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Date Posted:07/20/2004 07:29:22Copy HTML

During a recent trip I was able to thong at some beaches on Cape Cod in the National Seashore.

Longnook Beach in Truro was open to the public before July 4th but now you have to be a resident of the town.  It's a legal nude beach.  Was able to wear some illegal styles there, including the Dixon Point and Foreskin suits.  A few women wore thongs, most everyone was nude.

Head of the Meadow beach is a large beach with a semi legal nude section.  I was able to wear some illegal suits there too.  A couple of days I saw a guy in a suit like a Koala Ultra Extreme, strapless up near the regular beach section.  No one seemed to give him any trouble even when he appeared nude up walking around.  I was able to wear the Semikini suit and the C*ckini suit too, without a problem.  Some beach walkers would walk out of their way to see my suit whether laying down or walking.  The wife went with more conservative suits here.  One afternoon there was  a man and women couple in g strings ,  a couple of women in thongs with nude men, and a few thongs on guys too.

Herring Cove beach is a semi legal topless beach, at least 25% of women were topless, some in thongs. A few men or women would skinny dip or lay out nude for a while.  I wore a Dore G string or Very Low Thong, or a C*ckini here.  A few positive comments on the busy beach.  Saw several other thongs on guys and g strings too.

This year the park rangers dont seem to be too present or bothersome according to people. They don't mind thongs, don't mind topless most of the time, but don't want to see nude, expect you to cover up especially if they make a slow drive up the beach in their truck, saw one guy get a talking to asleep face up when the ranger drove up.
sunlover #1

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/01/2004 07:18:57Copy HTML

Thanks for the info! Based on what you said I would like to take a trip there.
sailor250 #2

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/03/2006 09:31:07Copy HTML

On my early season visit I noticed a lot of beach erosion at Head of the Meadow.  I was telling my wife last year that them letting the oversand truck permit people drive all over the place was going to add the erosion.  Then the trucks driving back and forth took away from the peace and quiet and few chose to get nude with all that.  Wearing a thong or gstring I even got whistled at my some macho dudes in their sand kick'n jacked up 4X4 gas hog.

Well now with nearly no beach at high tide they won't let them out there this year.  Even the ranger pickups have a hard time- saw one almost slide off into the water.  That won't stop the ranger patrols they'll just use small ATV's.  But knowing the rangers they may not be as frequent without AC!

But anyway this may be returned to its once isolated status by loss of the beachfront.

sailor250 #3

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:11/01/2006 07:16:23Copy HTML

I don't know where my post went but I wanted to say that I was at Long Nook beach this summer when the ranger came through and everyone had to cover up and someone got busted.  I didn't because I had a small cover I quickly slipped over my bungee style suit.  Others were in their shorts and trunks while I spent the time in a gstring while the ranger seemed to linger to harass everyone.
sailor250 #4

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:03/18/2007 10:28:45Copy HTML

I don't know if anyone else has been to the GayHead/Aquinah cliffs beach on Martha's vineyard, but I just heard that the nudity that has been allowed for many many years is now being prohibited.

The last time we were there last year there were more clothed people walking thru than nude.   It was a nice nude beach, lots of variety of people there every day.

I wonder how this will affect the revenue at the big parking lot and shops there.  I think even those that weren't nude on the beach went to see the nudees and the cliffs.

I guess there will be thongs and tops required now?  Anyone been there late in the summer after the crackdown?  The police used to ride ATVs thru ignoring the hundreds of nudes.

This was about the last of the hassle free nude beaches.  Last fall even the Truro Long nook beach was "raided" while I was there.  It looks like thongs are necessary!


ne_beaches #5

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:03/24/2007 01:41:30Copy HTML

I was at Aquinnah last summer and it must have been right around the time this story came out. Didn't know it at the time. There were a fair number of clothed walkers in that area, and I found the largest cluster of nudes at the beginning of the nude section, and it thinned out the further down you went toward the cliffs. I would think there will still be areas you can be nude. For instance, the part of the beach that looks up toward the lighthouse, if you continue walking down (it's a little rocky) that's very secluded. I wonder if they will crack down on women topless in thongs? The day I was there, more women kept their bottoms on then who I saw completely nude.
sailor250 #6

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/09/2007 11:41:47Copy HTML

Has anyone heard what the status is at the Gay Head cliffs beach?  After this crack down on nude use?

I saw in an article somewhere recently amongst a listing of beaches there Lucy Vincent listed as "nude" and Gay Head as "partially nude"- I don't know if that means it's now "topless OK" or what?

If that's the case then Topless N Thongs (TNT) might be the way to go.

sailor250 #7

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:09/03/2007 05:43:50Copy HTML

Anyone gone to the Gay Head Cliffs beach on MV this year?   We didn't make it up there on the boat this year.  Is it still nude this year?
nhn100 #8

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:09/03/2007 08:08:01Copy HTML

It was about this time last year that town officials said that Gay Head beach would no longer allow nudity and supposedly signage to that effect had been ordered.

However, I have a friend that has been there several times this summer and it has been clothing optional as in the past.    A posting on the Vineyard Times Forum on August 3rd also stated that the poster had visited the beach several times and that the clothing optional status had not changed.



sailor250 #9

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/27/2011 02:37:26Copy HTML

Recently had opportunity to visit Cape Cod and got to the beach a few times.  For time's sake I went to the South Cap e Beach area.  Twice went to the south cape state park and went to the left, east of the parking lot, to what I think is where the state park ends and the private beach along the golf course begins.  The beach is wide at the bend.  Wore G strings there on weekday and Sunday without any problems, no comments a few beach walkers of all ages.  No other thongs.  You can swim or lay in the surf on a sand bar when the tide is low.

