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Ohiofunday #101

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/19/2011 11:48:10Copy HTML

Wonderful! Let hear some positive comments about CC. I can't wait till the rain stops and we see the sunshine! I want to get out and enjoy some sunshine!
hulksmith #102

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/29/2011 02:06:08Copy HTML

 We'll be there topless/thongs in a few weeks.

Mary0826 #103

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/29/2011 02:27:02Copy HTML

Does anyone know if all the rain has effected the beach at Caesar Creek?  Most of the other lakes and rivers in the area are at the least high, and many overflowing.
ithongit #104

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/04/2011 10:23:09Copy HTML

I just saw a report on Caesar Creek on Dayton Channel 7.  They said water is 19 feet above normal levels at the beach.  This is the highest it has been since spring 2005.  All access to the beach and lakes including the beach and boat ramps are closed.  I assume it is still possible to hike down to the lake if you really wanted to.  They showed movies of water up to the sidewalk -- the one next to the parking lot.  Buildings, picnic areas and playgrounds and trees are all under water.  They said they expect the water levels to rise even more over the next few days and weeks.  Memorial day is still 4 weeks away, so maybe water will be down by then if we are lucky.  I also have heard that Paint Creek not too far south-east is 49 feet above normal, and East Fork lake is also way over normal levels.  No reports yet on water levels at Huston Woods near Oxford Ohio, Buck Creek in Springfield Ohio, Indian Lake near Russels Point, OH, or Grand Lake at Celina, OH.  Grand Lake may not make that much difference -- it has been off-limits to swimming since early last year due to toxic algae blooms. 
Ohiofunday #105

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/04/2011 11:31:46Copy HTML

I saw the same report! Wow, water all the way to the edge of the partking lot at CC! I've been to Hueston Woods and some water over culverts around the loop. At the beach the water is up at the sand and below the beach house with alot of debris. They have started clean up and have alot of work ahead of them.
winebob #106

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/11/2011 11:07:35Copy HTML

Hope the rain slows down and the water level gets more back to normal.  If  all goes well I plan on going over to Caesar Creek Beach May 24, Tuesday.  It is a bit of drive so I will watch the weather and see what is going on.  Plan to stay the day do to the drive.
ithongit #107

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/12/2011 02:53:58Copy HTML

On a follow-up report, WHIO-TV said the water levels should go down about a foot a day.  It is unlikely that water levels will be anyway near normal by May 24.  They are even questioning if they can open the beach for Memorial Day.  You might want to call the park office before you leave to make sure the beach is opened.  The phone number is 513-897-3055.
newtoexotic #108

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/12/2011 08:18:08Copy HTML

Having never been to Caesar creek except 2 weeks ago when it is flooded is it always busy there or are the off times through the week? I do not like big crowds I am more of a private person
Mary0826 #109

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/17/2011 07:18:06Copy HTML

Weekends can be busy at times.  The first few nice weekends are especially busy, as are holidays.  Weekdays are much less busy and more laid back.  I usually go to CC on weekdays.  A much more tollerent crowd then and fewer people make a big issue when a woman goes topfree.
Ohiofunday #110

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/17/2011 10:39:06Copy HTML

Mary......I'm ready! I wish the sun would shine and the rain go away for a while! I'll be there when we get a chance.
WeRunWithScissors #111

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/20/2011 04:21:00Copy HTML

An announcement on the CC State Park website dated 5/18 says the beach is still closed.  http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/parks/caesarck/tabid/720/Default.aspx  Darn, it was supposed to be warm again this weekend.
One quick bit of reassurance to everyone about the disappointing and unusual account of the people at the beach on April 10th.  Unfortunately, fair travellers, you went there on the very first weekend of the year that had warm weather.   Except for a brief blip on March 19th when it got to75, all previous weekends this year were fairly cold.  You went on "un-garaging" weekend, which is the first significantly warm weekend when all the motorcycle riders and people with classic or pimped-out cars get them out from their garage (or from under a tarp), un-winterize them, and take them out for the first time after being deprived for several months.  
So yes, you saw some of the most uncouth people society has to offer there.  It was just a matter of timing.  On behalf of all the respectful people in and around Ohio, we apologize for your treatment there.
Which is a good reminder -- we probably don't want to go to the beach the first weekend it is re-opened either to avoid that same kind of situation.  
ithongit #112

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/22/2011 02:14:38Copy HTML

I'm going to be checking out Cowan Lake State Park (about 15 miles south east).  The website does not indicate flooding at that beach.  We go there normally several times a month, and have never had any issues with thonging. 

