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Date Posted:06/11/2004 07:13:28Copy HTML

We went to Cancun in Aug. '03 and stayed at the Blue Bay Gettaway & Spa Resort, which is an 18 and up resort.  This was great since we were leaving the kids at home! 

I thought there would be other people there in thongs since there were no children.  I didn't see anyone wearing thongs, but as I was walking past the sports pool I saw a guy jump out of the pool and drop his shorts to show the ladies (and everyone else) his thong tanline which was very defined, he had to have been wearing one most of the time to get that dark! He should have been wearing one then, the ladies loved it and he had a great body for one. 

While there were no thong wearers alot of guys were wearing briefs (speedos) or square cuts which is still pretty good and the women were about 75% topless which was even better! 

Most of the people there were in their 20s and 30s so they didn't much care what anyone was wearing...or not wearing.  Most days I wore speedos but one day I wore a thong at one of the pools and no one cared or acted any different, except one couple that looked like they were just arriving.  As they walked past and saw me they looked at each other then smiled and chuckled.  That's alright though, no one else cared.

A young lady we met at the pool said the day she arrived most people were not wearing anything at the pools.  

Later I walked down to the beach by myself, then laid on my stomach for awhile. I heard two women walking towards me then stop talking all of a sudden.   There was a few seconds of silence then I heard one say,  "oh......how cute...I LOVE IT!" I had to see what they were looking at so I opened my eyes a little and saw they were looking in my direction! Needless to say that made me feel pretty good. 

One night after dinner we went over to the beach to sit for a while where there were not many people.  We saw a couple in the ocean tossing a ball back and forth. After watching for a while I notice they were not wearing anything!  I asked my wife if she wanted to go jump in and she said she wasn't wearing a swimsuit.  I said that's not stopping them. 
She didn't feel like it so I stripped and jumped in by myself.  It was great.  No one payed any attention to us. When coming out of the water the couple just picked up their clothes and walked back towards the rooms like it was nothing. Which it was'nt! 

It was nice to be somewhere where you can wear whatever you want and not feel self-concious about it or worry what people are thinking.  I can't wait to go back!   
donmallard #1


Date Posted:12/16/2003 12:47:55Copy HTML

My wife and I spent a week at Club Med Cancun in February, 2002.

Cancun is a very manufactured environment - for the most part, each hotel has its own 100 or 200 yards of frontage on an otherwise-uniform strip of sand.

To be fair, it is a very NICE strip of sand, if you like that sort of thing.

The resorts don't spill out onto the sand, with an undefined boundary of plant life.

Instead, they are bordered by concrete or stone, because Cancun is basically a sand bar, and if you have spent millions on building a resort, you had better elevate it quite a few feet above sea level to protect your investment.

Fortunately, we LUCKED IN because the Club Med property is entirely different.

It is at the extreme end of Cancun, and is not part of the big sandbar. It is mostly rocky, with many beaches, bays and reefs.

The reefs make for the best snorkeling around.  I was thrilled to go out my patio door, across the grass, and go swimming before breakfast inside the reef, staring beautiful fish eye-to-eye.  Later in the day, we would take our water-bottles-filled-with-Corona on a picnic under the palm shelters, and watch the expensive tour boats drop off their clients for some paid snorkeling.

Along our stretch of beach, there was a regular thong-clad couple who it seemed swim in, because they always had fins with them.

And the retired schoolteacher we met at lunch was always topfree, as were 20% of the women overall.

And a group of young guys, teasing each other and pulling down each other's trunks, ended up nude most of the time. The Club Med beach patrol had a few words with them, but it was no big deal, since it obviously wasn't intentionally sexual, it was just youthful exuberance.

Thongs were certainly in the minority, but it was all very laid back, and no problem even around the pool.

If we go back to Cancun, Club Med is our only choice.

