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BikiniMale #251

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/09/2015 05:12:15Copy HTML

 It has been a few years since I was at Caesar Creek.   Went very often back in the 90's.  There were a lot of thongs back then.  Most kept to the far left side of beach (left side when facing the water).   The last time I was there was 3 years ago.  I think it was during the work week.  I went to the far left side as I did years before.  I was in a bikini swim suit at the time.  Since I had not been there for a few years I went conservative with the bikini.  Saw no other guys in bikinis let alone any thongs.  I will make an effort to get back there in the next week.  Have more free time in August.

I remember back in the late 90's someone in Columbus tried to pass a bill that would have made thongs illegal at state beaches.  If I recall that bill never went anywhere.  I think it would have made about half of the women's swimwear illegal.
seohioguy #252

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/12/2015 04:34:15Copy HTML

 I was there twice recently. Only one thong (me) but quite a few women in cheeky bikinis and saw a handful of guys here and there in speedos or squarecuts. The beach has apparently (from what I heard) been cleaned up, and is much nicer than years past.
BikiniMale #253

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/14/2015 08:08:00Copy HTML

 I was there this afternoon. Hardly no one being a Friday afternoon.  No bikinis or thongs on guys.  A few hot chicks.  All the guys had on board shorts.  The beach was clean and looked nice.  Part of the grass area on the far left was not mowed.  Looks like they stopped doing that a long time ago.  I guess they don't need it.  That use to be the thong area many years ago.  Over all being there by myself was not much fun. 
The Swan #254

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/03/2015 03:59:26Copy HTML

 I've been up to the beach a few times the last weeks of August. I"m seeing a lot of women just swimming in their underwear and tshirt. The thongers appear almost exclusively to be male this year. Must be an odd year. I am talking to some of the triathlete training women. They don't seem to mind what I am wearing but themselves they  don't want to wear a thong,
seohioguy #255

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/03/2015 10:50:50Copy HTML

 I will be over there again next week. I was also sad to see few women in bikinis or guys in lap suits or alike. It may be all the construction driving people away. I was happy to see a couple Brazilians and a thong at stonelick this past summer.
mike1129 #256

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/16/2015 08:17:28Copy HTML

Spent 2 hours on north part of beach yesterday.  Wife topfree in her beach chair with brasil cut bottoms/me in carribean  speedo.  To swim, she put on Wicked Weasel black mesh seethru top.  A young gal was nearby, nice brasil cut suit and topfree part of the time.  Only one guy on beach nearby but no thong.  Good day at beach.  Once kids are back in school, beach is uncrowded during week.

tanwood #257

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/21/2016 01:45:39Copy HTML

 Spent three hours at Caesar Creek on Tuesday. First trip this year. Very little happening.
BikiniMale #258

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/01/2016 12:26:23Copy HTML

 It is a little cool yet.  I will get out there starting late May.
mike1129 #259

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/02/2016 07:24:55Copy HTML

Spent Sunday afternoon on uncrowded north part of beach.  Topfree most of the time.  Nobody cared.
tanwood #260

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/19/2016 01:10:48Copy HTML

 Beautiful day at the Creek Thursday. One other thonger left early. I was there from 11am to 5pm. Hope to make it again Friday weather permitting.
The Swan #261

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/14/2016 10:31:39Copy HTML

 I've been up to the Lake a few times the past couple of weeks. I was at the beach one day and a handful of male thongers were set up and various groups of women just moved right on in and between the male thongers. Nobody seem to mind what anyone was wearing. I have noticed a preponderance of women clad in bikini bottoms that just don't quite cover the top of their bum. No where near a thong, but the "bikini bottom brevity" (say that three times as fast as you can) is encouraging.

The geese are back and I have seen people feeding them. It is hopeless as to how to keep the geese away with people feeding them. The beach is a mess after these feedings. If I see a feeding when I arrive, I don't even go down to the beach.

I've been hiking the park to get my sun, mostly to avoid the now web famous Caesar Creek goose poop beach. While hiking I wandered past some park rangers who did not mind my choice of swimwear. It appears that there are several sets of LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) that patrol the park. The ones I've seen are US Geological Survey Rangers (at least that is what is says on their trucks), ODNR Park Rangers, US Coast Guard (water only) and Warren County Sheriffs . I wish they spent more money on park maintenance rather than law enforcement. 