Direction from Ceasars creek to Cowan lake --  Go West on OH 73(away from the "big" bridge).  Go about a mile and a half or so to Clarksville Road and turn left (Soutn) (this is the first cross road after the cemetary).  Proceed down Clarksville road, past the Visitor center, Across the Dam, and through the spillway where fossil hunter do their thing.  Eventually, you come to a jog in the road near a little store/food called the "spillway party supply".  (This little red-neck store doesn't seem to mind women in thongs, but a man in a thong, or even a Speedo will not be served!  They do have good food, freshly cooked BBQ and so forth in summer months.)  Anyway, take the little zig-zag and continue on what is now called Jeffrey Road.  This road twists around a bit and eventually parallels I-71 on the South Side of the highway.  When the road dead ends -- you are at Olive Branch Road.  Turn left on Olive Branch Road to cross the highway.  Olive Branch dead ends just across the highway on Wilmington Road.  (About a quarter mile to the west of this location is an interchange with I-71, so people coming on I-71 can get off at the Wilmington Road exit and simply drive about 1/4 mile east to get to this point in the directions).  Go about 1/2 mile past the intersection of Olive Branch east to the first road to the right.  This is Settlemyer Road.  Turn onto this road and proceed South again.  Turn right off Settlemyer onto Ward-Koebel Road.  This used to be the end of Settlemyer, but I think they may extend Settlemyer into a new housing plat.  In any event, Ward-Koebel is the first right on Settlemyer.  Drive about 1-block south-west on Ward-Koebel Road.  You will dead-end on Ohio 350.  At this point all the "tough" navigations are done.  (Obviously, you can find some other way to get to Ohio 350 if you want.)  Turn Left, or East on Ohio 350.  This will take you directly to the beach entrance of Cowan Lake. (At the town of Clarksville, there is a combination gas-station, store, carryout restaurant.  We often stop here for a home-made sandwich or some Better than average Broasted Chicken.) One word of warning -- to the East of the town of Clarksville the highway is often heavilly patrolled by State Troopers for speeders and what-not.  The turn-off for the beach is a gradual turn to the left.  I will post information on the lake and beach under a new thread called Ohio's Cowan Lake State Park.

Ohiofunday #113

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/23/2011 10:16:04Copy HTML

I had the day off today and thought we would pay a visit to CC to see what kind of condition the beach was currently in or maybe if do some tanning. Well things didn't look in very good condition. The water was up and there was approximately 4' to 5' of sand exposed. The water had pretty much damaged the grass up to the second set of walks. I saw several fish carcasses and mud on the walkways, it was virtially impossible to walk in this area. Above the second walkway it was so spongy that yo didn't dare try walking without having soggy feet. The hill at the north end was the only area that could be used for sunbathing. However I did see a couple of people using the beach, staying on the sand and some young girls trying the water and I'm sure it was cold! I would say the upcoming Holiday weekend will be a wash for CC. We did however find a place to walk and I did strip down to get some sun and "It felt great'! Say your prayers for the weather to start making a change to nicer weather!
Ohiofunday #114

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/23/2011 10:30:09Copy HTML

I had the day off today and we thought we would pay a visit to CC to see what kind of condition the beach was currently in or maybe if do some tanning. Well things didn't look in very good condition. The water was up and there was approximately 4' to 5' of sand exposed. The water had pretty much damaged the grass up to the second set of walks. I saw several fish carcasses and mud on the walkways, it was virtially impossible to walk in this area. Above the second walkway it was so spongy that yo didn't dare try walking without having soggy feet. The hill at the north end was the only area that could be used for sunbathing. However I did see a couple of people using the beach, staying on the sand and some young girls trying the water and I'm sure it was cold! I would say the upcoming Holiday weekend will be a wash for CC. We did however find a place to walk and I did strip down to get some sun and "It felt great'!
ithongit #115

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/29/2011 05:11:42Copy HTML

The Channel 7 news last night announced that Caesar Creek will be opened for sun bathing and non-swimming or wading activities this Memorial Day.  The restrooms will be opened.  Boating will be permitted, and boat docks and ramps will be opened.  There is an E-coli outbreak in the county water experts and health and park officials "highly discourage" people from getting in the water until the E-coli disappears.  Especially dangerous would be getting the water into your mouth, or a cut or open wound.  They report that it might take a week or two for the water to clear up.  The E-coli was due to the flooding conditions earlier this month.  I know that the park's septic system was totally flooded, as were similar systems feeding water into the lake from local towns, farms, and such.  Raw sewage was released from many sources during the high water and flooding earlier this month.