We did NOT explore the Cancun night life at all, so have no comments on that. The Club Med amateur shows were all the excitement us middle-aged folks could take before turning in.


gold_string #2


Date Posted:06/23/2004 10:37:18Copy HTML

Two female friends and I stayed at the Blue Bay Getaway Resort during Memorial day weekend. I was the only male wearing a thong, however there may have been 8 to 10 women in thongs around the pool and at the beach. Toplessness was 60 to 80% at the beach. Overall I would say it is quite thong friendly as is the rest the Cancun beaches, most of which are public beaches.

Red Thong #3


Date Posted:07/17/2004 10:09:04Copy HTML

Club Med Cancun is fantastic and has a far different feel than the rest of the strip.  It has two beaches; one at the end of the strip with the rest of the hotels and one around the tip.  The best part is the tip of Cancun is mainly sharp, uneven rocks; which keeps the beach on the other side mainly private. 

I saw several thongs during my week stay, and was wearing my red speedo thong most of the time.  I'm rather shy when it come to others so I stayed with my gf on the quiet beach enjoying the palm leaf umbrellas. There was atleast on other guy wearing a thong and at least five women, one of them even worked at Club Med and had no issues wearing it while running events. 

It was a great atmosphere and nobody  cared what you were wearing on the beaches.  It was a great trip and I'm planning on going back at some point.


Dan_AZ #4


Date Posted:07/24/2004 11:57:10Copy HTML

HI everyone,

About 5 years ago Barbara and I went to Cancun.  We decide to go snorkeling on what they call the jungle cruise where you drive a small speed boat  though the lagoon out to the ocean just off the Club med resort where the coral reef is close to the shore.  I wore a bright aqua blue bikini with very thin straps along the sides that I bought the day before.  Barbara wore an orange thong bikini.  We wore shorts and t-shirts over our swimwear for the bus ride to the dock.  There were about ten people going in 5 boats.

When we were ready to go the tour guide suggested that we only wear our bathing suits. The spray from the speedboats will get our clothes all wet, and it would be good to have something dry to put on when we got back.  This made sense since the humidity is so high that once you get wet it takes hours to dry off.  We stripped down to our suits and put our clothes in some lockers.  This was the first time that Barb every wore a thong in public.  A couple of workers on the dock gave her some friendly whistles.  

We all headed out to the lagoon with our tour guide,  through  the mangrove trees and out the channel to the ocean where there were alot of other snorkelers from other tour groups.  We put on our snokel gears and slipped into the water.  The law says that tourist have to wear life vests when snorkeling so we put them on too. One of the results of wearing a life vest is that it keeps your body floating on top of  the water especially with somebody as small as Barbara who only weighs about 108 lb .  Because of this her butt was floating way out of the water for everyone to see.  Every time I looked up to see where she was, there were 4-5 guys watching her ass.  When she swam away from me to check out another part of the coral reef three guys followed her.  It was really funny .  I don't think those guys saw very many fish but I sure they got their money's worth. When I told her about this later she had a good laugh.  I have to admit it was very sexy to watch her.  As she kicked her legs the water would splash up over her ass, keeping it wet and shining in the bright sun.   

LatinThong #5


Date Posted:08/21/2004 07:24:38Copy HTML

Thonging in "Isla Mujeres" (Canc?) and Cuba.

I want to tell you about my last vacations in Canc? and Cuba.  A friend and I wore thongs all the time on beaches.  Canc? is a friendly place for thongs.  When we went to Dolphins beach in Canc? we saw  9 or 10 other guys in their diferents colors thongs, young men with small thongs that we considered good looking.  We were a bit surprised by a man (near 60 year old) in his leopard thong that walking on the beach and looking at other guys thongings.  The old man smiled when he saw our surprise, then we smiled too.  

I think there not any problem to wear thong at many beaches in Canc?.  Another wonderfull beach is in "Isla Mujeres" in front of Canc?.  Here we saw another man in a red thong with a perfect body for wearing a thong.  He was near to 40 or 45 year old and his women was wearing a minimal swimsuit.  She had the atention of all the people in the beach,  I don't think many people payed atention to her partner.  We had a wonderful time there. It's a paradaise to wear a thongs.