A search of the interwebs has revealed that geese don't like tall grass.
"Hey wait a minute the "Hill" still isn't being mowed, Hmmm, maybe I'll try a day laying out in the tall grass."
Although the ticks may be a problem, I'll take one for the team and let you know how it goes.
"Now, let me think, disease carrying ticks in Ohio, I wonder where I would find out about that?"...

JM_Runs #262

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/14/2016 04:57:35Copy HTML

 Beach Chair.
mike1129 #263

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/15/2016 03:13:51Copy HTML

Sunday afternoon: beach very crowded.  Far north end of beach near boats:
wife topfree, one woman in thong, one guy in thong.  Also lots of brief Brasil cut bottoms
as mentioned above.  As usual, nobody cared who was wearing what.

cmp304 #264

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/16/2016 05:15:01Copy HTML

Glad to hear that the park is still thong friendly.  I've always liked stopping by there on quiet week days when I am traveling through by but it's been a few years.
mike1129 #265

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/30/2016 09:50:04Copy HTML

Yes, still thong friendly.  Today, 1 guy G-string, me in sheer swimbrief; wife topfree in thong.  All the nearby beachgoers just smiled.

Mary0826 #266

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/01/2016 06:59:54Copy HTML

 I was up at CC last weekend and on the way in, we stopped at the Floating Marina to get some beverages (we were not initially planning a visit, so we didn't bring our cooler).  Anyway, there was a male customer there -- probably mid 50's and overweight -- wearing a thong and chatting with the people at the counter.  They acted like he was the most normal guy in the place.  It was so encouraging to see a man -- even if he was a bit out of shape -- so comfortable and being accepted without issues.  I plan to go back to get something  in just my thong (and topfree) the next time I go there.  This can only make even more people realize that thongs (and topfree beach and boat use) are legal and perhaps make a few of them decide to try out thongs at the beach or boating as well. 
The only thing wrong with the setup at CC for the marina is that although it is only a short distance from the swimming beach, there is no paved or even dirt pathway between the two.  To get from the beach to the marina requires a long hike over a combination of two-lane asphalt roadway, along a section of older, mostly gravel roadway (signed "Authorized Vehicles Only" to a single lane dirt road/fire break.  There is no signage telling people how to get from one place to the other.  Who knows how much the state spent to put up the two huge stone walls with engraved blocks  on showing the entrance to the road to the marina, and the other between the parking lot and the marina it's self.  (You can see the marina easily from the parking area, so this huge wall/sign seems pretty redundant to me.  You would think that with all the money they put into the marina (putting the buildings restrooms, laundry facilities, and even fuel tanks on floating platforms rather than on dry land) that they could have at least cut down a few scrubby bushes and mowed a path through the woods for the beachgoers and put up a few signs up like they have at other state parks where concession services are shared for the beach and marina.  They are only a few hundred feet apart if a proper walkway was installed!  Perhaps they don't want swimmers and boaters to mingle?   After all, the marina caters to huge expensive looking boats and the beach to the more "common" man.
mike1129 #267

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/14/2016 10:20:20Copy HTML

Went again Saturday.  Crowded beach. Wife topfree, me and one other guy in sheer swimbriefs.
We were at north end.  This year have seen several guys in G-strings/sheer briefs both at north end and
in middle of beach.   Wife has been topfree there 4 times.  Other beachgoers don't seem to care at all.
thekrega #268

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/26/2016 07:14:54Copy HTML

I was at the beach today.  I couldn't wait to try out/ show off the fundoshi I made yesterday but it was over cast and dreary the whole afternoon. I did go in the lake as nd i am very pleased with the performance of my creation. I just really wanted it to  be  hot and sunny.  I don't get to CC too often and was really hoping for some sun on my buns. 
The Swan #269

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/27/2016 06:55:16Copy HTML

 I've been up to the beach a few times over the past couple of weeks. The beach is much cleaner than it used to be. No problems with what I'm wearing.

One funny little story, I was wearing a bikini over a skimpy thong when two girls and their Mom set up about 20 feet from me. The beach was vacant besides us, so I guess they wanted to be near me. The two girls about high school or maybe college age came over and said, "Hey Thongman, we want to see your thong!". I'm chuckling to myself while thinking; "What? I'm now the Thongman?". I replied, "It's pretty skimpy." They said, "We don't care. We want to see it." So I say to Mom, "Mom is it OK if I strip down to a skimpy thong?" Mom waves her hand in the go ahead motion and says "Whatever." then begins taking off her top. So I just stripped down to my thong and girls were like "Alright Thongman!" The Mom and  girls were wearing rio cut bikinis.
ThongersAngels #270