ithongit #116

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/01/2011 02:03:30Copy HTML

Channel 7 had several reports on over the Memorial Day weekend, discouraging people from going to Caesar's creek due to the e-coli bacteria in the water.  One report showed state park rangers walking along the beach and explaining to people that the waters were contaminated and that the people were at risk of getting sick.  They made a big point that those who still choose to swim were doing so at their own risk.  Some people said on the news report that they didn't know about the water issues (even though signs were posted) and were going to go someplace else.  Others said they didn't care and would swim at Caesar's Creek any way.  I wonder if the rangers really were concerned for those in the water, or were simply doing a show for the Channel & news crew.

hulksmith #117

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/06/2011 06:21:48Copy HTML

 We will be up there around 2pm on Thursday for sun worshipping, weather permitting.

TCarbide #118

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/22/2011 03:52:36Copy HTML

(Although I posted this on another board regarding topfreedom, the same state laws apply to thongs in Ohio...)
I just called the Caesar Creek State Park office and confirmed that the beach has been open for 3 weeks. Plus something else interesting... 

On a call first to a different park office, when I tried to confirm that it is legal/acceptable for my wife to remove her top on the beach, the lady answering the phone was a bit shocked and said she didn't think that would be legal. I explained that I had been told that it was legal in the state of Ohio in state parks, and then she admitted that she is not a commissioned park officer and I should call back later. 

Rather than calling back later, I called the Caesar Creek office, and a young lady confirmed the beach had been open for 3 weeks, but definitely sounded like "summer help", so I asked to talk to a "commissioned park officer". I then was put on hold and officer Creech got on the line and he confirmed that women can have their tops off, "but only their tops" he added. :-) 

So, those are the magic words: COMMISSIONED PARK OFFICER 

If you ever have any issues, questions, or disputes with others on the beach at an Ohio state park, make sure you are talking to a Commissioned Park Officer. If you are not, ask for one, since they are the real authority in the parks. 

Hope this helps set people at ease with this information in your "back pocket". 
The Swan #119

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/28/2011 11:22:35Copy HTML

Was up at Caesar Creek recently. No problem thonging. Water was fairly clear for some reason. Had a Mom, three kids and Grandma set up nearby. They could see my gear, see me in the water and set up 20feet away on a half empty beach. No comments from any one. 

DavyJ #120

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/15/2011 01:04:16Copy HTML

Two weeks ago I spent 2 wonderful days at Caesar's Creek.  Some of my posts over the past year or 2 had noted a bad atmosphere at Caesar's Creek, but I must say these 2 days were completely different.  I did get there somewhat early both days, but set up just a bit to the left of the main area (not way left by the boat area, as I have done sometimes).  [Note, the water in the middle left area is quite rocky, so I prefer being way left, or somewhat in the middle.  Most families set up somewhat right, but there is not a whole lot of space between the "family" area and the "rocky" area.]  By mid afternoon both days, everybody had crowded in around me, but there were no problems either day, and I did not hear a single negative comment either, which, for a guy by himself is a bit unusual.  I was the only thonger on the beach each day; there were a few others up on the hill, but no one else on the beach.  One day there was some sort of "photo-shoot" way down on the left away from everybody else, which was a hoot to watch, as the model kept undoing her bikini bottom strings and flashing the camera.  Even when it was obvious I was watching she didn't care.  I am hoping this is all a trend for the better, and that by the end of the summer I can retract my previous negative comments about Caesar's Creek.  PS  Both days were weekdays; I wonder if that caused the atmosphere to be better?
scoobapadi #121

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/25/2011 09:34:43Copy HTML

 I am thinking about going to Caesar's Creek tomorrow; would like to find a place to skinny dip; saw info about it on this board.  If anyone is familiar with the good ares let me know.
DavyJ #122

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/01/2011 04:31:26Copy HTML

Anybody planning on going to Caesars Creek next Sunday (August 7)?  I ask because the last time I was there I had a rather unfriendly encounter with a Ranger.  He agreed that my attire was fine, but was real nasty, none-the-less.  Apparently someone had complained I had been in the parking lot nude, which was totally false.  He did spook me a bit, so it would be nice to have some company next time.
tanwood #123

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/05/2011 04:20:47Copy HTML

To DavyJ,

I have had similar experiences at Caesar Creek.  That is why I stopped going after several years of putting up with the occasional harassment. The good days that you mentioned seemed made up for the bad ones. Seems to me that people making false claims should be held accountable. Unfortunately, you are running the risk that an intolerant ranger will give you a ticket, or worse.