Then my friend and me went to Cuba.  We visited La Havana,  a wonderful city with interesting places and beautifull people.  We went to Santa Maria Beach,  45 minutes to north of La Havana.  It has clean sand, warm water and palms.  There are beautiful young men runing and exerciseing their muscle bodies.  My friend and I were in thongs only, another men was in a speedo.  The rest of the tourists were about 40s year old, the men with speedos and women in bikinis.  Nobody  said anythong to us about our thongs.  I think is a beautiful place to wear thong and obtain a beautiful tan, but you will be a unique if you are a man in thong.

Well my friends, I think the Caribean area is a wonderful place to experience thonging on the beaches.  I want to have another  holiday very soon to return to the Caribe.  I will  wear my thongs and obtain a wonderful tanline.  Good luck to any other thonger that is thinking of flying to Canc? or Cuba, or the other place in the Caribe. 

thong-bouy #6


Date Posted:03/25/2005 01:36:17Copy HTML

I am relatively new to the board but I am a longtime thong afficianado. I find Cancun mexico an ideal place to wear minimal swimwear.

Several years ago I worked up the courage to wear a thong on the beach. I walked out wearing shorts and then stripped down to a thong and sat down on a comfortable lounge chair. It was some time before I worked up the courage to turn over and expose my buns to the carribbeen sunshine. My heart was racing furiously. An then I did it! The best part was that it was no big deal. Noone died of a heart attack, noone dropped a tray of dishes. Quite to the contrary, I found that women were quite accepting of my beach attire. Friendly strangers approached, I was complimented, I did not hear a discouraging word. I was in thong wearing heaven.

Since that day I have returned to Cancun on at least 20 occasions. Cancun is the best. On one of my early thong vacation trips, I asked my waitress to take some pictures of me playing on the beach. I was terror stricken to think that I would be posing provocatively on the beach waring nothing but my banana hammock..but I did it anyway. The pictures turned out better than my wildest dreams. Once again, It was no big deal to the many onlookers. The waitress loved taking the pics and I tipped her for her photography services. Since that day I have played out my bikini model fantasies many times. I have quite literally, hundreds of beach posing pics. Like many of you all who have done this, I have had strangers ask to pose with me. I have not been approached by rabid homosexuals. ( i am exclusively hetero) 

I have had an occasional negative comment or snide remark but they are indeed rare and usually limited to the sort of people who should have stayed at home.  I have noticed that  number of people photograph me surrepticiously.

The best part is that in August I met an extraordinary woman in mexico. She is one of the few people who know about my thong fetish. She loves the fact that I love to expose my buns on the beach. She is a terrific lover. We have hooked up in mexico on three subsequent occasions.

Dan_AZ #7


Date Posted:07/17/2005 02:48:23Copy HTML

About 8 years ago my wife, Barbara and I went to Cancun, Mexico on vacation.
One of the tours we went on was called the Jungle Tour. Essentially you ride in small speedboats through the mangroves in the lagoon out to the coral reefs where you snorkel.  We put on our bathing suits at the hotel and put shorts and t-shirts over them.  I was wearing a small bikini style suit that was made of a shiny light blue spandex and had very thin straps on the sides.  I had just bought it the day before in a small swimwear shop.  Barbara was wearing a bright orange thong that she brought with us from Phoenix. I was eager to see her swimming in her thong. We planned on wearing our clothes until we went out the snorkeling areas and then strip down before we went in the water.

When we go the dock there were about a dozen other people waiting there for the tour to begin.  There were 6 boats (2 to a boat) and two tour guides.  The tour guide told us since the boats throw up a lot of spray as they speed through the water it would be best to leave our clothes at the dock and wear only our bathing suits.  This way we would have something dry to wear when we got back.  This sounded logical since the humidity is so high there.  If your clothes get wet they will stay wet all day.  (Contrast this to the dry heat of Phoenix wear your clothes are dry in 15 minutes.)  We took of our clothes and put them in a locker.

