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The Swan #151

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/02/2012 07:17:14Copy HTML

Roaming around Caesar Creek naked sounds risky to me. While I have seen people doing it, I don't think I'd try it.

TCarbide #152

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/03/2012 07:14:24Copy HTML

Yes, if you want to be naked in or around the water, please do so somewhere other than the beaches where the Ohio park rangers have finally gotten to the point they are accepting and will at times defend the rights of those who want to legally be there in thongs or women there topfree/topless.  We all want the rangers to learn the pattern that thongers and topfree women are all there enjoying their rights and can be relied on to know the limits by repeated positive experiences, not think that they are the ones that have to be watched because as soon as the beach starts getting empty they are going to break the law by getting naked.
For places nearby to be naked, please read up earlier in the posts over the last year or two and you will find information about places in the creek below the Caesars Creek Lake dam, and also in the Little Miami River near where the creek empties into it.  Those places are great for skinny dipping or sunning naked away from the patrolled beaches.
maxilicious #153

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/12/2012 06:58:30Copy HTML

 we are planning on riding up next week.....topless/thong...topless sill acceptable?  Does it happen ever anymore? 

tvguy #154

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/13/2012 02:17:07Copy HTML

I have been there a couple time this year. Didn't see much "skin", no topless woman, a couple in skimpy suits with the backs pulled up to get there cheeks tan. I think  nothing has change in the laws, you can still go topless in Ohio. Maybe be I'll be there when your there to brake the ice for me and I'll see my first topless woman of the season!
Oboer123 #155

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/13/2012 08:13:47Copy HTML

 Went too the beach today first time. Interesting. Love the thongs. I may have to get one.
The Swan #156

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/14/2012 02:48:47Copy HTML

Yes topless and thongs are still legal. I have yet to see another thong on the beach this year besides my own.
maxilicious #157

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/21/2012 02:50:38Copy HTML

 Our plan is to now be up on the grassy knoll by 11-ish Sunday....departing northern ky around 10 on the bikes...

maxilicious #158

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/21/2012 02:51:05Copy HTML

 Our plan is to now be up on the grassy knoll by 11-ish Sunday....departing northern ky around 10 on the bikes...

oboer321 #159

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/22/2012 08:59:48Copy HTML

I was at Ceasars Creek on Wednesday from 10AM till about 1PM and there were three separate individuals there in thongs. 
cincythong #160

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/10/2012 07:25:48Copy HTML

I made it to Caesar's Creek for my first thonging of the year (I know it's July already!).  I decided to go early and got there at a little before 11:00.  My timing was perfect as I nearly had the entire beach to myself on a great day.  There were 2 family groups and 2 single guys there as well.  I think 1 of the guys had a thong on but I did not go near him as he was checking the few people that were there through his binoculars.  I think I ran into this guy last year and he seems a bit weird.  I'm surprised he's gotten away with obviously perving on people for so long.

Anway, I wore a 1/4" purple muscleskins and set up on the beach.  The geese were a bit of a problem and one that appeared to be injured decided to set up about 10 feet away from me.  He seemed to want some sympathy for his injury and wouldn't go away.  But other than that he was the only thing that got close to me.  Very peaceful, relaxing and great weather.  It definitely started to get more traffic towards noon.  I left soon after that and imagine it probably would have filled up quickly.  Happy thonging!
ithongit #161

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/11/2012 04:45:57Copy HTML

 I think I have run into that goose this year too.  I have seen people taking corn chips and other food to him.  He will not take it from you and will flap around a bit if you get too close, but will eat stuff you bring over and pour on the ground in his general area.  I don't know what Canadian Geese are supposed to eat, but I am sure Frito Corn Chips are not a part of their normal diet. -- Maybe this fellow has learned that people will feel sorry for him and give him some food, so he does not have to eat with the others.  If this is the same goose, it holds its leg up as if it is injured.  It can swim and flap around a bit, but does not seem to have the ability to get a running start to "take off" like the other geese do.

