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Date Posted:06/19/2003 02:20:23Copy HTML

Just thought I'd make mention of the Canary Islands (a group of Spanish islands situated off the north west coast of Africa). Although I've only vacationed on Fuerteventura, the research I did prior to my vacation suggested that thonging was acceptable on all of the islands. (Certain areas of some of the islands are actually considered unofficial naturist areas so a thong certainly wouldn't be a problem there!).

Although my very low cut thongs turned more heads in the Canaries than in the Balearics I still felt comfortable wearing them, not just for tanning, but also for playing sports on the beach and walking along the waters edge with the many other people that did the same.

I saw several other guys in thongs during my week (though their thongs were considerably more 'conservative' than my VLCs) and quite a few women.

The Canaries are frequented by Germans and Dutch so there's a fairly open attitude prevalent there. For those interested, as in many other places in Europe, topless is quite common for women. The only other thing I'd say is that because of the high number of Germans and Dutch, certain areas - and certainly Costa Calma where I stayed - cater more for them than for English-speakers and can be a little awkward for those of us that don't speak German or Spanish... just something to be aware of. Still, it was good for working on the tan in a small thong!
thongx #1

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:06/19/2003 06:03:18Copy HTML

I agree the Canaries are thong paradise, especially Lanzarote (Playa Blanca) and Fuerteventura - all the way form Costa Calma to Jandia. You can wear the most micro minimal suits, eg dore very low or dore very narrow, or skinz m1 and m1t, and still feel over-dressed.  I found that you can walk along the beach, swim or sunbathe wearing next to nothing and noone bats an eyelid. Also that at most hotels you can swim in the pool or sunbathe in micro- minimal thongs or g-strings. Can't wait to return.

Also good for thongwearing are Skiathos and Kefallonia in Greece.

nicthong #2

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:04/21/2004 10:00:08Copy HTML

Just thought I'd add some recent comments from another thread that are relevant here...

"Just got back from my holiday in the Canaries and couldn't believe I was nearly 'outdone'! We went for a day out at the 'Aqua Sur' water park [Gran Canaria] ... Anyway, I was amazed to see two other girls (separately) at the park in small thongs (not g-strings though), quite casually enjoying all of the shutes and slides (and of course the admiring glaces of the guys!). So there was no way I was going to risk getting a white bum, so the g-string went on!"

"For sure Europe is more 'tolerant', and the Canaries more tolerant again. Could be due to the high German influence - they don't seem to be phased at all by nudity / semi nudity."

"Aqua Sur is about 2 km from Maspalomas. The resort is horribly overdeveloped but the beach and dunes have thankfully been left alone. Sounds like you should get yourself out there as at least 1/3rd of the younger girls at the beach were in thongs."

All posts above were originally posted by lauren1 in April 2004 in the Water Park Thonging? thread in the Questions and Opinions about wearing thongs section of the board.

Sounds like Maspalomas, Gran Canaria is another thong friendly resort to be aware of! Many thanks to lauren1 for keeping us all informed!

[JM - Sorry for reposting info - I know you're not keen on this but I believe this information is appropriate to this thread and section of the board for future reference of those interested in knowing about the Canary Islands. Feel free to moderate this is any way you feel necessary. - nicthong]


Ocinn1970 #3

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:06/13/2004 04:32:27Copy HTML

hello,  sorry but my English is not so good,  I hope that you understand me.  I'm new on this site.

I'm from Belgium. Man of 34 years; 1,84m en 105 kg. (231 lb)

Here in Belgium I have get bad looks, A potbelly person in a thong, It is a shame.  I was sad and I have never wear a thong on the beach.

Can I wear a thong on the beach in Lanzarotte or Fuerteventura ? Are people with 105 kg are acceptable whitout getting bad looks ?  