One day decided to try out the Federal Land to the west of the Mashpe e town beach which itself is just west of the state park beach.  In years past I'd park at the state park and trudge the extra 1/2 mile on the beach past the town beach because you have to be a resident to get in there.  But there is a parking lot along the road opposite the beach side that's for people visiting the federal bird sanctuary, which is where this federal beach (army corp of engineers) is, so I parked there and walked 300 yards up the road and anothe 100yards to the boardwalk that takes you to the beach- all easy walking on hard surface.  Right at the end of the walk was a 30's woman alone in a thong bikini- watched later to see if she was going TNT but I don't think so.  Went up the beach less than 10 min to an area at another crossover- since they still have some roped off for the birds.  There had no problems with a Gstring.  A couple came walking along with lots of junk, went to the next crossover spot and stripped off nude- they didn't even bring suits!  Later some boaters beached beyond them and walked around nude too. Later I took advantage of that too.  I remember several years ago a few visits here where everyone got nude too.  didn't see any rangers or ATV tracks.

Has anyone been to Gay Head beach on martha's vineyard lately?  I heard this anti nudity stuff has blown over.
rickvt #10

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/27/2011 12:10:15Copy HTML

I have a friend who visits Gay Head several time each summer.
He is an avid nudist.  He advised either last year or the year
before that there is no problem with nudity there.  I did an
internet search and it looks like the nudity prohibition "noise"
started in August of 2006.  I could not find an update, but the
anti-nudity proposal was dropped in either 2007 or 2008.
islandguy #11

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:05/27/2012 11:11:23Copy HTML

Yesterday (Saturday) was a beautiful beach day in New England.  I spent the day at the nude beach section of Longnook Beach in Truro.  Parking stickers (available only to Truro property owners) are not required until mid-June, so I was able to park in the parking lot.  There were a few dozen people in the nude section (a 10-15 minute walk to the right from the beach entrance).  They were mostly male/female couples and single men – generally 40-60 years old.  The authorities tacitly allow nudity in this area, so there’s never a worry about being caught and ticketed.

At one point a couple of girls in their early teens walked down from the main beach, took their bikinis off, and cavorted in and near the water for a little while.  The water is chilly this early in the season, so no one could stay in very long.  The girls put their bikini bottoms on and headed back towards the main beach.  A couple of guys including yours truly offered positive comments as they strode by topless.  However, they seemed anxious to get back, apparently uncomfortable in the midst of all the “old” people.

Late in the day when I walked back to my car, I passed a group of a couple of dozen high school-age and college-age kids on the main beach.  Most of the girls were wearing string bikinis and all of the guys were wearing board shorts.  I’ve always thought that girls wearing bras on the beach look ridiculous, but guys wearing shorts almost as long as pants look really absurd.  I couldn’t help thinking that, physically, the girls would be more comfortable without their tops and the guys would be more comfortable in sensible, functional swimsuits like speedos and thongs.  How powerful the forces of custom and culture are that shape people’s actions!  Pardon the editorial comments.  I saw no one wearing a thong swimsuit anywhere on the beach.

After leaving the beach, I stopped at the resort where my wife and I own a timeshare week.  Ownership includes the right to use the recreational facilities year-round.  After taking a shower in the men’s locker room, I put on a black Skinz Bravura thong swimsuit and went to the hot tub in the indoor pool area.  There were a few mothers with their children in the pool along with a 50-something couple.  Shortly after I got into the hot tub, two of the women did likewise and struck up a conversation with me.  After a while, one of them commented that, regretfully, her husband would never wear a suit like mine.  The other woman said that neither would her husband.  She added that he does not have the right body type, but cheerily noted that the “bikini” I was wearing looked very cute on me.  The women wore conservative one-piece swimsuits.  The man had board shorts on, and the kids had a great time playing in the pool.

islandguy #12

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/10/2012 04:31:31Copy HTML

It was another nice beach day yesterday in Truro, though fairly windy in the morning.  There were about 20 parties in the nude section, about equally split between couples and single men.  There was also a family with two young boys.

Walking back to my car through the main beach, I passed a volleyball game that included a girl in a thong bikini along with guys in board shorts and a girl in a conservative bikini.  I also saw a group of eight college-age girls, most in string bikinis, one of which included a very cheeky bottom.

Again I stopped at our timeshare resort on the way home.  I spent an hour at the outdoor pool in a thong.  The only other people in the pool area were three women together, two in their 30s and one around 60, lounging at the opposite end of the pool area from where I was.  The younger women were wearing unremarkable bikinis.  I couldn’t hear any of their conversation, but they did not appear to have any concerns over my attire.  In fact, one of them was not shy in tracking my movements.  We never got close enough to talk.
islandguy #13

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/26/2012 04:04:33Copy HTML

My wife and I spent last week on Cape Cod.  Since she is not a beach person, I went to the beach by myself – on parts or all of six days, sometimes arriving by 9 AM and sometimes staying as late as 6 PM.  I visited all of the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches as well as the nude section of Longnook town beach in Truro (not far from where a swimmer was bitten by a shark earlier in the summer).  I never wore anything larger than a Skinz Bravura thong; I usually wore a Skinz M1 g-string or something similar.  I walked to and from my car, up and down the beaches, and back and forth to the pavilions very comfortably.  I often stopped to chat with female lifeguards and said hello whenever I passed a Park Ranger (usually male) who happened to be in the pavilion area.  I observed no negative reactions but saw people checking me out many times.

I spent 80% of my time at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  I set up in the same spot about 300 yards down the beach from the leftmost entrance from the parking lot and was nude except when walking to/from the pavilion.  My immediate neighbors included two M/F couples who set up nearby every day.  The women went topless.  Over the course of the week I saw a handful of nude people (men and women), several topless women, a couple of men in thongs, and a small number of women in thong bikinis.  There were also many men in square cuts or briefs, but the overwhelming majority of people wore mainstream swimsuits.  The Park Rangers never came down the beach although on a couple of days a lifeguard made a pass up and down on an ATV.

During the week I had a few experiences particularly worth noting.  At Marconi Beach one morning I saw a young woman in a thong bikini with her husband and baby who was learning to walk.  The woman was constantly bending over to extend her hands to the child for something to grasp while trying to walk.  It provided an attractive view from behind.  This was the only thong I saw at beaches other than Herring Cove Beach.