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/27/2016 08:44:57Copy HTML

 My man just got back from Alum Creek and said he talked with another guy about CC. He said it wasnt worth the long azz drive down there to end up being the only peraon down there in a thong. He said the few times he was down there, there was zero thonging action and only a few women in normal (boring) bathing suits. 
Yeah, i agrew,not worth the teip whwn we are only 35 min from AC, 45 from Del St park and 1 hour from Salt Fork.
The Swan #271

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/28/2016 03:59:40Copy HTML


I don't think I would make a long azz drive to somewhere if my purpose was to be not the only one in a thong.

tanwood #272

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/29/2016 01:37:05Copy HTML

 I was at Caesar Creek Wednesday, and again Saturday, in my usual gstring. One other male in thong near first parking lot. No problems.
During my previous visit a couple of weeks ago, three teenage boys came up from the beach because they didn't think I had anything on. One had his cell phone out and said he would make me famous on youtube. Guess he was disappointed to see I was "legal".
The Swan #273

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:09/13/2016 02:20:16Copy HTML

 I've been laying out a few days a week over the last few weeks, no problems thonging.One day there were four guys thonging kind of sprinkled about the beach and the grass on the north end of the beach. I observed a man making several laps around us and as I was leaving I heard him talking on his cell phone he said, "The aren't really doing anything just laying out in the sun." I don't who he was talking to but I guess it was about us thongers.

 I have observed three topless women this summer. Two of the topless women definitely did not want anyone to come close to them, I observed them covering up as soon as anyone got anywhere close to them. You would think grown men had never a boob before the way some guys sort of hover around them.
Mary0826 #274

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/12/2016 05:07:16Copy HTML

 About a week ago, my new husband Scott and I went back to CC during the warm weather we were having.  Scott is if anything even more comfortable in his thongs than I am, and was wearing just a baggie while I wore a minimal Wicked Weasel bottom without a top.  I  had been to the marina before, and saw a customer in a thong and decided Scott and I should try wearing our skimpier swimwear too, so after setting up on the beach, we took the unnecessarily long hike from the beach to the marina to see what was happening.  My swimsuit was more of  a G-string and although Scott thoght maybe I should wear my t-shirt as a top, I insisted that I needed to go topfree -- mostly to see what they said.  Scott wanted to slip on a more conservative thong over his baggie, but I told him to just wear the same thing at the marina as he would wear on the beach.  Scott has been wearing baggies for about a year now, and has been getting mostly positive reactions.  Anyway, we hiked down the "gang plank" to the floating marina and a lady going back to the parking lot area told me to "go for it" and said she liked Scott's "cute swimsuit".  We had my dog, a well behaved one, in tow and while Scott found a place to tie him up outside I went in the store.  Two middle aged men who were eating some food at a table told me they liked my thong and ask if Scott and I wore them a lot.  Anyway, I head into the store while Scott was taking care of the dog and there is a young lady at the counter and she starts saying "excuse me, excuse me" to me.  There was another couple in the store, but nobody else, and while I thought she was calling to me, I just looked at stuff and then acted surprised when I "realized" that she was calling to me.

"I'm sorry, you can't come in the store dressed that way," she said.

"Is there something wrong with my swimsuit?" I ask her as Scott came in the door.

"No, both your thongs are okay.  Women just need to wear some type of a top here in the store."

Just about this time, an older man came out of the room behind the counter and said "She's okay, topless is legal on the beaches and boats, so we have to permit it here too, just like we allow men to wear strapless suits like this guy is wearing."  He then apologized for the incorrect information and said I was free to dress the way I was dressed.  He never used the term "topfree" but the more common term "topless" when he mentioned the way I was dressed (or should I say undressed).  He also called Scott's baggie a thong.  He said they don't get many thongers to start with and I was the first women he had seen inside the marina all season who was topless, but that some of the ladies on the boats would go topless but put on a top before coming into the store.  He also said that Scott was the first guy he had seen in "that type of a thong", but he knew that guys could wear them at the beach .  He also mentioned that the marina would be closing for the season in a week.  Scott and I got a couple of ice cream cones and left without further issues.