This has been an excellent year for thonging at CC.  Nice days with lots of sun and tolerant fellow beach goers.  I have not seen too many thongs, but I don't know if they were scared away by the heat wave we had, or if thonging is just less popular this year.
cincythong #162

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/12/2012 08:07:32Copy HTML

Yep, that describes him to a T.  I have to say it was a bit strange and made me a little easy to have a goose so close.  I was expecting him to start rifling through my bag looking for food!
The Swan #163

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/13/2012 08:48:45Copy HTML

Three other thongs on the beach on morning of July 12 besides my own. Two family groups set up near us on the beach at the north end of the beach. One group was a bit shocked at first but settled in among us thongers with without a fuss.
JM_Runs #164

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/14/2012 01:46:36Copy HTML

 Were the 3 people in thongs all men?
The Swan #165

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/15/2012 04:51:22Copy HTML

I'm not sure. Were they?
JM_Runs #166

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/16/2012 12:26:07Copy HTML

???  You were there right?  yes I think all men based on your answer
The Swan #167

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/21/2012 03:43:21Copy HTML

Actually bareboy, I'm not sure. The thonger on one side of me was definitely a male. The thonger on the other side of me was undetermined. Very feminine mannerisms tossing their hair and such. It could of been either a topless small breasted female or a topless feminine male. Beyond that thonger, the next thonger was laying out on their stomach. Hence the statement, "I'm not sure."
DavyJ #168

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/23/2012 10:20:00Copy HTML

Swan is certainly right in that it can often be hard to tell gender for sure, especially if you don't stare.  Years ago I was at a Caribbean beach where most of the women were topless and most of the men were wearing bikini-type suits (aka speedos).  I could not believe how hard it was to tell the men from the women, even when they were in the water or walking around.  Of course the large-breasted women were obvious, but beyond that it was often anyone's guess.
ithongit #169

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/25/2012 05:15:44Copy HTML

 Every now and then, Randy my husband who is a thonger too, gets mistaken for a woman.  I think it is because he has long mid-back length hair which he usually wears in a pony tail down his back.  He also has a "normal" build -- not too fat, not too muscular, not to thin.  It seemed that older men and briars are the ones who made the mistake most often.  If they saw a body of average build with long long hair and wearing a thong and laying with their buns exposed to the sun, then they assume that it must be a woman.  Boy did some of these guys get embarrassed and some even got mad when they found out Randy was a man!

My dad grew up in the 60's and was highly influenced by the hippies and counter culture of the times.  He said that people back then often used only hair as a sign of gender -- long hair was female, short hair was male.  His parents said that there was a time when a woman wearing pants was often mistaken for a man.  Society had created certain stereotypes based on clothing styles, hair, earrings, tattoos, etc., which were used by many as a "shortcut" in establishing a person's gender, sexual preference, etc.  Dad said that a man with a single earring worn in the wrong ear would automatically be associated with gays, while the other ear was reserved for straight men only. 

We still have a few such clothing stereotypes.  If you go to a beach and see a person wearing long calf-length board shorts it probably is a man.  If you see someone with board shorts with a 2-4 inch inseam, it probably is a woman.  Hair and tattoos, body piercing, and other styles have become more unisex in nature, so there are now fewer and fewer clues one might use to evaluate a persons sex.  As Davy and Swan have pointed out some people appear genderless and at that time if we have to base our evaluation on other factors we sometimes can make judgements that are interpreted wrong.

I have a casual female friend who passes easily for a man.  She wears her hair short and has a very flat chest.  Her nipples are very small.  She sometimes goes topfree where men go without shirts and few even realize she is a woman.  Still, she has 3 kids and is not a lesbian.  Her husband thinks it is funny when she gets accepted as "one of the guys" on trips fishing or boating.  (Her name is "Bobbie".)  If she were to lay out on the beach in a thong (which she does not like on either sex by the way) most would assume that she was male.  Likewise I am sure there are men who could pass as female in most situations without even trying.  Bottom line -- like so many things we look at -- some things are very obvious and others we will never know for sure.  My question would not be "how many were men" but "was everyone having a good time" or "did anyone get hassled?" 

Wearing thongs and getting them accepted more places (again?) should be something that is approached as an issue with no gender bias.
ThongersAngels #170

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/26/2012 01:05:49Copy HTML

It CAN be confusing at times

I find it sexy and a turn on when a women looks like a guy at first, but thats just me. And if a guy can lean one way or the other, I would take major advantage of that ability!