I became friendly with one of the lifeguards at Herring Cove.  Her perch was right in front of the pavilion.  The bike path also crossed between her chair and the pavilion so there was a constant stream of people riding by or walking to the restrooms and snack bar.  I was always in a g-string - American Flag motif, solid black, black mesh, or sheer black.  My daily conversations with the lifeguard lasted as long as 10-15 minutes.  I eventually wrapped them up so she wouldn’t get into trouble with her supervisor for not attending fully to her duties.  She will be a senior in college – just a little younger than my daughter and her friends – so I was comfortable conversing with a woman in that age range.  The noteworthy thing is that hundreds of people saw a guy in an extremely brief swimsuit amicably engaged in conversation with an authority figure.

One day on my way home from Herring Cove I stopped by Head of the Meadow Beach around 5:30 PM.  I got out of my car wearing the American Flag g-string and started walking towards the path that leads to the beach when two female lifeguards who had apparently just come off duty and were rinsing off in the outdoor shower began hooting and hollering, especially as I turned down the path.  I looked back and smiled but kept walking, thrilled to evoke such a positive reaction.  I thought later that I should have gone over and chatted with them.  Perhaps I could have grabbed my camera and gotten some pictures with them.  Maybe next time something like that happens (if ever), I’ll seize the moment.  At least they had a thrill and I got an ego boost!

Overall my beach experiences were the best I can remember on Cape Cod.  There weren’t many people in very skimpy swimsuits, but no one seemed to have a concern about those who were.  At the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches there are many people from Quebec (based on car registrations) and other countries (based on overheard conversations) where men wear swim briefs, so perhaps the general beachgoers have become used to seeing some men in swimsuits more revealing than board shorts.  On the other hand, perhaps I was just fortunate not to encounter any aggressive prudes.  However, I like to think that my comfort level with who I am projects an air of self-assurance that is, if not attractive, at least not off-putting.  I try not to act tenuously, furtively, or as if I am afraid of eliciting negative reactions.

If the weather cooperates, I hope for more enjoyable beach time in September.
islandguy #14

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/03/2013 06:15:14Copy HTML

With temps around 90 deg F for a few days, my wife and I spent the weekend on Cape Cod.  We stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton on Route 6 in Eastham, not far from the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitors Center.  It’s a two-story, 100-room hotel built in a rectangle around an atrium that encloses a pool, Jacuzzi, fitness center, and men’s and women’s locker rooms housing showers and saunas.  There’s also an outdoor pool and two tennis courts.

We had a room on the first floor facing the atrium.  When using the indoor facilities and the outdoor pool I wore a black, lined Skinz g-string.  The suit is well-made – strong enough to withstand pool chemicals after lots of use.  It was great to be able to step out of the hotel room into the atrium wearing nothing but a g-string.  I saw no one else wearing a skimpy swimsuit, but none of the other guests seemed to care that I was wearing one.  Hotel staff also paid me no heed.  In fact, at one point I exchanged pleasantries with the pool guy when he came to check the water quality at the outdoor pool.  By the way, my wife wears a typical one-piece swimsuit in deference to the effects of multiple childbirths and aging.  She has never liked wearing thongs because she finds them uncomfortable, but she has no problem with what I wear.

On both Saturday and Sunday I managed to spend a few hours on the nude section of Longnook Beach in Truro (My wife is not a beach person).  Beach parking stickers (issued only to residents of Truro or people staying in Truro) are not required until mid-June, so I had ready access to the beach.  On Saturday there were about 50 people in the nude section – quite an impressive number for this time of year.  The air was warm but the wind was fairly gusty.  On Sunday there were only a few people because the wind gusts were 20-25 mph – strong enough to sand-blast you if you weren’t protected by a wind screen.  Even so, conditions were difficult.  After an hour, I left and went to Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  There the wind came directly off the water instead of parallel to the shoreline.  While there wasn’t as much sand flying around, the air was much cooler because the water is still very chilly.  There weren’t many people on the beach, and discreet nudity was not a problem.

A big change is happening at Herring Cove.  The 60-year-old bathhouse was demolished over the winter, and a new pavilion is under construction.  Part of the parking lot and all of the construction area are fenced off.  Even though there are no rest rooms etc. available, the park rangers were collecting the entrance fee.  The ranger told me that the plan is to have the ribbon cutting for the new pavilion take place by July Fourth.  The old facilities were quite small and shabby.

Also of note, both Marconi Beach and Nauset Light Beach are closed while the staircases from the parking lots down to the beaches are being repaired.  Both beaches suffered considerable erosion from severe storms during the winter.  I failed to ask when the repair work is expected to be finished, but undoubtedly the goal is to be ready by July Fourth.
islandguy #15

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/11/2013 04:09:43Copy HTML

After the remnants of tropical storm Andrea went through on Friday/Saturday, the weather turned beautiful on Sunday, so my wife and I headed to the Cape for a day trip.  While she rode her bike on the Rail Trail, I went to Longnook Beach for a few hours.  There were about 40-50 people in the nude section, mostly m/f couples or single guys.  The surf was a bit rough, but the breeze was intermittent and gentle.

I put on a g-string for the walk back to the car.  When I got to the top of the dunes and stopped to glance back down at the beach, a young couple approached me and asked where the nude beach was.  I explained that it was a 10-15 minute walk to the right.  They said that they weren’t into nudity but that she wanted to go topless.  I also told them about the status of toplessness (and nudity) at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  Conversation revealed that they were staying at the same hotel where we had stayed the previous weekend (Four Points by Sheraton in Eastham).  They had some very favorable information about wearing thong swimsuits there that I will relate under the Thong Friendly Hotels thread.

On the way back to meet my wife, I swung by Nauset Light Beach to see how repair of the stairs was coming.  It turns out that the repairs had been finished and the beach was open.   A park ranger came along and said that repair of the stairs at Marconi Beach was on track for completion some time in June.  Surveying the beach, I noticed about half a dozen women wearing bikinis with rio bottoms.  While I was talking to the ranger a couple in their early twenties came up the stairs. The girl was wearing a string-side thong bikini; the guy, of course, was wearing board shorts.

