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Date Posted:12/26/2005 08:51:38Copy HTML

OK, Other than "Merci" I don't kow any other French words (hey! I know tons of Spanish, Thai & Arabic so give me a break!), but I'm just wondering what anybody may be able to share about Cap d'Agde France?I hear it's a clothing optional city complete with: of coursebeaches,hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, nightclubs & everything else, of 40,000 people, located near Nice, France.Sounds cool as hell, especially in that they say most folks wear some sort of negligee out in the evenings to dinner & the clubs.Nude on the beach is fine by me, but getting my wife decked out in my wildest imaginable lingerie and taking her out to dinner dressed like that in a city of 40,000 people-------------that would be altogether ultimate.Any pointer??Thanks, Ed
wr1944 #1

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:12/27/2005 07:58:35Copy HTML

I have not visited the Naked City Cap d'Agde but I have been to the beaches nearby. Very nice beaches indeed. Cap d'Agde Naturist Center is not my cup of tea. Too artificial to my taste. I have stayed on campsites close to Marseillan-Plage and visited the naturist sections of the beach. If you like some additional info, check-out Google with "Heliopolis France". I found some useful comments at www.ada-augusta.demon.co.uk/neff/france/cap_dagde_03.html
I hope this helps. I hope you have a nice stay in France.
thongguy200 #2

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:12/30/2005 03:33:35Copy HTML

I have been at Cap d'Agde naturist camp this year. It is quiet special!

A village with naked people walking arround in daytime. There is however no obligation to go naked. I only wore thongs, of course.  There are dozens of shops full of erotic clothes. Lets say, the real hard stuff ( latex suits, thongs, bodysuits, and lots of seethru,...)

You can see women with peircings at their vagina just walking by. Young and old, men and women. But not many youngsters. It's mainly an adult place, but there are children under 15 too.

At night, it becomes wild.  Most women dress ultra sexy when walking in the streets or visiting the shops and bars.  Some costumes are completely seethru.  The bars are mostly open air,  while the night clubs are not.  I have not been in a club.  In the open air bars some women dance on the tables, some strip to fully nude.   The men are not that esposed, only a few wear sexy clothes (not even thongs) at night.

To say it in a few words, holiday spot for swingers.

beachfolks #3

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:05/15/2009 02:35:57Copy HTML

There is no need to cover your c-ring at Cap'D Agde
underguy1 #4

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:05/16/2009 09:04:59Copy HTML

It sure is. I spent 3 weeks there last year. Had an absolute ball. I'm trying to get back there again this year.
titita #5

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/24/2009 04:24:15Copy HTML

I've been to Cap d'Agde every summer since 1998... it's great! night activities, people, thongs, dresses... wonderful!!
hidrive #6

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:01/19/2010 10:27:24Copy HTML

Cap D'Agde has got to be one of the sexiest places on earth!  What a delight!  It makes for a very fascinating and provocative internet search.
beachfolks #7

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:01/20/2010 04:31:22Copy HTML

 Agde has somethng for everyone-Many publications point out all the sexy and alternate lifestyle stuff which is objectionable to some, but not compulsory.  That is available, --or you can just relax and enjoy tanning with the many friendly europeans on the nice nude beach.
doverbeach79 #8

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:01/20/2010 06:47:21Copy HTML

I would love to visit this year it seems like a great place to go to.
worcesterthong #9

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/27/2010 06:00:10Copy HTML

Have visited cap D"'agde a couple of times.the first time really did not know what to do and how the place will b for me.took a amall apartment(one can get a naturist pass near the gatew and there are rental places where u can rent an apartment,a smallhouse or a larger house or evn a tiny room with a kitchenette.Evrybody is nude all around the township(i thonk it is called heliopolis)and very few people where any more.the supermarkets r also nude except the staff.
there r super restaurants and cafes tooand also nightclubs.The evnings r a different matter The same people who r nude normally dress up quite provocatively and sexilyand go out for dinner in these dresses.Men with chaps suits,leather and whatever.women with thong gstrings ...left to each imagination.
There are also places for gays but not that common .The nightclubs r acroos the spectrum,quite a few swinging clubs where open sex is practised.most of them require uto go in as couple (female and male).Iwent to one with my male friend where there was no restriction.normally opens from 11pm to 6 or 7am
The second time i was more sure and really enjoyed the place Hope all u have a lovely time it is truly beautiful to see naked or thonged people of all races ,color and size
beachfolks #10

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/27/2010 06:28:36Copy HTML

 We have visited Agde 10yr always in the spring low season. This fall we plan to visit again at the end of the season.
Worcester-Your comments are right on. We prefer the midsection of Port Nature, (P/N-the original complex) due to quiet and southern facing patios where we can tan nude on windy days.
CheBru #11