We were the only ones who were wearing skimpy swimwear.  We both felt a little uneasy since we would be boating several miles away from our clothes.  We both have worn thongs/bikinis before but we are so used to walking to the beach or pool with our covers on, then taking them off when we get to our lounge chairs or go into the water.  Having them nearby gives you sort of a safety net so if you need to go back to the room or the hotel front desk you can over up first. Now we were heading out into the lagoon with a dozen strangers wearing next to nothing.  Fortunately we were in Cancun, and if there is one place were you can wear sexy swimwear this is it! 

It took about five minutes for the fear to fade.  I have to admit it was exciting watch Barbara in her thong with all the other people around. She even got a few whistles from the guys on the dock. We got on the boats and raced though the lagoon a pretty fast pace, then slowed down as we passed through the mangroves to the channel that led out to the reef. Once we were there we put on our life vest and masks and got into the water. 

All tourists must wear life vest, which is probably a good idea to prevent drowning inexperienced snorkelers like us.  We swam around the reef looking at the colorful coral.  I also noticed another benefit of wearing a life vest.  Your body floats high in the water, especially for someone like Barbara who is a petite 5'2", 110lb.  Her ass was clearly visible for all to see.  It was a very sexy site because she looked great. 

We got separated and I looked around to find her.  I spotted her about 20 yards away. It was easy to find her because of her bright orange thong. I also noticed that there were two guys following her wherever she went.  They spent more time looking at the sites above the water than beneath it!  When I told her later on she got a good laugh from it. 

Eventually it was time to go and we swam back to the boats.  It was a pretty exciting to see my wife in her thong and I had to wait a few minutes before I climbed on to the boat to regain my "composure".   She could not climb onto the boat, so the tour guide grabbed the back of her life vest and lifted her right out of the water onto the boat. We headed back to the dock where we got dried off and dressed in  our dry clothes. The tour guides were right about getting wet during the ride as the boats did spray a lot of water. 

It is strange how uneasy we felt when we first removed our clothes at the dock.  We have been to nude resorts and I found it easier to get naked than to strip down to a bikini.  I think it is because wearing a sexy swimsuit defines something about your personality and allows you to make a statement about yourself.  Everyone is naked underneath their clothes but not everyone will wear revealing swimwear.  That is an act that is intentional and takes some forethought.  The beach is one of the few places that a man can do this.

A few days later we went to Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) where Barbara wore another thong and went topless.  Later that week I entered a male stripper contest at one of the nightclubs, but those are stories for another time.

SeaDooThonger #8


Date Posted:10/20/2005 11:05:37Copy HTML

My Wife and I stayed at Secrets Capri in Cancun this past summer. The resort is a 6-star the best we have ever stayed at and we have been to 7 different all-inclusive resorts. Its not a party scene, but there were plenty of thongs. My wife wore a thong bikini everyday in the pool and at the beach with no problems at all. I would say that about 20% of the women wore thongs and even more went topless. As for the guys, we saw one guy thonging with his wife, we also saw a wide variety of speedos. I wore a variety of tight shorts and my thong in the spa hot tub. The only problem with Secrets is that over 50% of the couples are on their honeymoon.

Reply with questions if you have any?

The resort overall is the best we have seen, next year we are planning to vacation at Secrets Excellance in Cancun. 



user_19720320 #9


Date Posted:01/06/2007 02:24:35Copy HTML

I've never been to Cancun, but I'm in the process of downloading some pics posted on alt.binaries.pictures.candid.beach that were taken there. I don't know how much of it the photographer covered, but what he got looks really tame, like Myrtle Beach or some similar "redneck riviera", except that the women are in better shape. Looking through the pictures, I began to think maybe thongs and topless women had been banned there, but I did finally find couple of thong shots, but no topless woman. I take it from the posts here, that all of Cancun is not like this. This guy may have just spent his timing hanging around high-traffic areas with college kids, beach volleyball, and such.
bryn515000 #10