Finally, I met up with my wife at the outdoor pool at our timeshare resort.  Near the end of the day, I went to the indoor pool area to use the jacuzzi.  There were no obvious positive or negative reactions to my g-string at either pool.  The only other brief swimsuit was a bikini with a rio bottom worn by a girl about 14 years old who was with her mother and younger sister.
dudemanbro #16

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:04/09/2014 05:58:23Copy HTML

Has anyone ever been to the town beach on West Island? It looks like it's probably quite secluded, but there's not much info about it online. Wondering if there are parts of West Island that might be frequented by nude/thonging sunbathers, or that just might be secluded enough to make it a nude beach for yourself.
islandguy #17

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/09/2014 05:24:51Copy HTML

My wife, our adult daughter, and I spent the weekend on Cape Cod.  We stayed overnight at the Four Points by Sheraton in Eastham. The women spent much of their time riding bikes on the Cape Cod Rail Trail and elsewhere while I went to the beach.  I spent both days on the nude section of Longnook Beach in Truro, since town resident stickers are not needed for parking this early in the summer season.

The weather was in the 70s with a slight breeze.  There were about 30-40 people each day. Most were m/f couples, although there was an occasional m/m couple, a few single men, and one woman by herself.  All would be considered middle-aged except one m/f couple on the fringes who appeared to be in their late 20s.  They had deep tans with distinct g-string tan lines.  The woman’s breasts were the same hue as the rest of her body.

Late in the afternoon, I joined my wife and daughter at the hotel’s outdoor pool.  There were about a half dozen other people there, all adults.  I wore a black, lined, adjustable g-string.  Later we went to the indoor pool area to use the jacuzzi.  There were lots of families with kids of all ages.  As far as I could tell, no one gave me a second glance.  The kids were probably too busy splashing and screaming and having fun to notice me, and the parents were apparently open-minded enough to ignore me.

The only skimpy swimsuits I saw were on a young couple at the outdoor pool late Sunday afternoon.  Both were wearing g-strings, and the young woman’s top was barely legal.  I wondered whether they were the same young couple I had seen nude on the beach the day before, but my wife implored me not to bother them as they were by themselves at the opposite end of the pool from us and seemed to be trying to maintain some semblance of discretion.

At one point, a hotel worker came to the pool to clean the tables.  We exchanged pleasantries as she passed by.  She also chatted briefly with the other folks at the pool including the young couple.  I was aware from last year that hotel management condones thong swimwear (see my post dated 6/12/13 under Thong Friendly Hotels).

On the ride home we encountered absolutely no traffic slowdowns.  That is extremely rare leaving Cape Cod on Sunday evening during the summer season.  It capped an excellent weekend.
islandguy #18

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/18/2014 08:11:49Copy HTML

I spent Sunday through Tuesday on the Cape.  On Sunday I went to the nude section of Longnook Beach in Truro.  Beach stickers (available only to town residents or people staying at least a week) are not required until the third Saturday in June.

It was very windy.  There were 10-15 parties on the beach, all using wind screens.  I worked on my tan and managed to take a couple of long walks.  On Monday and Tuesday I decided to go elsewhere.

I spent Monday morning at Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro.  The fee was not being collected and there were no lifeguards.  Most of the beach was roped off to protect piping plovers.  However, there was a swath of dry sand about 10-15 feet wide before the drop-off to the water.  There was virtually no one there, although the weather was beautiful with just a gentle breeze.  I set up in the middle of the main beach and sunbathed nude.  I put on a c-string when going for a walk (pictures are in my Images section).  I exchanged friendly greetings with people whom I passed.

In the afternoon I went to Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  There has been a tremendous amount of erosion since last summer.  High tide now comes up to the dune line along much of the shore, eliminating anywhere to lie on the beach for about 2 hours around the time of high tide.  I set up about 300-400 yards to the left of the leftmost entrance from the parking lot (same area where I’ve always gone), but had to retreat when the tide got too high.

I spent the whole afternoon nude except for a walk to the pavilion when I wore the c-string.  I saw three topless women (one in a thong) and one man wearing a thong, but no one naked.  I was surprised at the lack of nudity because the rangers cannot use their ATVs to patrol the beach during much of the day.  As the tide gets high, all of the available the dry sand is occupied by beachgoers, so there is no clear path for the ATVs to traverse.  I took advantage of this by taking very long walks in the buff.  I had some good conversations with various people whom I encountered, and made the most of the conditions.

I spent all of Tuesday at Herring Cove Beach.  The weather was variable, with periods of clouds and wind, so there were not many people there.  I set up in the same place, sunbathed nude, and took a very long nude walk.  I wore the c-string to the pavilion and had a nice chat with the young woman taking orders at the snack bar.  She didn’t comment on my swimsuit, and no one else seemed to have a care about it.

The rangers are not collecting the entrance fee yet on weekdays, lifeguards are not yet on duty, and the beach was lightly populated.  This weekend marked the first time that I’ve worn a c-string swimsuit in public. I’ll be interested to see if the lifeguards or rangers take notice because I look naked from behind. I have no worries because the suit meets the legal requirements.

As was the case last weekend, I stayed at the Fours Points by Sheraton in Eastham (I was alone because my wife didn’t want to take time off from work).  Each day around 5:30 PM I sat by the outdoor pool for a while, then after supper used the indoor pool and jacuzzi.  As was the case last weekend, I wore a black, lined, adjustable g-string (pictures are in my Images section).  I saw one late 20s woman in a thong bikini and her husband in a square cut swimsuit.  Otherwise, the swimwear was unremarkable.  Guests included m/f couples, f/f couples, and families with children of various ages.  I had some nice conversations with people in the jacuzzi, including a couple of young women who recently graduated from college.  No one commented on my swimsuit.

I had one notable experience.  One evening after getting out of the jacuzzi, I decided to get a cold drink from a vending machine located in the pool area, but the machine took my money without giving me anything.  I immediately walked to the lobby to explain the situation.  The desk clerk unhesitatingly refunded my money and gave me what I wanted from the mini-mart located next to the front desk as recompense for my inconvenience.  I’m not sure how usual it is for guests to be in the lobby wearing only their swimsuits, particularly one as skimpy as mine, but no issue was made of it.  I’ve observed many times that the employees of this hotel are extremely friendly and accommodating.