Earlier this summer when I read about Cowan Lake, I decided to give that a try, with the same result.
Someone called the Ranger Station and claiming I was nude on the beach. I was not. By the time a ranger arrived, I was leaving and in the bath house taking a shower. The g-string I was wearing was a faded red, but I think it was obvious enough that the color didn't cause the problem. It was just a matter of someone not agreeing with my lifestyle. I was asked by the ranger if I had been nude.....and I said no. Then I was asked if I had ever been arrested for indecent exposure at a state park....again I said no, but I was detained for at least 30 minutes while they ran a check. They also called the person back that made the complaint, and no surprise, they had already left and did not want to come back to identify me.

Have thought about returning to Caesar Creek during the week to see if anything had changed, but after reading about your experience, apparently it has not.

When there, I am always at the top of the hill near the sidewalk. Two or three years ago, ....on a good day,
I was approached by a couple that was leaving for the day. She had been sunbathing topless in the grassy area near where the boats tie up. When they walked up the hill toward me, she remained topless, and asked if I would mind taking their picture. I, of course, was most happy to.

For what it's worth..........Tanwood

DavyJ #124

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/06/2011 01:52:08Copy HTML

Yes, Caesar's Creek can sure vary from day to day and month to month, as my July 14 and July 31 posts demonstrate.
maxilicious #125

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/09/2011 02:22:40Copy HTML

 thanks Tanwood, we appreciated it.

The Swan #126

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/09/2011 02:38:10Copy HTML

I have not been up to Caesar Creek yet this month. However last month I was up there quite a few times. I did not see anything provocative. I did how ever see what looked like grandparents and a grandson move their stuff further down the beach when I came out of the water and laid out to sun dry with my woman.

The maintenance guys frequently see me in the summer and never say anything.

I did however see a guy, last year, walking around in a baggie suit. His suit was opaque. However he looked nude from almost any angle. It made me a bit uncomfortable because I thought his attire might generate a lot of phone calls.

I feel fortunate that I've been going out there so much, that over the years the rangers and cops know me.

If there is someone walking around naked at CC, who reads this board, please stop.
maxilicious #127

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/11/2011 05:45:25Copy HTML

We've seen nude men up there laying out, but never walking around, and only a few times.

tanwood #128

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/29/2011 03:26:52Copy HTML

Stopped by CC Sunday afternoon around 2 PM. Didn't see any thongs but did see the two old rednecks that
used to hang out at the picnic table by the play area. They have moved their act over to a shady spot in the last parking area.These two have made it uncomfortable for a lot of thongers and topless women over the years.
I may stop by and stay for awhile Tuesday, on my way back home.
JM_Runs #129

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/30/2011 12:39:40Copy HTML

 tanwood - You might try making friends with the old red-necks.  Try stopping by to say hi, when still fully dressed, before you go to lay out and thong.  I have, through persistent friendliness, over time, become personal friends of some very right wing red-neck ex-special forces types.  I once thaught they disapproved, which they probably did, until they got to know me as a person. 
tanwood #130

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/30/2011 08:16:30Copy HTML

Not a chance with these two! 
The Swan #131

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/20/2011 10:35:17Copy HTML

I've been up to Caesar Creek a few times this past month no problems laying out. We had some folks set up next to us wearing conservative suits. Then their 20something children showed up and stripped down to some skimpy bikinis. All in all a good past month or so of laying out. I've not seen but a handful of thongs this summer. Oh well maybe next year more thongs will be present.
cincythong #132

