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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:09/10/2017 02:43:27Copy HTML

Hello there,
I am spending about 10 days end november 12-21st in Mas Palomas.

Its not gonna be the first time, but my bf and I decided to fully live and enjoy the pleasure of wearing thongs and g strings 24/7. I know that the island is very open minded and wearing a thong at the beach or dunes is not a big problem. We ll stay in a gay resort during our visist, but I d like to know more if some of you have been already there and got any advise on this.
Swedethong #1

Re:Canary Islands - Gran Canaria

Date Posted:09/11/2017 02:06:22Copy HTML

I have been thonging many times in Playa del Ingles and Mas Palomas. I have stayed at gay hotels and normal hotels and always been wearing thong around the pool without any problem. 
The gay beach in Mas Palomas is the bar number 7. And you can without any problem walk in just your thong to the beach through the dunes. 
I have tried some of the gay hotels. AxelBeach, Club Tucanes, Aqua Beach Bungalows and Basement Studios. All of them are ok.I am sure you will have lots of fun. 
VitaliySF #2

Re:Canary Islands - Gran Canaria

Date Posted:09/12/2017 03:26:58Copy HTML

 I hope regular hotels like Riu Maspalomas, Rey Carlos and others are fine with thonging at their pools.
I will be in Maspalomas next month Oct 6-15. Will be happy to join someone for tanning.
jaystring #3

Re:Canary Islands - Gran Canaria

Date Posted:09/12/2017 04:31:50Copy HTML

 I have worn a g-string on the beach and at every hotel pool I have stayed at in the Canaries and walked from hotel rooms to beach in a thong many times.I will be in Playa del ingles the last 10 days of October.The last time I was there was back in March and saw 2 more guys in g-strings and 5 in thongs on the beach down towards San Agustin where there is less wind and calmer water for swimming.
minimalist75 #4

Re:Canary Islands - Gran Canaria

Date Posted:09/15/2017 09:02:17Copy HTML

You might be overdressed in a thong on Gran Canaria.Someone on another board has commented that it is very nude friendly.
fordrs #5

Re:Canary Islands - Gran Canaria

Date Posted:10/14/2017 12:34:31Copy HTML

 Yes very nude friendly and thong friendly i like both ?
Thongjames #6

Re:Canary Islands - Gran Canaria

Date Posted:12/26/2017 09:00:40Copy HTML

 Very open minded place I love it and alway vistit every year and never had any problems saw lots of other guys and girls in thongs here and even wear thongs at hotel pools and India had positive reactions
stringueur #7

Re:Canary Islands - Gran Canaria

Date Posted:12/26/2017 06:38:56Copy HTML

 I am in gran canaria actually.Very thong friendly.It is international tourists...I regret i can't do bicycle because the roads and the weather are perfect for road bikes
sandmartyn #8

Re:Canary Islands - Gran Canaria

Date Posted:12/27/2017 01:50:58Copy HTML

 Yes Gran Canaria is very thong friendly.  Good to be able to walk in the streets of Playa del Ingles in only a thong.  This afternoon I was wearing a Muscleskin classic thong and my walk included walking from the Cita shopping centre to the big Yumbo shopping centre.  There’s a network of roads in between and I went along Avenida de Inglaterra, crossed over Av de Bonn and then went along Av de Irlanda.  This area contains mainly bungalow complexes.  It felt so good to be in only a thong in the streets in the sunshine.  I was fully relaxed as I walked and nobody batted an eyelid.  

When I got to the Yumbo I walked past several taxis at the taxi rank and walked down the steps to the lowest level.  I sat in the sunshine for maybe 15 minutes and took a few pics of myself using the delayed shutter feature on the phone. I wanted to be able to prove I was thonging at the Yumbo, as an encouragement to others.  I’ve added one of the pics to my Images.

After that I walked round the far end of the Yumbo.  Some people were sitting in the sun at some of the sidewalk cafes.  I couldn’t help walking reasonably near to some of them but felt entirely comfortable doing so.  I went in one gift shop and obviously caused no concern to the shop assistant.  I then set off to walk back from the far side of the Yumbo to the Cita, broadly retracing my steps but using some different sections of roads and pathways. Altogether a delightful experience.
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