Thank you.


richardlondon #4

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/01/2004 03:23:28Copy HTML

I know that thongs are worn on all beaches in Fuerteventura, but which beaches are they particularly commonplace on, particularly around Corralejo? I know that Jandia is a good place, but the reality is that anything goes there, not just thongs, and it's quite a drive from Corralejo.
nicthong #5

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/01/2004 05:01:26Copy HTML

Hey Richard,

I've only been to Costa Calma - which is right next to Jandia so probably not great for you either - but from my experience there and from what I've read elsewhere, you should be fine anywhere. I believe I've actually read that Corralejo is good for thonging so if that's where you're going to be, don't even bother packing anything else! As for whether thongs are going to be "commonplace", I wouldn't bank on it... but you certainly shouldn't feel uncomfrtable thonging anywhere. Thong and enjoy!

richardlondon #6

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/02/2004 03:06:53Copy HTML

What was Costa Calma like for thongs? Do people even wear them in hotel pools in Fuerteventura?
nicthong #7

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/02/2004 05:44:58Copy HTML

It was pretty good. As with most places, there were more women thonging then men but I saw more there than anywhere else, including both girls and guys. I saw both men and women walking from their hotels to the beach in thongs without cover-ups and although you will find that people look, once they've had a look they get on with their own business. As for the hotel pool, I saw a couple of women thonging there and there was certainly no problem with that. I didn't personally have courage to thong at the pool but I did regret it afterwards! If I went back there I'd have no concerns about thonging at all. I'm sure the same is true all over the island. As I said before, thong and enjoy!
richardlondon #8

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/03/2004 06:04:58Copy HTML

It sounds like Costa Calma would be better than Corralejo. Can you recommend anywhere to stay there? How busy is the beach in the resort itself?

nicthong #9

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/03/2004 06:48:17Copy HTML

Well I stayed at the Hotel Crystal Beach, which was 3 star and fairly nice but was undergoing an upgrade to it's new 4 star status. It's a nice hotel with pleasant staff, a reasonable restaurant and decent rooms and facilities. Down points are that the clientele is mostly Spanish and German and apart from the reception staff, no-one speaks English (so it can be a little difficult if you don't speak Spanish or German) and the pool is small and was populated with young children when I went, which was during school term time (go figure?!). It does have direct access to the beach though so a coverup wouldn't be essential if you were feeling confident. The beach is nice but breezy so I'd advise finding a sheltered spot. Thongs were fine there, though, so it's great from that point of view. Would I recommend Crystal Beach? I'm not sure... it's nice enough there but you could probably find better. You may even find it's improved with it's new 4 star status or that another hotel in Costma Calma or Jandia would suit you better. It's certainly a nice enough beach and thong friendly! Best of luck... be sure to let us all know how you get on!
Sandman-Rob #10

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:10/31/2004 06:00:51Copy HTML

I assumed that all the Canary Islands would be similar in tolerance to beachwear but two experiences proved this no to be the case.

On holiday in Gran Canaria a few years ago, I found the beaches of Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas to be very carefree places. These two beaches are really one long stretch of sand, part of which is officially nudist. Many women wore thongs and I also saw quite a few men in them too. The beaches here are very busy but no-one takes any notice of anyone else whatever they are wearing or doing. I liked it.

More recently in Puerto del Carmen on Lanzarote I was surprised and disappointed to find that thongs were quite rare. I saw only a few girls and no men at all wearing thongs. On the occasions when I wore a thong here I think there were some disapproving comments/looks. (At the northern end of this beach things were a bit more relaxed I'm glad to say.)

Like others have said, I also put the difference between the two islands down to the fact that Lanzarote (or at least Puerto del Carmen) had a high proportion of British holidaymakers whereas Gran Canaria was more cosmopolitan and had more Germans and Scandanavians who perhaps are more open-minded. I didn't get as far south as Playa Blanca on Lanzarote - perhaps that is the place to be?

AndreaDK #11

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:03/21/2005 03:16:36Copy HTML

I was in Gran Canaria last november, and like about half of the other young girls I was topless on every beach. Like 90 % of young girls (and a high proportion of older women) I wore my G-string all the time. I was with my boyfriend, and he was able to wear a thong in playa del ingles/Mapapalomas, las Palmas (playa de las Canteras) and at Playa del Amodores beaches. There were a number of men in thongs. In Masapalomas, there were many nude men together with thong wearing girls. He couldn't comfortably wear a thong in Puerto Rica (girls definitely can), it's a bit loutish.   Enjoy yourself's   Andrea
PJ_UK #12

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:07/01/2005 08:00:27Copy HTML


Thought I would just add my comments regarding Gran Canaria.