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/08/2011 09:17:41Copy HTML

Thanks to Traci's encouragement, I decided to take advantage of the great weather we are having here and headed up to Caesar's Creek for a little bit of October thonging.  It turned out to be a great time.  I was a little worried about what the crowd would be like due to it being a weekend with 80 degree sun, but I was surprised to see a really sparse crowd when I arrived about 2:00.  Looking out towards the water, there were a few family groups on the right side and a nearly empty beach on the left.....that's were I headed.  There was one guy camped up on the top corner of the "hill" above the beach, 2 single women in bikinis, and then a guy in a thong.  Seeing someone else in a thong really gave me a shot of confidence.  I set up on the far left side away from the others and took off my shirt and started to apply some lotion.  I looked up and noticed the guy up on the hill seemed to be checking me out through binoculars and when I stripped down to my thong, I quickly took a look and sure enough he was.  It gave me a little chuckle and did not bother me at all.  So I started to lay out.....the sun was perfect and I really enjoyed how private the location was....I really could not believe how small the crowd was.  A few minutes later, the gawker decided to take a walk down to get a closer look....he walked past me, "looked" out into the water for a few moments and then walked back past me again to his spot.  The rest of my time was relatively incident free....a few walkers and bikers that didn't seem to give me a second glance (they probably weren't shocked because they had to go past the other thonger to get to me).  The only issue was when a family group walked down the beach and then allowed their kids to run at the gulls which sent them flying towards the other 3 people down at my end.  I'm sure they appreciated having a flock of gulls sent towards them and their things.  Fortunately the birds did not get to me.  Before I decided to pack up, I decided to take a dip...the water was cold at first but quickly turned out to be pretty refreshing.  As I was doing this a couple of guys in jeans walked down towards my area and seemed to give me some odd looks but it didn't bother me in the least.  I walked back to my car in my thong because there was no one down at that end of the beach so I figured why bother to put my shorts on.  I just love being able to walk around in just my thong in such a wide open, public area.  I also wanted to see if the gawker would check me out again and sure enough he followed my moves with his binoculars all the way and everytime I would turn my head towards him he would quickly put them down.  I'm not looking to be picked up by guys at a state park, but I have to admit that it gave me a thrill to know that someone was checking me out.  So glad that I made the trip up there.  It was a very relaxing time and I really enjoyed it!  Thanks for the suggestion Traci!
ithongit #133

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/09/2011 12:33:09Copy HTML

Hi Cincythong.  Glad to read you had another great day in a thong.  As you get more and more into thongs, you will become more comfortable and more at ease with wearing them in front of a wider variety of people.  The "guy in a thong" probably was my dad, who claims to be one of the original thongers.  He was going to go to Caesar Creek today and usually lays out right on the beach.  He got started in 1974, wearing thongs in the first months after the concept had first been "popularized" by Rudi Gernreich.  At that time, thong wearing was not even as acceptable as it is today.  He says that it wasn't the "gay" image or even indecent exposure that made thongs unpopular with the public, but simply their "shock value".  Since he couldn't buy them at all, except perhaps mail order, he had a girlfriend make them for him.  He has unfortunately plumped out after the death of my mother and the depression he experienced then and also due to an inactive livestyle and sedate work environment.  He didn't thong for some time, but finally decided to start again after a trip to florida and this has encouraged him to exercise and loose some weight.  He has since lost over 40 pounds in the last two years, but still needs to loose another 30 pounds or so.  For him, thonging has been therapedic, and now is helping him regain his health.  Still even though he is pushing 60 now, and not in the best shape, he is as comfortable wearing thongs as he ever has been.  Yesterday, I had originally planned to go to Cowan Lake, but wound up a few miles West of where you were, working at a booth at the Waynesville Sauerkraut Festival.  Keep on thonging, and someday you will be as comfortable thonging as my Dad has been for my whole life.

cincythong #134

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/09/2011 12:41:52Copy HTML


If your dad has a pony tail then that was definitely him!  It was definitely a welcome sight to see another thonger.

Did you work that booth in your thong?  :)  I actually stopped at Cowan first but there was a pretty big crowd with a lot of kids so I decided to give Caesar's Creek a shot.

It looks like the great weather is going to hang around for several days next week.  Still may be time to get out there some more! 

Thanks for your comments! 
The Swan #135

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/10/2011 01:14:53Copy HTML

Was up at Caesar Creek Friday. Did not see any other thongers as the beach was almost deserted. I set up about 30yds  from an older couple about my age. No problems thonging.