I had a nice time on the beach and at the pools.  I enjoy the freedom of wearing nothing when it’s possible, and I feel confident and at ease wearing the tiniest swimsuits that are comfortable and functional when nudity is not an option.  I suspect that acting with poise, confidence, and a friendly greeting helps to allay any concerns that others might have.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful summer.
islandguy #19

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/25/2014 07:11:39Copy HTML

With nice weather persisting, I repeated my mini-vacation of a week ago by again spending Sunday through Tuesday on Cape Cod.  Residency beach stickers are required for Longnook Beach in Truro as of the 3rd Saturday in June, so I spent my time at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  The park rangers were collecting fees and lifeguards were on duty for the first time this season.

I set up as usual about 400 yards down from the far left entrance from the parking lot.  I was able to spend most of my time nude, the rest wearing a c-string.  The tide was high in the mornings, so that’s when I took my long nude walks.  Over the three days, I saw several nude men including a couple from Thailand with whom I had an interesting conversation.  I saw one topless woman, one woman wearing a thong bikini, and a few men in thong swimsuits.  Overall, the beach was remarkably un-crowded – a huge difference from the situation in July and August.

There was not enough dry sand for ranger vehicles to traverse until 12 noon at the earliest.  They made no appearance on Sunday.  On Monday and Tuesday they made three passes in pickup trucks.  The first time I was lying on my stomach wearing a c-string.  The ranger stopped his truck about 30 feet away and asked if I was wearing anything.  I answered affirmatively and rolled over so he could see the front.  He said, “Not much,” but shrugged and drove off.  After that, the rangers didn’t stop when they passed me.  I always had the c-string on when they approached either because I put it on when I saw them coming or I already had it on if I was doing something that would not allow me to maintain my vigilance.

The topless woman and her husband were about 100 feet farther down the beach from me.  On the first pass, the ranger stopped for a moment and moved on.  On a subsequent pass, two rangers stopped for a fairly long time.  Later on, I asked her what had happened.  She said that the first time he wanted to know if they were smoking (a recent regulation prohibits smoking everywhere in the Cape Cod National Seashore).  They weren’t smoking, and apparently the ranger did not realize that she was topless.  The second time, they gave her a written warning for being topless.

When going to the pavilion I wore a c-string, as I did last week.  I said hi to the lifeguards and was able to get a picture of myself at the pavilion wearing the c-string (newly posted in my Images section).

Everything was fine until my last day.  When I went to the pavilion in the early afternoon, as I was walking down the walkway back to the beach a woman started yelling things like “There’s a naked man” and “Put some clothes on.”   I ignored her as is my practice whenever I hear disparaging comments.  However, on my next trip to the pavilion near the end of the day, a lifeguard stopped me and asked if I would cover up or wear something else in that area because some people mistakenly thought I was naked and their complaints distracted the lifeguards from their duties.  We had a very cordial discussion.  She said that she had consulted with the rangers, and she assured me that my swimsuit was fine.  She presented her request in a way that came across as asking me to do the lifeguards a favor.  Since my practice is to be on good terms with lifeguards, I plan to comply with her request.  After all, I do look naked from behind when I’m wearing a c-string, so I can understand why people could get the wrong impression.  Oh well, I’ll have to go back to wearing something more conservative − a g-string − when I go to the pavilion!

For the third weekend in a row, I stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton in Eastham.   Late in the day I sat by the outdoor pool for a while, and then after supper used the indoor pool and jacuzzi.  I wore the same black, lined, adjustable g-string as before.  One day there was a young woman in a thong bikini at the outdoor pool.  Otherwise, the swimwear was conventional.  Most of the guests seemed to be families with school-age children.  I had some friendly exchanges with some women, but no one said a word about my swimsuit.

Altogether it was a very pleasant long weekend.  I was able to develop a rich all-over tan; my c-string swimsuit received official validation as adequate beachwear at the Cape Cod National Seashore; and my g-string swimsuit became firmly established as acceptable at “family” pools at my favorite Cape Cod hotel.<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4
JM_Runs #20

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/25/2014 08:01:47Copy HTML

Considering that a lot of G-strings swimsuits have narrow side straps, unless frontal area than a C-string, they might be a good choice for you.
One can even get g-strings with tan through front pouches, which look totally opaque from any distance.  

From personal experience I can say that if you wear a different suit each day, or just move the side straps once in a while, unless you are Canadian a white and this is your first day on the beach, you won't end up with side strap tan lines.

If you wear a suit where the side straps, although narrow, are in a high-contrast / high-visibility color you won't have a problem with the rangers, or the lifeguards, and won't have a problem with people reporting you because they think you are nude. 
Having to duck-and-dive when Rangers come by, or do with the results of Someone reporting a 'nude' man, when you could be simply wearing a thong and moving the straps from time to time, seems a little silly to me. 

Moreover if you are wearing something with clearly visible side straps you might feel more comfortable and self-assured when taking a stroll down the beach, should a ranger a come along during your stroll.

There is nothing that will put people at ease faster than seeing you waving at the lifeguard as you stroll past on the water line, and the lifeguard giving you a friendly wave back. This lets everybody know the lifeguards like you, and you're not a threat.  It also shows that even if they don't like what you're wearing they probably won't get anywhere complaining to the lifeguard.

It's when a number of people complain about "nude men", with all the baggage that that confers, that local authorities feel should have to do something about it.  

High contrast side straps that are clearly visible from a distance, even if quite skinny, can telegraph that you are wearing something and get people to relax. Not only that, but they also helped keep your suit on!  

With side straps on your g-string you can run around, play Frisbee, swimming the surf, and be seen to be having fun, without fear of losing your suit or being labeled "the weird naked man".

islandguy #21

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/14/2014 04:06:11Copy HTML

On Saturday I spent the afternoon at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  I arrived around noontime just as the tide was cresting.  There was a distance of barely 10 feet of dry sand between the water’s edge and the dunes, so I had to walk a couple of hundred yards farther down the beach than usual to find a spot to set up.  I went almost as far as the first breach in the dunes.