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/28/2010 08:46:30Copy HTML

 Been already several times at Cap d'Agde. Just returned from a five-day trip. It is the only place I know where you can walk around wearing everything imagineable, as long as you dare. I walked around depending on the hour of the day in rubber shorts, rubber diaper pants, leather jockstrap, leather full-zip brief, see-thru army pants, open crotch panties, cockring, ball stretcher, .... Most of the men dress rather dull, but anything goes, and you just have to find the nerve to walk out (and you will get nice reactions as there are a lot of gay- bi-friendly people who like extravaganza).Most looks I get is during the day, when I walk around naked swinging my PA piercing. Still astonishing how many people apparently never seen one. Got some nice interesting chats on it, but also some remarks behind my back that people tought this was not allowed (there is in fact some rule on body jewellery, but it is for sure not enforced).Evenings can get pretty wild. Had the impression that the good old times are back. There was a couple of years where there was quite a lot of control. This year, police patrolled in the evening in the dunes, but did not intervene on the beach.A must for everyone with an exhibitionist streak
beachfolks #12

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/28/2010 11:42:42Copy HTML

 Che-Pretty wild--There is no requirement to participate,  but if all this display offends you just don't go to Agde.
CheBru #13

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/29/2010 06:15:40Copy HTML

@Beachfolks I do not understand your reaction. There is no judgement in my statement that things get pretty wild. I would not return each year if I did not like it and I am sure I have done more than you have ever dreamt of.
beachfolks #14

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/29/2010 06:38:07Copy HTML

 Che-Sorry for my mis-statement/ poor wording. The comment was made in reference to other readers, not yourself.  Your PA is really conservative compared to the body decorations some exhibit at Agde.
worcesterthong #15

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/30/2010 12:51:34Copy HTML

I have enjoyed reading all the members views,eand experiences. Just like to elaborate on CheBrus experiences.Being gay i really enjoyed going there and on the second day realised anything goes,so out came my crotchless undies lace tops and see thru g strings along with chaps jocksj and the sexiest koala swimsuits.Nobody frowned or looked dipeased, on the otherhand smiles of "wow"or t"'hats different'" could b seen on all the faces.
since being nude was the norm i guess evrybody was living out their fantasies. What i really liked about the french is their tolerance and broad mindedness, what i also liked was the fact that u could see all nationalities and all colors so democratic when all of us our nude or not ashamed of our bodies.
the evenings wewre really something to look forward to.what will all the dressing and the fun at the clubs ,gain i take my hat to the french that all types of entertainment was available (very practical)typical of the europeans.from peepshows to real peep shows  to gay clubs,though i did not see any gay sex clubs.i did howeever see a lot of gay people totaly at ease with themselves.one of the clubs in the port naturwe had a club where singles were admitted.there gay could also enjoy themselves
its a pity that no oother continent has this liberal an attitude AND LET PEOPLE LIVE THEIR FANTASIES
GStingGirl #16

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/01/2010 03:49:18Copy HTML

Larry and I have been to Cap d'Agde three times for a month each time. The comments about the evening are true that the women dress like sluts and the men for the most part are conservative in dress. The beach has two sections one regular nude for all and one nude for kinky sexy folks. There is a lot of open sexual display and as it is shown the folks gather around to do circle jerks and watch. It is the most highly charged nude beach in the world. We love it.

notherbigr #17

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/02/2010 01:55:16Copy HTML

Reading through the last 10 or so posts here is it any wonder that regulations against nude beaches come about. 
beachfolks #18

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/02/2010 11:38:55Copy HTML

Bigr--Let consenting adults control their own actions.  Prohibition and drug laws came from this controlling attitude. There is just no way to legislate morality.
notherbigr #19

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/03/2010 01:47:21Copy HTML

I believe the posts were talking about public displays.   I also think there were mentions of children around.  Honestly, is this defensible? 
beachfolks #20

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/03/2010 02:26:47Copy HTML

 Bigr-There's a family nude beach area and an adult nude beach area, also a large place behind the nude beaches where we understand anything goes. Some space between them but no signs, probably 1 half mile total. We've always just walked by the adult beach, but good to know we can go there if we ever want. There is no need to directly expose kids if the parents do not want.
There are multiple points of view. I do not favor much protection of the young from viewing what really goes on in the world. Education is an essential part of growing up and should be complete. The young kids just do not comprehend what they see, older kids should have the education under parental guidance. 
cmdwxoutku #21