The colours of the leaves combined with an almost blue color to the lake makes a spectacular sight just before sunset. This lends itself to photography students wandering about with cameras.

tvguy #136

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/12/2011 03:10:42Copy HTML

I've hear about Caesar Creek for a long time. This past weekend was such great weather I decided to check it out. I arrived about 3pm on Saturday, I was surprised there was almost nobody there. On the beach I saw two woman, both had 2 piece suits on, one was at the waters edge in a lounge chair and the other swimming and laying on the sidewalk. I found a place under a tree to sit and enjoy the day. I wish I would have had something beside jean and a shirt, I would have loved to check out the water. With almost no one around I would have love to have gone skinny dipping but there is the law. Sunday, I again revisited the beach,it was about 12pm, again it was also empty, I did see two guys in g-string on the grass. I was ready this time to hit the water this time, but there was nobody at all on the beach. I hate to be alone. May I'll find a woman with like interest in tonging / nude sun bathing to hand out with me in the future. Hope to see some of you at Caesar Creek next spring!
The Swan #137

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/16/2011 03:37:28Copy HTML

Was up at Caesar Creek this past Monday. Set up at one end of the beach with some folks at the other end of the beach. Saw about 10 people all day. very nice and relaxing. No problems thonging. One couple set up about 100yds from me. She was wearing shorts and a shirt proceeded to strip down to a bikini (her underwear maybe?) and it llooked like she took her top off.

Later, when no one was on the beach, I walked beach and heard a alot of female cheering from a boat out on the lake that was slowly going by. I gave a big wave and got more cheering.
jn9195 #138

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/22/2011 03:50:32Copy HTML

 Is this area open all year? 
TCarbide #139

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/22/2011 10:26:19Copy HTML

 The beach and state park are open year round.  The concessions and restroom / lavatory buildings are locked up though usually by October until Spring sometime.
ithongit #140

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/23/2011 06:46:11Copy HTML

 In the "off" seasons, you will usually find more skimpy swimwear percentage wise than during the "summer" season.  I think this is because you have to be either a serious swimmer to take on the colder and colder water, or a serious sun worshiper to try to squeeze some beach time on a day when the sun is so low.  Most others who are not in swimwear will be walkers or people with their dogs, who absolutely no one seems to mind on the beach in the winter months.  You will sometimes see people swimming as late as December.  "Normal" people just don't think of going to the beach in the middle of winter in the middle of Ohio, even if we have one of those rare, but appreciated days in January when the weather is in the upper 60's or even 70's.  One word of caution however (and this is based on previous posts on this board and not personal experience).  Be careful if you don't wear you swimsuit under your cloths since changing, even in a car, might be viewed by others who could complain.  Also (and I hate to mention this, but it is still true) if you are alone, or practically alone, you are more likely to get harassed, and this could include people who "make up" nudity reports or decide to confront you in person.  I don't think these are all that common at CC, even in the winter, but just a reminder that things are different in the winter when there are fewer "witnesses" than the summer.
The Swan #141

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:01/02/2012 01:00:05Copy HTML

Did a "Polar Bear Swim" yesterday and today. Yeah!
TCarbide #142

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:02/28/2012 09:47:24Copy HTML

We found a good place to skinny dip there, but it is in the creek / spillway below the dam, not in the lake.  Someone else found a good spot in the Little Miami river nearby.  Use this link to find info on both spots posted on the topfree board:

Dannylion #143

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:03/21/2012 05:47:27Copy HTML

 I'm a girl and I really want to go topless and wear a thong but I'm too overweight to do so :c maybe next year I guess..
TCarbide #144

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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The sun doesn't care how much you weigh.  And there are definitely places in the Ohio state parks that you can enjoy the sun and/or a beach without many people around if that is your concern.  Currently around here wearing a thong or going topless is about caring more about what you want than what the majority of people around you would be doing anyway, so just give yourself permission to do what you want and go for it!
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Out last Thursday and sun was great!  Saw couple girls on the beach sunning and a guy up on the hill thonging.  Couple came and laid out a little later and seemed to be a good day!  Lookin forward to a warm summer!
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Went to Caesar Creek today.  Got there about 2:30 when the sun started to break through the clouds.  Not too hot, but lots of sun until about 4:30 when I left.  Only about 10 people there all afternoon, no body walking the paths even.  The low attendance probably was due to the cool weather (high about 72 or 73) and the fact it was cloudy most of the morning and early afternoon.  Water was cool but not that bad.  After I was there for about an hour, a lady with a small child about 3 came down and set up not far from me at the edge of the water.  She couldn't have missed my thong but didn't let this stop her from setting up surprisingly close.  Just before I left a couple with two children came down and set up on the other side of me.  The man wore jeans and started to wear them into the water, but then came back to their towels and stripped them off.  He was commando, and  went back into the water in the buff.  The lady kept her cloths on, but the kids played with their naked father in the water, even though they had kid's swimwear.  The ranger had been down earlier, so I didn't expect him to come back, but the man skinny dipping was taking a chance to say the least. 