I plan to visit the marina just about every time I go to CC next year dressed the way I was last week -- a thong and not a stitch more.  Maybe if some people see another women going topfree, or someone in a thong, they might be willing to do it too.

tiggerix #275

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/13/2016 11:09:24Copy HTML

Good for you Mary - I think you will encourage others - we are all sheeple.
sandrhymes #276

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/13/2016 08:20:16Copy HTML

Wonderful, inspiring story Mary.  Thanks!
Happy_Thonger #277

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/15/2016 05:46:48Copy HTML

 Great story - great share. Thank you and bravo for trying to encourage more people to thong by setting a great example.
Nuwalket #278

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:10/19/2016 01:49:25Copy HTML

 Fantastic bit of knowledge quite a write up and it is a shame that the summer has gone by without me making it there. Defiantly on the list for next year.
DavyJ #279

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:11/07/2016 09:52:16Copy HTML

Great story, Mary!  I admire your courage, and I will be sure to do the same next year.  As a guy I am always more hesitant, because I have had a few bad experiences, both at CC and elsewhere.
I have made it up to Caesars Creek quite a few times this year, and lay out on the beach in my tiny thong each time with no problems (unlike other years when there was an occasional problem).  I would usually stay towards the left end where its often not as crowded as the right, which is opposite the restroom area, and did avoid walking the beach when it was crowded.  Even made it up twice in October and (a new record for me) once in November, thanks to our unusually warm fall.  But I think that's over now until May.  The crowds disappeared after Labor Day, so I was able to set up anywhere, and walk the beach anywhere with no coverup.In all the times I was there I typically saw only 1 or 2 other guys in thongs (each day), but no women either topless or thonging.
tanwood #280

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:03/25/2017 04:32:57Copy HTML

 In the area, so stopped by Caesar Creek today (Friday) for about three hours. A little breezy, but warm enough to be comfortable. For the first hour it was me in a g-stringand maybe three textiles. Later, another male in a g-string arrived along with several more walkers.
Kinderlou #281

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:03/31/2017 02:44:24Copy HTML

 I might try the strapless baggie this year seeing as how your boy could pull that off at a mamarina. Maybe at Alum Creek or the Licking River north of Dillon. Now where to get one.
Maxtlatl #282

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:03/31/2017 08:19:58Copy HTML

How to make a baggie:

Take a sock and cut it off so that it's about half an inch longer than it needs to be to cover you. Then take a piece of elastic and sew it together into a loop that fits snugly enough so as not to slip, but not so tight as to cut off circulation or act as a C-ring.

Turn the sock inside out, put the elastic around the end, and fold over that half inch of sock material. Sew it down so that the elastic is inside. Then turn the sock rightside out again.

sailor250 #283

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:04/01/2017 01:52:49Copy HTML

 Easier go to Walgreen Drugs, grab a ladies knee high stocking pair in the little capsule pack in black ( or white to be daring) and a pack of metalfree hair tie loops pay your $3.....put a elastic loop up to the opening of the sock and roll down a little then put yourself in it adjust the seam beneath your head!
mike1129 #284

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/27/2017 09:54:27Copy HTML

Skies cleared up unexpectedly today so wife spent afternoon topfree on the middle of the beach.  Instead of her thong she wore a tiny brasil cut since we were going to our swim club afterwards.  Only a few folks nearby and they didn't seem to care.
The Swan #285

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:05/31/2017 04:56:51Copy HTML

 I was up at at the lake a few times over the past week. No problems with what was wearing. A sheriff drove by one day and stopped on the side walk, near where I was on the beach, I guess the LEO wanted to make sure I was covered. Or  maybe used an infared camera to get a picture if me. Probably though it was a woman sheriff just checking me out ;-).

I did notice some active young women each wearing a swimsuit that was desperately trying to become a thong. The women were constantly dewedgeifying themselves as the swimsuits were relentless in their defiance of non-thong placement of the swimsuit bottoms. The young woman wearing a one piece finally gave up the dewedgeifying antics and allowed her suit to became a thong. It was a harmonious moment in the universe that perhaps you felt.
The Swan #286

