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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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clubthongs #51


Date Posted:11/26/2012 05:08:38

Just got back from a week in Cancun. I wore nothing but thongs at the Hyatt Regency and on a day trip to Isla Mujeres. While I was the only person that I saw wearing a thong, no one seemed to notice or care. I felt very comfortable walking the beach and sunning in Skinz Bravura thongs. I have uploaded some photos to my profile and on Flickr This was my second trip to Cancun and I will certainly return in the future!
Manu1418 #52


Date Posted:12/12/2012 05:56:44

 I used my first beach thong in Cancun 15 years ago, I was very young so I was kind of shied and I was the only one doing it just by my self, locals were not use to see it so all kept on looking, I was at a families resort but still felt comfortable, no one seems to bother, the service at the beaches was great and I did all kind of water sports just wearing a thong. Few years later I went back and brought a collection of g-strings and thongs so I was able to wear a different pair each day by the pool and beach, there were just some topless girls with thongs mostly in the resort and I was the only man but no one seems to bother. I have no problem just wearing them all the way from the hotel room to the beach with nothing else and being around the hotel.
Best2thong44 #53


Date Posted:05/02/2013 06:54:43

Anybody have info re: shops in Cancun good for thong shopping (men and women)?Going in a month. 
ministeve #54


Date Posted:05/05/2013 06:23:05

I wish I could saw I know of a spot.  We had a nice time walking around Playa Del Carmen and we thought there would be a few beach shops with some sexier womens and mens suits.  We were both pretty disappointed.  There was some stores with some nice ladies bikinis but not even any ladies thongs, let alone mens thong swimsuits.  Good things we brought our own down.
DoreFan #55


Date Posted:05/06/2013 05:51:08

I bought 3 thongs a few years ago in a swimsuit store in Playa Del Carmen, but I've been back twice since then and haven't' been able to find the store. I'm not saying it isn't there, I just don't remember where it was.  The 3 thongs I bought were just the standard design - nothing special, but they were really cheap.  I've worn them on 4-5 vacations since I bought them. 
gra7y #56


Date Posted:05/11/2013 05:54:52

Playa del Carmen
We haven't been there since 2001, but went 1-2 times a year thru the 90's
It was a changing scene every year. Coco beach went from totally nude to mini bikinis & g-strings to full speedo by 2001. The Blue Parrot went from G-srings at lunch to shorts, only Shangrila stayed pretty much the same at it beach bar, G-strings and topless.
tribijay #57


Date Posted:05/29/2013 09:50:32

 Heading to Cancun and staying at the JW for a week. Are men and women good to wear thongs on the beach in Cancun?
DoreFan #58


Date Posted:05/29/2013 10:52:30

It's been a few years since I've been in Cancun, but I've been to the Mayan Riviera many times over the last few years and have never worn anything but thongs. Same with Playa Del Carmen. You shouldn't have any problems with Cancun; people are there on vacation and pretty relaxed.  

upthecrack #59


Date Posted:05/30/2013 02:39:33

Was at the JW a few years ago. Normally I would be in Playa but we got some comp nights.  Everyone is good to wear thongs there just like anywhere outside of the US.  I would expect some looks for the male half from the Americans.  Most people at the JW are well traveled so they have no issues with people that are less than covered.
JM_Runs #60


Date Posted:05/30/2013 04:11:52

 Where is JW???.
upthecrack #61


Date Posted:05/30/2013 04:22:24

JW Marriot in Cancun
tribijay #62


Date Posted:06/26/2013 02:23:20

My girlfriend and I are looking forward to a relaxing week in our thongs on the beach! Hopefully others will be out also!
undercover20 #63


Date Posted:06/27/2013 05:07:00

 I'm actually gonna be there next week too. Probably not in a thong because my wife doesn't know how to have fun
Rick24 #64


Date Posted:09/10/2014 03:03:24

 I'm going to Cancun in February (14th to 20th) . I will be at Oasis Sens ....hope someone there to share experiences
erik3000 #65


Date Posted:12/13/2014 10:43:35

Just coming from Westin Cancun and had a great week thonging. We spit the week between Cancun and Tulum and it was great.

The Westin Hotel in Cancun is one of the first resorts of the strip. It is very far from the coco bongo, the clubs and the noise, so has a very different crowd.

I was thinking that I was going to be the only one in a thong, but I was wrong.

My wife got mad about me because I saw so many girls in thongs that I started to snap photos of them.  Got about 10 walking on the beach in a very tinny thong in just 3 days. Sure that they were lots more of them tanning on the beach like us, that  that did not walk.

Yes, you are going to get some attention from vendors but we felt very comfortable and enjoyed a lot our holiday. 
32189 #66


Date Posted:12/14/2014 04:05:47

Erik3000, why would you snap photos of girls in thongs with your wife around?  That is asking for trouble.  How do you think she would be ok with that?  
DavyJ #67


Date Posted:01/16/2015 04:55:02

Right, 32189!  I think it is rude to take anyone's picture without asking permission first, regardless of what they are wearing.  Now people do that to me all the time, and I have learned to laugh it off and ignore them.  But I still think its rude.
shoyupoke #68


Date Posted:06/15/2016 07:44:12

 Any recent experiences in Cancun? I'm going next month.
ND2013 #69


Date Posted:03/27/2017 11:11:46

I was in Cancun just over a week ago and stayed about 30 min south of the airport, about half way between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. My GF and I spent a lot of time walking up and down the beach thonging away from the major resort crowd. We had no issues at all, younger folks would find an excuse to turn and take a look while chuckling and older people had no reaction. There were plenty of females wearing thongs all along the beach and at our resort. I chose cover up when passing by the major spring break resorts but not by smaller spots, I enjoyed the walk! We walked for hours in both directions from our resort and it was wonderful!
kmackhard #70


Date Posted:03/28/2017 05:00:10

My wife and I just got back from Los Cabos (San Jose Del-Cabo) We had not been any where in over 8 years. We stayed at a small but busy all inclusive resort. I took down some Dore;s bikinis and some custom made skimpier bikinis and a few thongs and G-strings. I started  out the first day in a Dores moderate bikini in black. I never got any looks or comments. As te days went by I got braver and by the last day I donned a pretty skimpy thong. I did get a few looks and chuckles over the week. All and all a great week, weather was gorgeous and hot. Got a lot of sun and some wicked tan lines. The funny thing was had some older women come over to talk to us a few times and they were there to get a better look apparently. That's okay I enjoyed that too.
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