Was there in late march this year with my girlfriend and decided to take the plunge and buy a T back swim thong to try my first ever beach thonging never having had the nerve before. Went to Amadores beach, found a nicely located sunbed up on the breakwater and put on the thong, it was a bit minimal on the front as well but covered everything, just !.

After a bit of sunbathing we walked down to the beach, felt a little self concious at first, no other males in thongs spotted (was I making a big mistake ?) just decided to get on with it, after a while I forgot I was wearing a thong instead of my usual speedo style swim briefs and just went for a swim, i did put on shorts to go in the shops at the beach, would you say that was good practice ?.

Got a very good tan that day. We also walked later in the week, the length of the beach from Playa del ingles to maspalomas still just in the T back thong, by this time I had got over the self concious bit and was enjoying the freedom of minimal cover.

I have since worn the T back in the garden whilst sunbathing instead of the usual shorts, just not sure what will happen if my girlfriends sister pops around as she sometimes does and finds me in a thong, I can't see the point of carrying a towel or shorts around all the time just incase...Could lead to interesting comments!!

Anyway, thought that I would post that comment regard G.Canaria, plus my first ever thonging on a beach...


JM_Runs #13

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:07/01/2005 08:41:09Copy HTML

Good on you. sounds as if you had a really good time thonging. Impressed to see that you're continuing at home in your garden. I wouldn't worry too much about what your girlfriends sister will say or think if see comes around - I guess she might be a little surprised but a thong is not exactly naked so you're not exposing yourself to her in any offensive way. Keep thonging!
ian-r #14

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:07/09/2005 11:29:26Copy HTML

Hi Andrea,

I'm just curious, do you mean that 90% of young women on Gran Canaria/Maspalomas were actually wearing g-strings?!!  Or were you including thongs in this 90%.  I would have thought it a very high number for just a string back.  If not roughly what percent do you think wore g-strings like you?

Out of interest too, roughly what percentage of men wore thongs and what percent were nude?  It sounds like a great beach to visit, I'll just have to go there...





nanothong #15

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:07/13/2005 02:34:15Copy HTML

Dear Ian,

I have been to Maspalomas and I can tell you that wearing a thong in no problem at all. I haven't seen many men in thong but more nude men than ever before. Part of the maspalomas beach (direction to playa des ingles) is crowed by gay nude men. In the part before there is a nude beach where you find men and women. And before that there is a normal beach for thongs, bikini's and all that you like.

seaswimmer2007 #16

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:11/10/2005 11:53:16Copy HTML

I would like to visit the Canary Islands next year in November. How warm is it likely to be, and is one island warmer than another?  Can someone sugest some ware quite with a nice local beach, thats thong friendly?

mister_string #17

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:01/05/2006 11:21:18Copy HTML

I visited Tenerife 2 years ago and during the holiday I only wore my HOM thong swimsuit.

I also visited the natural swimming pool in the North of Tenerife, there were several people there, but I didn't hear any comment.

I came back with very nice tanlines, from this holiday.

ratsnake #18

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:06/06/2006 02:46:41Copy HTML

This topic looks pretty dead, so it must be time for an update.  My wife and I went for a 2 week break in Maspalomas Mar this year, thonged in the complex pool and on the beach at maspalomas (nudist bit where we stripped right off) and also walked along the beach at Puerto Rico in a thong that I'd bought in Playa del Ingles...

feel out of place?  well certainly not in maspalomas.  at the poolside I was the only person in a thong but no-one passed any comment at all so 100% fine.  On the beaches there were plenty of women in strings, it was great, can't wait to go back.