Date Posted:07/13/2007 12:09:13Copy HTML

We just returned from Cancun last night. There were a few other women in thongs and topless, but I was the only male. My wife is OK with it, so what do I care what others think.



gg69forever #11


Date Posted:09/16/2007 12:25:29Copy HTML

Going to Cancun xmas week staying at the JW Marriott and hope to wear my malibu strings thongs all week.  Any experience at this hotel and will toppless be ok on the beach 
othellomn #12


Date Posted:10/07/2007 07:01:36Copy HTML

I  want to  go to mexico this winter and here's what I am looking for:

I am looking to stay in playa for a couple days and then maybe move on.   I want to stay near the beach in one of rustic palapa style bungalows.  I want to be able to layout, swim ect in the small of g-strings. 

Not looking for swingers or often the company of a bunch of others, but a small cozy villa,banglow catering to people loooking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city would be cool.  I could really camp out of a tent and be fine, but let's relax a little more.

I'd like to spend 50-75 usd per night, it's more about relaxing in the sun then partying.

bryn515000 #13


Date Posted:10/08/2007 04:37:28Copy HTML

Just do a yahoo search for playa del carmen. I did and there are several small hotels, some adult only, for $50 - 60 a night. They are usually a couple of blocks from the beach. Close enough.


As far as thongs, PDC is no problem. You will see some men in thongs and speedo style suits and many women thonged and topless. Just act like you know everything is ok and you will be fine.

josht #14


Date Posted:10/21/2007 07:55:10Copy HTML

I will be in Cancun in March 2008, staying at the Grand Oasis. If anyone has any experience with thonging at this place, please let me know. (I wear a Skinz g-string so it is pretty minimal). from what I have read in general, there should not be a problem, but any specifics would be appreciated.
thong-bouy #15


Date Posted:02/08/2008 08:29:04Copy HTML

cancun is a great place to wear your minimal swimwear... a few bits of advice.. avoid the springbreak crowd... the macho young guys are likely to give you some greif... secondly... wear your thong on the beach... some hotels frown on thong wear... avoid the areas with a bunch of families and little kids... find a nice stretch of beach and tan  your buns all you like... ... find a group of women... they will entertain you and you will find them entertaining as well!
LatinThong #16


Date Posted:03/04/2008 11:59:45Copy HTML

Josht:I have been in Cancún a couple year ago, and I can say you that is the perfect place to wear thongs,  I was'nt in hotels only a friend's departament,  but I walk all the beaches, some times with my minimal speedos and many oportunities with my thongs.There are wonderfull beaches where you can see other men in thongs, many women thongs and topless, and I spended many time in  Dolphins beach, this is the best place in Cancun to wear thongs, because I and my friend take sunbathing in thongs all the tieme with any negative comments, we could see ten or more guys in thongs all days that we stay there.  I recomend you  "Playa Delfines".I hope the my commentary can help you and fun your time in Cancun, take a wonderfull thong tanline and tell us about your personal experience when you return at home.good luck in Cancún.
pkthong #17


Date Posted:04/17/2008 08:32:25Copy HTML

  Will be in Cancun 6/7/08-6/15/08 @ royal sands with family and friends. Any experiences? Anyone else in the vicinity around that time?
pkthong #18


Date Posted:06/18/2008 11:48:31Copy HTML

Just got backfrom trip mentioned in the previous post. Only one thong sighting the whole week(female). Saw several speedo men but I had the smallest of all the men (possibly the women as well).I wore sunup/sundown brazil bikinis in various shades of blue. 

My wife was not entirely comfortable with my choice of swimwear simply because we were joining some friends (their timeshare)and that we would be around their preteen kids. The friends had been joking recently at several parties and gatherings in the recent past regarding my "speedos", so naturally I could not let them down. 