Dress as both sexes without looking like a hideous looks man TRYING to look like a female!
JM_Runs #171

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/30/2012 01:41:14Copy HTML

i have been mistaken for a topless female when lying face down in a thong.......
The Swan #172

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/26/2012 07:59:20Copy HTML

I was up a Caesar Creek today no problem thonging.

I have noticed an increase in what I believe are Muslim women wearing burka-ish swimmng costumes. I'm beginning to think they come up to have a look around and see if any guys are laying out in thongs. I don't quite know what to think of it. I've seen a whole gaggle of them set up  rather close to me and look over and stare every now and then. Kinda unsettling actually. I think I now have a sense of what women feel like being oogled.

I used to work on the same floor as a Muslim woman. One morning on the elevator she was fussing with her hair covering trying to get her hair tucked under it. In fussing with this, her arm sleeves bunched up around her elbow revealing she was wearing metal spiked leather wrist bands. I'm guessing one swipe acrosss an attackers face would draw tremendous amounts of blood.

It is paradoxical to see women wearing these full legged, long sleeved. hair covering bathing costumes; splashing around near somebody in a tiny little bathiing suit. I have to wonder if these burka ladies are wearing these metal spiked leather wrist bands also.

The good news is: nobody seems to mind what the other one is wearing.

Beach has been groomed for over a week now. Yay!

Mary0826 #173

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/28/2012 05:33:31Copy HTML

 Was at Caesars Creek late in the day a last week -- about 5:00 - 6:00.  Nobody else was thonging, but I did have one person walk up and talk quite a while about thongs, etc. 

They said they had not seen as many thongs this year as in the past, and said there were some people who were yelling "pervert" and worse to anyone, male or female who was thonging.  Often these people tried to tell the thongers that thongs were "illegal" and if the person didn't know any better, they would covered up or left the beach.  These verbal attacks were not all the time, but occasionally. 

The person who I talked to thought this might be why thonging and topfreedom is down -- people just don't like to get hassled and so are either not going to the beach or not wearing minimal swimwear.  Several "regulars" have supposedly been hit on quite a bit this summer with all sorts of verbal complaints. 

At the same time, park rangers and maintenance drive back and forth without anyone saying a word.  Anyone have an issue at CC or was this just a rumor?  I don't get to Caesars Creek more than a few times a year, and so far I have had no issues here.

I have been going to Lake Loramie most of the time and never had anyone complain about how little my swimsuit covered, or if I chose to go topfree.  A few times I think someone complained since the ranger would come along and go to a specific person and talk a while, then leave.  Sometimes the ranger or other person would look my way when talking or gesture towards me.  Often the person the ranger talked to leaves shortly after the ranger does, but not always. 

The bad thing about LL is that they have a bug problem part of the time, and you can't tell if the bugs will be bad or not until you get out and strip down.  CC doesn't seem to have too many bugs most of the time.

DoreFan #174

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/28/2012 06:47:16Copy HTML

I think it is so sad that some people are so close minded and intolerant and they would treat their fellow citizens this way just because they don't agree with their standards for clothing. I think some countries called this communism, or militant islamic. What next? Will they behead us for wearing thongs? 
JM_Runs #175

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/29/2012 01:12:04Copy HTML

I have been annoyed at such people, when they shout, but look forward to their disappointment when they talk to the lifeguard or call the police.  Over the years I have developed a tough skin and brush off the odd insult as just par for the course. I could not care one wit what rude idiots think of my swimsuit.  Easy to say to your self when alone, but it is a lot more difficult to hold your composure and resolve when verbally harassed.

There is a good book that came out many years ago called "Dinosaur Brains, Dealing with All THOSE Impossible People at Work". This explains how such insults directly short circuit the rational part of our brain and cause us to feel angry, rejected and hostile.  Well worth the read.

Recently I had a run in with someone who threatened me with physical harm, at least that is the way I interpreted it. This prompted me to look up harassment in my state statutes. I may have been wearing a thong, which was legal, but his harassment, over a period of time (no matter how short), following me and repeated threatening behaviour turns out to have been a third degree fellony.

