (they used a different word).

I can't speak about earlier in the day, before about 3 o-clock when we were on the road, but when we were there, it was obviously not the type of crowd Nikki or I, or probably anyone else who reads this message board would have been interested in wearing thongs in front off.  Hopefully, this will be the "big" day for these people.  They have made it out to the beach!  When things get nice again, I hope they will stay home and shoot squirels from their porches or watch TV in their air conditioned mobile homes, and leave the beach at Caesar's Creek to people who can truly appreciate it.

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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Wow, that is amazing. It's scary to believe that so many people like that exists. I find it hard to believe that a man would complain about a woman not wearing a bra! Yet their eyes were obviously drawn to the boobs, so what does he want to see? A woman boobs covered with a bra?

And I can't believe that anyone, redneck or not, would find that shorts with a 6" inseam is "gay". To me, that's ultra conservative.

I too have seen guys with huge boxer underwear underneath their outer board shorts. To be honest, I think that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life.

So why is the US the most advanced country in the world????? Sounds like quite the opposite.

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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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I hope this was an isolated instance at CC. We generally don't see to many problems when we have gone to the beach. Once in a while we have seen the inconsiderate fool ruin the day for everyone will either the way they act or something they do. Other times we have had the best times at the park, with a live and let live attitude. These are the days that you wish would never end! I've seen dogs on the loose and people play load annoying music. Also I have seen times of quiet and peace. I guess the old adage is still true "You can't fix Stupid"

If you read this "Think about how you treat others"  
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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 interesting experience, Traci....
red neck 'conventions' like this, thanks God the world in wide enough to stay away of this kind of crowd.
But there's nothing funnier than seeing a big greasy fatso pretending to be cool.   so amusing.....
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Great report Traci,
Reminds me of lyrics in a song by the Breeders, "Sooey and Saints at the fair; Summer is ready when you are."
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