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/14/2010 10:38:42Copy HTML

I am really interested in going here. What are the prices of accomadation Like? Is there a cheap place to stay? I do not go nude but prfer thongs, are there places to stay where clothing is Optional.? You say there is a kniky section to the beach, which beach is this, or is there only one main beach? Could I where a koala swim presentation suit on this beach? Are there other guys whearing this extreme stuff? I would love to wear leather chaps in the evening, is this ok?
CheBru #22

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/14/2010 08:04:34Copy HTML

Cheapest to stay is the campground. There is one hotel (hotel Eve) that accepts singles with prices around 100 to 150 EUR/night. Otherwise you can look to rent a studio/apartment. Cheapest are at Port Soleil/Port Vénus. In the entire naturist quarter you can go nude or dressed like you want. There is only one beach which stretches to Marseillan, but there are different sections. The kinky section is after the Sun Beach restaurant in the direction of Marseillan.There is not a lot of man wearing daring stuff, but if you want to wear it, it's no problem. I have seen guys in chaps, and been out myself only wearing a jockstrap.
beachfolks #23

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/15/2010 05:00:33Copy HTML

 CMD-For rental accomodations in the Agde nude sections try http://capdagde.co.uk/ Costs are reasonable. Thonging, or kinky dressup, or body adornment, is not a problem or at all unusual, but nude is the norm on the beach. Evenings walking or in the bars and restaurants most europeans dressup in daring, display, or seductive clothes, others are fully nude, weather permitting.
cmdwxoutku #24

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/19/2010 11:38:51Copy HTML

Thanks CheBru and beachfolks for your helpful comments. What are the seasons please for this resort and coastline? I am thinking of going late September/oct; is it still hot/busy, or is this too late in the year? What month of the year in Spring does it all kick off for people going?
beachfolks #25

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:08/19/2010 04:26:35Copy HTML

 CMD-We are trying Agde mid Sept into early October this year for the first time. Usually very nice weather and the Med is warm early October. Most resort activity stops mid Oct. though Agde permanant residents inform us there are lots of good beaching days through end November.

Our previous holidays there off-season have been mid May to mid June and good weather. We have visited Agde in late January in warm coats while returning from Spain-the naturalist area is still open for the permanant residents. Usually good beaching first of May, but the Med is cold until Mid June. Far too many people high season July and August.
beachfolks #26

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:09/14/2010 06:31:57Copy HTML

 Great beaching in Agde this year. Med is cold though.
JM_Runs #27

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:09/24/2010 05:18:35Copy HTML

The Daily Telegraph in the UK reports:
Nudists and swingers at war in France's 'Naked City'

"Traditional" French nudists in a town on the Languedoc coast are locked in battle with a new wave of naturists who advocate free sex and partner-swapping.

Tensions in the town of Cap d'Agde, which is known as France's "Naked City" thanks to its large nudist population, have risen after locals complained that the nudist quarter had been overrun by raunchy hotels and that children had been confronted with people indulging in sexual acts in public, according to the Independent.

The exhibitionist behaviour has been blamed on the "libertines", a group of swingers who have descended on the town in recent years.
To make matters worse, the group has been accused of walking about in their clothes and mocking the "real" nudists, the paper said.

Florence Denestebe, an independent local councillor, recently told a council meeting: "When the sun shines, there is an area of Cap d'Agde which turns into the European capital of free sex." She called on the mayor to intervene before there was an "explosion of libertine behaviour in non-nudist areas" of the town.

Traditional nudists support the move. One told the paper that they had moved to the area because they wanted "a natural life" but that they had ended up living "surrounded by wild animals".  The mayor said that he would consider the complaints but had already done all he could to keep the two groups apart.

Two years ago anger of the influx of swingers led to two arson attacks on hotels that hosted libertine parties.

beachfolks #28

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:09/24/2010 07:25:26Copy HTML

 No one here at Naturism has mentioned it, and the behavior in the naturist quarter is the same as usual. There are bars/clubs throughout the Southern France/med area which advertise for swingers though.
beachfolks #29

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:10/04/2010 08:45:41Copy HTML

 We're sitting in our room this morning waiting for the sun to come out of clouds and the wind to go down. Fall tanning weather is mostly great, but the beach is too windy and cold for the most part, and we tan comfortably in sun on the south facing terrace to our room, protected from the cold breeze. Many of the Agde stores and clubs close down end September too and the population is sparse.  We have driven south to the Spanish border and all the French holiday towns and villages along the Med are deserted-closed for winter by mid-September. The grape harvest is ongoing now and scenery is beautiful.
DoreFan #30

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:10/04/2010 06:12:51Copy HTML

Do people still walk around the town naked during this time? 