JM_Runs #19

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:01/15/2007 12:59:04Copy HTML

LInk to nude beaches in the Canary Islands  >> http://www.nude-beach-guide.com/map/canary-islands-map.htm
PJ_UK #20

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/08/2007 08:05:05Copy HTML

Going to PDI / Maspalomas soon and was wondering if anyone has had experience thonging around the pool at any of the RIU hotels.

Any problem, anyone else wearing one, (male or female) ?

I know the beach and dunes are fine but just wondering about the hotels.


medelina #21

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/15/2007 11:10:39Copy HTML

has anyone experience of thonging on the beach in playa blanca, lanzarote ? i'm going soon, and would like to thong there. I see there are naturist beaches at papagayo so I presume male thonging is acceptable at least on those beaches, but what about the more touristy beaches ?

the last time I was in puerto del carmen before I only saw one male thong in two weeks. I saw a handful of female thongs everyday, but the majority of females were in more conservative bikini's.
PJ_UK #22

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:10/03/2007 07:17:42Copy HTML

Just a report from Gran canaria, just got back from Maspalomas / PDI...

Thongs very noticable on the main beaches and all along the dunes, Not a large percentage but a good number, male and female... Walked the whole way from PDI to Maspalomas lighthouse and then back, around 8K each way in my T back without even feeling conspicuous. It was a black one though so I did the same in my yellow one later in the week to test my nerve, it held out but I did feel a little on show...

Managed a very good tan line even though I did 50/50 nude/thonged sunbathing..  Managed to find a store on the seafront selling the REDLINE branded T backs for 15euro each so I topped up my stock in various colours, they may have to last a few years as I've only ever seen them in GC and I will no doubt be trying somewhere else next year for a holiday..

Did wear the T back around the pool but not actually wandering around and swimming even though the staff at the RIU PAPAYAS reception said only NUDE was NOT permitted....




Equi #23

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:04/21/2008 10:53:56Copy HTML

I know this is a quite old topic, but I didn't know where else to put this.

I just came back from a two week vacation in Gran Canaria. My hotel was in Amadores and the beach there was unbelievable. For the first days I wore swim shorts but when I noticed that many womens and also men wore thongs I decided to try it as well. I am 19 years old and have only worn thongs as underwear before, but when I found a store that sold mens swim thongs I decided to give it a try, and I have to say that it was the greatest experience I have ever had. At first I was wery scared what everyone would think, but after awhile I started to enjoy it and didn't wear anything else than thongs at the beach for the rest of my vacation. I ended up buying seven different thongs in different styles and colours.

I can really recommend everybody to go there. Thongs were really common there and nobody seemed to care about my type of swimwear. I even got a few smiles from girls which was really nice and gave me the courage to continue, but I doubt that I can wear the thongs I bought in Gran Canaria here in Finland because I don't really want to be the only one walking around in a thong.
Tangacanario #24

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:07/09/2008 07:57:39Copy HTML

I am a Spanish man, 33 y.o.  I live in Lanzarote, just beside Fuerteventura. I go thonging often alone, some time talk with another thonger on the beach... I would like to share my thonging passion with someone... socializing in the same way you talk. If you are interested to start a contact send me a PM.

Keep thonging
richvpl #25

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/05/2008 11:27:00Copy HTML

 I am going to Tenerife later this year.

My G'friend is not keen on my thong underwear, so I want to take her to a beach with as many people, especially men wearing thongs as possible so that she can see it's OK for me to wear one!

Where are the best beaches in Tenerife, especially in the south please?
andyo1977 #26

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/22/2008 07:47:51Copy HTML

I am going to Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria on Saturday and just wanted some general advice on thonging in the resort.

I have seen some stuff online detailing which areas, ie. family, gay; are between certain numbered 'kiosks'. Can anyone advise?

I was planning to wear a Skinzwear thong for the first days and by the hotel pool and a Skinzwear g-string later in the week when I have a bit of colour to me.
Ocinn1970 #27

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:11/21/2008 11:13:33Copy HTML


Next week I go to hotel Dunas Mirador in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria. Is this a good place for thonging on the beach ?
Are there beaches to thonging in a quiet environment ?
lauren1 #28

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:12/28/2008 07:58:51Copy HTML

First off - Ocinn1970 - yes Maspalomas is ideal for any kind of thonging, the whole of the undeveloped part of the beach is clothing optional and you'll find nudists and thong wearers in equal numbers.