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/11/2017 05:31:29Copy HTML

 An interesting experience this week I had been hiking and was going down to the beach for a swim. As I was walking over to my vehicle to get my towel, blanket and such;  I  noticed a family two young women, a boy and a Mom, unpacking and getting ready for the beach. As luck would have it we ended up meeting at the walkway that leads to the  the sidewalk to the beach. I motioned for them to go ahead as I walk slow. However they ended up walking slower than me anyway, We are all walking to the beach, I'm kinda hanging back but still dogging them about 10- 15 feet behind. Momma's celly rings. After a lot "Yes.", "Nos.'"  and "Oh OK's" momma hangs up. She says," That was Aunt Sue she is cooking us spaghetti for dinner. So you kids have to either swim in your underwear or swim naked cause you can't go to Aunt Sue's in wet clothes.
'  So in the family there is a big fat daughter, a little overweight daughter, both probably college age or high school and the youngest, a skinny son maybe 14-15 and momma. The middle daughter the slightly over weight one is nodding her head on my direction like "Mom this guy behind us heard what you said." Mom stops and turns to look at me,  pulls her sunglasses down like a professor giving you the once over, looks me up and down and says. "You can swim naked too."  I respond. "Well as a nudist I appreciate the offer but I need some down time on the beach so I'll set up camp away from you."We get to the beach.  Mom stays dressed, the boy strip down to his boxers, the really big girl goes nude and the daughter who alerted mom to my presence strips down to her knickers and swims topless. Now is it me or does Mom demanding  of the kids swim nude or in their underwear seem a bit odd?
Nuwalket #287

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/11/2017 01:10:15Copy HTML

 It takes all kinds to make a world but at Deer Creek a number of years ago there was much the same as a family arrived and proceeded to swim in their clothes. As the beach was sparsely populated that day it wouldn't have shocked me if they would have stripped to underwear Odd, maybe but not out of the question.
Mary0826 #288

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/11/2017 07:06:57Copy HTML

 I was up at Lake Loramie Ohio and was laying out in one of my tiniest G-string bottoms and was topfree.  A older lady with a girl about 15 came down, looked over the beach, and set up right next to me, even though it was a weekday and the park was almost empty.  Both mom and daughter were wearing street cloths.  The lady chatted about the weather and so forth, then admitted that her daughter had skipped school that day, claiming to be sick.  The daughter shot back to her mom something like "you said you used to wear thongs like that when you were growing up?"  The mother told her that thongs were not all that uncommon in California where she lived when she was in high school.  The mom added that in those days, women didn't go topless like I was, then ask if it was legal in Ohio.  I assured her it was.

The girl addressed me and said she had always wanted to go topfree and wear thongs at the beach, and said my bottom was cute, then ask her mom why she never told her about wearing thongs before.  The mom said she didn't know how the daughter would handle it, but after seeing how well she was accepting my almost complete nudity, she knew the daughter would not find the idea that her mom wore thongs disgusting.  The mom added that the daughter was old enough now to wear what she wanted swimming, and the daughter took off her shirt and bra.  My husband Scott would have said she had a nice rack.  The mom ask the daughter if it felt good, and the daughter said it sure did.  The mom said maybe the daughter might want to shed her shorts too, and just wear her thong underwear.  The daughter reminded her mom that they had gone to the doctor earlier, and that she had worn regular panties in case she had to disrobe.  The mom said, "Well, I guess you can either keep wearing you shorts or strip off everything and sunbath ans swim in the nude."   The daughter didn't even reply and simply slid her shorts and panties off in one swift move.  She then laid down on her stomach and worked on sun on her buns.

I didn't have too long to think about what had happened when two of her friends, both boys, from high school came around and said "hi" to her.  Her mom said the daughter had decided to skinny dip, and told the boys they could do the same if they wanted and she wouldn't mind a bit.  The boys stripped off their cloths even faster than the daughter had.  Both had prominent boners.  The mom suggested that the boys go swimming to "get rid of their problems" and the daughter said she didn't see it as a problem at all.  Anyway, the young people hit the water and while they were out there, the ranger happened to come by.  He knew me and just said "hi" and said someone fishing over by the campground had said they thought they saw a naked young lady.  He said he assumed they saw me, and left.

When they were done with swimming, they came ashore and one of the boys suggested that I strip naked too, but I pointed out that total nudity was illegal, and the ranger was around and had ask about someone going nude.  All three young people put their shorts back on, and that was the end of the adventure.

Yes, some parents "push" their kids into being naked -- even the older ones.  I guess we will never know if the mom in this case really thought her daughter, or the boys would actually go naked, but I guess she felt like once she okayed the idea, she could not go back on her word.