On my way, I passed one woman wearing a thong bikini, one woman lying topless in a thong, and one naked man.  I figured that it would be at least an hour and a half before the rangers would be able to drive vehicles along the beach, so I went for a long nude walk towards the Long Point lighthouse.  I passed many people including two nude guys, but, of course, no one said a word.

When I returned to my blanket I put on a c-string and lay face down.  A little while later – around 2 PM, two hours after high tide – two rangers on ATVs drove along the beach.  The first one went past me, but the second one slowed down and started yelling something to the other one.  I waved, said hello, and rolled over so he could clearly see that I was wearing something.  He continued on his way.  On their return trip half an hour later, I was still lying on my stomach, but they rode by without slowing.

During the afternoon, I took a couple of walks to the pavilion.  I put on a red, sheer, teardrop g-string swimsuit with navy blue straps for those walks.  The only lifeguard station is in front of the pavilion, staffed by two lifeguards.  I gave a little wave as I walked by them, and they responded in kind.  Both times that I went to the pavilion there were lots of people sitting at the tables in front of the snack bar.  No one seemed to take a second look at me.

On the way home I stopped at the time share resort where I own a week.  After showering, I put on what passes for my most conservative swimsuit these days, a black, lined, adjustable g-string, and used the jacuzzi next to the indoor pool.  The only people in the pool area were a woman and four kids – two teenage girls, one pre-teen girl, and a pre-teen boy.  The younger teenage girl was wearing a very cheeky string bikini.  As far as I could tell, there was no overt reaction to my swimsuit.

Except for traffic snarls in the morning that added about an hour to my drive, it was a very relaxing, beautiful summer day.
islandguy #22

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/06/2014 03:03:42Copy HTML

Yesterday was a very warm day with hardly any breeze on the beach.  I arrived around 10:30 AM just as the fog was burning off.  For the rest of the day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  Low tide was at 1:00 PM so there there was plenty of sandy beach during most of the day.  I set up about 350 yards down from the leftmost entrance from the parking lot and spent most of the day in a c-string.  I donned a teardrop net g-string when walking to the pavilion.

The beach was very crowded.  I saw a few women wearing half-cheek bikinis in front of the pavilion area and one man sunbathing nude just past the first major break in the dunes.  There were several guys walking the beach wearing speedos, and there were a few women in cheeky bikinis.  No one seemed to pay any attention to me during my strolls whether I was wearing a c-string or a g-string.

I did some nude sunbathing and swimming late in the day.  I left at 5:30 PM without having seen a park ranger all day.
islandguy #23

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/18/2014 02:12:53Copy HTML

We're on the Cape for the week.  My plan is to spend most of my beach time at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  However, on Saturday there was a strong breeze off the water that made it uncomfortably cool, so I went to Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro where the high dunes blocked the wind.  I went to the far end of the parking lot and, once on the beach, walked 5-10 minutes to the left - away from just about everyone.

This was (or became) the minimal/no swimwear section.  I went nude.  There was an older couple in g-string swimsuits (she topless), a young woman naked with her boyfriend, and a man naked with his boyfriend.  (Both boyfriends wore board shorts.)  People from the main beach walked by occasionally, but apparently didn't mind what they saw.  I took some long walks nude and encountered only a few other walkers who either ignored me or said a polite hello.  There was no evidence of park rangers patrolling.  The negative was the water:  filled with seaweed and very unappealing.  I barely dipped a toe in it.

On Sunday, I went to Herring Cove Beach and set up a few hundred yards from the leftmost entrance, as usual.  I sunbathed and swam nude, but because the tide was low at mid-day and therefore conducive to rangers patrolling in ATVs I wore a c-string when walking the beach.  Other than several guys wearing speedos, the only noteworthy person was a topless woman wearing a thong about 100 yards closer to the entrance than I was.  The park rangers never made an appearance.

When walking to the pavilion I wore a teardrop net g-string.  On my first walk, the lifeguard in front of the pavilion said "hi" as I approached and he and I had a pleasant conversation.  He glanced at my swimsuit a few times and had a great view because the sun was right on it.  We were so close that he must have been able to see through it, but he didn't comment on it - just wished me a good day.  On another walk, I passed the topless thong woman walking towards me.  I complimented her on her swimsuit, and she responded with an appreciative smile and a positive comment about my swimsuit.

The forecast for the rest of the week is mainly sunny with high temps in the lows 70s F and low humidity.  August on the Cape is usually much hotter and very humid.  I'll try to make the best of it!
islandguy #24

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/23/2014 05:29:32Copy HTML

The weather during the past week was as expected until Friday:  sunny with high temps in the lows 70s F and low humidity.  On Friday it was cloudy with light rain showers – certainly not a beach day.

I spent all four days nude at Herring Cove Beach except when walking to the pavilion.  When I arrived between 10 and 11 AM I noticed ATV tracks in the sand going in both directions, so I inferred that the park rangers had already made a pass.  The only time I saw the rangers was midday on Wednesday when they rode down the beach in two ATVs and then back about an hour later.  I was sitting up when they passed.  One glanced my way, but kept going.  On the return trip, they didn’t even look.

I set up in the same spot each day – about 350 yards down from the far left pathway from the parking lot.  Each afternoon there was a nude f/f couple about 50 feet closer to the entrance.  They took the same spot each day, and we chatted daily as neighbors would.  At various times there were also a few single nude men and one or two single nude women mixed in the crowd of 100-200 people within 500 yards of the entrance.

Also in this section, there were many men in speedos, but only a couple in thongs.  One was with his wife who was wearing a thong bikini.  There were a few women in thongs or bottoms that were almost thongs – some by themselves, others with their girlfriends or boyfriends.  A couple of them were also topless.  There were also a couple of nude m/f couples.  However, all of these people were not there every day; the mix of people in less than regular swimsuits varied from day to day.