Spend Christmas in Lanzarote, not really hot enough at this time of year and very windy, so I'd say the Canaries are best March - October really. Still managed a few beach days at Papagayo, which is the natural park area near Playa Blanca. There are a series of good sized coves here, the most remote are very much nudist but we used the two that are easiest to get to and even they seemed very tolerant so plenty of opportunity to walk the beach in my skimpiest of g strings        
kawasaki #29

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:01/03/2009 09:58:37Copy HTML

Hi Ocinn,

I was too late to see your message, how was it? Like to hear your comment ;-)

BaltoBob #30

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:07/15/2009 07:22:20Copy HTML

They are part of Spain. You can be nude anywhere in Spain,it is in the Constitution. There was a place people wanted a beach marked for nude use. The local government refused because ALL beaches in Spain are clothing optional.
thongfan36 #31

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:10/19/2009 10:05:17Copy HTML

Hi all, Am thinking of a beach holiday in Feurteventura to enjoy thonging and nudity with my girlfriend. Could anyone recommend the best beaches and perhaps a nice villa with pool to swim naked in? thanks, H
WeaselGirl #32

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:10/20/2009 07:42:46Copy HTML

Fuerteventura was the place that I first wore a thong. 
We stayed in Jandia at the Fuerteventura Princess; I found that being in a thong topless was no problem at all even around the pool.
nicthong #33

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:10/26/2009 11:02:22Copy HTML

 thongfan36, WeaselGirl is absolutely right: Jandia in the south of the island is the place to go if you're looking for thong and nude freedom. I can't recommend any villas but you should find some by searching online and if that doesn't work for you there are plenty of beach-front hotels. Enjoy!
XChip #34

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:10/27/2009 04:46:35Copy HTML

 How about the island of La Palma.  Going there for the first time next month (first time to any of the Canaries).  What's it like for thongers and g-ers and nudies?
ped69 #35

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:02/23/2011 12:30:41Copy HTML

Does anyone know of good beaches to thong near correlejo Fueteventura I know Jandia is agood place but its too far I'd like to wear a dore and muscleskins micro without too much attention
doverbeach79 #36

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:02/26/2011 05:11:49Copy HTML

 Will be thonging in Gran Canaria later this year and the hotel is 250 metres from the beach, so should be easily able to thong from the hotel room to the beach and back.
SPR #37

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:02/26/2011 06:41:13Copy HTML

Just go to the sand dunes and wear what you like.

Its completely nude friendly, in fact people even seem to be nude right by the hotels and windsurf school. So  to thong theree shouldn't be a problem anywhere, It wasn't for me anyway.
ped69 #38

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:03/08/2011 12:21:22Copy HTML

 thks spr I'll let you know how it goes and post some pics. I've just recieved a dore low rocket mesh it may be a bit extreme for a normal beach but hey  I,ll see how it goes
thong1 #39

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/11/2011 07:17:54Copy HTML

 I'm not long back from the Canaries, and I had a fine time. A different thong on each island, as a matter of fact. There didn't seem to be that many for sale - I was told on Fuerteventura that they were 'auf der mode', but I saw a few being worn, mostly on Tenerife. The larger ferries have small swimming pools on deck, and I made the most of the trip from Tenerife to Gran Canaria in my Skinzwear g-string. Whether at beaches or at hotel pools, I never wore anything but a thong or g-string. Ideal. Might have picked up some attention on La Gomera, in my fairly low-rise Jovana swim string, when walking on the beach - no problems with that. Never been to a better thonging destination.
hotbunz1969 #40