The first day we got there and the first chance I had to swim I very nonchalantly took off my cover up trunks and jumped in the pool. About 15 minutes later I got out and went to dry off and my friend Ken commented something (exact quote I can't recall) regarding the size of my suit, his wife Shree who had only a glimpse of the front of the suit asked me to turn around so I did and she said"That's not so bad!". They had both previously heard of my thonging proclivities and seemed to be ok with my suit. Their kids were a different story. 

They have a 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. Neither of them thought favorably of my suit. Their son especially noted that "everyone stares at you especially when you're not looking", "you should really consider wearing something else,youlook crappy in those".

The second comment came after we were swimming in the ocean and several other boys of his age asked him if saw the "speedo guy", he replied to them that I was a family friend. He seemed quite embarrassed by it but I told him that neither he or his friends had the guts to wear what I wear. That shut him up for a while. 

Shree mentioned to my wife that she found my confidence in wearing such a suit admirable. So there are several family photos out there with me in my rio, it will be interesting to hear the feedback once we all get settled back in from our vacation. Anyway the weather and activities were great.
Jerrij #19


Date Posted:08/21/2008 02:34:13Copy HTML

We went to Temptations (formly Blue Bay getaway)  there was a lot of women wearing thongs, and the resort is 21 and over.  I think more women went topless.
sweetabix #20


Date Posted:02/14/2009 10:39:16Copy HTML

Going to Moon Palace golf and spa resort  in Cancun in July for two weeks. anyone know if thongs/g-strings are ok?
clubthongs #21


Date Posted:08/30/2009 04:25:00Copy HTML

My partner and I just booked a week at the Hyatt Regency for Janaury 2010. Does anyone have any experience regarding the acceptance of minimal swimwear at this particular propery and / or the surrounding beaches?
clubthongs #22


Date Posted:12/21/2009 02:06:52Copy HTML

Any recent reports on thongs in Cancun?
nycthong1970 #23


Date Posted:01/09/2010 01:20:57Copy HTML

Was just in Cancun over New Years staying in the hotel zone. No thongs on men, but saw a few women in them. Probably not a big deal to wear them, I was in a speedo and no comments
clubthongs #24


Date Posted:01/31/2010 05:20:41Copy HTML

I spent the last week in Cancun and spent many pleasant hours at the Hyatt Regency pool in one of my Skinz Bravura thongs. I felt perfectly comfortable although I was the only male in a thong. The women seemed to enjoy seeing a man in a thong.


odie77301 #25


Date Posted:02/01/2010 02:17:01Copy HTML

 clubthongs, your pictures are great. Cancun looks like a nice place to thong. Will look into  going someday soon.
notherbigr #26


Date Posted:02/01/2010 04:30:56Copy HTML

Cancun can be very nice but keep in mind that the Yucatan Peninsula is highly susceptible during the winter to northerners pushing their way across the Gulf of Mexico and keeping things quite cool there.  I've seen em go far south all the way into March.  I had two friends recently spent time at all-inclusives in Cancun and Playa del Carmen and both reported cool weather.  This current winter is a bit of an outlier I think but still be forewarned.  In the dead of winter the west coast of Mexico, Ixtapa, etc. are much more reliable weather-wise, especially if you plan to be in a thong ;)
DavyJ #27


Date Posted:10/04/2010 11:05:17Copy HTML

Anybody been to the Riu Caribe or the Jade Riviera Resort?  What is the thonging scene like?
notherbigr #28


Date Posted:12/14/2010 07:03:12Copy HTML

I'm just down from a quick weekend trip to Cancun.  I stayed at the Krystal for the first 2 nights and then moved down to the Westin for the last night.  The weather was perfect the entire time except for a bit of a breeze on the last day.  I spent my days on the beach in my Muscleskins 1/2" poser thong and a bit in my N2N camo thong. 