Walking 15-20 minutes farther left from where I set up gets to the heart of the gay men’s section.  There were something like 300 men there, with perhaps three dozen naked each day and the rest in speedos or square cuts.  Between the two populated areas, people were few and spaced far away from each other.  Along this stretch, one day there was an interesting group of three naked women and two men wearing swim shorts.  The men seemed unable to keep their hands off the women.  Also along that stretch each day there was an attractive naked m/f couple in their mid-twenties.  After walking by them coming and going for three days, I figured that they remembered me so I stopped and initiated a conversation with them.  It was more of an excuse to get a closer look at her.  She had – how shall I say it – a well-proportioned figure with long, honey-colored hair, silky smooth skin, and a golden brown all-over tan.

The first few days when going to the pavilion I wore a red teardrop net g-string.  On my way by, I chatted with the (male) lifeguard stationed in front of the pavilion area.  On Thursday, the beach had 10% of the number of people as on the previous days, so I was bold and wore a black net g-string that was more revealing because of the contrast with my skin tone.  The lifeguard happened to be a young woman, and when I got near enough I asked her why there were so few people on the beach.  She informed me that it was Carnival in Provincetown, looked at her watch, and said rather wistfully that the parade was about to start.

I prefer the beach to a parade any day, but the lifeguard sounded as though she was missing out, so I jokingly offered to cover for her while she went to the parade.  She pretended to be interested in the idea and asked if I were certified.  I said that I probably had many of the qualifications except that I was not wearing a red swimsuit.  She said that the color would not be so much a problem as the type of suit.  So I said in mock surprise, “What’s wrong with my swimsuit?”  She said, “It’s cute. I like it. You look good in it,” but that her boss would never allow a “sort of see-thru thong.”  I said that I couldn’t stand board shorts, and she replied that a little red speedo would be fine - that the male lifeguards wear them under their board shorts.  It was a light-hearted exchange, but I liked the fact that she explicitly acknowledged such a revealing swimsuit and clearly had no problem with it as beachwear.

Each day, I stayed on the beach until after 5:00 PM and walked back to my car without covering up.  People on the beach had seen me nude all day, so those still there paid no attention as I passed by them carrying my gear.  One day there were several people milling about where the pathway meets the parking lot.  There were some double-takes as I approached, but otherwise people in the parking lot barely seemed to notice me. When I got back to the condo where we were staying, my wife was quite excited to see me – especially on the first day that I neglected to put anything on before I left the beach!
ioannis #25

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/24/2014 07:05:04Copy HTML

 islandguy, hallo!! my English are not very good so I have a question..... the woman lifeguard meant that the male lifeguards wear thongs under their board shorts, like yours or red speedo? I read your message many times but I couldn't understand  the meaning of her statement....
islandguy #26

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/25/2014 12:52:29Copy HTML

She did not mean that they wear thongs; she meant regular speedo briefs.
islandguy #27

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/31/2014 04:56:55Copy HTML

My wife is easily susceptible to motion sickness, so instead of going to Block Island for the day (which I had been hoping to do before Hurricane Cristobal sent swells along the northeast coast), we drove to Cape Cod.  My beach time began around 11 AM at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown but lasted less than two hours.  The breeze off the ocean coupled with the relatively cool air temperature (72 F) and low humidity made it much less than ideal for me.

As usual, I set up about 350 yards to the left of the far left pathway from the parking lot. The tide was fairly low, and there were no ATV tracks in the sand, so I wore a c-string.  Sure enough, around noontime two rangers came along in ATVs.  I made sure that they could see that I was wearing something, so they kept moving.  However, they stopped about 100 yards further down the beach and apparently ticketed someone.  I left shortly afterwards and went to Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro where the dunes blocked the wind.

I walked about 7-8 minutes to the left from the far left of the parking lot and set up in the same place as I had the last time I was there (for the same reason).  I spent the rest of the afternoon nude.  There was a m/f couple nearby wearing g-strings.  She was topless much of the time.

I had no problem taking a long walk farther to the left.  I even passed a family with three little kids who had set up far down the beach.  The kids were engrossed in playing on the sand and didn't notice me.  The parents didn't bat an eyelid.

When lying on the beach, few people walked by.  I was set up near the dunes about 100 feet from the shoreline.  A couple of times people walking along the shore must have noticed me and wanted a closer look because they altered their return paths to pass within 15-20 feet of me.  In one instance it was a group of two men and two women speaking Russian.  In the other instance it was a pair of women speaking French.  We exchanged smiles and waves, but didn't engage in conversation.

It got cooler late in the day, so I put on shorts and t-shirt to walk back to the car.  I met my wife back at the timeshare resort where we are able to use the facilities year-round, and we went to the indoor pool and jacuzzi.  I wore a black adjustable g-string without drawing undue attention from anyone.  Later, we ate dinner on the patio of a nice restaurant before driving home.  All in all, a very pleasant late summer day!
islandguy #28

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:09/08/2014 12:15:41Copy HTML

Last week was unusually warm and humid for September in New England, so I gave into the temptation to spend a few days on Cape Cod.  After Labor Day the entrance booths at the National Seashore beaches are not staffed and there are no lifeguards on duty.  Furthermore, the numbers of beachgoers declines dramatically.  When the weather cooperates the way it did last week, it can be idyllic at the beach.

I spent almost all of my time at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown.  I was nude except when walking to the pavilion – when I put on either a red teardrop net g-string or a black net g-string.  I set up in the same spot each day – about 350 yards to the left of the far left entrance from the parking lot.

There were 50 – 100 people on the beach each day between the pavilion and the break in the dunes about 100 yards farther down the beach from my spot.  There were lots of guys wearing square cuts or speedos, and most of the women wore regular bikinis.  There were only a few thongs and g-strings all week. I particularly remember a guy in an orange thong set up near the entrance because he took several walks up and down the beach.  There were one or two topless women each day and a handful of nudes – mostly men – some alone and some with boyfriends or girlfriends. I particular remember a group of three young men and two young women every afternoon – all frolicking nude in the water and on the sand tossing a Frisbee.