The restrooms were opened.  A ranger waved to me as he went by.  He didn't seem to have any issues with me or my swimwear whatsoever.

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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Dannylion:  Let me second TCarbide's comment.  The beach scene should not be a beauty contest.  Rather it should be about each person getting outside (something that would benefit most people) and enjoying themselves.  So don't let your weight stop you from enjoying yourself, or waiting until next year.  My suggestion would be to just go ahead; pick a quiet, somewhat deserted spot the first few times, or go on a weekday first.  But I'll bet that once you take that first step, you will soon realize that its no big deal.
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Also, for those who can't make it to the beaches during the week when the attendance is lower than the weekends, try going on Sunday morning before 11am on a sunny day.  A lot of the people that would potentially have issues are at church then, and the beaches are much less crowded in general, so it is a good time to go and get comfortable in your own skin, so to speak.

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TCarbide has an excellent suggestion -- Sunday mornings are usually slow and most "moral majority" times who might complain are probably tied up in church services.  Actually, early to late morning is good almost any day.  Some people go to the beach after planning a trip, but many go on an impulse -- saying "Gee, it's getting hot out -- lets go to the lake" or "The sun is really nice out now, lets go work on our tans."  These people wait until they know the weather is appropriate for beach use before going -- others wait for the heat to go way up.  Around here, it usually starts warming up around 10:00 AM, but doesn't get too bad until 1-2 oclock.  This means that getting to the beach at 10:00 and staying until noon, you can get some sun, not be too cold, and still be off the beach before many people show up.

Another way to avoid the crowds, even on weekends, is to go on an unusually cool day or a day that starts out cloudy.  If the temperatures are in the 70's, few people go to the beach, in the 80's more, and in the 90's or above, the beach is getting about as busy as it will get.  The local weather from local TV (or Weather.com) is usually pretty accurate about temperatures and precipitation, but they don't cater to beach goers by presenting much information on cloud cover.  If they do show cloud cover and show clouds all morning and then a front going through and it clearing up after 1:00 with few or no clouds, then if you plan to get there around the time the clouds break away, you probably will pretty much have the beach to yourself, for a while since most people go when there is at least some sun, and don't think about going until the sun has come out and stayed out a while. 

Several notes on weather predictions -- some of the hour-by-hour "future cast" predictions of cloudy and clear used on TV are from locally developed computer simulations.  They might show two or three waves of clouds coming through in an afternoon (and a similar number of clear cycles).  These predictions are usually more a general idea of weather than an accurate hour to hour prediction.  This is what they might say in a report as "some patches of clearing and some clouds".  In Dayton, Channel 7 has a good weather service on Channel 7.2, but they rarely show the cloud cover satellite image but instead only show the precipitation radar.   On line, you can get a cloud cover (or visible satellite) images.  We often use http://www.fox59.com/weather/ from Fox 59 in Indianapolis.  They have radar and satellite images for the whole county.  If you look at the visible cloud images and if you see clearing coming towards your location, you can probably bet it will get nice later.  Of course, this does not take into account "pop up" storms, but these are usually covered in general local weather predictions.  Checking a visible satellite image a few times a day (even when at work) for a few weeks and you will see how fast things normally move and pretty soon, you should be able to predict cloud cover pretty well. 

You can also sense a pattern of weather coming by looking at several of the mini forecasts, like the ones Channel 7.2 has on the side of the screen.  They highlight the weather in a local town or city for the next 6 hour or so, and if you see cloudy at first, then clear the rest of the day (and if other reports from places near where you are going are the same) you probably can count on a break in the clouds that will be pretty major.  Another service we use is the FAA weather website.  I learned about this from Nikki, who is a licensed pilot.  Anyone can use the service, not just pilots, but unless you learn a little first, you probably will be unable to understand the results of your search.  (You might want to look at http://www.wikihow.com/Read-an-Aviation-Routine-Weather-Report-%28METAR%29 if you want to learn how to read aviation METAR reports.)

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 what I have found is, if you do go to a beach to thong and some rain comes along and runs everyone away, stick it out, find some trees to hide in and once the rain goes away, you will probably have the whole place to yourself for a while, which always gave me the opportunity to roam around naked out in the open before encountering anyone come back to the beach.
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