The Krystal is at the extreme northern end of the strip next to the Hyatt and by the convention center and all the bars such as Coco Bongo, Senor Frogs, etc.  The beach is wide, flat and white here with lots of room for walking and swimming.  The waves are easier here.  The Krystal is an old and new hotel about 3 stars but I would recommend it if you can get the new wing and a good deal.  As I said I thonged on the beach directly in front of the hotel using the hotel loungers and palapas.  I situated myself on the south edge of the hotel property and walked numerous times back and forth to the ocean to swim.  It was fine, no issues.  I put on my board shorts if I went up to my room or to the hotel bar as I think even in a resort it is appropriate to wear something other than a bathing suit when walking the halls.  My room was in the new building and looked directly out over the ocean.  I had a very nice terrace with large sliding glass doors that I left open all the time.

In the evening it was easy to walk out the door and stroll to the quick shop to buy water, beer, chips, whatever.  Plenty of dining choices nearby on foot as well.  Extremely convenient.  The scene in this area is a bit tacky but that's ok and it doesn't intrude on the beach scene at all.

The Westin is the polar opposite in so many ways.  It's at the extreme southern end of the hotel zone and is almost totally isolated.  The hotel is large and nicely appointed though the rooms disappointingly do not have balconies.  Terrible design as I felt totally caged in while in the room.  The beach here at the southern end is much narrower with the pool area falling almost directly into the surf.  That's ok as there are two large pools one on the eastern ocean side and the other just across the hotel facing west.  This is very nice as the sun moves east to west and when the building shadows moved onto the beach you simply got up and moved over to the "afternoon" pool.  I thonged comfortably here on the beach, by the pool, etc.  As usual I covered up to go to the room, get a drink, etc. 

The Westin's location is about as isolated in the hotel zone as you can get.  Without a rental car you are stranded unless you want to take the public bus or an expensive taxi to go anywhere.  The only things within walking distance are one restaurant and one small quick shop. 

jprob50 #29


Date Posted:01/27/2012 11:09:43Copy HTML

Does anyone have a recent report from Cancun. I'm going to be staying at the Bahia Principe sian Ka'an. How is the atmosphere?
DoreFan #30


Date Posted:01/28/2012 12:42:54Copy HTML

I've thonged the last few times in the Mayan Riviera and Playa Del Carmen which is very close to Cancun. No problems at all. Just stay away from ultraconservative americans and stick close to Canadians and Europeans and you'll be fine. Also avoid the loud and obnoxious college kids.
nudemdcouple10 #31


Date Posted:01/28/2012 07:29:52Copy HTML

We stayed down at the tulum/ Sian Ka'an area 2 years ago, jprob.  I don't know about hte resort, but if you go to the beaches of Tulum not far from that resort, you will find it very laid back.  saw thongs, g strings, and nude in various places. it is very laid back.  the closer you get to the actual Sian Ka'an area the more relaxed it gets.  You stil lshould be respectful around families of the locals as they are very conservative, but just move a few hundred yards and will be fine.  I wore my square when I wasn't nude, and Nancy was in thong and G string and topless pretty much the whole time. Have a great time
jprob50 #32


Date Posted:01/29/2012 07:59:04Copy HTML

Thanks for the update nudemdcouple10. My girlfriend and I are really looking forward to the trip. I will give a report upon our return.
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Date Posted:02/05/2012 11:09:27Copy HTML