Basically most states have laws that prevent intimidation, with the intent to get someone to do, or not to do something, by the threat of physical harm.  They don't need to hit you, just threaten to do so.  In Florida the most useful statute seems to be this one:

F.S. 784.048  in pennant parts says:
(a) “Harass” means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such person and serves no legitimate purpose.
(b) “Course of conduct” means a pattern of conduct composed of a series of acts over a period of time, however short, evidencing a continuity of purpose. Constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of “course of conduct.” Such constitutionally protected activity includes picketing or other organized protests.
(c) “Credible threat” means a threat made with the intent to cause the person who is the target of the threat to reasonably fear for his or her safety. The threat must be against the life of, or a threat to cause bodily injury to, a person.
(2) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person commits the offense of stalking, a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
(3) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person, and makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of death or bodily injury of the person, or the person’s child, sibling, spouse, parent, or dependent, commits the offense of aggravated stalking, a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

So in Florida harassment is a misdemeanor and harassment combined with a threat of physical violence (bodily injury), is a fellony.  I have printed out the statute and think it will be me who calls the police next time.

While the above is Florida law I suspect your state has similar laws, maybe with very similar language.

TCarbide #176

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/29/2012 10:42:07Copy HTML

The best I can find is that such a person would be guilty of disorderly conduct based on the Ohio Revisede Code:

§ 2917.11. Disorderly conduct(A) No person shall recklessly cause inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm to another by doing any of the following:(1) Engaging in fighting, in threatening harm to persons or property, or in violent or turbulent behavior;(2) Making unreasonable noise or an offensively coarse utterance, gesture, or display or communicating unwarranted and grossly abusive language to any person;(3) Insulting, taunting, or challenging another, under circumstances in which that conduct is likely to provoke a violent response;

So, if YOU end up calling the State Park Ranger (make sure you are talking to a commissioned park officer that carries a badge) you can potentially convince them that someone harassing you is committing Disorderly Conduct and you would like the Ranger to ask them to cease and disperse.
JM_Runs #177

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/29/2012 11:25:16Copy HTML

 Thanks to TCarbide for looking up the Ohio equivalent.
Mary0826 #178

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/30/2012 01:36:12Copy HTML

I wonder if the original post I made should have been on a new topic -- something like "Thongers and topfree women who are harrased -- what can be done?".  Maybe JM_Runs would like to move the latest part of this thread to a new one specific to this topic.  I would suspect that some users of this board who might be interested in the topic may have skipped over it since it is under Ceasers Creek.

Please look at Post #12 on the Ceasers Creek thread written by Maxlatl (This is on the first page of the thread).  Here he is telling us that the same "disorderly conduct" provision (maybe it has been revised since his post) was used to convict a woman who was topfree!

How can it be possible that wearing thongs and going topfree is disorderly conduct and also objecting to someone wearing a thong and going topfree is also disorderly conduct?

I talked to a local police officer who I know from my FFA club activities, and he said it is not unusual to charge people with "disorderly conduct" when there is a fight.  Often both parties are charged since they are both fighting and both "disturbing the peace".  He said they do this when it is not clear who started the fight and by charging all parties, they let the courts decide who is guilty and who is innocent, or if both parties went too far let both people be convicted.  He said "disorderly conduct" is a catch-all that is used (he believes incorrectly) any time they have a complaint and don't have a specific law for arresting someone.  He said that if the person has a good lawyer, they probably would get off more times than not.  If they plea bargain or get a court-appointed attorney, they probably will not "beat" the disorderly conduct charge.

In the town he works in, they have used "disorderly conduct" for skate-boarders who skate in areas posted "no stake boards", loud car radios, mowing grass at 2 AM and just about every other offense that no other particular law is on the books about (or the police do not know about.)  They have used if for kids "mooning" the principal, for a bunch of twenty somethings for "streaking" a neighbors yard, and other things.  They have even used it when a person carried a sign like a picket in front of a house that was for sale and having an "open house" and the sign said the realtor was crooked and to think twice about using his services.  I would bet that if the sign said "This is the best realtor in town -- Call him first" that the picketer would never have been arrested.  So from this thought process I would assume that to be "disorderly conduct" a person must do something that the "masses" or perhaps just one person would find offensive in some way.  (Gee -- our selection of minimal swimwear may offend a person here or there, but I don't think "the masses" would really find them offensive.