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/11/2011 01:39:24Copy HTML

Tenerife is where I wore my first thong all those years ago, well, about 23 actually! I have been back to all the islands of the Canaries over the years and never had a problem wearing a thong,  over the years my thongs have gotten a lot smaller, still never had a problem. I was there this April in some VERY small suits, yes I chose the quieter, non family orientated  beaches, but only ever heard complements!  They are all very european islands and all seem very laid back. No matter what time of year you go, you will by no means be the only guy on the beach in a thong, that is not to say the place is over run with male thongers, but you will certainly not be alone. The ladies, on the other hand, I'd say 30% on some beaches wear thongs, Feurtaventura being the best for both sexes. Certainly a good place to holiday and get no hassle for what you choose to wear (or not wear in many of our cases!!!!) 
Regards Paul 
BaltoBob #41

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:08/11/2011 03:17:01Copy HTML

They are controled by Spain where nudity is OK. Wish it wasn't so far from US but, great place I hear. 
AndyThongUK #42

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/02/2011 06:48:34Copy HTML

Just returned from Fuerteventura, where I spent the whole 2 weeks either wearing a thong or being naked. Sadly, I was the only man I saw during my holiday wearing a thong, however I did spot 4 or 5 women, Whilst walking on the beach in my thong, I got quite a few looks, some good and maybe some not so good, but who cares. For 2 weeks, I could enjoy the freedom of wearing my thongs on view of everyone.

I can't wait for next year.
thonguk #43

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/05/2011 02:01:14Copy HTML

AndyThongUK - what resort were you staying in, im going to Costa Calma in a few weeks, I wonder what it will be like there?
jjxx #44

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/12/2011 10:03:05Copy HTML

Costa Calma:  You can be in a thong or g-string at all the beaches and all of the pools.   I have stayed at both the Melia Goriones and the H10 Playa Esmeralda.  Both are nice, and because both are south of the "town" where most of the other hotels are, they are both less busy.  And the wide open beaches are on the south side with lots of nude Germans.  At both hotels, I put on a g-string, and walked through the hotel, and once at the beach went nude.
jjxx #45

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/12/2011 10:12:48Copy HTML

Costa Calma:  Most of the hotels include meals in the room rate.  I just took breakfast and dinner rather than all three meals.  I had a big breakfast and for lunch just had some wine and cheese.  All the dinners (as were the breakfasts) were large buffet style events.  Lost of Germans there.  Try to avoid the times when the european school kids are out, so I think the spring or fall are good. 
philluk #46

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/12/2011 10:29:18Copy HTML

heading to maspaomas in 2 weeks,having been there in about 10 years.wore my first thong there about 20 yearsl ago.rememder seeing 4 or 5 other men wearing them and most of the shops sold them.i wore a hom string then and can remember seeing a guy walk up the beach in one and another guy pass me near the dunes.has anyone been lately,i know attitudes have changed a lot since then. 

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/12/2011 11:55:16Copy HTML

Love The Canaries and have thonged and a done a little bit nude since 1995. Last time Lanzarote 2007 less male thongs but huge increase in female in particular local women from 97.

Looking forward to going alone soon when I have lost some weight,( See pics) new! Not high class!

Please ex[ress what you think when I get round to uploading photos.

Big Al
thonguk #48

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/15/2011 03:00:46Copy HTML

Does anyone know if thongs are allowed to be worn at the waterpark in Fuerteventura?

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/18/2011 08:25:08Copy HTML

The only time that I was aware of any comments was when I was with my ex wife and slipped off my shorts and sat wearing a red HOM fredy string in 92 on the beach at Las Americas in Tenerife before changing into my HOM Micro brief from 2 German girls.

Since then been to Gran Canaria and Lanzarote several times and never heard a thing even on the beach in Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria) which is very British with a "lads culture!

Sadly never been to Fuerteventura where form speaking to friends is less developed and gives plenty of scope for thonging or nuditywwithout any hindrance.
thongshowoff #50

Re:Canary Islands, Fuerteventura et all

Date Posted:09/18/2011 10:43:54Copy HTML

 Fuerteventura is one of my favourite places and I try to visit twice a year.  From my experience most beaches away from the major tourist resorts are clothing-optional, and I spend most of my time naked or wearing a very brief thong.
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