 One last caution about the Riviera Maya. On Sunday you should be aware that many local families will visit the beach. So that might be a good day to be a bit more careful or go further down the beach. Otherwise even nudity is not much of an issue.
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Update: So, my Gf and I spent a great week at the Grand Bahia Principe resort. The place is awesome !!! It seemed that most of the visitors were Canadian or European. We tanned on the beach of the resort in tiny suits without a single comment. Several looks, but no comments. At the pools there were plenty of women in thongs but I didn't see any on guys. I'm sure if more guys did wear thongs ...no one would say anything. There were signs up at the pools that said that topless sunbathing was not allowed, but the beach was fine. There is nothing like being served drinks while soaking in the sun in a cute thong. I'm going back next month for more !!! 
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 Anyone been to the Dreams Riviera Cancun?  We're going in late spring and I'd love to be able to wear something minimal.
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Cancun will forever be special to me, as it is the first place I ever thonged.  I first went there in the summer of '93 for my senior trip and wore a Speedo for the first time as an adult.  I returned a few years later and saw several men wearing thongs, which prompted me to purchase 3 Joe Snyders at the mall, much to the chagrin of my dad.  Each time we returned, I continued to thong, and my obsession was born.  Unfortunately, the number of men I've seen sporting thongs has decreased each time since.  Cancun feels a bit too much like still being in the U.S. for my liking, but the beaches are truly beautiful.    
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Try Playa Del Carmen.  Much better atmosphere.
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Try Playa Del Carmen.  Much better atmosphere.
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 I agree, it's too Miami like, 'Vegas. A short bus ride and you're in more tranquil, cosmopolitan village of Playa del Carmen; farther south, and smaller still, Tulum.
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The Dreams Riviera Cancun is in Puerto Morelos, about halfway between Cancun and PDC.  I'm wondering if anyone has been in the Puerto Morelos area- if so, what was it like?  I'd like to at least be able to wear some cocksox briefs, and possibly some thongs if the vibe is good.


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We have vacationed in Puerto Morelos for the past ten years. It's a quiet fishing town with few amenities for tourists.
Some English is spoken, but you need to go expecting a much more of a "real" Mexican experience.
In the summer and on the weekends, families from the area gather on the playa. This is a good time to lay low.
Common sense is the byword.  Be respectful and go with the flow.
My wife and I wear thongs while tanning, strolling on the beach or in the water, but choose to cover up on the beach areas nearer the town. It's a beautiful area.
Be courteous, thoughtful and unassuming. Learn a bit of Spanish, support the locals.  You'll do fine. 
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 Thanks for the advice!
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went to cancun last october and every one had on long board shorts except this one guy he had on black speedos. at the adult pool i would strip down to black rios. one day my i had my thong on and my gf made me get out the  pool and get her some drinks. alot of looks!!!! my opnion is that cancun isnt  the place for guys to thong at. unless you go to and adult resort. alot of amercians their. i was talking to people that lived by my house  back home!!!
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 When we were in Cancun in "08, I noticed a similar situation. I wore my usual sunup/sundown brazil rio to the pools and beach. I was the most skimpily clad guy there. There were maybe 4 guys out of probably a thousand at this particular resort wearing regular speedos, and all the rest of the guys were in boardies.

I did get a lot of stares as was pointed out to me by the teenage son of our hosts. He was embarrassed by all the stares and we even had a few words over it. We have been to several different places in "The 'Roo" over the years and PDC and Tulum are way more relaxed than Cancun in general but there are places in Cancun where "speedos" etc. can be worn without too much of a negative vibe .
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I sent this to the Dreams Riviera Cancun:
Is thong swimwear allowed at the Dreams Riviera Cancun?  We like to tan and wanted to make sure we bring swimwear that we can wear.
Got this in reply:
"Hope this email finds you well.  Regarding your kind email, thong swimwear are not allowed, this is a family resort. I’m so sorry to inform you that."

Bummer.  Of course, I believe the beach is public property in Mexico, and although nudity isn't allowed, wearing a thong isn't being nude.
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I think your mistake was asking. I've worn thongs in a few resorts in that area and have never had a problem. If you're discreet about it, I don't think they would have said anything.
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If you are str8, go to hidden beach resort... if you are gay, go to adonis tulum...  if you are bi... go to both. 

bottom line:  either one u can wear whatever u want !!!!!
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Heading to Cuncun the week of Thanksgiving and staying at the Hyatt Regency. Any thong experience updates for Cancun?
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I've thonged in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera many times, no problems. Stay away from loud and obnoxious college kids and stick close to the Canadians and Europeans and you'll be fine. 
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 Gonna wear my new one,
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