Each day I took a walk to the gay men’s section fifteen minutes farther down the beach.  There were only 50 – 70 guys there, with just a few nude.

One day I started out at Long Nook Beach in nearby Truro.  There were half a dozen people on the regular beach and about a dozen on the nude section; all but two of the nudes were men. However, the flies were too bothersome for me, so I left after an hour and went to Herring Cove Beach.

On my last day, a very strong wind off the water developed around 3:30 PM on Herring Cove Beach, so I drove over to Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro where the wind was blocked by the dunes.  I walked back to my car at Herring Cove Beach without covering up (as I did every day) and remained nude walking from the parking lot at Head of the Meadow up and down the beach.  There were some people dressed in shirts, pants, shoes, and socks bird-watching on the beach, and there were others carrying split wood onto the beach for a bonfire.  They all looked at me with the same kind of expression that I had looking at them, namely curiosity bordering on bewilderment about why someone would be doing that.

All week I really enjoyed the freedom of being unencumbered by clothing in such a warm, mellow beach environment.  I wasn’t quite bold enough to walk nude to the Herring Cove pavilion, but I was very comfortable wearing see-through g-strings there.  If anyone objected (doubtful) there was no one to complain to!  This is a great time of year to be adventurous in one’s choice of swimwear on the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches because the chances of negative repercussions are very low.

I stayed at the thong-friendly Four Points by Sheraton in Eastham.  After leaving the beach late each afternoon, I bought a sandwich and chips at the North Eastham general store and ate by the outdoor pool.  By the time I finished eating, there was no one else at the pool, so I skinny-dipped.  One day while I was in the pool a gentleman came and proceeded to swim laps.  I’m not sure if he realized that I was naked in the water, nor do I know if he saw me getting out of the pool.

Later in the evenings I went to the indoor pool, but there were families with kids there so I felt compelled to wear a relatively conservative swimsuit – a black, lined g-string.  I had some nice conversations with people in the jacuzzi; no one mentioned my swimsuit.  One evening there were three early teen girls in cheeky bikinis who looked my way quite often.  One of their fathers seemed to keep a wary eye on me – or a vigilant eye on them; I’m not sure which.

Thong swimsuits are not common on Cape Cod, particularly for men.  However, the outer Cape is the liberal part; people seem to be generally open-minded and tolerant of differences.  I suspect that my respectful demeanor and my approach of acting openly, confidently, and without any suggestion of sexual innuendo helped put people at ease.
islandguy #29

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/14/2015 02:43:36Copy HTML

Last week I spent a few days on the Cape.  The summer season has not yet begun, so parking fess were not being collected at beaches, there were no lifeguards, and Park Rangers were not around.  There were very few people on the beaches even though the weather was quite warm.

I spent most of my time nude on the nude section of beach in Truro between Longnook Beach and Ballston Beach.  This is an unofficial nude beach by longstanding practice and is tolerated by the authorities.  There were only about a dozen people there each day even though parking was open to the public  Access is limited in summer because a town resident parking sticker is required from the third Saturday in June until Labor Day.

There are no restrooms at these beaches so in mid-afternoon I went to Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, a few miles away.  I wore a black teardrop g-string with a net fabric pouch (US4Men US36 Wolverine-Net) when walking back to my car at Longnook Beach.  There were about 20-25 people on the main beach including a group of college kids playing volleyball.  All were wearing conventional swimsuits, but no one cared about mine.

Herring Cove Beach was very wide because the tide was low.  There were about 50 people scattered along the beach.  My swimsuit was not a problem.  I've worn a similar suit during past summers when there were hundreds of people on the beach, lifeguards were on duty, and rangers were patrolling, so I felt very comfortable under these circumstances.  I set up close to the pavilion and walked back and forth at ease.

At the end of the day I went to the outdoor pool at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Eastham where I was staying.  There was never more than one other person there so I was very comfortable in my swimsuit by the pool.  However, I didn't want to degrade it with pool chemicals, so I skinny-dipped when no one was there.

After dinner, I went to the indoor pool area to use the jacuzzi and sit on a lounge chair to read.  I wore a solid black g-string (Skinz M1R2).  There were fewer than a dozen people at the pool area. I had some nice conversations with others in the jacuzzi.  No one made reference to my swimsuit.

I'm hoping to go again this week while parking is free and available, prices are low, and crowds are non-existant.
JM_Runs #30

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/16/2015 04:49:09Copy HTML

 Is the ocean water warming up?
islandguy #31

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:06/18/2015 02:53:02Copy HTML

The ocean water was still very chilly when I was there last week.  Even surfers in wet suits commented on it.
RapidBlue #32

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:07/09/2018 09:20:15Copy HTML

 I was out at Cape Cod yesterday. I made it to Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Light Beach. At Coast Guard Beach there was several women in very cheeky bikinis, a few wore thong bikinis and two one piece thong suit I spotted.

Finding my place on the sand I set up and began to take of my shirt and shorts. As my shorts hit the ground I heard two women next to me - “Thank You!”  I turned and smiled and gave a noted they were staring right at me. I was wearing a thong from Buffedbod (thanks Ron). It was a multi color puzzle print. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of me and their smiles were as big as the ocean.

I took a couple strolls down the beach and noticed lots of women exposing their bums. All the men were in board shorts.

Later in the day I was up at Nauset Light Beach. Here I discovered several women in G-String bikinis and thong bikinis. Not a single man aside from my self in anything smaller than some mid thigh cut shorts. I noted may women turning their heads to get a look at me as I went to the waters edge, a few had their phones out, pointed in my direction. I understand it, when so few men are willing to show skin. 
In all it was a good day out at the cape. 
sailor250 #33

Re:Cape Cod National Seashore

Date Posted:08/18/2018 12:38:24Copy HTML

Did anyone else see the reports of a real shark attack on a guy swimming at Long Nook Beach in Truro the other day? Heard he had to be airlifted to Boston. Long Nook is the beach where nude is common south of the parking lot entrance. On some days there are equal number of nudes and texiles. If the victim was on the nude side I'd think that would have been the headlines! Like that time someone was bit on Haulover
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