Someplace else on this board I read a story about a woman who was arrested for going topfree at night when she was hitch-hiking home after a day at Indian Lake State park.  She had been drinking but was not charged with that -- if I remember right (I wish I could find that post).  I guess the police got one or more calls that there was a topless woman hitch-hiking on the side of the road, so they went out and arrested her using the excuse "disorderly conduct".

I agree in general with both Maxlatl's and JM_Runs comments.  First, thongs and topfree in Ohio have never been successfully challenged as being illegal in themselves, so using "disorderly conduct" to stop people from choosing these styles of dress seems like quite a stretch.  Perhaps if a person used a public pool where they have a posted "no thongs" sign, they would be involved in "disorderly conduct" since they were not following the rules the place set-up, but in situations where there is no legal reason a person chould not wear a thong or go topfree, I think use of this law is inappropriate.

Second, a person who actually harasses someone in a long or repeated way should be dealt with somehow.  I don't care if it is on the beach about wearing a thong or on the street complaining about someones lawn or complaining about their beat-up car or whatever.  There have always been bullies and anyone who feels they have the right to verbally or perhaps even physically get into a fight in an attempt to prove that they are "right" and the other person is "wrong" should be required to get some type of therapy or re-training or whatever you want to call it.  They have programs for wife-beaters, etc.  Why not for bullies?

I guess the next question is at what point does the harassment become "disorderly conduct".  If an person makes a single comment such as "I think your swimsuit is disgusting and that you should be ashamed to wear something like that in public and that you should leave the beach" and this comment is upsetting to the thonger or woman who is topfree is it "disorderly conduct".  Does the complaint have to boarder on actual threats such as "If you don't get off the beach, I will make your day miserable." or actually include specific threats "I will beat you up" or "I will find out where you live and burn down your house."  Do the harassing remarks have to continue for a period of time -- what is that time -- 30 seconds, 3 minutes, or whatever.  Or does it depend on who else is there?  A confrontation on a busy beach certainly might upset many other beach goers and the language of the law seems to indicate that they are trying to stop activities that would upset others.  If this is the case, would a fight where two people mutually agree to "have it out" and do so in a private place be considered "disorderly conduct".

One more thing I off topic -- Hunting season always seems to bring out the worst people in our society.  Don't get me wrong, there are many people who hunt who are respectful and no problem at all.  But there are others who seem to think that running around with a gun gives them a license to do whatever they want.  We have a few animals on our farm and don't want them shot, so we post "no hunting" on some parts of our property.  Hunters tear the signs down, then get verbally abusive and even threatening if you tell them to get off your land.  (Last year we used over 100 signs putting some up five and six times over the course of the hunting season.)  Apparently from what we have been told removing a "no hunting" sign is a very minor offense in the eyes of the law -- a minor misdemeanor which would involve only a "slap on the wrist" if successfully convicted.  I won't get into a fight with a person with a shot gun or rifle in their hands, but I would like to know if when these people threaten to "blow your head off" or whatever if the same law would apply.

The Swan #179

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/31/2012 08:32:34Copy HTML

I have not been hassled this year. however I have not going to Caesar Creek as much (see my posts in the Backyard Thonging thread). I have been hassled in previous years. 
With regards to hunting, I used to hunt quite a bit. It does not surprise me to read about your experiences with hunting. I'm not sure what happened to hunting but it has turned into a drinking event. I never wore camo and deer piss and whatever else they are wearing now and I did alright. 
It used to be about quiet and stealth and hitting your mark. Now  it's 4-wheelers and drinking.

The Swan #180

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/17/2012 04:35:00Copy HTML

 Was up at Caesar Creek on Sunday. No problems thonging. Lotsa folks swimming in street clothes. One guy in a speedo.
cincythong #181

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/19/2012 11:37:48Copy HTML

After a stressful day at work, I headed up to Caesar's Creek today to get some thonging in.  I was there from about 4:30 - 5:30.  Amazingly, I was literally the only person on the beach.  It was me, my thong, and the sea gulls.  It was a bit cooler, but the sun was out and it kept me warm.  Perfect blue sky and it was a great way to unwind and relax.  It was weird being the only person on the beach.  I completely enjoyed the peace and solitude, but gotta say that I was a part of me that was a  little disappointed that I couldn't show off!
ithongit #182