What about at night? I guess it's too cold to walk around naked then, so do people wear  clothes? Seems to defeat the purpose of going to the Cap if you have to wear clothes.
beachfolks #31

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:10/04/2010 07:09:52Copy HTML

 During the cool, but sunny days, about half are outdoors naked. Today while walking through the town bare, we only saw a few others walking fully naked, the others had a shirt or top mostly. The evenings are too cool to be outside naked and most of the clubs are closed except weekends we understand. Early October is the end of the season.
DoreFan #32

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:10/04/2010 09:33:29Copy HTML

 Thanks Beachfolks. I guess the time to go is before October!
beachfolks #33

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:10/05/2010 09:46:13Copy HTML

 A beautiful beaching day today at Agde, and the beach weather forecast now looks great for the remainder of the week. The beach is nearly (but not quite) empty. We're enjoying the sun on our last week here.
ballsnark #34

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:06/05/2017 08:58:19Copy HTML

 My wife and I visited here back in the summer of 2014 and are headed there again in August of this year. We spent most of our time at the couples section of the beach. We saw lots of activity there. I pretty much stayed naked well into the evening, just after dark. I was one of only two guys still naked in the shopping/restaurant/club area. I saw a few naked women but most all of the guys were clothed in the evening.
At night you see a lot of wild outfits, mostly worn by the women. We went to one of the clubs there which had a lot of activity going on there as well.  
gw32 #35

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:06/06/2017 02:48:18Copy HTML

 @ballsnarkCap d'Agde is one of those places i've wanted to get to with my wife for YEARS. Now that kids are graduates and ready to leave it just may happen. It sounds so wild and photos and videos that i see look right over the top. Is it as wild and erotic as everyone says? Any tips for getting there and where to stay?
ballsnark #36

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:06/06/2017 03:23:59Copy HTML

 It is as wild and over the top as you want it to be there. Pretty much anything you can imagine takes place on a certain section of the beach and in certain night clubs. You can wear whatever you want during the daytime or nothing at all.
We took Rail Europe (SNCF) from Paris to Agde. There is a shuttle bus from the train station to Cap d'Agde.
The rooms can be very expensive there and sell out quickly for the prime months July-August. The first time we went we booked a room outside of the village and used a rental car. This time we are staying in the village. We booked months in advance through AirBnB.

John Howard #37

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:06/07/2017 05:00:57Copy HTML

 Definitely a place I would like to go one day.... with the right company.    Perhaps one of the few c/o beaches were anything goes according to the section of the beach.    I understand the sections are sunbakers, families, gays, and swingers..... and they even have a textile section.      All those enthusiasts of having sexual activity on other nudist beaches around the world  should save their dollars and travel over there , or join clubs of similar minded people i.e. pool parties.      For what I have seen lately here Down Under,  some people are pushing their luck on clothing optional beaches by having sex in public and for everyone to see..... the sad consequence will be that authorities will eventually close the 'nudist' connotation and it would become one more textile beach.        
abczyxabczyx #38

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:06/12/2017 01:55:27Copy HTML

 I was a Cap d'agde a few years ago.  I wore a thong to the main beach and the locals made me remove it.  They said that if they let people wear any swimsuit then the beach will eventually become a textile only beach.  I complied and enjoyed the rest of my stay.
navythong #39

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/10/2017 02:34:28Copy HTML

I visited the beaches of Marseillan Plage (which is next to the cad d'agde c/o beaches) in 2013 and 2014. We stayed on a family-camping about 500 meters from Heiopolis, the large nudist site.
When going to the beach (which was almost every day; in june the weather is perfect for a beach visit) we picked a spot in between Marseillan plage and the nude beach of Cap d'agde. The nude beach was very crowded. The part of the beach we chose was a little less crowded, so a bit more room for our towels and sunscreen. At the 'in-between' beach some people were nude, others were wearing thongs and even a few wore normal bikini's.
Also many mixed couples (one in the nude and the other wearing bikini or thong) in this area.
People didn't seem to bother what others were wearing. A very relaxing idea. When sunbathing most of the time I was nude; when swimming or walking along the coast-line I was wearing one of my Muscleskins poser thongs. I felt completely relaxed doing so. During our stay I even saw a few guys wearing thongs, which I haven't seen often. Nice to see you're not the only one like wearing thongs! During our stay there was a good looking young lady wearing a tiny Wicked Weasel thong. The more you enter the nude area the more extreme it gets. So everybody can choose the part he or she like the most.  
johnbar5251 #40

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:07/22/2017 12:07:05Copy HTML

 Why wear a thong at c d'a when you can be nude!!!!!!
Nude and shaved is the norm in the daytime/on beach.
Evenings are different - dress up sexy is then the fashion

L1bert1ne #41

Re:Cap d'Agde France

Date Posted:03/02/2019 04:06:43Copy HTML


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