Martylouie #289

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/11/2017 07:45:32Copy HTML

 Mary0286, did the mom disrobe also? It seems to me that her staying dressed would be a bit rude. 
JM_Runs #290

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/12/2017 12:07:49Copy HTML

 This reminds me of the time my wife and I, on one of the first trips we took together to Florida, found a fairly small out of the way beach spot and she was wearing a very sheer wicked weasel bottom and no top and I was nude. We had been there at least 30 minutes when a woman that I would guess was mid 30's, with a girl that was maybe 16 and a young boy of maybe 10 came walking up and asked if we minded if they shared the spot with us. We were both laying on our fronts at the time and we said sure as long as they didn't mind that were working on our all over tans. The mom said that was exactly what she wanted to do too so it would be fine. She stripped down nude, the daughter stripped to a thong bottom but no top and the young boy kept his shorts on but even then it was obvious he was sporting wood. They all got in the water and after awhile we rolled on to our backs. The mom got out first and laid on her back and then the girl walked up to their blanket and stripped off her bottoms and laid on her back along side mom. They were both completely shaved as were both of us. We decided to go cool off and at the same time the boy came out of the water with his shorts in his hand and his stiffy just wagging. He looked at us and turned beet red and it was all I could do not to laugh. We stayed quite awhile and they all stayed nude the entire time, I don't think that boy ever lost his woody and although I got close a couple times I never got fully hard. 
mike1129 #291

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:06/17/2017 07:39:12Copy HTML

 Went again Saturday, wife topfree on beach 2 hours; 1 other guy in thong.

The Swan #292

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/01/2017 04:29:15Copy HTML

 Was up an the lake a few times the past week, No problems thonging,
 I still can't find out why the hill isn't being mowed. Nobody knows anything, but the grass mowers are being told not to mow it.
A couple of young women were taking selfies; topless, pulling the bottoms down or away from their bodies.
I had never witnessed a selfie session before. I'm thinking selfies are definitely a generational thing, as it makes no sense to this old man.

ithongit #293

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:07/01/2017 09:41:37Copy HTML

 I have heard a number of reasons (in past years).  Not mowing saves several man-days of labor each summer.  There are plenty of other grassy areas where people can lay out -- no need to mow every place.  Tall grass does not encourage wild geese, short grass doe.  The more tall grass there is, the less wild geese will be hanging around the beach.  Letting most of the "hill" get grown over with tall grass will discourage thongers from coming to Caesar Creek.  The hill is where thongers "want" to lay out, so eliminating the area as a place people can lay out will discourage thongers. 
Ohiofunday #294

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/21/2017 08:38:33Copy HTML

I finally have a week off! We are considering a trip to CC , we haven't made it there all year. Can anyone give us a report? Wondering how the water is, if anyone has had any trouble there........would like to know before we drive the hour and a half.  Any help is appreciated!
The Swan #295

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

Date Posted:08/26/2017 03:08:32Copy HTML


I have not had any problems thonging. There is a bacteria warning for the water, so while people are swimming in the water, I would not swim.
I've seen a few topless women and a few thongers. Nobody is giving me grief for what I'm wearing.
The Swan #296

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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 All is well at Caesar Creek.
big daddy thong #297

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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 anyone going to be at CC on Sunday 5-27-18 around noonish or 1pm? I will be driving back to Pittsburgh after my nephew's grad party. PM me!
BikiniMale #298

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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 Sorry I missed your post Big Daddy Thong.  I probably could have made it that day.  
ithongit #299

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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 I was here 06/09/18.  It was surprisingly non thongish.  I went topfree and in a "G".  One other lady I saw was in a very cheeky, almost a thong bikini bottom which she exposed right before hopping onto a kayak which they dragged down to the beach from the parking lot.  I think Randy was the only guy in a thong.  He got some nice compliments "cute buns", "nice body", "good tan", and the usual "I wish my boyfriend would wear something like that."  I only got one comment "I guess if you want to wear something like that you can."

We sometimes get these days, but it was hot which usually encouraged more thongs but also there were lots of families which usually discourages them.  Nobody on the "hill" but it looks like they are not going to mow up there and make it a tick and chigger place this year.  Skies wee threatening, and there was some rain later in the day.  We moved on to Cowan lake.  There were a lot of cute little young things for Randy to admire, and at least two other men.  Overall I think most of the young women were in cheeky swimwear, but much was very close to a thong in coverage of the back.  I wonder why Cowan Lake is getting more and more thong friendly, and Caesar's Creek 20 miles away was so thong dead?

BikiniMale #300

Re:Caesar Creek Beach Ohio

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 I don't think I have ever been to Cowan Lake.  I will have to check it out.  
As for the "hill" at Caesar's I don't know when they stopped mowing it.  I suspect it may have to do with the history of the hill.  Many years ago, not long after Caesar's Creek opened, the northeast end of the beach was where most guys in thongs hung out.  There were several incidents of improper behavior which the law cracked down on.  There was even a push to make thongs and men in skimpy bikinis illegal.  Fortunately, that went no where. After that thong usage dropped and it never recovered even after all these years.
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