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/20/2012 12:59:45Copy HTML

 This happens a lot in the fall and spring.  Caeser's Creek is a "summer" destination to many and once school starts, Labor Day has past, and the temperatures start getting a bit cooler, most people stop coming.  You still get the occasional person exercising their dog, strolling the walkways for exercise, or similar things, but they come on an erratic time-table.  Randy sometimes wears one of his more extreme suits, such as some Koala type suit or one that provides "exposure" on these slow days.  We also have taken the opportunity to skinny dip and even lay-out in the buff when their is nobody else around.  Restrooms are often closed and locked, so there is no place to change other than in your car or in the woods.  Usually they close the restrooms early in October unless there are still a lot of people around because of an unusually warm fall.   When we skinny dip, we just keep a low-profile and watch for people arriving.  (Isn't that part of the "fun" of skinny dipping?   Knowing that what you are doing is illegal and that you could get into trouble?)  Remember that boaters have cell phones and can complain if they see you doing something they think is illegal, just like a person on foot near the parking lot can, so you should use appropriate caution if you are going to wear something that borderlines on the illegal or choose to shed everything.

We have swam as late as late as early November and sunbathed in every month of the year.  If we have a "warm" spell and it is sunny, like if it gets into the 70's in January, we will go down to lay in the sun.  There are one or two other regulars who we see out occasionally on these off-season trips, but we often have the whole park to ourselves.

The Swan #183

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/02/2012 10:50:45Copy HTML

I went out Caesar Creek last Sunday late I cinched my bikini up into a thong. Strange to see so many people bundled up in long sleeve shirts and windbreakers and shoes in 70 degree weather.
The geese seem to have flown the co-op. The bathrooms are locked.  The port-a-toilet is a stinking mess. It seems to me using the woods is cleaner than the port-a-toilet. 
No problems laying out.
buckoff #184

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:02/12/2013 02:18:02Copy HTML

 any updates on caesar creek planning on going there this summer to take my wife so she can wear her thongs also are there any specific spots that topless or thong wearing boaters hang out
The Swan #185

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:02/18/2013 05:01:40Copy HTML

I think topless and thonging boaters are a minority. However toplessness and  thong wearing are legal anywhere on the lake. At the south end of the lake are some private coves.  The south end can be a bit confusing with all the coves. The boaters I know put in at the loading ramp across from the entrance to beach, (Furnas Shores maybe?).
The Swan #186

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/11/2013 12:19:33Copy HTML

 I was up at Caesar Creek last Sunday and Tuesday. Beautiful weather, no problems thonging. I had the beach to myself for a while on Tuesday. 
The Swan #187

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/15/2013 01:01:35Copy HTML

 Up at the beach today were two topless women and one other thonger. I had the beach to myself for awhile. No problems thonging. 
The Swan #188

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/21/2013 05:59:46Copy HTML

I was at the beach yesterday. A few young women with very dark tans and skimpy bikinis were laying out. Men were all in boardies or street clothes. A woman and her two children set up about 30 feet from me. I was the only thonger and had no problems thonging. 

tanwood #189

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/08/2013 01:30:36Copy HTML

Was at Caesar Creek Tuesday, June 4, from noon until 5PM. My first visit in a long while. Only one thonger (me).
Beautiful day, no hassles.

tanwood #190

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/21/2013 05:42:37Copy HTML

Spent the day at CC yesterday (Thursday) in my usual spot up on the hill. Beautiful day, but unfortunately the only thonger.
No hassles at all.
The Swan #191

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/22/2013 05:59:52Copy HTML

I was up at the beach today, I talked to woman who was wearing what appeared to be a thong under a skirted swim suit bottom. I had no problems thonging. Only other sunbathers were two guys in board shorts although I think one guy eventually stripped down to his underwear.
The lake  has a swimmers advisory for bacteria. Lots of tri-athletes swimming in the bacteria infected waters. I would not swim in the lake. 
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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Well its been one of those summers! My work has been six days a week, with only Sundays off and has left little time for sunbathing. It looks like I may be getting some time off soon. What I've been wonder is and concerns about the conditions at Caesars Creek. I've heard on the news and this post the water quality has been an issue. I assume they have kept the beach open and what has the crowd been? If we show up any problems   with minimal wear or topless. I tend to participate only if others around me do so! Please if anyone has any reports let us know, Othewise we will just be staying close to home!
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 I have not been to Caesar Creek in the last few weeks.  My travels have been taking me North, and to other parks.  The water advisories seem to be getting more and more frequent.  It usually follows a period of flooding and heavy rains like we have had earlier this summer -- not at the lake itself, but at areas upstream.  From what I understand, this flooding upstream causes the leaching fields of private septic systems and business and municipal waste treatment plants to get flooded over.  This permits bacteria to get into the water, which then washes down to Caesar Creek.  Also flooding of agricultural land can wash bacteria from animal wastes into the creek.  The water advisory is normally just that -- an advisory.  Nobody has any legal right to keep you out of the water if you really want to get in it.  When they have an advisory, they take some samples, find high bacteria levels and post signs.  The results of their tests can be just a few percentages over established safe limits, or hundreds of times worse.  I believe they have to wait for several days  or perhaps even a week with acceptable levels of bacteria before the signs come down.  There are also several levels of warning -- one basically says nobody should use the water, including pets.  The second is that they advise that those with health conditions not use the water and the same goes for the elderly and small children.  At this level a healthy person would not normally get sick from the bacteria.  Regardless of what level is posted, I take a "why risk it" attitude.  You can check for water advisories for any (or all) state parks on their website at:


From this page you can link to any park, click on the advisory tab, and even poke around and see the contamination levels, including historical data from other years.  As of July 9, CC had a 1380 colonies E. Coli /100ml of water.  The limit is 235.  You might as well go swimming in the toilets in the restroom!  Earlier in the year, the level was 15 (June 4) and 33 (May 22).  All periods after that have been high.

An alternate place to lay out and swim that rarely has any advisories (or flooding) is Cowan Lake -- about 20 minutes away.  (See Cowan Lake thread for directions on how to get from Caesar Creek to Cowan Lake.)  They have been under 50 all year and at the camp grount had at the worse case 13 colonies and this was only one week.  Other weeks were even less.  The problems you might have at Cowan lake are that there are fewer thongers and sometimes people with anti-thong feelings make a big fuss and can ruin an otherwise nice day.  The beach is also much smaller and arranged in a way that there is no place that a person could lay out without having others wander by.  Most thonging reports for the lake are acceptable or even good, but there are a few reports of negative visits.  Unless we can get more people to thong here, there will never be as many thongers (or topfree women) here as at CC only because CC has the reputation of being thong (and topfree) friendly, and Cowan Lake has a fewer thongers and no reputation as a good place to thong.  I personnally enjoy the atmosphere of Cowan Lake more and really wish other thongers would try it out and increase the thonging presence and make thongs more acceptable there as well.

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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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I was up there this past Sunday. It was very crowded. I was the only thonger. I saw no topless women. When I go to Caesar Creek I assume I will be the only thonger. It is rare to see to someone else in a thong.  This year on a mid week layout, I did see two topless women, one either side of me. However as rule I don't see any topless women. The "Hill" is a pretty safe place to layout topless and or layout thonging. Topless women will not as rule be laying out mid-day but usually layout early morning or late evening. The days of the a dozen topless women laying out on the "Hill" or scattered about the beach at 2:00pm on a Saturday are no longer happening.  There is however a preponderance of rio cut bikinis with an inch or so of butt crack hanging out. And many new styles of one pieces and bikinis on the beach seem to have been designed with about 25% butt cheek exposure. I do not feel out of place thonging.

I've been doing some investigations on what mighty be secluded areas of the park that have access to mini beaches. So far there seems to be no secluded areas unless you want to do some hiking. I'll be doing some hiking this week as my investigations continue.
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Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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I was up at Caesar's this morning.  There is a warning posted about high levels of bacteria in the water and it warns that the elderly, young and anyone who is sick should probably not swim in the water.  I took this to mean that the levels are high but not extremely dangerous.  The warning plus the oppressive heat probably kept the crowds away as there were very few people and even very little boat traffic on the lake.  There was one guy in a G-string who got a prime spot under a tree in the grass and another hidden up in the corner on the hill.  I could not see what this guy was wearing but it did not look like much.

I wore a purple muscleskins and found a shaded area on the far lefthand side of the beach.  It was amazing how different the temperate was in the shade as compared to the sun.  It was extremely comfortable in the shade.  There were some biting flies that assaulted my feet....those little buggers hurt and left some impressive bite marks.  That was the first time I've ever had problems with biting insects at Caesar's Creek.

All in all it was a good morning.  Peaceful and relaxing!
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It bothered me that the source of the E.Coli is not being investigated on the Ohio Beach Guard website while pondering this morning it hit me what might be going on...
So... I went up to the lake today to do a goose count and counted 196 geese. A quick internet search revealed that a goose can poop upto 1.5lbs per day. That's the maximum so let's go with 80% or 1.2lbs of goose poop per day per goose. Take that  times 196 geese and we get 235 lbs of goose poop per day!
That's a ton (2000lb) of goose poop in eight and a half days. No wonder the E. Coli counts are so high. Note that a goose can poop every 20 minutes. Yikes!
The goose's poop is a toxic mess that can cause all kinds of diseases. 
If you use this beach please contact the ODNR and ask them why they are allowing so much goose poop to make the beach such a toxic mess.

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I was out at CC earlier this week and had a good time.  It weas hot so the beach was moderately crowded when I got there.  I set up on the sand (as I always do), but enough left of the main area so as not to be on top on anyone.  No complaints or problems.  But there were also no other thongers that I saw, although I didn't check out the entire area, so I could have been mistaken.
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You all have guts to wear a thong at that place.  I live local and once took my girlfriend and one of her daughters there.  My girlfriend's daughter is so man anti-bikini minded that she simply would not stop criticizing a guy wearing a tight boxer type of swimsuit.  I am fat and extremely out of shape and look terrible in anything.  But on that day I could not take her comments and finally said "well then don't look".  She was simply pissed off that she did not look good enough to wear anything remotely skimpy and heaven forbid anybody else would, especially a guy.  American women are freaking spoiled.  They think they have an exclusive on everything skimpy.  They get to wear thongs and up the rear end shorts and we have to drool and chase them around. Once they lose a few tons then I find myself having to fork over money for them to buy daisy dukes that are so stinking short that they should be classified as mere underwear.  Suddenly they have the right to bare it all!  Give me a break!  I cannot imagine what she would have said if she saw a guy thonging it over there?  After about 20 minutes of this stupid babble my girlfriend chuckled and said "my man used to make money wearing a G-string so don't knock it".  I had to laugh at that one as I had gotten picked up by this close minded gal's mother 4 years ago when I stripped at the Living Room.   Heck, if I still had my body from back then I would be thonging it on that hill with my girl all day.  She shut up after all that. You thongers keep thonging it.  You make life interesting and make idiots think outside the box.   
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Obviously your g/f's daughter needs to see more men in skimpy swimwear so she will stop thinking its so unusual.  Let me know the next time you are going and I will be happy to join you.  She can make all the comments she wants; I have a tough skin.  Maybe by the end of the day I will be able to talk to her and she will she that guys in thongs are perfectly normal guys.
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I gotta lose about 30lbs to want to give it a try.  That's just my insecurities and I will eventually deal with them.  I just don't get the big deal about why people have problems with anybody in a thong swimsuit.  Its boring when everybody looks the same!  This gal is just your typical run of the mill redneck who I don't believe has even set a foot outside of Ohio.  Perhaps I am stuck in the stone age but I see no logic whatsoever in a guy wearing those board shorts all the way down to his freaking ankles.  I played a lot of sports and therefore worked out a lot.  My upper thighs and gluteus were my pride and joy.  Maybe that's vain for a guy to think like that but why in the world would a guy work so hard for those just to completely cover them all up?  Chicks get to show that stuff why cant we?  I realize my arguments are age old on this site but I had to say it anyway.  The last time I ever went to Caesars Creek beach was back in 2006.  On that day the beach was completely overrun with hundreds of severely overweight Mexicans and Rednecks.  They were just completely trashing the place.  It was pathetic to watch.  Cannot recall if that was labor day weekend or not?  You may or not recall but back in the very late 70s and early 80s I felt there was a real push to get men to wear skimpier swimwear.  Swimwear companies tried hard to get guys to drop their guard and undress a bit.  It worked a little but still the overriding stigma that guys cover up eventually prevailed. 
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